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Monday, April 28, 2008


Today I learned a new word called proxy. It means to act on behalf of someone else. I have these empty envelopes addressed as "proxy tabulation" and I didn't know what it meant so I looked it up on the internet and this popped up:

"There is no more important annual event in a corporation's life than the meeting of shareholders. The process of printing and distributing proxy material and the tabulation of votes can become logistical nightmares." So that means shareholders send in there materials in those envelopes. Now I know.

Tyra Banks talk show/ job search

Tyra Banks talk show: It's summer time, I'm looking for a job, but there is also time to watch daytime tv. However, it's non-trashy shows. I was watching Tyra today, she was doing an ep about how 3 women want to be prostitutes at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch and they did an ep like this last season. What was interesting, was there was this part where I got kind of teary- eyed. I don't really cry when watching tv or movies. There is this 18 yr old girl Summer and she enters the ranch. After she has her first customer, she is crying afterwards and saying that she was thinking about her boyfriend the entire time. She didn't feel good about being a prostitute at all. She was a porn actress prior to this.

S says she wants to go to school because a lot of people her age are doing that. The audience applauds. Then Tyra talks to S's boyfriend Ryan and he says to S: "I don't want you to do this anymore. I want you to quit. You are so beautiful, smart and intelligent. There are so many other things that you can do." Then he goes to S and proposes marriage. I squealed with excitement. S says yes. T wishes them good luck. Cut to S's dad and he isn't smiling or applauding at all. Her dad is like her manager because S says she wanted to go into the sex industry whether her dad supported her or not, so the dad went along with it. Yeah, T did say it was creepy.

Job search: Today I went on my job search and first I went to Spherion, a staffing agency. It's in the Bell Tower, right beside City Centre. I went there last yr, and they hooked me up with a Stats Canada test, though I didn't get the required mark to work there. I went there this yr to drop off my resume. They moved from the ground floor to the 12th floor.

I dropped off my resume and the secretary Tina asked a few questions. She asked what wages I was expecting.

Me: Uh, $9/hr?
T: You should say $15/hr. Then it's negotiable. A lot of people who pick a low number, the boss does ask if they can pay lower like $7/hr.
Me: It's $8.40.
T: Yeah I know, strange as it may sound, people who pick a low wage, goes even lower.
Interesting. T flips a page over and sees that I learned a lot of Adobe Photoshop, Excel (from Nait).
T: There is a financial place that needs someone to type up mortgages and stuff like that.
Me ( in my head): Sounds mathematical, and I don't like it, nor am I good at it. But you never know until you try. If it doesn't work out, you can always quit.
Me: Yes. Does it involve math?
T: No.
Me: Good.

Then I emailed this woman at Spherion with my resume and she is to figure out what job to give me. I went to City Centre and dropped off more resumes there like at Club Monaco and Watch it! though both aren't exactly hiring at that location. I decided to be flexible and be able to work at West Ed. I then went to Xcetera and dropped my resume there. They sell accessories, but they are copying Ardene's now. Ardene's started selling clothes to increase sales, and now Xcetera is doing the same. Next would probably be Claire's and Icing by Claire's. Cut to Xcetera:

Woman: So how old are you?
Me: 22.
W: Good, I remember asking this 16 yr old girl what hrs she wanted and she said "Full time. But I have to go to school." Well then you can't work full time.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

news/ writing/ Rock the Cradle

News: I was reading the Globe and Mail today, and in the Northern Caucasus, a lot of bride abductions occur. A group of men kidnap a woman, and if the woman doesn't escape by morning, she will have to be the guy's wife. It also occurs in China, Ethiopia, and Rwanda because it is a tradition. Sometimes the woman's family can negotiate and she can be returned to the family. Other times, the woman decides to willingly get married to the guy who kidnapped her.

In other news, I read how adults are still like children. There is this article about how we want to take the easy way like do online degrees that take a yr to do instead of 4 yrs. Go to movies like Shrek to watch a fun and light movie without really challenging ourselves. It was interesting that yesterday my sister discussed the article without arguing.

S: There is a fallacy in that. Are you going to let a 5yr old watch a movie alone in the theatre? Instead, an adult would have to take them.
Me: Also R- Rated movies don't make a lot of money like American Pie because only people 18 and over can watch it. As for Shrek, it's rated G so anyone can watch it and it gets more money.

There are a lot of R-Rated movies that don't challenge people like American Pie. Movies are supposed to be fun, and I can't really be challenged by movies. I do like movies that make you think like The Matrix with all their philosophy like "To deny our own impulses is to deny the very thing that makes us human."

Writing: I went to the Stanley A. Milner library today and checked out a book about being a freelance writer. I thought my library card expired, but it turns out it will on June 14. I checked the book out and didn't have to spend money renewing it. Yay. I was inspired and submitted my charity speech from my Writing for the Ear class to Seventeen and Cosmogirl magazine by emailing it to them. Sure, that's pretty ambitious, but I still want to give it a shot.

I then emailed the article and pitch to the editor who's in charge of the LifeStyle section in the Journal. I emailed the pitch of my The Fighter script again to this guy at the Canadian Film Centre. I was reading the paper today and it turns out there is a movie called Fighting coming out in Aug. starring Channing Tatum (Step Up). It's about underground fighting and it's culture. I was like "Not again!" There was already Never Back Down about fighting and that's like my idea.

Apr. 27 Rock the Cradle: I'm watching the show Rock the Cradle where it's kind of like American Idol. The contestants are kids from big music artists like MC Hammer and they sing in front of live audience and judges, the audience gets to vote for who wins. What's interesting was that Ryan Devlin is the host. He's plays Mercer on Veronica Mars.