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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

news/ Michael Trucco/ jokes

Mar. 28 News: Today I read on Yahoo News that there is this UK math expert that can predict who will stay married, and who will divorce. He watched couples talk about sex and money for 15 min. If they use humour and affection, then he gives them high scores. If they are defensive and angry when talking about it, he gives them low scores. He is 94% accuracy out of 700 newly married couples. Damn, that's good.

Michael Trucco: I think I totally overdosed on this guy. Last night I saw him Next. Then I went on Youtube and saw the Sabrina the Teenage Witch episodes. I fast forward to his scenes. He was 30 years old when he was on that show. I remember watching those eps when it first aired, but I just didn't remember him. He played Sabrina's love interest for 3 eps. I also saw the Charmed episode he was in on Youtube. He was 28 years old when he did that. He played a Dark Lighter named Alec. I remembered the ep, just not him.

Next: So again with the movie Next. There was an interview with Jessica Biel and how she said: "If I did know the future, then I would be like 'don't do that job' and 'don't meet that person' and my life would be perfect. But then, I would never learn anything." That is so true. I'm like that when I look back on the past: "If only I did this or that." But I did learn a lot from what happened.

Music: I borrowed the cd "Elevator" from the band Hot Hot Heat. The only song I like of theirs on that cd was "You Owe Me an IOU." I like their other cd called "Makeup the Breakdown" for songs like "Bandages" and "Talk to Me, Dance with Me."

Recycle: Did you know that you can recycle your printer toners at Grand and Toy? That's what I did. It's good so that it won't go into a landfill, and because toners could leak ink.

Mar. 29: I know I said I overdosed on Michael Trucco, but today I went and watched the Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman ep called "Seeds of Doubt" on Youtube. He plays this stalker guy. I never watched this show before, but it's good to show women being doctors.

Now I'm getting a flashback of this phone conversation I had with my friend Heather in jr. high.
H: I think living in the 18th century is good because we got to grow our own food, and build our own houses.
Me: But there was no TV and internet, and I can't live like

Throw in the fact there wasn't really good medical technology or running water into that too. I then went and saw a clip of the 2004 TV movie Perfect Romance. MT is there, with the actor JR Bourne. MT did say in an interview that he was friends with JR Bourne. Here's the clip with both actors:

Then I went and looked up MT in the 90s sitcom California Dreams in the ep "Babewatch." Here's the clip that he's in. Get to 2:12 in and he is sitting there at the front watching the band play.

I also found him on another 90s sitcom Hang Time.

Funny: I was on Yahoo News and read that there is this stupid criminal who robbed a cop at a cop convention. He gets arrested and then his comment to the news is: "I'm smooth."

Job: Today I managed to get Sunday off, because Ray took my shift because she needed the money. Saturday was boring. Usually there is more action, but there wasn't. It looks Iike I'll be doing a 40 hour week now for the next month. I needed some work- life balance.I used to work 48hrs a week (Mon- Sat.). Then I got Fri. off and worked on Sun. so it was 46.5hrs. I did a lot of writing on those dull Sun. Today I typed up 10 pages. When I was at Blockbuster, I was thinking it would be cool to work at a video store. However, I know I will get bored fast like Urban Planet. I will only take a white- collar job.

I have read earlier in newspapers that Blockbuster may close down, but video stores are doing well due to people staying at home watching movies.

Mar. 30: Today I was talking to my manager Steven about the economy. He said he heard that Scotiabank laid off all their part- time workers. The business people who come in are saying they don't travel a lot for business, they do video conferences.

Confessions: I'm going to confess that I only passed out 6 resumes this month. As for Jan. and Feb., I passed out like 20- something each month. Well now that I have 2 days off, Fri. I will pass out my resumes, and Sun. I will chill out. Well I did complete my script to 90 pages and sent it out. That counts for something. I was going through my blog, and I found out I wrote 8 weekly emails/ blog posts that discuss Michael Trucco. Well here's a 9th one.

Mar. 31 Sad news: I read that Angel actor Andy Hallet has passed away for heart failure at 33 years old. Damn. He played the green skinned demon Lorne. I went on and saw that he hasn't been doing a lot of work. The last project he did was provide a voice for an animated movie back in 2005.

Economy: Starbucks closed down their first Canadian location in Richmond, BC. They were underperforming, and they laid off their workers with a 5 day notice. Damn. At least when I got laid off at Ipsos, they gave us a whole month notice.

Joke: This morning I was making a sandwich for a punk rock guy with green hair and glasses.

Guy: What does it say on your shirt?
Me: Kyle Riabko, chemistry.
Guy: Hey do you want to hear a chemistry- physics joke?
Me: Sure.
Guy: So there are two atoms at a bar, and one of them says: "Oh my God, I think I lost an electron!" The other atom says: "Are you positive?"
Me: What? That's it?
Guy: Hello, "are you positive?"
Me: Oh yeah. It's been awhile since I was high school.

Then I told it to Patrick and my sister. S didn't laugh, and P actually groaned at it. That reminds me of 2005 when I was at NAIT. Our teacher Norman asked us to find a good website, and one bad website so we would know how to make a good one.

Amy: This Britney website is all on one page, and it takes forever to load.
Norman: Looks like this site is "toxic."
The class laughed.
When I told the joke to P, P asked: "Did the class groan at it?"
Me: No, they laughed.Here's another one. S and I were watching 90210. The character Naomi is teaching math to Liam.

Naomi: An acute angle is less than 180 degrees.
S: No, 90 degrees.
Liam: No, 90 degress.
N: Yes.
Me: Good catch.

Friday, March 27, 2009

quote/ dollhouse/ next

Mar. 25 Quote: I was thinking of the quote: "Patience is a virtue." Right now I'm waiting for production companies to read my script, give me notes, and hopefully say they will produce it. For now, I'm struggling with writer's block. I'm looking through my old scripts to get to write something. For now, I've only been editing it. Maybe I should email Conni again, but this time with one of my incompleted scripts.

Music: I borrowed this other Jonas Brothers cd again from the library. I like song like "Games." I like the background music to the verses. I like "Kids of the Future" which is using "Kids in America" song. I also like the fun song "Year 3000." All the songs are short, and fast. It's got good beats.

I also went on and he's got a new song called "Blame it" (remix) feat. T- Pain. It sounds good.

Mar. 26 Economy: There are a lot of bankruptcies occuring. 570 corporations filed for bankruptcies in Jan. 2009.

Dollhouse: I caught that new ep of Dollhouse. I read that there is going to be a crazy plot twist in the ep that the creator Joss Whedon wrote in. It was this: The FBI agent was telling his neighbor/ girlfriend about his private work. At the Dollhouse, there is this handler who is abusing one of the dolls Sierra. The handler gets caught and is told to be sent in to kill the FBI agent's gf.

Cut to the agent who left his apartment to pick up Chinese food. The handler attacks the gf and I thought she was going to get killed since she is a minor character. FBI agent gets into a fight with Echo at the restaurant. E tells him that there are over 20 Dollhouses in the world, and that he needs to back off. Someone will help him bring the Dollhouse down in other ways. E says: "Fantasy is the Dollhouse's business, but it's not it's purpose."

FBI agent runs home and calls his apartment to warn the gf to not answer the door. GF is being attacked, the phone rings and the machine gets it. Dollhouse woman then calls and says: "There are 3 flowers in a vase. One of them is green." GF is actually a sleeper doll and is activated. GF kills the handler. Then the Dollhouse woman is watching from a window and saw what happened: "There are 3 flowers in a vase. One of them is yellow." GF is deactivated and starts crying. FBI agent rushes in and hugs her. Crazy.

Inspired: I'm a server, but that's not my purpose. I want to do writing as my business, and be a writer as a purpose.

I'm kind of inspired from this show. I was watching this great fight fight scene with Echo and FBI agent in the restaurant kitchen. I have written a fight scene in a house kitchen before. That fight scene was like old school Buffy fight scenes.

Mar. 27 Next: Today I rented the movie Next because Michael Trucco is in it. Well, he's only there for one scene where he plays Jessica Biel's ex- boyfriend, but he looked hot in it with his button- down blue shirt, khakis that matched the blazer. The scene was funny with action in it. It was totally worth renting it for $4.19. It came out in 2007.

It starred Nicholas Cage as a guy who can see 2 min into the future. Julianne Moore plays an FBI agent needing his help to stop a bomb from blowing up. It was an average- to- good action movie. Great action scenes with this avalanche, car chase scene, special effects. I probably have to say I like the diner scene as my favorite where NC meets JB there, and it's where MT appears.

Rogers Video: In good economic news, Rogers Video and other video stores are doing well in this economy. The reason is that less people are going out, and are spending their money renting movies to watch because it's cheaper. Today I did the usual thing on my day off: washing my hair, washing my apron, running maintenace wizard on my computer. I did pass out 2 resumes at these places next block to where I live.

Then after lunch, I went to Rogers Video in downtown to rent Next. When I got there, there was a sign that said: "Computers are down, will work out by 11am." I thought it was a sign that I should pass out more resumes. It was 12pm, so I decided to take the bus to Capilano mall where there is a Blockbuster. I went there to sign up a card. I gave them my AB ID.

Guy: Do you have a second piece of ID like a credit card?
Me: No, I only have a debit card, library card, and a Shoppers Optimum card.
Guy: What about a SIN card? Or a piece of mail?
Me: No.
You're not supposed to carry your SIN around, because if your wallet gets stolen, your identity gets stolen really easily with that card. Then I left and crossed the street to the Rogers Video next block over. I then managed to rent it there. It's cheap ($3.99) and I get to have it for a week. I have rented new movies from there, and it's usually over $5 and I only get it for 2 days.

I went on to research Michael Trucco, and he has done a lot of TV, but very little movies. Other than Next, he's done the Battlestar Galactica movie. It looks like I'll have to rent a Charmed season 1 dvd to watch him. I love that show when it came out in 1998 when I was 13. I do remember watching every ep. Then in season 2 it was on at 10pm on Mon. so I didn't watch it until the summer. He was also in the 5th season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for 3 eps so I may have seen it. I loved that show when it came out in 1996. After a few years I lost interest.

News: I read that CBC is cancelling their sitcom Sophie after 2 seasons due to lack of ratings. I also read that Jamie Lynn Spears is cancelling her wedding to her baby's daddy. I'm glad. Doesn't mean that you have a kid with someone means that you have to get married to that person.

I watched this documentary called The Business of Sex. It was about prostitution so I had to watch it. There was an ep on Tyra about it earlier this week, but I forgot to watch. The documentary is that prostitution is legal, but you can't have sex at the same place all the time or it could be a bawdy house which is illegal.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

charity/ economy/ joke

Mar. 21 Charity: I haven't wrote about charity in a long time. I was looking at my blog, and it seems the last time I wrote about it was in Oct. 2008. Today at work, these two teenage boys and a girl enter.

Girl: Can you give us some pop bottles?
Me: What is this for- school?
Guy: No, it's for the Mustard Seed.
Me: Oh that charity (to help homeless people).
I took the plastic bag from them and filled it up.

New word: On Wed. I was watching Criminal Minds and learned the new word hebophile. It means someone who is sexually attracted to teenagers. A pedophile is someone who is sexually attracted to kids. I found this page that has some interesting info about it.

Mar. 22 Creative: It's hard to be creative in writing. I don't write stuff about teenagers. When I was a teen, I wrote about teens and they deal with the supernatural, teens that deal with action. If it's only about teens, then it's going to be the same thing all the time. They have to deal with issues like teen pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, etc. Always an after- school special. These days, teens also have to live a rich lifestyle like on 90210, Gossip Girl, and Privileged.

Mar. 23 Job: I was talking with my co- worker Lorriane today, and she also noticed that there is a slow down in the restaurant. I've been reading the newspaper about how we all want work/ life balance. Well I work 46.5 hrs a week. That's full- time. My life outside of work is really watching TV. Sure, there is some job search, internet, and writing.

Economy: I read in The Globe and Mail that ipod sales are decreasing, and cheap candy and Shoppers Drug Mart sales are increasing. Cheap makeup like Clinique is doing well, while expensive makeup like Estee Lauder is doing poorly. I read in 24 (and I've seen on Yahoo News a few months ago) that more women are going into the sex industry, working at strip clubs, appearing in adult movies, etc. to make money in this bad economy.

Blog: I was reading in the Metro and the writer Anne Hines says: "Apparently, blogging is a chance to share all those ordinary everday thoughts and experiences that no one will sit and listen to us talk about, but are happy to spend hours reading online." Well it's like a journal, you write about boring stuff right?

Insight: So I was watching Gossip Girl, and Blair won't be able to get into a first tier college.
Me: I'm sure she could go into any college and still make the same amount of money.
(I read that in the news before. Suze Orman said she went to community college and she makes way more money than people who went to those really expensive universities.)
Sister: Blair wants the prestige (of a first tier college).

I might have some inspiration for my writing. I remember the Tru Calling pilot. Tru was supposed to get an internship at the hospital, because she wants to be a doctor. However, the internship doesn't work out and it leads her to working at the morgue. That is how it leads her to having dead people asking her for help, it rewinds the day, and Tru saves their lives.

Well it did make me think of how I don't always get my way. I didn't get to go to Victoria Performing Arts high school, because my parents wouldn't let me. I didn't get into either the Radio or TV program at Nait.

Blue/ white collar: I looked up what "blue- collar jobs" are and it means the trades like welding and constructions. "White- collar jobs" are office jobs. That's what I want- a white- collar job.

Castle: Today I was watching Castle and he has to find out which one of these group of teens committed murder. What a coincidence. Last night I just saw an ep of The Mentalist and they have to solve the same mystery. However, it was different. In Castle, one teen committed murder because he didn't like one of their friends. In Mentalist, all the teens are responsible for a murder of one of their friends because that friend wanted to tell the cops about an accidental murder.

This made me think some more. Hey, isn't this all stem from I Know What You Did Last Summer? It's about a group of teenagers who have to cover an accidental murder when they run over someone. The stakes are always the same. If you tell the cops, you all go to jail and don't go to college. I will say what I listed above were all well- written. It may be the same mystery, but you don't know who did it.

It also reminds me of that 2001 TV movie called What Happened That Night. It was with four college guys who picked up a girl at a bar. She accidentally shoots herself, and all the guys have to cover it up so they won't go to jail.

Mar. 24 Printer: I went to Grand and Toy to pick up this toner for the printer. My dad ordered it. I talked to Lorraine there and asked for it.

L: We don't have it yet.
Me: Do you want me to come back tomorrow?
L: It'll come when it comes. Don't you remember working here?
Me: Well I only worked here for a month back in 2006.
(I worked there because the call centre Ipsos laid me off and I was biding time until the other call centre Leger hired me.)
L: It'll come here by 2.
Then at 3pm I went there when my work was slow to pick it up.

I'm so happy. I finally got the toner so I could print out my script and pitch it. Also my siblings are happy so now they can print their notes instead of printing it at school.

Funny: I was trying to put the toner in, and Patrick was like: "You pull out the tabs and push it in." I couldn't pull out the old one and get the new one in. Then P pulls out the old one and he told me to move this blue thing on the new one.

P: Do you have ink on your fingers?
I looked.
Me: Yeah. Oh, no wonder you told me to do that! You didn't want ink on your fingers!
P: Wash it with cold water.
P has this like obsessive- compulsive disorder with washing his hands. He will probably be washing his hands for a long time if he touched the ink. lol.

Celeb news: It looks like there are money problems for celebs. I read that The Hills reality TV star Lauren Conrad has pulled her fashion line because of lack of sales. It's mainly due to the economy and her life. I'm reading that Lindsay Lohan realizes that she needs to make money. I went on, and read that the only work she's done in 2008, was 4 eps of Ugly Betty. It says she's finished a movie, and she is working on another one.

Mar. 25 Joke: I was thinking about that time back in Eng. 13 in gr. 10. It was in 2001. In gr.11, I then did Eng. 20 and Eng. 23, so I could get into Eng. 30 in gr. 12. My friend Heather's boyfriend Daniel, my friend Kyla, my old classmate Chris Krieger, the jock Dane, and I were sitting and talking.

Kyla: One time I went to a party, and I got really drunk.
Daniel: So who did you wake up with?
Chris, Dane, and I burst out laughing. I tried not to laugh because Kyla was my friend, but sex jokes are my weakness.
Surprisely Kyla wasn't offended.
Kyla: No, I just drank 3 coolers really fast.

I then told my friend Leslie that, and she laughed. I remembered telling Tamara that, she didn't laugh. One time in math class I told Mitchell Clarke that.

Me: The joke is (laugh) never mind.
Mitch: Oh, you can tell me.
Me: So who did wake up with?
Mitch (confused): Me, myself, and I?
lol. I then explained it to him.

Friday, March 20, 2009

news/ fun/ funny

Mar. 18 News: It turns out Geri aka Ginger Spice from the Spice Girls ended her engagement. Remember how earlier I said that she shouldn't get engaged so soon? It's okay for a long engagement so that they could call it off.

Mar. 19 Volcano: Today I went on Yahoo news and saw this video of a volcano that erupted from under the sea. It went over the water by 6-7 miles. Two planes had to avoid flying over it. Man, it was so hauntingly beautiful. I used the words "hauntingly beautiful" from an old ep of How I Met Your Mother. Ted was really drunk and said: "Hey did you know that the word karaoke means 'empty orchrestra'? Isn't that so hauntingly beautiful?"

Health: My stomach doesn't hurt as much, and my appetite is back.

Inspiration: I'm hitting writer's block. How do I find inspiration? I watch TV. I'm getting a flashback of the days before 2006, when I swore off the show I casually watched, Blind Date. That show was inspirtional because there are two people with different personalities, and they meet each other for the first time. That is my writing where two characters meet and interact with each other.

I had to quit since I was gaining momentum of quitting bad TV shows I watch regularly like Maury, and then quit a show I watched casually, Cops. BD was thrown into the mix because it was trashy. I never got angry at it because I know that if the date doesn't work out, these two people will never see each other again so the problem is solved. I'll only watch good TV shows to inspire me.

Writing: My other inspiration comes from a hot guy. I remember seeing Garrett Hedlund, this actor from the movie Four Brothers. I used the name Garret (how I spell it) for a character. That name has been with me since 2005, when that movie first came out. Right now I'm still in love with Michael Trucco.

Mar. 20 Fun: Today I went to my friend Ray's show called The Phantom of the Opera at M.E. LaZerte high school. It was fun. Good singing, dancing, costumes. It was almost two hours long. I sat in the back with my manager Stella. I have never seen this show before. Now I know how it ends.

As usual, TV influences me the most and I thought of Homer Simpson pretending to be the Phantom by saying: "I am the gayest villian ever." There was also a parody with the ep where Lisa gets married.

Miss. Hoover: Too bad Martin Prince perished in the fire.
Cut to Martin wearing the Phantom mask and saying: "I didn't perish."
Well it was fun to go out twice this month. The other week I went out to dinner with my family.

Funny: It also made me reflect back in the days of taking drama in gr. 7, 9, 10, and 12. I saw a high school production at McNally back in gr. 6. All I can remember is a girl wearing a Superman t- shirt. Then in gr. 10 (2001), I saw the McNally production of "Little Shop of Horrors." Or I don't know. I do remember my friend Lincoln was in it. At lunch time I was sitting at the bench, and he walked by.

L: Hey, check out my battery pack.
L and I start singing from the Backstreet Boys song "The Call."
L and Me: "My battery is low/ So you know/ I'm going to place near by/ Gotta go."

I even remember watching Ed the Sock on MuchMusic dissing that video: "The Backstreet Boys have to stretch their acting skills and play cheating lovers. Well maybe it's not much of a stretch after all. It must be a stretch for AJ though, because he's at a bar and he's still standing." You can say: "Ohhhhh" to that.

Coincidence: I was working today and this girl asked me if there is any celery in the egg salad. Yes, there is. I didn't recognize her at first, but the glasses and the face were the same. Different hair. Then after I made the sandwich for her.

Me: Jenna?
J: Yeah, I thought it was you. Nice hair.
Me: Thanks.

I haven't seen her since 2004 when I was in downtown after attending Nait. Then my friend Daniel Luu came by and I called to him. I told him about seeing Jenna, and he said he saw her back in 2004. He also commented on my hair. Then I went and saw Ray at the play, and she complimented on my hair. I had two customers complimenting on my hair since last week. As usual, there are always going to be haters. The only people who dislike my hair is my mom, and my grandma.

Good news: I found this on Yahoo, there is a Montreal University student J.P. Newfeld and he was on the internet and read this forum. Someone wrote he will burn down this school. It was located in England. Newfeld then called the police in England and told them about what he read. The police were able to stop the crime from happening.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

news/ good/ "get your hate on"

Mar. 14 News: I read in the Metro that more than 1000 police officers in Britain have criminal records. It comes from freedom of information laws. That reminds me of this old documentary I saw called The Secret Police Officer. This guy went undercover and went to cop college. He puts a hidden camera, and secretly tapes the conversations he has with these racist cops. After he exposes them, all the cops were arrested. Alright!

Kind of reminds me of this book called Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities. The author Alexandra Robbins went undercover as a college student and joined a sorority to see what it's like.

Rant: A couple of weeks ago, I lost my gloves on the bus. That's okay, they were cheap yarn ones that I wore for a few years. Then yesterday, I lost my toque on the bus. I had that since 1996. I'm going to miss it. At least the weather is warmer, and I do have spare toques at home.

Another rant is that after I got my highlights, I showed it to Patrick and my sister. They were fine with it, but they both predicted that mom wouldn't like it. Then I showed it to mom, and they were right. Mom gave me this disapproving look like I did something bad. The kind of look you give to someone smoking a cigarrette. Getting highlights isn't illegal, and I'm an adult. If I want to do something to my hair, then I'm going to do it.

Mar. 15 Music: I borrowed the Lily Allen cd called "It's not me, it's you." I like songs like "Back to the Start." It's a dance song. It's kind of like about sibling rivalry, and how she is jealous of this person who is good. She is apologizing to that person. I also like "Never Gonna Happen" about breaking up with someone. I like the beats to "Everyone's At It." "F--- you" is a song about how she hates homophobic and sexist people.

"Him" is a song that reminds me of Joan Osbourne's song "One of Us" because they're both about God. LA sings about Sept.11 in it.

Scam: I read in the Metro: "Stay away from a 'loan company' that asks for an upfront deposit (like a security deposit, premium, or insurance. And definitely run if the 'loan company' asks for a payment to be wired via Western Union or Money Gram."

Good: Today I finally finished my The Fighter script. It is now at 90 pages. On Friday I talked with Conni Massing and she gave me some tips. Then I was resolved to finish writing the last 13 pages on Saturday. I got some of it down. I had MADtv on in the background, and I was IMing. Well I was also listening to the radio as I was writing which kept me going.

91.7 The Bounce was at Deisel Ultralounge every Sat. night, and I love listening to them mix dance music together. Today I went to work. I came home and watched new eps of Degrassi: The Next Generation, Gossip Girl, and Desperate Housewives. Then I washed the dishes, and did some writing. Then I watched a new Simpsons ep. Then I worked on it for two hours. Now I'm done.

I then submitted it to two women who work at Super Channel. I will see what they will say after reading it. The last time I emailed them was exactly a month ago on Feb. 15. They said I needed 90 pages before they would even look at it. I had 66 pages at that time. One month later, I managed to write 24 pages.

I also printed it out on scrap paper. I'll add these to my completed drafts of this script.

1st draft: 24 pages
2nd draft: 46 pages
3rd draft: 56 pages
4th draft: 59 pages

I only printed out drafts 1, 2, and 4. I had told myself that if I'm going to print the 5th draft, then it would have to be completed. And now I did.

Mar. 16: The woman Carole from Super Channel emailed me back. She says she will file it into her projects.

Medicine: Today I took 2 Tums in the morning, and 2 Tums at night. It's good, it helps my sour stomach. On the bottle, it says adults can take 8 Tums in one day. Last week I was taking some Extra Strength Tylenol and Cold FX because I had a cold. I was careful not to accidentally overdose. I had learned that from Heath Ledger.

Mar. 17: I got another email from Super Channel, and this other woman Marguerite says she will send it to Creative Development. Someone will read it, and then give me notes on it. It will be a couple of weeks before they get back to me.

"Get your hate on": I was reading the Globe and Mail about Micro Celebrities. There is this 13- yr- old boy who talks about celebs on his video blog on youtube. He talks about Rihanna/ Chris Brown and that Christian Bale lashing out. In the article it says that he seems to have a few fans, and many haters. People want to "get their hate on" and are "sadomasochists" by watching this guy. lol.

That reminds me of the days in 2006. I had an anger management problem and watched Dr Phil and Maury to get my hate on. Well starting in 2003, I used to watch Maury to find out the paternity test results. Then later I started watching it for the weirdness like what if the gender roles were reversed. I did see a case where the guy says he's the father, and the woman says he isn't. It's usually the other way around with the guy denying that he's the father.

Dr Phil used to help people in the first 2 seasons, and then by the third season, it went really bad. I had lost my job at Ipsos, and I thought that I could take my anger out and get my hate on by watching that show. Instead, that show made it worse and I have to quit.

I did go on the net and watched a little bit of Primetime: What Would You Do? There is a teen girl wanting to get a prescription for birth control pills. The pharmicist won't fill it, saying she's too young to have sex. What would you do? By all means, the girl could be taking the pill to lighten her periods. Now I'm getting a flashback of Sarah Haskins making fun of birth control commercials that advertise the use to lighten the periods, and not for having sex without have a baby.

Feelings: I feel like that song "Something's Missing" by John Mayer. The lyrics are: "Something's missing/ And I don't know what it is at all." I'm feeling depressed. Well I'm not watching any bad TV shows so that can't be the problem. Maybe because I don't feel like I'm challenging myself. I should really read some books. I say to myself I read the newspaper everyday and I work full- time. Then in the free time I watch well- written dramas. I don't really have time to read books.

Look, I'm going to recapture my happiness by getting the feeling of accomplishment when I finished writing 90 pages of The Fighter. Now I must go and write another script.

Creative: I was watching an ep of Lie to Me. They have to find out if this woman from Uganda really was a child bride to a rebel soldier. Later it turns out she lied. She had to so she could get the publicity that's needed to save her country. That reminds me of a Veronica Mars ep back in 2007. V has to find out if this guy in her college really was a child soldier. If he isn't, then his book is a sham, and so is the movie deal. Later it turns out he was telling the truth, and was reunited with his dad. At the end of the ep, it advertised for the charity called Invisible Children about child soldiers.

Friday, March 13, 2009

coincidence/ castle/ money

Mar. 8 Coincidence: Yesterday I drank coffee from work, and it tasted bad. I thought either the milk or the cream that was bad. It turns out the cream was bad. I went home and my sister was drinking my bottle of expired Diet Pepsi. She thought it was hers. She said it tasted funny, and Patrick told her to look at the expiry date. She then dumped the whole thing out.

Dance: Today was the season 3 finale of America's Best Dance Crew. Quest Crew won! It was great. Hok and Jesus from So You Think You Can Dance season 3 were in the crew. I loved that. It proves that though they didn't win in SYTCD, they can go another dance show, and win. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to win. I'm so happy for them.

Writing: Today at work it was slow as usual for a Sunday. I then did a lot of writing for another script. Well it seems kind of easy to write at work then at home. At home I have the TV, radio, and the internet to distract me. While at work, when nothing is happening, I write in my agenda because there are no distractions.

I created a character named Garret a couple of years ago. It's based on the guy who said: "So the other day I bought a box of condoms, because my last one was expired." The story was to be about how he becomes a professional stand up comedian. There was 8 pages of script, and 3 pages of ideas.

Today I wrote about how he becomes a fighter. Yeah, I know I already wrote a fighting movie called The Fighter. Fighter is an action, crime, drama movie. There is a little comedy thrown in. However, Shawn is very different from Garret. Look it's in early development.

Mar. 9: I remember reading this years ago on about TV shows. There are people saying that the show The Bachelor is racist. They never have a bachelor who is African- American or Asian. I always thought because it would alienate viewers or may not get as many viewers if the bachelor wasn't Caucasian.

Then I thought: "If we have Barack Obama as our first black President, then I'm sure we can have a black Bachelor." I'm just saying.

Castle: I just saw the last half of the pilot Castle. It stars Edmonton actor Nathan Fillion. You may have seen him on the Joss Whedon show Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Desperate Housewives. NF plays a crime novelist and he helps the police solve a crime. It's a comedy, crime procedural. I recommend you watch it.

NF's character is funny and quirky. It reminds me of The Mentalist. Simon Baker's character Patrick Jane is a funny and quirky character who helps the California Bureau Investigations solve crimes.

Fun: Today I bumped into my friend Sherry again at the library after work. I was there to return a cd. She says she's going to watch Watchmen.

Mar. 10 Job: Today and yesterday was kind of slow. Well maybe it's the weather because it's -20. Or it could be the economy.

Money: I checked out some of the TV show Smart Cookies. They have a weekly article in the Metro discussing how to save money. I always read their articles. The show was alright. It's on the W Network on Mondays.

Last week on my day off I saw Suze Orman of the Oprah show. Coincidentally, the last time I tuned into Oprah was back in August and Suze Orman also came on. They did discuss about how this teen girl wants to go to college, and the dad says he will pay for any college. The colleges she's looking at are $40 000 a year, and she doesn't even know what she wants to be.

SO then goes through the finances, and the mom, and two daughters voted that they shouldn't go to the really expensive colleges because they'll be working forever to pay off the debt. My advice is to work for a year or so before going into college. Also go to a community college or something way less than $40 000 a year.

Analyze: I was thinking about how we pay for other people's mistakes. My year at Nait didn't work out, and my parents paid for my mistake. That cost $3000- something for tuition. It was worth it. I learned how to use computer programs, met new people, and I have something to put on my resume.

Then I'm going to bring this up again: That girl on Maury who said: "I'm going to have a baby and all of you guys are going to pay for it!" Our taxes pay for public schools, but we are also paying for other people's mistakes like teenage girls who get pregnant, and our tax money pay for her while she lives on welfare.

Mar. 11 Dilbert: I found this Dilbert comic that was printed yesterday.

Panel 1: Dilbert is lying on the couch at a psychiatrist's office.
Dilbert: I've fallen in love with my phone.

Panel 2:
D: It entertains me. It knows where I am. It responds to my touch. It never judges me.

Panel 3:
Psychiatrist: So, it's like a woman to you.
D: Way better. Are you even listening?
lol. Those traits do describe a partner.

News: I subscribe to three newspapers, and I am able to get the full story. Did you know that CBC is cancelling the show Fashion File after Mar. 31? The talk show Steven and Chris will be on hiatus next season, because CBC can't afford it. 36 people will lose their jobs. Well 6 permanent positions, and 28 contract positions.

This reminds me of back in 2007 with the writer's strike. I read that Last Call with Carson Daly could either stop making episodes, and they they would have to lay off 100 people. They decided to produce episodes so they wouldn't lay off anyone. 36 people work for 2 shows? Well American shows often do have more money.

Mar. 12 Dollhouse: Last Friday night, my family and I went out for dinner, and I missed Dollhouse. I could have watched it at 10pm, but I let Patrick watch his show. I can compromise because I then got to see the episode I missed at another day, another time, and another channel.

This ep was called "Gray Hour." Echo (Eliza Dushku) is with two guys, and she seems to be a prostitute. Then later at the hotel, she is running away from them the two guys. She's beaten up. She runs to the security guard and he offers her $10 000 and a contract to sign that she will not sue the hotel, or the guests. E doesn't sign it. E beats up the security guard. She, and the two guys, and another guy she was with breaks into the safe.

Guy 1 steals the art, and runs with it, locking E, and the two other guys in there. Later E is on the phone and there is this static noise. E's memory is then wiped, and she doesn't know how to rob or get out of the safe without getting caught. Guy 2 is getting guns, and trying to break out. Guy 3 is stabbed by Guy 1, and is bleeding.

E then is talking to Guy 3. Guy 3 tells her to put her hands in the air when they are caught. Later the security guards come. Guy 2 is telling E to shoot at the guards, or he shoots her. E then takes this needle that Guy 3 was going to use to kill himself. E injects the needle in Guy 2.

Guy 3 tells E to run because there is smoke everywhere, and she can get away. E ends up taking Guy 3 with her. That's good. Though Guy 3 is a robber, he is still a good guy in being nice to E, and telling her to surrender and not hurt the guards. It was a good ep.

Mar. 13 Hair: Today I finally got blonde highlights in my hair. I've always wanted color in my hair before, and now I have. It costs $45, but I have a 50% off discount on it at the Evaline Charles Academy, so it was $28.

Another thing is that I finally talked to Conni Massing. She read the first 25 pages and made comments. She said she was going to read some more when she found that she had time, but she already deleted the email with my attachment. She gave me some helpful comments and I can write some more.

Conni: I like that Shawn has a dull- as- dishwater job.
Me: A telemarketer.
C: Yes, because it's realistic. There are young people who have jobs like at McDonald's and they get paid $8/hr. They could get another job that is illegal and pays way better.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

writing/ fun/ economy

Mar. 4 Writing: I read in the Metro that The Hills reality TV star Lauren Conrad has a three- book deal. She writes a book called L.A. Candy: "It follows the story of a 19- year- old girl named Jane Roberts who moves to L.A. and unexpectedly becomes the star of a reality show." It looks like she's writing about what she knows and basing it on her life.

Reading that, kind of inspired me. I've hit writer's block, and today I wrote two lines. It looks like I'll have to wait until next Friday before Conni Massing gives me tips on the script because I have to work on Thurs. and Fri. It's because there is another teacher's convention, and I am needed to work those days.

Fun: In the Metro it profiled this girl named Linda Hoang who is from Edmonton wants to get the dream job of working and living on an island. If you vote for her, she may get the job. I saw the video, and I did vote for her. You should too. Here's the link.

Music: I borrowed the Taylor Swift cd from the library. The pictures in the cd sleeve looked really good. Her music is kind of country. She wrote and co-wrote all her songs. She is a really good writer. I was impressed with the lyrics. I borrowed the Akon cd. Finally a cd that I can actually dance to. His singles like "Beautiful" and "Right Now (Na Na Na)" that are on the radio. I don't really like it. Then I actually listened to other songs like "Holla Holla" feat. T- Pain which is a good dance song.

Mar. 5 Economy: Today I went to work. I was talking to Cameron.
Me: Oh my god!
C: What?
Me: Look at that store Horizons. It's closing down.
There's this huge sign that says everything's 50% off.
Me: That store opened some months ago.
C: Yeah like 5 or 6 months ago.
I've only been there once.

Yesterday I read in the National Post, that Blockbuster video is looking into lawyers to see if they should file for bankruptcy. The big competition is Netflix which is American. Here check out this site: It turns out Blockbuster came out in 1985, as old as I am. I didn't know it came from Dallas, Texas.

Today I read that the minimum wage will be raised from $8.40 to $8.80 effective on April 1. That's good.

Performance: I remember years ago I was watching the BBC and saw the tail end of V's song "You Stood Up." They are a British boy band. I love this performance. It's a ballad and as soon as the chorus comes on, the ceiling starts raining on them. I was triggered of this performance because Patrick was on Youtube and he was watching a Taylor Swift performance where it rains on her on stage.

Mar. 6 Rant: Here's a mild rant. The clasp on my pair of black pants has broke again. I know for sure I had to get my mom to sew it on at least twice. I decided: "Whatever. I'll wear the other 5 black dress pants I already have."

I might as well throw this one in. This weekend we move our clocks forward by an hour, which means we lose an hour of sleep. What annoys me is that car accidents increase because we're tired, so be careful.

Jay Leno: Losing one hour of sleep is nothing. We already lost our cars, homes, 401ks.

Scam: I was watching 20/20 today about "Broken Promises." How to avoid scams that deal with working at home.
1. Don't go searching under the phrase "working at home" because it will lead to the scam called "Work @ Home."
2. Avoid sites that have yachts, and mansions on the site. They're baiting you.

They also discussed a North Caroline dentist clinics called Small Smiles. It's dentists treating kids from low- income families. The dentist clinic doesn't make a lot of money so they do extra unnecessary work on the children's teeth to get more money. You hear the children screaming, crying when they're at the dentist.

One of the workers who quit the job because he couldn't stand to hear the "blood- curdling" screams. I was listening to it, and I was cringing at it. I'm not afraid of dentists, and I don't really enjoy it. I doubt there is anyone out there who would enjoy it.

News: Michael Jackson will be touring again. He hasn't released a cd since 2001. That's what I read. Then I thought: "What was the last song he released? Oh yeah, 'You Rock My World.'" I like that song.

Emelee: She is this singer that I got my friend Leslie to download the cd off Itunes. It's a good pop/ R&B/ dance cd to check out. I was at her website to see what's happening. Not much. Then I go to and she has this "Touch Me" remix and "Sometimes" which isn't on her cd. She does have the ballad "The Way I Feel" from her cd put up. Take a listen to it.

Kit Cope: Oh my god. I had emailed the mix martial arts fighter Kit Cope on myspace. You can go to

My message (Feb. 16, 2009):
Hi Kit
Under "Heroes" on your page, there is this beautiful and poetic passage about being a fighter. Did you write that? If not, where did you get it from? Thank you.Tracy

On the same day KC writes:

It's actually my own version of something that I read a long time ago.

I remember a few weeks ago, after I emailed him, I went on myspace to actually look to see if he wrote back. I don't know, I must have been distracted with the TV on, and other websites on. Maybe I got there, and I forgot what I was looking for. The "mail" tab wasn't noticeable. Anyway, it turns out this guy emailed me back on the same day I emailed him which is amazing.

Mar. 7 W-Five: I was watching W- Five and they're covering about finding pedophiles who go to third world countries like Cambodia to have sex with children. They caught some pedophiles, and put them in prison. They even talked a little about Dateline and it was an ep I saw. The Dateline crew went to Cambodia to investigate it.

In 24, I read that there is a guy in Edmonton who was going to commit suicide. He told a doctor that he took a lot of pain medication, and held out two large knives. The doctor called the police, and the police found the guy. The guy starts stabbing himself, and the cops tasered him to stop. They arrested him, and took him to a hospital and he's in stable condition.

Facebook: I've been giving free Watchmen gifts to all my friends on Facebook. It's free and it expires by Monday because the opening weekend of the movie ends.

Funny: I was on and on the thread "Commercials with People who should just go away now." I laughed out loud at this post:

"I can only assume the woman married him because this is one of those arranged marriages (The internet questionnaire says we're perfect for each other, so we have to get married!)"

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

rant/ inspiration/ jimmy fallon

Mar. 1 Rant: You may be thinking: "What? Another rant?" It must be March Madness, or a lack of paxil. So anyway I picked up a new Job Classified newspaper. There is that ad about professional telemarketing. It's advertised as $16/hr. I had still kept that same ad which was advertised in Oct. 2008. The 2008 was advertised as $18/hr. I'm angry that the economy is bad, that the wage has been decreased. However, that wage is still pretty high.

I'm also annoyed at the fact that I should have applied there back in Oct. 2008. I didn't because I thought I was going to have to go back to school in a couple of months, and I needed to focus on that. Well even if I did pass my resume there earlier, I don't really know if they would even hire me. Well I hope it motivates you to go and apply for that job, before the wage decreases.

Mar. 2: I want to add to that rant about that old woman. I wished those two other women who bought stuff, and sat down, wasn't there. They were there, and then they had to come and help her pick her soup. If those two women weren't there, then I could have easily said to the old woman: "Look, all the vegetables in the soups are hard. I suggest you go somewhere else to eat, because I can't help you." Then she would leave. I can't say that, because those two women would have heard, and thought I was rude.

News: I read in 24 about the price increases on food. It's because the Canadian dollar went down to 80 cents. When we buy food from other countries, we convert to the US dollar, and that's why the food costs more.

Funny: This morning Patrick was about to leave for school.
Me: You forgot your lunch.
P: Oh yeah.
Me: Do you want me to get it?
P: No, I can, thanks.
Me: "I think I got your lunch. Please be good. Please." Get it?
P: Yeah.

I was quoting from The Simpsons:
Cut to Bart and Lisa at the school cafeteria.
Bart: I think I got your lunch.
Cut to a note: "Have a nice day! Mom."
Lisa: Yeah, I think I got your lunch.
Cut to a note: "Please be good. Please. Mom."

It's my 10th month working here. Saturday was crazy, because when I got there, Ray wasn't there because she was sick. I ran around getting everything ready. That has happened before where I have to open, when I wasn't supposed to. At least the first hour it wasn't busy, and the soup managed to get hot enough to serve. Then the sink leaked and it was spraying water everywhere. Stella had to turn off the valve.

Today Stella gave me a Lays Stax Cheddar chips as a "bonus." I also picked up that 2L Diet Pepsi from work. It expired back in Dec. 24, 2007, but I'm going to drink it anyway. I drank Diet Pepsi when it wasn't expired, and it doesn't taste really good. I drank the expired pop, and it doesn't taste good. I drank two 2L C Plus pop that expired in 2008 (I also got from work), and I'm fine. Eating and drinking expired food is the only risky behaviour I do.

Inspiration: I was at Natalie is a singer. You may have heard of her song back in 2005 called "Goin' Crazy." I thought her blog post was rather inspirational:

"Do not neglect your gift…" (I Timothy 4:14).
God has equipped each one of us with specific gifts and talents. It's up to you to not only to identify those gifts, but to be disciplined to develop those gifts. You have to learn to stay in your strength zone. What are you naturally good at? What do you enjoy doing? Take the time to identify your strengths and weaknesses and as the scripture says, give yourself to your gifts.

In other words, don't spend all your time trying to improve your weaknesses. Don't waste valuable days pursuing things that are outside your main gifting. Focus on your strengths. There is something that you're good at naturally—something you can do that comes easy to you. Step out into your area of gifting. Are you good with people? Are you good with your hands? Do you have a great voice? Find ways to develop those gifts. Know that your gifts and talents are a part of your divine destiny. If you'll be comfortable with who God made you to be, and thank Him for your unique gifting, you'll not only enjoy your life more, but you'll be ready to receive the abundant blessing God has in store for you!

Mar. 3 Weird: Today I was thinking about what that teen girl said on Maury: "I'm going to have a baby, and all of you are going to pay for it!" I realized that this girl is somewhat a little bit smarter than the teen girls on Tyra. This girl actually knows that she will be living on welfare. The girls on Tyra, they don't really know about how much a baby costs to raise. Well, neither do I, but I don't really want a kid anyway.

Tyra: How much do you think a baby will cost to raise for one year?
Girl: I don't know.
T: Make a guess.
G: $7000.
T: Times that by four.

In other news, I read that The Source by Circuit City has been bought by Bell Canada. Last year Circuit City closed down. I was reading the Metro, and I read this topic in another paper before. It was about how online dating sites have been increased in usage because it's cheap. During a recession, we focus on relationships because that's what really matters.

Writing: Yesterday I wrote 4 lines in my script. I then rearranged the script so everything is 10 pages in all the documents. Little progress. Well today I went to the library and noticed this poster that said: "Conni Massing: Writer in Residence." Now I know how she looks like.

Jimmy Fallon: I checked out Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night. It was his first episode, and Justin Timberlake came on.

JT: John Mayer's voice is like Macy Gray and Smokey Robinson if they had a kid together.
The Roots, the band for the show starts playing a JM's song "Daughters."
JT: Uh, can you play the chorus?
JT starts singing it in his impression of JM's voice. I burst out laughing. It was uncanny.

Mar. 4: I'm getting another flashback of 2002. It was when John Mayer first came out and I was in love with him. I remember going on the internet and hearing JM say: "Hi, I'm John and this is 'Dirty Pop' by Nysnc." The audience burst out laughing. Then he starts singing it on his acoustic guitar. He didn't sound really good, and he mumbled through some lyrics. As he is singing, one group of the audience burst out laughing. Then it's quiet. Then another part of the audience starts laughing.

I will say I have heard him sing Ashanti's "Always on Time" chorus on his acoustic guitar, and nobody laughed. Everybody joined in on the song and sang with it. It's one thing to hear a black woman sing it over synthesized drums and keyboards. Then to hear it a white man sing it on a acoustic guitar sounds really good too.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

law/ reflections/ coincidence

Feb. 28 Law: I was thinking again about that hypothetical situation of a boy in gr. 7 or 8, and how he's charged with aggravated assault. There is no way you can find him. With a girl who's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys, is easier to find. If I was right that she was East Indian, there are only about 50 girls. Ask her if she's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys, she says no. You then tell her to go and talk to that guy, and then you'll be able to find her if she says she can't.

You can go up to 200 guys and ask if they've been charged with aggravated assault. You know that they can all say no. That one guy is going to lie, and say no. What are you going to do? Go to the office and go through all the files to see if any of them has been charged? You can't.

Funny: I'm on Yahoo News, and there is this 40- year- old guy who is wanted for robbery. Then he goes to this police entrance exam so he could try to become a cop. He gets arrested on the spot. After he gets arrested, he asks if he could still take the exam. lol.

Job search: I'm on trying to look for a job. I realized that I haven't applied there at all this year on my new job search. There aren't really any Telus jobs in Edmonton. I then checked if I put up a profile there. It turns out I did and the last time I was there was in May 2008 on my initial search for a real job. I then updated my profile by putting up my improved resume that my friend Angela helped me on back in June 2008. It's been 9 months, but I am still praising that it's a good resume.

Reflections: I'm looking back at the time I was working at a bank. If only I was good at it, I would still be there. However, I wasn't so I could easily leave. Now the economy is bad, and I don't think I can get a bank job. It took me 3 months to get that bank job when the economy was good. I worked there for a month. I don't regret quitting, because there is no way I could have gotten good at it.

I still think about how they pretty much called me a liar when they said: "You said you were good at computers, but 50% of your entries were incorrect." I would like to defend myself that I do find myself good at computers. In my college class Computer Applications and Basic HTML, I got Bs in it. I did a year at NAIT, and it was all computers. Though I may not have graduated from there, I do have knowledge about it. I've had a computer at home since 1994.

I did tell the truth. What am I supposed to do? Tell them the whole truth that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Like my grades were mostly Cs. I'm not good in math or science. I have to work really hard in those classes so I could barely pass. I had a math tutor from gr. 6- gr.12. I had to upgrade all four core subjects at Centre High after I graduated out of high school. You don't go and tell your flaws in a job interview.

Sometimes they ask: "What is your biggest flaw? Have you ever made a mistake at work? How did you handle it?" I knew there was a chance that I may not be good at the job, but I'm going in with positive thinking and I'm going to work hard. In this case, my hard work couldn't make up for my lack of smarts. That's okay. I know in other cases like working hard and studying math, can make me pass the course.

Hey man, I'm not like my sister. She goes for something, and works hard, and she gets good grades and results. I don't know about anything that she doesn't try for, and doesn't get. Or if there was a time she didn't succeed, then I don't know about it. Well maybe when she doesn't reach her sales goal because there wasn't a lot of people shopping in the store.

Mar. 1- Telus emailed me saying that they got my profile. They never emailed me before.

Octomom: I haven't been watching the mom Nadya Suleman on TV. She was on Dr. Phil for a two- parter, which I stayed away from. She's doing a four- parter on Entertainment Tonight. She was on Dateline. I will admit I did see some stuff on Yahoo News. They showed this TMZ video footage of NS at a gas station. A woman was yelling at her: "Get a job! It's our tax money that's paying for you babies!" I realized that is true that our tax money is paying for it.

I'm getting a flashback from Oct. 2008. It was back when my friend Jennifer was still working at the Soup place. She said: "I was watching Maury and they were talking to these teen girls who wanted to get pregnant. One girl says: 'I'm going to have a baby, and all of you guys are going to pay for it!' The audience boos her." lol. Well I know the ending. Maury then introduces them to single moms who have babies, and the girls take of the babies while the the moms tell them how hard it is to be a single parent. The girls then learn that they shouldn't get pregnant.

Sheesh, it sure makes me appreciate Tyra. The girls who want to get pregnant, they're not as annoying or obnoxious as the girls on Maury. They all discuss why they want to have babies like: "I want the uncondtional love, I know how to take care of babies, blah, blah, blah." Then Tyra tries to convince them it's hard, and I have seen a segment of a single mom with a kid, giving the child to the teen girl and she learns that it's hard.

News: I read in the Globe and Mail that it's good to write when you are angry. You can write a rant, story, poem, songs, and you will feel better. Well it's good to let it out, then to bottle it up inside.

Rant: Here is my rant. Today this old woman came in and wanted soup. So I pointed out to her the soups we had. Then we were talking for a couple of minutes, and she still hasn't decided. She goes about saying that her teeth isn't good, and she can't chew. Then these two other women who already bought stuff was listening, and came and helped out. I then let her try out a carrot from the vegetable soup.

Then she decides on the chicken corn chowder soup. She scoops it herself with the ladle while I held the bowl. When it was full, she still tried to put more, so I let her. Then it overflowed when I put it on the tray. Then she pays for it. She goes to the sandwich part. This probably took like 3-4 min. helping her. I helped this guy who wanted a soup.

Then the old woman took this bun, and I tell her it's 85 cents. She says that she wants it for free, because the soup was so expensive. (It's $3.47 for a small cream soup.) Then the guy who bought his soup, gives out his change to her to pay for her bread. She says she wants a slice of bread instead of the bun. Then I tell Byron to go and help the woman, and I'll help the guy by making a sandwich for him.

She is drinking her soup for like an hour. She asks Byron for a takout bowl so she could put the rest of the soup in it. Anyway, I am mainly glad that this was a Sunday, and that she wasn't slowing down any business because Sundays are so slow anyway. A lot of old women come in everyday, but they're not annoying. At least I get paid to deal with this. I had to be patient, and patience is virtue.

I was mainly annoyed because if you think it's expensive, then don't eat here. There was a time a girl my age bought a tuna sandwich and it's $6.08. She says: "It's $6 for a scoop of tuna and lettuce?" I wasn't annoyed by her. I was pretty much thinking: "Take it or leave it." Well I'm sure she won't be coming back again. You can have more than that on your sandwich. We're like Subway. You can have all these other veggies like tomatoes, green peppers, olives, banana peppers, etc. on your sandwich if you choose.

Yesterday I finally tried out Souvlaski Express in the food court. I go to City Centre all the time, and I have never eaten there before. The food was good. I have never had a donair until yesterday. A donair is like a wrap and a taco, which I had before. I don't feel like I'm really missing out anything. Then today this guy comes in and says: "It's my first time here. I pass by this place 3 or 4 times a week, and I decided to finally try it out." That's my attitude.