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Thursday, December 30, 2010

writing/ crazy day/ rant

Dec. 27 Writing: Today is my day off and I'm all over the place. I applied to some jobs. I watched a Buffy episode. I typed up some inspirational quotes that I collected over the months. I'll send it to you guys later. I typed up my weekly email/ blog post and sent it and put it up.

The stuff I wrote in my last email/ blog post was from old notes I jotted down. I'll write that, but I have hard time writing my script.

Writer in Residence: I was thinking about the Writer in Residences and how they read my work.

Conni Massing (2009): She read the The Fighter draft 4 and with her notes, I managed to push myself to write the last 20 pages and get the script to 90 pages. She read Garret which is just like The Fighter, but with different names. She read Daniel which is like Garret, without the action.

Chris Craddock (2010): He read Rain which is 60 pages of not much going on. He read The Fighter draft 9 and saw similarities between that and Rain. I sent him The Hunter which is bunch of notes. I sent him Damon notes which is spin off from Rain.

Now the new Writer in Residence will be Marty Chan. I am excited to see what he will say about The Fighter draft 11.

Dec. 28 Crazy day: Today it was crazy busy for two hours. It was so busy, the manager was bussing tables. lol. I was bussing, hostessing, and the three other servers were telling me to do this and that. I worked from 8:45am-4pm.

It calmed down a bit after breakfast, but I still had to keep moving during lunch. On Boxing day, my manager told me to stay for a couple more hours. No one told me to stay, I thought I had to today. There was one server, and there were 7 tables. She told me that I could go home, so I did.

I even took an extra shift for tomorrow. It's for a few hours. We need two bussers, 3 servers, and a hostess to keep things afloat. At least I made a lot of money. I won't be able to make a lot of money because it won't be busy after the holidays are over.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. Calender Club is selling all their products for 40% off. I remember back in the days when Boxing day came, it was 50% off. I distinctly remember in 2004 and 2005 when I bought those James Dean calenders.

Well we're still recovering from the recession, so if Calender Club wants to make some profit, they will. My brother told me to wait until January when things will be 75% off.

Bad writing: I saw a clip of Secret Life of the American Teenager repeat, and it reminded me of my bad writing when I was teen. This show has bad writing. Back when I was a teen I watched TV and movies to learn about writing. I didn't read a lot of books on how to write. Now that I'm older, I read screenwriting books to learn what good writing is.

Comparisons: Here's a batch of comparisons:

Hero going into supernatural world to find father: I read about it for the movie Tron. It reminded me of Flash Gordon where Flash goes to the planet Mongo to find his father.

Team competitions: On Glee and Hellcats, they compete in sectionals and regionals. These are usually scheduled during Nov., Feb. and May sweeps.

Talking about the recession: The Listener, Lie to Me, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Heartland all mentioned it. These episodes from the past 2 yrs.

Using an eye to scan to get into something: To take it farther, you take out the eye from the person living or dead. I saw that in the Dark Angel season 1 finale back in 2001. Then I saw it on Human Target this year.

Dec. 29 A toy car chases a car: I saw this in Jackie Chan's movie The Tuxedo and recently on a episode of Undercovers.

Job rant: Here's a mild rant. I saw on my schedule I was to get Dec. 31, Jan.1, Jan. 2 days off. My parents are going to Calgary so I called work to confirm my days off. I was told that I had to work. I then checked my schedule there, and there's black marker written over my schedule that I'm supposed to work on those days. Now I can't go to Calgary.

I'll change it to positive thinking. I know I can make a lot of money now. What if my hours get cut next month? What if the place closes down? It probably won't close down, but you need to imagine and prepare for the times you may not be able to work.

Corrillo Chocolate: I tried this chocolate in the flavors of Green Tea and Crispy Rice, and Cranberry and Rosemary. It didn't really taste that good. However, the wrappers had really nice paintings or pencil crayon drawings of a leaf (Green Tea) and Roses (Cranberry.)

Dec. 30 Calgary: I usually go to Calgary once or twice a year. I already went in Aug. and Sept. I already went twice, so it's okay if I don't go for the third time. I'm calm now.

Coincidence: I was on listening to The Bounce radio station and the DJ says: "Next we have songs "Grenade", "Firework" and "Dynamite." The songs are synonymous with each other.

Then yesterday I was listening to the Bounce and the DJ says: "I noticed how Bruno Mars has the song "Grenade", Katy Perry has "Firework" and Taio Cruz "Dynamite" song titles all sound the same.

Song: I really like the song "A Little Bit" by Drake and Lykke Li. I was listening to Hot 107 and this song came on. I recognized Drake's voice. I like his singing better than his rapping. I like his song "Find Your Love." I do like singing more than rap.

It's a good dance song. The lyrics are "I'm a little bit in love with you." I like the lyric "We're nsync like a Justin song." I thought that was creative.

Stress: I got a office job interview next week. I'm stressed because I don't know quite where it is. I saw it on Google maps and know how to get there and how long it takes. I have to go there on my day off to make sure I find the place correctly. I can't stress about it right now because I'm not going to find the place for the next few days because I have to go to work.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas in Wonderland/ actors/ 20/20 inspiration

Dec. 25 Christmas in Wonderland: I saw 5 min of this movie the other day. This was shot in West Ed mall. I saw a scene where a 12 yr old boy tells his kid sister not to run off by herself at the mall. Two bad guys who are going to use counterfeit cash to buy things, and get real money back in change. This came out in 2007.

They made a direct shout out to Edmonton, and the mall. I was very distracted because I was looking more at the mall, than the movie. The dialogue wasn't that good anyway. On 541 people voted and gave it 4.8/10. It's about a dad and his three kids who move to Edmonton. They inadvertently catch the crooks.

Human Target: There was a Christmas ep. The team has to protect a family. All the houses were so nicely decorated. It was good with the audience thinking it's the dad who's being targeted for being a whistle blower at his company. Then you think it's the mom who wrote a blog gossiping about people.

It's really the teen son. He got a free online game for a month that ruined his computer. He then hacks into the company's files and deletes them to get revenge. On the TV show Dollhouse, there's a line: "You can't always predict or control the consequences." Who would have predicted that the computer company then tries to kill the teen hacker and get his computer?

Fortunately the team was able to defend the family. I also liked the teen's t-shirt that had an Escape computer key button on his shirt.

Bonne Bell: I was looking at this perfume bottle, and then it triggered a memory of Bonne Bell's "Emotion" perfume. They had scents like Flirty, Frantic, and Hyper. It was way back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I went on the internet and it has discontinued, but you can look for it and buy it on certain sites if you really want it.

Dec. 26 Job: On Dec. 23 I was sick. I rested and took some medicine so I could work during the holidays. On Dec. 24 I worked for 3 hrs because they didn't need me to stay longer. On Dec. 25, I only worked the day shift. I was supposed to work the night shift too, but they didn't need me. Today I worked 7.5 hrs. It's been a few months before I worked a full day.

It's Boxing day, but I only did 10 min of shopping at a book store looking for a day planner.

Dec. 27 Family: Today I went out to lunch with my family. We hardly ever do that so that was nice.

Greek myth: I was reading this in The Globe and Mail a few months ago. There's a Greek myth about a guy who asked when he will die. On the day he's supposed to die, he's alive. He starts laughing so hard, he dies from laughter. I thought that was interesting.

Saturday Night Live: There's a new actor on the show Taran Killam. I remember in 2001 he was on for some MADtv episodes. He was on The Amanda Show, another sketch comedy show with Amanda Bynes. Paul Britain is also on SNL. I've never seen him before, but he's cute.

In the season premiere, they had old SNL actress Amy Poehler come on. That was an excuse to throw in all the old cast members like Maya Rudolph, Jimmy Fallon, and Tina Fey. They had Justin Timberlake kiss AP for a moment in a dream sequence.

They had the real govenor Dave Paterson come on Weekend Update.

Comic Shop News: Have you ever heard of this newspaper about comic books? I haven't until I picked up an issue on the bus. I'm not into comic books, but I do like to read newspapers. The writing and graphics was average.

W5: I saw an episode of this Canadian news magazine show where 64 people, mostly Canadian students were on the sinking boat Concordia. They go to school on the boat, and learn about how to sail a ship. I don't know about you, but that doesn't that remind you of that old 90's teen sitcom called Breaker High?

It starred Ryan Gosling before he got big. It was mainly teens going to school on a boat, but not learning how to sail.

Actors: Do you remember the actor Devon Sawa? He used to be really popular in the 90s and he was in movies like Casper, Wild America, and Final Destination. He was in Eminem's music video "Stan." He was on a couple episodes of Nikita.

I didn't even recognize him when he first came on. He played a guy who stopped a bank robbery. It's not until I saw his name, I realized who it was. I haven't seen this guy in years. He's Canadian. In the episode, they mentioned Montreal.

Bianca Lawson was also on. She played Kendra the vampire slayer on Buffy. She has done other shows like Pretty Little Liars. I was just Buffy season 3 episode "Enemies" today with my sister. I haven't seen that episode since 2001 when Space started airing it.

20/20 inspiration: I was watching 20/20, and they did an episode about people with amazing talents.

Daniel Tammit: I saw this 31 yr old man named Daniel Tammit. He has the most amazing memory. He looked at Pi once and remembers 22,000 numbers in a row. Scientists tested him and he proved it. He has Asperger's syndrome which is a high functioning form of autism. He has synthesis and he sees numbers like shapes.

He sees a 4 like a blue jagged shape, a 9 like a red tall figure. He was teased a lot in school. He can't drive. He did learn how to speak an Icelandic language in a week.

Rohan Murphy: They then did a piece on this African- American guy Rohan Murphy. He has no legs, because they were amputated when he was four. He had a birth defect. Then in middle school, his gym teacher made him the team manager. Rohan was good at wrestling. He then goes into college wrestling.

He then did a Nike commercial where it shows him working out. Now he's a motivational speaker.

Hannah Frazer: She is like a mermaid. She's human with this fake fish tail and she swims with it. She takes one breath and holds it for 23 min. under water. She performs in movies and aquariums. She also protects dolphins.

It's really beautiful to watch her swim in the water. It's surreal.

Friday, December 24, 2010

job news/ Eric Benet/ funny and weird

Dec. 22 Job news: I read in the National Post business section about keeping your skills up to date. This woman who got laid off, she bought this computer program and practices it everyday so she will be prepared to use it when she gets hired again. That's good.

I'm keeping up with my skills by reading the business section of the newspaper. Yesterday I applied to a bunch of places. Today I only applied to three. I was reading my Alberta Job Centre news letters I subscribe to and then I found Career Options magazine that you can read online here:

WindMobile: My friend Ashley from college told me about this:

Ashley: WindMobile doesn't do commission at all, it's something that really sets them apart from other cellular companies. There is a base wage and then a monthly bonus program that depends on stores making their monthly targets rather than individual sales.

Job search: It was really hard for me to focus in looking for a job today. I've been looking for an office job from Jan. 2009-Oct.2009 and I landed that Call Centre #3 job. I passed 110 resumes in 8 months. I then rebooted my office job search from Nov. 2009- Mar. 2010. I did the same thing with passing out my resumes to banks and offices.

Then I got laid off from the Soup place and Call Centre #3 and I did my office job search totally differently. I went on the internet. I applied to 100 places a month. It was to offices and reg. jobs in Apr. 2010-Oct.2010 and I managed to get an office job and worked there for a short time.

Quote: I found this on the 16 and Pregnant thread. It's about jobs: "If you can't admit it, you should quit it."

16 and Pregnant: Also on the thread, it turns out this girl asked one of the teen moms Kail this on her form spring.

Girl: Help! My friend is 13 and pregnant she wants to get on the show, how does she apply?

Kail: We're not glamorizing teen pregnancy here.

I thought that question was so weird. I thought it was going to be: "Help, my friend is 13 and pregnant. What should I do to help her?"

If I was 13, and I found out one of my friends is 13 and pregnant, I wouldn't ask about how to get on a TV show even if 16&P aired back then. I don't know, tell a teacher about it.

Dec. 22 Eric Benet: I was listening to some satellite radio and found the song "Sometimes I Cry" by Eric Benet. I've been listening to his music on Youtube and found this video:

I'm going to paraphrase what he says:

EB: My daughter was going to start college soon, and I helped her to dorm room. It brought back a lot of memories of when I was in college. I was going out with this girl for two years and then she broke up with me. She also told me: "I don't see you making it in the music industry." It's kind of funny because shortly after we broke up, I got a record deal.
The audience cheers and laughs.

EB: Then there was a knock on my door. She shows up and it's like she got a stylist or something, because she looks amazing. She was saying how much she misses me.

I would never tell anyone that they won't make it in something because that would be mean. However, I would say to someone who is pursuing in a performing arts career: "What if you don't make it? What if you do make it, but the success doesn't last? What is your back up plan?"

You always have to be thinking about back up plans. That's me though. A lot of things don't work out for me like getting rejected from college programs.

Funny video: I was on the 16 and Pregnant thread on and someone posted this Golden Girls video clip. It's about buying condoms at the store. I've never seen Golden Girls before, but it was kind of funny.

Dec. 23 Funny and weird: I saw this funny and weird video clip on Jay Leno.

Cut to two guys playing beer pong outside. There are these red plastic cups on the table.

Guy 1 throws a ping pong ball into the cup.
Guy 2 throws a ping pong ball into the cup.

Guy 3 in red Santa suit falls on top of the table and breaks it.

Me: What?!

Here's a fun sight to see. I saw Cosmo the Galaxyland mascot skate in the ice rink at West Ed mall.

Cute and funny: This was on Jay Leno. The voice of Dora the Explorer has sued Nickelodeon because they didn't pay her for her work.

Cut to the animated character Dora the Explorer sitting next to a real life lawyer.
Dora then hugs the lawyer.

Fun gift: I saw this on Jay Leno. This is a real gift. A mug calls "Jesus Shaves." If you pour hot water in the mug, the beard on Jesus disappears. It was pretty cool.

Joke: Jay Leno says: "The guy who created the YMCA died and only 6 people showed up to his funeral. They were a cop, an Indian chief..."

Charity: I read that the rapper Lil Wayne bought a $11,000 wheelchair for his fan's mom.

I also read that the rapper TI talked a man down from jumping off a building. TI heard it on the radio and came down there.

Merry Christmas everybody!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Larry King Live/ good writing/ actors

Dec. 19 Larry King Live: Larry King's last show was on Dec. 16. Arnold Schwarzenegger made Larry King Day. Bill Marh and Ryan Seacrest were co-hosts that night. There were subtitles that are tweets from celebs and regular people telling LK how great he is.

Barack Obama made a video to LK. Regis Feldman, Suze Orman, and Donald Trump made an appearance. Fred Armison (Saturday Night Live) wears the exact same outfit as LK. It was a black shirt, red suspenders, white and red polka dot tie. LK does know how to accessorize with the black watch and red bracelet.

Katie Couric, Diane Sawyer, Barbara Walters, and Brian Williams came on. DS on behalf of them gave LK suspenders with their names stitched on it.

KC read a poem to LK. It was funny and good mentioning how LK was the first one to get Paris Hilton's post- jail interview. They all gave a toast to LK.

Bill Clinton came on via satellite. Dr Phil even showed up.

LK's wife, two kids came on. LK's 10 yr old son Cannon did a good LK impression. The audience laughs. Anderson Cooper thanks LK for his show.

Tony Bennet sings in his concert in Lousiana. LK saw the performance via satellite. The song was "The Best is Yet to Come."

Good writing:

Action scenes: CSI: NY writes really good action scenes. There are some scenes where you can predict is going to happen because the bad guy's going to run. Det. Flack and Det. Messer are chasing a guy in the club.

Flack jumps down from the second floor onto a table below. So the table breaks. I expected the chase, but not the jump.

Here's another scene:

Cut to Det. Flack driving with a female suspect sitting in the back.
A Guy moves in front of the car, and Flack stops the car.
Then Guy points a gun at F, and he shoots at F and the female suspect.
Then two more guys points and shoots at F and the female suspect.

That made me jump because it came out of nowhere.

Dialogue: Also on CSI: NY, the team is trying to solve a murder of a woman named Isabelle. Flack is arresting a guy.

Flack: Do you know Isabelle? Well I'm going to introduce you to Miranda. You have the right to remain silent.

Oh that's good. lol.

Dec. 20 Rant: Today I woke up an hr earlier and then read my horoscopes, and the classified section looking for a job. That took 5 min. Then I took 50 min to read the A section of the Edmonton Journal. My sister says I'm a slow reader, and I was hogging it and that I was inconsiderate. She got to read the other sections and the two other newspapers we get.

I told her that I wanted to read the newspaper leisurely and at my own pace. If I had to go to work, I glance at the A section, and then I pick up a 24 newspaper and force myself to read that one faster while riding the bus.

On my days off I do spend one hr reading the newspaper, and then go to my job search. I have to have a little fun first and then I push myself to work. If I go straight to my job search, then I would feel like I want to read the newspaper and not concentrate on my work. However, I read the life, business, arts section of the 3 newspapers all in 1 hr. Then again it was a Monday so there isn't as much to read.

News: Did you know there's a place called Chihuahua City in Mexico? Seriously. It was an article about this woman's daughter who was murdered. The mother then held a vigil, and then she got shot there. Damn, that's harsh.

Then I read about making crafts as gifts for the holidays. I used to do more crafts as a kid.

Then I read more about Wikileaks. This could be a good story for a movie. A computer hacker that exposes the government. Except I need to delve into it a bit more.

Job search: I applied to 34 office jobs today.

Actors: I was watching Criminal Minds and I saw Leonard Roberts on. He's an African- American actor who played Riley's Initiative friend Forest on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I saw him on that old show Freakylinks. He was on Tru Calling for an ep. That was kind of cool to see him being reunited with Eliza Dushku (Faith on Buffy.)

Carl Lumbly was also CM. He plays a dad on Secret Life of the American Teenager.

John Schneider who used to play the dads to teenagers on Smallville, Secret Life, and 90210 was on Desperate Housewives. This time he played a dad to a grown man Brian Austin Green's character. Nancy Travis plays BAG's mom. She played a mom to a teen on that TV movie The Party Never Stops.

Does anyone remember Trent Ford? He played Mandy Moore's love interest in the 2003 movie How to Deal. He does this big movie, but then he does an ep of Smallville. I then saw him on The Vampire Diaries ep.

I was watching The Mentalist and there's this hot German model. I remember her as Preston's wife on Desperate Housewives. Also on Mentalist, I saw Christina Cox. She used to be on the vampire/ detective agency show called Blood Ties. I have seen her on Chronicles of Riddick.

On Mentalist, there was an ep called "Pink Chanel Suit." Doesn't that remind you of The Simpsons where Marge buys that pink chanel suit and gets into that country club? I saw Christine Rose (Mrs. Pettrelli from Heroes) on. She plays this uptight, rich mother which isn't too much of a stretch from her Mrs. Pettrelli role.

Keri Lynn Pratt guest- starred on the ep. She does a lot of TV like CSI: NY, and Veronica Mars.

Dec. 21 Charity: So my sister donated some food to the student food bank. The Christmas Bureau gives Christmas dinner to homeless people. I've donated to them before in 2003 and 2004. They're at the halfway mark to get their goal donation this year.

My sister has a problem with Santa's Anonymous about giving toys to poor children. She says she doesn't have a problem donating food or money to the food bank because that's necessary. Toys they can live without. I guess the kids could go to the library and read books. That's a good and educational way to entertain themselves.

Friday, December 17, 2010

friends/ John Edward/ good

Dec. 15 Friends: Today I chatted with my friend Michelle on Facebook. She just had a baby. I haven't talked to her in a few months. I then asked her all these questions about her baby and pregnancy. Then I asked if she reads my weekly emails. She said yes, and that I should proofread them because she has to read the sentences over again because of the grammatical errors.

Dec. 16 Actors: I then called my friend Daniel L. and we talked. Probably the funny thing is that he was describing this guy he knew.

D: He looks like Ross Hull from Are you of the Dark?
Me: Oh my God, I haven't thought about that guy in years. He was on the TV show Eric's World and Student Bodies.
D: You know who I'm talking about? Every time I mention his name, no one knows who it is.

Joke: I was watching Robin Thicke's music video "Lost Without U." One of the Youtube comments was: "I dedicate this song to my cell phone..which went missing 2 days ago *Im lost without you baby*
Comedy comparisons: Here's some more easy targets to make fun of.

John Edward: He is a medium who can talk to dead people on the other side. He had a show called Crossing Over with John Edward. I remember seeing a few min. of his show one time because AJ from the Backstreet Boys was on. All I remember is:

JE: Your grandma said something about alligators.
AJ: Oh well, that's a joke between me and my grandma.

This was from years ago. If you think JE is a fake, then this wouldn't be a good example. Anyone can go on the internet and research about AJ because he's famous. Any obsessed Backstreet Boys fan would probably know that above trivia.

Family Guy made fun of him where Peter goes on the show and JE is listing the entire alphabet until it hits P.

Peter: Yeah, I'm Peter. That is so good on how you guessed my name.

South Park made fun of him where Stan proves that anyone can do this.

Stan: I'm going to say a name. Peter.
Woman: Oh I lost someone named Peter.
S: By looking at you, I assume that was your husband.
W: Yes, that's right.
The audience applauds.

S: Guys, anyone can do this. By looking at you, you seem young so I'm guessing your husband died in an accident.
W: Yes, that's right.
The audience applauds.
S: Stop, I don't have any talent.

MADtv also made fun of JE. The actor Michael McDonald pretended to be him. Be prepared, the jokes are kind of dark and offensive.

JE: Your mom died in a car accident by running into a wall.
Sons: Yes.
JE: Well it wasn't an accident.
The audience goes "Ohhh."
JE: She tells me you guys are in a band.
Sons: Yes.
JE: Well she tells you that you guys suck.

Then there's the African- American version of JE. Aries Spears plays him. The entire audience is African- American.

AS: Does anyone here have a brother who's in jail?
The entire audience raises their hand.
AS: Is there anyone here who lives on a block with a single mother?
The entire audience raises their hand.

16 and Pregnant: I finished reading all the twop comments on Lizzie. At first I really liked her, but after reading all the comments, my opinion has changed. I thought L was like my sister and my friend Angela. If they got pregnant as a teenager, and kept the kid and raised it as their own, I'm sure they would still be able to graduate out of high school, college, and have careers.

It would be really hard, but I think they can make it with a lot of financial and emotional support from their family and friends. The personalities are very go-getters. L's parents were divorced, and L and her mom lived in this big house. L's boyfriend Skylar later moved in with them. Her parents really supported them and the baby Summer. Later Skylar and L got engaged. Then S confessed he cheated on her, and the engagement's off. Then they're back together. This was the only episode that didn't have me saying: "Give the baby up for adoption."

L graduated out of high school 5 months early. 60% of teen moms don't even graduate out of high school, and she doing it early was really good. She had financial and emotional support from her family and friends. Besides Skylar's infidelity, I think he was an alright guy. He did have a p/t job and was studying the trade of being a glass blower. He took care of the baby.

The cons: I did notice this, that L got into college and then dropped out because she wanted to spend more time with the baby. That's fine. However, what irked me is that she dropped out, and then told her dad. When I was going to drop out of college, I told my parents first, and then they convinced me to stick with it. Before making a big decision, I really thought she should ask her parents, I think they're paying for it.

Other twop people said that she should have stuck with college, because it's harder to go back after you quit. When the kid's a toddler running around, it's hard to study. When it's a baby, you can study more because they can't walk. Also take p/t class and not f/t. She was getting good grades too. If her grades were bad, I would understand dropping out.

Twop pointed out that she bought this homecoming dress, and then showed it to her friends though she isn't going to the dance. Someone said: "L seems to be the kind of person to make a situation about her, even if it isn't."

Dec. 17 Rant: Here's a mild rant. My computer at home isn't working, so I went to my old college campus to use one. I did my job search on it.

Good: The good thing though is that I finally went to the campus and got a new password because my school email account expired. I can get job postings from that email account. However, I talked to my friend Dan L. earlier, and he had a classmate email him job postings from school, and it turns out it was on other job sites already.

The school will be closed for winter break, so I won't be able to use the computer for awhile. I don't know when mine will be fixed. I have a second computer that I got back in 1998, but it stopped working some months ago. I will give points that PC computer lasted 12 yrs.

Cool names: I found these actresses names cool like Victoria Justice. She's on some Disney show. There's the actress Azura Skye who was on episode of Buffy season 7. She was the one who dies from a disease, and Buffy couldn't save her.

License plates: Here are some more license plates I found: T BAG, TRAINUT, MY9, 4MYEMMA, HANFORD.

Tea Fusion: There's this new restaurant that opened in City Centre mall. It's called Tea Fusion and sells bubble tea. I was there a couple of weeks ago, and only did a little shopping by going itno Costa Blanca and Urban Behaviour.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

shopping/ Teen Mom/ obsession

Dec. 13 Shopping: I was at home for the past week since my surgery. I then went to downtown today. I went there two weeks ago to deposit a check and went to two stores. This time I was there for two hours looking at clothes, books, jewelery, stuffed animals, food and reading Seventeen magazine.

I went to a few stores where it was getting pretty empty of merchandise. I bumped into my friend Chase there, and I told him about my job.

Dec. 14 Time: I was reading in the Edmonton Journal. It said: "You can never save time, you can only spend it." That's a good saying. You can save time by prioritizing and finding ways to be more efficient.

HMV: I read in The Globe and Mail that HMV sales have decreased by 15% this year. Over the summer I did a job interview there and noticed that they started selling popcorn. That's new. I know in 2007 they started selling video games. Now they're selling books too.

The Mentalist: Sure, there are the happy Christmas specials on TV, but on The Mentalist, the CBI team has to solve why a guy dressed up as Santa fell off a tall building. It was supposedly a suicide, but then it lead to AA meetings. To finally this addictions treatment facility and it was really the nurse who was the Angel of Death who pushed him off the building.

CSI: NY: Throw in the episode titled "Shop till you drop." The opening is a window display and a dead body is there. The victim is the manager that no one liked. It's kind of cliche. The victim is either someone no likes, and everybody's a suspect. Or everybody loves the victim, and nobody's a suspect.

It's interesting to see Jeff Roop (Vampire High, and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo) play the manager. I haven't seen this actor in years since he was on those kids shows. The ep starts off with Mac and Jill going to the store opening and seeing a Pick Pocket. PP gets rid of his bag so there's no evidence.

Then it's revealed that this Woman Assistant Manager was stealing money from tills. If anything is less than $10 taken from the till, it's a write off. It's so little, it's not even recorded. She was stealing the money so she can give to her workers who are going to be laid off so it's like Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor.

Manager caught WAM stealing money and recorded it on his phone. He then attacks her and she fought back in self defense. WAM gets the phone that has the evidence. The Pick Pocket actually stole the phone off her that held the evidence.WAM was also dying of cancer and refused treatment. It was a bit of a heartwarming ep where she helps her workers. She's still a sympathetic character because though she killed someone, it was in self defense.

Motivation: I finished pitching my script today. I have some production companies reading it right now and it's time for me to wait for them to finish reading. Now I'm looking for a office job.

Dec. 14: I was watching 16 and Pregnant last night, and on the show they said the line: "It's easier to get a job when you have a job." I haven't heard that since the other teen mom show Secret Life of the American Teenager. It gave me a little push to get an office job. I have a regular job, so it should be easier for me to get an office job.

Family Guy: I saw another holiday special. The only good parts I liked was the bad guy Quagmire showed that he was a nice guy by taking his 5 yr old niece who has cancer, to see Santa at the mall. Throw in David Boreanez (Angel, Bones) appearing in the Northern Lights.

The episode had Stewie wanting to kill Santa because he didn't get to see him at the mall. He and Brian go to the North Pole and see that Santa is sick because after years of producing gifts and getting little in return, he and his elves are overworked. Brian and Stewie attempt to deliver presents, and then tells the whole world that they are only allowed one gift. Then everybody's happy and Santa and his elves are fine.

16 and Pregnant: I saw an ep last night, and an Unseen Moments special of the show. There's a preview for the finale about Ashley who gives the baby up for adoption to her aunt and uncle, but wants the baby back. There is a lot of suspense of will she give the baby up or not.

Teen Mom: I read on Yahoo News there's going to be Teen Mom 2. This time it will follow four teen moms from 16&P season 2. The girls will be Chelsea who will move in with her best friend to go to beauty school. On a lot of people said that all she does is live in her dad's big house and not go to school or work. Maybe she'll prove the twop people wrong. I was kind of eh with her.

Then there's Kailyn. I had to look her up, because I forgot about her. Then I remembered her and her boyfriend Jo. Jo's mom Janet is the best mom ever. She let K live with them, and she told Jo to step and be a father. She is a really nice and good person. I really like and respect her. She was the best part of the whole episode.

They will follow teen mom Leah, mother of twins and one of her kids gets sick. Then there's Jenelle who I didn't really like at all. J was the one who kept threatening her mom saying she's going to take the baby away and that she will never see them again. I kept wishing her mom would say: "Fine, get your stuff and get out of here. Go find a place of your own.

There has been two seasons of Teen Mom that followed 16&P's girls Maci, Farrah, Amber, and Catelynn. In the first season there's 8 episodes, 1 finale special, and Unseen Moments. Second season had 11 episodes. It's been like this since last year. First show 16&P. When that's done, show Teen Mom, and then rotate.

Joke: Last month I was watching Saturday Night Live, and they did a joke about the above shows.

Announcer: From MTV who brought you 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom, we will be Maternity Television. There will be My Supersweet 16 and Pregnant, and America's Best Pregnant Dance Crew.

Obsession: Though I'm sure you're all thinking: "What is with you and teen pregnancy?" I want to say this is not taking over my life. I'm spending an hr a week watching this show. I usually read one page of a day about 16&P thread. I write down how much I read on that thread. It's the only thread I read. I don't even read Teen Mom or Secret Life of the American Teenager.

I have been busy with my priorities of getting a job, looking for an office job, and pitching my script. Now I'm struggling with writer's block.

Monday, December 13, 2010

friends/ A Heartland Christmas/ The Office

Dec. 11 Friends: Today I called up my friend Jessica, and we chatted for 15 min. She asked about my surgery, and I told her I'm feeling better because my appetite's coming back and my energy is up. In my recovery booklet I got from the hospital, it said there are "post surgery blues", as in you feel kind of sad after a surgery. That phone call was a boost for me.

16 and Pregnant: I finished reading all the comments on Leah. This girl ended her relationship with this guy Robbie who've they been together for a couple years. Then L meats a guy Cory and within a month, she got pregnant with him. She has twins with this guy she hardly knows.

I and a lot of twop people think Cory should do a paternity test just to make sure that it was his kids, because she was Robbie right before him. C was a really good and stand up guy who got two jobs and sold his truck to take care of twins and Leah. C was 19 and he bought L a car so L could drive the twins around to doctors appointments.

L got pregnant because she thought her Depo-provera shot was still working. In teen magazines they always say use two forms of birth control. A condom, and something else like the pill or the shot. So if one form doesn't work, there's back up.

I really thought L should have given the babies up for adoption. Two babies double the cost, and neither of them came from a lot of money. I read that L's mom was a foster mom, and you do get paid to take in foster kids. L moved in with C and they lived together for awhile.

Twop people say she took C for granted, so C left and started dating someone else.

Throw in people saying L's hair was bad. At the front of the hair, it was straight, and in the back it was curly. I guess to make it more interesting looking, but it didn't look good on her.

Tyra Banks: That reminded me of the African- American Jessica on the Tyra Banks show ep about teen pregnancy. Oh c'mon, who could forget her? Well Jessica's bangs were straight, and her hair was curly so it didn't look as bad because it was just her bangs. J was the girl who said: "I had two abortions and a miscarriage."

TB: That sounds like you said "I had a sandwich, a can of pop, and a bag of chips."

J came back months later to do an update. She had said she wanted to have a baby with her ex- boyfriend and they could raise it together and be a family.

J: After I saw myself on TV I realized how stupid and ridiculous I sounded and looked.

Well at least she learned her lesson to not get pregnant as a teenager, again.

Dec. 12 Writing: I was on the computer all morning pitching my script. My sister then turns on the TV to see the last part of Charlie's Angels. It reminded me of my script because Bosley was kidnapped. There is this noise of a bird chirping. It's a very specific bird that's only located in one place so that's how they find Bosley.

In my The Fighter, there was something kind of like that about a bird chirping, but it got deleted. It wasn't useful to the script.

Cream cheese: Cream cheese can expire pretty fast. I finished eating a small container that expired a month ago. I ate it in a few days and it tastes fine.

A Heartland Christmas: I saw this 2-hr TV movie tonight. It's a big event for the TV show Heartland that's about a family running a horse ranch in Alberta. Amy and her boyfriend Ty try to save a group of horses from an avalanche. Some horses have died. Another avalanche occurs and they try to keep the horses warm and giving them food. The owner of the land and horses didn't want the horses to be saved. Amy's dad Tim and her grandpa Jack comes to help dig a trench to move the horses out because wolves will hunt them down if the avalanches don't kill them first.

The owner is a hermit and has isolated himself from his daughter and his grandson. Throughout the movie, we learn that he was somewhat responsible for his son-in-law's death. He took his son-in-law and his friends out to the mountain on Christmas Eve, and an avalanche occurred and killed them. The town then rallies with Amy and her family, and dig a trench to help the horses. The owner reunites with his daughter and grandson.

Dec. 13 Great news: I was pitching my script, and a producer emailed me back asking to read it. So I sent it to him, and then we were IMing each other a bit. I have never IMed with a producer before. lol.

30 Rock: I saw some more holiday specials. On 30 Rock about working on a Saturday Night Live show, the actor Tracy Jordan wants to get an Oscar. He doesn't want to release a movie that's like Eddie Murphy's where an actor dresses up like he's overweight and plays a variety of characters. TJ goes to a women's shelter to air his serious drama and realizes that laughter is the best medicine so he shows his comedy instead.

Liz Lemon wants to get away from family drama and is going to visit her family for a short trip. She goes to her boss's Jack Donagy's Christmas dinner, but is greeted drama there. Jack got his girlfriend pregnant, and they aren't married, so Jack's mom disapproves. Liz then heads home to appreciate her family drama.

The Office: I liked The Office 1 hr special. Jim notices it's snowing, and Dwight makes fun of him for getting excited about snow. J throws a snowball at D. Then D went overboard and started attacking J throughout the day with random snowball fights.

Kelly chooses the company presents for the staff and picks a Hello Kitty laptop cover. It's not a good gift because it's for girls and not everybody has a laptop. The other choice was a fleece blanket.

Darryl wants to celebrate Christmas with his daughter, but she wants to spend it with her mom. However, she attends the office Christmas party with him. He bonds with his daughter as they go around passing out treats from the vending machine. It was heartwarming and funny episode.

Big City Cupcakes: My sister bought 6 cupcakes from there, so she wouldn't have to pay GST. The cupcakes are great. It costs $3.95 per cupcake. I would rather buy the Safeway cupcakes. I think it's like $5 for 6 of them.

Friday, December 10, 2010

rant/ A Muppet's Christmas: Letters to Santa/ accomplishment

Dec. 7 Rant: Here's a mild rant. I called to see about my EI claim and it turns out I won't be getting a payment. Though I am working min. wage and part- time of 20 something hours a week, I am getting a lot of tips. I do get paid well because of the tips. That's a good thing.

On the flip side I won't be working this week. Maybe not even next week depending on how fast I recover from my appendix being removed. I can still get EI then. Now I'm calm.

Dec. 8 Hospital stay: All the nurses and doctors were really nice to me. Hospital food is good too. I had strawberry jello, a little muffin with butter, and coffee with milk for breakfast. Hours later I had a cheese string, and apple juice at home that I brought back from the hospital.

I felt Nurse 2 kind of was trying to push me out the door of the hospital, because I had my surgery and I can go home. That hospital bed could be used for someone else who really needs it. It turns out my dad had called Nurse 1 to ask when I was going to be picked up, and I said anytime.

Nurse 2 asks: "When exactly are you going to be picked up?" I had to call home and my grandma said my dad was on his way.

Productive: I went home and went back to writing my weekly emails, looking for a job, and pitching my script. I have to physically take it easy.

A Muppet's Christmas: Letters to Santa: I saw this one hour comedy yesterday. I guess I saw it for the guest-stars. NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg made an appearance as himself as he waits in line to mail his letters and cards.

Miss Piggy: Can't we go to the head of the line?
Michael Bloomberg: Oh that would be rude. New Yorkers are known for being kind and polite.

Jane Krakowski (30 Rock) plays a mom to the little girl Claire whom they share an apartment building with the Muppets. Steve Schirripa (Ben's dad on Secret Life of the American Teenager) plays a mobster. Whoopi Goldberg plays a taxi driver. Uma Thurman played Joy the ticket taker.

The story is that the Great Gonzo was to send Claire's Christmas letter to Santa on Christmas Eve. At the post office after through some malfunction that the Muppets created, the letter was put into the post office. Gonzo then went back to the post office and it's closed because it's Christmas. Santa doesn't have email.

Then they go to the mobsters to send the letter, but they were unable to because Rizzo the Rat dropped by. Mobsters don't talk to rats. They go to the airport and there's a conflict with airport security as Nathan Lane plays the security guard. They fly to the North Pole. When they get there, Santa was out.

The Muppets sing about wishing the letter could be sent. Santa shows up to grant wishes. On the sleigh ride, Santa and the Muppets read the letters and grants the wishes. Claire's letters say that all her friends are away for Christmas so they fly back to NY and celebrate Christmas with her.

Glee: There was a Christmas special for this show yesterday. Sue being the grinch that she is kind of steals Christmas by wrecking the Glee club's Christmas tree and rigging the Secret Santa by having all the teacher's give her gifts. Throw in Brittany still believing in Santa Claus and she wishes that Kurt who's in a wheel chair can walk.

Kurt manages to get this gift of robotic legs that makes him walk a bit. That reminds me of Dark Angel where Logan gets these robotic legs too. This episode had a lot of Christmas carols sung in it and there's a Glee cd out with those songs.

Funny video: I got this from an Alberta Job Centre email. It's a video of themselves dancing and surfing to music with animated pictures.

Christmas spirit: I'm getting into the Christmas spirit. Like I said TV is my biggest influence and watching those Christmas shows has an effect on me. I asked my mom to take out the Christmas tree from the basement because I can't lift heavy things because of my condition. She then strung the lights, and I threw some decorations on it.

I've also been using my Christmas cup that I got from the Soup place 2009 Christmas party. It has these three teddy bears. One is holding a little snowman, while the other two are building a snowman. The cup is so cute.

Writing: I have my priorities of looking for an office job and pitching my script. That's what I always do. Today I actually typed up 5 pages for my Rain script. I haven't done that in months.

Food: I tried that cranberry and apple flavor tea today. It tastes good, though I'm not a tea person. I drank chicken soup from a packet for the first time. You only have to pour hot water in it. It tasted salty, but good.

I also ate a chocolate chip cookie that expired on Nov. 19. My brother bought it from Safeway and he never ate the last one. I asked if I could have it, and he said yes. It was really hard to chew, but it tasted good.

Dec. 9 Accomplishment: A couple months ago I found this website where there are 5 pages of Vancouver production companies that I could pitch my script too. Each page had 50 companies on it. However, I had to comb through each site because some were for commercials and animations. I finished emailing them.

A problem with it is that there is a this repetition of it. On page one, it had a production company on it. Then two pages later, that same production company appeared again.

That proved harder when I was pitching to 13 pages of Toronto production companies, but I managed to finally finish pitching it to them today. I feel very accomplished.

This year of 2010 I pitched to all the Vancouver and Toronto production companies.
In 2008 and 2009, I pitched to all the Alberta and Saskatchewan production companies.

Dec. 10 Recovery: I'm drinking a lot of water, eating in moderation with healthy foods like vegetables and grains. I think the only junk food I ate was a few marshmallows.

Doesn't mean I'm sick, means that I can't do something productive. I'm on my job search, and pitching my script. My focus could now be on my writing.

Blog comment: I checked my blog and someone made a comment on my The Tempest Essay that I wrote back in 2007 for my college English class.

Anonymous: If you knew the first thing about any of Shakespeare's plays, you would know that everything you have written here is a complete abomination to everything that Shakespeare and his plays stood for!! I can't tell how angry your arguments made me as they are so ignorant!!! What would you say about Shakespeare's portrayal of women in his comedies? NOTHING BECAUSE YOU OBVIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA!! I appreciate the enthusiasm to discuss Shakespeare, but please please please do some more research before you make such shallow comments.

Me: Well I went and looked through my school folders and I got a 70% on that essay. I did research on it. Look, everybody is entitled to their opinion. I'm going to say it: I'm not a really big fan of Shakespeare. I read it for school, but I'm not interested in his writing.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

16 and Pregnant/ I got my appendix out

Dec. 3 16 and Pregnant: I finished reading all the comments on the season 2 episode Nicole. When I saw this, I really thought she should of have gave the baby up for adoption. I say that to all the pregnant teen girls, but this the most. Nicole's dad died when she was young, and she lives with her mom. Her mom had a baby that passed away, and when N got pregnant, her mom was happy for her.

N dropped out of school, and I don't think she's going back. Her boyfriend Tyler is a nice guy, but he dropped out of school at 13. He said he wants to be either a professional skate boarder, MMA fighter or chef. The first two jobs are dream jobs, so he should try being a chef.

I think he got an expulsion and didn't bother going back to school. He was probably really unmotivated because he was living his grandma, and she didn't push him to home school or anything else. T's mom was a teen mom herself and she was the one raising T's two little sisters.

No one really had any money. T got a job cleaning toilets for $6.50/hr. In this economy, be lucky you even have a job.

Twop: I was on and read this comment:

Person: I so want to make all of these girls come with me to my volunteer job. Well, them, all of their friends, and every other teenager considering becoming sexually active!

I volunteer at a shelter for pregnant teens and teenage moms - all between the ages of 13 and 18. The girls all come from foster care or are runaways - nearly all are victims of abuse (generally domestic), and many of the children are products of incest as well. I come and play with the babies and toddlers for 2 hours per week. I also talk with the teen moms, and they are incredibly gracious and thankful. They will be the first to tell you that, while they love their babies, they really wish they could just be normal teenagers.

The girls are required to work or go to school (or both) in order to remain living at the shelter. Most are in school or have their GEDs, and also work or volunteer. They have a 7:30 PM curfew on weeknights, and a 10:00 PM curfew on weekends. No one is watching their babies for them, trust me.

Person 2: This show should be called 16 and Should of had an Abortion."

Me: That was kind of a dark joke, but I will say whenever a teen girl gets pregnant, never keep the kid and raise it as your own. There is adoption.

Person 3: When I graduated from high school, we had a girl who was about 9 months pregnant graduate. My mom said someone behind them made a snide comment. It pissed me off... First of all--she's GRADUATING (not taking a semester off to rub cocoa butter on her belly). Second of all, how many of those graduating do you think are currently having sex, have had sex, or have had an abortion?? She just happened to get pregnant. I know there are ways to prevent it but I would bet quite a large sum that only a fraction of those having sex are using protection and an even smaller fraction using it properly.

Job search: Today was my day off and I stayed at home. I went to 15 job sites and applied to 11 places. I needed to switch gears from pitching my script. I have production companies reading it and now I need to focus more on the priority of getting an office job.

Dec. 4: I looked for a job for a few hours today and applied to 11 places.

Money: I went to work today and managed to get extra change from one of the waiters. He said it was free money because he had so much change, that he couldn't get rid of it really fast so I took about $3 worth of loose change. I went home and filed for EI.

Friends: I called up my friend Angela and wished her a happy birthday because it's tomorrow. We chatted for 12 min. She said she bought a Christmas tree for $100 and some Christmas lights to decorate it. I remember going to her house on New Year's Eve 2007, and her house was decked out.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada: This morning I picked up yesterday's 24 newspaper and it said they're holding auditions at the Citadel today. I didn't know about it until today and I can't go because I have to go to work. Also my priorities have changed and I have moved on to looking for an office job and writing. Edmontonian and 4th finalist Jeff Mortenson is a dancer on the TV show Hellcats. I didn't see him, but then again I wasn't actively looking for him during the show.

Dec. 5 Rant: Here's a mild rant. I go to this free online dating website for nearly two years. Then it says if you want to see if people have read or deleted your emails, you will have to pay 8 cents per email. It says like 100 credits for $10 something. I was mad.

But I managed to calm down and think: "Write down who you email and when. And if they don't email me back in two weeks, then they are obviously not interested in you. There you don't have to spend any money."

Dec. 6 Sick: I'm sick again, this time I have a really bad stomach ache to the point that it's hard for me to walk. I had it since 9pm last night. I decided to sleep and by the next day it would be gone. It wasn't. A few weeks ago I had a cold. I'm trying to pinpoint what caused my sickness.

I did drink three cups of hot chocolate with whip cream in it yesterday when I was at work. I ate some rice, with chicken and this sauce on it at 2pm. Then I didn't eat anything for the rest of the day because I was full.

Dec. 7 I got my appendix out: It's been a crazy day since last morning. I read the National Post, Globe and Mail, and the Edmonton Journal at home so I won't move around because my stomach hurt. I called to set up a doctor's appointment at 8:30am to see one at 10:45. I didn't see him until 11:15 and read the Reader's Digest in the waiting room. My mom drove me there and it was 2 min ride. I would have taken the bus, but it takes 2 min. to walk to the bus stop, 8 min to wait, and 2 min to ride it. I could hardly walk. You should see me because I was tip toeing.

I saw a doctor and he said it may be appendicitis, and I should go to the hospital to check it out. It's not as busy since it's late in the morning. It gets busy 3pm-10pm because everybody is done work and school and then head to the hospital.

We drove back home, and then my dad took my mom and I to the hospital and got there by 12:15pm. I did a blood test, and a urine sample. An hour or so later, after I read the Metro, 2 Fashion magazines and Good Times, I was called in to get an ultrasound.

I had to wait another hour to get that one and read a Senior Home magazine and took a nap. I did the ultrasound and a white guy doctor said it was appendicitis. Then this East Indian woman doctor comes in.

Woman dr.: Your name sounds really familiar. Are you in medicine?
Me: No, I'm sure a lot of Asians are in medicine.
They laugh.

Then I was admitted into the hospital at 5:30pm. I got a room where I had to share with 2 men and an old lady. My parents came back at 7pm to give me robe, slippers, and my tooth brush. I then went into surgery at 10pm. I went under anesthesia and then woke up without a dream. Kind of like last time I went under anesthesia and had my wisdom teeth pulled out in 2004.

The entire time I was at the hospital, I was thinking about The Simpsons episode where Bart ate some sharp object from Krusty the Klown's cereal. He then went into surgery and got to miss two weeks of school. He filed a law suit and got $500 and spent it on Bleeding Gum's Murphy's album for Lisa to play it on the radio.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Help Free Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo

Amnesty International sent this to me. Sign the petition and forward it to all your friends.

Friday, December 3, 2010

comedy comparisons/ old scripts/ old inspiration

Dec. 1 Comedy comparisons: Some things are really easy targets to make fun of like Wal- Mart. The Simpsons, Family Guy, and South Park made fun of it. Here's another one:

Shake weights: It's those weights where you shake it and you get a work out from it. There's a sexual connotation to it. I was watching South Park, and Stan's mom used those shake weights. The shake weights also talked and it was very sexually suggestive. Saturday Night Live made fun of it, but it's about putting those shake weight commercials to watch on dvd. MadTV kind of did it too by having a flashlight that needs to be shaking to be able to light up.

Funny and cute: I was watching Jay Leno and they aired this funny video clip. A black bear was climbing up a ladder and a guy's filming and asks: "Hey, what are you doing there?" The bear climbs down and runs away.

There was this other clip of a segment called: "Go to Dick's house or Disney World?" Cut to 2 little boys sitting at a fast food restaurant.

The parents: We're going to Disney World.
The kids don't react at all.
Boy: I want to go to Dick's house.
Boy 2: Yeah, me too.

Yeah, that was kind of weird that the kids weren't happy or excited at all in going to Disney World.

Headline: This was a fake headline on Jay Leno about daylight savings time: "Terrorists unsure whether to set bomb backwards or forwards."

Talk shows: My friend Sherry emailed this when I was talking about all these talk show hosts appearing on Oprah.

Me: "Geraldo Rivera: He was on the 1980s and I don't remember watching it. They showed a clip of how he got into a fight when Neo-Nazis were on the show. There were like 30 people on stage and a chair was thrown at GR that broke his nose."

Sherry: He was one of those talk show dudes that liked to always do sensationalist stuff and argue with his guests and create tension.

Yeah, well lots of talk shows sensationalize things and create tension to get ratings.

Jenny Jones: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm going to give points to Jenny Jones. She's not that good, but I remember a time in the late 90s she did an episode about race. The audience got into a fight with one of the guests.The camera went crazy and then it cut away really fast to JJ.

JJ: I'm sorry about that fight, but now that it has calmed down, let's go to our next guest.

Wow, JJ didn't show the fight. If it was Jerry Springer, he would show the fight on TV. JJ had a little class, by not showing the fight. She wasn't that good because she didn't really help people. There was an episode about out- of- control teenage girls. Then they bring one of the girls back, and she hasn't really changed her ways as in she still wants to be a stripper when she grows up.

Then there's the trashy and absurdness of "Mothers and Daughters who party together." That was cringe-worthy.

Child molestation: I was watching Oprah a month ago where 200 men in the audience talk about child molestation. Did you know that 1 in 6 men are molested? That's a high number. I was thinking, maybe 1 in 10.

A lot of men don't want to admit they're molested because they're ashamed and that people won't believe them. They are supposed to tough it out. They also don't tell because they're afraid that people will think they are child molesters themselves.

Dec. 2 Job search: I've only been to applying a few places at a time. I have been pitching my TV script to lots of production companies. Fine, I'm going to push myself and look harder for a job.

I wrote the above an hour ago and I've applied to 6 places.

News: I read in the Edmonton Journal that there was a fight club in Airdrie, AB. It was an article about cops confiscating money and things from criminals.

I remember my friend Ray reading my script The Fighter and she said that a fight club isn't likely to occur in Edmonton. Well here's proof if there's one by Edmonton.

Dec. 3 21 Jump Street: I read in the Edmonton Journal that there's going to be a movie called 21 Jump Street which is from an old FOX show that ran from 1987-1991. It stars Channing Tatum (GI Joe, Dear John) about young cops who go undercover in high schools to stop crime.

Comparisons: The above idea is unoriginal. Maybe when it first came out, it was original. I can name a lot of shows about undercover cops in high schools.

The Secret World of Alex Mack: This was a sci-fi show in the 1990s. It was about a girl who got this chemical GC161 spilled on her and she develops powers. The power plant who's in charge of the chemicals are looking for the GC161 kid Alex. The bad guy Vince hires this agent to go undercover at a high school to look for the kid.

She did figure out Alex was the kid, but A didn't take the bait to expose her powers.

90210: In the first season of the remake of this show, an undercover female cops goes into the high school to bust drugs.

Veronica Mars: VM finds out there's an undercover FBI agent played by Jonathan Taylor Thomas (Home Improvement) who is trying to find a bomber.

Old scripts: I'm going to admit that I had an idea for a prequel to one of my scripts, about going undercover at a high school to bust drugs.

Obliteration: I'm going to list an old TV show I wrote back in 2000-2001. Obliteration was the name of a rock band that got successful.

Old inspiration: I was really into that bad reality show Making the Band where they made the boy band O-town. I spent $80 on O-town concert tickets, $20 on the cd, and $5 on the YM magazine they were on the cover on. My sister was the one who waited in line to buy the two tickets for us. The concert was fun.

I spent $105 on O-town, but I spent hours watching their shows and going on their websites. I was so obsessed with them back then. lol.

I was really into the music industry back then. I was also watching those S Club 7 TV shows. The first two seasons when S Club 7 was in Miami and LA were funny. Then when they got to the 3rd and 4th seasons in Hollywood and Viva S Club, then the writing got really bad. Though I'm sure all of you guys are thinking: "They were all really bad." If you watch the first 2 seasons, I liked it.

I bought the first 2 cds from them and spent $40 on them. Not too much money.

Unoriginal: A band or artist becoming successful has been done. There's the TV show Instant Star about a girl who wins a TV singing contest and gets a record deal. She grows up in the limelight. It's a good show. Then there's Kaya about a rock band, and it wasn't really good. Cory Monteith (from Glee) played the drummer in it if you want to check it out.

My Guide to Becoming a Rock Star starred Oliver Hudson (Kate Hudson's little brother) about a rock band that was trying to make it big. It was in 2003. It was funny. I had a few laughs from that show.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Marty Chan/ audition/ actors

Nov. 28 Marty Chan: I was reading the Edmonton Journal and the playwright/ author Marty Chan will be the new Writer in Residence at the Edmonton Public Library. He wrote the play Mom, Dad, I'm Living with a White Girl. I think my sister saw that play years ago.

Audition: I auditioned for his pilot The Orange Seed Myth way back in 1997. It was held in the Edmonton Chinatown Multicultural Centre because they were looking for Asians. The story was about how a little boy was told that if he swallows an orange seed, a orange plant will grow on top of his head. I was 11 yrs old when I went to the audition. Back then I wanted to be an actress. I wanted to be famous and have admiration.

When I was there, I was lining up to get in front of the camera to talk. There was one role for a girl who was to be 13 yrs old. This woman saw me, and I guess she was the casting director and she said I was too young. I know I looked like I was 9 yrs old.

She told me to put my application to this other table. If the show gets picked up and more characters are added, they will call and have more auditions. Well they didn't. I remember hearing the storyline, and I wasn't really interested in it. But then, I'll take whatever acting job I could get. When you're successful and on TV and movies, then you get to choose what project you want to do.

Dance: So acting didn't go very far. But then I went and danced in the jr. high talent shows. I remember this interview with the singer Robin Thicke.

RT: I was shy, so I didn't act. I like to hide behind a big piano and sing.

I can kind of relate. I don't like to say lines, but dancing in front of 700 people is easy. I don't have to say anything or remember anything. I just move to the music.

Actors: I was watching this CSI: NY rerun, and I see Marguerite McIntyre. She played the mom on Kyle XY, sheriff/ Caroline's mom on Vampire Diaries, and the bad guy in The Mentalist ep. She played a bad guy here too. She's got some range in playing both good and bad guys.

I also see Sam Page who I first saw as Bree's step son on Desperate Housewives. He was a business grad on the show. He played a computer bad guy on CSI: NY, and now a college professor on Gossip Girl. He's handsome and can play a professional.

Victor Webster is this Calgary actor. He was a regular on Mutant X. I thought that was a mediocre show. Then I see him as a bad guy in Wishmaster 4: Prophecy Fulfilled, an ex-boyfriend on Harper's Island, a bad guy on Criminal Minds and now on an ep of Castle.

Nov. 30: I was watching Human Target and I recognized the body guard. It's Tahmoh Penikett, he was agent on the TV show Dollhouse. It's not too much of a stretch for him to be on action show.

Fashion show: I saw the Victoria's Secret Fashion show today. There were live performances by Katy Perry and Akon. They cut to shots of celebrities in the audience like the rock band Maroon 5 and Paris and Nicky Hilton.

Celebs in music videos: As my siblings and I were watching the fashion show, they cut to this black guy in the audience.

Me: Tyrese?
Sister: No, it's Tyson Beckford. He's a model and he was in Toni Braxton's music video "Unbreak my Heart."

I remember the video, but not him.

I've been listening to Ashanti because Robin Thicke did a duet with her. I realized I have never seen the whole Ashanti's "Foolish" video and the actor Terrence Howard was in it. He's in Iron Man and Law and Order: Los Angeles.

Music: I think I overdosed on Robin Thicke, so the last few days I've been listening to my cds like Katy Rose, Stacie Orrico, Mikaila, and Kyle Riabko.

Inspiration: I was watching Yahoo news and there is this blind girl who's a gymnast. She seemed very normal, and you wouldn't know she was legally blind. She sees blurry things, but it's amazing to see her on the balance beam, do the vaults, and the uneven bars.

Dec. 1 Chips: I tried the new Doritos jalepeno popper. It's spicy and I like it.

Cool video: I was pitching my script and I found this production company called Sons and Daughters. It has this list of directors and I found the director Barney Colbelis. He did a commercial for Peugeot.

It was a very good commercial. It starts with 4 kids riding in a car and it seems like it's raining and dark out. It has a slow song and it feels so magical. Then it turns out they're going through a car wash. The kids then pay one of the kids in marbles for going on this magical ride. Check it out:

Productive: This morning I emailed 33 production companies. Now it's the afternoon and I'm looking for a job.

Pep talk: I had one of those talks with my dad today where he tells me to get a career. I know, that is one of my priorities. For the moment it's keeping my busser job, and saving a lot of money. Then it's pitching my script.

Money: The other day I finally got my paycheck in the mail from my office job and I rushed to downtown to deposit it. Yesterday I calculated how much money I made this year. Today my dad told me to keep track of how much tips I make for tax purposes.

Me: I already do that because I write down how much money I make and how much I spend. It's also for my EI claim. Whenever I file for EI, they ask you how much money you made before tax deductions and that includes tips.

I didn't think about it for tax purposes. I write down how much money I make because I like to keep track of it.