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Friday, January 28, 2011

Babar vs. Kermit/ 9-11 jokes/ Noah Knows Best

Jan. 27 Babar vs. Kermit: I was on Youtube and I found this video of Babar vs. Kermit on "Sexyback" video.

Babar is an elephant and Kermit the Frog are singing and dancing to Justin Timberlake's song "Sexyback." There are shots of Kermit driving a car. It was low budget and amateur, but it was fun to watch. Check it out:

9-11 jokes: Earlier this week on The Simpsons, Homer is reading this TV guide from the 1980s. He was going to mail something into them.

Homer: World Trade Centre one..

My sister was watching it with me.
S: That's kind of uh..
Me: Dark?
S: Yeah.

I saw a South Park episode where Cartman pretends to be a robot called Awesome-O. Butters then mentions his birthday is Sept. 11.

Family Guy kind of made a joke with it when Lois runs for mayor. Lois is answering questions and saying vague things.

Reporter: What do you plan to do to fight crime?
Lois: A lot.
The audience cheers.
Lois: 9-11 was bad.
The audience cheers.

The first person to even make a joke about it was Eminem in his music video "Without Me." Eminem dresses up like Bin Laden and he is being chased by his rap group D12. Then E holds up a white flag and waves it in surrender. Then they all start dancing.

MADtv made a couple sketches around it. One time a woman calls a psychic and asks: "Were you working on Sept. 10?"

Then there is a married couple played by Michael McDonald and Stephanie Weir.
MM has grown this long beard that resembles Bin Laden's.

SW: All our friends, family, co-workers and neighbors hate it. Can you please shave it?
MM comes out from the washroom wearing a robe and has a towel wrapped around his head like a turban so he looks even more like Bin Laden.
After some more arguing, MM shaves it off and he looks like Hitler.

Barack Obama jokes: I was watching Jay Leno and you know how Barack Obama is from Hawaii? They did the opening credits of Hawaii Five- O to Hawaii Five-Obama.

Recently Barack Obama met up with Chinese president Hu Jintao. Jay Leno made a parody of it calling Rush Hour 4.

Me: Oh my god, how come I never noticed that? A black guy and a Chinese guy teaming up together?

Actors: I was watching The Vampire Diaries today, and the actress Micheala McManus was on. She was the lawyer on Law and Order: SVU season 10.

Me: I wish David Anders was back on this show. He was on for some episodes already last season. I've had a crush on him since I first saw him on Alias back in Jan. 2002.

Then at the end of the episode, DA shows up. I screamed. What a coincidence. I was thinking about him on this show and he shows up.

Cut to a few hours later, my sister was on the computer.

S: Hey Tracy, I think that guy that you like is going to be back on The Vampire Diaries.
Me: You mean David Anders? I just saw him today on the show.

I thought it was kind of funny that she remembers my celebrity crush. Well then again, my siblings and I all know what celebs we like.

Jan. 28 Comparisons: I forgot another Hooters parody. The TV show In Plain Sight about working for Witness Protection kind of made a shout out. A character works at Headlights and the uniform is exactly like Hooters, except it's pink instead of orange.

Evan Ross: I was reading this old Teen Vogue magazine and I see the actor Evan Ross. He is Diana Ross's son. I then recognized that he is on 90210 this season playing the half- brother of Liam. ER's character is supposed to be mixed. He and Liam has the same dad, different moms on the show.

I don't really care about his character on the show, but I did like how the half-brother and rivalry was revealed. Annie was dating ER, and she introduced him to Liam. ER explains that he was the one who stole a neighbor's credit card and blamed it on Liam. Now ER is trying to make amends.

Job search: Today at work kind of ended on a bad note. So I went home and looked for a job with a vengeance. More specifically a career.

Writing: A few days ago, I spent 4 hrs on the computer writing my Rain script. I had written stuff down, but typing it up onto the computer makes it more permanent. I emailed Josh Miller from Panacea Entertainment. He told me he was willing to read another script from me other than The Fighter so I told him about Rain.

TV influence: Last month my sister was at home watching these TV shows like Days of our Lives and the Food network. Then she went and watched ABC Family shows like Sonny with a Chance and Wizards of Waverly Place. I was listening to it while I was on the computer with my job search. That TV was white noise.

I went on's thread "TV moments that angry up the blood" and there were adults mainly dissing these shows. They are teaching kids to misbehave and be brats to get what they want. That made me think that there are kids that are smart.

Noah Knows Best: Let's take a trip back in memory lane to 2000, but there was this Nickelodeon show called Noah Knows Best. It's from Ken Lipman who made The Secret World of Alex Mack which I love. In Noah, it's more like that old Melissa Joan Hart show Clarissa Explains it All with a guy instead of a girl as a lead.

There used to be this old kids magazine called Zillions and I went on the website and people made comments on the show. The kids were dissing the show on how Noah is like a schemer, not a nice person, misbehaves, etc. Then I went on today and there are 5 reviews saying that the show was funny. The point is kids do have morals and ethics.

Also on someone said Phillp Van Dyke is good looking. When I first saw him when I was 15, I thought he was hot. My sister came to check out the show with me, and when she saw him she said he was good looking too. PVD was also the voice of Arnold on the cartoon Hey Arnold. It seems this guy hasn't been getting work since the last time he was on TV was in 2003. Check him out:

I find the show kind of funny. I laughed out loud once. I remember the music group Hanson was on for a whole episode. The girl group PYT made an appearance on one episode.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Marty Chan/ Nikita inspiration/ Dateline

Jan. 23 Marty Chan: I met the writer in residence Marty Chan yesterday and we discussed my script for an hour. Afterward, I spent 2 hrs writing, rearranging the scenes, and imagining what The Fighter script will be in different ways.

Jan. 24: During the meeting, we discussed the dialogue. I mentioned that there are a lot of portions in the script where it is transcribed from real conversations and real events that have occurred to me.

Me: I want to make it realistic.
MC: Let's use a different word, plausible.


Me: I have readers, producers, and writers who read the script. Usually I see what they have to say. You and the producer John Kerr said the same thing, so that's like the tally of two people to who thinks this part should be worked on.
MC: You can't think of it like a math problem. Ultimately, you're the one who has the power to do what you want with this script.

MC did give me a writing exercise to write "out scenes."

MC: Do you know what that is?
Me: Scenes that don't make into the script?
MC: Yes. Write something that between these two characters that won't be in the script at all so you can get to know your characters better.

Lamplight Tales: In Sept. 2010, I mentioned that I got published in the anthology of short stories called Lamplight Tales. I finally got it in the mail today. It's cool and inspiring to see my short story called TJ's Story published. There was also an order form if I wanted more copies of the book.

Nikita inspiration: I saw this Nikita episode a month ago called "The Recruit." I really liked it. It inspired me to write and to live my life. It was really about two recruits. The series premise is this woman Nikita wants to bring down this secret govt. organization called Division. Her partner Alex is on the inside and she's helping Nikita who's on the outside.

One recruit is named Robbie. He is at the top of his class and while Alex hates Division, Robbie loves it. He says: "I was poor and Division gave me a second chance at life. Now I can use the computer, shoot guns, fight, drive fast cars, and be like James Bond." R graduates to become a guard, and not an agent.

R was very disappointed because by being a guard, he stays in Division and he doesn't get to go out and use his skills. Alex tries to console him that if he keeps his eyes and ears open, he will find a way out of Division. I really felt for R because I have been disappointed in not getting my way when I don't get to achieve my goals.

I can identify, relate, sympathize with R. He feels trapped.

R snaps in anger and then starts shooting all the guards in Division. He was walking around in this calm manner, shooting the guards as everybody is running away screaming. Alex stops him and says there's a way out of there. Guards come and R takes A and uses her as a shield. A then tasers him.

Later, A thought R was executed. Cut to R being handcuffed to a chair as one of the bad guys talks to him: "We had made a mistake by making you a guard. The way you were going around shooting the guards without any emotion or hesitation whatsoever, you have been promoted to being a cleaner."

You know what that means, he's going to be an assassin. It's scary that he's going to be one, but at the same time you're kind of happy for him because now he gets to be an agent out in the real world.

The other story is about the recruit Sarah who's at the bottom of her class. She is going to be sent on a suicide mission, and she doesn't know it. Nikita has to save her. That kind of reminds me of the 1997 version of Nikita. There was an episode with a group of teens that Nikita and Michael have to train. At the end of the 1997 ep, the teens will most likely end up on suicide missions.

In this new one, Sarah has escaped from Division and she wants her baby back after she had given it up for adoption when she was a teen. Her parents were drug addicts and had given the baby up to a shady lawyer who gave the parents money that had them high for a month. S sees her kid who is now 5yrs old, but N convinces her that if she takes the kid now, she will always be looking over her shoulder because Division will kill her and her son.

The son lives in a big house with both parents. S moves on with her life away from Division.

Dateline: I'm still talking about that To Catch a Predator guy. I wasn't going to look for him on Youtube, because there are like 11 episodes and a couple hundred of guys. It's like me looking for a needle in a haystack. However, I had to at least try and I found him on the 3rd page by the screen cap.

I put this on thread "TV moments that angry up the blood."

Me: Hey guys, I found the video of that Dateline guy I hate. Here it is:

He's the one who brought the girl a koala bear and said that they should get to know each other first. I thought he was so fake seeming like he's interested in her more than just sex when he also brought strawberries and whip cream. C'mon, is there anything not sexual about that?

Oh yeah, and I did remember his job correctly, he was a court administrator.

(I knew it had to be something about the law.)

Youtube comments: "This show to me is love and hate, I hate how the do this but I love watching the reactions and some of the stuff they say on the net makes me cringe proper bad, they're doing a good thing getting these folk off the street."

"I feel sorry for the girls whose lives are ruined after they are abused by older men."

"I feel sorry for the judges and police and shit. the amount of pervs and stuff they must have to deal with every day, reading the chat logs..."

(Some people have mentioned they kind of feel sorry for the pedophiles, but then there are people who feel sorry for the victims.)

"For reals, and he lies about his age like being 24 would make it okay that he tried to meet a 12yr old girl for sex."

"Everyone gets lonely, that's what Xbox is for."
Me: lol.

"These guys should bring a gift for Chris Hansen just in case they are going to meet him."

"Yeah I would have almost felt sorry for this guy if he didn't have a PETA bag."

I'm reading these comments and people are joking around saying that since the predator had a PETA bag, it means anyone who works for PETA is a pedophile.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Dateline/ online dating/ funny marriage proposal

Jan. 22 Dateline: You know how last week I was ranting about Dateline: To Catch a Predator and 16 and Pregnant? Well I posted it on "TV moments that Angry Up the Blood" thread on and two people have made comments about it.

Person's post: I remember that koala guy because I remember thinking that he seemed to be borderline retarded. And not just in the "he must be insanely stupid in a number of ways." I thought he actually had a seriously low IQ. At the same time I almost felt sorry for him, though. He seemed genuine - not that it makes dating a fifteen year old okay, but I kept thinking that he didn't seem like the other sleazeballs on that show and probably could have benefited from actual intervention at some point in his life.

Me: "If you're old enough to get married and have a kid, I'm sure you're old enough to get your own apartment."

Ha! Seriously! All the girls on Teen Mom piss me off when they're complaining about their parents. You chose to keep the kid when you couldn't afford to live on your should be thanking them daily for letting you stay on!

Person: I thought he actually had a seriously low IQ.

My post:

Me: I don't know if we are really talking about the same guy. The one I'm talking about was Asian, and if I remember correctly, he had some hard job like working for the law. Some sort of legal and respectable job. I remember in the interview he said: "A lot of people think I'm a geek or a nerd, so I can't get a girlfriend."

I thought that guy was so fake. He was obviously smart if he could get that kind of a career. He was manipulating and taking advantage of a young girl. If she was a real teenage girl, than she is niave and ignorant, and she didn't know better. However, he did know better so he was totally in the wrong. He knew what he was doing was wrong, but I thought he was trying to convince himself that if he fell in love with her, he wouldn't be a sexual predator. That's what got me angry.

Person 2: Entire shows like To Catch A Predator and (Primetime) What Would You Do? make me furious!

First of all, To Catch A Predator, is a show that makes me feel sorry for predators. I don't want to feel sorry for predators! What exactly is this show trying to do?

What Would You Do?-it seems if they don't get the answers they are looking for(that people are generally bad) they start rigging the experiment.

Both shows seem like so much entrapment to me specifically designed to make the human race seem like evil, manipulative asses!

Me: lol.

Rant: Today I checked my email on this online dating site. When a guy I'm not interested in emails me, I always say they're not my type and say good luck to them. This time this guy emails me back saying something crude about my dad. I blocked the person. Then I decided to write something like how my dad's dead, but I decided not to. If I did, what if it came true?

You may say that's magical thinking and tempting fate. Look, the point is, I'm not going to waste anymore time on this jerk and get even more worked up and angry. I'll add this to the list of jerks whom I encountered on this site which is a few.

Online dating: You know the saying: "Insanity is when you do the same thing over again, and expecting different results." So I found my boyfriend on this online dating site back in 2006. We broke up in 2009. The site then closed down so I went to another site in 2009. I only met up with one guy that year. It was more of a friend vibe. I guess I could have met up with two, but that other guy rejected me.

In 2010, I met up with 5 guys and none of it worked out. My strategy is to be on the site, like have the window open even when I'm not surfing on it. I'm writing an email or looking for a job, but that site is open and I'm logged in which means more people will see that I'm online. I started being more assertive by emailing at least 10 guys a month. If they don't email me back within two weeks, I delete them.

Priorities: Dating is an on the side thing. It's on the bottom of my priority list:

1. Get a job (work there, and save money.)
2. Get an office job/ career.
3. Pitch your script The Fighter.
4. Write your script Rain.

Jan. 23 Funny marriage proposal: I just saw a very public marriage proposal on This guy proposes to his girlfriend on stage at a Post Secret Event.

This Guy on stage says: "My question is Natalie Thai, will you marry me?"

The audience applauds and cheers.
It took a min. for Natalie to get on stage because she was in the back.
Guy holds microphone to N.
N (to audience): Yes.

The audience cheers. I laughed.

Friday, January 21, 2011

2010 review/ financial lessons/ happiness

Jan. 19 2010 review: I was thinking about last year and I can list the bad things that happened.

1. My grandpa on my dad's side passed away in Aug.
2. My grandpa on my mom's side passed away in Nov.
3. I was unemployed for months and didn't make a lot of money.
4. I had my appendix out.

However, the deaths has pulled my family closer together. Even my appendix being removed, that made me realize my family really did care about me. My parents were with me at the hospital.

Being unemployed for months, has made me become more mentally and emotionally stronger. Getting interviewed, and not getting the job; getting hired and then dismissed has an effect on me. However, I keep going and applying.

Financial lessons: I also did learn a lesson. You have to save money because you don't know when you may not be able to work. Well I am a saver and it's easy for me to put money in the bank. What if you get laid off? I learned that back in 2006 when I first got laid off from Call Centre #1.

In 2009, I was thinking about what if I got laid off from the Soup place? I did get laid off in 2010. I had to mentally prepare myself for that. What if you can't get work for months? I never imagined that. From 2004-2009, it was easy for me to get a job and I was never out of work for months (unless I had to go to school full-time). The economy is still recovering.

What if you get sick? I never imagined I would get my appendix out. I live a healthy lifestyle. I don't smoke, drink, or do drugs. I eat healthy foods, exercise a bit. I missed two weeks of work because of my appendix. At least I got EI for that.

Census job: I got this in the mail. You can work as P/T Census enumerator for Statistics Canada. You're dropping off census questionnaires and interviewing people. It pays $14. 72- $18.06/hr. It's a seasonal job from Apr.- Aug. It's at least 20hrs a week. For more information, go to this site.

Job search: I did a job interview at an optometrist clinic two weeks ago. They haven't called me back. It's safe to say I didn't get the job.

Blog email: Someone sent me this email from my blog. It's a list of job sites:

Hi Tracy,

We would love to share with you an article that we just posted on our own blog! (20 Best iPhone Apps for Job Hunting), is linked below and could be a fun way to share this announcement with your readers.

( )

It has been a sincere pleasure to read your great content.

Jena Ellis

Writing: I found this old email.

Me: Yeah, I've seen shows about dirty cops. But I also read in the newspaper recently about a cop seizing drugs, and then selling them back on the streets.

Sherry: They're people, like everyone else there's good ones and bad ones.

I saw one on CSI: NY where Det. Flack wrote how many grams there were when they seized the drugs. Then when it was counted it, it didn't add up. They had to dismiss the cop, and all the cases that the cop solved, they had to be looked into again.

Jan. 20 Happiness: Yesterday I only worked for a few hours because no one came into the restaurant. Today I worked split shifts and got more hours. I had a few hours between shifts so I mainly went to Chapters and read a book about Happiness. I think it's from The Idiot's Guide to series.

Write down things that you are grateful for. It's not sappy. The thing is with me, every time I rant about something, I always say: "Yeah, well at least..."

Job: The book discussed happiness at work. A lot of people are unhappy with their commute to work because it's taking time away from being with your family and friends. During that time, listen to music or call your friend on your phone (if you take the bus.) You can carpool with a friend.

There was a discussion about being a workaholic and there are 12 step programs for that.

Calenders: I will rant again about the Calender Club. My little brother said that they will sell their stuff by 75% off in Jan. Well they're still at 40% off. However, you can go to Chapters and you can buy day planners and calenders at 75% off.

Jan. 21 Actors: Does anyone remember Laura Prepon? She's the red headed woman Donna on That 70s Show. She was on Castle recently where she plays an actress researching her role as a cop. My sister pointed out she was on How I Met your Mother for a few episodes. I then remembered she was in that movie karla which is about the killer Karla Homolka.

Animals: I saw a little bit of Oprah, and there is this ape who can talk to humans. He points at this lexicon about words with pictures. He describes a pizza by pointing to words like bread, cheese, and meat. That is so cool. lol.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

funny video/ comparisons/ Dateline

Jan. 15 Funny video: My friend Sherry sent me this funny video. It's where you go to get your Blackberry fixed. I laughed at it a couple times. It's a British sketch comedy that's a few min. long. I like sketch comedy like MADtv and Saturday Night Live. This is kind of quirky and creative writing. Go watch it.

Name: I was reading the Edmonton Journal and this woman who runs a tea shop is named Robyn Bird. I thought it was kind of funny that both her first and last names are about a bird.

Song: I know of Tom Hank's son Colin Hanks who's an actor is on the TV show The Good Guys. I didn't know he has another son Chester Marlon Hanks. He goes by Chet Haze as he remade Wiz Kalifa's song "Black and Yellow. CH called it "White and Purple" about college life. I was skeptical at first, but he does sound pretty good.

Jan. 17 Parody: It was over the summer, but I finally saw The Twilight Zone episode where The Simpsons made fun of it. You know where Bart wishes anything that he wants, and he wishes Homer is a Jack in the Box? That's what happened on TZ. A boy with powers wishes this guy was a Jack in the Box.

Joke: Over the summer I was riding on a bus. There was this teacher with some 7-9yr old kids.

Little girl: I had a dream last night where I died and I didn't know what it's going to be like in heaven.
Teacher: You don't have to worry about that for a very long time.

I saw a woman on the bus crack a smile at what the little girl said. It's kind of cute and funny.

Comparisons: Do you know what else is a really easy target to make fun of? The restaurant Hooters. Way back in 1999-2000, I was watching the sitcom Boy Meets World. The guys go to a restaurant like that and Cory loses his engagement ring. He comes back.

Cory: Excuse me, do you have a lost and found?
Waitress: Yes.
She pulls out this envelope and dumps out 50 engagement rings.
W: Somehow we accumulated all of these.

Cut to later.
C: Hey guys, I found my engagement ring!

South Park made fun of it calling it Raisins. It was little girls working as waitresses there.

MADtv made fun of it with a group of business men going there, and there are a bunch of unattractive waitresses like a senior woman. Of course, there wouldn't be a woman in her 60s working as a waitress there.

Jan. 18 Dateline: I was thinking about that TV show Dateline: To Catch a Predator before they stopped producing them. This is from a few years ago, but it got me angry. So the usual is 18 yr old actress pretends to be 14yrs old, the man/ sexual predator comes into the house filled with cameras.

He talks to the girl, and then the host Chris Hanson comes to interview him. One guy bought this koala bear stuffed animal to the Girl.

Girl: So did you bring any condoms?
Man: No, I thought we should get to know each other first.

Me: Who are you trying to convince? Her or yourself? Like seriously, you're going to date a 14 yr old girl when you're like 35?

So CH interviews him and the man says how he can't get a girlfriend his own age so he's going to date someone much younger. All the men come to the house say stuff like: "I just came to talk." But I guess this guy stood out because it seemed like he was going to actually try to have a relationship with this girl.

I think the men who come to the house are stupid, but this guy really was. What are you going to tell the girl? Don't tell your parents or your friends. What if her parents do come into the house? Are you going to try to convince them that you're really in love with their 14 yr old daughter? What if she gets pregnant?

16 and Pregnant: Another thing that annoys me was that 16&P special: Where are they now? They had that one girl Lizzie. Her boyfriend works 2 jobs so that's good. She's studying to be a dental assistant instead of medical billing like she had done earlier.

She got pregnant, and then her boyfriend moved in with her and her parents. She then got married. I was like okay. What really annoyed was this:

Lizzie: I don't like living with my parents as a married couple because it's awkward.

That reminds me of a post where someone was dissing 7th Heaven. Someone said: "If you're old enough to get married and have a kid, I'm sure you're old enough to get your own apartment."

Someone on 16&P said that "Lizzie did everything ass- backwards." I have to agree.

Living situations: This even brings a flashback of 2006 when I was talking to my dad.

Dad: You can live at home as long as you want, but if you're getting married, you'll have to move out.

Yeah, can you imagine a white guy living with a 6 member Chinese family? That has a funny sitcom idea written all over it. lol.

Sitcoms: However, it's kind of been done on that short-lived sitcom Like Family back in 2003. A white single mom and her teen son moves into her best friend's house. The best friend is black, has a husband, has a teen daughter, and 10 yr old son. I thought the show was kind of funny.

It's also kind of been done on the show 18 to Life about a young married couple who live in the husband's parents house. Next door is the wife's family. Wacky hi jinks in sue.

Friends: That also made me think about anyone living in my home. If my siblings brought someone in like a boyfriend or girlfriend to live with us, it would be awkward. There's room for them, but I doubt my parents would let anyone of us "live in sin" under their roof. If my siblings and I got our own place and lived with a partner, then fine. They would disapprove, but we're adults with our own place.

I think any of my siblings and I bring a friend to live with us, it would be a bit less awkward. Say my friend Leslie whom my family and I have known for years lived with us, that would be fine. As long as she pays rent and is respectful to the family and house, no problem.

Well L has a dog, and my parents wouldn't like to have any pets in here. Though L would be feeding it and taking it for a walk.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. The bus was 15 min. late and I had to wait for 25 min in total. Yeah, well at least I wasn't late for work and it was warmer today like -3. I was dressed warmly. Another bus came to take care of the other people we had to drive by.

I found this old receipt in a magazine my sister gave me. The receipt's from 2003 and it's from Shoppers Drug Mart. The card used to have a system where you have to get at least 3000 points to get $5 off. From looking at the receipt, I now look at Shoppers Drug Mart now. You have to get 10,000 points to get $10 off your purchase.

I'm a little annoyed they raised the price, but that's business.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Q&A/ stress/ Octomom

Jan. 14 Q&A: My friend Sherry answered the question to this:

Jenny Jones: So you got pregnant when you were 13?
Girl: Yeah.
JJ: And you got an abortion?
Girl: Yeah.

Me: Is there anyone here who thinks she should have had the kid?

Sherry: i personally would feel 13 too young to carry a child without full support from family or friends. i disagree on the 'too small' idea if you mean height. after all, midgets have healthy babies. also, midgets and a large number of Asian peoples are under 5 feet tall, and raise complete families. 'too small' , though, if it would refer more to the width of the hips and the ability for the mother to safely deliver, would have a strong effect on her ability to have a child. it is the reason many mothers have a caesarian.

on the other hand, though, too YOUNG might matter a lot. not just because she is not old enough to work to support herself or anything like that. physically, emotionally, and biologically she might be too young to safely have a child without threatening her own metabolic health and growth.

Well Sherry, Angela, and I vote she shouldn't have had the kid.

Question 2: I was thinking about it today. What if the interview went like this?:

JJ: And you miscarried?
Girl: Yeah.

Me: Oh, okay. Lot's of people miscarry.

Or what if?:

JJ: And you gave the baby up for adoption?
Girl: Yeah.

Me: What? You actually stayed pregnant and gave birth to the baby? I thought you would be too busy with boys, sex, and having fun to go through with the pregnancy. I can't believe it. I am so surprised she had the kid.

The question is: Is there anyone here who thinks she would actually go through with staying pregnant?

I have seen a 12 yr old give birth before. (It was on Maury back in the day when I used to watch that show.)

I have seen 14 yr old give birth before and she had the daughter and her parents raised the baby as her sister. The daughter grew up and later found out her older sister was her mom. (It was on Dr. Phil).

The thing is, there are 12-14 yr olds having kids. I'm thinking of that Jenny Jones out-of-control teen girl specifically. This ep probably aired 15 yrs ago and I'm thinking about it.

Question 3: Which would you prefer? Your daughter who misbehaves, doesn't get good grades and wants to be a stripper. She then becomes a stripper. Or do you want a daughter who's well behaved, gets good grades, but still ends up being a stripper?

I would pick the latter. The daughter who wants to be a stripper, it's disappointing. I doubt she would get another job other than being a stripper. If my daughter has good grades, and is a stripper, I know there's still hope for her. She can still get another job and there's more probability that she will succeed.

Jan. 15 Stress: I went to work and got my schedule, and it told me I had to work on this day which I usually have off. I told the manager that I had already scheduled an appointment on that day and he told me that I should have written it down. I didn't write it down that I needed that day off, because I always had that day off.

Anyway, he said he really needed me to work on that day. So I rescheduled the appointment. I was thinking about how there are two people who have quit recently and that's why I had to come.

Octomom: I wanted to see what's on Oprah, and I saw that financial expert Suze Orman was going to be talking about money and helping "Octomom" Nadya Suleman with her finances. I had to watch it. NS was on Oprah last April.

I really thought SO helped her. They recorded this phone call:

NS: I don't want to go on TV and exploit my kids. I don't want people to perceive me and think I'm crazy.
SO: Why do you care? They already think you're crazy.
The audience laughs.
SO: The manicures, trainers have to go. You spent $8000 on Christmas gifts. You have to sell those toys. You have to fire those 3 nannies. You have to go to church and pray.

NS followed the advice. She fired the 3 nannies, held a garage sale and made $1500 off it. She went to church and pray. She got a job as a bartender.

NS: I don't want to go on govt. help because people would hate me.
SO: Who cares? Everybody hates you already.
The audience laughs.

SO helped NS get a literary agent and NS says she feels more in control now.

Twop: I had to go on and read the 5 pages of comments on this show.

Person: I'm not even sure Suze really helped - after detailing her exhaustive efforts at going through all her financials, the only result we are told is a $1500 garage sale and securing a manager. So how is she keeping the lights on, etc? If Suze ever said, I missed it.

Besides, I think it was completely irresponsible to tell a mentally ill woman to fire all the help - leaving those 14 kids alone and at their mother's mercy. And I felt sorry for the one nanny Nadya kept. Clearly Suze has never had to be responsible for a small child much less a houseful of them. Heh - that's probably how she has so much money now that I think of it.

Me: I liked that last line. lol.

Person 2: I had a diff take on the Nadya-Suze show. Apparently it was taped on 11/5. They did not update it for the latest events. If you're interested, google the German documentary. I was horrified. Also check out the invitro doc's admin hearings. This woman does not care about SO common sense - it's all about donations.

She demonstrates little or no interest in parenting those kids. She has plenty of help and TMZ films her 4-5 hrs at the gym plus spa and shopping trips, all w/o kids. (You read that correctly, zero kids.) The older ones eat fast food dinner - the younger eat with their fingers from food piled on the table, sorry, like animals. The babies, literally locked/zipped in cribs, watch videos all day. The older ones are at private school (she's destitute, right?) and it's reported that only 2 of the older 6 are potty trained, even though they're over 5. I could go on and on --

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Teach U a Lesson/ ADD/ Teen Mom 2

Jan. 10 Teach U a Lesson: I was thinking about that Robin Thicke song "Teach U A Lesson." It's a sexy song that I like. They lyrics are:

You can call me professor
But baby you broke the rules
You wont get the grade you want
Unless you stay after school
You can work it off
Baby I can give you extra credit

I was curious to see what people thought of it. I found some funny and sexy Youtube comments about it. Here they are:

"This song makes me want to go school."

"i searched "baby making music" and this came up."

"The 7 people that disliked this got taught a lesson."

"Oh wow! To all people who's had crushes on instructors, this song is the anthem! LOL!"

"I had this MAJOR crush on one of my instructors and I couldn't stop thinking about this song. LOL! I'm sorry, but that dude was H-O- fucking T!"

"this song is sooo sexxyyy"

"dear robin,

u can teach me a lesson anytime PLEASE DO! <3"

"that's a very educational song! ...they must play it every morning in schools XD"

"this song makes me uncomfortable."

"u been a bad sorry but that's funny"

"mmm mmm mmmrrgrgg! lol...My hubbys a teacher!! :) I LOVE it!"

"inappropriate student-teacher conduct lol"

"Teachers, dont take advantage of this song... ;)"

"Most awkward song I have ever listened to. Well done."

Jan. 11 ADD: I found this magazine at Chapters called ADDitude about ADD. It's $8 for 68 pages. It said if your child is on Ritalin and is acting like a zombie, the dosage is too high. My sister says the magazine's expensive because it's a niche magazine.

She gave me her old magazines, and one of them was Details and the actor Channing Tatum is on the cover. The interview talked about how he has ADD and took Dexerdrine. It made him become good in school, and then the drugs made him depressed and kind of like a zombie. So he quit the drugs.

That reminds me of the South Park episode where the whole class was diagnosed with ADD and took Ritalin. They all became zombies.

Mr. Garrison: Oh what Cartman? No smart ass comment from you?
Cartman: No sir.

Jan. 12 Teen Mom 2: I was a little spoiled by reading the 16&P thread. Jenelle graduated out of high school and does take care of her baby Jace by feeding him, giving him baths, and putting him to bed. However she disrespects her mom and her mom is trying to get custody of Jace. They were yelling and fighting. I don't really like Jenelle, but I hope she does become a good mom, and she gets along with her mom.

There's lots of drama there so I have to watch it. Kailyn and her boyfriend Jo broke up, but K moved into Jo's family's basement. It's kind of awkward and there are clips where Jo wants K to move out since K is going out with someone else. There's some drama in this case. She graduated out of high school, has a P/ T job and will be going to college in the fall.

Then there's Leah who graduated out of high school. She has twins with a guy Corey whom she knew for a month. She cheated on Corey, but now wants him back. She made dinner and a cake for him. At the end they were crying. Maybe Cory will forgive her and take her back. There are clips where one of her twins has some physical disability and will go to the hospital. That's some good drama to watch.

Then there's Chelsea. She's the one who got a mean text message from her boyfriend Adam and they broke up. C is going to school. There are clips where Adam will actually move in with her and her friend. C's dad doesn't want him living there. Everybody on hates Adam for being a jerk and not taking responsibility for the baby.

Feelings: I'm going to admit that this TV show is making me angry, depressed, and stressed. It's like Dr Phil and Maury again. However, I will only watch this show once a week which is only an hr. I'll try to not have it take over my life like those talk shows did.

"Taking over my life" meaning I won't miss work so I could stay to watch this show. Back in 2005-2006 I was working at Call Centre #1. I could have worked at 1pm, but instead started at 4pm so I could watch talk shows. Teen Mom 2 is at night, and I don't work nights.

Jan. 13 Questions: I've told you this before, but I have a question about it. I mentioned this about Jenny Jones. There was this out-of-control teen girl on the show who wants to be a stripper when she grows up.

JJ: So you got pregnant when you were 13?
Girl: Yeah.
JJ: And you got an abortion?
Girl: Yeah.

Is there anyone here who thinks she should have had the kid? As in went through with the pregnancy and gave birth to the baby? She doesn't raise it, she gives the baby up for adoption.

I don't think she should have had the kid. She's 13 and it's going to be a real difficult pregnancy for her because she's so small. To have a baby this young could be traumatizing and the baby probably won't be healthy. She obviously isn't interested in being a mom or raising the kid, so I doubt she would have even bother having the kid.

My friend Angela said (paraphrase): I don't think she's smart or responsible enough to go with the pregnancy. She may be smoking, drinking, and doing drugs during pregnancy.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

job expectations/ typecast/ questions

Jan. 9 Job expectations: I was talking with my dad about job expectations, and it's not about managers lowering their expectations about the worker missing one or two days of work a week, but they don't really care. So the worker misses shifts, the manager saves money on not paying this person. The managers have to work a little bit more, but they do reap the benefits by saving money on not paying this person.

It's not until I stopped working at the Soup place during the week, and only on the weekends, did the managers were forced to hire two people.

Heartland: I was watching this show today, and the same work situation occurred. Caleb calls in sick (when he really wasn't) and Mallory has to do his work.

Mallory: It's not my fault that Caleb's not here.
Jack: Well since he's not here, you have to pick up the slack.

M rightfully quits and gets a job at the diner. That reminds me that the other character Lou worked there for an episode.

Look alike: I was watching my Buffy reruns and I was talking to my sister.

Me: Have you noticed that Xander (Nicholas Brendon) and Penn Badgley (Dan on Gossip Girl) kind of look alike?
S: But they're a prototype like Seth Cohen on The OC (Adam Brody.)

They all have dark hair and play the quirky friend who jokes around.

Actors: I saw the tail end of the show Chase, and saw Jesse Metcalfe on it. He played the gardener on Desperate Housewives season 1. I haven't seen him in a long time.

Months ago I was watching Lie to Me, and I saw Richard Burgi playing a senator. RB was Susan's ex-husband Carl on Desperate Housewives.

I saw Julie Gonzalo (college friend Parker from Veronica Mars) on Nikita. She played a reporter. She was on Castle playing Det. Beckett's friend.

Does anyone remember Candace Cameron? She played the oldest daughter DJ on Full House? I read that she married a hockey player.

Dad Camp: I read about this in The Globe and Mail a few months ago. It's a reality show about young dead beat dads who will step up and take responsibility for their children/ girlfriends and wives.

They interviewed Dr. Jeff. From the article he seems like a nice and smart guy. It seems like something I would watch because it's similar to 16 and Pregnant. However, I can't watch it because I'm trying to cut down on TV, especially if it's reality TV. I can't watch any more TV doctors after Dr. Phil got me too angry. I only watch a little Dr. Drew when he does those 16&P reunion shows.

Lake Shore: While I'm at it, I'll throw in the Canadian reality show Lake Shore. It's like Jersey Shore, but with more ethnicity. From reading the newspaper articles, it sounds really trashy. There were interviews with the cast, and the show seems fake because the cast members said they were pressured to say racist things. I'll steer clear from this show.

Jan. 10 Cloth grocery bags: I watch Desperate Housewives and when they go grocery shopping, they use cloth grocery bags so that's good to be environmentally conscious. Today I read in the Globe and Mail that there is lead is some of the bags, and though you have a bunch of those bags, they sit in the car trunk and you don't use it.

So use those cloth bags. Or bring your own plastic bags when grocery shopping. Instead of using multiple plastic shopping bags, you can put everything in one bag.

Typecast: I was watching Gossip Girl and there's this blond woman in her 50s and she plays the school dean. I know her name is Jayne Atkinson, but I couldn't remember where I've seen her from. Then I realized she plays the FBI boss on Criminal Minds. Kind of typecast playing a woman in charge of a big organization.

JD Pardo seems to be making more TV shows. He plays a bad boy on 90210, Human Target, and CSI: NY.

I was watching Desperate Housewives last night and they introduced Susan's mom. I recognized her right away, but didn't know where. It's Lesley Ann Warren who's also a mom on In Plain Sight. Both roles are irresponsible moms.

I saw Hayley McFarland, the good and smart daughter on Lie to Me, she was on United States of Tara. She plays a good and smart friend. She was wearing horn rimmed glasses this time so she looks really different.

Job search: Today was my day off, and since it was so cold outside (-19 degrees), I stayed at home and applied to jobs through the internet.

Jan. 11 Questions: Teen Mom 2 is going to debut tonight and I'm so excited. lol. I'm going to have to tide myself over by asking some questions. There have been moms on the show who find out that their daughter who got pregnant as a teenager, is happy to find out their daughter is pregnant. I think it's because they're going to be a grandma.

Which do you prefer? Your daughter getting pregnant as a teenager or your daughter becoming a stripper? I would say I rather have her become a stripper. That job is temporary even if she does it for 10 years. If she's a teen mom and has the baby and raises it as her own, then she's going to probably become a stripper anyway to support the baby.

If she gets an abortion or gives the baby up for adoption, she may need counseling and , that will have an effect on her life. Stripping may have an effect on her life, she may need counseling after that, but maybe she won't.

It's more stressful if I find out my daughter got pregnant as a teen. If she's a stripper, I will worry about her. I will tell her that she can't do this job forever. I would tell her to go to school and when she goes to her car after work, she should have a security guard with her.

Flashback: I remember asking a similar question like that to my teen friend Ray back in 2009.

Me: Which do you prefer? The teen girls on Maury who want to get pregnant on purpose or the girls who want to grow up to be strippers?
Ray: The girls who want to have a baby. Because sometimes having a baby, that will make her become a better person.

Me: I rather have the girls become strippers. They want to work at an occupation that's not very respectable. The girls who have the babies, they will live on welfare and waste our tax money. The strippers aren't going to waste our tax money.

People on have said that Jennelle (16&P, Teen Mom 2) should have gave the baby up for adoption. After the baby came, she didn't become a good mom or better person at all.

I'm getting another flashback in when I was jr. high age watching Jenny Jones and Maury. Those out- of-control teen girls say: "When I grow up, I want to be a stripper." I thought: "You can't be doing this job forever like when you're 40. Are you going to be hot when you're 40?"

Well there's Madonna and Janet Jackson, but they're pop stars and train, exercise, and dance all day to stay fit. There are those "cougars" out there, women in their 40s who are good looking. Well those talk show girls will then go to boot camp, and after wards aspire to go to college.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

blog/ job expectations/ car on fire

Jan. 8 Blog: Someone sent me this email about my blog. I don't know if this is a scam or not:


I found your blog Tracy's blog on Blogger and I may have an interesting proposal for you.
I work for the CityMedia foundation ( and we are currently offering relevant bloggers from all over the world a chance to become the administrator of their city’s video site; this is why I’m contacting you.

We created the [City].vi network, making videos of world cities instinctively accessible with this address model: “city name” followed by “.vi”
For example:,,,, etc.
The address model works for 68,000 of the world’s most important cities. Think about a city and try...

The objective of the [City].vi network is to become the leading resource for local video content. Our strategy: working with relevant local bloggers.

We would be pleased you become the administrator of and offer internet surfers a comprehensive video selection about Edmonton.
By managing your city’s video site you earn all of the revenues made from the site: ads, professionals registrations, links...
Basically, running consists of making the site known by locals, for they post and watch videos.

Come on the site, you will find the proposal in detail and the advantages to work with us and take control of your city's video site.

Thank you for your attention.

Vicki Karlin Manager, a tool by CityMedia Fdt

Coincidence: I thought it was interesting that in 2009, I had 142 blog posts. In 2010, I had 142 blog posts.

Charity: There was a Degrassi in Africa special about the Degrassi: The Next Generation cast going to Africa to build a school. Of course it was called Degrassi. Now there is a Degrassi in India special where they do the same thing. I hope teens who watch it will be inspired to make a difference in the world.

Job: Today it was a quiet and easy morning. It was a weekday, and the fact that the holidays are over.

Job expectations: I was thinking about meeting expectations for work. When I didn't meet them at work, I was dismissed.

The Soup place: That reminds me of the Soup place. This one worker, she always misses the same one or two days of work a week, and doesn't call. The managers have told her if she misses work again on those days and doesn't call, she will be fired. They said they will give her one more chance.

She was fine for a couple of weeks, and then she keeps missing those days without calling. She didn't get dismissed. Instead the managers lowered their expectations of her and kept her until the place closed down months later. When she's here, she's a good worker. The managers don't expect her to show up for work all the time.

Call Centre #3: It's the same with me as the employee lowering my expectations of work from Call Centre #3. A couple months into my job there, they started canceling shifts. The manager and I talked where we looked at each other in the eye.

Me: If you don't start giving me more shifts, I will start looking for another job.
Manager: In Jan. I expect there would be more work. Well, I hope so.

That was last Jan. and a couple weeks later, I didn't get any shifts for the whole week. My expectations have hit rock bottom. I started looking for another job, without much success. They kept me on, but they never gave me any shifts. By April I was laid off and I wasn't surprised.

Jake McLaughlin: I found this actor today on The Mentalist. He plays this bad boy MMA fighter. I checked him out on and he was a war veteran and served in Iraq for four years.

It's confirmed in the interview with him and Susan Sarandon on The View:

Also on, it says he worked as a security guard at Universal Studios before joining the army.

He's also on the TV show Crash which is a spin-off from the Oscar winning movie. He's married and has two kids.

Jan. 7 16 and Pregnant: I finished reading all the comments on the 16&P episode of Kail. The best thing about it is that Kail's boyfriend Jo's mom Janet rocks. Janet helped out Kail by letting her stay with them. Janet told Jo to step and take responsibility for the baby. J was really helpful and a good mom and person.

I didn't really hate anyone in the episode. They were all kind of eh.

Jan. 8 Car on fire: I was going home from work, and the bus stopped because a car was on fire in the middle of the road. We had to wait for about 10 min. The firefighters came and put out the fire. I have never seen a car on fire in person before. I see it on the TV news and the newspaper, but never in person.

Friends: Today I ran into my friend Sarah on the bus in the morning. I haven't seen her in months. She was still working at the bookstore, but she was also taking a few classes in college. She's meeting her friend early in the morning for coffee.

We discussed about how if you want to get somewhere on time in a snowstorm, leave 30 min early. The bus kept getting stuck in the snow every other stop.

Snow: Today it snowed a lot. It has an effect on my work. There weren't a lot of people coming in today so I got to go home early.

It has an effect on my family. My family were going to order takeout today, but the roads aren't good. We're not going grocery shopping tomorrow for the same reason. I read in the newspaper that Boxing day wasn't that good for some cities because of the heavy snowfall.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. My sister told me that I should have helped shovel the snow today.

Me: I did yesterday.
S: Not when it's this much.
Me: Well I washed the dishes yesterday too.
S: I washed the dishes today.

Then my grandma told me that I shouldn't shovel snow because of my appendix. Though I'm fine. Anyway, I put 2hrs into my job search today as S was shoveling snow. I was doing something productive.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

productive/ crazy news/ fight scene

Jan. 3 Productive: Today is my day off so I went and deposited tip money into my bank account. Then I took two buses and found the office where my job interview is supposed to be at.

I did the usual of looking for and applying for jobs. I've also been emailing this producer.

Money: I calculated how much money I made and spent in 2010. My New Year's resolution is to make and save more money. Every year that is my resolution. lol. The most money I ever made was in 2009 where I worked full-time all year long. In 2010, I was laid off and 1/3 of my money was from EI. I will say I made $1000 more money in 2010 than in 2008.

Crazy news: I was reading the 16 and Pregnant thread on and do you know what is the #1 cause of death for pregnant women is? Homicide. Here are the links: Here's some more comments from the 16&P thread.

Person: If you breed it, you feed it.

Person 2: I hope the next time Janelle says "I'll leave and I'll never come back", her mom will say: "Promise?"

Person 3: This show should be called "I'm 16 and stupid and don't know what a condom is."

Mystery writing: The TV show Pretty Little Liars debuted their 2nd season today. It's really good. There is this big mystery like Veronica Mars. In PLL, there is a group of five girls who are friends. One of their friends Allison went missing, and then a year later turns up dead. This person A is stalking the friends and scaring them by leaving text messages saying all these personal things that only Allison would know.

I always had a hard time writing a mystery without making it too obvious about who did and why.

Rant: I was on my professional email account today. Then hours later I checked it, and all my 2009-present emails have been deleted. Only my 2008 emails exist. What happened to them? I asked my sister who's been on the computer and she said she didn't do anything to it. She uses a different email provider so she can't say that it's happened to her before.

So my emails magically disappeared. The emails were from producers. The majority of them were rejects and I do have all the email addresses because I write down every email I send out.

All I can say is that at least I didn't lose money. If I want to look for a producer's email address I'll look over my extensive records. At least I highlighted the ones that were important so I can find them easier. I kept all the emails because I can then look them up to see if I have emailed this producer before.

Fight scene: I was rewatching the Buffy ep "Graduation" Part 1, written and directed by the creator Joss Whedon. I haven't seen that ep in some months. Buffy fights the other slayer Faith in an all out fight to the death. First they use their hands. Then it keeps adding layers to the fight.

B and F throw themselves out the window and onto the balcony. The next layer is B handcuffs herself to F so she can't get away. F breaks off the cuff. The next layer is F gets a metal pole and B brings out a knife.

It kind of reminded me of my fight scene. A group of guys attack the lead character. One weapon is thrown in. Then a second weapon gets thrown in. Make it harder and more complicated. It's more exciting that way.

Jan. 5 Edmonton Examiner: I realized that the Edmonton Examiner only published one newspaper instead of four last month. I should write an article for them, but I don't know what exactly.

Job search: Today is my day off so I did the usual job search for the five sources. However, I went and looked up all the bank websites I bookmarked and applied there.

Calender news: I was reading in the Edmonton Journal today that calenders have decreased in sales by 29% in 2009 from 2005, Day planners by 12%. People are using computers to plan their days.

People keep old agendas like diaries. It's to remember events and the sequences of them. I do that too. Well I still have agendas from 2006-2009. I got those from school and I write down story ideas on the extra pages. I did rip some pages out because the story or notes aren't needed. I have my 2010 agenda and I won't rip out any pages.

Jan. 6 Job interview: I had a job interview yesterday at an office. There are 15 applicants for 3 positions. Odds aren't that good. I got a call to set up another interview at an office. However, today they called back saying the position has been filled. That's fine.

Monday, January 3, 2011

funny video/ Matthew Morrison/ old scripts

Dec. 30 Funny video: I was watching Jay Leno a few weeks ago and they showed a clip from Spruce Grove, AB.

Cut to a bison riding in a convertible. In the backseat was a dog.

It was a really weird sight. The newspaper 24 covered it because the video clip was for a documentary about how pets have this big part in people's lives. This bison actually was allowed in the pet owner's house.

Matthew Morrison: He plays Mr. Shuester on Glee. He was on Jay Leno and the interview was funny.

MM: I went to my room and I saw a blue dress hung in my closet. I then checked my door to see if I'm in the right room and I was in the right room. I called the front desk because I needed my suit from the dry cleaners, I can't meet the president in drag.
The audience laughs.

MM: I took the picture of the dress on my iphone.
Cut to the blue dress hanging in the closet.
MM: So I got my suit back and when I was at the party, I was looking for the woman in the blue dress. Then this figure in the dress goes by, and it's the country singer Miranda Lambert. I took a picture.

Cut to MM and ML together.

MM: I met Obama once and I say "Aloha President" because he's from Hawaii. He shakes my hand. The second time I met him, I said "Hello, Mr. President" and he said "Matthew!"
The audience applauds.


MM: I used to work at the Gap.

At the end.

Jay: You're making good dough.
MM: Well I'm not making Leno money.
The audience laughs.

Old scripts: I have writer's block so I will revisit my old scripts. I stopped writing them because other production companies have later produced it.

A fake reality TV show: In 2002, I wrote a parody of the reality show The Real World. Then MTV made the TV movie The Real World: The Lost Season which was my idea. The MTV one is about how this guy who was rejected multiple times to get on TRW kidnaps the cast and puts them in a new house. He forces them to play along and will blow up the house if they don't follow his orders.

In my script, there wasn't really a story. It's about a reality show passing off as real people.

Unpopular: I thought this up back in 2000 about a group of unpopular teens who want to destroy popularity. Then in 2006 I saw the movie Mean Girls (2004) which was my idea. In my script, there was an abstract goal. How do you destroy popularity?

In Mean Girls, there was a concrete goal. It was to take down the lead mean girl. There were tangible results when the other mean girls went against her.

Unreal: It's about two high school guys and girl fighting off three vampires. It was in 2001 and yes, I'm a big fan of Buffy. On Buffy, it was about a teen girl destined to slay vampires. It was sci-fi. In Unreal, I was trying to make to more reality based.

The Ransom Mansion: This is the first script I ever wrote back in 1997. It was about a family that moved into a mansion that had a mystery or was haunted. There isn't much of a story.

Deal With It: I wrote this in 2001. It was about two high school girls and three high school guys who are all friends. It was boring because it was about teens. I wrote it and it lead more to an "After school special" as in a lesson has to be taught. I can go watch Degrassi: The Next Generation for that.

These days teen shows have to have the characters be rich and doing fun and sexy things like 90210 and Gossip Girl.

Dec. 31 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: I saw this 2008 TV movie over the summer. It starred Dougray Scott (Susan's British boyfriend in Desperate Housewives season 2.) This was set in present time. On, 515 people voted it and rated it 4.5/10. I thought it was average.

It had Ellen David who played the detective investigating all the murders that Mr. Hyde was committing. ED is kind of type cast because she played one on the kids show The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. She's a mom on the sitcom 18 to Life. Dougray Scott is a good actor playing a good and bad guy.

There is a well- written story in here. When Dr. Jekyll finds a cure to get rid of Mr. Hyde, the cops bust him before he could inject himself with it. There's an interesting scene where Dr. J and Mr. H fight each other and it's played by the same actor. I do recommend that you watch it.

Jan. 1 Job: Today I worked for 6 hrs. Then I took 2 hrs off, and worked for another 2.5 hrs. Well I get time and half. I didn't watch any TV today because of work.

Jan. 2 Heartland: I was watching this show, and my sister was in the room, but on the computer listening to it.

S: This show is moving so slow.
Me: Not as slow as Secret Life of the American Teenager. Don't get me started on soap operas.

Today's ep was kind of slow, but a lot of stuff happened unlike on Secret Life where nothing happens. Ty and Amy spent the whole episode arguing back and forth about how this girl kissed Ty, and he didn't tell Amy. Chase had kissed Amy, and Amy was upfront and told Ty about it. The girl's boyfriend Grant confronts Ty about it, and that's how Amy found out.

Grant gets back with his gf. Ty and Amy break up. Maybe they'll get back together in the season finale. Ashley and Caleb got married a year ago. Then it turns out that the guy who made the ceremony wasn't licensed, so Ashley and Caleb aren't really married.

There's this whole indecision, should they stay together? They then get engaged. The big news is that Lou finds out she's pregnant. She had a pregnancy scare last season.

Jan. 3 Calenders: You know how I ranted earlier about how Calender Club calenders are 40% off? Well you can go to Chapters, Staples, Grand and Toy and they sell their calenders and day planners for 50% off.

Domino magazine: I was reading in the Globe and Mail or the National Post about how Domino magazine folded. I remember my sister buying an issue of it and gave it to me. I then looked it up and it was from 2005- 2009. It folded due to the recession.

Happy New Year!