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Friday, April 29, 2011

cute and funny/ headlines/ Royal Wedding

Apr. 26 Cute and funny: My sister told me she found a video clip of Nathan Fillion from Castle playing with two kids on the set. It's so cute and funny. NF has a 2 yr old boy Lorenzo on his lap and a 4 yr old girl Olivia sitting in a desk chair. They're acting like they're on the show and trying to solve a case.

I remember this time way back in 2001, I found the British boy band Blue. My fave member Lee Ryan was at an autograph session and had a 1 yr old baby boy sitting on his lap. Lee kept hitting his head with a cd case trying to get the kid to laugh. The baby had sunglasses on top of his head and puts it on. Lee had sunglasses on top of his head and puts it on too.

Lee: Wow, that's some cool shades you got there mate. You are one cool dude!
Baby's mom (off screen): Yes, you are one cool dude.

Apr. 28 Headlines: Here's my batch of headlines.

On Oct. 6, 2010, in the Edmonton Journal: "No joke- clown gets top votes in Brazil election." Franciso Everado Oliveira Silva or clown name Tiririca got more than 1.3 million votesx in Sao Paulo state in Brazil's presidential and congressional elections.

Stupid criminals: According to BBC news, a 34 yr old woman brought her 5 yr old dauhter to rob a bank in the German city of Chemnitz. She attempted tow robberies and was arrested twice in one day. She did not bring her child in the second time. Police spokesman Thomas Knabe told the newspaper Freie Presse that it was "an act of desperation." Of course.

A 19 yr old German bank robber emailed the police in the southern city of Wuerzburg and two newspapers about this bank robbery he committed. According to daily Bild, he mocked the police about getting his age, height, and accent wrong, and how he escaped in a car and not on foot. The police were then able to find him.

"Frankenstein Cited Over Monstrous Behavior"- headline in the San Jose Mercury- News over a story about Forrest Frankenstein, who "went crazy" and threatened police over Toby Keith concert in Cincinnati

"Montana Woman Fends Off Bear Attack With Zucchini"- headline in the Arizona Republic about a woman hitting a bear with a zucchini

"Woman Accused of Giving Barroom Breast Exams"- headline in the Arizona Republic over a story that was not nearly as salacious as you might otherwise expect

"Prisoner's escape ends in fall from ceiling"- Rick Bennett was in a provincial court of St. John's. He was in court for charges of mischief by damaging property and three counts of breaching probation. He climbed up a ceiling and was there for 45 min. until he fell through and dozen police officers came and arrested him. lol.

Animals: "Pig's a ham"- a pig in China that is born without back legs has learned how to walk like a human walking on his hands. The owner Wang Ixhai is a farmer. A circus wants to buy it off him, but he wouldn't sell the pig.

According to the Boston Globe, in Cambridge Mass., there is a lantern that is powered by dog poop. Dog owners put the poop in biodegradable bags that are put into tanks that produce methane. The gas is sent through pipes to the lantern and will it be burned off with a bright light.

Election: This guy Brad knocked on my door to promote the Conservatives.

Brad: Do you have anything to tell us?
Me: If you get elected?
Brad: Yeah.
Me: Uh...more money for public schools and lower tuition on colleges.
Brad: Are you in college?
Me: No, but I was.
Brad: I graduated two days ago.

TV has influenced me. I was thinking about The Simpsons where Homer was accused of sexually harassing the baby- sitter. There was a talk show with a woman saying: "We need less Homer Simpsons and more money for public schools."

Blog: I got this email through my blog.

Hi Tracy,

We would love to share with you an article that we just posted on our own blog! “10 Tips for Picking Out a New Home Phone” ( would be an interesting story for your readers to check out and discuss on your blog, so we hope you will consider sharing it!

Thanks so much for your time!
Lindsay Willison

Job: I was talking to a server at my job and she says she's looking for another job. She told me she has a cousin who was an elementary teacher in Chilliwack. She then got laid off and then became a corrections officer. That's totally different, but she says she likes it.

Apr. 29 Royal Wedding: I woke up at 3am because I needed to use the washroom. I then see my brother up watching the Royal Wedding. I went back to bed and was there for a min, but I couldn't sleep. So I got up and watched it with him. First I saw Kate Middleton and her dad riding in a black car from the hotel to the church. I see her and her dad walking down the aisle.

Prince William and Prince Harry then walk down the aisle. I see them say their vows and put the ring on the fingers. I notice Prince Harry is wearing two medals and Prince William is only wearing one. My brother explained PH entered the military before PW did. I watched for 40 min. I saw Elton John in the audience.

Marriage: Yeah, I'm kind of sick of reading and seeing the Royal Wedding, but I can't take my eyes away from it. Well it doesn't annoy me. William and Kate are both over 25, didn't get pregnant first and then get married, and only had a 6 month engagement. I hate when people have long engagements. It's like people get engaged and don't get married.

I remember on That 70s Show, where Red says: "Oh what huh? You think getting engaged is something you just do? Well, c'mon start planning the wedding already." Also W and K knew each other for 8 years so they weren't rushing it. They knew each other very well.

Wedding movies: That also made me think of The Princess Diaries: The Royal Engagement. I only saw the first movie at my friend Leslie's house. The Princess Diaries was mediocre. It was like a teen movie because it had the makeover where a geeky girl becomes pretty.

I did like the movie The Prince and Me starring Julia Stiles and Luke Mably. LM played the prince. I had written about it on my blog/ weekly email. I written a review of it on May 23, 2008. He's handsome. He's looks like Prince William handsome, with the bad boy personality of Prince Harry. There was a straight to video sequel called The Prince and Me: the Royal Wedding. I didn't see it.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Post Secret/ autism on TV/ Miko Hughes

Apr. 25 Post Secret:

"Getting raped made me closer to my boyfriend and God."

Email: "I was raped three years ago. I don't believe in God anymore."

"Frank, I am finally helping other college women/ men who are raped and sexually assaulted. I have never felt so at peace!"

"When you have a relationship with someone who is mentally ill, you have a relationship with mental illness, not a person."

"You helped me realize I am more than my mental illness. Thank you."

"Truth is my dad has not had a job for two years."

Me: That made me appreciate that I have a job.

Autism on TV: It was a coincidence that Criminal Minds did an episode called "Coda" about an autistic boy who witnesses his parents abduction, and two weeks later I was watching The Listener and there was an episode called "The Brothers Volkov." An autistic boy witnesses a murder. In both cases an autistic boy witnesses a crime, but can't communicate because they're autistic.

Criminal Minds: If I had to choose which one I liked best, I would say Criminal Minds. I was very impressed with it. The beginning was this 10 yr old autistic boy Sammy who can plays the piano beautifully. A gun shot rings out and blood splatters on his face. That was scary. There was a touching moment as he takes Agent Reid's hand and gets him to play the piano with him.

Sammy actually patted his mom on the shoulder like a hug when they find her. He doesn't hug because he doesn't like to be touched. He freaks out and screams if he's touched. That's true with autism. S was drawing pictures of anchors, and this letter V or L. S was communicating to them with these pics. They were able to figure out who the killer is because he's a ship man who kidnapped the parents to get money. I love this episode, it was really good.

The Listener: The beginning started with Toby riding his motorcycle. He stops to see a busker play music. When he hears the music, he sees it too. That's synthesia. I saw it on Heroes. Toby tries to solve the murder with help of the autistic 13 yr old boy Pavlov. He is also freaked out when he is touched. T is a telepath and can hear thoughts, but can also see images in people's heads.

Pavlov loves his train set and sees himself, T and his father in the train set when T enters his mind. It turns out it was one of P's older brothers who murdered the father. He framed P because P will go to some home and the guy who did it wouldn't go to jail.

Mercury Rising: When I was watching Criminal Minds, it reminded me of this movie Mercury Rising. It came out in 1998, but I saw it in 2001 on this band/ choir trip while riding on the bus. It's a very vague memory. All I remember is Bruce Willis's character uses these cards with pictures and words to communicate with the autistic boy.

On imdb: "Bruce Willis is an outcast FBI agent who is assigned to protect a 9 year old autistic boy who is the target for assassins after cracking a top secret government code."

Miko Hughes: I was watching this show called Child Star Confidential way back in Aug. 27, 2006. I remembered the date because I emailed the actor Miko Hughes who played the autistic boy in Mercury Rising. They were interviewing him, and I emailed him and he emailed me back:


Hey Miko

I saw you on Child Star Confidential today and it was very interesting. I was suprised that you had no drug abuse like a lot of child stars do- just kidding. No I was surprised that you were 20 because you seemed 18. Also that you were 5'3" because you seemed taller on tv.

I have seen Mercury Rising. Anyway, I hope to see you in more movies and tv. Good luck.

Miko: Cool nice to meetcha. :)


I'm Myspace friends with him. Here's his Myspace page:

Apr. 26: I do have one nitpick about The Listener episode. After solving the murder, the autistic boy makes eye contact with Toby and thanks him. I thought that was a really big stretch for someone with autism. It was meaningful, but a little too unbelievable, at least for me. On Criminal Minds it was a little more realistic when the autistic boy pats his mom on the shoulder to show that he loves her.

I have seen W5 with this autistic 14 yr old girl. She can type and she may be autistic, but if you read what she types, she sounds like a normal girl. She says things like: "Brad Pitt is hot."

Job search: I was looking for a job at this hospital website, and there were some with science degrees needed. So I emailed my friend Jessica about it and she's interested in it. Unlike last time when I told her about the Shaw Conference Centre job. lol.

Today's my day off and I applied to 10 places. Now that I finished that priority, I must focus on my writing.

Characters: Marty Chan told me my characters are agents to my plot, and not characters on their own. I was watching Gossip Girl with my sister and the character Vanessa shows up.

S: Plot device (about Vanessa).
Me: Agent to the plot.

V used to have a bigger part in the first couple of seasons, but now there's not much for her to do. It's like that with Whitney Fordman (played by my favorite Edmonton actor Eric Johnson) on Smallville. Whitney was there to as an obstacle between Clark and Lana. Whitney was a popular and mean jock and then became nice. He left the show after the first season, because there wasn't much for the character to do.

I wasn't surprised when that happened on The OC. Luke was there as an obstacle between Marissa and Ryan. Then he became nice and then got written off.

Song: I was looking for a job, and I always have to listen to some music during it. I found this song called "In My Veins" by Jesse McCartney. This is a sexy and slow song like "Sex Therapy" by Robin Thicke. I love this song. Check it out. I never really thought J's voice was sexy, until I heard this song. I've heard his fun pop songs, but this song is totally different.

Lee Ryan: I was looking Lee Ryan from the British boy band Blue. I met him when they came to West Ed mall and I got a hug from him! I found this old video clip when he was 16, before he got big in Blue when he was 17. He comes on stage and he is dancing kind of goofy. Then he sings "Swear it Again" by the boy band West Life. I like that song and I like how Lee sings it.

Family: The other day I told my little brother to turn off the other computer. He was kind of eh. But 10 min. later he did and I thanked him telling him I appreciated it. Today we had two mild fights.

One, his friend calls and P tells me to pick up. He would have to get up and stand over to pick up the phone. I didn't pick up because P was studying. The friend calls again after the machine picked, and we still didn't pick up. We were arguing while neither one of us reached for the phone.

Then P has to find the calculator, and as he was looking for it, I said: "While you're at it, organize the desk." He got mad and found it. Then he apologized for yelling at me.

The other day, my sister ranted to me because P was being mean to her. It's all ebb and flow, we all get in fights with each other. However, I don't tell my sister or family that we argue. Instead I tell it to my friends.

Monday, April 25, 2011

16 and Pregnant/ news/ transgender

Apr. 21 16 and Pregnant: This show has really had an effect on me. It's on the 4th season and the episode is about a girl named Jordan. Surprisingly, the ep was okay. She got pregnant because she said she wasn't on the pill long enough for it to work.

I have talked to a doctor and a pharmacist and they both told me that I would have to be on it for at least 7 days before it would work. So in Jordan's case, maybe she took the pill for less than a week and then had sex. Maybe she used a condom with the pill and it broke.

Jordan has a twin sister named Jessica, their dad left them after they were born. Their mom raised them for 2 yrs and they were given to their grandparents to be raised. When they were 9 they were officially adopted by them. When they were 15, they dropped out of high school to become models and were successful. Jordan and her sister are very close. Jordan quit modeling and went to get her GED, and Jessica followed because "they do everything together." Jordan had gotten pregnant by then.

I have got to give props to Jordan's boyfriend Brian. He was good looking, but the important thing is that he was nice and caring. He was going to go away to college, but he decided to go to community college instead to stay close to Jordan and their baby. B also got a job as a cook. B didn't get along with Jessica, because they were doing a tug of war with Jordan.

B didn't want Jessica in the delivery room, but after some talking with all three of them, B decided to let Jessica in when Jordan will give birth. Though B and Jessica didn't get along, I didn't think either of them were really mean to each other. Cut to the ultrasound:

B: I was the one who gave the Y- chromosome.
Jessica: How do you know the Y- chromosome is yours?
Jordan: Jessica.

Jessica was being passive- aggressive. She wasn't dissing her sister for sleeping with another guy because Jordan didn't. Jessica wanted to make a joke (passive), but she was aggressive because she wanted to hurt B. She didn't want B to move in with them because then he would cut into the sister's time with each other.

When the baby was born, cut to B and his eyes crinkled like he was crying. I got a little choked up during that part. B described the birth as intense.


Someone on Twop: Seriously. When I watch this show every week, I am rooting for adoption EVERY DAMN TIME. And it makes me understand how my friends who are Bills and Lions fans feel when they watch games every Sunday. Every once in a while, you see some glimmer of doubt from the girl or from her boyfriend, and you're thinking - if only someone was there to tell them that they didn't have to do this! I don't think adoption was even mentioned this ep, and I still kept hoping.

Me: Yeah, I know. My favorite episodes are Catelynn from season 1, Lori from season 2, and Ashley from season 3 because they all gave their babies up for adoption. I guess the only girl/ episode I like where they keep the baby and raise it on their own is Lizzie from season 2. She lived in a big house, graduated out of high school, and had a supportive family so I wasn't rooting that she would give the baby up for adoption.

Now I would add Brooke from season 3 because of the high school diploma and supportive family. I'll now throw in Jordan from season 4.

Paternity test: On twop, I was reading about 16&P on Christinna.

Person (paraphrase): I was glad when Isiah's family wanted Christinna to take the paternity test and C got up and left. I have bad in-laws and if you submit to one demand, they will keep demanding more from you.

Me: I never thought of that. I wanted C to do the test. So then she could say: "Ha, ha! In your face you are the father!"

Someone on twop said what I said. Maybe because that's what often happens on the Maury show though I quit watching it years ago.

Saying: On twop someone said: "loving a son and raising a daughter." That means you don't teach or raise your son, you are only nice and go easy on him.

Apr. 22 Matthew Gray Gubler: I was on the internet and my sister was watching the movie The Great Buck Howard.

S: That guy looks familiar, do you know what that is?
Me: It's Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds.

That's a nice surprise.

Apr. 23 Law of attraction: I was thinking about being passive- aggressive in my last email. Then I see the girl Jessica being that way on 16&P. During that show, they aired My Life as Liz where they use that term again.

Coincidence: I'm going to say this is coincidence and not law of attraction. I was watching Criminal Minds ep "Hanley Waters" and the Lie to Me actress Kelli Williams was on. This was the first time I have seen her in something different, and without any make up on.

I was watching Castle, and I see Lie to Me actor Brendan Hines on it. This is the first time I have seen him in something different. Both shows aired in the same week.

News: I read in the news a few weeks ago about how this porn actress was also working as secretary at a school. She got fired because of her side job in adult films. That reminds me of an episode of the Tyra Banks show. She interviewed straight men who do gay porn. I think his name is Kurt and he talked about working at Subway. He told his employer about it, and they were cool with it.

Later customers said they aren't going to go there anymore because of Kurt and his job in adult films. Subway had to fire him. I feel sorry for both of them. I would understand if it's a school. If I was a parent or teacher, I wouldn't want a male or female porn star working at the school. Maybe it would be okay at a college because the youngest student is like 17. From what I read, it wasn't a college. A high school or jr. high.

That reminds me of Desperate Housewives and 90210 where a character recognizes someone from a porn film, so it's realistic. The secretary was recognized by a male student.

Transgender: The above brought a flashback when I was 10 yrs old and was watching Extra. There was a poll: "Would you let a transgender teacher teach at your school?" I also recently read it in the 24 newspaper about a transgender teacher who got fired for having a sex change.

When I was 10, I was wary of having a transgender teacher. Now I'm 25, and I'm like fine with it as long as this person is a good teacher.

Sexual harassment: I was watching Degrassi, the part 2 ep of sexual harassment. Anya said a line that really stood out to me. She said it to the guy who was harassing her.

Anya: You don't get to cop a feel and say we're too sensitive.

Yeah, that's right.

Domestic violence: Also on Degrassi, Fiona takes her ex- boyfriend Bobby to court for being abusive. Bobby's new girlfriend testified in the cross- examination.

F's Lawyer: Did he hit you?
B's girlfriend: Well one time at a party I was talking to this other guy. Later Bobby slapped me- just a little.

F won in court and got $250,000. She also thanks the girlfriend. B gets anger management class.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

"Seriously funny videos"/ friends/ Chad Todhunter

Apr. 17 Seriously funny videos: Someone emailed this through my blog:

Person: The blog "badcb" is really well done. Would you be willing to exchange blogroll links with me? I submit some of the funniest viral videos on the internet, and my blog is really starting to take off. I am starting to get a lot of traffic from google and I think we can help each other get more. I wanted to ask if you were interested before I sent you my link. Please reply if you are!

Me: Hi, thanks for reading my blog. Can you send me your link so I can check it out and see what funny videos you have?


Person: My site is let me know if you are still interested in linking each other on our pages. Thank you so much.

I saw the first video with Charlie Sheen and his cooking show. It's from "Funny or Die." I didn't really find it funny. I guess I have to watch more videos to find something to laugh about. I do like CS in the movie Scary Movie 3. That was funny. I was reading the Edmonton Journal and CS has been advertising this bipolar disorder charity on Twitter. That's good to promote awareness of mental illness.

Apr. 19 Unintentionally funny: I remember this time way back in 1999, I was watching the talk show Jonovision with the host Jonathan Torrens. It was aimed at teens and there was this little game show episode of girls vs. guys. The guys are to list 10 weapons used in movies, and the girls are to list 10 places to go on a date. Whoever gets the most items on the list, wins.

Girl 1: Restaurant!
Girl 2: Movie!
Girl 3: Bedroom!
The audience cheers and says: "Whoo!"

Yeah, well the girls got a point for that as on the list it says "Your house." The girls won the game. lol.

Friends: I find that watching TV shows remind me of my friends. I was watching the TV show Hellcats, and the characters Savannah and Dan are talking about virginity. That reminds me of this conversation I had with my friend Dan N. back in 2009:

Dan N: So I believe there was some virgin talk. What is this guy like 13? Asking: "Have you ever had sex before? Have you ever done it?" Not knowing what it is.
He laughs.

I was watching Desperate Housewives last year and there was a part where Renee is afraid of midgets. That reminds me of my old friend Jessie. She had said that she was afraid of midgets.

Dance: Last year I was watching the Glee cast on Oprah. I don't really watch Glee anymore, but I love this part. It's where Matthew Morrison (Mr. Shuester) and Harry Shum Jr. have a dance off. I was impressed with both of their dancing. MM is in his 30s and he can break dance.

Scary movies cliches: Scream 4 has recently come out where they make fun of scary movie cliches. I remember way back in the late 90s of the TV show Clueless that was a spinoff from the movie Clueless. There was an homage episode for Halloween. The group of friends started getting killed off.

Cher: Wait, Sean is outside.
Cut to Sean sitting on the bench in pouring rain and he's waving at them. The lightening strikes and with the flash, you see his wrist is tied to a tree branch and he is really dead.

At the end, it was only Dionne and Murray who are alive.

Dionne: Only virgins can stay alive in scary movies.
Murray: Well it looks like I'm going to die then.

It turns out the friends were all playing a trick on Murray because he always tries to take things too far and scare people.

Comedy comparisons: I had told my sister the VD joke I saw on The Sausage Factory and she was offended. I got this flashback of 2001 when we were watching a Friends rerun and Joey's face was on a VD ad. Joey was shocked that his face is on the ad and his friends are laughing about it.

They were 2 different jokes. On SF, Zack really thought he had VD and Joey didn't. However, they are making a joke about an STD.

Job interview: I went to a job interview today on my day off. It was for an office. I think the interview went okay, but the interviewer said there were a lot of applicants. She didn't give me a number, but I won't hold my breath.

Apr. 20 Lindsey Vonn: Does anyone remember Lindsay Vonn? She's an Olympic skier who won gold in the 2010 Olympics. I remember reading an article about her in the Edmonton Journal about the sacrifices she had to make to get to this level. She had to go to Europe to train and was split up from her family. Well she always had one parent with her.

Degrassi: I was watching Degrassi last year and Holly J needed money to pay for an expensive SAT class so she could get into Yale. What I got from it was sometimes it takes money to achieve your dreams.

I put hard work and time into my school work. However, my parents paid for my math tutor so I could go there every week so I can pass math. By passing math, I was able to get into college programs. Paying for college tuition

High school: I was thinking about high school. My teachers recommended me to go into all the low classes like Eng. 13 and Social. 13. The subtext is teachers don't believe in me or that they don't think I can cut it in the grade level classes. Let's be honest here, do you want to be guaranteed to graduate out of high school? If you do, then you go into all the low classes and do the bare min. and you can graduate with Math 24 and Science 24.

I wanted to go to college, and my family wanted me to. So I had to get a little above Math 24 and go into Applied Math. I actually end up doing more work by going into Eng. 13 and Social 13. They were easy classes, but I had to take Eng. 23 and 20, and Social 23 and 20, so I was able to get into Eng. 30 in gr. 12. I took Social 33 in gr. 12 because I needed an easy class. I was in Applied Math 30 and Bio 20 and 30. I did take Social 30 when I upgraded.

By taking those extra Eng. and Social classes, I got more credits.

Writing: This is a mild rant about how my script is predictable. Here is a Coles Notes version of my emails to Marty Chan about my Rain script.

MC: I predicted that the plan was going to go sideways because all plans do.
Me: Did you predict how it was going to go sideways?
MC: Yes.
Me: Did you predict when it was going to go sideways?

1. When she said the plan.
2. When they were at the place.
3. When the actions started.

If you pick 1, then it's very predictable because it's at the beginning. If you pick 3, then it's not very predictable because it was later.

MC: I say 1.

He predicted how and when. If he picked one of them, then it's not predictable.

Chad Todhunter: This actor was on the TV show Buffy in the season 3 premiere called Anne where Buffy is in LA. He was Lily's boyfriend in the beginning of the episode. He's pretty cute. This was back in 1998. My sister had bought the dvds so I was watching it with her.

I decided to look him up and he was on a CSI: NY ep I saw, but I don't remember him. I then watched the new Criminal Minds ep and he plays the bad guy in it. He's from Vancouver. Here's a link of his pic:

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

college/ passive- aggressive/ unpredictable

Apr. 15 College: I was on the 16&P thread on and they were talking about a guy giving up his scholarship on the show.

Person 1: Several of my former students play either football, baseball, or basketball at that level in the NCAA (some at Florida), and they are given tutors who actually attend the classes for them and then re-teach the subject to the athlete. Plus, it's not like everyone who gets a football scholarship graduates with a degree. Lots of the boys are funneled into easy classes which keep them eligible to play, but don't add up to a degree in four or five years. Sad, but true.

At UF, only 68% of the football team graduates with a degree. The national average is 67%. I don't think he needed to worry about working too hard academically.

Me: If that's true, I find that interesting.

16 and Pregnant: Comments about teen pregnancy:

Person 2: That said, if she was so worried, she would have impressed upon him the importance of using condoms so that he could make that dream happen.

Person 3: This right here. That's why I was so irritated with her. And with them. Oh you have dreams? You have goals? Condoms are cheap, babies are not. What the hell?!

Me: I like that: "Condoms are cheap, babies are not."

Soap operas: I read in the news that ABC is cancelling their soap operas All my Children and One Life to Live. This was front page news on The National Post. A lot of soap operas are getting canceled because it's cheaper and easier to produce reality shows. More women are working or going to school in the daytime, and don't watch these shows that are aimed at them.

Apr. 16 Passive- aggressive: I realized something. When I don't like someone, I act passive- aggressive towards them. I'm sure we all do that sometimes. Sometimes, I don't even realize I'm being passive- aggressive until someone points it out to me. Here are a few instances.

1. Back when I was 10/11 yrs old I used to be friends with this girl Grace. Then she started annoying me by ringing my doorbell everyday. After awhile, it was to the point she was friends with my friends like Leslie, Heather, and Christina. Then they're not friends anymore. G was starting to not respect me and I started not respecting her either. I was her only friend. It was a small school of 300 people. G may be friends with Tanya.

I guess I stayed friends with her because she owed me $5. You know the friendship is bad when you're only staying to get your money back. I started distancing myself from her by saying things: "I can't hang out with you today because I have a lot of homework/ I'm watching TV, etc."

I was making excuses and turning her down. One time in the summer, I up and left to go to Calgary without telling her on purpose. When I got back, I expected her to get angry at me and ask: "Why didn't you tell me you were going to Calgary?" She didn't. When I told this to Heather in 2007, H told me I was passive- aggressive because I wanted to hurt G. I was passive as in going away. Aggressive because I wanted to hurt G by abandoning her and making her feel lonely. I wanted to teach G a lesson that: "Tracy is not always going to be here for you. Sometimes you have to be alone."

2. When I was 23, I had a boyfriend and he was starting to annoy me. We were on the phone.

Me: I checked my email, you sent me 300 emails.
J: Now you know why we got to stick together.
Me: Because I put so much money in you?
There is a pause.
Me: Just kidding.
J: Yeah, well that's not funny. You might as well be saying: "Ha, ha I gave you AIDS."

I told this to Angela and she says: "That was passive- aggressive." I guess that was. I resented that I lent him money and he didn't pay me back, until this year when I wrote a letter to get it back.

3. The above two are about how money can affect your friendship and relationship. Here's one about family. However, there was no money involved with my argument with my sister. It was when I was 13 and she was 15. She was giving me directions on how to find a cd, and I was looking at her with my eyes drooping. It was to the point that, my eyes were barely open.

She threatened to beat me up if I kept looking at here like that. I will say I was passive- aggressive on hindsight. I was trying to get her angry because I was angry at her. I stayed cool, but she didn't because she threatened to beat me up. I was happy that I got her angry. I didn't say anything, that's passive. But it was aggressive because I acted like I wasn't paying attention to her.

4. Yesterday my little brother's friend called. He's the friend who calls almost everyday and they get to see each other like once a week which is often. He called in the morning. I didn't pick up because my brother was asleep and I'm not going to wake him up. The answering machine got it, and then his friend calls right after the machine. I guess he thought someone was running to pick up the phone and missed the call.

I didn't pick up. At night, he calls and does the same thing by calling twice in a row without leaving a message. I didn't pick up because P was sleeping again. Passive as not picking up. Aggressive because I kind of wanted to annoy his friend by not picking up.

Apr. 17 Writing: Marty Chan read more of my Rain script. The first time he read the first 20 pages of it, he said he liked one joke. He mainly criticized it, but gave me good tips. This time he reads the next 20 pages to it, and he said he like my action descriptions, and criticized it again.

Here's part of the email exchange:

Marty: " too simple a plan."
Me: It was supposed to be a simple plan. I watched the TV show Dollhouse and there was a line "You can't always predict or control the consequences." I asked if he was able to predict this plot point after the simple plan goes into unexpected territory.
Marty: Yes...generally, audiences know that if characters put together a plan, something is bound to go wrong.

I'm kind of annoyed that what I thought was going to be really good writing in that plot point, was predictable to him.

Unpredictable: I then asked my little brother a question.

Me: Do you remember the episode of The Sausage Factory where Zack and Gilby got jobs at a video store? And then Gilby was letting teenage boys rent out porn tapes. Did you predict that one of the teenage boy's dad was going to come in and beat them up for letting his son rent out porn tapes?
P: No.
I didn't predict that ending at all.

Me: The entire time you were watching that episode, did you think of doing what Gilby did? Get a job at a video store and let teenage boys rent out porn tapes so you can get extra money?
P: No.

I find this storyline to be very original and funny. I have never seen or heard of a guy working at a video store and letting teenage boys rent out porn tapes on any other TV show or real life.

Apr. 19 Law of Attraction: I had writer's block last night and I was: "Think of a hot guy and write about him, but who?" My brother had gotten off the computer so I went on it. My sister was watching How I Met your Mother and I see Michael Trucco on it. I've seen him on a Law and Order: SVU ep and he was good in it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

comparisons/ Post Secret/ Ikea

Apr. 11 Comparisons: I'm writing my script and I thought about how some story lines have been done before.

Person is a psychopath and ruins the lead character: There is this TV movie called Deadbolt. It stars Justine Bateman, Jason Bateman's (Arrested Development) sister. This is from 1992. I saw a little bit of the ending a few years ago. On, someone gave this review: "Seriously though, had all the good titles been taken by all the countless other 'psychopath gets close to common person' flicks?"

I realized that is a cliche. The other reviews said it's like the movie Misery where a woman holds this mystery writer hostage. That reminds me the TV show Instant Star had a storyline like this in season 4. There's Single White Female and recently The Roommate.

Bad guy keeps good guy hostage: Actually come to think of it, that happens a lot in crime dramas. It's not really something I just noticed.

Bad guy keeps another bad guy hostage: In the movie Hard Candy, a 14 yr old girl holds hostage of an internet sexual predator. The girl is a psychopath. I got to say, if you were to watch one torture- porn movie this year, you should watch Hard Candy. It's got more depth than the Saw movies.

CSI: NY did an ep called "Smooth Criminal." That's a Michael Jackson song title. R&B singer Ne-Yo guest- stars. The beginning of the ep looks like his music videos because it's playing his song "Beautiful Monster", he wears his clothes of a suit, fedora hat, and earrings. He talks about R&B music with a hot woman at the bar. So here's a sexy situation.

Then Ne-Yo starts shooting everybody so he's got some range in being a bad ass. The team member Dr. Hawkes knows the kidnapped hot woman at the bar. She's a drug dealer who stole meds from the hospital she works at.

Post Secret: I found these secrets to share.

"I regret that I haven't made more irresponsible can't learn from mistakes you haven't made." (A picture of a sheep.)

"If I could go back in time and tell my 13 yr old self that boys will still like you if you don't put out- I would. But since I can't, I pretend I like being this way because it's more fun. It's not." (A picture of two sheep.)

"This is where I was when I knew I wanted to step out into the traffic rather than keep struggling on alone. It's now one year on- to the day. I still don't know why I didn't go through with it- but I'm glad." (A picture of a street.)

"Should I be concerned that my thoughts keep coming back to this?" (A picture of feet on the roof of a building).

"I don't miss my fiance while I'm in Iraq. I have more sex with my buddies."

"This changed everything. She would have been 1 and 1/2 by now. (A picture of a pregnancy test stick.)

"I fantasize about my dog being human and my wife. (Not in a sexual way, but because I feel like she is the only female who has ever truly loved me unconditionally.)"

Apr. 13 Family: Today is my day off so I spent an hr on my job search in the morning. During it, my grandma asked me to vacuum, I did it without giving her attitude. I also took out the recycling. I do follow up on my behavior rants. Remember last time I ranted because my brother wouldn't vacuum because he was studying, and then he talks on the phone with his friend?

Yesterday after I finished watching TV, I got up, and then my little brother asked me to turn on the light. I did and told him that time I asked him to put the newspaper in the recycle box while he was on his way to get water. He didn't do it. He's like "yeah" after I mentioned it.

Apr. 14 Dating: I told myself I wasn't going to rant anymore, because it is emotionally, mentally, and physically draining. I will rant about this. This guy emails me on the dating site, I email back saying he's not my type and good luck. Today, he then emails me back something mean. I got back at him by reporting him to the site and told them to give him a warning. I copy and pasted his exact words to me to the site managers. If you mess with me, I will go to the ones who are going to do something about it.

You know what? I email back rejecting guys nicely, but this is probably the 4th guy who dissed me after I rejected them. Fine, I won't email them back at all.

Blog: I was going through my blog and I only wrote two emails/ blog posts that are mainly rants. So that's not a really lot.

Business news: I read in the Edmonton Journal that Tabi International is closing down. It's a clothing store that sells clothes to women age 30s and up. Blockbuster is being auctioned off.

Ikea: I also read this in the Edmonton Journal. Ikea is bad company in Danville, Virginia. Six African- Americans have sued them for racial discrimination because they work there longer, and they don't get promoted. White people do. They also complained they got all the crappy shifts like 11pm-7am.

A lot of other employees complained they don't get a lot of notice when they are told they'll be working on the weekend. On Fri. they are told they have to work on the weekend and can't miss shifts. A woman said she had to cancel a lot of dr. appointments because she's taking care of her husband.

They used to pay the workers $9.75/hr to start, and now it's $8/hr. One woman got fired on her birthday. You can think of it this way: Getting fired from a crappy job you hate is a good birthday gift.

Apr. 15: I also remember the article said that people who got the Ikea job through a staffing agency gets paid even less. So stay away from staffing agencies.

Winter: So it's snowing again. I'm not really angry or disappointed. I remember a few years ago when I was in college, I was putting away my winter coat and then it snows. I didn't put away my winter coat and boots in case it snowed this year. I was wearing my autumn jacket and sneakers because it was warm, but now I switched it back.

Job article: Someone emailed me this job article through my blog. I read it, and I thought it was pretty interesting. The careers listed mention the duties and how much they pay.

Hi Tracy,

We would love to share with you an article that we just posted on our own blog! (15 Awesome Jobs for Associate’s Degree Holders) is linked below and could be a fun way to share this announcement with your readers.


It has been a sincere pleasure to read your great content.


Tina Sans

Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Listener/ laughing about death/ goals

Apr. 11 The Listener: I was watching The Listener about Toby who's a paramedic and telepath. In the beginning of the episode, Toby rides a motorcycle again. T is on the job as a paramedic and he reads the mind of a man who doesn't speak English. He is thinking about a stripper. T smiles at seeing that image. lol.

Then it gets kind of serious when he sees the image of what the man's wife is thinking. He sees that she poisoned her husband. There were some good flashbacks with Charlie who got written off, so there's continuity.

At the end, T and his IIB team have to look for a criminal where there are all these cargo containers. There was good suspense and tension during the hunt and chase.

T: Needle meet haystack.

Joke: This is from a few months ago.

Jay Leno: Where do Chinese people go out to eat at to celebrate Chinese New Year? IHOP.

Headline: I was watching Jay Leno and his Headlines segment with my little brother.

JL (reads ad): "Arousal can."
Me: What?
P: Aerosol.

Oh yeah.

Ebay: This was from Jay Leno's segment called "Stuff we found on Ebay." It's real items that are being auctioned off. The audience has to guess if it's sold or not sold.

One ad said: "Wedding dress: Bride left Groom." The Groom modeled the dress on the site. Imagine a man wearing a strapless wedding dress. The starting bid was 99 cents. It sold for $225. That's a pretty good price for a nice wedding dress. Wedding dresses can cost thousands of dollars and it's only worn once.

Apr. 12 Dialogue: I was quoting from The Simpsons. It was the episode where Troy McClure was hosting a special that showed some deleted scenes.

Troy: You're probably thinking "I've seen every episode of The Simpsons, you can't show me anything new."
My sister thought the next line was: "Then I say you're a pompous ass."
Me: Actually Troy says (sternly): "Yeah, well you really got an attitude mister."

However, I will say my sister's line is pretty good.

Laughing about death: My sister bought the entire Buffy series on dvd and she's been watching it. I watched some with her. We were watching the "Homecoming" episode.

Buffy: Do you have parents?
Cordelia: Yes, two, unlike some people.

That was mean for Cordelia to diss Buffy's parents for being divorced. Well if she said that when one of Buffy's parents were dead, that would be way too harsh. However, I have seen meaner. It was done on the sitcom Arrested Development. Michael was giving marriage advice to his sister Lindsay and her husband Tobias.

Tobias: I don't know why you're giving us marriage advice, look at you, you're not married. Why? Because your wife is dead.
There is this awkward pause. I'm sure the audience is thinking: "Oh my god, I can't believe he said that."
Tobias: I'm sorry, I'm terribly sorry.
T walks away.

I thought T was going to say: "Why? Because your wife is....never mind." But he actually said it. If Michael was single or divorced, it wouldn't be so mean.

It also reminds me of The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, this reality show where they play tricks on people. JK was on this fake talent show where he falls off his unicycle and the audience laughs and boos him. The audience was having the trick played on them. The host asks about JK and JK talks about his wife dying earlier that year.

The entire audience went dead silent. I guess pun intended. I was like to the audience: "Oh what? Now you're not laughing? You were laughing at him earlier. Yeah, that's right, show some respect."

There was that time back in 2002, I was watching this interview with the British boy band Blue on the internet.

Host: Do you guys own any pets?
Lee: My cat committed suicide.
The audience of teen girls: What?!
Lee: Yeah, well my cat-
Antony burst out laughing.

A laughing about death. I thought what Lee said was very unintentionally funny. I didn't laugh, but I did it find it funny. Lee's cat gotten run over by a car, and it looked like the cat was trying to get run over.

Boston Public: I was reflecting on this show and it has some really good story lines. That should help inspire my writing. This is a show about the teachers in this high school. It's a comedy drama.

- A jock shoots someone before school starts,and the school has to find out who did it. It's in lock down, and the only thing to identify the shooter is that he's wearing a letterman jacket. They thought it was this one guy, but then a teacher notices a jock wearing a letterman jacket and his hand was bleeding. That's how they figured he was the shooter. He did hold a gun to the teacher's head as another teacher talks him down.

- A boy finds this notebook that has plans for a school shooting. Later he is hailed as a hero. Then he turns out he created the notebook so he would be known as a popular hero. I didn't expect that one.

- An Asian girl is a slave. She works to pay off her immigration debt of $250,000. That's human trafficking.

- A guy was abused by his mom who forces him to be an overachiever. He actually chops off his mother's hand and tied her up in the basement. She actually survives and is later out of the basement. That was crazy.

- A guy was molested by a priest. I guess that was a little "ripped from the headlines" because this story came out in 2001 when the public first learned about child molestation in churches.

- A girl is a stripper because she needs the money.

- A teacher and a student fight, and the teacher knocks out the student. The student was played by Josh Keaton. He was in the boy band No Authority, but quit the band to pursue acting. He's more successful in acting than he was in music. The boy band had 2 cds, but they were never really that big.

Goals: I was reading an article in The Globe and Mail and it said that having goals are important and makes you happy. That by having goals it gives you and your life a meaning and purpose. It also makes you interact with people, so you socialize and that makes you happy. You also go out to achieve your goals so it makes you exercise and travel and explore.

1. Getting my college diploma- I met a lot of people by going to college and I socialized with them.

2. Getting a job- My job search last year, I was going all around town, doing interviews and meeting new people. That was a new experience. I interacted with a lot of people through the internet too because I contacted all my NAIT friends to ask about job prospects.

Now I have a job. But I'm still doing my job search for that office career. So I am still traveling around town and meeting people through job interviews.

3. Getting my script produced- I went to college to study Professional Writing. I met a lot of people in school, but also contacted the Writers in Residence at the library. I talked to Conni Massing, Chris Craddock, and Marty Chan about my scripts. I have emailed, met and/ or talked to producers, writers, and readers.

Priorities: I was losing motivation in achieving my goals, so that's why I wrote the above. I was losing focus on my goals and that's why I'm writing the below list.

1. Get a job- done that.

2. Get an office job- I looked for an office job today (like everyday.) Yesterday when I ran into Dan L., I was so inspired that he got a writing job, that I went and looked at bank websites. I usually go to bank websites and apply to positions on my days off, but after talking with Dan. L, I couldn't wait for two days later and did it that day. Dan. L has a career. I want a career too so by talking to a peer, it really pushed me.

3. Get my Fighter script produced- I haven't been doing that. Today I emailed 3 people about it to get myself motivated.

4. Get the Rain script finished- I pushed myself to get The Fighter first draft of 90 pages written in 6 months in 2009. I did a lot of rewrites to it later, but it was for the most part done. I wrote a 45 page script for a producer in 1 month because he told me to this year. I finished all my Professional Writing school assignments on time. I need to set myself a deadline and write it.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

writing/ rants/ friends

Apr. 8 Writing: I realized something for why I am so angry and writing it right now. Back in 2006 when I had an anger management problem from being laid off from Call Centre #1, all I did was write to get my anger out. However, I needed to take some Paxil with it too to calm down.

I've been taking Paxil, but I haven't been writing my rants. I wrote a little rant here and there about Calender Club taking 40% off their items and not 50% off like they used to, but I need to get straight to the meat of the issue. The things that really get me angry and not just annoyed.

Rants: Here's some more rants. After I typed up the one about Kaley Cuoco on The View on, someone on twop wrote this:

The View: "The View angers up my blood all the damn time. It's not even that they shout over each other or make offensive statements. It's that they often, like almost daily, tell the audience this misinformation and then don't correct themselves later. I don't think I can name a time when they've ever once have gotten back on air and said to the audience "Hey, we didn't fact-check and said some things that might have mislead people.

'Here are the real facts. Sorry about that.' I especially hate when they misquote people. If you don't know what the person actually said then don't put words in their mouths and judge them on it. These women never want to own up to these mistakes but I can't just blame them but also the executive producer and whoever is in charge of making up of those cards and fact-checking them because they are just as much, if not more, culpable than the hosts."

That show is so annoying. How can you watch a TV show where a group of women are all talking at the same time and you can't hear them?

Annoying phrase: I remember way back in the late 90s, early 2000s, I was reading Seventeen magazine and someone ranted this: "I hate it when I ask someone a question and that person says 'You don't want to know.' If I didn't want to know, then I wouldn't be asking would I?"

Okay, then I won't say "You don't want to know." That does kind of remind me of that time back in 2002 I was watching The Sausage Factory and my sister asked what these two are talking about. I guess I should have said: "Okay, but it's kind of offensive" before I explained it to her. I thought she would be prepared because she has listened to the show when she was in the room and she had said: "This show is so crude."

I told her: "Lisa thinks that Zack needs a kidney transplant and Zack thinks that she thinks that he has a VD." My sister gasped and looked scared and offended.

Family: I want to add to the earlier rant of how I asked my little brother to put the newspaper in the recycle box while he was going upstairs anyway, and he wouldn't do it. I imagine his point of view that he doesn't like to be told what to do, and neither do I. However, I would groan and then do it.

Yeah, I'll give some attitude. That does remind me of The Simpsons where Tony Hawk puts Homer onto the skateboard, but he kind of groans during it.

Homer: Do it without the attitude or don't do it all.

That sounds like what a parent, teacher or person of authority would say. Maybe my sister might say that to me, but mainly she would be happy that I did do what she asked. Yesterday she asked how many hours I worked a week and I said: "20." This morning she asks me to recycle the old newspapers and I was kind of eh with it. She then said: "You only work 20 hrs." But today I did recycle the old newspapers after work. So there, I will do it, but maybe give a little attitude.

Friends: Here's another mild rant. It's to add to the rant where my little brother won't vacuum when my grandma asked him to, because he said he had to study. Later his friend calls him and he takes the call. This is his friend who calls him nearly every day and they see and hear from each other often. He didn't have to take the call, and that adds to not helping my grandma.

I would understand if it's his friend who he hasn't heard from in a few months so he would take it. I would like to add that I never really get to see my friends. Here's the ranking of how often I have contact with my friends. I send three weekly emails to them and that's how I mainly keep in contact with you guys.

1. Sherry- she's the one who emails me once or twice a week or every two weeks. She's probably the one I have most consistent contact with. She has two jobs.
2. Angela- I usually call her once every two or three weeks and we talk about my weekly emails. Sometimes we chat from 10 min. to 1hr. She has a career and that dancing hobby takes a lot of her time.
3. Jessica- she's the only who emails me here and there. Sometimes we talk on the phone. She's in university so she often studies.

4. Dan L.- When I call him maybe once a month or so, we talk for an hr.
5. Dan N.- I run into him in downtown sometimes.
6. Michelle- We chat on Facebook sometimes.

Yesterday my friend Ray called me on my cell phone. I didn't hear it because I was in the basement watching The Mentalist. lol. Unless this is a fluke and she had changed numbers and it's someone else calling me.

Coincidence: Today I was reading the newspaper and the actress Mariska Harigatay (from Law and Order: SVU) has recently adopted a daughter named Amaya Josephine. I have two little cousins named Mariska and Amaya.

School: I got this flashback of Social Studies 23. I remember I had Mr. Smith who gives us some questions to answer from the textbook. He gives us 20 min to do it in class, and then we answer the questions in class. He was giving homework in class.

Mr. Smith: I don't give you guys homework because I know you're not going to do it.

That is a straight- up diss or he's being brutally honest. I wasn't offended and I doubt anyone else was either. Hey, he's not giving us homework. If anyone was offended, they could go to the principal that Mr. Smith said that.

Principal: And you want me to do what exactly?
Student: Tell Mr. Smith to not be so mean.

I do remember how Mr. Smith said: "If I read an essay from Social 23, I'm going to grade it like this. If it's from Social 20, I'm going to grade it differently." That's the thing with the levels of classes. It's about expectations. I've been in the low ones and the grade level ones and it's different. It's easier in the low level ones, because the expectations are lower and I didn't have to work or try, and I passed easily. All I had to do was show up.

So what are you really angry about? I don't know. I was always angry and frustrated in school because I had to work really hard in say Applied Math and I barely pass. But I passed.

Apr. 11: Over the weekend, when my sister asked me to close the upstairs door, I did it without the attitude. She asked me to do it at two different times and I did.

This morning, I bumped into Dan L. on the bus. We were both on our way to work. I went to jr. high, high school, and Professional Writing with Dan L. It took him 8 months to get a writing job, and he got one. So that's good. It kind of inspired me to get my own office job.

Email: Also, I don't know if you notice this, but every 3rd email that I send, it has all the funny jokes in it. So though you read my angry rants, do expect something light and funny later.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

saying/ sexual harassment/ rape

Apr. 7 Saying: I was on the 16 and Pregnant thread on twop: "You can have it all, but you can’t have it all at the same time."

Rants: I've been taking my Paxil, but I'm still kind of angry about things. Here they are:

EI: My EI has expired after a year. I could reactivate it, but for the past 5 months I have a job where I make enough money, that I don't get EI. I talked to my dad about it, and he also told me there's no point in reactivating my EI. I'm annoyed that I don't get money for not working. At least I have a job.

Criminal Minds: This show is still good and they're in there 6th season. The actress AJ Cook has left the show at the beginning of the season, and then they replaced her with a new actress Rachel Nichols to play another character. RN is also a young blond woman like AJC. That kind of reminds me of when the dark haired actress Lola Glaudini left the show after one season and was replaced by another dark haired actress Paget Brewster.

Now PB has been written off the show. So what's bugging me? I guess I don't like change. At least one of my fave actors Matthew Gray Gubler is still on the show.

Drug deal: I was watching Gossip Girl and there was a good line. Serena says this to a drug dealer: "Your occupation hurts people." Damn straight. I hope teenagers are watching this and get a PSA moment that drugs are bad.

Sexual harassment: I was watching Degrassi: The Next Generation and there is a sexual harassment storyline. Owen is sexually harassing Anya in CPR class. So after an incident, Anya tells the teacher about it, so that's good. She doesn't apologize to Owen when he gets kicked out of the class. He should be punished for his behavior.

This reminds me of gr.9 health class talking about sexual harassment. We even watched a video with kids talking about it. I remember this Asian girl in the video said: "It's not stinking joke." I read teen magazines about it. I got a flashback of high school back in gr.10. I remember one time during lunch, one of my friends was getting sexually harassed. I knew her very well, and I knew she didn't like the fact this guy was harassing her. This guy was pretending he was interested in her, when I know he isn't. He was saying these sexual things to her to be funny.

This guy didn't know her very well, and didn't pick up the signals. He was joking around, but I didn't think it was funny and some other people didn't think it was either. Some other people told him to stop. My friend moved to different parts of the area, threw her chips at the guy and told him to stop. There was this breaking point and she had tears in her eyes. She straight up told him to stop it and that it wasn't funny. She seemed scared and offended. Then she walks away.

I'm sure the guy got the message. He does take things too far sometimes. I remember one time after he hugged a girl, he actually fondled her breast. However, the girl laughed it off and was cool with it. I'm sure there are a lot of girls who wouldn't laugh at that and be offended. I thought the guy was stupid for not knowing the signals. I'm sure he felt bad about his behavior.

So back to Degrassi, it turns out Owen does like Anya. She had to reject him. He kind of learns a lesson about his inappropriate behavior.

Rape: I got another flashback of high school. This time it's in gr. 12 drama class. One time some of us kids were in a group and this guy said this: "Oh, here's what I'll do. I get a girl pissed drunk and then I'll take advantage of her."

Me: Dude, that's rape.
Guy: No, it isn't.
Then this other girl says that it is.

How could you say it isn't rape when you said the phrase "take advantage of." When a girl is unconscious and doesn't say no, that doesn't mean she is giving consent to have sex. Rape is when someone is forced to have sex when this person doesn't want to. Even when she is unconscious and can't say no.

There are so many things that got me angry here. One, this guy thinks it's okay to have sex with a girl that's unconscious. Two, that's he's really stupid and doesn't have any morals. Three, (which is really besides the point and not as important,) but it annoys me that he thinks he is so original with this idea of having sex with a girl that's unconscious. This happens all the time.

I'll add four, that guys take advantage of girls who are unconscious. I don't know what this guy was thinking. There are some cases where a drunk girl leaves with a guy and has consensual sex with him, but she gave consent. When you're drunk, your inhibitions are lowered and people look more attractive to you. But this guy in drama class was a straight up jerk to be saying that, and a sociopath if he actually does that.

Kaley Cuoco: This was way back in 2003, but I am angry. She's now on The Big Bang Theory. I remember seeing her on The View and Star Jones brought the Kobe Bryant rape case.

Star: If you were raped, then why did you go up there?

It went downhill from there, because KC was like young and influenced easily by Star's comment. So KC was talking and agreeing with SJ saying that the girl who accused KB was falsely accusing him, that "the girl wanted attention" by falsely accusing a big celebrity. A lot of women get lured and go to places where they think it's a party and it wasn't. I have read stories in teen magazines where a girl goes to this apartment thinking it was a party, and it wasn't, and end up getting raped.

My sister was watching it with me and she also thought KC was stupid. Did you know that 80% of rapes don't even get reported because the victim often thinks it's their fault? Just with KC blabbing on The View, it could have really discouraged a lot of women from coming forward about their rapes.

If you get raped, always report it to the police. You don't necessarily have to press charges, but it's good to report it. Also don't shower, because it would wash away evidence. I might as well throw in that none of the other women added that what if the woman really was raped by KB. I know this is besides the point and not as important, but KB did cheat on his wife even if he didn't rape a woman.

Dating: I'm sure you guys are sick of reading about Dateline: To Catch a Predator, but I will say one more thing about it. The Dateline guy is 35 yrs old and he was going to date a 12 yr old girl. I remember there was this episode of The Sausage Factory where this 16 yr old guy JC meets a girl at the store he works at, and they really connected. Until later, Nancy recognizes the girl and tells Gilby. Gilby then warns JC about her.

Gilby: She's 12.
JC: What?
G: She's 12. Nancy used to babysit her when she was little.

JC breaks things off with her, and they're friends instead. He feels the age difference is too big and not because of something like: "I have a reputation to protect. People are going to diss me that I have a 12 yr old girlfriend."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

jokes/ Autocorrect jokes/ Michelle Krusiec

Mar. 27 Jokes: The other day I was eating dinner with my family. My little brother was talking.

P: He was working for 104 hrs straight.
Sister: That's like what? 3 days?
P: 4.
Me: "I worked for 48 hrs straight and I thought I was a humming bird."
P: No, it's "I worked for 96 hrs straight and I thought I was a humming bird."

Does anyone get the joke? It's from The Simpsons where Apu loses the Kwik-E- Mart and the actor James Woods takes over the place. JW shows the video footage of Apu acting like a humming bird. lol.

Yes, random things trigger TV jokes. Earlier this week my grandma was weighing some gin seng. It reminded me of Angel. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn enter a Chinese shop. An old Chinese couple are there.

Woman: You're kind not welcome here.
Gunn: Oh what huh? A black man can't buy some gin seng?

What the woman really meant was Angel because he's a vampire.
Angel: You two take grandma and I'll take grandpa.
They get into this fight scene because the couple were actually demons.

Headlines: My friend Sherry sent me this video about a old woman stops a jewelery store robbery. This documentary camera guy was filming for a job, and caught this whole thing on tape. This old woman is using her handbag to hit the bad guys. lol.

Apr. 4 The Office: I saw this The Office episode a couple of months ago. The boss Michael Scott made this awful short movie called Threat Level Midnight. It took him 11 yrs to make the movie with his employees as his cast. The cliches were montages, and bad dialogue.

After MS kills someone in his office he says: "Clean up on aisle 9" which is not relevant to the scene. The bad guy is called Golden Face which is making fun of James Bond's Golden Eye. There was bad acting like MS kills Oscar by strangling him and O's eyes stay open when they're supposed to close. In fact, O blinks when he's supposed to pass out. lol.

Rashida Jones (now on Parks and Recreation) make an appearance in it. There was even a musical number thrown in. I do like this one line at the end of the ep about the film.

MS: Don't listen to your critics. Listen to your fans.

I would say listen to both.

It's like The Simpsons episode where they make Radio Active Man movie. I was like 9 yrs old when I saw it and thought it was funny. Now that I'm older I realize the movie dialogue was very poor because it was too expository and doesn't sound like real people talking.

Apr. 5 Autocorrect jokes: I was watching Jay Leno yesterday and he told us about a website called

He had a segment called "That's not what I meant." Autocorrect is when you're typing something and that app predicts what you're going to write, and writes it for you. JL then read some real text messages that were sent.

Mother: Your brother is adopted.
Daughter: What? Why are you telling me through text? Call me.
Mother: I mean your brother got accepted into Yale.

lol. That's really good to get accepted into Yale. That also brings a flashback of Maury where this woman tells her teen daughter that she has a baby boy that she gave up for adoption years ago. They were then all reunited. Aww...

It also reminded me of 16 and Pregnant where the girl Maci texts her mom to her that she's pregnant.

Forums: It's like art imitating life. I was watching 30 Rock.

Liz Lemon: There were a lot of good Amazing Race episodes to watch, and I had to read comments about it on the internet.

That's like me, and a lot of other people. That's why there is It's gotten way better. I remember back in 2002-2004, there was Fametracker forums and I went on there regularly. Then it closed down the forums. Then in 2006 I went on and I went crazy with it for 5 months by reading comments and then writing my own comments about TV shows. I had to go and read to see if anyone was making comments about my comments.

I then quit to focus on my first yr of college to study writing. Then I came back a yr later after school was done. It was the summer time so I had time to read and write comments, but I wasn't obsessed with it. Now I only read the 16 and Pregnant thread, usually 1 page a day. I check out "TV moments that angry up the blood" and "Unintentionally funny TV moments".

I was watching the Teen Mom 2 Finale Special and there's a promo for 16&P season 4 on Apr. 19. Damn, I thought they were ending the show. Yeah, well at least I don't read the Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 threads. That would eat up a lot of time. I need to use the time to focus on my goals.

Apr. 6 Kingsway: I went to Kingsway mall a couple of weeks ago. Club Monaco closed down. There are houses by the mall, and they were teared down. When did that happen? I remember this house that had a neon psychic reader sign in the window.

Celebrity: I was watching this Desperate Housewives episode called "Farewell Letter". Gabby visits her hometown and went to a restaurant. There were framed pictures of her in there. That reminds me of something I saw years ago about Britney Spears. In her hometown of Kentwood, Louisiana, there was a restaurant and there were framed pics of her. It was back when her 2nd album was out in 2000.

Quote: I was reading an article by Jonathan Goldstien in The Globe and Mail. He said: "Turn inspiration into reality."

Chips: Did you know there's pizza flavored and cheese burger flavor chips? Cheese burger is from Doritos. My sister told me there is hot dog flavor.

Head lice: This was like a yr ago, but I was watching South Park and it reminded of the girl who's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys. In the show, this kid Clyde has head lice and the the teacher Mr. Garrison tells the class there is one kid who has head lice, but won't tell which one.

Cartman: C'mon, tell us who it is so we can treat this person like an outcast!

How the class was reacting was similar to how my gr.9 class was reacting. Then in the episode they think it's Kenny and they take out there soap and socks. You think they're going to beat him up by putting the soap in the sock and hitting him with it. However, they were cleaning him with it. Mr. Garrison then comes and tells the class that they all have head lice and that it was contagious. I didn't expect that one.

As soon as we find out who the girl who's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys, she is going to be treated like an outcast.

Tattoo: This was last summer, but I saw this girl who had this tattoo on her left wrist: "No codeine, no penicillin." I thought it was kind of cool. I remember reading some article in the newspaper that instead of wearing some medical tag, people tattoo their medical info on them so paramedics and medical professionals can read it.

Michelle Krusiec: I was watching Secret Life of the American Teenager and I see that Madison's step mom is Asian. I always think there should be more Asian actors on American TV shows. She's pretty. So I went on the internet to see who she is and her name is Michelle Krusiec.

I was like: "Oh my god!" I have seen her before in movies like Saving Face. That's a really good movie about a young Chinese woman dealing with her sexuality and falling in love with another Asian woman. She also has to deal with her mom being pregnant and not married. It's a really good movie, I have it on dvd. I remember seeing her way back in the late 90s in the sitcom called One World about a family that adopted a bunch of kids from different races. Lots of ethnic diversity.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

job/ writing tip/ Being Human

Mar. 31 Job: I see that though my hours have been cut and I'm working part-time, I am still making the same amount of money and a little bit more in this restaurant job than the Soup place. When I was working full time at the Soup place, I made a little bit less than right now. That's because I have the tips in this job to make up for the lack of hours.

Writing: Since I have a part-time job, I have more free time. I do productive things like put time and energy into my office job search. Today after taking a month off from typing up anything, I finally buckled down and typed up my Rain script. I typed up 5 more pages and I feel good about it.

Apr. 1 Friends: Today I went out with 3 of my coworkers for lunch at Earls. I had water, and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, a small cesear salad for $6. When the others didn't finish their food, I ate it. I had a sip of an alcoholic drink that had the Chinese fruit lychee in it. It smells good, but it tastes bad. I don't really like alcohol.

Law of attraction: I thought and dreamed about the actor Matt Lanter (90210) yesterday. Then I checked my horoscopes today, and it turns out today is ML's birthday and he's turning 28.

Apr. 2 Writing tip: I was watching Castle which is about a mystery writer named Richard Castle and he teams with NYPD detective Kate Beckett to solve murders. In an episode:

Castle: If you want to be a writer, you have to be able to grasp at subtext.

This producer Glynis Whiting had told me about subtext, and dialogue and what's being said and what's not being said. Here's a real life example. I was watching Jay Leno and he interviews a 6 yr old Asian boy who is a piano player prodigy. He later played the piano beautifully on the show.

JL: So I heard you recently graduated out of kindergarten?
Boy: No, college! Uh, just kidding!
Boy waves both his hands in front of JL as in a way to stop him from believing it.
There is a little pause as JL looks at him.
JL: Yeah.
There is another little pause, and then JL asks him another question.

What is not being said is JL could have said: "I know", but he doesn't want to embarrass the kid. Though I'm sure a couple of years from now the boy will watch it and be thinking: "Why did I add 'just kidding'? He knew I was joking around." lol. That was so cute.

Dialogue: Here's a good writing example from Law and Order: SVU ep called "Trophy." It aired in Nov. 2010. Det. Olivia Benson finds a ring which is a trophy from the perp. She's able to link it to this rape victim from the 1970s. She talks to the 30 yr old daughter.

Woman: You're not telling me something. What is it?
Benson: I'm not from the robbery department. I'm from Special Victims Unit.
Woman: That's sex crimes. Was my mom raped?
Benson: Yes.
Woman: When?
Benson: Feb. 1970.
Woman: I was born in Nov. 1970.

So she learns she was a product of rape, and Benson confesses that she's a product of rape too.

Later the psychologist Dr. Wong asks Benson: "Why did you tell her that? She didn't force you too." I was thinking the same thing. When I got tips from writers, readers, and producers, it's to make the characters work for information. However, B says she thinks that woman may be her half sister. Later it turns out after DNA test, she isn't.

Apr. 3 Titles: On Mon. nights I want to watch the TV show Being Human, while my little brother wants to watch Be the Creature (an animal/ nature show.)

That reminds me back in 2004 I was watching TV and he asked me what I was watching.

Me: Right now I'm watching Missing because there's a commercial break on Lost.

lol. Unintentionally funny. Missing was about FBI looking for missing people while Lost was about people stranded on an island.

Being Human: This show debuted a couple of months ago, but here's my review. It's based on the British version. A vampire and a werewolf move into a house that's haunted by a ghost. I've seen a few episodes and it's really good.

The vampire Aidan is played by Sam Witwer. Coincidentally, I have seen him play a vampire-like character on the TV show Dark Angel back in 2002. He's pretty handsome and athletic. The werewolf Josh is played by Sam Huntington. He's a regular guy who you want to be friends with. Sam is a nurse and Josh is orderly and they work at the hospital together.

The ghost Sally is played by Meaghan Rath. They're all in their 20s, well the vampire's a hundred years older but he looks like he's in his 20s. Here's a storyline: Aidan helps Bernie, a little kid who was being bullied. B lives in the neighborhood and he had forgotten his keys. Aidan lets Bernie in his home so the bullies won't get at him. Aidan plays Go Fish with him. It was so cute.

Later they start spending more time together and A tells B that he can pick up some dvds that are in his room. However, B picked up this dvd that had this sex tape on it. One of A's enemies had sent him it. B's mom is furious and tells A to stay away from B after she sees the dvd.

The next episode B is getting bullied again, and A walks away and doesn't help him. Then B gets pushed into the street and a car hits him. B lands in the hospital and A feels guilty for not protecting him from the bullies. B dies and a vampire Rebecca turns him into one of them. R does it because she's in love with A, and doesn't want to see A sad. B then kills the two bullies. A then has to kill B. So there is more guilt on A.

Apr. 4 Look alike: I was thinking about this yesterday. The actor Sam Huntington from Being Human kind of looks like AJ Buckley from CSI: NY. They kind of look like brothers.

Sam Huntington:

AJ Buckley:

Pretty Little Liars: This is another example about characters working to get information. Hannah wants to get to know this new kid Caleb. They make a deal. Caleb will tell something about himself whenever Hannah gives a kid's name out and what they are interested in buying from Caleb. That is a good and creative way to give information and reveal character.

Repetitive: Also with dialogue, avoid being repetitive. I will admit Glynis Whiting read The Fighter 2nd draft and pointed out how I repeat the same things. The rule is, it's okay to be repetitive, only in comedy.

There's this South Park episode where they say the swear word s--- multiple times in one episode. There is this thing on the corner of the screen counting how many times they say it. If you watch some Saturday Night Live sketches they repeat the same word to be funny.

I got a flashback from watching Blind Date, back in the days of 2005/2006 before I quit. There was a "Hall of Shame" clip where a man and a woman are riding in the back of a van and they're swearing at each other. There was this thing on the corner too where it counted how many times they swore at each other.

However, it's not good for dramas like Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

job interview/ Kristi Yamaguchi/ Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior

Mar. 28 Job interview: Today I went to a job interview for an office job. It went from 500 applicants to 10 applicants to be interviewed. There are 10 people up for 1 position, including me.

Writing: Today's my day off so I had a job interview and job search. I write 3 emails a week to pace myself. I did a little writing today by typing up a scene I had written. When it seems things are stalling in a story, write a conflict in for the characters to fight through. Now that I did that, I can't think of anything.

I checked my email and the Writer in Residence Marty Chan said he will read my new additional pages of Rain in late March so he must be doing that now.

16 and Pregnant: I finally finished reading the dozens of pages on the episode with Emily on It aired back in Nov. 2010 so my memory was refreshed. I was annoyed with Emily's boyfriend Daniel's hairstyle. It was kind of like Justin Beiber's but longer and covered his eyes.

However, Daniel wasn't a jerk like most of the boyfriends on this show. He won a scholarship and is going to college and working. His parents say they're proud of him. The people digress: "Are you proud of him knocking up a girl while they're both teenagers?" Okay, yes, but I would be proud of my son if he did win a scholarship because I never gotten one before.

Then again, I never applied and looked for scholarships because my grades were mediocre. Graduating out of high school with some grade level classes were really hard for me. Getting into college was a challenge too. How do I even think of applying for scholarships? I wasn't putting obstacles in front of myself; I was dealing with the obstacles one at a time. Graduate out of high school. Get into college. As for my sister, those goals were easy to achieve so she could go and apply for scholarships.

This is the first time ever on this show, but Emily's mom kicked her out of her home. I have read on twop that this woman kicked her daughter out when she got pregnant and she went to foster care. I also saw on this show where Kailyn meets a girl who got pregnant and got kicked out. I actually have a friend who got pregnant and her mom told her to move out and she did. She's been living on her own since she was 16.

Back to Emily. She moved in with her dad and stepmom and was transferred to another school and away from her friends. She missed a lot of school because of her morning sickness and would be throwing up all the time. She was kicked out for being absent a lot. I don't know what the solution is. Carry a bag around and when you get sick, and throw up in there? Well I hope she graduates out of high school.

Mar. 29 Names: Emily and Daniel named their son Liam. I heard that's a really popular name even though I only know one Liam. He's this guy I went to jr. high and high school with. I was watching Lie to Me and someone said: "His name is Liam? Is that short for William?" I never thought of that being a nickname before.

Emily and Daniel are also really popular names. I knew two Emily's, one in jr. high and one at the Soup place. I have two friends named Daniel.

Kristi Yamaguchi: Does anyone remember Olympic gold medalist figure skate Kristi Yamaguchi? It was like back in the early 90s she won the medal. I was reading this article about her and she has written a picture book about a pig learning how to ice skate and releasing a workout dvd. She will be turning 40 this year. She's married to a hockey player and has two daughters. She looks great.

Mar. 30 Law of Attraction: The other day I watched the season 3 premiere of the crappy show Secret Life of an American Teenager. It's created by the 7th Heaven writer Brenda Hampton. The 7th Heaven actress Mackenzie Rosman guest- starred again. Another 7th Heaven actress Beverly Mitchell came on too. There was a shout out in a way when MR and BM look at each other in the hallway.

I told this to my sister.

S: That's because she (BM) can't get work anywhere else.

I thought: "Wasn't she in a TV movie? I remember checking what's on TV and I saw her name." Then today I was looking to see what's on TV and I see that BM is in the 2007 TV movie I Know What I Saw. How interesting that I was thinking she was in a TV movie, and it airs two days later.

Mar. 31 Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior: I've seen a few eps of this spin off of Criminal Minds. Here's my review. This show is like the original about a team of FBI profilers hunting down serial killers.

It stars Forest Whitaker from movies like Phone Booth and the short live remake TV series The Twilight Zone. It has Janeane Garofalo who was in the TV show 24. Kirsten Vangsness the tech analyst from the original show is also on this show, but has a smaller part in it, though she is on the opening credits. That's because she's mainly sitting in a room with a bunch of computers so it's easier to film her scenes on two shows.

Michael Kelly from The Sopranos is on. Matt Ryan, is this kind of handsome British guy. Beau Garrett is this young beautiful woman. The cast is good. The stories are good and I am impressed with the writing. I'm trying to cut down on TV so I only watch this show when nothing is else on.

One Shot Kill: I saw CM: SB ep called "One Shot Kill." It's about a sniper who taunts the team by sending a pager to the team that says "Bang, bang." There was good suspense when they get to the building and start chasing after the sniper. Then it turns out it's an architect who's running away because there is a warrant for his arrest because he didn't pay child support. I didn't expect that one.

The sniper was to shoot 50 people who are leaving a memorial. The FBI stops anyone from leaving so they won't get shot. A man who's late arrives and gets shot outside. The team member Gina goes to pull man away to save his life, so the sniper aims at her. However Agent Mick Rawson who has a shotgun from another building distracts the sniper by risking his own life. He shouts "I'm here!" Good suspense.

The team manages to get to the sniper, and hits him on the head so he can't kill anyone else.

Dialogue: There were some good lines from the above episode:

"These little ripples become waves."

"Stay in the present, not in the past."

"Victory's sweet."

Canadian: I was watching Degrassi: The Next Generation and there was Tim Horton's coffee cup on the table. That show is shot in Toronto. The Toronto shot show The Listener mentioned University of Toronto.

The American show Parks and Recreation mention Canada.