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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Troy Davis lives

This is probably going to be the last email/ blog post I put up about Troy Davis:

"Keeping the memory of Troy Davis alive means continuing the fight for human rights for all!

Last week, the state of Georgia may have taken the life of Troy Davis, but his memory, and the struggle for justice, lives on with us.

The story of Troy Davis inspired more than 1 million petitions -- including yours -- to be signed and delivered to Georgia officials.

Troy Davis' case broke barriers and sparked countless conversations in homes, online, on the streets, on the news and around the world.

The campaign for Troy Davis reached many notable leaders, celebrities, musicians and concerned groups alike, from former President Jimmy Carter to Joan Baez, from Pope Benedict XVI to Kim Kardashian, from Archbishop Desmond Tutu to former F.B.I. Director William Sessions.

And now the message of Troy Davis continues with you...

Your first steps with us have been ground-breaking -- re-shaping the death penalty debate for years to come. For that, we can't thank you enough.

We at Amnesty International want to stay in touch. We fight to abolish the death penalty, free prisoners of conscience, stop violence against women and ensure the human rights of all people. If you take no action, you will begin to receive messages from us on human rights issues.

But if you no longer wish to receive any email communications from us, then you may unsubscribe now.

However, please know that there are other Troy Davises on death row in the US right now. One of them is Reggie Clemons in Missouri. The case against Reggie is one with no physical evidence, two highly questionable witnesses - both of whom were initially charged with the crime - and a trail of alleged police coercion, misconduct from lawyers on both sides of the case, and sharp racial inequities.

Throughout October, we'll be bringing you more on Reggie Clemons' case and his fight for justice, but you can take action now to stop the execution of Reggie Clemons!

This is the kind of important work that lies ahead. This is why we want you standing strong with us.

We know this work has its obstacles, but that is why we need you! We hope you'll stick with us and be part of the movement that will abolish the death penalty once and for all.

In Solidarity,

Amnesty International USA

P.S. The funeral of Troy Davis will be held on Saturday, October 1st in Savannah, GA. It is open to the public. Get details on the arrangements or order your "I am Troy Davis" T-shirt to show solidarity during this official Day of Remembrance. "

Post Secret/ headlines/ blog videos

Sept. 25 Post Secret:

There's a picture of the restaurant Olive Garden: "From the start of a meal...I give fat people extra bread sticks. It will save me a trip later on."

Me: It's kind of mean, but it's the plain truth. Of course you won't exactly say that to the customer, but you would think that or say it to the other servers.

"The only reason I became a sign language interpreter was for the attention."

Me: Well at least you're doing something good for positive attention.

There's a pic of a police notebook: "I wish I knew how to forgive myself for ruining the career I worked so hard for."

Me: Get counseling. This would be used for a police drama or any other drama. I've seen it on Rookie Blue and The Mentalist where someone has to lie for their co-worker to keep his job and/or his co-worker's job.

"I told my husband I was mugged while on a business trip to NYC so I could file the insurance claim on my engagement ring and get one that I actually like! It worked!"

Me: This sounds like a fun secret. Something to tell your friends. It's like a scheming story that I would see on Desperate Housewives.

"I was beautiful before the drugs."

Me: That reminds me of crystal meth. I saw it on Oprah about pictures before and after on how the drug affects you.

"I think people are more concerned with what happen with 9/11 ten years ago than what's happening now!"

Me: Let's focus on the present.

Sept. 27 Parks and Recreation: I saw the season premiere last week and it was funny and stupid. This guy sent a picture of his privates to the women in the municipal govt. office. This black guy news reporter Berd shows up again to interview Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) about it.

Berd: How big of a deal is this?
Leslie: It's not that a big of deal, if you know what I mean.
Berd: I don't, but it has a cadence of a joke.

Cadence means the rhythm in speech. I looked it up. I thought it was a good joke. My sister loves this show and she said that Berd is a real news reporter.

Mystery: It was very stupid because the mystery was solved really fast. It's a sitcom so the story has to move faster because there's only 30 min to tell a story unlike a drama where it takes an hr to solve a mystery. The guy who sent the photos was caught, because he sent it from his personal email address

Lots of people know his email address and he told everybody what college he went to. If he didn't want to get caught, he should have created a fake email address that he will only use once and has nothing to link him. Don't use, use something like Use a random word and numbers, and send it from some public library computer. It's harder to get caught.

Maybe the govt. will hire some IT Tech worker and be able to trace it back, I don't know. But you got to say my idea is not as stupid as on the one on the show. lol.


"Woman tries to stick it to gum maker": I got this from 24 and there's a typo "trys to", so I corrected it here. An Edmonton woman Elsie C. Pawlow launched a $100,000 lawsuit against Kraft Canada. She says the gum falls apart into little pieces and gets stuck in her dentures. She filed the claim that cost $200, because she had to dig out the pieces of gum in her dentures which was "disgusting." She suffered depression for about 10min.

That's stupid, and the case will probably be thrown out of court. Do you remember The Simpsons where Lisa becomes President of the US? Bart was saying he was suing a company for giving him over salted fries. What the woman should have done is create a blog and diss the product or write a letter complaining to the company, and she may get a refund.

"Animal- rights group starts porn site": I got this from the Edmonton Journal, and Jay Leno did a joke about it last night. PETA will create a site called The viewers will also learn about the cruelty to animals.

Sept. 28: This is from the Edmonton Journal's Sunday Reader.

"Method in the milk": According to A&A Economic Digest, a theater group performs in front of cows in England. The milk production is then increased by 4%.

"Bugging out": According to Denver Post, firefighters came to a house fire. There were swarms of bed bugs and were on the firefighters' uniforms and equipment. The men had to be decontaminated afterwards.

Baggy pants: According to the St. Paul Pioneer Press, a suspect was running and his pants fell down to his ankles. He put his hands up and a cop pulls up the guy's pants and found the gun. The suspect was sentenced to 5 yrs in prison for illegally possessing a fire arm.

The man's lawyer said the discovery of the gun was an illegal search. The Minnesota Court of Appeals said the office pulled the pants to conceal, not to reveal.

Elmo: According to Orlando Sentinal, Jeramie Trespalacios dressed up like Elmo. He went to kids birthday party in a Winter Park strip mall. On break, he went to the store Guitar Centre. A man came and attacked the Elmo costumed character.

"Elmo may not have started this fight- he never would- but he sure did finish it." The attacker was subdued and had a few broken fingers. He was arrested. No kids saw the attack.

"It looks good for the kids, though," said Trespalacios. "Elmo is kicking butt, keeping society good." lol.

"Wisdom of Elmo": There was this quote underneath the article. "When you judge somebody it's like throwing a boomerang- goes in a circle and comes back to the one throws it. Love is like that, too. Always comes back." -Elmo.

Blog videos:

Nigel Marsh: I was listening to one of my blog videos where Nigel Marsh talks about "How to Make work life balance." He talks about how the little things we do can make a big difference. He talks about how he picked up his son from school and they went to the playground, ate a pizza, and then read to him before bed. His kid tells him that today was the best day of his life.

NM: I didn't take him to Disney World or anything. I just spent time and had fun with him. The little things we do can keep our relationships together.

I agree. I wish I could spend time with my friends. I rarely ever talk to them on the phone, and even more rare do I see them. So that's why I send three emails a week to them.

Arianna Huffington: This is only 4 min. long. "How to Succeed? Get more Sleep." It was simple. If you get more sleep, you are more well- rested and can function and be more productive. She talked about how she was so tired, her head full on the desk and she had to get stitches. She tells women to sleep more: "You can literally sleep your way to the top." lol.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dateline/ Law on TV and movies/ popularity

Sept. 24 Dateline: Here's some more To Catch a Predator comments. The comments are all mean, funny, and snarky. That's okay that you diss him because he's a sexual predator. He made the choice to go to see a 12 yr old girl home alone. I'm always reading new comments on the guy who bought a koala bear to the house.

"He's in New Jersey, of course a nice sweet guy isn't going to get laid by us Jersey sluts. Duh!"

"Maybe carrying around this PETA bag and caring about animals makes up for the fact that I love to molest children...."

im 13 and id never be with anyone younger....

i'm 15 and i wuldnt get with a 12 year old fuckin disgusting lool

The voices during the chat log makes this show

there's a reason for that. The younger you are, the older you wish you were, and you prefer older men/women. When I was in high school, almost every girl i knew was dating someone in their early to mid twenties. The older you get, the younger you wish you were. you're more experienced, and you want to be with a girl who isn't experienced and the thought of someone losing their innocence is a turn on for these guys.

I'm 15 and I wouldn't even get with a 14 year old... I've always liked older girls... I can't comprehend what the hell is going into these scumbag's minds... hell, I don't want to... I just wanna see em get busted by Chris Hanson...

"i hope you like koala bears"
who hates koala bears

if you ever go to a young girl's house and she says she made you brownies, get you're ass outta there!

LOL! @ 0.20, "Glad you could make it", thats so fucked up.LOL!

About the George Lucas lookalike:

"Well the starwars prequels spoiled my childhood - makes sense he would ruin her childhood too."

i need some legal advice. can i sleep with a 13 year old? lawyer- i don't think im too comfortable around you anymore.

Here's the problem Gramps...your lawyer should have told you that just showing up was going to get you arrested. Good luck in court.

They should follow up with these people in prison, called To Anally Rape A Predator.

Me: This reminded me of this joke on 90210 way back in 2008. This teacher hooks up with a student and Dixon and Silver are talking about it.

Dixon: You said he was wading in the kiddie pool.
Silver: I said he was dipping in the kiddie pool.

Jury: I haven't done this in a long time; I mean write a hypothetical situation where I imagined it in my head. What if the predator who bought the koala bear was in court on trial? The prosecutor shows the video to the jury as evidence. What would happen in the jury room?

Would the jurors make all these snarky comments and laugh at him behind his back like the people on Youtube? Or would they all be professional and say: "This guy is guilty. I wouldn't want him anywhere near my kids. Put him in jail and get him registered on the sex offenders list."

Child molestation: One person on Youtube said this: "Dude they should have let the asian go! he even said to her that he just wanted to get to know each other!"

Me: Are you being sarcastic or being serious? If you're serious, there are a lot of comments where they said he seems to be nice and sweet, but c'mon. He was grooming the kid. I don't know who you are, like a man or woman, or adult or teenager. Or maybe someone who really sees the good in people, but if he does "date" this kid, the kid will end up needing lots of therapy.

I saw on Oprah a long time ago about a 13 yr old girl who "dated" an adult. He was basically grooming her, and she discussed how she was mentally and emotionally damaged afterwards.

Law on TV and movies: I saw this movie, I won't tell you what is so I won't spoil it for you. But the ending was the lawyer says he wants to quit the case right in the middle of the trial. He was in court, everybody else was there, the jury, the judge and he says: "I quit." The judge says: "You may be disbarred for this."

I asked my sister about it and she said: "You won't be disbarred for this. You would most likely get disciplined for it because you wasted everybody's time. So get suspended." That reminds me of the movie Liar, Liar with Jim Carrey. It was way back in 1997. There's a scene where he plays a lawyer and he wants to quit in the middle of a trial. He then goes to the washroom and beats himself up.

The bailiff picks him up and tells the judge: "I found him in the washroom like this. We can't continue with the trial." So the lawyer won't get disciplined for quitting a trial.

Law and Order: SVU: I saw the Law and Order: SVU season premiere yesterday and it was a "ripped from the headlines" story about a maid raped by a politician. The episode was average. I don't know, maybe I'm getting bored of this show because it's been for years and most of their stories aren't really original if most of them are inspired from recent headlines.

They did get Ron Rifkin (Sloane from Alias) on as a lawyer in this ep. They also got two new actors on as regulars.

Sept. 25 Friends: I called my friend Dan L. today and he gave me some more tips for my writing job search. I told him I submitted an article to Merge and I didn't get any call from them. I told him about the job fair and that it's mainly engineering and oil companies He said that those companies have one or two technical writers, and then they don't look for anymore.

Shallow goals: Here's something I haven't wrote in a long time, writing. Marty Chan told me about how my character's goals are shallow because it's about getting money. Money is a strong incentive. The writer Glynis Whiting did tell me about The Vertex Fighter: "He can't just fight to win money, he has to have another deeper reason to be fighting."

I was thinking about that Buffy ep where Buffy and Cordelia are running to be Homecoming queen. When they're out in the woods together, Cordelia asked Buffy why she's really running, and Buffy said: "In high school all I did was be a slayer. When I have my yearbook out, I can look at it and point out that I wasn't always a slayer. I did go to high school and have a normal life." So that's good that this may a stupid high school popularity contest, but at least there was a deeper meaning to it.

I was also thinking about that music video by 3 Doors Down called "Let Me Go." In the video Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill) is a stripper and her boyfriend Jesse Metcalfe (Desperate Housewives) finds out and he's not happy about it. At the end, it turns out she has a baby to take care of so that's why she's stripping. There's a deeper meaning than just money.

Popularity: On a side note, I thought that Homecoming Queen contest was a straight- up popularity contest without any skill or talent whatsoever. There is work and time to put in running, but it's not really something to be proud of.

I was in the Student Council in jr. high. It was some work involved like planning dances, but it was fun and easy. As for in high school, I wasn't a part of it because there is way more work involved. You have to be a certain person to like this kind of activity. If you are part of Student Council, you can be kind of popular for being smart and hardworking.

I was a little popular in being part of the talent show in jr. high. I was known as "The girl in the talent show" and people coming up to me saying they liked my dancing. There are people who are popular with little work like I knew this guy in high school and he looked like Justin Timberlake with the curly hair. He will always be known as "The guy who looks like Justin Timberlake."

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The state of Georgia has executed Troy Anthony Davis

I got this from Amnesty International.

The state of Georgia has executed Troy Anthony Davis

I've been down here at death row, and we just heard the horrific news.

After a torturous delay of more than 4 hours, the state of Georgia has just killed Troy Anthony Davis.

My heart is heavy. I am sad and angry. The state of Georgia has proven what we already know. Governments cannot be trusted with the awful power over life and death.

Today, Georgia didn't just kill Troy Davis, they killed the faith and confidence that many Georgians, Americans and Troy Davis supporters worldwide used to have in our criminal justice system.

Wende, on our Abolish the Death Penalty Campaign team, met with Troy Davis yesterday to convey the support that he has had from all of you. He asked us to deliver this message back to you:

"The struggle for justice doesn't end with me. This struggle is for all the Troy Davises who came before me and all the ones who will come after me. I'm in good spirits and I'm prayerful and at peace."

Let's take a moment to honor the life of Troy Davis and Mark MacPhail. Then, let's take all of our difficult feelings and re-double our commitment to abolition of the death penalty.

Please pledge to continue this fight because it is far from over.

This Friday at 7 pm EST, please join us for a special call to discuss Troy Davis' case, what your work means for the death penalty abolition movement as a whole and what we can do next.

I am Troy Davis. You are Troy Davis. We will not stop fighting for justice.

Thank you for everything you have done to make your voice heard.

In Solidarity,
Laura Moye
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

crazy day/ job essay/ career fair

Sept. 22 Crazy day: I go to the bus stop as usual, and I was able to catch the earlier bus. I got to work before 8am, and a lot of the lights at the building were out. I thought that's what happens before 8am. I then get to my restaurant, and it's dark. The workers and I are sitting and talking.

The servers get sent home and the hostess and I stay to do some work like set the tables. There weren't any customers at all due to the power outage, so I didn't make any tips today.

Job essay: On Sept. 20, there's a section in the Globe and Mail called "The Essay." It's where people talk about a personal experience and how it affects their life. There's one called "Unemployed and nearly 50" by Dawn Jardine. She got laid off from her job. Her essay reminded me of the months I was unemployed back in 2010.

She talked about getting rejected and staffing agencies (paraphrase): "Recruiters are hired by companies to find people that fit their needs. When they do, the recruiters get a commission and that's the driving force, and not finding the right employee for the company."

There's one recruiter that told her that the interview will be held in a house because the company was rapidly expanding, they ran out of office space to rent. She gets hired, and then it turns out it was a start-up company being held in the house where she was interviewed. Like the recruiter should have been straight-up about how it was a start-up company and not because it was a huge company that ran out of office space.

Jardine then talks about being "trapped", and she got a call from a good company. She could work at the good company on a contract basis, or a bad company but it's full- time with benefits. So she took the good company job because it fit her experience. She learned her lessons to save her money and that professionals with skills can be unemployed too.

Clay Shirky: I got this blog video through my blog. Clay Shirky talks about "How Cognitive surplus will change the world." He talks about this daycare example. The experiment is that there are parents who are late to pick up their kids from the daycare. How can you prevent that from happening or not as often?

If parents pick up their kids late, the parents will get a fine and will be added to their daycare bill. After that fine was introduced, even more parents picked up their kids late. That punishment doesn't help. I thought that sounded familiar, then I thought: "Freakonomics?" I then looked at the book by Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, and it was mentioned on pages 15 and 16.

The parents are thinking: "$10 fine? So what?" That's why they'll continue to be late.
Sept. 23 Job interview: Today I went to a job interview. It's in a part of town where I have done 2 interviews before. The interview was average, but right after I left I felt like I didn't get the job.

Publishing: A few days ago I submitted the short story "Chase" to the Poetry Institute of Canada and they told me they had an 850 word limit. I had 1,459 words. I had to delete 609 words. It took me an hr and a half, but I did it. I then submitted it.

I had written that story for Creative non-fiction in college back in 2007. Now that I edited it, I realized there was some repetition and deleted it. I had to make it a tighter story. The narrator told the audience what her situation is, and then tells the girl on the phone, and then tells her brother. I cut it down to her telling the girl on the phone.

You can read the original "Chase" short story on the Oct. 5, 2008 post on my blog Now you can read my edited version of it on my Sept. 23, 2011 blog post. You can compare and tell me which one you like to read.

Sept. 24 Rape: I got this through Facebook, and it was from my friend Omar. He posted this article from GQ magazine about an 11 yr old girl who was gang- raped. It was a well- written article and I think all of you should read it.

Job expectations: I think this guy is going to get dismissed. He's been here for a couple of months and he shows up an hr late to work, or don't show up at all, and doesn't call. I have low expectations of him. This is part of a big company, and I know he will get dismissed.

When I was working at the Soup place which is a mom-and-pop place, there's a worker who misses the same 1 or 2 days a week without calling. They said they will give her one more chance to show up on her shifts or at least call. It was good for a couple of weeks and then she goes right back to her old habits. They never dismissed her. In a small establishment with a specific kind of people who are nice and easygoing, she can get away with it.

Career fair:

CSIS: It stands for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. The Canadian version of the CIA. I went to the career fair, and this booth was there. The website is:

There are a lot of careers available there. All I can think of are spy shows like Alias, She Spies, and the CBC comedy show InSecurity where agents work at a fictional place called NISA. I've watched the first two shows, but not the last one.

Forestry: Also at the career fair is The business card is a circle and it looks like it's cut from a log. The positons are class 1 drivers, laborers, senior operational planner. If you or someone is interested, go to the website. Their booth ran out of business cards and they gave me this folder where you can cut it out and create this little paper automatic aiming system. It's a kind of arts and craft project. They specialize in data management for land- based and offshore rigs around the world. It's based in Calgary.

Sherwin-Williams: This sells paint. They were advertising Management/ Sales Training Program and Internships. You can apply at: This is an energy corporation in Calgary. There are a lot of engineering, finance, IT positions.

Glasses: I was reading in the Globe and Mail, an article written by Katrina Onstad. She talked about how a British study said that "wearing glasses to a job interview leaves a stronger impression of professionalism and intelligence than going bare." I wear my glasses all the time and to job interviews. So at least I'm doing one thing right. lol.

Sept. 25 Law of attraction: Earlier this week I was listening to my Sky cd. They're a Canadian pop duo that came out in 1998 with the song "Some Kinda Wonderful." I then tune into Lite 95 FM and they're playing that song.

The law of attraction is focused positive thinking. I read The Secret: Teen Power last year. However, I was kind of practicing it back in 2009. I wanted a job that I could work on the weekdays, and work on the restaurant on the weekends. That lead me to my job at Call Centre #3 that totally worked for me.

Well it was good for two weeks when they gave me full-time hours, and then started giving me part-time.

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Chase" short story by Tracy Au (the edited and shorter revision)

By Tracy Au

I have to find Lachlan. It’s become my mission, an obsession. I tried to report him missing to the police but they told me I had to find his family first.

I got the phonebook and called all the Chases there are. A girl picked up the phone and I asked, “Hi, may I speak to Lachlan Chase? The girl answers, “No, he doesn’t live here anymore.” My ears perked up. I called thirty Chases, and this is my strongest lead. “You mean Lachlan Cameron Chase?” I asked. “Yeah, I don’t know him, but I think I know of him,” she replied. “Did you go to school with him?” I asked. “I don’t feel comfortable answering that.” “I’m sorry. I’m Corrine. I’m looking for my boyfriend Lachlan Chase because he was supposed to go on vacation for three weeks in Banff and Medicine Hat and now it’s been three months. I called his job and his employer doesn’t know where he is and they can’t give me his address.”

“If he’s missing, you should go to the police,” she said. “I did, but the police will only help me if I can find his family who will tell me if he’s okay or not. That’s why I’m calling all the Chases there are in the phonebook,” I told her. “You probably don’t want to hear this, but maybe he doesn’t want to go out with you anymore. He’s just ignoring you, until you forget about him” suggested the girl. “I know Lachlan. He has more respect for me than that. He would have been straight with me,” I said.
“Eventually you’re going to have to accept the fact that you can’t find him. I can’t help you. Bye.” She hung up.

I slammed the phone down. I decided to cool off at a bar. I heard a familiar voice say “Corrine.”

I turned around and Lachlan appeared. He pulled me out of my seat and we started walking towards the door. “I knew you would be here.” Someone shouted “Hey Lachlan!” A huge guy stood in front of us and blocked our way. Lachlan turned around and a tough-looking guy was there. He says, “Where’s my money?” Lachlan pulls out his wallet, “Here’s some of it, but that’s all I got for now-” The guy punches Lachlan in the face.

I picked up my drink and threw it on the crotch of the guy’s pants. “You wet yourself!” I told him as he looked down at his pants. I pushed him and he fell into a group of people. Lachlan and I ran out of the club and got into his car. I buckled my seatbelt and asked, “Who are they? Where were you for the past three months? I was really worried,” I told him.

“I was in Banff, and Medicine Hat. Those guys at the club are drug dealers that I owe money to, so I left town so they would cool off. You know the girl that you called today?” asked Lachlan. “Well she called me about how Corrine was asking for me,” he said. “I flew from Medicine Hat to Edmonton. I wanted to say goodbye to you face to face. I have to catch a flight to Colorado to go to rehab,” says Lachlan.

“How about I fly to Colorado to visit you? We can be in a long- distance relationship” I told him. “I don’t feel like I’m mature enough to be in a relationship right now,” he said. “Why not? You’re twenty- three years old, graduated out of college, and you lived on your own for a few years. Wait, this isn’t the whole ‘It’s not you, it’s me’ line right?” Lachlan says, “We are too different from each other.” “We like the same TV shows, movies and music. You met my family and they like you. I don’t see anything wrong between us,” I argued.

We entered the airport and he drags his suitcase out. “I can’t stay in Edmonton; it’s too dangerous for me. My place has been broken in twice, and I had lived in two different apartments. I got addicted to drugs here and there are drug dealers after me. ” I asked: “Do you know how long and hard it was for me to find you? I tried to report you missing to the police. I put up fifty posters of you all over your school campus, trying to get some tips that would lead me back to you.”

“You know, I really do appreciate the effort you put in trying to find me. I’m going to rehab and counselling. I care about you, but I can’t do this. I really need to focus on me. You should focus on yourself.” He walked through the terminal and waved and I waved back. I embark on a lengthy and difficult search to only lead me to heartbreak. At least I got an ending. I was upset, but I had to deal with it. I didn’t chase after him anymore.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

school joke/ headlines/ career fair

Sept. 17 School joke: I was thinking about "skills decline" and how you don't study, you don't remember. In 2007, I was in Eng. 101 college class and the teacher asked a question.

Scott: Does anyone know who Louis Riel is?
The class is silent.
Scott: I'm sure all of you learned about him in Social Studies.
Me: Yeah, well it was a long time ago.

The entire class laughs at me.
Scott kind of laughs too, but he looks like he was trying to not laugh.
Girl: Uh, didn't he help the Metis start a rebellion?
Scott: Yes.

I didn't know why the class laughed at me at first, because I told the truth. I learned about him in Social studies, but I forgot, and so did the class. They laughed at me because they expected an answer, not an excuse to why I didn't know the answer.

They probably thought I was joking, because they didn't see my face. Scott saw my face, and he knew I was serious so that's why he looked like he was trying to hold back his laughter. I wasn't embarrassed. I only said that because no one knew the answer, so the teacher might as well tell us.

Sept. 18 Joke: Earlier this week, I asked my brother a question.

Me: Oh what? No work today?
P: No.
Me: "Oh what Cartman? No smart ass comment from you?" "No, sir."
P: Where's that from?
Me: Ritalin.

It's the South Park episode where the whole class gets diagnosed with ADD and takes Ritalin and they're all well- behaved. Mr. Garrison was the one who asks Cartman that question. lol.

Sept. 19 Headlines:

Here's one: "Witnesses differ on whether butt end was intended." The headline was funny, but the article wasn't. It was about a hockey injury.

These are from the Edmonton Journal's Sunday Reader:

"One less Boob": According to the New York Post, in central Pennsylvania, a man named Samuel Boob was killed by a shot gun. The suspect is Kermit Butts. Miranda Boob (victim's wife) is also charged. There is a 3rd suspect but his name "is not funny enough to mention."

"Driver gets ditched": According to Newsday, 51 yr old Robert Craig fell out of his car on Interstate 95 in Conneticut. The car went without him for a 3rd of a km before crashing into a pole. Other motorists saw him and helped him and he had minor injuries.

Election: According to the Seattle Post Intelligencer, in Peru, these grave robbers dug up a mayor's dead father's skull and won't give it back unless the mayor quits the election.

They sent a text message to Mayor Rogelio Vizcarra telling him they will give back his father's skull, if he quits the re-election. Vizcarra will keep running.

"Purse snatcher run down by 90 year old": Josefine Haas is 84 yr old and Otto Haas is 2 months shy of 90. This is in Vancouver. The thief stole the purse and Otto chased after him up 3 flights of stairs. The door was locked and the thief was trapped and Otto cornered him. 3 min. later the police arrived and arrested Allen James Barkley, 28.

Otto: I'm surprised I could run that fast.

Stupid criminals: This is from the Globe and Mail. "Teen accidentally texts sheriff to buy pot." In Helena, Montana, a teen hit a wrong number and sent the text message looking for pot to the County Sheriff Leo Dutton. The text: "Hey Dawg, do you have $20 I can buy right now?" Dutton responded to the text, and a detective pretending to be the dealer set up the meeting.

The detective saw two teen boys and a man at the store. The detective called the number to make sure he got the right person. The man in the group was the father and didn't know what was going on.

"You must say this": Also from the same newspaper, a New York English professor Lynn Rosenthal who's in her 60s got kicked out of a Starbucks by 3 police officers. She argued with the barista because she refued to specify what she wanted on her multi-grain bagel.

Rosenthal: I refused to say 'without butter or cheese.' When you go to Burger King, you don't have to list the six things you don't want."

This is form the United Press International. I don't know why she couldn't simply say it or the barista could simply give her the bagel.

"You can't say that": According to the Sacremento Bee, this mall wanted this rule where they ban strangers from talking about subjects other than the mall while inside the mall. The California appeals court struck down that law. That was a stupid rule that you have to talk about the mall.

"Athlete blames cat over drunk- driving charge": British cricket star Graeme Swann was caught drinking and driving. He blamed his cat because he had to buy screw drivers to rescue his trapped cat. He was out with friends and then came home and the cat was in the floorboards of his home.

"Comic character sparks Gallic outcry": There's a new Mcdonald's restaurant ad that has the comic character Asterix eating a burger and fries. The French comic fans see it as an insult to their heritage.

"Skateboarding priest becomes Youtube hit": A Hungarian Roman Catholic priest named Reverent Zoltan Lendvia is 45. He lives in Redics, a small village on Hungary's border with Slovenia. He believes skateboarding can open the way to God for young people.

Sept. 20 Publishing: I had my short story "TJ's Story" published by the Poetry Institute of Canada last year. It was printed in an anthology called Lamplight Tales. This year I submitted a short story to them called "Purse" and they rejected it. I then submitted another short story to them called "Chase." Maybe they'll print this one.

I went to their website and it said they rejected 40% of all submissions. I only wrote short stories for school from 2005-2008. After I graduated out of college I submitted to some publications. Mainly I've been trying to get my The Vertex Fighter script produced because that's what I really want.

Sept. 21 Career fair: Yesterday my friend Michelle emailed me that there's going to be a career fair at the Butterdome at the University of Alberta. I've been there once with my friend Leslie way back in 2002 when there was a open house. I bumped into Dan L. there at that time.

This year I went by myself. My brother had been to one of the career fairs before. There were a lot of freebies like pens, highlighters, magnets, notepads, cookies and candy, key chains, etc. I didn't take any of that because I have lot of that at home and I wasn't hungry. I went there for an 1hr and a half. I never even looked at my watch until 1 hr in.

I entered in some draws to win ipads and gift certificates. I did bump into an HR person who hired at me my restaurant. I also saw the HR woman at that information session I went to yesterday. I picked up a lot of brochures and pamphlets to research.

There were a lot of gas, oil, forestry, energy, and financial companies. I can see all the oil companies because it's Alberta. There were a couple of staffing agencies and a few retail positions. I went through all the booths and it seems they're looking for engineering and science students to hire. There were some school booths for other post- secondary institutions.

Sept. 22 Call backs: I got a call back the next day from the credit union and I got rejected. No surprise, there was a lot of competition. I didn't get a call back from the place where I did the math test with the question: "6- -3".

I got a call today from this storage company. It pays well to be an office worker $14.50/hr for 3 days a week. About 23 hrs a week. But then she mentioned that they need someone with more flexibility because a manager may be away, and then they need the office assistant to take those shifts.

I did an interview in this kind of industrial area, and there were 45 applicants for 1 position. I was to get a call back by Tues. and they didn't call. The trip there was interesting because the bus driver was nice to me in helping me find the place.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fwd: BREAKING: Troy Davis clemency denied!

I forwarded this to you guys to sign the petition. Well here's some more news that his clemency has been denied. Please sign this petition to stop his execution.

Thank you.

Dear friend,

We just heard this terribly disheartening news from our colleagues in the United States, who have been campaigning so diligently to save the life of Troy Davis. Please read on and join our friends in the US and the hundreds of thousands of caring individuals around the world in mobilizing to stop a horrible injustice.

Alex Neve,
Amnesty International Canada

Amnesty International

BREAKING: The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denies clemency to Troy Davis.

Dear friends,

It is with a very heavy heart and a deep sense of outrage that I let you know that the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles voted to deny clemency to Troy Davis.

This means that very little is standing in the way of the state of Georgia executing a potentially innocent man this Wednesday, September 21 st at 7pm.

The actions of the Board are astounding in the face of so much doubt in the case against Troy Davis. However, we are not prepared to accept the decision and let anyone with the power to stop the execution off the hook.

Join us in calling on the Board to reconsider its decision, and on the Chatham County (Savannah) District Attorney Larry Chisolm to do the right thing. They have until the final moments before Troy's scheduled execution to put the brakes on this runaway justice system.

We have seen an unprecedented level of support from our members, coalition partners and all sorts of concerned individuals across the political spectrum.

I was blown away as I carried one of the many boxes containing your petition signatures up to the Parole Board office last Thursday. Close to a million signatures have been collected from the many organizations working with us. I looked back as we were marching down Auburn Avenue in Atlanta Friday night and I could not see an end to the crowd. About 3,500 people came out!

The movement here is very alive. It is electric. And I have no doubt that we will raise the volume together against what could be an unthinkable injustice.

Join your voices with us - we will not allow Troy Davis to be executed, not in our names! Troy Davis and his family have counted on us for many years now and we will not let them down. Please take action - human rights and a human life are on the line. Please contact Georgia's District Attorney and urge him to stop the execution of Troy Davis.

Make the state of Georgia hear you! Tell them that executing Troy Davis will only deepen the cycle of violence and injustice.

In Solidarity,
Laura Moye
Director, Death Penalty Abolition Campaign
Amnesty International USA

P.S. We'll be organizing a Day of Protest today to express our outrage at the recent decision to deny Troy Davis clemency. And on Wednesday (Sept. 21), we're calling for a Day of Vigil on Troy's impending execution date. If you are able to organize locally for either of these events, please tell us about your plans.

Keep fighting for Troy

We will continue to urge the State of Georgia to stop this senseless execution!

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© 2011 Amnesty International USA | 5 Penn Plaza, New York, NY 10001 | 212.807.8400

blog article/ job interviews/ credit union

Sept. 18 Blog article: I found this article about professors with blogs. I like #3 Natalie M. Houston's productivity blog. Here's her blog post about "Doing Enough."

They are organized about "business and education", "humanities", "liberal arts, journalism and communications", "science and math", and "social science."

Hi Tracy,

My name is Jasmine and I’m a writer for I’ve been following your blog lately, and because we write on similar topics, I thought you’d be interested in a recent article we published, “50 Most Social Media Savvy Professors in America” If you think your readers would be interested, feel free to share it with them. Let us know what the response is.



Jasmine Hall

Stunt doubles: I got this article through my blog too. It's an article about stunt doubles that no one knows, but it's giving credit to where credit's due. Check out the action scenes the stunt doubles did in these big memorable action scenes.

Hi Tracy,

I work with We recently published an article that you may be interested in entitled, “10 Hollywood Stunt Doubles You Never Knew You Loved”.

After having followed your blog for a while, I feel that this one article would align well with your blog's subject matter. If interested, here's the link for your convenience: (

Either way, I hope you continue putting out great content through your blog. It has been a sincere pleasure to read. Thanks for your time!


Jena Ellis

Sept. 19 Job interviews:

Server: Today I went to a job interview and it was bad. It was at a school. I dressed well and showed up early. First the woman asks me what I know about it, and I was under the impression it was this, but it wasn't. I told her I went to that school for a year and I have done two interviews at the food services department (and didn't get hired.) It's a part-time job for a fine dining server.

She started asking me all these questions like: "Do you know American and French service? Garandine service?" (I'm not sure about that last word.) If I had any barista (coffee experience). What kind of computer programs I used like Open Table and Micros. I didn't know any of that.

She asked about my wine knowledge which is a big part of the job, and I had minimal knowledge. I know red and white wine, and the older the wine, it tastes differently. I didn't say that in the interview. I'm kind of kicking myself here because a few months ago at work, there was a wine tasting/ learning session at work and I didn't go. I wasn't interested in it and I thought it wouldn't be useful. Even if I did go to that session, I probably wouldn't have gotten this fine dining server position anyway.

After this 5 min. interview, she said there wasn't a position for me, but she will keep my resume. She said there's one night a week where we close at 9 or 10pm, and the latest we get off at is 11pm. I'm not comfortable taking the bus that late.

I didn't put obstacles in front of myself, I just didn't know anything about fine dining. After the interview, I thought the woman kind of looked like Erin Karpluk, the lead in the CBC show Being Erica. The face, and hair color was the same. EK had wavy hair and the interviewer's hair was straight.

Office assistant: This small company called me today and did an interview on the phone for 8 min. It was okay, because he seemed easy- going and nice. They wanted someone with accounts receivable and payable experience, and I didn't have any. I had graphic design education so he will keep my resume in case he needs a graphic designer.

Sept. 20 Credit Union: Today is my day off and it's been a crazy morning. I called a taxi so I can go to this hotel to do this information session for a credit union. I called and 5min later the taxi showed up, so that was fast. I got there like 45min early so I checked out the hotel a bit and read my newspaper. I think I saw a guy from my Eng. 101 class. We looked at each other, but we didn't say anything. It's been a few years since we saw each other.

I get to the room and there were 5 people there and we're supposed to fill out an application. It's from 9am-11am. There were like 40 people there in total. There were supposedly 5 positions, but it could fluctuate to 15. I was told on the phone to wear business attire and there was a math test. I had emailed one of my college classmates and she told me she worked there.

I asked what's on the math test and she said it was easy, and wished me luck. I think I got 60/100. The first page was easy by comparing numbers if they're the same like 45849 to 45879. You have to look really closely. The second page was like that, but with names like McDonald and MacDonald.

There was addition and subtraction. There were word problems like: "He makes $26,000 a yr. How much would his weekly paycheck be?" They said we can't use calculators and I was like: "Damn it. That's why I specifically brought my calculator to this session." lol. However, I could do the questions by hand.

There was one page worth 10 marks and there's only 1 right answer. It's really complicated like: "An orange bead can touch a red bead, but a red bead can't touch green bead. The orange bead can touch a yellow bead, how would they be put together?" I skipped that page altogether and went to the math.

There was a little bit of an interview as in we all have to stand up and tell everybody a little about ourselves like education and goals. There were also refreshments in the back so I had a blueberry muffin with lots of butter. Overall it was a good experience.

I had gotten a call from them back in 2008, but I went to Calgary instead. I called them back to reschedule and they never called back. I then applied again more times, and until this year they called me back for the session.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

travel/ The Secret Circle/ United Way music video

Sept. 15 Travel: I remember talking to my friend Angela about how I don't like to travel alone, because I'm afraid I will get lost.

A: But getting lost is half the fun.

I was thinking about this as I am often looking for the office I have a job interview at. It's often in neighborhoods and places that I haven't been to, so I get lost in the city. No point in traveling somewhere far away and spending money. I'll go on Google Maps, and take buses to different parts of the town and meet different people when I do my job interviews. lol.

Sept. 16 The Secret Circle: Here's my review of the new supernatural drama called The Secret Circle about witchcraft. It's based on the book series by L.J. Smith who also wrote the book series that turned into a TV show called The Vampire Diaries. Both TV shows/ books are similar as in they're about the supernatural, the lead character's a teen girl, and it starts off with a death of a parent(s), and living in a small town. The shows are shot differently with different cameras.

It starts off with a teen girl Cassie Blake (played by Brittany Robertson from the TV show Life Unexpected) and she's driving. She then gets into an accident and her car gets a flat tire. She calls to this black car that stops, but it drives away. She then calls her mom that she got a flat and is changing the tire.

The black car that was shown earlier then pulls up to the house. The driver blocks the cell phone signal. Charles (played by Gale Harold, from TV show Hellcats) then does some magic and burns the house down with the mom in it. It was hauntingly beautiful to watch the house burn down as he walks away from it.

Cut to one month later, and Cassie drives from California to New Salem to live with her grandma Jane played by Ashley Crow (Claire's mom on Heroes.) Cassie starts experience weird occurrences like how she closes the curtains, and then they're open again. She goes to school and meets the principal Dawn Chamberlain played by Canadian actress Natasha Henstridge. She was on the comedy- action show She Spies.

The teens talk about how C is in town. C meets a guy who used to be her mom's old boyfriend in high school, and meets his son Adam (Thomas Dekker from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.) There's Faye Chamberlain, the principal's daughter. There's also Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy from the show Kaya.) Faye then tries to incite Cassie's powers, by starting a fire in C's car. Adam comes and saves her.

It looks like the story is setting up for A and C to get together. Then it turns out Adam has girlfriend named Diane. Psych! There is a character foil as Faye is the bad girl and Diane is the good girl. D doesn't want anyone to risk exposing their powers.

Cassie then bumps into Charles, the guy who killed her mom. It turns out he's Diane's dad. The adults don't want kids to practicing witchcraft because it ended badly years ago. The teens then tell Cassie that she's a witch. C and Adam then used their power to make water float. C is trying to understand her power, so she goes back to Adam's dad to talk to him.

Faye loves her power, and now that C is here, the circle is complete. Their powers are magnified. F makes this big storm and then she can't stop it. C then comes and stops the storm. After it she says she doesn't want any part of this.

Charles is the clear antagonist by killing Cassie's mom, and then he uses his magic to drown Adam's dad for a little bit before he lets him go. Charles then talks to Dawn and they know about Cassie, and Dawn looks like a bad guy too. Cassie finds a letter from her mother that tells her that she has power, and that people will be after her.

I give this show an average rating. It's okay, but I don't think I'll be watching it regularly.

Witchcraft on TV: Prior to watching this show, my sister asked me if I was going to watch it.

Me: Yes.
S: I knew it. You used to watch Charmed.
Me: Yeah, I watched the entire first season back in 1998. (Then it was on too late after that, and I only saw a few episodes here and there. It lasted for 8 seasons.)
S: And there were movies like The Craft- and what's the other one-
Me: Sabrina the Teenage Witch.
S: No, Practical Magic.

I loved Sabrina when it first came out in 1996. I was 11 yrs old back then and really thought the sitcom was funny. I saw it for a few years, and then it was on the WB which I didn't get. I thought The Craft was a good movie. I saw it on video when I was 13 at my friend Heather's birthday party.

Writing: From the ages of 11-14 yrs old I was into witchcraft. Then I read a book about the religion Wicca and then I wasn't really into it. I was into supernatural TV series like Buffy and Angel, and wanted to write something like that, so it was my research. Come to think of it, I haven't wrote anything supernatural since I was 15. A couple years ago I wrote about a character seeing a psychic that predicted things right, but it was very reality- based.

Sept. 16 Blog article: I got his article through my blog about networking tips. It talks a bit about social skills and how to mingle and meet people. It's an average article:

Hi Tracy,

We would love to share with you an article that we just posted on our own blog! “50 Expert Networking Tips You Should Start Using in School” is linked below and could be a fun way to share this announcement with your readers.(

It has been a sincere pleasure to read your great content.

Tim Handorf

Skills decline: I was reading the business section of the newspaper, and they said that the longer someone has been out of work, that person's skills decline (unless they practice). I know, I was like that in gr.10 when I was in all the low classes and I didn't have to work hard to pass. Then gr. 11 hit me and it was really hard to get back the work ethic I lost over a year. But I did get my work ethic and it stuck with me for the rest of my life.

I have the work ethic, but not always the skills. It's like that math test I took about adding positive and negative numbers. I looked it up and the term is called integers. If I don't practice or study my math, my skills decline. If it's reading and writing, I stop doing that for a year, I can still get right back to it.

It's like if I was transferred to a foreign country where I can't read the words, and I work at a restaurant, and my hobbies would be watching TV and shopping. I won't have trouble reading and writing if I haven't done it in a long time. I haven't done gr. 7 math in 14 years. I finished Pure Math 30 in 2003, that's 8 yrs.

Sept. 18 United Way music video: My friend/ college classmate Omar Mouallem is in this music video for the charity United Way. He starts rapping in 1:52 secs of it. It's filmed around downtown, City Centre, and Chinatown. I totally recognized the streets. The song is good and uplifting.

Check it out.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

funny videos/ writing job search/ Ringer

Sept. 10 Funny videos: I was watching The Vampire Diaries season 2 bloopers on Youtube. There were a couple shots of one of my fave actors David Anders at 15 sec mark. There's one of him in 1: 19 mark.

The beginning was funny with Nina Dobrev (or her stunt double) running and she hits the cave wall hard, and falls down.

Me: What?

The last scene in 2:17 mark was the funniest. Cut to Mason and Damon talking.

Mason: Mason Lockwood, I don't believe we've met.
Mason holds out hand to shake.
Damon (takes hand): Oh sure, hey, Ian.

They all burst out laughing and so did I. It was so natural, because the actor Ian Somerhalder broke character and said his real name. For a moment there, you see Somerhalder for who he is and how he really acts in real life when he meets new people.

It reminds me of my favorite part in the Veronica Mars season 3 bloopers. At the 3min mark, there's a scene with Veronica, Veronica's dad Keith, and Veronica's boyfriend Logan eating dinner.

Keith: So how's school Jason?

Keith (Enrico Colantoni) totally called Logan the actor's name Jason Dohring.

Sept. 13 Headlines:

Smoking Orangutan: Here's one I got from 24. It's being searched on Yahoo right now: "Smoking Orangutan goes Cold Turkey." The orangutan's name is Shirley and Malaysian wildlife officials removed her and four others from this zoo in Johor. Shirley smokes because visitors throw lit cigarrettes into her enclosure. She's now in Malacca Zoo and then will be put into a wildlife centre in Island of Borneo.

Sept. 14 Good news: My little brother was watching Anderson Cooper's new talk show called Anderson. He's a big fan of his since he watches him on CNN. AC interviewed this black woman in her 60s who helped find an abandoned baby. She talked about how she had to get her son ready for school, and she saw these 3 teen boys who like 14/15 yrs old and they were kicking this box around.

There was a baby inside it. The boys ran away. The baby is now a white woman who's 24 yrs old. She looked well- dressed and put together. P then turned off the TV.

Me: Turn it back on!
P: No, it's too much like Oprah.

I like Oprah, I guess AC should be a good replacement. I saw a promo that AC will be interviewing Sarah Jessica Parker.

I remember reading in the Edmonton Journal, the City Plus section, about how 3 teen boys found a baby girl in an alley. This article was a few yrs ago and they gave the baby to the hospital. The article was about how the girl grew up and was reunited with the 3 teens who are now grown men. So that was nice.

Divorce: Today I told my dad about the Yahoo article about the #1 reason people get divorced.

Dad: Money?
That's what I and P said.

Me: No, growing apart.
Dad: Growing apart?
Me: Falling out of love.

Sept. 13 Writing job search: I was talking to my friend Dan L. and he said he has a writing job, and it pays more than being an administrative assistant. He says look for a writing job on,, and I have used the first 2 engines for my admin assistant search, but not the last one. I'll check it out.

Sept. 14: I went to Eluta, and there weren't any writing jobs. I checked Indeed, and there were 2 pages of them. I applied to one because the others were technical writers and staffing agencies. I then went to Simply Hired and Monster. I haven't used those sites in awhile, and when I did I typed in "administrative assistant." This time, I wrote "writer, communications."

Job search: My usual job search is everyday I look at the Edmonton Journal classifieds, Job Serve emails, Job Bank, and Kijiji. I think it's effective because I apply to over a 100 places a month. That's how I manage to get interviews.

Sept. 15 Job interviews: The medical office didn't call me back so I didn't get hired. The other day I did an interview. I didn't get the receptionist position, but she will pass on my resume to the call centre position.

Today I did an interview. I got off work and then I took the bus to find the place. It took me about 45min to take 2 buses and find the place. Then I took the bus back and picked up some brochures for school. I then took the bus back to the company and got there 30min early.

They didn't mind and I did the interview. I thought it went okay, but then she told me there were 25 applicants for 1 position. There was a personality test I did, where you check one out of the 4 words which is most like you and which is least like you.

Math test: Then I did a math test. Now, I'm going to beat myself up here. It was jr. high math like: "What's 6- -3?" (Six minus negative three?)"

I picked 3, and then I did the math on the calculator at home and the correct answer is 9. I asked my brother the question and he answer it right like: "Isn't it like two negatives make a positive, so you add it and it's 9?" They told me I could use a calculator on my cell phone. So I did, but I didn't know how to use it. Damn it.

Or I could wank it my mind as in, even if I got 100% on the math test, I still wouldn't have gotten hired anyway due to all these applicants. The last time I did a math test to get a job was back in 2007. It was high school math, but with a regular calculator (not a scientific or graphing calculator). You needed to get 20/30 questions right. However, I didn't get the mark, but it was set up through a staffing agency. So staffing agencies are bad, and it's a good thing I didn't pass the test. If I got hired, the staffing agency would have made money off me.

Ringer: I saw this TV show the other day starring Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer). She plays twins. It starts off with Bridget an an AA meeting talking about herself. I saw the same scene in the TV movie A Woman Hunted. It's good exposition. She is staying at the Double Nickel Hotel which is a reference to twins. It says she is the co-executive producer for the pilot on So it looks like she's not a producer for the series.

Cut to 9 days earlier, B runs away from Witness Protection. B reunites with her twin sister Siobhan (pronounced Shevon. I didn't know that until I saw the show.) They get to know each other again after not seeing each other for 6 yrs. S is a wealthy socialite and married. She didn't tell anyone she has a sister, not even her husband Andrew (played by Ioan Grufford. He was in Fantastic Four.) He's British in this show.

It's well- shot. The boating scene looks fake. B is asleep on the boat, and wakes up. S is gone and the pill bottle has S's wedding ring in it. There are cool clothes and a penthouse that S lives in at NY. B calls her sponsor Malcolm (Mike Colter). He's black so there's some ethnic diversity. B tells Malcolm the truth that her sister committed suicide and B will take over her identity.

Kristoffer Polaha (from Life Unexpected) plays S's boyfriend Henry. S is cheating on her husband with her best friend's husband. B goes to AA and says: "Mistakes aren't tragedies. I never meant for any of this to happen. It just did." S has a rebellious step teen daughter Juliet. The FBI guy Victor played by Nestor Carbonell helps B.

Victor meets B who's pretending to be S. V doesn't realize it. He tells S that her twin sister is a prostitute/ stripper who is the only eye witness to a murder. It's good expository dialogue without sounding fake. B (as S) breaks things off with her best friend's husband. But, then it turns out S is pregnant. The best friend's husband says the baby is his.

Henry: It's either me or your husband.
B chooses husband.

There's a crazy ending. B gets a phone call from S's best friend to meet at the renovated apartment. A masked Bad Guy is there. B runs and BG comes at her.

B: I'm not Bridget!
B shoots him dead on. B takes his mask off and doesn't know him. B opens his jacket and there's a pic of S labeled: "Siobhan Martin. Oh my god, he wanted S killed, not B. Cut to the next shot and S is alive and gets a phone call telling her: "We have a problem."

My sister watched it with me and said she liked the use of mirrors in this ep to reflect duality. Looks like B is not safe pretending to be S. Also the bad guy is stalking B's friend Malcolm. There's a set up that M may get hurt.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept.11/ law school/ Tru Calling

Sept.11: I'm getting some more flashbacks. I processed 9/11 like a teenager does. I was 16, I thought differently back then.

Sept.11 and reality TV: Well, I remember I was watching Big Brother 2. One of the contestants was a black woman named Monica and the host Julie Chen told each of the 3 remaining contestants what happened. Monica is from NY, and had a candy store there. It's not until a year later, there was an update on the old contestants and Monica said one of her relatives died that day. I think it was her cousin.

I was watching this reality TV show over in summer 2001 called Murder in Small Town X and it's regular people who have to solve a murder mystery. The winner was a NYC firefighter named Angel Juarbe Jr. He won the game, and then he died on 9/11. Here's some more info about him.

My memory is that he was the nicest guy out of all the contestants. He was nice to this one woman that no one liked.

Sept. 11 and music: I remember the song by Enrique Isglesias called "Hero." He was asked if he wrote the song for 9/11, and he said no, he wrote before it happened. Then he released it, then 9/11 happened and he hoped the song would resonate with people.

I'm getting another flashback of watching MuchMusic. They were to have the MuchMusic Video Awards on Sept. 23, but will cancel it due to the attacks. I remember all the delays like even Britney Spears delayed her tour. Then she started the tour and will donate $1 every ticket to help the victims. MuchMusic had some sort of charity/ telethon on their network. They interviewed the singer Shaggy. There was an interview with the Backstreet Boys and that AJ said that the only good thing came out of it is how there has been so much help after the tragedy.

The TV show Dark Angel was to debut that week, but it delayed one week. There were all these cancellations and delays, and I was thinking: "Don't stop the world. Let's keep going."

Sept. 11 and TV: I had read an article about how Smallville debuted at a good time during Oct. 2001. This show is about the younger days of Superman. I'm paraphrasing here: "Because at a time like this, you need a hero right now."

I personally don't think the show is that good. It's like Buffy, but crappier. Smallville did last 10 seasons. I read some comment on the internet about Alias which also came out in 2001. Alias is about a young woman working for the CIA, and it may not be good to have a show about the CIA which failed to prevent 9/11. The show is well- written, and maybe 9/11 didn't really have an effect on it. One time in season 2, the character Will mentioned 9/11, but it wasn't really mentioned again.

Sept. 11 and movies: It was in 2003, but I bought the dvd 28 Days Later about a post- apocalyptic world where nearly the entire world was wiped out due to this disease. I was listening to the audio commentary, and it said some of the scenes were shot on Sept. 9, 2001.

I also bought The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions on dvd. There was footage about how there were delays in making the movies because first the singer/ actress Aaliyah died in Aug. 2001. She had some scenes in the movie, but was deleted because there wasn't enough of her to finish filming. Then 9/11 occurred, and it delayed the movie even more.

Time magazine: In 2002, I was reading Time magazine about 9/11 when I was waiting in the doctor's office. The article talked about how in hindsight, the govt. knew a terrorist attack was going to happen, but don't know how or when exactly. Something like in July 2001, there was info that a terrorist attack will happen in a few months.

Then on Sept. 10, there was a discussion about it in the govt. This was from 9yrs ago, so it's kind of fuzzy to remember the article. There was a picture of female politician, not Hilary Clinton. Someone said: "We'll figure it out in a few months." The woman then said: "I don't think we have a few months to prepare for it."

Sept. 12 Job interview: Today I went to a job interview and it was okay. I went in for a receptionist position, but there's actually a call centre position available. I may end up getting the call centre one.

Law school: Over the weekend, I asked one of the servers if he got into law school because he was on the waiting list. He didn't get in and will be upgrading for another year to get in. I told him that law school will be very depressing. I know someone personally who went through all 4 yrs of law school and graduated, and hated it. She isn't a lawyer, and isn't practicing law. But she does have a career.

I remember reading in this Canadian men's magazine called Toro. There was this advice column about how a guy said he hated law school. Does he finish law school and practice law for a couple years to make the education worth it, or quit? The advice was quit law school. If you're unhappy now in it, then what makes you think you will be happy when practicing it?

I told the server to not go to law school, so he could be happy, and not because I don't want to see him be successful. He said he met lawyers who are happy, and that different people want to be different things.

Tru Calling: That reminds me of an episode of Tru Calling. It's where Tru is in med school and so is her friend Jensen. Then it turns out Jensen's girlfriend is pregnant and she is saying things like: "Oh, I can't wait to have the girls see me now that I'm marrying a doctor." It turns out she isn't pregnant and had a hysterectomy. She lied that she was pregnant so she could marry a doctor.

I can assume later, when they are married and there's no baby, she will say she had a miscarriage. The thing is, don't get married just because you're pregnant. Or in this case, wait until the baby comes and then get married. Jensen finds out and they broke up.

Also, Jensen isn't even really a doctor. By all means he could drop out or graduate out of med school and not practice medicine. Just like the person I mentioned who graduated out of law school, and doesn't practice law. This is the person who is an overachiever all her life. I have a cousin who studied science and then works at a bank.

Shopping: I went to the newly renovated Ardene's at City Centre today. There is a new renovated Ardene's at West Ed mall, Bonnie Doon mall, and the one I went to in Calgary. They're bigger, brighter lighting, more changing rooms, they've improved. I tried their perfume which smells good for $12 in a glass bottle. Or I could buy one body spray for $5.50. If you buy 2 body sprays in plastic bottles for $6.

Money: Also at work, the server who didn't get into law school said about work: "I'm going to be poor after this." It's because the restaurant wasn't really busy and won't be making a lot of money. Yeah, well at least he's working. I would say this "I'm going to be poor after this" after I went out on the town or gone on vacation.

Sept. 13: Today started off bad because I woke up at 4am, and couldn't get back to sleep. I then didn't feel very well, probably lack of sleep. I went to work, and once again it wasn't very busy so I didn't make a lot of tips.

Writing: Then I checked my email today, and the Writer in Residence Marty Chan emailed me back today with notes on The Vertex Fighter pages 20-40! Now he has read the first 40 pages of that script, and the 40 pages of Rain. He says he will only read new writers work for the remaining part of the year and he has helped me so much already.

Ringer: The other highlight of my day is that the new TV thriller show Ringer will be on the CW tonight. It will be on Global Friday nights. It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar, Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as she plays twins. One twin is socialite, while the other twin is in witness protection program. I'll write more about it after I watch the pilot.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

money article/ The Listener/ Sept. 11

Sept. 9 Money article: I found this article on Yahoo called "7 Unusual Ways to Save Money." It said "Go out to lunch." Buy breakfast, and lunch in a restaurant because it's cheaper than if you buy dinner." That's true, but it's cheaper not to eat out at all. Then it mentioned that instead of buying a book at a bookstore, buy it on Amazon or at a used bookstore. I say go to the library.

I then read some comments on the article, and people totally dissed the article and said what I said. I didn't diss the article, but it wasn't that good.

Here's a funny comment: "They can't be serious with article are they? It must be a joke. My tip is if you want to save money, spend less of it. Not sure if you guys have heard this tip before or not, so I thought I would post my genius idea here."

Job: Today at work, I was the only busser so I didn't have to split the tips. I was then told that I would be the only busser on the weekdays, so that's good.

Job search: I talked to this girl at my work, and she told me it takes her 2hrs to get to work. I then gave her this job ad I printed out from my computer that I found when I was looking for a job. The place is closer to where she lives.

I got a call from Platinum Marketing. It wasn't selling, it was at a kiosk providing information to people. It was customer service, and I guess from the ad, I thought it was going to be at an office.

Job interviews: I went to a job interview at a school earlier this week. The guy who interviewed me seemed like my age and he said there were a lot of applicants and that he will call the one who gets hired by the end of the week. It's the end of the week, and he has not called. His name is Nick, and it's not until an hr later after the interview, I thought he may have gone to my jr. high and high school.

I had to satisfy my curiosity and called the place again and asked for him. This young woman picked up and I asked if a guy by his full name worked there. She said no, because in the interview, Nick said only 5 people work there.

Yesterday I did a job interview at a medical office. It was in a building where I did another interview before months ago.

From a job interview I did last month, I learned that I need to slow down my speaking a little bit.

Success videos: I was listening to this "Tim Ferriss: Smash Fear, Learn Anything." He wrote the book: The 4- Hour Work Week. The gist of it is: "What you do, not how you do it is the determining factor. Being effective, and doing the right things. What's the worse that can happen?"

Sept. 10: It's Saturday, and the weekends are often busy. Today it wasn't. Let's switch gears and talk about something else.

The Listener: I saw this episode a few weeks ago. It's called "Eye of the Storm" and it's the second to last ep of the second season. It was a little sexy. It was also the second ep about a politician. Earlier in the season, someone was going to assassinate a politician.

So the Foreign Minister Diane is played by Cynthia Dale and she has a sex tape on the internet. She didn't know there was a camera in the hotel room and she didn't release it. I noticed the difference that there's a sex scandal, but with a woman politician. Even the characters mentioned Elliot Spitzer and how the "tables have turned." Toby and the IIB investigate that it's a real tape, and it's not doctored. There were messages to her political office "You go girl." lol.

FM doesn't know the man in the video tape. It complicates the story more so you have to find the man because he must have released the tape. FM's rival is a Male Politician so he's a suspect. It turns out Hacker/ news reporter Wasserman leaked the tape. They mentioned Toronto, so shout out to Canada.

The IIB finds out that the man in the tape is an escort because they found a Moonlight Companions receipt in his apartment. Agent McCluskey talks to FM about how she met the man. FM says she was at a bar, and a man approached her and they had sex. McCluskey tells her that he's an escort and FM was surprised. She was also embarrassed because she thought that the man was actually interested in her. Toby reads her mind and that's what happened.

McCluskey goes to the escort agency, and can't find the man. She does fined hacker Wasserman who won't give up the source of the video. T reads his mind and sees a USB key. Then at the press conference, an Asian woman news reporter (racial stereotype) questions that FM will be forced out of the govt. The stakes have been raised.

There's a warrant to look through hacker Wasserman's place, no USB key. Here's the funny part. T goes to the escort agency and talks to the woman manager.

Manager: You want to apply?
T: No, I want to hire someone.
M: I'm sure there are a lot of women.
T: No, I want a man.
Me: You're going to pretend you're gay?
T: It's for my wife.
Me: lol.

Cut to FM Diane's husband trade briefcases to Hacker Wasserman. It has all the govt. evidence. The husband said it was architecture designs and Wasserman was a courier. It looks like the husband had the tape.

McCluskey gets a call from Toby to meet him in a hotel. She goes to the room and there's the male escort. Escort says his family won't speak to him after they found out was his job was. He doesn't know Wasserman. FM Diane's husband architect assistant is a suspect because she has access to all the computers. T reads mind and it turns out the Assistant set up the videotape and USB key.

They showed the Assistant in an earlier scene, but she was never a suspect. She then admits she did it for democracy: "The govt. should serve the people, not rule them." That was an unpredictable mystery.

There is a subplot with T's friend Oz and his open relationship. Oz finds out that his girlfriend isn't dating a doctor, but she sees him as her OBGYN to see if she can have a baby. It turns out she can have kids.

The other little plot is that T has been having headaches. His doctor friend Olivia does a brain scan on him, and it turns out T's headaches are due to electrical limits. He uses his telepathy too much, and it will cause strokes, and it will kill him.

Sept. 11: I looked through my old blog posts for the past 3 yrs and I never wrote about the anniversary of 9/11. When I heard about the World Trade Centre, I was in my gr.11 math class. My math teacher told us that and mentioned about War of the Worlds, the radio show where people thought aliens were attacking the planet was real and not just a play.

Then in Creative Writing class, the teacher told us to write down what our thoughts were. I always say my life is mostly influenced by TV. The phrase "terrorist attack", I was familiar with because of the TV show Dark Angel. It came out a year before and it's about a young woman named Max who was raised to be superhuman soldier in a govt. experiment. She was one of 12 who escaped in the world of 2010.

A few months after she escaped, a terrorist attack occured and an electromagnetic pulse destroyed all the computers and wiped out bank records and everybody became poor. It turned the US into a 3rd world country overnight. In a way, that show kind of mentally prepared me, though you can never really be prepared for 9/11.

I thought at least it didn't happen in Canada. This will all blow over eventually and we can go back to normal. 10 yrs later, airport security and there is this underlying fear of another terrorist attack happening. In July 7, 2005, there was London bombings on the trains.

I remember coming home from work, and my brother telling me about it.

Me: Is it a terrorist attack?
P: Yes.

Terrorism is the first thing that came to my mind.

Friday, September 9, 2011

AtRisk: Troy Davis is about to be executed; help us prevent a tragedy

Please sign this petition and save a life. I signed it.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Real Life Doogie Howser?/ success/ headlines

Sept. 6 Real Life Doogie Howser: I found this on Yahoo news. There is a young man named Matthew Schmeidt who was arrested for impersonating a doctor at a hospital. It starts off with how it sounds like a movie, a combination of the TV show Doogie Howser about a young doctor and the movie Catch Me if You Can, about a guy pretending to be a doctor.

Schmeidt was a clerk at the hospital, and then for 2 weeks he was examining patients, changing IV tubes, and did CPR. It mentions how there was another older man who was pretending to be a doctor without a medical degree.

This kind of reminds me of a script I'm working on, about doing home- based surgery. It's been done on TV shows like Veronica Mars. Veronica gets into a fight with a rapist, and then through self- defense, VM puts this figurine unicorn's horn straight into his leg. The rapist runs and then later gets his friend to pull it out manually, without anesthesia, in a motel room.

Success: I was listening to this motivational video while looking for a job. Alian de Botton talks about "A kinder, gentler philosophy of success." He says: "We should not give up on the idea of success. We should make sure that they are our own. That we own them, that we are truly the authors of our own ambitions. It's bad that you don't get what you want. What's worse is that you get what you want and to find out at the end of the journey, it's not what you wanted at all."

Sept. 7 Rant: I got a couple. Today at work, it was really quiet. One server went home, and I made very little in tips because I had to split it with the other busser. We didn't need two bussers. The good thing is, is that I worked for a few hours and got paid.

The next is a big rant. My sister said that I was "failing at life" and asked me how long I was looking for a job. That my techniques don't work and that I don't listen. I told this to dad, and he said: "Why do you care about what she says?" I said: "I don't. I want you to tell her to stop."

It all started because yesterday I knock on the door to be let in. My sister tells me to ring the doorbell. Today I knocked on the door of my brother's room to wake him up for dinner, and she gets mad at me for knocking on the door. She says things and I roll my eyes. She asks: "Why are you rolling your eyes?" The good thing is, is that I only knock on the door because it's a gate and only someone inside can let me in. If it's a wooden door, I will unlock it and don't knock.

Sept. 8: It was good today at work. The other busser was transferred to another department to work at that day and she got her own tips, and I got my own tips.

Headlines: It's time for the funny email of the week.

Stupid criminals: Here's one I found in The Globe and Mail Life section with the quirky news bits.

"Lobster thief pinched": According to Associated Press, a man in southern Mississippi is accused of trying to walk out of D'Iberville grocery store without paying for these live lobsters that he put in his cargo shorts. He was arrested on Saturday. Chief Wayne Payne says that the man tried to escape by throwng the pork loin at employees, but fell while running away. He was arrested at the scene. lol.

Names: Also I just noticed the rhyming name Wayne Payne. Like the famous actor Jack Black. Or the fictional character on the cartoon show Daria, Daria's friend was Jane Lane. I know a girl in my high school named Ann Tran.

Here's some from the Edmonton Journal Sunday section last year:

"High on life": '(The bears) were extraordinarily docile and mellow, Mansveld said.' -Comment in the Windsor Star about a dozen or so bears founding guarding a pot farm at Christina Lake, BC.

"Jersey Shore Star Snooki Charged with Annoying People"- 'Headline at over a story that should come as no surprise to anyone.'

Me: Then turn off the TV. Unless you actually met her in real life.

"Taking a powder: 'Grandma's Ashes Mistaken For Drugs'- Headline in the Arizona Republic over a story we all know was inevitable."

"Below the belt:" According to Memphis Commercial Appeal, 45 yr old Kenneth Bonds yells at these teen boys to pull up their pants as they're walking on the street. They refused. Bonds pulls out a gun and the kids ran. They didn't run very fast because the pants were low. One boy was shot in the butt, but not critically injured. Bonds faces charges for aggravated assault.

"Not-so-free speech": According to the New York Post, a guy in Colorado addressed the Boulder city council wearing only his boxer shorts. He was arrested, and then he filed a human rights complaint. He then agreed to accept $10,300 from the city in exchange to agree not to sue.

Me: And why were you only in your boxer shorts when you were talking to the council? Why were you arrested? Human indecency? Public nudity? Maybe not, because he was wearing boxer shorts?

"Bare facts": According to Seattle Weekly, a couple broke into a rural home near Elma. They had sex while filming with their camera that they brought. They ran away really fast when someone came to pick up the mail while the homeowners were away. They left the camera there. Grays Harbor County deputies recognized the couple, and arrested the woman, but haven't found the man.

"Wide- awake nightmare:" Joseph Wheeler got into a car accident, and woke up in Prince George's Hospital in Upper Marlboro after the crash. It's where he was misidentified as a woman being prepped to go int lung- cancer surgery. According to Fox News, instead of Wheeler getting surgery, he tried to leave when he couldn't convince the nurses who he was.

Security came and threw him down. Wheeler and his wife convinced hospital staff of his identity and he had 4 broken ribs, sprained shoulder, ruptured spleen, and a concussion. Wheeler is suing Prince George for $10 million.

"Rocky- Road:" Western New York state of Genesee County arrested a 61 yr old man for driving 17 km with only 3 tires. There tire fell off the van in Bethany, NY, and the driver kept going. It turns out his license expired in 1977.

"Mom's Bait": A survey said that most Italian men live within a few km of their mothers. Rosario Scognamillo, 39 is a supposed high- ranking member of the Mafia. He had been a fugitive for months. According to the New York Post, he went to see his mom in Naples for her home- cooking. The police were there.

"Thanks, Ma:" According to Atlanta Journal- Constitution, a man broke into a school in Georgia, and dropped his cell phone while there. The school was in Athens. Police found the phone and in the phone it said "Ma." They called and the mom answered and gave her son's name, and he was arrested.

"Winning form:" According to St. Petersburg Times, 450 people rode inflatable sex dolls through the Russia's Vuoksa River. It's called the Bubble Baba Challenge and was won by Vladislav Pavlenko who rode his doll and won in 2 min. and 47 sec.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

At Risk: Canadian citizen faces life imprisonment after unfair trial in Ethiopia

Please go to this link and sign the petition. I have done it already.

environment/ motivational videos/ resume jokes

Sept. 5 Environment: I was going through my bookmarks for my job search, and I found this. TD Friends of the Environment Foundation. You can donate money to help the environment. I'm going to reduce, reuse, and recycle, and take the bus.

Sept. 6 Blog article: I got this through my blog about "30 Thriving Careers your Children should Consider." It's a fast and easy read. There are the classic, safe careers like doctor, lawyer, and teacher. There are less popular ones like mobile application developers, debt counselors, market researcher (kind of like me working at a call centre), and physical therapy assistant.

There are a lot medical and science positions like nurse, pharmacist, stem cell researcher, and biologist. Here it is:

"Hi Tracy,

The coverage of your blog is so comprehensive and creative that it’s turned many of us at into regular followers. We recently published a post, “30 Thriving Careers Your Children Should Consider” (, we hope you and your readers might also find interesting. If you have the time to consider it, we’d appreciate any mention or feature of it on your blog. Let us know if you have any questions.

Emma Taylor"

Motivational videos: I got this through my blog some months ago, but I didn't have time to watch the videos. Here's one:

"Hi Tracy,

I work with, where we just published entitled "10 TED Talks That Will Transform Your Career" Considering this overlap in subject matter with your blog; I thought perhaps you would be interested in sharing the article with your readers? If so, you can find the article here:

Either way, I hope you continue putting out great content through your blog. It has been a sincere pleasure to read.

Rose King"

I clicked on the first link: "Dan Pink on the surprising science of motivation." It's 18 min. of a guy named Dan Pink who was once a lawyer. He went to law school, and didn't do well. He's very charismatic and funny. He talks about experiments that concludes: "Higher incentive leads to worse performance."

He talks about how you tell a group of people that if you solve this problem within 5min, you get $5. If you solve it the fastest out of everybody, you get $20. It can actually slows them down by 3min. then the group without any incentive given. It's about the intrinsic thing that what you do, is that you want to do it. There is the intrinsic drive to do things because they matter. Here's the link:

Here's another blog email that has more videos. I do want to watch it, but I will make an effort to watch it:

"Hi Tracy,

I recently discovered your blog, and I have become a frequent reader. We recently published an article “The 20 Essential TED Talks for New Grads” that dovetails well with your audience. Perhaps you would be interested in sharing with them?

Here's the link: (

Thanks for the great content, and I hope the article I've linked primes your interest.


Emma Taylor"

Resume jokes: I got this article from the Globe and Mail, on Sept. 3. It's called "Resumes that stand out for the wrong reasons" by Wallace Immen

-"A candidate said that the more he was paid, the harder he would work." If you watched the Dan Pink video above, that's not the case. I thought in general, everybody thinks that, but you wouldn't say it.

I have a book called Acceleration by Graham McNamee. I bought in 2004, and I think in the Edmonton Public Library, there was a teen section and it got voted as the best book that summer. It's about a teen boy named Duncan who finds a diary that belongs to a serial killer, and he has to stop him. There was a line that said: "Minimum wage, minimum effort." I told this to my friend Angela and she said: "That's a bad attitude."

Now back to the resume jokes:

-An applicant was fired from several jobs, and listed them all as a reference.
Me: Stupid.

-One applicant listed her dog as a reference.
Me: That is even more stupid.

-An applicant listed how to moonwalk as a "special skill."
Me: I would say that as a joke during an interview and then say: "Just kidding. I'm really good with customer service."

-An applicant listed "versatile toes" as a job skill.
Me: What? Unless you're a dancer, you can say you can moonwalk and have versatile toes.

-Co- applicants of a husband and wife looking to job share, submitted a co-written poem.
Me: Unless you're applying for a writer job, you may use a poem, but that's for submitting something you want published.

-One applicant only used his first name.
Me: Did you forget to type in your last name on your resume? Who are you trying to be? Madonna?

-"A job history that included the fact that the applicant was arrested for assaulting his previous boss."
Me: Don't even put that on your resume.

-Typo: "I would be a good ass to the company."

May 8, 2013: I had to delete the B school motivation video link because the people at the site told me to.