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Friday, May 30, 2008

saying/job/ news

May 28 Saying: I was thinking about that Pussycat Dolls song "When I grow up" and there is a lyric: "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." That's true. I wished Leger would close down when I was working there, and now that I won't my job back there 2 yrs later, they closed down. Or it's like the other saying: "You only want what you can't get."

I did appreciate working for Leger. Especially after I quit Grand and Toy, I was so happy to get a call centre job again. It wasn't until after a few months into it, I didn't like it. I thought there wasn't another job out there that could pay higher than $9.50/hr which was what I was making.

When Java Express said they are willing to hire me, but they said part- time is $8.50/hr and full-time is $8.75/hr, I didn't take the job. There were only 1 and half month left before I start school, so what's the point of working at 2 jobs when you are going to quit soon? Now I'm looking back, if I got laid off at Ipsos (when I left $8.75/hr), and then I got a job at Java Express, then I may not have been as angry about losing my job if I got paid the same, but doing another job.

At G&T, I was getting paid $7.90/hr. Either way, I still would have been angry because Ipsos was the best job I ever had and they took it away from me. Today was good, worked at Xcetera and I am more confident using the till.

May 30 Job: Today I opened the store for the first time. I was nervous, but I did fine. Except Dani did say that she was going to fire 2 girls because they don't work very often. She isn't sure about the new girl if she is reliable enough. Then I may get fired if I don't meet the expectations of the supervisor. Dani says that she will give me a reference. The supervisors pick who gets fired, but Dani also gets a say in the decision.

That's fine. Hyacinthe finally emailed me back and said there is another job available, he just needs to get some more info. If I get laid off, that's fine. I won't be mad. It's like that time when I got laid off at Ipsos, and I loved that job for 7 months. When I saw the people who got laid off and they worked for only 2 weeks, I thought it was good that they didn't become attached to it. It's like that saying: "It's better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all." So it's good that I found a job that I loved, there will be another.

News: I was watching 20/20 today, and they covered a story about how this man injected his son with steroids and testoterone so the kid could win all these championships as an inline skater. It wasn't until the kid was 16 that he got tested for steroids, and it was proven that he did. The dad then went to jail for 6 yrs because he gave drugs to a kid.

The kid didn't even know it because he was 12-16yrs old the whole time he was taking the drug. He then turned his dad in because he felt betrayed by it. Also since he was on so many drugs, it had taken an effect on his body. He will have heart problems afterwards. He lives with his mom, brother and sister. He works as a sales associate at a department store.

They also covered about 2 15yr old boys who are paparazzi. They live in LA and take their cameras everywhere. They can make thousands of dollars with taking photos. There was a time they took a pic of Adam Sandler, and AS says to them, "So you want to grow up and be a dick?" Then they did interview Selma Hayek. Her fiancé was carrying the baby, and the paparazzi were taking photos of them, and pushing them. The baby was dropped, but SH caught the baby. SH was furious that a tragic accident almost occurred.

Other news, is that my dad finally gave the 1998 computer to be reformatted and fixed. It's really slow, and I can remove this program Spyshredder which it keeps popping up. After awhile, all the applications on the desktop, they disappear if the computer is on long enough.

Friends: I bumped into my friend Daniel at work. He was at the mall and I called to him. I bumped into my friend Sarah on the bus and we talked about religion like how if a girl is in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys, she is probably in the religion Islam or Mormon sect.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Darkness Falls/ music/ wish

May 24 Darkness Falls: Last night I saw the 2003 movie Darkness Falls on TV. I remember going on what used to be Fametracker Forums and someone dissed it saying it's a movie where the Tooth Fairy is the monster who kills people. I read bad reviews of it in the paper. It stars Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.)

I was looking at the lead guy Chaney Kley and he looks relatively like Ryan Reynolds. I went on and it turns out CK died last year due to sleep apnea. He was 34. The acting wasn't bad. The story was really about in the 1800s a woman was murdered because she was wrongfully accused of murdering 2 children. Now she haunts people by mainly killing children.

Kind of weird that CK died of sleep apnea, and in the movie he is like an insomniac because he is too scared to go to sleep and is afraid of the dark, because the Tooth fairy is afraid of light and won't touch you if you're in the light. Not a bad movie. I jumped a few times.

Charity: I got a letter from Children's Emergency Foundation. It feeds children in Canada. The donations are distributed like this 80% program funding, fund development 15%, administration 5%. It's a good charity to donate to.

Job: Today was good at Xcetera. I'm still learning how to use the till. It takes 15min to close instead of 30min like at Roots and Grand and Toy. At Forever 21, takes over an hr to close. What's interesting is that one of my coworkers worked at F21, only after I had quit. Looks like our paths will still cross.

The highlight of the day was that I bumped into Sarah who I talk to at the bus stop and bus when I was working at Ipsos and Leger. She's still working at the same job for the past 3 yrs. I told her that I am studying to get my learner's permit. She took and passed the test on her 1st try, 8 yrs ago. She says it's better that I take it with 30 questions, and get 5 wrong to pass, than back then when it was 20 questions, only 2 wrong.

She told me that one brother took the test 6 times and another brother 3 times. They don't study and prepare for it. Well that makes me feel better.

May 25 Writing: Yesterday I typed up 1 and half pages for my scripts.

Music: Today I heard the new Pussycat Dolls song called "When I grow up." It's really fast and I was watching them perform it on the Jimmy Kimmel Live on the internet. It's a good song to dance to. Turns out Carmit left the group in Feb. 2008. I didn't know that until today. Now there are 5 girls instead of 6. Also the winner of The Pussycat Dolls: Search for a new doll, Asia didn't join the group. She went on a solo career instead.

I am reminded of a dream I had last night, I was the new member of the girl group Danity Kane. In the dream, we had to share 2 rooms together to sleep in. I guess to show it's not all glamour. Then I went on Facebook and did the Likeness quiz of what's the best part of being on tour?

Wish: Today was really weird. It was my day off so I decided to pass out my office assistant/ receptionist resume to Leger. I had worked there from Apr. 2006-Aug. 2006. In the last 2 months of my job I wished the company would close down. You may remember me writing about how I changed the lyrics to Rihanna's "Unfaithful" song "I don't wanna do this anymore" to my lyrics "I don't wanna work here anymore."

I did the passive thing by working less shifts, min. 3 shifts a week. I told my co-workers about Malatest because they pay $10.50 instead of $9.50. Then I went to Professional Writing for a yr. Next summer in 2007, I worked at Winners for 3 days and hated it. I emailed my resume to Leger. My friend Chamnouer told me she worked at Leger for a month, and they laid her off because they got new technology.

After I quit Winners, I dropped my resume off at Leger to be a market research interviewer. They never called me back. Today I dropped off my resume at Leger. There was the same sign there on the front window and I dialed 11 for Leger. I stood there for a few min., but no one picked up. Then this young woman comes in and I asked if Leger is there. She says it closed down a few months ago. Interesting, my wish came true, albiet 2 yrs later.

I called Leger and the woman said that the call centre closed down, but there is still a research company. So the place closed down, but the number still works. I then called Convergys because it closed down in City Centre, but it may be open. The number didn't work. I called Malatest and looks like that call centre is still open. Maybe I'll apply there as a receptionist and not work as a market research interviewer.

I went on the net, and the Edmonton Journal wrote an article that Convergys closed down due to lack of calls. I wanted to see if the one in Millwoods closed down too:

Search: I then dropped off my resume at Capital Health. I thought I was following my dad's advice to work there, but actually a little bit of Sonia's advice too. S told me to work at the food services at the Royal Alexander hospital, but I thought it was too far. Well I am following both their advice. Food services pays like $11-$13/hr.

Shopping: I went to the MacEwan bookstore to buy a buspass, but they said they don't sell it on any campuses due to that upass. I then went to Shopper's drugmart and bought the June buspass. I went to BCBG Maxarzia, it finally opened in City Centre. There's one at West Ed. I checked out the prices and it's like hundreds of dollars, so it's like Holt Renfrew Part 2. lol.

Last week I saw that Pasta Deli closed down in City Centre. I'm not sure if it's under renovations, but it didn't say.

Funny: I was rewatching the Gossip Girl pilot, and the characters get on a bus. The ad on the side of the bus advertised for Smallville, another show on the CW. Interesting product placement. What I didn't notice was that in the pilot, Blair's mom was played by another actress. my sister pointed it out to me.

May 26: rejected my story- again. It was a different submission, but my work still hasn't been published. Today I did submit my Charity essay that I wrote for Writing for the Ear class to my school newspaper Intercamp. I also checked all 18 of my school emails today. Lots of job postings there.

I also finally went and emailed Hyacinthe. It's been awhile, like a week or so since I didn't get the job at the big company. I emailed saying if there are any other job opportunties out there, get back to me. Today I went shopping at American Apparel on Whyte Ave. What was interesting was that I went to Subway to use the washroom. I bought a bottle of Coke because back when I worked at Treats, so many people come to use the washroom and they aren't customers.

So I bought the pop, and then I had to ask the worker there to buzz me in so I could use the washroom. That's weird. This isn't Tim Hortons where you don't have to be a customer to use the washroom.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Prince and Me/ news/ inspirational stories

May 21 The Prince and Me:  Today I watched the 2004 movie called The Prince and Me starring Julia Stiles and Luke Mably. It's about a pre-med student named Paige and she meets a guy Eddie at the college. They become lab partners. Eddie is the prince in Denmark and he doesn't like living there where everybody knows that he's the prince.

He sees a commercial for Girls Gone Wild and it's held in Wisconsin. He decides to go there with his butler Soran. My fave part was when Eddie goes and buys 2 beers at the bar that Paige is working at.

E: Can you lift up your shirt for me? Just a little peek?
P: What?
P then goes and sprays with pop on him. P then gets thrown out.

The bloopers was funny, although short. The scene above JS presses a button to spray him, but nothing comes out. The crew laughs.

Eddie has the look of Prince William, but the bad boy personality of Prince Harry. The whole time I was watching him, I thought LM looks a lot like the older, athletic brother and British counterpart of Canadian actor John White. JW played Bo on the old kids TV show The Adventures of Shirley Holmes.

It turns out I have seen LM before in the movie 28 Days Later. However he played one of the bad military guys, and they all look alike. My sister wanted to watch movies like Enchanted, then she took a nap so I went and borrowed Prince from the library. She wasn't interested in watching it, though she did watch the bloopers with me.

John White

Luke Mably

May 22 Job tip: My friend Sherry emailed me back saying and give me this job tip:

yay on having the second chance :)sounds like you already thought about the options and found the answer you needed. when i look at jobe, i look first at what the job is, then at the address/wage/hours. if the three are not acceptable, i don't even apply.

Cheating: Here's a really good tip on how to find out your partner is cheating on you: Send flowers to your partner's work anonymously, if he/ she doesn't thank you or even ask you about it, then most likely he/ she thanked someone else for the flowers. Really clever. I was watching The Smart Woman's Survival Guide which is a fictional sitcom about a group of people who are working on a TV show. The host was interviewing a PI about catching cheaters.

I thought I heard all the clues like how the PI said if your partner is dressing nicer and working out more to look better, than it seems like he/she is dating someone else. I learned that already from advice columns. From Cosmogirl, if your partner is always asking about where exactly you are and how long you are going to be there, they are most likely making sure they won't run into you.

News: I read that abortions are decreasing in Canada in The Globe and Mail. It's been the lowest since 1975. It's 100 000 abortions a year. The important thing is, women under 20, the abortions are decreasing the most. While women ages 35-39 are the same. It's because the morning- after pill is available on the drug store shelves.

Also in the Life section was about fraud marriages where people get married so that one person can stay in the country. I read an article in Ellegirl, where a girl married a gay guy so he could stay in the country. It had to look real so they went Las Vegas.

This morning I watched the audio commentary with the director Martha Coolidge on The Prince and Me. I really like this movie.

 I found a Luke Mably montage:

I've seen the special features and watched most of the deleted scenes. I tried to watch 2 of them, but my PS2 was unable to read the disc. When I was watching it, the dvd did skip.

Music: I love the song "My love is like whoa" by Mya. Here is the live performance on MADtv back in 2003. I love the 2:20 into the song and she walks off the stage and is serenading to this one guy in the front row. He sure is lucky. lol.

May 23: Mya can sing live and dance very well. The above performance proves it.

Here's a new word I learned called neophtye. I learn it today while reading the newspaper. It means novice, beginner. The article was about how the CW network is neophyte and they are renewing the show Reaper for a 2nd season. The show gets 2 million viewers a week. However, ABC cancelled Men in Trees, though it gets 5 million viewers.

Inspirational stories: I think I saw this interview before, but on the internet back in 2005. It could have been another black guy who was put into jail for a murder he didn't commit. He was a gang banger and he was in jail for 20 yrs since he was 19. When he went to jail he decided to treat people with kindness, dignity and respect. He cut ties with his gang. He did get stabbed multiple times there.

In there he wrote about his life and tried to get out of jail by writing to this advocacy group. The group then rejected his case. He was going to commit suicide, but then this other inmate confessed to the murder, so the guy was free. He then moved in with this other guy who helped him prepare his case. He bought clothes, got a driver's license and job that pays $15/hr which is good compared to 8 cents/ hr for prison labour.

Now I'm thinking of what my sister said about me getting a job that pays $8.50/hr: "That's slavery." Well it's way better than 8 cents/ hr. Then he is making money with the $1 million he got when the justice system paid the settlement for putting him wrongfully in jail. Before he left, his lawyer got him financial advisors and he then decided to invest in ATM machines. He then went to Hawaii and saw that there are so many tourists there, he can get more money by putting ATM machines due to lack of competition. He is making $60 000 a month due to those transaction fees.

His life wasn't totally perfect after that. His marriage failed, he struggled with alcoholism, but overall he is happy now. Good for him. Truly inspirational. Then they talked to an old woman who was sent to a concentration camp with the Nazis running the place. They were looking for twins and since she was one, she then was taken a lot of blood out of her arm to run tests. The test was to see how long she can live with the lack of blood. She was also injected poison. She decides to forgive because she doesn't want to be a victim anymore.

If she continues to stay angry, than she isn't really helping the situation at all. Like the saying goes, "Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself."

Job: Today was a good day. I worked from 2-8pm and wasn't really tired. I kneeled a lot to put the jewelry up so I was sitting down a lot. It's good for now, let's see how I like it 3 weeks from now and 3 months from now.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Jumper/ safety/ advice

May 17 Jumper: Today I finally used my free movie pass that I got from going to a focus group discussing my school library. I went and saw Jumper at the $1 theatre at West Ed mall. It stars Hayden Christensen who plays a guy who can teleport. Great special effects, action scenes, story, drama, suspense and a little love story.

I recommend that you all watch it. I read a review that "it was all style, no substance." There was substance with HC's character David's relationship with his love interest played by Rachel Bilson. A little spoiler here, when he finds that his dad is hurt, he immediately transports him to the hospital, though they were estranged for years. I really felt something there. It's a very exciting and fun movie.

Shopping: I compared this new WEM brochure I got today to the one I got from April. The following stores are closed: Jacob Jr, Bianca Nyguard, Visionquest Eyewear, Hallmark Accents, The Tea Factory, Designer Handbags. It's like every month, there's a new brochure. I thought it was interesting that Hallmark Accents will be closed by May. 19. It's one of those stores at WEM, where there are 2, and then there was 1 like there used to 2 Carlton Cards and 2 Booster Juice.

I've been emailing to tv networks and signed a petition so that Blood Ties will be renewed for a 3rd season. The first season had 12 eps, and 2nd season had 10 eps.

May 18: I would like to work as a receptionist at the Chan International Talent Agency and Fantasyland Hotel at West Ed mall. However, I don't like taking the bus an 1hr there and 1hr back. These positions are on the bottom of my list.

Job: I'm going to go to Service Canada to apply for a job on Tues. After that week and it doesn't work out, I'll go back to Xcetera and ask if they are still hiring. Maybe Dani won't be like "So you come crawling back to me now" if I explained that I was following orders from my parents. Sure reminds me of That 70s Show when the guys go for a job interview at a fast food restaurant. The question is: "What is your flaw?"

Topher Grace: I let other people boss me around.
lol. So now Dani knows I let other people boss me around. If she says no, I will go and pass out all my resumes to the stores at City Centre.

Writing: Today I started typing up the stuff I wrote during the school year, but I didn't have time to back then. Now the stuff I wrote on scrap paper, I can then throw it in the recycle bin because it's typed up.

I was watching My Messy Life about people who have a lot of paper clutter on their desks. I have some paper clutter on my computer desk and the desk in my room. It's still pretty organized. The desks shown in the documentary were really cluttered with stacks of everything piled up. As my brother P says of his room that it is "Organized chaos and I know where everything is," that's the same thing the people said in the documentary.

May 19: For all the people who said they know where everything is, they were asked to find something and were timed. They found it within less then a min. or up to 5 min. There was only 1 person who couldn't find that one thing.

I got this flashback of the time in bio class at Centre High. I was talking to this guy Bobby about the tv show Alias.

Bobby: When they fast forward 2 yrs into the show, you know they are running out of story ideas.

I only thought of this because last night on Desperate Housewives season finale, they fast forward 5yrs ahead in the future. On Alias, they did 2 seasons and fast forward. After that, I would say it "jumped the shark" and the next 3 seasons weren't that good. However on Desperate Housewives, they did 4yrs of this show, then fast forward. The ending seems interesting.

Safety: I have mentioned this before that I don't really like to read Cosmopolitan magazine, but my sister bought it and I saw one of the headlines "5 signs that he's a rapist" so I had to read it. Stuff like be careful how much you drink. If he asks like he is all caring about how you had too much to drink, but then is pushing you to have another, there is something wrong right there. If you aren't even finished with your first drink and he buys you another one. When he says "Let's go somewhere quieter", don't go there with him. Kind of like what happened on that Gossip Girl pilot. I guess GG is a PSA show.

When he offers you a ride home, don't take it. Call a cab. Get a good buddy system, be with friends. Also look at the guy's friends. If the friend is saying offensive jokes, but the guy isn't, the guy probably says the same things as his friend, just not in front of you.

May 20: Today was good, I went back to Xcetera and asked for my job back. I had asked my parents if I can go back there since it's been 3 weeks of unemployment and a string of job interviews. Dani recognized me and asked me where I was so I told her I was listening to what my parents told me to do.

Me: They wanted me to work for at least $9/hr. How much do you pay?
D: We start off at $9/hr.
I gave her my direct deposit form and my SIN.

I did that in the afternoon. In the morning I went to Canada Place and got help on applying to Service Canada. I went to get a job for the youth/ student, but since I have one more class to take and I'm not a full time student, I can't get a job as a student. How ironic, I thought it would be easier for me to get a job that way. Now I shall apply like I did graduate, just like what my dad told me to do.

I then went home and applied to 10 jobs by emailing the companies for positions like telemarketer, office assistant, legal assistant, graphic artist.

Music: Here's some flashback of the past. I like the British boy band Blue. Here is my favorite member Lee Ryan singing his song "Parking." He is in a radio station performing this song. He is very talented. I remember back in May 2002, Blue came to West Ed mall to perform. They can all sing live well, and they did sing acapella. It was on Wed. I think May 13? 100 girls showed up.

My friend Leslie and I were there. I had kind of persuaded her into liking boy bands by showing her the movie 2gether which is a fictional boy band. Blue performed acapella to the chorus to their first single "All Rise." Here's a clip.

I do remember the time the DJ was saying "And at West Edmonton Mall is Wave." The audience groans, because he made a mistake by saying Wave, the Canadian pop duo. Then the DJ says, "I mean I'm here at West Edmonton Mall with Blue who is making waves here." lol.

May 21 Charity: This wheelchair charity calls asking for donations. As usual I said no. They did the whole "door in the face" by asking for the "dream donation" of $200 or $100, then went and asked for $40 or $25. Later I found an envelope for the Lung Association, so I'm going to send to them telling them to not send me any more things in the mail.

Advice: Yesterday I took the job at Xcetera for $9/hr, but then Burnewood Physical Therapy called because I went to Job Bank and emailed them. The address is 3420 34 Ave so that's pretty far away. It does pay $13/hr as a receptionist. This weekend I'll be training for Xcetera.

I told Burnewood I can't come to an interview, but maybe I should call on Mon. to do an interview? Like if I go there, I will take a cab. But if I do get hired there, how will I get there everyday? Ask my dad to drive? Try to figure out a busroute, probably. The lesson is that the next time I apply to Job Bank, look at the address before I apply.

Friday, May 16, 2008

writing/ influence/ Sorority Boys

May 14 Writing: I submitted my The Fighter pitch and outline, cover letter, and submission form to Reel Girls Media. I called them and they said they mainly do non-fiction.

Job: This morning, Hyacinthe called me and told me that I will be getting a tour of the company tomorrow. Crantastic. He did say he was going to call me on Wed. or Thurs. to set up the job, and he followed through.  I got a letter from Eddie Bauer and they said they aren't hiring me. Suzy Sheir didn't call me for 2 weeks, so I guess they didn't hire me. That's okay.

Deal: At Rogers Video, to rent a dvd, it costs $5.66. At Blockbuster it's $5.39, so go to Blockbuster to save 27 cents.

May 15: I went to the job interview/ tour of this big company. I was like 15 min early and told the security guard who I was here to see. 3 min later, the woman  came and gave me the tour. She says attendance is key and all that. She liked that I showed up early. Then I went home.

Influence: There is this old poll I created for the website called What influences you the most? Friends, family, school or tv?
Friends 47%
Family 43%

School and TV were even. I picked TV and it still influences me with these little things. In my job search, I say "I right the wrongs I did." It means like how last summer I thought Malatest hired me, and they didn't. I turned down Xcetera and Suzy Sheir when they called for an interview and now this summer, I right the wrongs by doing those job interviews.

The "right the wrongs" sounds like those dramas I watched. Such as Angel where he does a lot of bad things, gets his soul, then is searching for redemption by doing good things. So with Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU, the law enforcement team didn't solve the case, and then years later they go back to it and solve it.  And more obvious is my behavior of compulsively quoting things from tv shows.

 I remember years ago there was this time I put pause on Realplayer on the computer. There is this blinking light. Patrick comes by and sees it.

P: Oh my god, what's that?
Me: Doesn't mean you see a blinking light means that something bad is going to happen.

That line was from the X-Files spinoff show The Lone Gunmen. lol.

News: I was reading Marie Claire, and it said that women who are involved in some sort of emergency, they are likely to survive because they are the ones who evacuate out of buildings. As for men they are risk takers. Blue collared single men are more likely to risk their lives to save others, so good for them too.

Funny: I was watching some Behind the Music about the Backstreet Boys. Kevin says "After AJ went through rehab, I am so proud of him. I'm like a cry baby." He had tears in his eyes. Aww... then I thought "Are they cousins?" I looked up on the internet that it's Kevin and Brian who are cousins. I am then reminded of this joke:

The Muchmusic VJ Master T says, "Brian and Kevin are getting married; no not to each other, I've thought we've already been through that." lol.

Here's some entertainment news. The following tv shows are cancelled:

Moonlight. Too bad, but at least the lead actor Alex O' Lauglin achieved his dream of playing a vampire for one season.
Shark, James Woods and Jeri Ryan can always find work afterwards.
Same goes for Kelsey Grammar on his show Back to You.
Life is Wild and Aliens in America won't be coming back on the CW.

May 16: Today I got a call from Hyacinthe and he says, "Unfortunately, you didn't get the job at the company."
Me: That's okay.
H: Do you want to know why you didn't get the job?
Me: I think they were looking for someone older.
H: They said your answers to the questions were short and abrupt. You have to have a positive attitude to take these calls because it's mainly people who are complaining. Well I hope you continue to write and I'll keep in touch with you.

Then after that I hit my hand on the desk to get my anger out. Really it is okay that I didn't get the job. I'm angry that I didn't take the job at Xcetera because I could have at least got a job and be making money. I did my best. I washed my hair, dressed professional for my job interview, came 15 min early, gave a firm handshake and asked good questions like what the dress code is like and how long the training is.

Then I mailed my resume to Reel Girls Media, dropped my resume at Canada Place to work at Service Canada. I got a call back and this woman told me there is a more complex way to apply there, come by on Tues. to see her and apply. I went to Culture Craze and applied there. I have never applied there before, so it's good to try something new.

Now it's time to focus on lighter things that don't get me angry. Here are some more shows that are getting cancelled: Canterbury's Law, New Amsterdam, Men in Trees.

Sorority Boys: Last night I stayed up to watch a bad movie called Sorority Boys where 3 guys get kicked out of their fraternity because they are accused of embezzlement. It stars Barry Watson (7th Heaven) and Michael Rosenbaum (Smallville.) The 3 guys then dress up like women to join a sorority because they have no place to live. I remember this time Muchmusic's Ed the Sock says about the movie. He said it slowly and in a firm and angry tone: "Guys dressing up as women is NOT FUNNY."

I remember reading a review on about how the viewer was watching the movie, and her 4yr old niece came by and said, "Those are guys." In the entire movie, you have to suspend your belief that these 3 guys can fool everybody that they are women. It's a really dumb movie, American Pie style. Watch it when it's on tv, don't pay to see it. I will say that it gets funny in the last half where the sorority DOG plays football against the bad sorority Tri Pi so the winning team gets to go on a cruise ship party.

I actually found myself laughing out loud. There is a part where the giant girl scores the winning touch down and then she is running with the football and giving the finger to the Tri Pi. I like that the sorority DOG, all the girls were unconventionally attractive. None of them were really hot and I get the joke of the name. This movie did have me mainly cringing.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

music/ job/ sobeys

May 11 Music: Today I finally went and got an itunes account. I downloaded the song "When you wanna come" by Brian McKnight. Since I heard that song when Ivan from So you think you can dance season 2 danced to it on the Ellen Degeneres show. This is one of those hot R&B songs that are slow, but you can dance to like "Suffocate" by J Holiday and "U got it bad" by Usher.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my family to celebrate Mother's Day. I did have to pitch in $30 like my sibs did for the dinner.

May 12- I don't download, if I can get the song for free by listening on youtube. Since I couldn't get that one song, I will have to download it.

Reality tv music: I was watching Rock the Cradle and I realized something. I have a crush on the host Ryan Devlin who was Mercer on Veronica Mars. Today I watched the ep "Spit and Eggs" which is a really good ep because it solved one of the big season's mysteries. I don't know if it's only me, but RD kind of has a similar voice to Ryan Secreast and he is the host of another singing show American Idol. I was like memorizing the outfits that RD was wearing.

The only problem I have with RtC is that one performer is eliminated and is not allowed to perform. So the past week they spent rehearsing, all that time is wasted. At least with So you think you can dance, the 6 dancers who got the lowest amount of votes, they have to dance off and then the judges will have to eliminate one girl and one guy after that.

What's interesting is that the first 2 girls who were first eliminated, I didn't predict that they would be eliminated. All the performances were good, it's just the viewers didn't vote for them as much as the others. As for that double elimination ep that just aired, I totally predicted these 2 guys were going to be eliminated. The performances were really bad. The judges gave them the lowest scores in the entire season.

One judge June described a performance as "painful." I have to agree. I was cringing when I was listening to it. I have only seen like 1 full ep of AI when that show came out in it's 1st season. It was down to the top 7 finalists. I was impressed with all their voices because not one had a mediocore voice. The prize for RtC is $100 000 and a record contract. I'm guessing one of the 2 remaining guys is going to win. They got the highest scores in the entire season.

I'll might as well throw in that I don't like The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious. I find that there is more to judge on the looks and being sexy, than the actual talent. I know for girls, you have to be sexy, but what about Popstars, the Canadian version? It focused more on talent in creating a girl group Sugar Jones. The US version Eden's Crush, I didn't see that show, but the girl group did focus a little more on being sexy judging from their video. Popstars 2, where it's a girl and guy group, not much on being sexy.

Popstars looking for a solo artist, Canadian Idol and AI, it wasn't about looks. Girlicious released the song "Like Me" which is kind of like Pussycat Dolls "Don'tcha."

Job: Today I emailed my resume to be an office assistant at City TV (though I passed my resume there in person.) I emailed my script pitch to them too. I pitch my script to Panacea Film Productions. I emailed my resume to be and office assistant at Anaid. I tried to email Reel Girls, but I can't print the submission form and I can't email them. I'll try later.

Funny: Today on Degrassi: The Next Generation, the character Jimmy got accepted into pre- law at university. I go to and someone wrote: "Also, pre-law? No such thing, Degrassi writers." I laughed at that. Yeah, well my sister is in law school and she said that you have to get a bachelors degree than go to law school. By then you would be at least 22yrs old, and be mature enough to go into it. Unless you are really smart and can do a bachelors degree in 2 yrs and then get into law school.

So I went to wikipedia and searched "pre-law" and it said:

"A pre-law degree is any degree which would allow someone to enroll for law school. The utility of these programs of study is by no means set.[1] All ABA law schools require at least a bachelors degree for North American students. Therefore, it is not a major, but any set of courses within any bachelors degree program (whether required as part of a major or elective) which prepare one for law school. In addition to the specific college's requirements, there are also standard requirements set forth by the American Bar Association and the Law School Admission Council.

A pre-law program is offered at some American colleges and universities; however, it is considered to be a "track" that follows a certain curriculum. Most pre-law students major in the social sciences, such as philosophy, political science, or sociology, though this is not a requirement."Though I also had a nitpick with the show where Jimmy applies for an internship at his dad's law firm. I know this from personal experience, but you need to be in college and have studied something and not be in high school to apply for an internship, no matter where it is. I tried to get an internship at tv stations, but they kept saying I had to be at Nait to apply. However, Jimmy's dad would probably let him get an internship.

May 13 Sobeys: The food is good there, however it's not always cheap. Today I tried the Indian food called Porkas(?) Not quite sure what it's called, it costs $3.99 for 200 grams of it with sauce. It's a actually a vegetarian food with it being deep fried. Back when I was in Centre high, I ate Indian food called somasas, also deep fried and spicy. Sobeys also sell somasas. The porkas tastes good.

The sushi ($5.99) and Forest mushroom soup with roll ($3.99) tastes good. One problem I have is I had the lasagna and it tastes good, but was $6.49 for a piece of it. I could have gone to Lorenzos in City Centre and got the same size of lasagna with a drink for $3.50. Fortunately, I had the gift card so I didn't really spend much money at all. Another thing is, that Sobey's lasagna was filling. I have been to Lazia and ordered this dish that was worth $20, but it wasn't filling.

Sushi usually costs that much, soup too. Lasagna and pasta is often $6 for a plate, but I felt the size I got from Sobeys, wasn't big enough.

Green: The printer was then fixed by Patrick. He was trying to print his notes. I then came by and realized the stuff that was coming out of the printer was not his notes, so then I threw in the gibberish that was printed on the 6 clean papers and put it back in. It would be printed in the back, so it's not a total waste of paper. I then threw in my scrap paper and used up 13 scrap paper.

Friday, May 9, 2008

job/ charity/ 27 Dresses

May 8 Job: I went to Sobeys that opened in downtown during the lunch rush. It was packed with business people. It looked like a really nice store. I went to Royal Bank Finanicial and he told me to apply online. Then I went to Epcor, she told me to apply online and gave me a business card. Then I went to Scotiabank and she took my resume to work at customer service at that branch.

Then I was walking and I found Ranstad. I think I applied online. I went in and dropped my resume there anyway. Then I took the bus home.

Charity: I got home and this charity CBM mailed me asking for donations. It's from a dr who helps cure people from becoming blind in 3rd world countries. It's because they are poor, they only have water to drink and to give to livestock, and little to wash. That is breeding ground to become blind if you don't clean yourself. I mailed back telling them to not send me anymore things in the mail. I never donated to them before, so my address must have been passed on to them.

May 9: I went to the Dynacor job interview. It was good. They asked that I email my The Fighter script to them and I did. What was interesting was that one of them kind of recognized me because my name sounded familiar. I told her I called her back in 2004 when I was trying to get into Nait's tv program. They don't really have time to train a production assistant, but they will keep my resume on file. She gave me some tips and production companies like Anaid, Reel girls and Panacea Productions. Call Citytv and ask who is in charge of programming.

Funny: After lunch I went to do the tests about Windows XP, data entry, Microsoft Outlook and I redid the other test I did the other day. The mark went from 47 to 52 and I did it in 21min and not 24 min. Then Hyacinthe asked me some questions, I filled out a form. I was trying to get the courage to tell him who he looked like, but I felt I may offend him because he would think he looked like a C list actor.

I decided it could be worse. My friend Chamnouer emailed me on Facebook saying she's studying for her driver's license. It reminded me of The Simpsons where Otto asks Patty a question.

Patty: When you do good, I use the green pen, when you do bad, I use the red pen. Any questions?
Otto: Yeah, were you like ever a man before? Because it would be totally cool if you were.
Patty: Well it looks like I won't be needing this. (Drops green pen).

Cut to the office.
H: Do you have any questions?
Me: Yeah, I have an unrelated job question. Do you know who you look like?
H: No, who?
Me: Matthew Lawrence.
H: Who's he?
Me: Joey Lawrence's little brother.
H: Who's Joey Lawrence?
Me: He plays Blossom's big brother.
H: Who's Blossom?
Me: It was an old tv show from the early 90s. H was also on Boy Meets World playing Rider Strong's brother.

H: Is that (me looking like ML) supposed to be good?
Me: Yes.
H: Well I'll have to look it up.
I might as well ask him that question at the end of the interview and not the beginning in case he got offended. I also kind of wanted to maintain a professional relationship. Well you know how to make it totally unprofessional; ask him if he has a gf and hit on him. lol. I may have thought he looked like ML because earlier this week I was channel surfing and saw ML on a movie from 2005. I was surprised ML still got work now.

The staffing agencies like Spherion and Adecco are alright. I only talked to the secretaries and that's it. Last yr Spherion helped me get to do a test for Stats Canada, and that's it. While Manpower staffing agency is crantastic (The Simpsons when Apu and Marge go to Monster Mart).

I am actually provided with a good job agent who helped me get a job. I have overheard this other job agent interacting with this other guy, and he seemed helpful. I highly recommend that you go to Manpower to get a job.

27 Dresses: Yesterday my sister rented some movies and 27 Dresses was one of them. The movie was surprisingly good. I'm not a big fan of romantic comedies and chick flicks. This one was actually pretty funny and well written. I recommend that you watch it. There is a coincidence that there is the same actress who plays the best friend to the lead character Katherine Heigl in the movie, and she did play the best friend to Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30. She also played Kitty on Arrested Development.

I haven't seen any of the trailers on tv, but Redbelt is a fight movie that's out. I'm like "Doh!" again. I am only mildly annoyed with all these fight movies out. I want to say I am not following a trend. I did read screenwriting books to not follow trends. If you start to follow trends by writing a movie about a hip topic now, when your movie gets produced, it will no longer be hip. I was reading movie reviews today and this movie got mediocore reviews, but since I have a free movie pass I could check it out.

Sobeys: After the job tests, I went to Sobeys and bought a pack of sushi, the California rolls ($5.99). I haven't had that in over a yr. I also bought the Forest mushroom soup ($3.99). That's kind of much for a soup, however back in 2006, that's how much a bowl of soup costs at the restaurant Kelseys. The Sobeys soup was brown and I'm used to white mushroom soup. They both tasted good. They sold alcohol at this bar in there and these really nice cakes.

It was around late 3pm so no lunch rush. There was also a section where you could dine. That was cool. It's about as good as T&T in West Ed mall.

News: I was watching 20/20 and they interviewed this woman who remembers everything. When Diane Sawyer quizzed her on stuff in history, she got everything right. There was one time it seemed she was wrong, according to the history book almanac. Then this producer offscreen was googling it and he says, "She's right."
DS: What?

I am kind of like her. I have a good memory, but she has an extraordinary memory. But it's good to know that I'm not the only one who remembers the most random things. Because if you are my friends Leslie, Heather and Angela, you would know that I bring up the most random things from the past. It's because I have gained insight on it and I can look back and see how things look differently when you gain some distance away from it.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

job/ drive/ shopping

May 3 Job: Today I went to do an interview at Eddie Bauer. I told the manager that I did apply there last yr to show I was interested in working there. They will conduct a 2nd interview. There are a lot of applications and they will hire 2 people. There are 15 people working there already. The pay will be $9/hr or higher depending on the experience. Afterwards I went home and changed my clothes. I then went to Whyte Ave to go shopping. I then went back home.

I got home and later my mom came home and gave me a list of websites. I went to and applied to 4 jobs at Telus. There is

Music: I went on and found these sites with new music by Donnie from Making the Band 4.

May 4: I did the Spherion online test they sent me. It's to test if you know how to use Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, how fast you can type. I sent my resume to Kelly Services. It's They are looking for help desk analysts, accounting clerks, rail car loaders, general labourers, call center agents, receptionists, administrative assistants, data entry clerks, chemical technologists, occupational health nurses.

May 5: Evaline Charles Academy called and they were prescreening before they set up interviews. I do have an interview tomorrow to work at the Guest Services at the mall. I applied at some banks today. I passed my resume out to Adecco this staffing agency. I emailed my resume to this tv production company called Dynacor. I pitched my script there before.

May 6: Today I had a job interview and I think it went well. I also applied to Spasation, Studio Nails, Delta Centre Suite, Premier Hair Salon, Bank of Montreal, HSBC. I went to where Convergys was. I applied there back in 2006, but they didn't hire me after I did the typing test. It looks like Convergys is gone. This construction guy said Primus will be taking over that place. I did kind of apply to Delta Cenre Suite last yr. Specifically Cocoa's Restaurant and Lounge which is part of it. This time I gave my resume to HR.

This morning I did the Adecco online test. Dynacor Media is a TV production company. I emailed my resume there to be a office assistant and today they emailed me back. They want me to call to schedule an interview. Alright! I had pitched my script to them in Jan. but they never got back to me. When I applied to Nait's TV program, I had to do a career investigation and I called this company to get info about being a tv producer. So when they ask in the interview "Why are you interested in working with us?" I have all this info.

May 7 Drive: So I finally just went out and took the freakin learner's permit test. I didn't pass and I spent $17.60 on it. Here's how to pass. I should have looked over every question first. You can do that. They show one question at a time, and if you don't know the answer, you can skip it. I should have done that first. Afterwards if you pick the wrong answer, they tell you the right one. You have to get 25/30 questions correct and they keep this tally at the bottom. Since I didn't pass, I felt very angry because I paid for it.

When I didn't pass the StatsCanada test, I didn't know they were going to ask math questions on it. I didn't study for that. That's fine, I only spent time, and not money.

Crazy day: After that, I went and dropped my resume to TD Canada Trust, Boardroom, this spa for men, Travel Time (travel agency) and then ManPower (staffing agency). I was looking over my papers when I lost my job at Ipsos and this was one of the places that appeared at the job fair that I forgot to attend. I had time to spare so I waited until some staff could give me some service.

I waited in this room and there are 3 guys, I think all East Indian and a guy helped 2 of them. An Asian woman came and helped the other guy. Then an Asian girl came in and
a woman helped her, while the receptionist told me someone would come. I was alone and then I hit my driver's book. Then this guy enters and introduces himself as Yassen.

We go to his small cubicle and he asks about my experience. He looks like Matthew Lawrence. Maybe because yesterday I was channel surfing and saw ML in a movie from 2005. ML is the little brother of Joey Lawrence. Yassen and ML had the same hair style, similar face, jaw line. Then he asked if I wanted to do this call centre test. I said yes.

We go to this computer room and he is setting up the computer.

Me: So is your name German?
Y: No, it's French. Very French. I haven't met a person with my name.
I thought it was German because there was a character in the young adult book and movie called Stormbreaker with that name. I then did the test. It was like I had to rate the responses for what a call centre agent would say to the caller. Is this very effective, effective, somewhat ineffective and so on for the ineffective.

They gave you 45 min to do the test and it will stop either when you finish the test or the time is up. On the screen it told me to go back to the staff who helped me. It said I did the test in 24 min, so that was good. Then Y was at the printer and he said that my score was a 47 and I needed at least 60. Failed 2 tests in one day, that happened once in gr. 7. I failed a science test and gym test.

Okay so anyway, he told me he will send me an online test through my email and to do it at home. Afterwards, call him and redo the call centre test. He takes a yellow sticky pad and writes his name and number.

Y: I still don't have my business card.
Me: Your name starts with an H?
Y: Yes, it's very French.

I went home and checked my email and his name is this Hyacinthe. I tried to do the test, but it wasn't working.

This morning I got up at 10am. Since I got a email from Dynacor, I wanted to get his name so I could call them back. I then called and we will have an interview on Fri. He said I could be a production assistant and not only an office assistant. My dream of working at TV production company could be coming true. I also got a email from Media Masters, but he said that they are a production company. They don't produce the film like pay the writer for the script. They only film it. He told me to get an investor and money for the project before I could call them and start filming.

Shopping: Sobeys finally opened in downtown. I saw it as I was waiting for the bus to go home. I told this my sister and she's like "That was in the paper." It's in the Edmonton Journal's Business section so I read it. I have a giftcard so I will use it. It was my parents. They got this for a gift for Christmas but never used it, so I asked if I could and they said yes.

In City Centre, the store Bears and Wishes is under renovation. Urban Planet changed how they placed their merchandise. The accessories, bags and shoes are placed on the girls side, and not in the centre in front of the fitting rooms like it used to be.

Friday, May 2, 2008

drive/ job/ shopping

May 2 Drive: My friend Jessica replied in an email: "In case you haven't taken that Learner's test yet, it USED TO BE 18/20 questions min for a pass, but now the test is 30 questions long or something."

Damn, well at least I'm prepared. I bumped into my friend Leslie yesterday on her lunch break and told her about taking the learner's permit. L says she has to take her driver's test.

Me: I got hired at Xcetera, but they only paid $8.50/hr.
L: If someone hired me for that amount 5 yrs ago, I would have said "Yes!"

Yeah, I remember back in 2003 and she did work at the movie theatre for $6.50/hr. Even 3 yrs ago, I was happy to take $8.50/hr. I was working at Roots for $7.45/hr and when I met Riley on the bus who told me about Ipsos paying $8.50/hr, I went to Ipsos as soon as I could.
Me: My sister said that working for $8.50/hr is "slavery."
L laughs.

I called my friend Sonia today and she called back. She says she already has her license. When I told her about what S said about "slavery", Sonia actually agreed with her saying it's bad.

Job: I went to Canada Place to drop my resume there, my mom told me to. There was actually a job fair there. I dropped my resume at the Trend Research booth and the woman asked if I had worked there or applied there before. I said I did apply there. She said my name seemed familiar. I applied at Sears and they said sales associates get paid $9/hr starting wage. In 3 months, I may get a raise.

Should have went with Xcetera, raise in 2 or 3 weeks. Yesterday I did a job interview at Suzy Shier in City Centre and the starting wage is $9.25/hr. I have an interview at Eddie Baur tomorrow and we will negotiate on the wage. I have righted quite a few wrongs since last summer. Such as last yr I thought I was working at Malatest so I turned down the interviews at Xcetera, Suzy Sheir and the job offer at Trend Research. Now this summer I'm staying away from Malatest and did interviews at the first 2 stores. Trend Research went from $10.50/hr last yr to $11/hr this yr.

At Sears I did ask for administrative positions. This summer my parents told me to go to admin instead of retail. I'm spreading my wings and applied as a receptionist at City Centre offices like Evanline Charles Academy.

I'm basically applying to a number of places I never applied to before because I never went for the positions as a receptionist. Last yr I did try something new by working at cafes. I worked at 2 cafes and 1 restaurant. Cafes, retail and call centres is what I've done. Time to add office assistant to it.

Shopping: The Home Outfitters signs outside the City Centre mall are being taken down. The store has totally renovated. Oh So Soft store has closed down and been replaced by Culture Craze which sells hip clothes. The store Xpress closed down.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Charity/ job search/ drive

Apr. 28 Charity: I looked at my address labels that I got from STARS and I will give them points for not putting a "Mrs." in my name unlike the other charities like Multiscelerosis, Heart and Stroke foundation, and the Shriners Hospital did.

Blog: In Apr. 2006, I did a blog and it's still here called and there is only one post. Then in Jan. 2008, in Basic HTML we are to make a blog as an assignment so I created this: T

he templates are exactly the same. However, since I read the freelance writing book, they said to create a blog. Lots of people get famous and successful because of their blogs. So now from the weekly emails I send to you guys, I shall copy and paste it and put those on the blog. I will continue to send you the weekly emails.

Consider the blog as my way of a chance to get successful. Or at least if I send you the weekly emails, you receive them and then accidentally delete it or we are discussing it, and you don't remember it. There is always an archive and where you can go back and read it and you would be like "Oh yeah."

Apr. 29 Job search: I had this big discussion with my parents at dinner. This morning the girl jewelery store Xcetera called me for an interview, and I was like "Yay!" They hired me on the spot of the interview. The manager Dani, had this kind of cynical attitude, but funny. Kind of like Ed the Sock on Muchmusic. I was to work on May. 1. She said I would have to start at $8.50/hr, but within 2 or 3 weeks, I can get a raise. Or I could become an assistant manager, no math required. lol. I took the job.

Dani told me that Xcetera and Ardene's are owned by the same guy. I see that besides Xcetera starting to sell clothes like Ardene's, the tags were also from there. This would be my 4th job at City Centre. I had worked at the $1 store (2004), Grand and Toy (2006) and Winners (2007). My parents and my sister had this big argument about how $8.50/hr is not good because it's 10 cents more than min. wage. This is the first place that hired me so I was going to work there until another good one comes along.

I was looking forward to working there because Dani and Jing seem fun. It was close by. My family told me to apply for an office job like at a bank. I can work as a receptionist there and at travel agencies. I'll do that tomorrow. I thought I was kind of righting a wrong because last summer I thought I was hired at Malatest. When Xcetera called I told them I was hired. Then 2 months later, I dropped my resume there again. Since I got hired this time, I had right a wrong. Kind of like how back in 2003 Winners opened in Capilano mall. They didn't hire me, but the one in City Centre did.

News: Well today I was watching Law and Order: SVU and Robin Williams guest starred. The ep was ripped off the headlines from the newsmagazine show Primetime. It was based on ep I saw in 2006. S came by and sat down and watched it with me and I explained the whole story in nutshell during the commercial break. At a McDonalds restaurant, a woman manager gets a phone call from this cop telling her about a young woman who stole a purpose who fits this description. The manager then gets this young girl employee in. The girl was strip searched and her clothes put in a garbage bag.

Later they get the male manager on the phone with the cop to continue the strip search. The girl was only wearing an apron. Then this guy coworker comes in and listens to the phone, he thinks it's bull. Then later the woman manager realizes that she has been had. The young girl then sues McDonalds and plans to go to law school. SVU then talked about the David Millgram experiment where a authority tells someone to do something like shock a person even though that person is screaming in pain. I learned that in Research Skills for Writers in 2006. I asked Patrick about it, and he says he learned it in psychology 2 yrs ago.
The ep was mainly about how people are sheep and follow authority blindly. There was a part where there was a public pillow fight. Reminds me of last summer and my friend Heather told me about it on Facebook. I did attend the pillow fight only to watch.

Apr. 30: I tried to call Xcetera, but the number on the brochure and website didn't work even though I added the area code. I then dropped by in person and told them I couldn't work. It's a good thing I didn't write anything on the direct deposit form.

Today is also the last day of the Upass and now I must use the adult bus pass and buy one every month. I got my mark back from Project Lead and it's a C+.

I was reading this article of a tv guide that came in the mail today. The woman who wrote the movie Juno, this producer randomly found her blog and told her to write a movie script. I hope someone does find my blog and ask me to do the same. I hope you can guys can forward to all your friends, family and anyone you know and tell them to check out my blog It's like the 6 degrees of separation. I want more people to check out my blog so I may get discovered.

May 1 Drive: Do you know what's on the learner's permit test? Or remember so I would know what to study for? I'll be asking this to all my friends.

For the past 2 summers, I was flipping through and reading my driver's manual book. This summer I picked up the new one and for real this time, I will take the learners permit test. I will justify me not taking this test any earlier. When I was in high school, I always took summer school. I went to school 11 months a yr, with a math tutor every week. Can you blame me for not studying to get my learner's if I wanted to chill out?

Then after high school, I was mainly trying to get into college. College is way more important than learning how to drive. Also during the summer I was always working. Another thing I will throw in with my procrastination is that I am afraid to get into a car accident. However, I did learn something about procrastination. If you are overwhelmed by something big you have to do, make it into small pieces.

Get the learner's permit. 2 yrs later, get the license and then learn how to drive. Take the written test. S said that you have to get 17/20 questions right. With me, I don't always get everything right the first time. I have repeated courses before.

I was thinking about The Simpsons ep "Behind the Laughter" where Marge says, "You either ____ or get off the pot." Or like Nike says "Just do it." I have some confidence. I have read the driver's manual for the past 2 summers and I have seen people drive over the years. This is a written test. If I am actually behind the wheel, then I will be really nervous. Though I do remember watching an ep of For Better or for Worse, there are instructor brakes.