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Monday, November 23, 2015

World Food Day Special Issue

Helping the world’s hungriest

Helping the World’s Hungriest, Featured Supplementary Food Product in the Survival Gift store, UNICEF Food Logistics, Celebrate National UNICEF Day

Helping The World’s Hungriest

Today is World Food Day. This is a day to focus on those 805 million people who are suffering from chronic undernourishment as a result of not having access to regular, nutritious meals. This includes 300 million children who go to bed hungry every day.

The Millenium Development Goals were set up in 2000 by 189 countries in order to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger and also to improve 7 other global goals by 2015. The results are groundbreaking: in the past 15 years, we successfully reduced poverty and hunger globally by 50% and achieved considerable success in the other targets, as well. But there is still a long way to go. During last month’s UN Sustainable Development Summit, the MDGs were declared a success and a new agenda was set in its place: the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals are universal and can be adapted by any nation globally, down to the very last citizen. You are encouraged to select a goal and get active to contribute to a global success.

Read more about the SDGs »

Featured Product in the Survival Gift Store

Thankfully, there are more immediate ways children can get access to the nutrients they need to treat malnutrition. UNICEF’s Survival Food Kit can provide 30 packets of Plumpy’Nut, 30 powdered milk sachets and 90 micronutrient powder sachets for 115 children, for only $51. During checkout, you also have the option to select and send a postcard to your friend or loved one.

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UNICEF Food Logistics

UNICEF has the mandate to provide supplementary and therapeutic food for infants and children on an ongoing basis and in emergencies. During the Nepal earthquake crisis this year, UNICEF was able to distribute 959 metric tons of supplies in the first three months of the response alone. More recently UNICEF in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) deployed a mobile emergency relief team to assist more than 27,000 people in South Sudan. These people had been cut off from relief agencies for months due to insecurities.

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Celebrate National UNICEF Day

This Halloween, support UNICEF’s National UNICEF Day campaign and celebrate 60 years of helping children! Communities, schools and companies across Canada are taking part in a range of activities to raise funds for the most vulnerable children in the world. A few highlights include: Maple Leaf Foods’ Costumes for the Cause fundraiser, Claire’s Trick-or-Treat bag campaign and Value Village’s Halloween donation drive. Learn more at


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