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Monday, September 29, 2008

George Nozuka email

Hey Tracy,

Thank you so much for the support, and the kind
message. It really means a lot, and I'm truly
I'm very proud to be half Japaneese, and I hope to
make us Asians proud! this album is something that I'm
very proud of, and I really hope you like it. Hope it
reaches out to you Tracy
Once again thank you, and I hope that your well

Peace and Love

Matthew Gray Gubler emails


Subject: you're hot on criminal!

Hi, Matthew. My name is Tracy and I love your show Criminal Minds. You're> my favorite actor/ character on the show. I didn't know you were a model> until I went on the internet and looked you up. Since your character is a> nerd, you being a model is like the opposite of your character.>> I just checked out your website and you have some pretty crazy drawings.> That is so nice of you that you gave away 150 dvds of your movie away. You> should start an online petition so people could sign it so that your> "Cactus" movie will be released in stores.>> You're doing a great job on Criminal Minds. Keep it up!


thats a great idea tracy
thanks for the very nice email
it made my night
hope all is well with you

Nov.17, 2005

Hey Matthew I'm Tracy and I emailed you once before. I was so surprised that you would> email me back on the same night that I emailed you because I thought you> would be too busy. Your reply to my email made my day. :)

You should hire someone to create a professional website for you. One page should be devoted to the online petition so people could sign it so that your "Cactus" movie will be released in stores. 1 section of photos of you, 1 section for your drawings, your biography, filmography, news, media (episode clips of Criminal Minds and your short films, etc.) I know on the front page of your site it says this site isn't going to look> totally cool because there are no links or pictures, but it should have those because it will help promote you and your show immensely.


Nov.30, 2005

dear friend of matthew gray gubler,
right off the bat, I must admit that this is a pre-written response.
if you are reading this letter
it means that you sent me a super nice and thoughtful email and made me smile.

i feel like a real jerk for sending you this somewhat impersonal note,
I would love to be able to put as much time and thought into personal
responses as you did in your messages to me,
but lately it feels like, with whatever free time i have,
i move in slow motion.

I barely have time to talk to my family or my dog, let alone take
baths and eat.
wow i just realized it sounds like i am slowly turning into a hobo.
(not bathing or eating and talking to dogs)

I assure you that I read absolutely every email sent to me.
and i can't tell you how elated i am to know that people find me
worthy of these flattering words and compliments.
your encouragement really goes a long way
and you all make me feel very special and loved

so again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
you made my day

ps. to all of you concerned with my pumpkin allergyI can thankfully declare that I have emerged triumphant and the doctor assures me I will be back and carving in no time.

Feb 26, 2006

Hey Matthew

I emailed you twice already and the first time you replied to me was in Nov.30 and you gave me a thoughtful response. The second time you emailed me, you gave me a generic response which was alright. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you helped me get into college.

I was applying to Professional Writing and I had to send in three original writing pieces. After I got your email, I decided to write about you, your email and Criminal Minds in one of my pieces. Due to your email, you helped me get into college and I wanted to thank you for your email. I really appreciated it. I don't expect to get an email from you after you read this though because I know you're really busy.

I just wanted to say thanks. Keep up the good work on Criminal Minds. :)

Tracy Au

so glad to hear the good news
you totally made me feel special
and congrats on college
thats awesome

Oct. 18, 2017: I came to update that you can email him at

The 2nd hottest night of my life (The 2nd time I met Kyle Riabko)

June 25, 2007

I saw Kyle Riabko perform again in Edmonton tonight. The best thing was after the show when I talked to him. He remembers me.

After the show he was talking to this girl. He sees me.
K: Hi there.
The girl says something about getting a pic with him and she goes to get her friend.
He shakes my hand.
K: I like your red shirt.
Me: Thanks. (It was the GAP red shirt. One of the few days I wasn't wearing my KR shirts.) Hi, I don't know if you remember me-
K: Yeah, I saw you before at the Ex. (Capital Ex,)
Me: Oh my god, I can't believe you remember me! That was like a yr ago.
(I thought he wouldn't remember me until I mentioned "I saw you at Capital Ex last yr and asked for your pop can." lol.)
K: Yeah I was with CCR (Creedance Clearwater) and a whole lot of other bands.
Me: And Wil.
K: Yeah Wil. I don't remember your name.
Me: It's Tracy. When did you realize it was me? When I was sitting there?
K: Yeah and you were singing my songs. Well there was a pic of you and me on the internet.
Me: The internet?
K: Yeah, on myspace I think. I think you posted it.
Me: No, I didn't. It must be that girl who I met at your show who posted it. I didn't really have contact with her after the show.
I asked where he is selling his new EP and he says it's in one of those white tents. He then tells me about how there is this art show with "cool robotic art that I think you would like." I felt like I was talking to an old friend again though I only met him once and got one email from him. I was so amazed he remembered me. Another thing was that I did have my haircut, but my face and glasses is still the same.

Wait, let's wind it up to where it all began. He was here to perform at the Winston Churchill Square yesterday but I was supposed to spend time with John. John said he got off work at 6:30pm, but then later calls at 8pm and says he will be working late. But today I went to work and told Aziz about that singer I like and those shirts I always wear of KR. A understood and says we'll close early so I could see KR at 6:15pm. We usually close at 6pm and I'm done by 6:30pm.

I then walked to the Square and put my backpack on the closest picnic table's chair to the stage. I then see KR in a red long sleeve shirt over a white shirt and blue jeans. He had a watch on (black strap) and a silver choker on his neck. I had this sudden urge to go up to him and ask: "Hi Kyle, are you going to perform 'Miss 'Behavin'?" But I was kind of shy and nervous and didn't go up to him. I thought I might scare him. lol. He went to the stage and put the mike up and a piece of paper with a glass of water down. He walks back.

Later K comes back, and does the soundcheck with his acoustic guitar. Then this guy intros K about how he has opened up for John Mayer and has Liz Phair appear on his "Before I speak" cd.
Guy: How old are you?
K: 19.
G: He's 19. He's dreamy. But the important thing is that he's talented.
KR performed his old songs like "Paranoid", "Teach Me" and "What did I get myself into" which I heard him perform at Capital Ex. He peformed new songs like "Far Away from Home" which is in one of his eps on the internet. The Halloween one and I saw him record the song. Then he performs another new song that I saw him on the internet. It was when he was in Edmonton in Apr. and someone posted his performance on youtube.

KR was as usual very funny during the set. When he was performing "Teach Me" he asks: "Can I jam here?" I and this other girl yell "Whoo!"
K: Oh so only 2 girls? Edmonton can I jam here?
Audience: Whooo!
In the middle of the song he throws in Michael Jackson's "Thriller." I've seen him do that on youtube.

K: Thanks for coming on such a gloomy day. This reminds me back when I was 10 and I was in a band. It was with 2 other guys. We were called 10,11,12 because that was our ages respectively. I remember performing in this kind of show and there were 6 volunteers and they were like this. (He plugs his ears.) And we played for a kindergarten class and they were all like this. (He plugs his ears again.) This audience is small, but mighty.
Audience cheers.
He introduces this girl Samantha Schultz who opened for him last time he was in Edmonton.
KR: She's a baby. Like 26?
SS: I'm 16.
KR: Oh yeah.
They perform "Carry On." Then the guy who intro KR comes back and gives him this flower made out of foil.
G: This is from that woman over there.
KR: You mean that big statue?
A woman statue made out of foil.
G: Yes. You haven't loved anyone until you have loved a woman made out of foil.
K: Oh I have.

When he was performing this song with some suggestive lyrics he says: "Oh it's a family show." And everybody laughed.

There were only about a dozen girls including me, some guys, and some adults. Like 20-30 people? It was a free show. It was a 45min show. At Capital Ex it was a 30min show and I paid for it.

Kyle Riabko emailed me back!

Sept. 3, 2006

You know how I went to Capital Ex to see my favorite music artist Kyle Riabko? So I met him on Jul. 24, 2006. Later I wrote this email to him on Jul.26 to

Subject title: Come back to Edmonton soon

Hey Kyle It's Tracy, the Asian girl with glasses you met at Capital Ex in Edmonton. You know you signed my 8 by 10 pic of you, cd sleeve, got pics with you and I got your Coca Cola pop can. I was like the first one in line to get your autograph. There are some stuff I wanted to say to you, like I really expected you to play "Miss Behavin'", "Doesn't get much better" and "Before I Speak." I absolutely love your song "Half as Much", but I know you weren't really going to play it because it's a ballad. Well at least release that song as a single, if not "Chemistry". You know Nelly Furtado and Timbaland's "Promiscuous"? It sure exploded into the music scene because it was a duet. I have to say meeting you was one of the best experiences of my life. Well you sure made my summer. Thank you so much for coming to Edmonton and I hope you come back soon, if not next year at Capital Ex.


Then on Aug. 19, I sent it to his myspace account, Then today it popped into my mind to send the message to his myspace account because I forgot I already sent it. I go to my inbox and KR emailed me back on Aug. 31 at 9:05am. Today it's Sept.3 and I was like, "Damn, I wished I checked my myspace account earlier, but I hardly ever do. Oh my god he emailed me back." Here's his message:

Tracy, thank you so much for being at the show and for all the enthusiastic comments. You are a great person and I will definitely see you in Edmonton soon. Peace Kyle

I can't stop smiling because I'm so happy. :)

Hottest night of my life (The first time I met Kyle Riabko)

Jul. 24, 2006

Jul. 24, 2006 is the hottest night of my life because I saw Kyle Riabko in concert at Capital Ex, took pictures with him, touched him and got him to sign my cd sleeve and an 8 by 10 pic of him. Oh my god, this is the best experience of my life. I bought the pic of him for $5 at the merchandise booth and a $25 light blue t-shirt with his pic on it. I also have his pop can that he drank from. Seriously!

Well prior to this, I went inside the agricom and bumped into Shane Goden from Ottewell/ McNally. It was so cool to see him and we started talking about all our old classmates. Turns out S is working with machines and he says he now works at West 49 and saw Leslie Simpson by Millwoods once. I tell him that I know that he is related to Angela Kercher and he tells me that Kim Czuy is pregnant or already had the baby. The father's name is Chris and S says he's like a drug dealer.

So then I walked to Ed fest and sat by this sign that gave me shade. There was this guy and girl sitting by there too and we started talking. Their names are Sarah (18)and Kenny (20) and they're brother and sister. The gates opened around 6:10pm and it was to open at 6pm, so I was anxious. Then I ran to right at the gate so I get as close to the stage as possible. Then Sarah, Kenny and I waited for an hour because KR was to perform at 7pm. K checked out the merchandise booth and told me about the 8 by 10 pic so I went over there as they watched my stuff. There were some cool KR shirts like a red and white one that said, "I heart Kyle Riabko", a brown shirt with "Chemistry" on it which is a song of his, a pink shirt with KR's pic on it. I opted for the light blue one with KR's pic because it has his pic and I like the color. Afterwards when I came home I showed it to my mom and she was happy that I bought a shirt that wasn't black like nearly my entire wardrobe is.

K, S and I sat by the gate and talked while we waited. Then Bill Welychka from Citytv came on stage and introduced KR. I was kind of surprised that KR was dressed in a dark purple button down shirt, white tie, white dress shoes, black pants and vest with white vertical stripes on it. I was like, "It's way too hot to be wearing that. Where are his tshirt and jeans like he always wears?" So he performed 2 new songs of his, which you can check out at He performed "Teach Me", "Paranoid", "Do you right" from his album. When I was waiting outside the gate I heard him do the soundcheck to "Paranoid." I kind of expected him to perform "Miss Behavin" because I love that song and it's fast like the other 3. He sang for 30 min.

As he was performing, KR said about the merchandise and that he'll be by there. After the show, I went to the woman security guard and asked, "Will KR be signing autographs?" She said yes and I waited. I was the first one there and the only one there until Sarah came by and said she wanted him to sign her ticket. She changed her mind and wanted him to sign her camera.

Then I see KR wearing a green tshirt and jeans and drinking Coca- Cola.
Me: Oh my god, he's coming here! (In my mind, I was thinking, "KR drinks Coca-Cola. From now on, that's the only pop I shall drink.")
I had my 8 by 10 pic and cd sleeve and my pen.
KR: Hi, I saw you guys in the front row.
Me: Could you sign this? (Hold out my pen).
KR: I have a Sharpie. (Pulls it out of his pocket.) What's your name?
Me: Tracy. T- r- a- c- y.
He writes "To Tracy Kyle Riabko" on the 8 by 10 pic and "For Tracy Kyle Riabko" on my cd sleeve.
Sarah: Sign my camera.
KR: Are you sure?
S: Yes.
So he did and we left the line.

There weren't that many people there to get his autograph (like 20 and less). After a few min., S and I decided to take pics with him. We went back to the line and KR was like, "Ah, it's you again." Kenny took a solo pic with me and KR. He has his right arm around my shoulders and I have my left arm around his waist. As K was trying to take the pic, I was thinking, "Wait, how long was I touching KR?" Because when I met Lee Ryan from the British boy band Blue, I counted and hugged him for 10 secs.

Anyway, I got the pic with him. S got the pic with him and then we got a group shot together. S will send the pics to me through email and I'll show it to you. Then we walked away. We were standing some metres away and I was watching him. Then S and I walked and stood closer to him as he was taking the pics with fans and talking to them.

KR: Well I have to go help my band pack up. See ya!
He waves to the group of people. I notice his pop can by the fence and I thought, "Hey, I think that's his. Well if he forgets it, I'm going to take it and keep it." He notices his pop can and picks it up. He waves to the people and I wave to him as a form of goodbye, but he misinterpreted it and walked towards me. I walked towards him.

KR: Is there something that you want?
Me: Yeah, can I have you pop can?
Woman security guard laughed out loud.
KR: Yeah.
KR gulps it down and gives it to me.
Me: Thanks.

There's still pop in it so later I drank it while watching Wil on stage. Now I can say, "I shared pop with Kyle Riabko!" Well today I washed the can and I'm going to keep it. I got home and taped up his autographed 8by10 pic on my wall by the door, this piece of paper with his pic advertising his album and his podcast sticker. I'm so happy!

Then after Wil performed, it was 9pm and I went home. I then listened to KR's "Before I Speak" cd and his EP album. I have to say, KR is really boy next door and down to earth. He intros himself as a guy from Saskatoon and he was like, "I'm glad to be back in Canada." He jokes around by saying, "This isn't really a concert. Just imagine that this a backyard barbacue. Is anyone excited for Wil?" 2 girls cheer.
KR: What? Just 2 girls? C'mon!
Everybody cheers.

Prior to going to this concert, I was planning on passing out my resumes, but I wanted to conserve my energy for the concert. So I stayed at home, washed my hair, took a shower. Prior to that, like I was listening to KR's cd for awhile, but then stopped so I wouldn't "overdose" on it and get sick of him. I was also watching Blue on youtube, since I met them before, I get this kind of feel of meeting celebrities. Also on the day of the concert, I watched a bit of Tyra Banks where she goes undercover as an overweight woman named Lynn Collins on a blind date. After a few min, she reveals who she is. The 2 guys were pretty cool with it. I expected them to yell out, "Oh my god! I'm a on date with Tyra Banks!" Since TB was honest about who she was, the guys were honest to her that they were not likely to go out with someone who was overweight.

Back to KR. Sarah says he kind of reminds her of the country star from Edmonton Adam Gregory. S says she will put the 2 pics together and compare. Well KR totally made a new fan today after his performance because S has never saw or heard of him before. Kind of like how I never heard of the main act Creedence Clearwater Revisted. But I guess I should check it out.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

tips/ review/ job search

Sept 25 Tips: I was looking at my old emails in my draft part of my account and I have this: "$$$ Tips on how to get rich (or die trying) $$$" a referrel to the rapper 50 Cent's cd.

I found this great book called Rich Dad Poor Dad for Teens at the Stanley A Miller library a couple of weeks ago. I just read your email about how money is coming towards you, so here's some tips on how to help. It's written by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon L. Lechter, CPA. It's short so you can read it fast and learn a lot. Robert was so successful, he retired in his 40s. The "rich dad" is his best friend Mike's dad and his "poor dad" is his own dad who was a principal at his school. Go to his website called to learn how to make money. It's basically about your attitude towards money. Ex.

Poor dad: The reason I'm not rich is because I have you kids.
Rich dad: The reason I must be rich is because I have you kids.

PD: Money is the root of all evil.
RD: Lack of money is the root of all evil.

(When I told to my sister, she says, "Love of money is the root of all evil.")

PD: Study hard so you can find a good company to work for.
RD: Study hard so you can find a good comany to buy.

PD: When it comes to money, don't take risks.
RD: Learn to manage risks.

PD: Work for benefits.
RD: Be totally self-reliant financially.

PD: Save.
RD: Invest.

PD: Write a good resume to find a good job.
RD: Write a strong business and financial plan to create a good company.

Tips are keep all your reciepts and write down everything you buy. I do like saving money.

Go to this fun website to play some kid friendly games where you can learn how to make money in fun and safe enviroment. This saying is repeated throughout the entire book, "Work to learn, not to earn."

Sept. 26 Job: I worked from 10am-6pm today. Then they said they needed me till closing so I stayed until 8pm and worked there for 10hrs in total.

Review: I found this show called Kaya about a girl who is the lead singer in a rock band that got really successful. I realized that Instant Star is better. It's about a girl named Jude who won a singing contest and got a record contract. They are both comedy dramas, but I like IS better.

Job search: Today I went and emailed 11 resumes to office positions again. I did back in May when I found the postings on Job Bank, but I want to try again. I have a nitpick with my email. Yahoo has formatted it in a way that I save a draft of my email. I then send it, and the draft is automatically deleted. I record all the emails I send as in my script pitches and resumes onto a piece of paper so I know who and when I sent it to since my email doesn't do it for me anymore.

Sept. 27 Music: I borrowed the Kreesha Turner cd called "Passion" from the library the other day. You may have heard of her songs "Bounce with Me" and "Don't Call Me Baby" on 91.7 The Bounce radio station. Her cd is really good with R&B tracks. They are mostly ballads, but she sounds really good. Check it out.

There must be some flu going around at work, because Cameron was sick all week, Christine left early because she was sick yesterday. Today Vivian called and said she couldn't work tomorrow. A new woman started working here today. Her name is Lisa. She applied today, and then Stella interviewed her. We were shorthanded, so she was hired on the spot. We all trained her. It was fun.

Sept. 28 Writing: This morning I went and emailed to all these agencies again to get a writer's agent. I did back in February of this year. 8 months have gone by, and I'm doing it again. I have even emailed some of the people who rejected me, but most who have not replied back. Overall, I emailed 19 places. This time I attached my revised resume that Angela created for me.

I called Angela today to tell her that the Desperate Housewives premiere is on tonight. We chatted for a bit. She told me that being an administrative assistant is a difficult job. She has worked as one as a bank, and she has carried checks that are worth $1 million. She asked: "Why are you applying to work at a bank again, when the first time around didn't work out?"

Me: I am very resilient. One bank job may not have worked out for me, but I'm not going to give up. I'm going to try again. If it doesn't work out, I will quit and get another bank job.

Today I will apply to work as a sales associate at all these other stores at City Centre. This time it's different because I'm going to pass out the revised resumes and use my address labels that I got from charities. I remember all my job searches.

The Rundown:
2003: I graduated out of high school and applied for jobs during the summer and didn't get hired. In the fall, I applied again to the same stores at City Centre and no one hired me. It was different the second time because my sister fixed my resume after she told me to get some volunteer experience to put on it, and I did. I was working at my mom's place as a teacher's assistant because she gave me the job.
= 2 job searches

2004: After a year at Centre High, I applied to the stores at City Centre and got a job at the $1 Store and worked there all summer. = 1 job search

2005: After a year at Nait, I applied to stores at CC, and got hired at Roots at West Ed. I worked there for 5 months, and during that time I applied to Ipsos. I then worked at Ipsos.
= 2 job searches

2006: After getting laid off from Ipsos, I applied at CC. I worked at Grand and Toy for one month and then got hired at Leger. During the time at Leger, I applied to cafes.
= 2 job searches

2007: During the summer I worked at 6 jobs and the whole time I was looking for a really good one. = 1 job search

2008: I worked at Xcetera/ Ardene's. I got fired, then I worked at the Soup place. The whole time I was at those 2 jobs, I was looking for a bank job with the revised resume that Angela created. I worked at a bank, then quit. Now I'm looking for another administrative assistant job with the revised resume. = 4 job searches

12 job searches in total since I started working in 2003. 15 jobs since I started working in 2003.

City Centre: I went to pass out my resumes to there, and I go there everyday, but I never noticed all these new stuff. That's because I go straight to work and don't look at the other stores. The washrooms are renovated and are really nice. The store Possi selling upscale clothes takes over where Uniquewear once was. Where It's Art is going to close down since I see this sign that says: "Store's closing. Everything on Sale." Urban Behavior is hiring so I dropped my resume there.

Le Chateau also changed their job application. It used to be 2 sheets, front and back, red, blue, black ink. Now it's one sheet, front and back, black and white ink. They seem to be going green with less paper.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

jokes/ news/ funny

Sept. 20 Jokes: I look at the drafts of emails I saved. Here's one from Sept. 2005. It's from Ed magazine, Edmonton journal:

Lars Callieou's top 10 similatrities between being a comedian and being homeless:

10. The pay and health benefits are the same.
9. They're both known for nonsensical ramblings.
8. They envy people who can afford to ride the bus.
7. They are equally respected by society.
6. Prone to first of delusion and fantasy.
5. They're afraid someone will ask, "So, what do you do?"
4. Most will work for beer.
3. People don't care to remember their names.
2. Both endure frequent public ridicule.
1. Neither will be taken home to met her parents.

I was watching Dane Cook on Jay Leno the other night.

DC: I always had long hair. When I was four I got bitten in the head by a dog and got 80 stitches.
Jl: 80, that's a zipper.
DC: Everytime my mom saw it, she would cry. Even when I ran my fingers through my hair, she would say (impersonates mom crying), "Dane, don't do that." I thought if I could find a kid with the same name as the dog, become friends with him, then introduce him to my mom, she would be able to get over it. When she met the kid Derek, she (impersonates mom crying), "Dane, I don't like that kid with the D-name."

Job: I went to work from 10am-6pm. Yesterday I met the new workers like Beatrice, and Ray's brother Cam. Cam and Ray have the same hair, and skin tone. C and I talked about the teachers at Ottewell. Mr. Woodward, Mr. Mack, Mrs. Mackenzie, Mrs. Soliski are still there. C says he's going to McNally because all his friends and lots of people from Ottewell go there. Well looks like C and I have a lot in common.

Analyze: After working at the bank, I added that to my list of jobs I've had since I started working in 2003 at age of 18. I've had 15 jobs. I usually have 2 or 3 jobs a year, but last summer I had 6. I realized something. Ipsos was the 4th job I had, 11 jobs later, I realized Ipsos is still the best job I ever had. The pay wasn't the best, it was starting wage $8.50/hr, then after 3 months I got a raise to $8.75/hr. Leger couldn't beat out my love for Ipsos even when they paid $9.50/hr.

Will I ever find a job that I love more than Ipsos? I think I did at the Soup place. Even when I got a higher paying job at the bank, $15/hr which is the highest I ever got paid, I still worked at the Soup place. This is my 4th month there. I worked at Ipsos for 7 months. I can see myself working at the Soup place for that time and longer. I worked as a teacher's assistant for 2 yrs at my mom's job. I worked once a week there and disliked it.

I will also say I like working at Treats because of the manager Aziz. It was laid back, and I got free food. I get free food sometimes and a discount at the Soup place.

Clean: The other day I threw out the hand outs from the bank. I did keep the paper so I could use it as scrap paper.

Blog: I want someone to discover my blog and produce my script through it, like the Juno screenwriter did. I then looked through the other blogs at The only way to do that is that I should go and complete another script. I'm waiting for replies from producers that I sent over 100 emails to. I pitched one script The Fighter to them. Now I must complete another script, and go pitch that one. I'm off to writing now.

Sept. 21 Writing: I did work on my comedy Garret and Julie. I had written some pages on it. I think I started writing it back in 2006. I then didn't work on it for months. I then looked at all the pages, and formatted to a solid five pages as a beginning. Prior to it, it was all jumbled.

Job info: If you are interested in working at TD Bank, you can email your resume to the human resources counsellor

Disk: Oh look, me talking about old school 3.5 floppy disks again. I talked to Leslie about if one document on a disk is corrupted, will the other documents be too? She said yes. I am reminded of that happening to 2 of my other disks some years ago. One document stopped working, then all the others did too.

Sept. 22: I worked from 9am-5pm today. I also applied to Claire's, and the Gap. I applied to HMV, they said they were looking for people to work during the holiday season so I filled out that application. Will I finally get to work HMV? And end up putting this on my resume or not?

Sept. 23 News: Today Clay Aiken has finally come out of the closet and say he is gay. A lot of people thought he was anyway so it's not a total surprise. He decided to come out because he has a son with his friend/ record producer and he doesn't want to raise his son without being honest. That reminds me of this old Madtv skit about Celebrity Survivor. Ron Pederson plays Aiken and Nicole Sullivan plays Meg Ryan as they compete on the show.

The real Survivor host Jeff Probst guest stars. Aiken lost the competition.
Jeff Probst: That's it, Clay's out.
Aiken: No, I just haven't found the right girl yet.
lol. But really, good for Aiken.

Sept. 24: There was a new guy who worked here yesterday, but then he quit after one day. He said his English wasn't really good, and he didn't feel comfortable working there interacting with the customers. However today we hired a new girl, and she will be working here tomorrow. We'll see if she actually shows up for work.

Funny: I was thinking about my job at the bank, and how my supervisors seemed to be confronting me with a lie. They said: "You said you're good at computers, but you're teller entries were 50% incorrect." It reminded me of the SNL skit where Peter Sarsguaard was on. PS was in the movie Shattered Glass. The movie was based on a true story about a writer Stephen Glass who wrote 27 out of the 41 stories he wrote were either partially or entirely fictional.

PS plays the editor in the movie and in the skit, where he catches his writer making up stories. In the skit: Cut to PS in his office for Cat Fancy magazine and Seth Meyers enters.

SM: You said you wanted to see me?
PS: Yeah, have a seat. You know that story you wrote about that cat graduating out of Charlestown University? Yeah well I called the school yesterday, and they laughed at me! Saying no cat has ever attended the university, let alone graduated from there. I'm going to need that Purrlitzer award back.

Sept. 24: I saw that new Law and Order: SVU ep the other day. As soon as I saw Luke Perry, I knew he was the guy who committed the crime and I was right. Well of course, the most well-known actor is always the criminal. Darlene from the TV show Roseanne guest starred too, and she was a good guy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

job/ quotes/ good news

Sept. 17 Job: It was crazy today. I had a talk with my supervisors Mel and Emilia. In the talk, I felt that Emilia called me a liar.
E: You say you're good at computers, but your teller work is 50% incorrect.

That reminds me of The Simpsons where Superintendent Charmers fires Principal Skinner.

C: You're fired.
S: Did you just call me a liar?
C: No, I said you're fired.
S: That's worse. Much worse.

I thought they were seriously going to fire me. They didn't. They gave me a pep talk and frankly told me that I was poor at my job. It's supposed to get even more difficult when we move to the new building if I'm doing teller work and mailroom with less people helping me in the mailroom.

I went home and told my dad about what happened. I told him that it feels like they were pressuring me to quit my job. They told me to "find happiness."

Me: I feel like I'm bringing down the bank from the inside.
Dad smiled at that.

That also reminds me of The Simpsons. The ep where they show some deleted scenes like when Homer's mom comes back.

H: Hey mom, did you know that I work at the nuclear power plant?
M: Yes.
H (smugly): Yeah well did you know that I don't work very hard. (Leans in and lowers his voice). In fact, I'm bringing down the plant from the inside.
H winks and nods at her.

I remember writing this above scene in an email when I was trying to get people to quit working at Leger, so that they could work at Malatest. If enough people quit, Leger would then close down. Sheesh, I'm not trying to bring the bank down, but all my mistakes are really hurting this place.

The plan of action is that they will move me to teller, and if the week goes by and my totals are still bad, then they can fire me. I can't quit. The only way I'm leaving this place is that they fire me. They have to make the decision for me. My dad gave me some good motivational quotes.

Quotes: "Anything worthwhile isn't going to be easy."

"When you quit, you're not giving yourself a chance."

I did give it a good shot. I did try my best. That's the least I could say. I have this job to put on my resume. I'm getting a flashback of that time I was working at Forever 21 and I felt so guilty for quitting after a few weeks. That is a "garbage job" as my dad would say. I throw that job away, I could easily pick it back up again. Summer 2007 was the "job hopper summer."

I'm a 23 yr old girl, and I am bringing this place down. This bank is going south not because of bad bosses and executives, or someone cooking the books like stealing money. One incompetent worker trying to do her job the best she can. There is nothing unethical here.

Sept. 18 Joke: It's a coincidence that I was watching Jay Leno and this joke he made.
Jay: 86% of people say they have an annoying co-worker. The other 14% don't know that they are the annoying co-worker.

I realized that today. I don't have a problem with anyone that I work with. I then realized that I am the annoying co-worker because I make so many mistakes and Mel has to go and fix them. She is frustrated by that.

Job info: Today the Berenstein Clinic called me today. I passed my resume to them once in May or June. The starting wage is $15 to work as a receptionist. That's good. However, the only clinics I can be hired at are Caralosa Clinic (West Ed mall), Kristy's Corner (St. Albert Trail), South Edmonton Common, and Victoria Trail. I can't get to those places. I applied at City Centre and they aren't hiring at that place.

If you are interested, you can call the City Centre 780-428-8446 and they will do a job interview on the phone, on the spot.

Tyra: Today on the Tyra Banks show, it was about teen pregnancy so I had to watch it. It seems the only time I watch this show is if it's about this or prostitution. They interviewed girls who are pregnant, and girls who want to get pregnant. The pregnant girls mentioned how it's so hard to have a baby. There are pills and taking blood out of you every couple of months.

TB mentioned about how since they don't use protection, they are exposing themselves to STDs. I think maybe Tyra can prevent some girls from getting pregnant. This isn't a total confession, because I am allowed to watch Tyra. She doesn't get me mad. I only watch it on the occasions she discusses those above serious topics.

Daren Kagasof: While I'm at it, I will admit that I have a crush on the actor Daren Kagasof. He plays the bad boy Ricky on Secret Life of the American Teenager. He's 21. He's also a middle kid like me. He went to university studying business and then quit when he wasn't feeling it.

Good news: I had another meeting with my supervisors. I then went home and told my dad about it and that I am quitting. He respected my decision when I told him about the colossal mistakes I made and how there is this one girl who had 2 days of training and is working on her own. No one is going to be there to train me or to ask questions.

Sept. 19: The convo with my dad went like this:

Me: I'm going to email them and say I'm quitting and not coming to work tomorrow.
D: Are you scheduled to work tomorrow?
Me: I don't know. I thought I could quit and not come to work.
D: If you're scheduled to work, you should go there and tell them in person you're quitting.

Good point. I went and I gave them my letter of resignation, name tag, and scan card. It took them 3 weeks until they gave me my name tag, but I'm sure they will end up keeping the tag and give it to someone also named Tracy. That name isn't too common, and not totally weird either. lol.

Now I'm thinking of The Simpsons again, where Homer joins the freak show and ends up quitting.

Boss: I'm very disappointed in you Homer. I expect your letter of resignation on my desk.
H: You have a desk?
B: No, it's just the hood of my car.

If my dad didn't want me to quit, I was going to say: "I'm a 23yr old woman, and I have to make my decisions." Earlier in this email I said I was "23 yr old girl" being incompetent. Last month when I got this job, I called it good news. Now when I leave the job after a month, I also call it good news. lol.

Phone calls: I just called Servus Credit Union and told them I'm interested in working with them. The group job interview is next month and I emailed my resume to them. I called the Soup place and asked if I can work on the weekdays, and they said they hired someone new. We'll see if this person is good, and if he or she even shows up on the first day of work. My mom told me to call the driving instructor, so I called him twice and he isn't picking up. I'll keep trying.

It's been hrs since I wrote that. What was good was that I got paid for today's work from the bank, even though I didn't work there at all today. I get paid to do nothing. The Soup place called me, and someone didn't show up at 10am, so I went and worked there from 11am-6pm.

Last night I had a dream that I was working at Xcetera/ Ardenes. I then emailed Dani on Facebook asking for my job back. She did say that sometimes she fires people, and later hires them back. I sent her my revised resume, and maybe she'll hire me back. It's a good thing I never left the Soup place, so I'm never out of a job.

News: I was watching 20/20 and it was about a woman who was being chased by this guy who was shooting at her. The guy was a friend of hers and he really liked her, but she wasn't interested. He calls her house saying he has a gun. He comes over, and she tells him that she will talk to him outside of the house. They get into seperate cars, and she calls the cops and drives away. He chases after her. Her boyfriend was in the house and dials 911.

The boyfriend chases them too. The 911 operator was somewhat rude by saying: "Stop yelling at me. I can't help you if you're yelling at me." The woman then was asking for a police station. They get to the station, but there are iron gates. She then gets out of the car. They show the tape of the woman running and getting shot. The man then shoots himself as a woman cop runs to them hearing shots.

She then died. She was smart in leading him out of the house away from her kids and boyfriend. Another smart thing was that to lead him to the police station. The man that shot her, then shot himself. He had 2 failed marriages before that. He wrote a suicide note saying that he wants to be with this woman and commit suicide and die with this woman.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

fun/ writing/ defense

Sept. 13 Fun: I went on to look for the actor Craig Olejnik. I found a Thirteen Ghosts page. CO was in it as the Torn Prince. I then went on Facebook to look him up and found a The Listener page. I then joined the group. There are lots of people who joined it, but only 3 posts. I then posted something like: "I love you Craig, you are hot. I've seen you in Obituary, Thirteen Ghosts, Wolf Lake, and So Weird. I can't wait to see you in The Listener." Maybe he'll go on the page, and email me back.

I also bumped into Sarah on the bus, and we talked. I updated her on getting my learner's permit, and a job at a bank.

Job: Today I worked at the Soup place. It's official, Dana has quit. She got this job last month to replace me. Don told me that she got so angry, that she walked out. They hired a new girl Angel, but she only shown up for one shift and didn't come for the next. Ray came back and visited us.

Music: I borrowed the Vanessa Hudgen's cd "Identified" from the library. I like it. She kind of sounds like Hilary Duff in a few songs. My favorite song would be the techno song "Party on the moon." Her voice has this robotic edge in it. She's got some good dance songs, and a few ballads.

News: Matt Damon and Haitian- born Wyclef John help people in Haiti, who experienced the Hurrican Ike. They served food to them. Later a man recognized MD and showed him The Bourne Ultimatum dvd. MD laughed. lol.

Sept. 14 Job search: I was sick yesterday and today. I was going to pass out my resume and look for a job today at City Centre. My experiment has many variables. If I put my "Mrs" address label, will they be more or less likely to hire me? I also have the revised resume that Angela fixed so I am pretty certain that will increase my chance of getting hired. There are other variables like people quitting, getting fired, or the store isn't hiring.

On my resume it shows what year I graduated out of high school. People can do the math and know how old I am and think that I'm married. In my opinion, I don't like when people get married before they are 25. I only find it somewhat acceptable if one person is under 25, and the other person is over 25. If I were a boss and I see this applicant is under 25, and married, I will still give this person a chance for an interview. However, some people may not.

Writing: Today I mailed my submission out and signed the release form. On Aug. 31, I found this website www.mediajobsearchcanada and they gave me this huge list full of TV/ film production companies. I have now clicked on every link, and emailed my pitch to the entire list. Yeah, sure some of the pages didn't load, and weren't relevant in what I was looking for. There were sites advertising how to make wedding videos.

I kept track of every email I sent, and in total I emailed 161 TV/ production companies. I am very prolific. I mailed one submission out, so that would be 162.

Sept. 15: Today I mailed the other submission out. I checked my email today and only one person emailed me back about my script pitch. In the past 2 days, I emailed 37 production companies. This guy gave me his cell number to contact him.

Funny: I was watching Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. One of the characters opens the fridge, and the cabinets are clear. She then opens the freezer which is a drawer at the bottom of the fridge. That fridge is exactly like mine, except there's is white and mine is stainless steel. I was so excited to see that we have the same fridge. lol. I told this to Patrick, and he's like: "I'm sure they make thousands of these."

I gave in and decided to read comments on the bad show Secret Life of an American Teenager on I was avoiding the thread to avoid spoilers, but now since the show started, I can read up to some pages. I didn't think it was really bad, but it's a guilty pleasure. The thread's funny, but at the same time, people pointed out how it's so bad like:

"So far I'm angry at Ben. All the pre-show info touted him as the "nice boy." Did he sound like a "nice boy" when he said, "I'm 15 and if I don't want to be a virgin then I have to start somewhere?" And delibrately picks a less popular girl to start off with since she will be easier to seduce? Right now he is reminding me of a friend of mine who I am really mad at right now. Sweet, nerdy exterior with a disrespectful, womanizing interior."

"I'm still not sure it this was supposed to be a comedy or a drama, but it could be the incredibly bad acting that is causing this confusion."

Person: "'I'm a Christian. And I'm a man. And right now I don't know how to be both.' Oh the turmoil! You're a teenage boy who wants to have sex with his girlfriend and she's holding out. Welcome to America!'"

I burst out laughing at that one.

Defense: I want to put this on the record that I am not being passive- aggressive in trying to get myself fired from the bank. You may think I am because I make so many mistakes as a teller. However, I was trying to do the job correctly and get off work on time. I wasn't unconsciously, subconsciously, or consciously making mistakes. I am also not trying to bring the place down.

Today at work, I had to fix my mistakes as a teller. Mel was really frustrated. I only corrected 2 of the 4 mistakes. I thought I was going to get fired. What's interesting is that when I was working at Leger, I was being passive-aggressive and trying to bring the place down by telling my co-workers that Malatest pay $10.50 starting wage. That was really passive.

My totals at the bank were out, and it's really hurting the bank. I don't know. Maybe the damage is done and they will fire me for the mistakes I made in the first 2 weeks. I may have made mistakes in the mailroom like putting a investigation file into the pile of regular files, but I'm sure the other people will open the file and read that this is the wrong file. They will put it correctly away. I might as well confess that last week as a teller, I wasn't doing any of the mail runs as in delivering the files to the right floors.

There are other tellers who are delivering the files anyway so I didn't totally screw up the whole business. We'll see in 3 months or sooner if they will fire me. Mel would say: "You have made so many mistakes and it took me forever to fix them. You're fine in the mailroom, but we don't really need you to work there anymore. You're fired." If it isn't Mel, than it's Emilia.

My sister was watching The Hills, and I was on the computer as was Patrick. The band The White Tie Affair performed on the ep. The lead singer, the guy in the red shirt is hot. Check him out and their music:

Sept. 16: I really like the song "The Enemy" by the White Tie Affair. It's fast and a good dance song.

As soon as I got home from work, I went and read more dissing Secret Life of an American Teenager. I'm learning on how to not write. A producer emailed and asked to read my script, so I sent it to him.

Joke: I was watching 90210 with my sister. The characters Dixon and Erin are studying biology.

Erin: Where does bile come from?
Me: The nose?
S: No!
Me: The stomach?
S: The bladder.
E: The liver.
Let's mark it here and now, my sister doesn't know everything. lol.

Friday, September 12, 2008

writing/ inspired/ Prince Harry

Sept. 8 Writing: One producer wrote back asking me a question. I emailed back.

I was on and read a few pages about the miniseries Samurai Girl. I spoiled myself, but I don't even know if I am even going to get this show in Canada. The people posted about there were a lot of plot holes, but it was fun to watch. It turns out the lead actress Jamie Chung was on The Real World: San Diego.

Analyze: I was thinking about how TV makes me really happy. Criminal Minds is coming back on Wed. Sept. 24. We will see who got into a car that blew up. From the preview I can cross out Garcia, and a couple of others. I was working today, and I was thinking about the TV show The Listener. It's not on yet, but I am looking forward to watching Craig Olejnik in it. I get to live vicariously through TV.

Sept.9 Funny: Today at work my supervisor Mel took me to an office to talk to me. I thought I was going to get fired. On the way to the office, I was thinking that I was going to be sent home. I was planning on going to West Ed mall.

Mel: You were out (of totals) so many times and stayed late after work. You won't be doing teller work anymore. You will be moved to mailroom.
Since I was so bad at being a teller, and I thought I was getting better. Mailroom is good. I became fast friends with Bryant and we talked about writing.

We were walking through City Centre and pointed out to the stores I did job interviews at and didn't get hired like Suzy Sheir, Smart Set, and Eddie Baur. I pointed out that I got fired at Xcetera, worked at Winners for 3 days and quit, worked at Grand and Toy for a month, and work at the Canadian Soup and Sandwich. He said that I was "jaded." I'm not bitter, but I applied to many stores in this mall.

Another TV production company emailed me back and I sent them the synopsis.

News: The old TV show Invisible Man is out on dvd now! I went on and found out about it. It stars Vincent Ventresca and Paul Ben- Victor. It's about a con-man who has a scientist brother. The brother created this invisible gland and injected into VV, the con man. Now VV can turn invisible and he works for the government. It's a funny sci-fi show. Check it out:

This show had 2 seasons, first season had 23 eps, second season had 22 eps. It came from 2000-2002. I was late in joining the show by watching it in 2004. I saw some eps and enjoyed it. Now I think I will buy the dvds.

Sept. 10: It turns out The Listener will be coming out on Jan. 2009, so I'll have to wait. Though today I was seriously thinking of buying the TV movie Obituary on dvd.

Job: Today at work was really good. I had to wake up at 7:30am-4pm, but my breaks and pay are the same as being a teller. I'll be at this schedule for the rest of the week. I am going to stick with the mailroom. I've been all over this building. First week I'm in the 6th floor being trained by Parker. Second week I'm on the 4th floor being trained by Tracey. Third week I'm on the 2nd floor being trained by Bryant, and Lena.

Question: My question is this: I read in the magazine Real Simple on how to simply your life. Use your address labels when you're filling out personal information like job applications. Some of my address labels mention charities like Heart and Stroke Foundation and STARS (rescue helicopters). If I put that on the job application, would that look favourable to me?

On the address labels it also says Mrs. I should cross that out so I won't give people the wrong impression. The boss may ask that in a job interview if I'm married, and I would say no. They would then think I'm lying if I use those labels. Well I'll cross out the Mrs. then. I get so many of these address labels from charities, I know for sure I have over 200.

Sept. 11 Good news: Yesterday I got home from work and emailed 24 TV production companies. Today 2 of them emailed back turning me down. I used to say (fake cough in hand): "Rejected!" Then I checked my rebel account and this TV producer emailed me back. She had faxed me because my professional account wouldn't get her email and phone number got a fax machine instead. Yesterday I called her again since I did call her the week before with no reply.

I gave her my rebel account and she emailed back. She said the person who's in script development is away and she will contact me in mid- October. I had emailed this tv producer, and then he told me to email Super Channel, and now Super Channel emailed me.

Inspired: I think my friend Heather kind of inspired me. She emailed saying she didn't have enough time to read my 2 weekly emails. I told her that's fine. H tells me to go and write a book. I tell her that I'm busy pitching my script.

Yesterday I read in the Globe and Mail Careers section about how "Cold calls can lead to Hot Jobs." They talked to this recent graduate who went up and started giving out his resume and start talking to the people who worked there.

Call with a 20 sec spiel introducing yourself. Ask for an "informational interview" and ask about the company. Don't ask for a job, but say that you're interested and am looking for one. That kind of inspired me. I've been doing this since Jan. 2008. I did cold calling by pitching my script by emailing TV production companies. Call, email, talk to workers.

Prince Harry:
I called John today, and he said 25 military guys came to the Travel Lodge to have breakfast. He then saw Prince Harry and asked him if he really is who he is. He said yes! J then served him.

J: What else would you like to drink?
H: Tea would be wonderful.
After we hung up, I went and told Patrick.

P: Oh yeah, I heard that Prince Harry was in Medicine Hat. I read about it on yahoo news today.

Sept. 12: I pitched my script to 14 TV production companies yesterday.

I read in The Journal today, that Craigslist has a lot of criminals. One man advertises that he's a handyman and he is looking for work so he could feed his four kids. Someone emails him saying that he will pay him so that he could sexually abuse one of his kids. Scary.

Monday, September 8, 2008

review/ friends

Sept. 4 Review: Last night I saw the Secret Life of an American Teenager pilot. It was written and created by Brenda Hampton who created one of the worst TV shows ever, 7th Heaven. However, when I was watching this pilot, I wasn't angry. I didn't yell or swear at the TV at all. At least for this ep. Maybe later on I will.The show is about a 15yr old girl who had sex at band camp and got pregnant. It's not that bad. I remember a time back in 2001, I watched a 7th Heaven ep where the Olsen twins guest-starred. I didn't have as much of a problem watching TV shows that get me angry like I did back in 2006 with Dr Phil and Maury. I was yelling and swearing at the TV because the Olsen twins characters were misbehaving and being annoying. I only watched that episode out of boredom. I don't watch that show on a regular basis and I never liked it.

Anyway, watching American Teenager reminded me of the days I was in high school. Well there was this part where the girl's friend says that she should go out with this guy, have sex with him, and convince him that he got her pregnant though she was already pregnant before and is carrying some other guy's baby. She is saying that the girl should get married, even though it is not to the baby's father.

Well I had always thought if you get pregnant, you should marry the father. It wasn't until I was 20 years old and was watching an ep of Dr Phil that I learned that you shouldn't do that. Doesn't mean that you have a kid with someone means that you should get married to that person. I feel like at 15yrs old, I would say you should marry the father. In this case though, it looks she wouldn't. We'll see.

A Haunting: Last week I saw an ep where it wasn't about someone moving into a haunted house like nearly all the episodes I saw. It was about a guy who studied the occult and then calls out these four spirits to him. Then weird and scary occurances happen to him and his mom, and his little sister. He then calls a white witch and he does a spell to protect the family.

It turns out later to be the guy was posessed and then he goes and sees this pyschic. She asks him to say a prayer with him. It was hard for him too, and then the demon came out in him. She then casts the demon out of him.

Sept. 5 Friends: Last night I talked to my friend Angela on the phone. She told me that I should ask my supervisors to get another position in the bank if I don't like it. I asked, and they said the mailroom, I would have to carry 40-50 pounds of mail though. There are carts to carry the mail. They asked what if I don't like it? I will work at data entry for another week and see how it goes.

They said I can't be moving from one position to another position. They did apologize to me that it was bad of me to start at the end of the month when it's chaotic. Also I still have to work for another month in this crappy building where we are spread out in 6 floors. It's not until next month we move to a building where we are on one floor.

Today my friend Chamnouer called me back and she said she was working at the department store Giant Tiger for a year now. That's good. I only worked at the Multicultural Centre for 2yrs. My mom gave me that job as my first job when I was 18yrs old. I only worked there once a week on Sat. C told me she got laid off from Leger after one month because they got all this new technology. It happened in 2007. She didn't sound angry. I told her that Leger closed down earlier this year. So even though she got laid off last summer, she still would have lost her job some months later.

Kaya: Today I saw the new show Kaya. It actually was on the TV network The N in the USA. I heard it was like Instant Star. IS ended their fourth and final season last week. Yeah, well at least I get to see the reruns on Muchmusic and MTV. Kaya is about a singer of a rock band. Her little sister died in a car accident. K is 21yrs old and signed onto a big label after the band's first album went platinum on an indie label.

Sept. 6: Today I worked from 10am-6pm. I was supposed to work until 4pm, but they needed me to work till close. That's because a worker was sick. I was looking at the schedule and I see that Mark, Ray, and Silvia have quit. There was a new name Cam. I asked who he was and he is Ray's brother. Interesting.

Feelings: I don't really feel angry. The only anger I get is very light. There is the Secret Life of an American Teenager debuting 2 months later on Citytv and that show came out on ABC Family in the summer. Kaya came out last year and I'm getting the show now. Today I went to watch A Haunting and it's not even on.

Sept. 7 Crazy: It was crazy yesterday. After work I went to Leslie's house expecting her to not be home and be at Heather's going away party. She was home and I hung out there for an hour waiting for her mom to come and drive us to the party. We talked and played with her dog. Then I went home and ate dinner. L called and I went to her house and we drove to the pub. We all hung out and had fun for an hour.

L told me that she doesn't answer her phone because of telemarketers who call her five times a day. Damn, that's a lot. L tells them to put her on a do-not- call list, but they keep rambling on. I told H about my job at a bank and she congratulated me.

Dream: Since I was hanging out with L last night, I then dreamt about her. We were on vacation together and she needed a quarter to withdraw money. I then gave one to her. It was American cash. We went to a club and it was in Vancouver. It looked really cool.

Music: Donnie Klang released his album on Sept. 2 and you can listen to the clips here:

You can watch his music video "Take you there" with interviews on

My sister downloaded the Gossip Girl soundtrack and I listened to it. It has ballads, rock, dance tracks in it. Really fun and cool to listen too.

Fun: First I talked to Angela one night, then I talked to Chamnouer the next night, then I hang out with Leslie, her mom, and Heather the next night. Now tonight Michelle emailed me congratulating about my bank job. It seems everybody is happy that I got a job at a bank except me. Michelle, like Chamnouer asked me how I got a job at a bank because she wants to get one too.

I emailed her the clip again. It's a good thing I do have that blog that has all my weekly emails so then I copy and pasted it to her. Another coincidence is that Michelle moved to Vancouver and Heather is moving to Nova Scotia.

Writing: Yesterday a production company rejected me. I pitched my script to 38 companies today. I was inspired because I pitched to Shaftesbury, a company that produced The Listener. That TV show is coming out this fall and it stars Craig Oleynik. I mentioned him before, I saw him on the TV movie Obituary, and TV shows like Wolf Lake, and So Weird. I have a crush on him. He plays a mind reader and this is a sci-fi show where he tries to help people.

Funny: This morning S lost her watch. She often loses things and I had to help her find it. It took about twenty minutes to find it. It was under her desk, between the wall and the desk. There was a small crack there and I had to crawl in and get it. S was thankful and gave me $5 for finding it.

Sept. 8: Today at work, it was better. I didn't make as many mistakes. My totals were often 0 which is correct. As usual, I often felt frustrated during it. I stayed 30min later. I'm going into my 3rd week and there is improvement. Emilia is motivating me. I'm trying really hard to motivate myself and that's really hard to do. I have to do this for my parents. They want me to work here.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

motivation/ movie/ fun

Sept. 1 Motivation: I haven't been writing due to the lack of inspiration. Anthony Horowitz, the author of the young adult book series Alex Rider advises to go and do something and write about it. I had written about working for an unethical company last summer. I then was inspired that staffing agencies are bad so I continued to write about a girl working for an unethical company.

I have the new experience of working in an office, however my bank isn't unethical. Unless it is and I don't know about it. I still don't have anything to write about. I also haven't been studying for my class. I decided to just send and pitch my script by emailing every TV production company that I can find. Yesterday I pitched my script to 18 places. A couple of weeks before I pitched to 10 places.

Movie: Last night I saw the movie They. It came out in 2002, it starred Laura Regan, Marc Blucas (Riley from Buffy), and Ethan Embry. A young woman experience night terrors as a child and later her friend commits suicide. She then meet his other friends who also experienced it. There is a monster who chases them and gets them in the dark. It wasn't very good. It actually reminded me of the movie Darkness Falls where a monster chases a guy and gets him in the dark.

DF wasn't really that good either. A coincidence was that DF came in 2003 and had Buffy actress Emma Caulfield who played Anya. I would rather watch DF over They.

Analyze: The power of positive thinking. I was thinking about when I was working at Xcetera/ Ardene, I thought I was going to get fired. Dani told me I was one of the three girls who could potentially get fired. Before that this customer came in. She bought some stuff and later came back during closing if she can get a refund. She said she lost $300 cash and called security. She needs her money back so she can feed herself and her two kids.

We can only give exchanges and store credit. We call Dani and explained the situation to her. Dani says if we give her her money back, we will get fired. I was thinking: "Well if I get fired, at least it will be for a good reason." I told her she can get a free meal at Hope Mission where homeless people go. She said no.

Afterwards, one of my co-workers said that she heard about the woman saying that she got this money from her boyfriend. I then thought: "Well she can then ask her bf for money then." It was a tough situation. We wanted to help her, and not jeopardize our job.

What if I had taken the job when it was first offered to me instead of waiting three weeks later and then taking the job? Would I still be working there? Well there was still a chance I could get fired because I would have worked there for six weeks. It was still during the first three months of probation. When I was working for the Soup place, I never thought about getting fired there. I didn't get fired there.

Clean: Yesterday my mom came to my room and she ended up getting rid of 4 old pieces of clothing that I never wear. Today I went to bookmark this site that had so many links to TV production companies. I then realized since my dad has reformatted the old computer, that all my old bookmarks have been deleted. Come to think of it, I don't really even remember the last time I used the bookmarks. Then I went on the new computer and it has all these bookmarks that I forgot about.

Fun: Today I watched the season 2 premiere of Gossip Girl. It was okay. Right now I'm watching Prison Break, and I'm yelling at the TV in a good way. I'm so excited. Turns out the Sona prison burned down and Bellick and Sucre hitchhike to a gas station.

S: Are you sure your mom is going to be here?
B: She never let me down before. Yet.
Mom: Bradley!
B (throws up his arms): Mom!
I burst out laughing.

I screamed when Whistler got shot. I shouted "Oh my god!" when I saw Sarah. I didn't really think she was dead last season. I'm glad that Bellick went from a bad prison guard, to a good guy. Now they all must take down The Company.

Sept. 2: Today I watched the new 90210 with my sister. I missed the first 10min because of work. Anyway, it was really fun to watch. A couple Canadians are on the show like Sheanae Grimes from Degrassi:The Next Generation.

Job: I worked overtime by 1hr and called my mom telling her I would miss dinner. She was happy that I was doing overtime. I even talked to Emilia and asked if I can come back in 1 month to work as a teller. It's because in a month we will be moving to a new building and then all the other tellers would be by me and they can help me. For now, all the tellers are on different floors.

Last week Parker was by me the entire time to help me. Today I had to keep walking across the floor to Richard for him to help me. This reminds me of the days working at Winners where the tag machine didn't work and I had to go all the way to the front to print the tags. Emilia says I will be put beside a teller to do the work.

I didn't take my morning or afternoon 15min breaks because I was too busy. I didn't need it anyway because I was used to always have 30min lunch breaks. I finally managed to get my work done with help from 3 other people.

Samurai Girl:
I was on and I found out that the 6 book series Samurai Girl will be made into a short mini series. Here's the promo. It looks great. An Asian girl as the lead Jamie Chung. It's an action series on ABC Family. The book never really had an ending.

It was about a rich Japanese girl who was arranged to get married to this guy, but then there was a huge fight at the wedding. Her brother got murdered. Brendan Fehr, a Canadian actor fromt the show Roswell is in it.

Sept. 3: Today I sat by a woman named Tracey. She helped me and I managed to go home on time. I had another talk with the women who are in charge of how I work. Emilia says: "I want you to succeed." Meleny also tells me I'm smart and competent. That's good to give encouraging words. However, I had myself wishing I would get fired. Seriously. I thought of all the times I made my wishes and they came true.

1. I wished Leger would close down and 2yrs later they did.
2. I wish my 3.5 floppy disks would stop working, and one did.
3. I was kind of wishing that I would get fired from Xcetera/ Ardene's and I did.

Yeah, in a way I'm wishing bad things would happen, but they do end up working in my favour. I disliked Leger after working there for 3 months. I want to get rid of those disks because they're old, but I'm not going to throw them out because I use them. Xcetera was an average job.

I am getting more positive attention from my parents. My mom and grandma are often asking me how I like the job. My mom said that if I quit, she will kick me out of the house to kind of prove that I need this bank job to live on my own. She did say before I do anything like quit, I would have to talk to her and dad about it. As usual my life revolves around TV.

It reminded me of an ep of Alias. Sydney works for the CIA and her mom Irina is a bad guy. I turns herself into the CIA and S visits her.

I: You should quit the CIA. If you continue to work here, I won't allow you to visit me.
It's to tell Sydney not to keep working at a job you don't like just to be able to see your mother.

My friend Leslie emailed me back saying she caught up on all my emails. She tells me I should keep working at this job.

Writing: I've been pitching my script to many companies. I've been keeping track.

Aug. 31- emailed 17 companies.
Sept. 1-emailed 38 companies
Sept. 2- emailed 2 people at one company.