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Friday, October 31, 2008

job search/ Halloween

Oct. 29 Job search: Great news guys. I finally got a callback from HMV since I applied there multiple times since I started looking for a job in 2003. I have an interview on Sunday. It's at Kingsway mall. I will tell them I would prefer to work at the one at City Centre. Now I can get my dream job, even though it may be temporary for the holidays.

Writing: I submitted my article to Metro and the editor emailed me back saying:

"I have received your submission and it does not fit the style of our newspaper and it is far too long. Next time you contact a newspaper or magazine please study the content and format of the publication you would like to work for. Find out how much freelance material they use and how much content is generated in-house. Look at the stories they are running. Then tailor your submission accordingly."

Okay, fine I need to work on it and tailor it to Metro. I read that paper everyday when work is kind of slow and there aren't any customers.

Job: Justin is my managers's son and I did work in the same building when I had my job at the bank. I asked him if he and the bank has moved to their new office yet.

J: Yes. It's so big because everybody is on the same floor. It's on the 3rd floor, right by the Evaline Charles Academy.

For some reason, I suddenly felt angry for a moment. I felt like egging their office and the excuse is that it's Halloween. The anger then passes. I didn't like the job and I'm not going to egg their office. I asked Justin due to curiousity. Maybe he would tell me that they won't be moving into their new office or something.

Oct. 30 Green: The sink at my work was leaking a lot of water. We did use it to wash the dishes, but there is still a lot of water that leaks during at night when we're closed. It finally got fixed last week. What I want to add is that I don't really like band- aids. You use it and discard it, but you have to because it is medical.

Progress: I worked on my news article for the Metro. The article was originally a speech for Writing for the Ear clas and it was 1193 words. That is way too long. I really studied how long the articles were and they are about 500 words. Right now I deleted some things and it's down to 775 words. I should have read it again before submitting it to the Metro. I mentioned the Edmonton Journal, too much about my personal experience, a little repetive at one point.

I have now submitted the article which is 644 words long. I also thanked the editor for reading it, and giving me helpful and constructive critcism.

Oct. 31 Celeb news: The top dead celebrities that are making money:

1. Elvis Presley since he died 30 yrs ago.
2. Charles M. Schultz who created Peanuts.
3. Heath Ledger.

Well there are always dead celebs making money like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe. As usual I have to go to Calender Club and look at the James Dean's calenders. I remember back in 2004, I was so obsessed with him. It started off with buying a poster of him with his quote: "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." Then on Boxing Day I bought 3 JD calenders because they were 50% off. I then took the calenders apart and put them all up in my room. There were like 34 pics of him. I had 2 of the same pics.

I had put a small pile of pics I had of him that I didn't put up. Then in 2005, I bought 2 JD calenders and put some new pics up and took down some old ones. Later I let Leslie, Dale, Jessi pick which ones they liked. Then I gave the rest to my friend Daniel from Arts Management. I also bought all three of his movies: East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, and Giant. The poster, 5 calenders, 3 dvds, this book full of photos, would be about $140.

I'm getting a flashback of 1998 when my friend Heather was celebrating her bday and I went to Walmart and bought her a Peanuts Calender. Her bday is Nov. 26. My shopping tip is to buy calenders on Boxing Day and later.

Halloween: I'm getting a flashback of the old TV show Eric's World. There was Halloween ep and Eric didn't know what to dress as a vampire, dentist, or a Mexican. He decides to put on all three with the fangs, the scrubs, and the sambraro. lol.

I passed out candy. We bought one box, then later we bought groceries and they gave us a box of candy for buying a certain amount of food. I passed out the Crispy Crunch candy because my family and I don't like to eat it. We got about a dozen trick- or- treaters. A few people trick- or- treated at work.

City Centre: Calender Club is where the store Bears and Wishes was. I'm guessing Bears is closed until Jan comes or whenever the renovations for the store is done. Where it's Art didn't close down. It moved to where $1 Store Plus ued to be.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ethics/ final report/ projects

Oct. 25 Ethics: At work, Cameron's friend Steven asked if I could buy a video game for him. It was Fable 2 and it's rated M for Mature. S gives me the money.

Me (to Cameron): And you can't share with him?
S: He's obssessed with it.
C: I'm not obsessed with it.
I buy the game for S and he thanks me.

As I buy it, the cashier warned me about the game. I then asked C about it.
Me: The cashier said that there was alcohol in it.
C: It's the characters putting a bottle to their mouths. They can work as bartenders.
Me: What about the sexual content?
C: I can explain it. The screen is black, but you can hear these sounds.
Me: How did you buy it?
C: My grandma bought it for me.

Well buying a Mature game for someone underage wasn't that unethical after all.

Oct. 26 Final Report: I got the National Geographic channel until Oct. 31. There is this TV show called Final Report about old events and it discusses the questions and answers to why things happened. They covered about this group of white cops who beat up a black man. There was footage and they showed it on the news multiple times. It turns out the footage was edited. Prior to the cops beating him up, the suspect did attack them and threw four officers.

The jury saw the entire footage and claimed the cops were not guilty. This sent the Los Angeles city in a rage. This occured in the early 90s. There was this huge mob, and the cops decided to protect the police station and wait until the army could come with weapons to patrol the city. The mob started ransacking and vandalizing places. They took it out on Koreatown because the Asians and the African- Americans don't get along.

The buildings that weren't vandalized has been spray- painted "Black owned." The Koreans did have guns on them and showed them so they won't get vandalized. However, there were so many fires that occured, that millions of dollars of buildings were destroyed and
30, 000 people lost their jobs because the places they worked at, no longer existed. The stupidity.

If you were to burn down buildings, burn down abandoned buildings where people don't work on live in. Or how about those adult stores. There are lots by the MacEwan Arts Campus. I'll admit I would love to see all those adult stores close down, but I'm not going to do anything about it.

Job search: Today I applied at the Eddie Bauer, Shoppers Drug Mart, and McDonalds in Kingsway with my resumes and job applications. There's a discount bookstore by where Adecco used to be. I went there to give them my resume, but the old guy there said that they aren't hiring. There are only 3 people who work there. I then went to the Wee Book Inn and tried to sell them an individual comic book. The sales guy said no.

I also saw a sign that said their old cat who lives there has passed away in Sept. I went to Sobeys and gave them my resume. The advertisement for McDonalds is that they take care of their employees. Well earlier this week I called the doctor so I could get an ointment. Last year I had this rash on my left ring finger. I then went to the doctor and got ointment to put on it. Now I have a rash on my right index finger and I used the ointment.

Now I ran out. I scheduled a dr. appointment and then I told Stella that I will have to leave work early. She then gives me Polysporin and a band aid. She gave me an old tube of it with some of it inside it. Now my finger is healed. The Soup place takes care of their employees.

Halloween: Last night I saw It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Garfield's Halloween. Today I saw The Curse of Degrassi. The latter did have potential. Rick who did a school shooting and shot Jimmy who is now paralyzed in a wheelchair. Three years after Rick died, he came and possessed the character Holly J. Some of the students are there to prep up for the Halloween dance and Holly J is terrorizing and hurting the students there.

If it was a movie, I could see it having the potential to be really good. This is a mediocore episode. It's a high school show trying to be a scary movie. It was kind of mixing genres in a way.

Oct. 27: I told Jennifer at work about that time my health teacher Miss Johnston told the class about a girl who's in a religion who isn't allowed to talk to boys. I asked her: "What do you think her race is?" Jen said "Hindu?" I asked Cameron the same question and he didn't have any idea whatsoever. It looks like I, my cousin Joyce, Jennifer, my friend Sonia, my brother Patrick, all thought she was East Indian. My friend Sherri said she must be black. My friends Angela and Sarah thought she could be white or East Indian.

Fun: I was on and was reading comments about Boy Meets World. Someone found the actor Rider Strong's myspace page:

He's kind of like me. He has a high school diploma, and now he's on his 3rd major. Well he went to college in LA to major in philosophy and minor in English from 1997- 2000. Then he went to Columbia University in NYC in 2000-2004. He graduated in the major of English. Now he's in college in Vermont studying fiction since 2007.

Dream: Last night I had a dream that made me want to do some things. John told me about a guy who was a jerk, I had told him this solution. I was thinking about it again, and then I dreamt about it. I then woke up and emailed him about my solution. I called John and he told me the problem has already been solved before he put my action into plan.

In the dream I was yelling and dissing the jerk and he argued back and started taking it. I realized in the dream, I was happy to be yelling at him and arguing him. It's like I want to be angry and start a fight. In the dream I was also at West Ed mall. I've been wanting to go there for awhile so I will pass out my resumes there in my passive job search.

Oct. 28 Projects: Today I submitted my charity article to I wrote that article for Writing for the Ear class, I put that on my blog, I submitted it to my MacEwan newspaper, and now I'm submitting it to a newspaper.

Job: You know what's interesting? I am going to be at the Soup place for 6 months in Nov. and I'm not bored by my job. I still like making sandwiches, and serving soup. I got bored of Roots after three months, but kept working there for another two months. I've been thinking about working at Ipsos. After 7 months at Ipsos, the company closed down and laid us off. I feel like by the end of Dec., after 7 months, the Soup place will close down or I'll lose my job.

It's irrational I know. I liked working at Ipsos, and I like working at the Soup place and I'm comparing the two experiences together.

I also want to add about Final Report. If there was a angry mob, I wouldn't want them to burn down staffing agencies. I have said before that staffing agencies are bad, but they do provide people with jobs.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Date 2 Oct. 20, 2006

This is the 2nd date I went with John.

Today I met John again at City hall. We were both there at 3:50 and were supposed to meet at 4pm. It was a really windy day and we waited inside city centre and I gave him the personality quiz "What looney toons character are you most like? And he got Tweety, like I did. Well Tweety is in the middle and when I took this in psych class, a lot of us got that. We both picked that the perfect date would be seeing a movie. He picked alternative as his favorite music while I chose pop. He picked comedy as his fav movie like I did. He picked teacher out of the jobs listed and I picked a police officer. If we had an hr to waste, we both watch tv. He picked sky blue as his fave color and I picked red. He was between pizza and pasta as his fave food, but he picked pasta and I was pizza. He picked Christmas as his fave holiday like I did. He was between Spain and Paris. He picked Paris. We both picked if you were to hang out with someone, we both hang out with someone who has fun all the time. We got
mainly half and half.

We talked about how our parents don't get Family Guy. Well my mom and my grandma didn't get the show. When we got to West Ed mall, I pointed out how someone spray painted "Shop for identity." Deep. John likes it. We went to Forever 21 and I introduced him to Chamnouer. They shake hands through this clothes rack. Then Cham dissed the store that it's not that great as John is saying how big it is. J also says the store was intense.

He was surprised there was a skating rink there. He thought his eyes were playing tricks on him. We went to the lockers and it said you'll have to pay $6 to rent a locker, and J was like no way.
J: I'll pay $450 for a leather jacket, but I won't pay $6 for this.

Since we were at the food court, we ate. I went to Taco Bell and he went to Dim Sum. I told him I eat Chinese food everyday, so I'm not going to eat it if I have the choice not to. We went to PJ's pet centre and I told him when I applied there, they pay $7 something an hr. They ask what your fears and allergies are. We looked at the puppies and cats.

We went upstairs and went into Lacoste. It must be new because I have never seen it before. He checked out another leather jacket. Then we went into Chinatown and walked through the frozen food. We go to the gift shop, but there's this bubble tea place and he has never had a bubble tea before. I told him there was this sort of bean they put in it. He bought one for me. This chocolate one I never had before, I had strawberry before. He picked the green jasmine tea.

When we walked out of there.
What was interesting was that since J never had this before, he was going to peel the plastic off the drink.
Me: No, you're supposed to poke your straw through the plastic.
J: Really?

J: This kind of tastes like jasmine tea, with some expired milk.
Me: So you're dissing it.
J (laughs): No. "So you're dissing it." I kind of like the aftertaste.

J: Oh my god, what did I just suck in?
Me: It's the bean. I told you about it.

Then we went to Galaxyland.
Before we entered.
J: I don't mean to disrespect you, but I can't drink this anymore.
I tried it and I didn't like it so I threw it out for him.

We rode on the Swing of the Century. Then we got really dizzy. I was sort of dizzy, but there was more of an effect on J.

We went to Sanrio. We went to Spencers because he was going to the Rocky horror picture show and he needed to dress us as a tranvestite. The girl at counter was scraping something off the counter.

J: I need something for the rocky horror picture show.
Girl: I've never seen it.
Me: Fishnet stockings?
Girl 2: We're sold out. Try San Francisco.
We go there and it's packed. Later John ends up not buying anything because the line was really long. I was getting pretty claustrophobic so I was waiting outside. We walked to HMV and looked at some Beatles cds and tv shows and movies on dvds.

J: You said you liked Dead Like Me.
Me: I never really watched that show.

Later we went to Zellers to get some lipstick for his costume. But it was $10 for it and he said he could borrow it from his girl friends.

J: I wouldn't spend that much money on lipstick. If I was a prostitute I would.
Me: Oh yeah that reminds me of the show Arrested Development.
J: Oh that was the show you were telling me about.
Me: Yeah there was this one scene on that show.

Lawyer: I didn't finish preparing for that case. I was on a date.
Cut to Lawyer driving up to a prostitute.
L: Hi, you're not one of those silly men who dress up as women right?
Prostitute: Oh no, I'm the real thing.
L drives off.

J: Oh, when you said "Oh that reminds me" it seems like you were going to say, "Oh that reminds me back when I was working on Jasper Ave."
Me: One time my teacher back at nait was telling us how to prepare for our resumes. "You have to solicitate yourself. And not what they do on Whyte ave. Or wherever they do it now." Then this student Drew says "West End." The teacher was like, "I'll remember to drive by there next time."

We went to Chapters and saw a book written by Brian from Family Guy.
He loved looking at the Waterpark. I found out there was Roots afterall. It was just being renovated. It looks a lot better now. I also bumped into Robyn who worked there as I was quitting and joined Ipsos. She remembers me. So she worked there for 14 months now.

We checked out Music World. Then we sat and rested. Then I mentioned Maury and asked if he watched Cheaters and he says no. He was fascinated by the crazy cases that come from this show.

His middle's name Cameron and his last name is Jones. I asked him why he doesn't go by his middle name. If he has nicknames. He says some call him JC or JJ. I tell him my nickname is Trace.

His sister's name is Courtney. I told him my little brother's name is Patrick and J says, "It makes me think of green."
Me: Well P's birthday in Mar. 16. The next day it's St. Patrick's day so just call him Patrick. How convenient.

J thinks that the my sister's name makes him hungry.
Me: It must be the mmmm sound.

We took the #1 bus home. I walked him to the LRT station and we talked as we waited. Quoted more from the Simpsons. He says he has a good short term memory and that is why he studies last minute.

Then his LRT came, and then he pulled me into a hug. I didn't really expect that. Like what huh? A hand shake? Well the last time, we just waved. So another good date it was.

Friday, October 24, 2008

movie/ defense/ funny

Oct. 19 Movie: Last night I saw Aeon Flux on TV. It stars Charlize Theron. I know my friend Leslie has this in her dvd collection. I liked it. Finally a movie that we both like, so we can prove that Facebook is not totally correct. I liked the setting, it looked so futuristic since it takes place in 2400.

The story is that in 2011, 99% of the human population was killed by this disease. Now the remaining population lives in this gated community. The action was good. This movie came out in 2005. In 2006, the movie Ultra Violet came out and that movie reminded me of Aeon Flux. Both set in the future with the lead girl being an action hero. This movie had a great story.

It was creative. I don't want to spoil the story for you, but Aeon is Monican, a rebel. She has to go against the government because they are taking people and making them disappear. There is a very good reason for that. I recommend you watch this movie for the revelation.

Job search: I went to Capilano mall today. I haven't been there in months. I gave my resume and job applications to the Winners and Safeway there. There is this store in Capilano that sells all these nice antiques. It's run by volunteers. Well it looks I won't be working there since I won't be getting paid. I applied to Shoppers Drug Mart and Second Cup in the Capilano neighborhood. I also applied to the Shoppers Drug Mart that is across the street from where Leger once was.

Oct. 20 Job: Lorraine told me this, and Maygen told her that Byron either quit or got fired a few weeks ago. I've heard a lot of people say some bad stuff about him when I asked about because I was supposed to work with him for two Sundays. Looks like we got rid of some dead weight because this guy wasn't a good worker.

I feel like I was dead weight when I was working at the bank. I've also been thinking about how my sister has worked at the same job for 7 years. My friend Lorraine has worked at Grand and Toy for the same amount of time too. I know Kim has worked there too for at least 2 years.

The first thing I did today was I called Stats Canada to cancel my attendence on the test. Is it ironic that in summer 2007 I wanted that job, and then I kicked myself for not getting the required mark, not studying because I didn't know what was on test, and that I got distracted because I was hungry? Now it's fall 2008, and I realized that my revised resume got me this job and not because of a staffing agency which is good.

I don't want this job because the shifts end at 10:30pm or 11pm and I don't want to take the bus at that late at night in downtown. I know I won't do well on the test. I'm not good at math. I know my abilities. It's like the saying in The Matrix: "Know Thy Self." I'm not going to waste my time doing test because I won't get the required mark.

Oct. 21 Defense: You know how I said that I have cut down on TV and I didn't watch any Making the Band 4 this season? Yeah well a couple of weeks ago I was reading on Wikipedia on what happened that season. In the season finale, Diddy fired Aubrey and D. Woods from the girl group Danity Kane. I then watched the live season finale on MTV and the group, Day 26 (the guy group) and Donnie Klang, and Diddy all discussed it. I then went on to read people's comments about it.

When I watched Diddy fire Aubrey, I was shocked. The feeling was like when I got laid off from Ipsos. I was surprised when I got fired from Espresso Cafe. It's a good thing I only worked there for 3 days and didn't get attached to it and I had the job at Wok Box and an interview at Winners. I was somewhat surprised when I got fired from Xcetera. Dani did tell me that I was one of the 3 girls who could possibly get fired.

Oct. 22 Blog: My sister said that people actually read her blog, like 43 people subscribe to it, and it's not only her friends who read it. No one subscribes to my blog. S says that my emails are like spam. I only send 2 emails a week, that is not spam.

Yesterday at work it was really busy, we sold out on a lot of food. I work 48 hrs a week, that's like 2 full days a week. I remember back at Leger I worked 24 hrs a week for the month of July. That was like nothing compared to the Soup place. However, I really disliked working at Leger. I was also thinking about Roots. I worked there 24 hrs a week, but if you add the hr to get there, and an hr to get back home, that is like 48 hrs a week. However, I don't get paid for riding the bus.

Oct. 23 Projects: My sister says I should be doing projects in my spare time and I am. I always write my scripts. Yesterday I sent my script to a producer. I am also looking for another job to work during the holidays.

Rant: It's been a long time since I have ranted. Maygen at work said this on Facebook, but I would like to say this too: "If you don't need to use the elevator, then don't. Take the escalator." If you have a cart, a wheelchair, a baby stroller, have a cane, or really old, then take the elevator. Or if there aren't any escalators and the floor you want to take is the 15th floor, then that's when you take the elevator. If it's one or two floors in a shopping mall, then don't take the elevator.

Here's another thing that annoys me: The commercials advertising birth control pills like they are cool to teenage girls. For example Yasmin, Alesse and Tricyclen. In school last year, I learned that in Canada, you can't advertise drugs on TV and that's why they don't mention what it is. In the US, you can advertise drugs on TV.

I know teenagers have sex, and safety first. However, birth control pills commercials annoy me. Another thing that annoys me is the Rogers cell phone plan. It's those 5 teenagers and one says: "Aww, you put the 4 of us in your 10." I find it annoying, because they obviously reused this commercial, they've used it before in "Aww, you put the 4 of us in your 5."

Oct. 24 Funny: I went on and someone said this about my dislike for birth control commercials:

"What angers me is that birth control, in American commercials, is marketed primarily as a way to control your periods, rather than your reproduction. Which is why I love this."

Another person: I love that video, even though the birth control commercials in it are very creepy. (By the way, I also love the Sarah Palin video on the same page.)

That video was so funny. You should all watch it.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Date (Oct. 20, 2006)

Here is an email of a date I went on back in Oct. 20, 2006. It was exactly 2 years ago to this day.

So a few weeks ago I was emailing this guy named John. I asked him if he wanted to see the Grudge 2 and he said yes. He's from Medicine Hat and he's new in town so I suggested we meet up at City Centre or West Ed and he doesn't know how to get there. So then I emailed him directions on how to get to City Hall and he told me they were the best directions he ever gotten.

On Sunday we were supposed to meet, but then he emailed me 3hrs prior to it and he said he couldn't make it because his unit got broken into and a bunch of his stuff was stolen. He then gave me his phone number and said, "If you're mad, you can call and yell at me." I emailed him saying that it's okay. Then I decided to call him and leave a message that I got his email. Or if he does pick up, I'm going to say: "Hi, may I speak to John? Hi, I'm Tracy."

Instead he picks up in the middle of the 3rd ring and the first thing he says is "Tracy is that you?" I'm like "Yes." Then he goes on and apologizes. So then we met today. I was at the Stanley A Miller library and I was walking towards City Hall. I was a block away from it. I see this figure in a black jacket walk towards the building and we were supposed to meet at the fountain. I didn't think it was him even though he said he would be wearing a black jacket.

So I stood by the fountain and I see this black figure come towards me and he is making a motion with his scarf. I was like, "John?" The guy calls, "No, it's Albert!"
Me: I'm sorry.
Guy: I'm kidding, it is John!

Then we went into City Centre and we used my coupons at Taco Bell. We sat down and talked about tv shows that I hate, but I didn't get an urge to watch it or get my blood pressure raised. lol.

Me: The first 2 seasons of dr phil were good. It's not until the 3rd one that I started to get angry. My friend Leslie said, "Do you know why you get so angry at this show? Because you take it too personal."
John laughed. Then he said he used to watch Maury for the paternity tests (my favorite). Now he doesn't have a tv to save money.

He also worked at a $1 store too called "A Buck or Two." I told him that there were a lot of shoplifters and I got paid $7.25. He said he got paid $7 and no one told him about the shoplifters. He said a lot of stuff went missing and there were no cameras.

Then we talked about school and he's in 3rd yr education at the U of A. Later as we were walking in the mall:

J: Are you afraid of flying?
Me: No.
J: What's your worst fear?
Me: I don't want to sound morbid, but getting murdered. Which do you prefer? Getting shot or stabbed?
J: Shot.
Me: Why?
J: Because it's faster.
Me: I would get shot too. Getting stabbed is more personal because someone has to stand close to you.
J: Oooh, personal.

Then he told me about a book that said, "The way you're afraid of dying will never happen, but the thing you least expect will happen." (Paraphrasing).

Then we talked about movies at HMV. He likes Mark Wahlberg's character in Four Brothers and I say I like Garrett Hedlund in it. We checked out the art in Home Outfitters and the stuff at the Bay. Then we sat down on a couch and talked. Then we went upstairs to the movie theater and as we were talking in our seats, he is like me with the quoting from tv shows like Simpsons, Futurama and Family Guy.

Me: I was on the internet and someone wrote about, "How come whenever there is a carchase scene in San Francisco, no matter what time of yr it is, there is always a Chinese New yr parade?" Immediately I thought of Futurama where they said, "What is this? The yr of the Jerk?"
John lol.
Me: One time my sister said to my brother, "If it wasn't for me, you'd still be wearing sweat pants." Then I'm like, "I used to wear sweatpants up until I was in gr. 9. I also wore suspenders too so people won't pull them down."
John: Where's that from?
Me: Street Cents.
J: My friends said that before, but I didn't know where it was from.

Me: One time my sister came home from work and she wasn't wearing a scarf. I'm like, "Where's your scarf?" She's like "Yeah well a scarf doesn't really go with this jacket." I'm like, "Yeah well a watch doesn't really go with this outfit."
J: That sounds familiar. But where is that from?
Me: Clueless.
J: Oh yeah.
Me: I didn't think you would have saw that because it's a girl movie.

At HMV, he had picked up The Simpsons dvd.

Me: I have a friend named Leslie Simpson.
J: I wish my name was Simpson.

He has also seen the show Dinosaurs. I told him that yesterday they played the Simpsons ep where they make fun of that show in the beginning. It was the ep where Sideshow Bob marries Aunt Selma.

J: What did the baby always say? Bam bam? (Flinstones).
Me: No, "Not the mama."
J: Oh yeah.

Then he really liked the Grudge 2 and wanted to see the first one. You know there's going to be 3rd one with this open ending.

Me: Have you seen Saw?
J: Yeah. It was really gruesome.
Me: Did you see the 2nd one?
J: No.
Me: There's 1 every yr.

More facts about him: He's the oldest and has a little sister who's 2 yrs younger than him. His minor is physics. He has a tattoo on his back which says, "Learn Always" in Chinese. But then some Oriental guy told him it said, "Beautiful." Well I remember talking to this guy who had tattoos of Chinese characters on his arm and one character says 1 thing and then you put it next to another word and it says another. I told him that.

I told him I like Buffy, Angel and Dark Angel. He watched Dark Angel too and agreed that season 2 was bad. He likes Jessica Alba. Later I told him I liked James Dean.

It was so weird, at HMV we saw the JD dvds.

J: I've seen Rebel without a Cause twice.
Me: Do you remember that one scene where it sounded like that guy was hitting on JD?
J: Oh yeah.
Me (quoting from the movie): Hey, do you want to come home with me? Heck I'm not tired are you? No. Then just come over to my place.
J: First time I saw it, I didn't see that. But then the 2nd time I saw it with my friend, I totally saw that.
That's exactly what happened to me. I have to watch it the 2nd time to catch that.

He ended up buying a Beatles cd on sale. He admits that he likes Paris Hilton's "Stars are Blind." I like her dance tracks like "Turn You On."

What was funny was this. He got out of the theatre to use the washroom while I sat in the seat. Then this group of 7 kids from McNally (I saw a girl wear a hoodie with a tiger paw on it) sat 2 rows in front of me. Then J comes back.

J: I forgot where I sat. When I saw that huge group of people, I thought, "Wow, she (me) has gotten popular." Then I looked at the back of the heads, and I couldn't see which on was yours. I'm so stupid.

He called me "prolifiric" or "prolific" at the theatre after I quoted from those tv shows.

Me: That word means I have a good memory?
It does take a good memory to remember all this.
J: No, you look it up. No, I'll tell you what it means. It means you're amazing.

Then I checked it out on and "prolifiric" doesn't exist. "Prolific" is:
producing offspring, young, fruit, etc., abundantly; highly fruitful: a prolific pear tree.
producing in large quantities or with great frequency; highly productive: a prolific writer.
profusely productive or fruitful (often fol. by in or of): a bequest prolific of litigations.
characterized by abundant production: a prolific year for tomatoes.
adj 1: intellectually productive; "a prolific writer"; "a fecund imagination" [syn: fecund, fertile] 2: bearing in abundance especially offspring; "flying foxes are extremely prolific"; "a prolific pear tree" [syn: fertile]

I think he meant the latter.

Well that's my great night and obligatory 2nd email of the week. Also Grudge 2 was a great movie and you should all watch it.

Friday, October 17, 2008

charity/ job/ wild

Oct. 15 Charity: This woman Lisa quit her job today. She was currently living in a women's shelter. I told her to move back in with her parents, but she said she didn't get along with them. I don't think she took my advice, but she is going to move back in with her parents. She couldn't stand living in the shelter and she wants to be healthy again and that's why she's going back home, and not because she listened to me. I wished her luck.

What a coincidence, I went back home and I got a letter from the charity Hope Mission. They help homeless people. Right now they are trying to raise money for a Christmas dinner. I have donated to them a few times like that Easter dinner. They give you this piece of paper like a table placing mat, and you write your first name on it. You can donate $2.58 and it will provide a holiday meal.

Here's what they do: give food, clothes, shelter to the homeless and hungry. If you want more information or to donate go to:

Job: My job is like the TV show The OC. It has a long roster of tertiary characters that come in, and quit. Kirsten and Angel worked here for one day, and quit and I never met them. I met Rashed and Jenna who worked here for a day, and quit. Vivian was my replacement and quit after a week. Dana quit after 2 months. Lisa quit. Ray quit after working here for months. I have worked her for 5 months and 8 people quit.

It's kind of like Roots. I worked there for 5 months and the people quit are: Jordan, Meghan, Jolynn, Paras, Harmonie, and this other girl I can't remember her name, and this woman who quit to take care of her kids. Though I remember the time I was talking to Harmonie. Here is the conversation back in 2005:

Me: What's your sister's name?
Harmonie: Melodie. I know, it's too perfect. We spell the end of our names with ie.

My old manager Dani from Xcetera emailed me back on Facebook. I told her that I applied to Xcetera and Ardene's at Kingsway, but she said that she's on stress leave and can't hire me back. Maybe the person who's doing her job will hire me back. Anyway, the thing is I'm looking for a job to meet new people and get new experience. However, I am meeting new people with all these new workers coming and going.

When Lisa said that she was leaving, I thought I had jinxed it. I had written in an earlier email that: "I don't want to jinx it, but I see Lisa, Beatrice, and Jennifer lasting here a long time." L's been here for 2 weeks, but she was a big help to us.

Oct. 16 Resume: Here's some proof that the revised resume is good; I got a call from Statistics Canada today. I emailed them my resume awhile ago. I am to go to this building to do the test. I'm getting a flashback of summer 2007. I got to the building and I did the test which consisted of Math 30 type questions. There were calculators provided, but at least they weren't graphing calculators.

I went there and didn't study because I didn't know what was on the test. During the test I got hungry. I didn't get the required mark of 20/30 questions. I thought I was hired at Malatest when I wasn't. I'm going to give this test a good shot. The first time I managed to get that appointment to do the test was not because of my old resume that I emailed them. It was through the staffing agency Spherion that set up that appointment.

Well now I'm kind of getting a bad feeling. They said that I need to be able to work on Sunday from 3pm-10:30pm. They need me to work in the evenings from 3:30pm-11pm. I did voice my concerns that I don't want to take the bus that late at night and the woman said that if I can't work during that time, than I can't get the job. I said I'll give it a shot.

Here's another bad flashback, I said in the Forever 21 interview that I was willing to work late. Well I had to close and the store closed at 9pm. It took until 11pm to clean everything, by the time I got home it was midnight. When I was working at Roots at West Ed, it took us 45 min. to clean and I was able to catch the bus at 10pm and get home at 11pm.

I'm supposed to do the test on Oct.21. I will have to leave work 2hrs early so that's about $20 I won't be making if I go and do this test. $20 is what I have to lose. If I do get hired I will get paid $13/hr. If any of you guys are interested, apply to Statistics Canada. Maybe I should cancel this test because I know I won't do well on it, and if I did do well and get the job, I don't really want to stay out that late to work for them.

Oct. 17: This test contains Math 20 questions. The lesson is that what you learn in school, you do use in real life. What am I supposed to do? Cheat? The people who were there when I first took the test in 2007, I didn't know anyone. Am I supposed to look at someone and figure out if they are smart or not and cheat off them?

I may look smart because I'm Asian and wear glasses. I also did have the behaviour of a smart student because I was quiet in class. However, my grades weren't great. I never got honours. I got merit once in gr.10 when I was in all the low classes. I got merit once in gr. 12 when I only had 4 classes.

Anyway, the situation could be I cheat, and then I get the job and then quit pretty soon afterwards because I don't like staying out really late to go to work. Or it could be a really bad job and I don't like working there. The second situation is that I don't cheat, and don't get the required mark and don't get the job. I might as well not go there altogether. I did get proof that the revised resume really is good if it got the attention of Statistics Canada.
I emailed Stats with my old resume back in 2007, and didn't even get a call from them.

Wild: Here's a wild idea: I'll apply to cell phone places though I don't have a cell phone. Maybe I could get a free one, or at least a cheap one. Irony. Anyway, it will be something different that I'm doing. I'm not applying to the same places all the time because I have never applied to those cell phone places before.

City Centre: Where It's Art closed down, but this Heroes clothing store replaced it. There is a Custom Framings store that opens where the $1 Store Plus used to be at. It's like Where It's Art. I was at Kingsway and I see that the store Rafters is like Art.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

news/ job search/ music

Oct. 11 News: I was reading the Globe and Mail today and back in 1991, 1 in 5 people ages 20-24, didn't have a high school diploma. Now it's 1 in 10. That's great news, we are getting smarter, or at least valuing education more.

Job search: I went to the Second Cup in City Centre and Stanley A. Milner library. I asked for a job application and they said they only deal with resumes. In the job- hopper summer 2007, I went to the Second Cup in Capilano, and I filled out an application. I could go there and see if only that location only has a job application.

As usual my life revolves around TV, and I realized that Jack from the cartoon Odd Job Jack works for a staffing agency. I always say: "Staffing agencies are bad." However, this is a fictional show and he is supposed to do all these different jobs every week to make episodes.

While I'm at it, in the summer when my parents told me to look for a job at a bank, I asked if I can work at Money Mart. My dad said that's not a real bank. Earlier this week, Patrick and I were watching the new TV show called Easy Money. A family works at a place like Money Mart and they make a lot of money. The interest and fees on the loans are like 75% of the actual loan. Stay away from places like Money Mart.

Looks like I dodged another bullet by not applying there. That job seems so unethical. I would feel guilty working there like if I was working at a staffing agency. Sheesh, even watching the show makes me feel kind of guilty. I'm sensitive and I'm taking it to personal. I must remind myself I am not the characters and I don't work there. lol.

Oct. 12 Blog: I was reading The Journal and there was something about a blog- turn- to- novel. I must keep this blog going.

Writing: I was writing about The Fighter, and then I decided to use some stuff from the script about Corrine working for an unethical company. I kept the Corrine script intact. In Fighter, it does discuss about how the lead character deals with the lack of ethics in his job. I still don't know what Corrine's company does. It's not a staffing agency, Money Mart, or a tobacco company. There are always stories about businesses embezzling money, but I am hitting writer's block.

Today I applied to several stores at Kingsway. I applied to Le Chateau, Le Chateau Men, the Gap, and American Eagle Outfitters and written the job applications. I even applied to McDonald's at City Centre. I was waiting in line and I had this uneasy feeling. Maybe because it's the first time I have ever applied there before. I applied to many stores multiple times at City Centre and this would be my 3rd time I'm doing a job search at Kingsway.

I filled out an application there. I read this sign outside McDonald's in Capilano that the starting wage is $11/hr. Though I have heard that it's not a really good place to work at. I was working at Treats, and my manager Aziz used to work at Wendy's as the manager. This teenage guy gets paid there $7.50/hr. He gets hired at McDonald's and the starting wage was $9.50/hr. I'm guessing this occured back in 2005 or 2006 since I worked at Treats in 2007.

The guy quits, and then comes crawling back to Aziz because McDonald's makes you work really hard. A says he's more relaxed with his job. A didn't hire him back. Well I'm sure that guy can get another job.

Good news: I emailed my friend Michelle if she got a job at a bank. She was the one who asked for advice because she was looking for a job at one. I gave her my advice, which I did email to all of you. She got a job at a bank 3 weeks ago, and starts training next week. Crantastic. I'm sure she had a good resume, and did well on the job interview, but I feel like I did help her.

Oct. 13 Fun: Today is Thanksgiving and I worked from 12pm-5pm. Well at least I only worked 5hrs instead of 8hrs because it's a holiday. The highlight of the day was that I bumped into my old classmate Melina. She was out with her husband Jonathan and their 2 kids, Errol (3) and Lauren (2). Errol was pretty cute. He lifts up his 3 fingers to show hold old he was. I also met Jonathan's mom.

Here's another thing: I always say I'm trying to cut down on TV. Well here's some proof. I didn't watch any Making the Band 4 season 3 at all. I've seen the entire first season of 8 episodes. When I was in school earlier this year, I did watch 3 episodes, but it was a marathon. The TV was on in the background, and I was on the computer so I wasn't really watching it. I did watch a few more episodes on Saturday nights, but that was after I did my work.

At dinner, my dad told me that some store from Kingsway mall called me. They didn't leave a message. I'm still viable. Yesterday when I applied to Coles at Kingsway, the saleswoman gave me this website address for me to go to. She says I have to take this test before I am can get an interview. The saleswoman at Coles in City Centre didn't give me one of these. Here's the site address:

I've always wanted to work at a bookstore, maybe my dream will finally come true. I remember back in 2006 I applied to Chapters at West Ed and did a job interview there, but didn't get hired. They were paying $7.80/hr and I was willing to work there instead of Grand and Toy at City Centre for $7.90/hr. Alas, I worked at G&T.

City Centre: Lots of things are changing at City Centre. Sbarro opened where Pasta Deli once was. The new store Possi opened where Uniquewear once was. Where it's Art store is closing down. Their store sign is already removed. There is a new Koodo kiosk upstairs.

Kingsway: There is also a new Koodo kiosk there. The guest services is moved right by the foodcourt. I applied to Xcetera and Ardene's there. I emailed my old manager Dani that I applied there yesterday. Maybe she will hire me back.

Resume: I'm thinking about the revised resume that Angela made for me. I managed to get one good job with it, the bank. I know I got attention from Starbucks because of my job application. I passed out 17 of that revised resume to 17 stores at Kingsway. That resume helped me get attention to getting hired at one Kingsway store.

My sister had helped me with my resume when I first started trying to find work at 18 yrs old. I got 13 jobs in 5 yrs with that resume and after each job, I added it onto my resume. I didn't put the 5 jobs from summer 2007. The question is: How many jobs can I get with Angela's revised resume?

Oct. 14 Music: I love this new song and video by New Kids on the Block featuring Ne- Yo. It's called "Single." Joey McIntyre looks good in this video. I will say that Jordan Knight was my favorite and I actually bought his old solo cd off the internet four years ago. I love his song "Give it to you." The dancing was really good in that video. I was impressed that a 30yr old guy could dance this good.

I was really impressed with the dancing and am still now. I even remember watching the MTV music video awards back in 1999 and this was nominated as a good dance video. It didn't win, and it went to Ricky Martin's "Livin La Vida Loca." RM's dancing was fine, but he wasn't doing the complicated dance moves like the dancers were. JK was doing the complicated moves with his dancers.

New Kids on the Block "Single":

Jordan Knight "Give it to you":

I also voted today.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I found this old article that I saved on my draft account and I want to share this with you.

Five Principles for Happiness in 2007 by David Bach Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The arrival of the new year marks a symbolic time for fresh starts. Many of us take it as an opportunity to set goals, contemplate decisions, and renew commitments. It's special because of the revitalized sense of hope it brings.
Before you make your New Year's resolutions for 2007, I'd like to share some thoughts about how it's never too late to start living a rich life.

The Live Rich Factor
Most people believe that if they just had more money, the things that make them unhappy would disappear and their lives would be better. The truth is that your life can be better without more money. It can be better today, but you need to make some decisions and take some actions.
You don't need me to tell you what will make you happy -- only you know that truth.
I believe each of us has the power to discover our purpose and become joyful in the process of journeying toward that purpose. It's not easy, however. Nothing important and meaningful ever is.

What you need to do is create what I call the "Live Rich Factor" in your life. I call it this because those who find the purpose that leads them to joy are truly the luckiest people in the world, because they're living richly.
There are five basic principles involved in creating your Live Rich Factor:

Principle 1: Give Yourself a Break
We all tell ourselves the story of the one that got away. You can't move forward if you spend time focusing on what you shoulda-woulda-coulda done in 2006 or before. It's over, and its time to move on. The fastest way I know to do this is to write all of your regrets down on paper.
Make a list of all your personal and financial if-onlys. For example, "If only I had saved more money. If only I hadn't quit that job. If only I hadn't taken the job I have." You get the idea.

After reading the list aloud to yourself, get rid of it. Let it all go by literally burning the list (safely). Now you're ready for a fresh start in 2007 -- a new beginning.

Principle 2: Get Connected with Your Truth
The hardest thing to do is be honest with yourself. Asking yourself some key questions will lead you to some amazing discoveries, and possibly motivate you to do what it takes to create the life you envision for yourself.
I suggest writing your (honest) answers to the following questions in a new journal for the new year:
What makes you happy at work?

What makes you happy at home?

What makes you happy with your friends and family?

What makes you happy when you're by yourself?

What do you love to do?
What would you do with your life today if you weren't afraid of failure?
What are you currently doing that prevents you from experiencing joy?
What's working in your life?
Who's not working in your life?
Who in your life is subtracting value from and adding misery to it?
Can you fix any of these relationships, or should you let them go from your life?
What relationships are working in your life?
If we were getting together one year from today, what would have to happen for you to be able to tell me that you now have more joy in your life?
What's the single most important thing you've learned about yourself as a result of answering these questions?
You'll find that by putting your answers down on paper, they'll become clear more quickly and the actions you need to take more obvious and easier to initiate.
Principle 3: Stop Judging Yourself
Be nicer to yourself in 2007. Many people talk to themselves in a way they would never accept from a stranger, friend, or loved one. If this describes you, try stopping the negative conversations you have with yourself immediately.
For one week, simply commit to saying "stop it" when you think a negative thought about yourself. If you're in the habit of saying negative things to yourself, you'll find this is one of the most difficult exercises you'll ever do. Carry a notepad with you and make a mark each time you catch yourself thinking negatively. You'll find that as the days go by, your negative thinking can quickly be reduced.
Principle 4: Stop Judging Others
It's hard to be joyful when you're always judging others. In fact, it's close to impossible. Judging others creates a huge amount of stress in our lives. It affects our marriages and our relationships with our kids as well as the way we relate to friends, co-workers, and society in general.
We're not here to judge one another.
The next time you find yourself upset at someone or some situation, catch yourself and ask, "Are you judging?" Judging others is often an unconscious habit. But it's a habit that can be changed the moment you decide to stop doing it.
Principle 5 : Pursue Fun with a Vengeance
It's OK to pursue fun. It's what children do. My greatest joy these days is the simple pleasure of playing with my three-year-old son, Jack.
This holiday season with Jack taught me the simple power of pursuing fun -- again and again. What was fun for Jack this Christmas? It turns out it wasn't the Big Wheel that my wife, Michelle, and I stayed up so late building on Christmas Eve. And it wasn't the Star Wars Lego toy (although he was pretty excited about that).
Instead, what Jack found the most fun was a new game I made up to keep him entertained. The game was called Geronimo -- and it involved Jack jumping from the bed onto a stack of pillows yelling "Geronimo!" This silly little game ended up bringing us both hours of fun. The price of the game: nothing. The fun: priceless. And the laughs? Endless.
Why do we stop pursing fun as we get older? Fun shouldn't be squeezed into a few weeks of vacation each year. And it shouldn't be squeezed into the last chapter of your life when you "get to" retire. Fun deserves to be a part of your life now -- in 2007.
But fun doesn't just happen. You have to make it a priority in your life or it'll go missing. Life's too short to not have it.
So here's to a fun, happy, and healthy New Year. Cheers!

Friday, October 10, 2008

timing/ how to save money

Oct. 10 Timing: I was thinking about the job at the bank again. What if I got hired when they were in the new building and the other tellers were right by me so I could ask them questions? Would I work there longer or quit? We will never know. However, since I have my revised resume, I will email it to Stat Canada at

I emailed my resume in 2007 and no one called. Only when I went to Spherion, that staffing agency helped me get my foot in the door by setting me up to do the test. However, I didn't get 20/30 questions right. Good news though, I went by Adecco that staffing agency in downtown, and it closed down. In your face. However, there are still probably Adeccos in other parts of the town and country.

I told my friend Jennifer that staffing agencies are bad because they make money off of you like $2.50 for every hour that you work. She then tells her friend who works for a staffing agency about that.

Here is an old article that I found on Yahoo and I saved into my draft account. I find this important to share with you.

How to save money: 6 (worthless) excuses for not saving money Monday October 9, 6:00 am ET Tamara Holmes
Everyone knows the key to building wealth is through saving and investing. Yet last year, the U.S. Commerce Department's Bureau of Economic Analysis revealed that Americans had a negative savings rate for the first time since the Great Depression.
So why aren't people saving for their futures? While a number of excuses may be given, few are legitimate.
"Unless you're working in a sweatshop and you're getting paid 12 cents an hour, you can save," says Rob Bennett, who writes the Financial Freedom Blog at
Saving money Before you can stop making excuses, you've got to understand just why your argument is not valid.
6 worthless excuses:
1. I don't make enough money. 2. I'll get around to it later. 3. I deserve a little luxury in my life. 4. Someone else will take care of it. 5. I'm saving through my 401(k). 6. This item or service will pay for itself.
Excuse No. 1: I don't make enough money."We think we don't have enough money because we're always the last ones in line," says Julie Stav, author of "The Money In You!: Discover Your Financial Personality and Live the Millionaire's Life." What's the first thing you pay when you get your paycheck? If the answer is your mortgage, your car note or your credit card bills, you're probably buying into this excuse.
One reason many people don't think they have enough to save is because they don't know where their money is going or how much money they're spending on items they don't need. "People say, 'Money just goes through my fingers,' or, 'I don't know what happened to it,'" says Stav. If that's the case, "pay attention and bring it from the unconscious to the conscious." Once you find out what you're spending money on that you don't need, you'll realize it's all money you can be saving.
In order to make sure you save that amount, have it automatically taken out of your account before you pay anything else for the month. "The first check you write every month should be to you," says Stav. "That should go to your savings. Start with 5 percent; hopefully you can get to 10 percent. When you get a raise, put half of your raise in savings."
Excuse No. 2: I'll get around to it later."The answer to that excuse is: Someday never comes," says Bennett. "You get older and the more bad habits you have, the harder it is to break them."
People who put off saving and investing also don't get the benefit of time, which is one of the greatest factors in successful wealth accumulation.
"It's little by little that you're able to accumulate vast amounts of money," says Jeff Harris, founder of The Family Legacy Forum, an organization based in Lake Wylie, S.C., that helps families preserve wealth. "For example, take someone who is 25 years old who just sets aside a dollar a day in their retirement account. If they earn 8 or 9 percent interest on their money by the time they're ready to retire they would have close to $1 million."
Excuse No. 3: I deserve a little luxury in my life.The purpose of having a healthy savings plan is not to deny yourself the pleasure of buying things you like today. Not only should you be saving for retirement and emergencies, but you should also reward yourself by saving for things you'll want to splurge on sometimes. If this is your favorite excuse, Stav suggests creating separate accounts for various savings goals, including occasional indulgences.
"If I know that this account is my (spending account), that's the first one I'm going to put my hands on," she says. "If I know my other account is my vacation money, I'm not going to touch it until I take that vacation."
Another way to combat this excuse is to think of saving as a luxury since your savings buy you the freedom from being constrained by money worries, says Bennett.
"The way I think about saving is I call it spending money at the freedom store," says Bennett. "Just like you buy a product or buy a service, you buy freedom. And every time you put money into savings, you are a little more free than you were before."
Excuse No. 4: Someone else will take care of it.While this is more likely to be the excuse of a spouse waiting for the other to bring home the bacon, anyone can fall into the trap of putting the savings responsibility onto someone else.
Counting on an inheritance to kick in or even entertaining serious hopes of enjoying the fruits of gambling or lottery winnings are forms of this excuse.
Ultimately, you are responsible for your own financial future. Even if someone else does bear most of the financial responsibility in your household, "you'd better have a say-so on how it's being run, because nine out of 10 of us are going to have to take care of our own money at some point," says Stav.
Excuse No. 5: I'm saving through my 401(k).Yes it's crucial to save as much as possible for retirement, but if you don't have additional savings for emergencies and life's occasional luxuries you're going to end up having to dig yourself out of debt.
"The reason people get themselves in trouble financially is because they don't have anything in savings," says Stav. "They think that because they own a home and they're building equity or they have money in their 401(k) that's enough. If there's an emergency or the car breaks down, then they start borrowing money."
A savings plan should have a multilayered approach: Savings should be allotted for retirement, emergencies and the evolving needs of life.
Excuse No. 6: This item or service will pay for itself.One of the main reasons people give for blowing their savings is because they're buying intangibles that are worth more than money over time. While there are some items that fall into this category such as an education, it's easy to rationalize that something is worth more than it is.
"People say 'I should buy a vacation because I will learn about the world,'" says Bennett. That may be true, but "you have to compare financial freedom to the benefit of the trip around the world."
A better idea would be to save for that vacation. It may take longer before you can go, but you won't be compromising your financial future in the process.
Once you stop making excuses, you'll see your money add up. At that point, something interesting will happen, says Bennett.
"After you've gotten serious about saving for six months, what you'll find is you actually like it. Spending is addictive, but saving gets addictive, too

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

job/ writing/ review

Oct. 4 Job: Today I went to work and on my break I gave my resume to the 2 Shoppers Drug Mart at the mall. I gave it to the downstairs one, and the manager said he already did "a big hire." That's exactly what Trend Research said. SDM manager said that he hired 6 people for the Christmas season and it's only October. He'll keep my application.

When things get discouraging, I come home and it turns out Starbucks called me and I passed my application to them last week. There is a huge sign that says they are hiring, flexible shifts, and benefits. I would like to see what they mean by benefits. I want to try out this job. Last summer I applied and they never hired me or even called me.

Writing: I was watching Gossip Girl, and the character Dan says: "I'm following the advice of write what you know." I have the book called The Writer's Block by Jason Rekulak to help defeat writer's block. Don't write about what you know. Learn something new, and then write about it. Dan's mentor then tells him that and to experience something new and write about it. The author Anthony Horowitz who write the young adult book series about Alex Rider, he says to: "Try something new, do something and then write about it. If you sit at home in the dark, then you are only going to write about sitting at home in the dark."

I write about stuff that I haven't personally gone through. I have never been in fights at a bar, underground parking lot, party, dance club, etc. I would certainly like to watch it on TV. I like to watch action and fight scenes. I remember as a kid when I was 14yrs old, I write about stuff that would be cool like being in a rock band. In fact the TV show about the rock band Obliteration, that was the spinoff from the TV show Outlier. It's one of the characters who was in a rock band in high school, then they got famous and this is what happens.

It wasn't very good if there are only 3 script ideas, and none of them were completed. The other writing tip is to have multiple projects going on. If you hit writer's block on one story, skip it and go to the next. When you hit writer's block again, go to another story. That's probably the other reason why Obliteration never really got written besides it not being good. I also lost interest.

Job search: The last job search I applied to at least 110 places of banks, call centres, stores, and staffing agencies. This time I'm cutting out those staffing agencies from my search.

Oct. 5 Review: Good news. Last month when I went to my friend Heather's going- away party, the TV show A Haunting was no longer on Access. I was mad. Then last week Patrick was watching Discovery and I saw that A Haunting was on at 9pm on Sat. I was so happy. Last night I watched it. I did guide on my TV and at noon Discovery shows one ep, and at 9pm they show another. I read the descriptions, and it looked like 2 different eps. However, when it was 9pm, it was the same ep as the one at noon.

Once again, it's about a family who moves into a haunted house, and then they later call ghost hunters to investigate. This time it's a little different because the ghost hunters are all Wiccans, or witches. They help the ghosts cross to other plane. When the family moved in, they did all the renovations which supposedly woke up all the spirits. There were all these pictures and articles that were found stuck on a ceiling. What was different about this ep was that the family didn't move out.

I did catch this one actress who played one of the Wiccans, she was on this show before in an ep where she played a friend of a guy who moved into a haunted house. I'll add that to the time I saw them use the same basement setting in 2 different episodes. Proof that the show is low budget, but I still like watching it.

Blog: Today I was inspired by watching Desperate Housewives. Lynette finds out that her son likes poetry and puts it on his social networking site. I was like: "Hey, I could put up poetry on my blog to get more people to read it!" So I did.

Oct. 6: I didn't want to jinx it, but I think the new workers Lisa, Jennifer, and Beatrice will be here for a long time. There is proof today. L told me that she had worked at Treats in Commerce place, and the boss was a total jerk.

Me: I'll go get a job at that Treats, and then I will bring the place down by putting salt instead of sugar in the food.
L: Ew. There was this other Treats that offered me a job, but I'm going to stay here.

Oct. 7 Good news: Well another producer read my script, and she rejected it. However, she gave me some really helpful tips. She told me most scripts are 90 pages long, and this was 24 pages so it was more of an outline. She gave me good tips on the entire script. I did like what she said about this one:

"Shawn is, for the most part, very broad. Perhaps the best scene in the script is the one in which Shawn and Mia trade pick up lines. The scene isn’t about the actual words but about the action between the two of them. They’re flirting. It reveals character. It moves the story forward by building the relationship between the two in a unique and interesting manner."

The thing is, I'm afraid if I touch the script and rewrite it, then I will eventually end up deleting the entire thing. That happens all the time in the past years I have been writing scripts. I rewrite, and progressively end up deleting the whole thing. Fine, I will keep the original 24 page script on that one disk and won't touch it.

I will then rewrite it on another disk. If it ends up getting deleted, at least I will still have the other copy of it.

I have a lot to work on. Last night I did do some writing.

Oct. 8: I told my co-workers Jennifer and Cameron about the TV show Dateline: To Catch a Predator. They haven't heard about it before. Jen did say that she doesn't talk to people on the internet that she doesn't know, so that's a good safety precaution.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"A True Story" by Tracy Au

A True Story

By Tracy Au

I gasped. I can’t believe he emailed me back- and on the same night that I emailed him! I sent it doubting he would reply back very soon, if at all.

On Nov.13, 2005, I emailed the actor/ former Tommy Hilfiger model Matthew Gray Gubler. I’ve watched a few episodes of the TV show Criminal Minds (CBS), which is about a team of FBI agents who track down serial killers. Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid who is an FBI profiler. His character is an extremely intelligent prodigy who entered high school at twelve years old and obtained three degrees in his twenties. Prior to Gubler becoming an actor/ model, he attended NYU to learn filmmaking and he completed a film called, “The Cactus That Looked Just Like a Man.” It’s a short horror movie which he written, directed, produced, edited and photographed. On the Internet Movie Database, the movie is described as, “A socially retarded city slicker crosses paths with a psychopathic pig farmer (Screen 1),” as a testament to Gubler’s creativity and wild imagination in filmmaking.

I discovered his website called simply, which consisted of a single page filled with scanned unlined notebook pages of his handwriting about his work Criminal Minds and colorful sketches of himself, his co-stars and of his “Cactus” film. He lists things that he enjoys such as, “movies, ghost stories, magic tricks, cashews, Disneyland, Nevada (and) taking baths.” He once presented a trick on an episode. He
had written on his site that he would be selling his “Cactus” DVD for $5 to anyone who would want it, and was met with overwhelming response, having over 950 people email with requests for the movie. He informed his fans that he would give a free DVD to the first 150 people who asked for it.

He provided his email address on the site and I decided to contact him. My message is this:“Hi, Matthew. My name is Tracy and I love your show Criminal Minds. You play my favorite character and you’re my favorite actor on the show. I didn't know you were a model until I looked you up on the internet. Since your character Reid is a nerd, you being a model in real life is like the opposite of your character.I just checked out your website and you have some pretty crazy drawings. That is so nice and generous of you to give away 150 DVDs of your movie to your fans. You should start an online petition so people could sign it so that your ‘Cactus’ movie will be released in stores. You're doing a great job on Criminal Minds. Keep it up!Tracy”

Here is his message:“hathats a great idea tracythanks for the very nice emailit made my nighthope all is well with youlovematthew” (Gubler)That email made my day and the rest of my life. The saying is true, “The best things in life are free.” Bibliography“To cite email, give the name of the writer; the title of the message (if any), taken from the subject line and enclosed in quotation marks; a description of the message that includes the recipient (ex. Email to the author) and the date of the message.”Ex. Boyle, Anthony T. “Re: Utopia.” Email to Daniel J. Cahilla. 21 June 1997.Harner, James L. Email to the author. 20 Aug. 2002.Email: Gubler, Matthew G. “Re: Criminal Minds.” Email to Tracy Au, 13 Nov. 2005.
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"TJ's Story" by Tracy Au

TJ’s Story

By Tracy Au

It was the best and worst day of my life. My friend Eric and my older brother Garret and I chatted as we waited for the bus to go to school. Eric and I were both in grade ten. Garret was in grade twelve and I hate to admit it, but sometimes I got jealous of him. He was the captain of the football team and an honors student. As for me, I’m not in any sports or clubs- except the talent show. The bus rolled towards us and halted to a stop. We climbed on. My classmate Ashley was sitting by the doors of the bus and had a purple sucker in her mouth. She looked up at me and giggled as she said in her high pitched voice, “Somebody likes you!” I nodded at her without saying a word. Ashley was infamous for her gossiping.

Apparently Eric thought that I was gullible and believed Ashley because he said, “No TJ, don’t believe her.” I nodded to Eric and struggled to not act annoyed when I sat beside him. I looked at Garret as he burst out laughing when he said to Ashley, “Yeah right! A girl who likes TJ? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard!” I had read Garret’s mind. “No girl would like TJ. He’s not smart, athletic or popular. He can’t possibly get a girlfriend.” I started off to my locker. My classmate Rain came up to me.

“Hey TJ. In case you were wondering about what Ashley said, I like you.” I halted in my tracks and turned to her. A girl who actually likes me? Rain likes me? Me? TJ? Rain continued. “Well before you got on the bus, Ashley was talking about your comedy routine in the talent show. She didn’t think it was funny when you said, ‘So the other day
I bought a box of condoms.... because my last one was expired.’ I say to her, ‘Yeah well can you burn yourself in front of 700 people?’ She was like, ‘No. You like him?’ I told her, ‘Yeah, I like TJ.’”

Suddenly, Garret insulting me on a crowded public bus evaporated from my mind. My mind- and heart raced as I reply, “Uh…thanks for liking me.” “You’re welcome,” replied Rain. I asked, “Hey, do you want to do something after school?” It was that day that Rain and I started dating. She always laughed at my jokes and encouraged me to do stand- up at clubs. One night while I was performing, an agent approached me and I got signed with him- I was only nineteen. Since then, I have become a professional stand- up comedian and performed on shows airing on Comedy Network. If Rain hadn’t told me how she felt and if it wasn’t for her and her love and support, then I wouldn’t be where I am right now. Rain and I recently got married and I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

"Stormbreaker" book review by Tracy Au

Book Review

By Tracy Au

Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

Stormbreaker is an exciting action/ adventure spy novel filled with scuba diving, helicopter flying and parachuting. The unlikely protagonist is an anti-hero; a fourteen year old school boy and spy named Alex Rider. This is an exciting and unique story of a remarkable young man being thrown into a dangerous adult world of espionage.

The story envelopes the reader from the very beginning with Alex putting his life in danger in order to discover the truth of his uncle, Ian Rider’s sudden death. He exposes his bravery and karate skills to a group of suspicious men who appear at the funeral. Afterwards, Ian’s bosses, Mrs. Jones and Alan Blunt, recruit Alex to work for the British spy agency MI6 in order to both finish the mission Ian failed to complete and investigate his murder. MI6 sends Alex, with creative spy technology (disguised in what any teenage boy might carry), to take the place of the contest winner and try out the computer “Stormbreaker” before it is released to all the schools in England.

Many suspenseful moments occur throughout the story because Alex lands in a series of obstacles in which he nearly blows his cover, gets captured by the enemy or faces the possibility of death. There is a believable and threatening antagonist. The enemy is not a two-dimensional bad guy who wants world domination. He has a believable motive to commit mass murder. When Alex detects the diabolically subversive plan, it may be too

late to stop it because he will be eliminated before he can contact MI6. There are captivating and surprising plot twists as Alex is determined to protect himself and his country. He is both resourceful and clever, using his gadgets (or anything else available) to rescue himself and prevent a massacre.

The story is realistic because Alex is a regular kid who makes mistakes. He uses the qualities of a good spy (such as self defense skills, linguistics, adaptation and problem solving) to get himself out of danger. The novel is descriptive and explains the technical and tactical aspects of Alex’s adventures which prove the writing is impressive. By providing details used in the story, it is apparent that Horowitz thoroughly researched guns, helicopters, cars and a variety of gadgets.

Even though there are no sorcerers or magic, Alex Rider may be the next Harry Potter in his own right because he is a very likable and fascinating protagonist that many young adults will be able to relate to. This book is fantastic and has been produced into a movie which was also co-written and produced by Horowitz himself. Aimed at young adults, this book can also hold an older audience due to the intelligent and creative writing. Advanced readers will enjoy it without thinking it is childish or simplistic. Above all, Stormbreaker is a well written book that readers can enjoy from the beginning to the end.
The Alex Rider series continues to improve in each book.

"Being Charitable is Easy" by Tracy Au

Being Charitable is Easy

By Tracy Au

We live in a society of too much stuff. Our values are about buying and keeping up with the Joneses. Let’s get back to the basic values of sharing wealth and helping others who are not as fortunate as we are. The majority of us donate only during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. What about the rest of the year?

I have a lot of experience with charity. Ever since I was a kid, my family always donated to the clothing drive that occurs in our neighborhood. I’ve been on student council, and we fundraised for charities. I worked at the café Treats last summer, and at the end of the day, we donated leftover food. If you work in the food industry, you should donate leftover food too instead of throwing it out.

“Why donate?” you ask. It feels good to give. If that doesn’t motivate you, you can get a tax receipt if you donate to a registered charity. I want all of you to donate $5 a month to a charity like UNICEF that helps children in developing countries. Women for Women International helps women in developing countries. Amnesty International helps people in developing countries. If you want to help homeless people, donate to Hope Mission, a charity in Edmonton. If you think homeless people will use the money for drugs and alcohol, you will know that the money donated to Hope Mission will be used to feed them. Kidz Kottage provides a home, food, clothes, and toys for abused children. I have donated to the above charities I listed.

You may say, “Even if I do donate $5 a month to a charity, I’m not going to get much of a tax break” or “I’m in college. I can’t afford to donate something as little as $5 a month.” Have you thought of making a little sacrifice like giving up one latte a week and giving the money you saved to charity once a month? Well here are some other ways to donate, without money being involved. You can donate your time. Spend one day a month volunteering at a soup kitchen. You can spend time with your friends that way. Be a mentor like a big brother or sister. You can have fun and help others. It will also look good on your resume if you have volunteer experience. You can go to Amnesty International and write letters to the government and campaign for change and help for people whose human rights have been violated. You can also write letters to the government advocating more affordable housing and other issues you are concerned about.

You say, “I don’t have time. I have work and school.” I’m sure you have lots of clothes and junk in your house though. Clean it out and donate it to the Salvation Army. Donate stuff you don’t even use. Reusing is also good for the environment. Instead of throwing stuff away, give it to someone who can’t afford it. Women’s shelters need shampoo so donate some to them.

You can shop for a cause: Support Project Red. If you’re going to buy a shirt at the GAP, you might as well buy a shirt that helps people with AIDS in Africa.

Now you may say, “I don’t have time or money.” I donate for free by going to and other sites listed there: the Breast Cancer site, the Child Health site, the Literacy site, the Rainforest site, and the Animal Rescue site. You can click on the button that says “Click Here to Give- it’s FREE” and they will donate food. The sponsors support the site and fulfill the donations. You can shop online for the stuff that the sponsors sell. More money will go to charity. You can sign petitions at You can also sign those postcards at the Student's Association office. They set up this booth with all these Amnesty International postcards’, sign a postcard, and the SA will send it to the Prime Minister. It really is that easy.

Donating to charity is a social norm. I don’t know why donating to charity isn’t more popular. Sure, there are Oprah’s Big Give, Celebrity Apprentice, and Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, on TV, but there aren’t a lot of other shows that encourage donating to charity. There are teen magazines like Seventeen that encourage donating to charity and provide a cause to get into. Facebook and many websites on the Internet have a lot of charities that could use your support.

On March 10. 2008, there were three articles about charity in the Edmonton Journal. One was about University of Alberta and MacEwan students living as homeless people for five days to raise money for the Youth Emergency Shelter. The article informed that a lot of homeless people attend school and work, but couldn’t afford a place to live. Last semester, I was at the MacEwan City Centre campus, and the Student’s Association was raising money for the shelter too by doing dares. Students paid the SA volunteers to do dares like drink a bad elixir of ketchup, mustard, chocolate, and many other ingredients mixed together for $15. Lots of brave students completed the dare.

There are also many students at MacEwan involved in Project HOPE. Another article was about how a chef feeds the homeless. One article says that charity is good if others know that you are donating. If you’re a person who likes a pat on the back for doing something good, then donate. TV shows like Celebrity Apprentice, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and Oprah’s Big Give involve people competing to prove that they are generous and altruistic. These reality shows are a step up compared to The Bachelor where women compete to go out with a guy. Many seasons have passed, and I have only seen one couple on the show get married.

Recently, a student in the Professional Writing Program experienced a close family member passing away. We feel sorry for her, but then for those of us who donated money for her care package, we felt good that we were helping her. The con against donating to charity is less money in your pocket, but the pro is more for people who need it. Simply, it feels good to help others who are less fortunate than you are and you develop empathy, too. It is also plain right. Another article in the Edmonton Journal mentioned that donating to charity and spending time with others makes you happy.

Remember to give what you can afford and that one person can make a difference. Donating to charity is an informal social network: When you fall on hard times, someone will donate. It’s like that 411 song called “What if it was you?” It was written by Diane Warren: “What if it was you standing on the street? / What if it was you without enough to eat? / What if it was you with nothing left to lose? / What if it was you standing in those shoes? / What if it was you all alone out there?”

"All in Together Girls" book review by Tracy Au

Kate Sutherland, All In Together Girls, Thistledown Press, $11.66 (, 147 pages.

Kate Sutherland’s short stories have previously appeared before in magazines and literary journals such as Grain and Prairie Fire. She has her first book of short stories out already called Summer Reading. Now she followed it up by releasing a new book that is an anthology of fourteen stories titled All In Together Girls, circling around issues that concerns girls and women today.

The book is filled with insightful short stories about women, young and old who experience growing up and self discovery. Stories that stand out are “Aerial View of a Dinner Party” because it provides an intriguing point of view to how all the guests at the party behave around each other. The stories are personal and have a realistic touch to them. In “The Story of Her Life”, the relationship of a mother and daughter who are going through obstacles is depicted. Humour is often thrown in the stories such as “Tales from Peebles Hydro” where a mother tells her daughter about her experiences working as a waitress in an upper-class restaurant. She encounters all sorts of people there and she teaches her daughter a lesson about how she deals with each bad diner. “After Grad” is a funny story with a plot twist ending.

The stories are fun and entertaining to read because there are themes about developing confidence and picking yourself up after you fall. They are creative, and readers can easily relate to these personal experiences and learning and growing from them. Even though you may not have personally gone through what the characters go through, you can empathize. A couple of the stories consist of bad romantic relationships like “Making Love while the Kettle Boils” and “Checking Out”. These two stories are through a first person narrative telling of how the women know the relationships that they are in are unhealthy for them, but their hearts can’t let the men go.

I enjoyed reading the book, particularly the stories like “Aerial View of a Dinner Party” and “Measuring Up” because it contains themes of not letting people and your insecurities control your life. “Outside the Frame” is another well written story about picking herself up after a divorce. I like stories where women overcome adversity and gain confidence from it. If you read the whole book closely, you can catch the appearance of the characters Devin and Darcy who are in two stories called “Cool” and “She’s a Rocker.” They are two bad boys who befriend teenage girls and have wild fun. The stories are about teenage girls who experience growing up and the challenges of being adolescents. “Open All Night” is another story about girls dealing with acceptance and popularity.

Not every story has a happy ending or a lesson in it. All of the stories are consistently good. I highly recommend that all girls and women read this book because it is well written and compelling.

"Chase" short story by Tracy Au


By Tracy Au

Lachlan says, “Aww… and I wanted to kiss you Corrine, but I’m afraid we could be in your room kissing and then your dad would come in and say, ‘Hey does anyone want some Chinese food? Oh my God!’ He would pick me up and throw me out of the house.” I burst out laughing. “My dad wouldn’t do that,” I told him. “I’ll call you tomorrow.” Lachlan then says “Oh yeah, my cell phone expires at midnight so you can’t call me. I’ll see you when I get back from my trip in a few weeks okay?”

It’s been three months now and that was the last conversation I ever had with him. I tried to report him missing to the police but they told me I had to do “a little more digging” and find his family first. I have to find him. It’s become my mission, an obsession. I photocopied the Medicine Hat phonebook for all the Chases there are. A girl picked up the phone and I asked, “Hi, may I speak to Lachlan Chase? The girl answers, “No, he doesn’t live here anymore.” My ears perked up. I called thirty Chases, and this is my strongest lead. “You mean Lachlan Cameron Chase?” I asked. “Yeah, I don’t know him, but I think I know of him,” she replied. “Did you go to school with him?” I asked. “I don’t feel comfortable answering that.” “I’m sorry. I’m Corrine. I’m looking for my boyfriend Lachlan Chase because he was supposed to go on vacation for three weeks and now it’s been three months.” “If he’s missing, you should go to the police,” she said. “I did, but they told me to look for his family first and that’s why I’m calling all the Chases there are in the phone book,” I told her. “Well I can’t help you. Bye.” She hung up. What I didn’t know is that, I had helped her.
I hung up and threw a book at the wall. My brother Patrick came into the room and asked, “What Corrine?” “I’m frustrated! Lachlan was supposed to be gone for three weeks to go to Mexico, Banff and Medicine Hat. Now it’s been three months and I called all three of his jobs that he worked at. None of his employers know where he is and they can’t give me his address. I’ve been very patient. The police will only help me if I can find his family who will tell me if he’s okay or not.” “You probably don’t want to hear this, but maybe he doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. He’s just ignoring you, until you forget about him” suggested Patrick. “I know Lachlan. He has more respect for me than that. He would have been straight with me,” I said.

“Fine, but eventually you’re going to have to accept the fact that you can’t find him.
Do you know what you need?” asked Patrick. “A private investigator? Because I called a few agencies already and they charge a few hundred dollars for their services,” I told him. “Well I was going to say a break, but a PI would be good too. You’ve been working on this search all day and for the past two weeks already. It’s Saturday night, take a break and then come back.”

I took his advice and went to the bar. I was nodding my head to the music when I heard a familiar voice say “Corrine.” I turned around and Lachlan appeared. “Lachlan, what are you doing here?” I asked. He pulled me out of my seat and we started walking. “I called you tonight and your brother answered. He told me you were here. We have to get out of here Corrine.” We were walking towards the door and someone shouted “Hey Lachlan!” “Just keep walking” Lachlan told me. A huge guy stood in front of us and blocked our way. Lachlan turned around and a tough-looking guy was there. He says, “Well, well I thought it was you. Where’s my money?” Lachlan pulls out his wallet, “Here’s some of it, but that’s all I got for now. Tomorrow I’ll go to Money Mart and get some more.” The guy punches Lachlan in the face.

I jumped. “Woah, calm down,” I said. I picked up my drink and threw it on the crotch of the guy’s pants. “You wet yourself” I told him as he looked down at his pants. I pushed him and he fell into a group of people. Lachlan then pulled out a gun that he was wearing under his jacket. I was stunned as he told the other guy, “Get out of my way!” Lachlan and I ran out of the club and towards his car. We got in and he accelerated the car. I buckled my seatbelt and took a moment to absorb the fact that Lachlan was with me right now. “Where did you get that gun?” “Do you have a license for it?” I asked. “Yeah, but my license picture looks bad,” said Lachlan. “I’m kidding! This gun is fake. I used it to scare those drug dealers off,” Lachlan explained. “Thanks for backing me up in that fight there Corrine.”

“You’re welcome. “Where were you for the past three months? I was really worried about you,” I told him. “I was in Banff, Mexico and Medicine Hat. I was also in rehab. Those guys at the club are drug dealers that I owe money to, so I left town so they would cool off. You know the number that you called and the girl told you to go to the police?” asked Lachlan. “Well she called me to tell me this girl called asking for me so I assumed it was you,” he said.

“I can’t stay long, I have to catch a flight to Colorado to live with my family. My parents and sister are there already. I flew from Medicine Hat to Edmonton; you were my pit stop. I wanted to say goodbye to you face to face,” says Lachlan. “That’s commendable,” I told him. “How about I fly to Colorado with you? I don’t have my passport with me right now, but I can fly over there later.” “I don’t feel like I’m mature enough to be in a relationship right now,” he said. “Why not? You’re twenty- three years old, have one more year of university to go through, and you lived on your own for a few years already. That’s mature. Wait, this isn’t the whole ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ line right? So what? Are we too different from each other? You’re only one year older than me, we like the same TV shows, movies and music. You met my family and they like you. I don’t see anything wrong between us. Nobody’s perfect and no one has the perfect relationship. We can work this out.”

We arrived at the airport. We get out and follow him. He opens the trunk and gets his bag out. “I can’t stay in Edmonton; this city is too dangerous for me. My place has been broken in twice, and I had lived in two different apartments. I don’t like the person I have become. I got addicted to drugs here and there are drug dealers after me. My parents wouldn’t like you to come and stay with us in Colorado either. I’m sorry.” “Well maybe we can go on a trip together. How about Calgary this summer?” He shook his head as we entered the airport. “Hey Lachlan, I’m trying here. Do you know how long and hard it was for me to find you? I tried to report you missing to the police. I put up fifty posters of you all over your school campus, trying to get some tips that would lead me back to you.” “You know, I really do appreciate the effort you put in trying to find me. I care about you, but I can’t do this,” replied Lachlan.

“I was in rehab and I’m going to get more counselling. It’s not that I don’t want to be in a long distance relationship or anything with you, but I have so many issues right now. I’m not going back to school for awhile because I really need to focus on me. You should focus on yourself.” He walked through the terminal and I shouted to him, “I’ll email you!” He waved and I waved back. I embark on a lengthy and difficult search to only lead me to heartbreak. At least I got an ending. I was upset, but I had to deal with it. I didn’t chase after him anymore.

"Purse" short story by Tracy Au


By Tracy Au

I’m not a purse kind of girl. Never was. Always into backpacks. The day of all days I was carrying one, someone had to grab it and steal it. I felt someone push me from behind and I thought it was accident. I then felt my purse was yanked away from me.

What you don’t know is that I have an anger management problem. I get really angry when watching Dr Phil. My friend Leslie says it’s because I take it too personal. It’s true. When I realized that man (bitch) stole my purse, I immediately yelled, “F--- you!” at him. Swearing at him wasn’t going to get my purse back. I felt a surge of adrenaline shoot up in me. That guy thinks I’m weak. I immediately chased after him. Number one mistake pal, I’m not wearing heels. I was wearing sneakers.

“Stop that man!” I called. It was really packed. A lot of people were getting onto the LRT. It just so happens the people waiting for the LRT all had headphones. Damn you iPods! I was getting closer to him. I reached out and pushed him. He fell and let go of my purse. It flew on the tracks.

I got on top of the thief and took a good look at him. By now people were taking off their headphones and coming over to me. “He stole my purse! Call the cops” I told the crowd. One man did. Soon the cops came and they pulled me off him. Some of the people around me asked if I was okay and I said yes. The cops interviewed me and the other witnesses. I saw two cops haul that bitch up the stairs. He and I made eye contact as we looked up. “Don’t you ever f--- with me bitch.” His eyes looked down. “Yeah, that’s right. You got your ass kicked by a girl you coward!”

My purse was in bad shape after it got run over by the train. Anyone else would have thrown it out. I kept it as a trophy, next to the newspaper article of where they covered the story of me catching the purse snatcher.