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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Breaking: Massacre in Syria

Breaking: Massacre in Syria
 I got this from Amnesty International:

Dear Tracy,

On Friday, the Syrian military brutally killed over 100 people.

Our sources tell us that the barrage of shells, mortars,
rockets and raids on
Friday left at least 108 dead, including 34 women and 50 children.

For more than a year, Amnesty International has been the
voice calling
global attention to the crimes against humanity being committed
in Syria.

We are taking critical steps to hold the perpetrators accountable for
these crimes.
But we can't do it without your support.

We accept no money from governments for our research or advocacy.
That would compromise our fight. Only your donations can support our actions to end the crisis and provide hope for the people of Syria and people everywhere who face government repression for speaking out.
  • Our team of experts collected civilian accounts that report armed 
  • gangs loyal 
  • to the Syrian regime went on a door-to-door killing spree following
  •  the initial 
  • artillery 
  • onslaught during the massacre on Friday.
  • We are putting pressure on the United Nations Security Council to
  •  move beyond condemnation and refer the situation in Syria to the 
  • International Criminal Court.
  • And we are urging Russia to use its influence to end the violence 
  • in Syria and to stop obstructing the UN Security Council.
Without your donations, there is no Amnesty International.
Without Amnesty International, there is no grassroots movement
taking repressive
governments to task.

Please help. We need to raise $45,000 by May 31st to keep global attention 
and pressure on Syria -- and sustain our work until the abuses stop.


Sanjeev Bery
Advocacy Director, Middle East North Africa
Amnesty International USA

publishing/ Duets/ characters

May 23 Publishing: I was going through my personal email account and I found that I have kept 2 emails about publishing.  However, when I clicked on it, it lead me to this kind of spam search engine site.

May 25 Duets: So back in March, one of my favorite singers Robin Thicke guest-starred on The Voice.  He did a little coaching to one of the contestants.  He was only on for a min. 

Yesterday I was checking what's on TV, and there's a new singing reality show called Duets.  Robin Thicke is one of the judges.  I was so excited.  The other judges are R&B singer John Legend, American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson, and country singer Jennifer Nettles.  The contestant who wins gets to have a record contract and record a song with one of their judges. 

Now I have to watch this show.  Well I'll watch it for Robin Thicke, and then I'll be on the computer when he isn't on.  I'll have the TV in the background.

Short films: I have one producer tell me she is looking for a new project.  She told me I could write a spec script that may or may not be produced about this subject matter.  I did a little research on it, but I couldn't really think of anything.  It's kind of a mystical topic.

Last week I was watching 20/20 on CHCH, and then afterwards they show Cinema Clips.  It's short films.  I have written about some that I have seen from there before on this email/ blog. 

The Sick Sense: I then looked up The Sick Sense on Youtube and found it.  I mentioned it before about how Patch Adams from Patch Adams and Bruce Willis's character from The Sixth Sense team up together.  It's kind of funny.  I saw this the first time way back in 2001 on Hypnotic 

I totally remember the beginning where Patch Adams says: "I see sick people."

May 26 Writer Apps: Maybe it's the law of attraction, but I randomly clicked on an article that was in one of my email folders that I was wanted to read.  It was an article about writing.

Hazel Taylor sent this to me on my blog.  The article is "8 Apps Every Writer Should Have."  There's an app called ScriptWrite which helps format scripts.  It's kind of like the other program First Draft, but the ScriptWrite is cheaper.

Story Tracker keeps track of all your submissions that you sent out.  I do that the old- fashioned way by writing it down on paper.

Book review: Maybe it was also the law of attraction, but I was shuffling through my pile of newspaper articles and I found this "Huckleberry Finn as a sex offender."  It's a National Post book review by Donna Baily Nurse.  She reviewed Lost Memory of Skin by Russel Banks.

An excerpt from the review.  It's about the character called the Kid who goes to meet a 14 yr old girl online in her home: "She is just 14, but he tells himself that she is probably more sexually experienced than he is.  He never finds out, of course.  He is gleefully ambushed by her father in the kitchen before a SWAT team takes him down.  It is pathetic and ludicrous scene familiar from reality TV."

The review never says Dateline: To Catch a Predator, but I immediately thought that.  It's the law of attraction that I was looking up that TV show and then I find this article.

May 27 Lit Fest: I found this brochure on my desk.  It's about the Lit Fest in  Alberta that seems to happen every October.  The brochure is from 2010.  I think Marty Chan gave it to me.  It was probably when I met him when he was the Writer in Residence at the Edmonton Public Library. 

You can meet and see all these authors talk about writing.  However, the tickets do cost money for certain events.  There is an all-week pass.  If you want more info:

I see that the screenwriter/ screenwriting teacher at Grant MacEwan Geo Takach is going to be there.  I spoke with him back in 2007 to get help and learn about screenwriting.  Here's some info on him:

Terri Wynnyk: I found this old Job Classified article on my desk.  It's from Apr. 2007.  Terri Wynnyk is a Edmonton- based filmmaker.  Here's an interview with her talking about her film Playing it Safe.  It's about harm reduction of HIV in Edmonton.

National Film Board: I have applied there once a few years ago.  I also sent my resume to them last month.  I was thinking about them because of the above article was on their website.  There are a lot of short films on their site, so you can check it out:

May 28 Characters: I was thinking about my Rain script and now I'm comparing it to A Walk to Remember.  I remember a long time ago (like 2001?) I saw the trashy reality show called The 5th Wheel and it said: "There's a difference between being a bad boy and being a jerk."

In AWTR, the character Landon is a jerk.  In the beginning of the movie, he gets into some legal problems and then is punished.  He has to be a janitor, tutor kids in school, and be part of the school play.  Landon knows the good church girl Jamie and they don't like each other.  He then falls in love with her and changes for the better.  Jamie doesn't try to change him, he just does for her. 

The Writer in Residence had read my Garret script and said: "If these two fall in love, they have to transform one another."  Landon transforms in the romantic drama AWTR.

My Rain script is an action/ crime/ drama which is not romantic at all.  The character Damon is bad and is way harder and aggressive.  Rain doesn't try to change him.  He just changes.  Now I'm thinking that Damon should be the lead character and Rain is the side kick.

This is what happened to The Vertex Fighter script.  The lead was supposed to be a girl, then I got writer's block so I switched it to a guy and got way more.

May 30 The Listener: Tonight is The Listener season 3 premiere on CTV.  Check it out on your local listings.  The ep is called "The Bank Job."

Monday, May 28, 2012

job interview/ job articles/ entrepreneur

May 23 Job interview: Today was my day off and I went to a job interview.  It was for an office position.  I had to take 2 buses to get there.  I kind of dreaded going to it because it was far away, and it was cold and rainy today.

I did go to it because I didn't want to put obstacles in front of myself.  I have emailed my resume and applied to that place multiple times before.  It wouldn't hurt if I went there and I could gain a job.  Or at least more job interview experience.  I feel good that I went to the interview because I learned more about the company.

The woman I talked to asked me good questions like: "What do you look for when you apply for a job?"  She also asked if I have ever been asked to leave a job.  I guess it's to see how honest you are and if you are a good worker.  I told her about being laid off from 3 places.

The interview was okay.  Now that I know the shifts, I then went home and looked up the bus schedules.  The buses work fine.  I can work here on the weekdays and the restaurant on the weekends.

Inn: It's like that job interview I did at the inn a couple of weeks ago.  I applied there multiple times.  I did the interview and then I learned it wasn't really for me once I learned how the place was run.  The way they ran it was fine, just not for me.

Telemarketer: I was thinking about that telemarketer job again.  The boss was nice and she asked me: "How do you feel about the job?"  She asked that each day I worked there.  I have worked at a lot of places, and nobody really asked me "How do you feel?"  They might ask "So what do you think of the job?"

Job articles: I got these from Job Boom newsletter:

"Business behavior: 10 Commandments of Business Behavior" is a fast and easy read.  Get names right, and if you don't know the answer that's okay.  What's not okay is if you don't even bother looking for the right answer.

College degrees: Now here's a really good article: "What's a college degree worth?"  This is so informative because it has all these stats:

Q: What's your advice to students who are trying to pick a major?
A: If you become a petroleum engineer, you'll earn $90,000 out of college. If you become social worker, you will make $35,000. The differences are huge. The question is, what are you prepared for and what do you want to do? What are your interests? What are your abilities?

Q: Are there other keys to financial success?
A: Professionals like engineers, scientists and even financial types tend to have two careers. First, they have a technical career - they are a chemist, engineer, biologist, bank analyst. But then they have a second career as a manager.

If you work in a job that's more technical, the odds that you will become a manager are much higher than if you become a schoolteacher. I can tell you, it's good to be the boss. You make a lot more money when you are in charge.

Economy: Here is some news of the economy.  There is a 14.7% unemployment rate for 15-24 yrs old.  That's harsh for the summer job market.

Business dining: Here's an article "Business Dining: Dos and don'ts."  I read it in 24 before, but it's still good tips.

May 24 Job search tip: My career counselor was right about how if I go to popular job sites like Job Bank and Kijiji, there is going to be lots of competition.  That's because everybody goes to those sites and apply to them.  When I do interviews that I find from those sites, the interviewers always say there are lots of applicants.

I was at the telemarketer job and the boss said she put her ad on one of those sites and she got a lot of responses.

May 25 Job rant: I've been thinking about this for a long time.  It has finally taken a toll on me.  I need to write about it so I can get over it and move on.  Have you heard of the saying "Insanity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results"?

I think I heard this on Angel and Faith guest-starred.  I probably heard it on Dr. Phil too.  Last month my sister said that to me about my job search.  I had thought of that saying about my job search before my sister said that.  I looked for an office assistant job for the entire year of 2011.  I was only working part-time at the restaurant and in the afternoons when I got home, I looked for an office job on the internet.

I applied to several places like send 100 resumes a month, read the business section of the newspaper everyday, reading job articles.  I go to at least 1 interview a month.  Maximum of 9 interviews a month.  I was very focused and time-conscious of my free time to devote to getting an office job.

You may even count 2010, but I was mainly looking more for a regular job like at a restaurant, and then an office assistant job.

Lessons: A lesson I learned in high school was this: "In my case, I have to work hard and study more so I can barely pass and be average."  To pass math, I had to attend every class, and to have my sister tutor me and help me with my homework every night.  I have to go to my math tutor once a week so I can barely pass. 

In 2006, when I got laid off from Call Centre #1, it took me 9 days to get a job at that office supply store.  In 2010, when I got laid off from the Soup place, it took me 8 months to get my restaurant job that I have now.  If you go to my blog, you can read how I struggled and was passing out 100 resumes a month.  I worked so hard just to get a regular job.

Resume: In 2008, my friend Angela took a look at my resume and she made it look really good.  My resume looked kind of repetitive, so she put the same experience into one job title. 

This year my friends Jessica and Michelle looked at it and gave me tips.  I also took a look at Jessica's resume.  Thanks for your help.

Job tips: To all my friends: If I'm going the wrong path, tell me.  It's like that time in 2008 when I went to that staffing agency.  I was there for a couple of weeks doing interviews and mentioned it in my email/ blog.  Then I told my parents and they told me to stay away from staffing agencies because they make money off of you.  Go to the company directly and get a job there than through a staffing agency.

I sent another email telling people to stay away from staffing agencies, and a couple of my friends told me that they knew those weren't good.  If they're not good, how come you didn't tell me?  Well my friend Cham told me she was going to a staffing agency and I told her to not go there.  If she listens to me, that's good.

Entrepreneur: If my friends or anybody is going the wrong path and is going to make a bad decision, I would tell them.  Here's a hypothetical conversation:

Person: I want to open my own store, like a video store.
Me: Don't open a video store.  Nobody rents anymore because they're on Netflix.  Block Buster closed down and so is Rogers Video.
Person: Then I'll open a book store.
Me: Nobody buys books anymore.  They all get Kindles.

Person: Then I'll open a computer store that sells laptops.
Me: Nobody buys laptops, they all buy iPads.

Methods: Back in 2010, I saw a psychic who told me that I over analyze and think too much.  So I do change my actions.  I think about something for a bit before I do it.  Then I do it.  Then I analyze and write about it.

For example with my job search:

1. Read the job ad.  Think about it by seeing where the location is on Google Maps.  Do I qualify for it?  Am I interested in it?
2. Apply for the job.  If I get an interview, I research and prepare for it.
3. Do the interview.
4. Write and analyze the interview in my weekly email/ blog.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where "insulting the president" means a decade in jail

Student activist in Iran Behareh Hedayat needs your help

Join Now

I got this from Amnesty International: 

Dear Tracy,

Behareh Hedayat -- a student activist in Iran -- is serving 10 years in prison on charges including "insulting the President."

Her insult?

In a speech, she said, "Organizing a protest means being beaten, being arrested, being disrespected, being tortured for confessing to false things, being in solitary confinement, being expelled from university."

On December 31, 2009, she was arrested and sentenced simply for advocating for greater freedom in Iran. There are reports of her ill-treatment and medical neglect.

Until she is free, Amnesty will fight for her release. You can help by joining our global grassroots movement.

We know her release is possible. Our movement has helped young reformers many times before.

Fellow Iranian student activist Ahmad Batebi was sentenced to death in 1999 when a photo of him holding a bloody t-shirt worn by an injured student protestor appeared on the cover of the Economist. After nearly a decade, of persistent activism on his behalf by Amnesty members, he was granted a medical furlough, during which he escaped jail and fled Iran. With Amnesty's support, he was granted asylum in the United States.

To mark Amnesty's 51st birthday on May 28, we plan to recruit 1,500 new supporters who can help keep urgent pressure on governments like Iran by:

Mobilizing protests that raise the profile of specific cases of concern.
Empowering activists to put pressure on key leaders through creative tactics.
Participating in global efforts like Amnesty's Write for Rights initiative, the world’s largest annual human rights event.
Investigating human rights abuses through research missions to key countries.
We must not let the government of Iran hold the future of the Iranian people hostage. You believe in human rights. Take the next step. Join Amnesty International with a gift of support.

You can help us make 2012 the year that Behareh Hedayat walks out of prison a free woman.


Michael O'Reilly
Senior Campaign Director, Individuals at Risk
Amnesty International USA

Dateline/ comedy comparisons/ Ropes Quest

May 21 Dateline: Yesterday I was thinking about that South Park episode where Cartman had a "funny fuse."  He saw something so funny, that he didn't find anything funny afterwards.

Has that ever happened to you?  Like after you see or hear something so funny, you laugh so hard, you think: "Nothing will be as funny as this"?

It has happened to me when watching Dateline: To Catch a Predator in like 2007 or 2008.  I had written about it before. 

Cut to a predator coming into the backyard and Chris Hansen pops out with his folder.  Cut to shots of 3 different guys running away really fast.

Cut to me sitting in front of my computer.


Seriously, I was shouting the word "Ha" as I was watching it.  The entire house could hear me.  I have never laughed like this before.  I have burst out laughing before, but not like that.  I was probably laughing for 20 secs like that.

My little brother from the opposite side of the house ran downstairs.

P: Hey, what are you watching?
Me: Dateline: To Catch a Predator.

P looked confused.  I guess he was expecting something that was actually supposed to be funny like MADtv.

I did finally find the Youtube clip.  It took me about 5-10min to find it.  I do remember it was a backyard and it was in California.  The location was actually Petulama, California.  It wasn't shots of 3 guys running, it was 2 guys running. 

Now that I see it again years later, I don't really find it funny.  I was happy that I found the clip.  I had to keep clicking a bit and fast forwarding to find the shots of those guys running.  Go to the 2min mark and you will see it.

May 22 Sayings: In the clip, Chris Hansen says: "Like moths to a flame, potential sex predators can't stay away."

That's so weird that CH says "like moths to a flame."  I always think of the saying: "This show is like shooting fish in a barrel."  When I was 21 and watching this show, I always thought it was so easy to do a show like this.  Get the group Perverted Justice to pretend to be a 13 yr old girl online and get the transcript.  Then get Dateline: To Catch a Predator to find a house and set up hidden cameras in it and film it. 

Go get the police in on the sting.  Predator chats with the girl, goes to the house, comes out of the house and gets arrested with the police waiting right outside.

Business mind: Now I'm 26 and I have that business mind.  Now I think: "Working on this show is a team environment.  You have to be a team player.  You have 3 departments working together.  Each department is different from one another and they collaborate very well to one common goal of arresting sexual predators."

Well Dateline seems to be more about getting ratings.  Perverted Justice and police are about the law enforcement and making the city a safer place.  Dateline is making it a safer place by having this show and educating and entertaining people.

May 23 Comedy comparisons:

Doing something bad, and running away really fast: The above Dateline clip of those guys running away really fast.  I want to add it was done on The Simpsons where Homer goes to college and makes a prank phone call to the dean.

Cut to the Dean in his office and his phone rings.
Dean: Hello?
Homer: Hello Dean, you're a big stupid head.
Dean: Homer, is that you?

Dean looks out the window and Homer is standing at a payphone outside.
Homer screams and runs away really fast.

Getting scared about things that aren't supposed to be scary: Also from The Simpsons, where Homer gets kicked out of the house by Marge because he was telling his class about his marriage.  He moves into the tree house.

Bart and Milhouse are playing by pretending to be aliens and robots.  They climb to the tree house and look scared.

Homer: Oh, don't mind me boys.  Just washing my undies.  Oh, these stubborn grass stains.
Milhouse: Bart, I like to pretend I'm scared, not really be scared.


Ropes Quest: Last Sat. night, there was supposed to be a party at work.  My friend and I were the only ones who showed up.  There really should have been an RSVP.  My friend kept texting the manager who put up the poster on the pin board, but he didn't respond.  It's not until the next day, he said he left his phone at work.

The night wasn't a total bust, because the two of us then went to Ropes Quest.  It's at West Ed mall and it's been open for about a year.  It costs $9.95 to get in.  We had passes so we got in for free.  You are strapped on harnesses and then you go on this kind of jungle gym where you walk on rope ladders, or just ropes.  The low level is like 6 feet above the ground.  The 2nd level is like 12 feet.  The 3rd level is like 20 feet high. 

We went on all 3 levels.  It was kind of fun.  It was a good work out.  I was sweating after 20min.  We were there for about 30min.  I recommend you go there, if you're not too afraid of heights.  You are strapped in tight, so you're safe.

West Ed mall: Then we went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond.  There were really good paintings there.  One was this holographic one.  At one angle, the picture of the yard looks like it's in the spring.  You walk by it, and it turns from autumn to winter.

Then we went to the store Editions that sells paintings that costs thousands of dollars.  I feel like we were at a art museum.

I then went to PJ's Pet Store to look at some cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, fishes, and reptiles.  I feel like I'm at a zoo. 

Parrot joke: Here's one from Daily Silly: 

One day a man went to an auction. While there, he bid on a parrot. He really wanted this bird, so he got caught up in the bidding. He kept on bidding, but kept getting outbid, so he bid higher and higher and higher. Finally, after he bid way more than he intended, he won the bid - the parrot was his at last. As he was paying for the parrot, he said to the Auctioneer, "I sure hope this parrot can talk. I would hate to have paid this much for it, only to find out that he can't talk." "Don't worry," said the Auctioneer, "He can talk. Who do you think kept bidding against you?"

Me: I thought the punchline was predictable.  I figured it out mid-way into the joke.

Question joke: Here's another from Daily Silly:

What do a divorce in Alabama, a tornado in Kansas and a hurricane in Florida have in common? No matter what, somebody's fixin' to lose a trailer.

Me: I didn't predict that one.  I had to think what they all have in common.  The bad weather in the states were accurate. 

Gender joke: Here's one from Daily Silly:

I've never understood why women love cats. Cats are independent, they don't listen, they don't come in when you call, they like to stay out all night, and when they're home they like to be left alone and sleep. In other words, every quality that women hate in a man, they love in a cat.

Me: I predicted that there was going to be a comparison between cats and men.

May 24 Snarky: It's to add to Dateline.  I was reading some snarky Youtube comments on about those 2 guys running.  Looks like it's not just me who found that part funny.

mauricej007: i love the two roadrunners at the beginning hahahha

Mufasa7270: They scurry like roaches when the light is turned on when Chris Hansen comes around the corner!!!  LMAO!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

music video/ occupation stories/ The Listener

May 11 Music video: This is an old music video from 2005.  It's called "Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance.  I really like the song and video because it had a real cinematic feel to it.  It's where the band performs at a dance during World War II. 

The band is also shown at the bar having fun.  The band also play soldiers on the battlefield of a beach.  It's very much like the opening scene in Saving Private Ryan.  One of the members Mikey gets shot, and Gerald is screaming to get to him.

I really like 1min 30 sec part where the dance floor turns into the war zone.  It's an emotional and powerful video.  By watching the video, I would have thought this was shot for a movie.

May 14 The Vertex Fighter: The things you find on this desk.  I found a note where I wrote: "Get Giles Panton in The Fighter."  I think I wrote this back in Jan. 2012.  A producer told me that I need to get GP to write down that he is interested in being in it.

Take Down Entertainment: I also found this in my notes.  I also think I wrote this in Jan. 2012.  It turns out I wrote about this in Oct. 2011 on my blog.  I forgot about it.  If you like MMA, you'll like this site:

From the site:

"...we aggregate MMA fights and content from fight promoters, fighters and online publishers, package and distribute it to broadcasters and digital media, develop and license home entertainment and merchandise, sell ad opportunities to brands and sponsors, and market all of it to a global audience of fans."

Frost Fire magazine: I was going through my notes and found "Go to Frost Fire website.  Get published there."  This is a free and good Edmonton magazine I picked up in 2007 when I was in college.  I looked for it on the internet and I only found a writer for it on Myspace.  The post was in 2007:

I tried to email them, but the email address doesn't work.  I Googled "Frost Fire magazine Edmonton" and I got a Alberta website magazine.  It's pretty safe to say, this magazine doesn't exist anymore.

Twitter: Another note said: "Set Twitter account for The Vertex Fighter."  I have a blog on blogger about it.  I just set up a Twitter account a few weeks back, and I haven't really used it.

May 15 Nicholas Sparks: It must be the law of attraction.  I was going through my old newspaper clippings and reading writer interviews so I could file it in my manila envelope that's full of it.  I found a 2010 Metro article of Nicholas Sparks.  He wrote the book The Notebook and Dear John that was turned into movies.

He says he doesn't have a Twitter account.  I then check today and he does have one now:!/sparksnicholas

Here's his official website:

I only saw the movie A Walk to Remember and loved it when I was 18 yrs old.  I still have the dvd.

Fibres of Life: I found this on my desk.  It sells bags, accessories, kids and babies things.  It's fair trade handicrafts.  You can design your own shoulder bag.  They donate 1% of what you pay to fight child labor.

May 21 Writer's inspiration: For the past month I've been going through all these newspaper articles I started clipping since 2009.  I have then read through them and highlighted the best parts.  I have organized them by putting them in a manila envelope. 

I have one manila envelope about writer's inspiration.  It has all the articles about writer interviews, author interviews, TV writers/ producers interviews, book reviews, TV reviews, blogs, and filmmakers. 

Occupation stories: This is also from 20/20's episode on Apr. 27, 2012.

Mail delivery: It talked about the delivery men like FedEx.  There were videos where they throw boxes and don't take care of the packages.  It's on Youtube.

One delivery guy threw a box with a computer monitor over the gate.  The sad part was that the person was in the home, and he had the door open for the delivery guy to hand over to him.  The worker was removed from that route.

One worker worked for a year and a half at US postal.  He dissed the company on his blog, and was fired.  What were you expecting when you diss your company?

One worker was stealing $40,000 worth of computers and jewelry.  It was then sold on Ebay.  He got arrested.

A worker said that he has a quota that has to be filled and will cut corners like throw boxes when delivering them.

Human resources manager: 20/20 showed this clip from the movie You, Me, and Dupree about a really poor job interview.  Dupree (Owen Wilson) does a interview where he asks if he has to work on Columbus day.  The boss said yes, and Dupree doesn't like that so he doesn't want the job anymore.  Which is stupid.

They talked to this woman who's a HR manager.  A confession was that there was a job interviewer who puts a picture of 2 kids.  If they women job candidates sees the pic and starts talking about their own kids, they won't hire you because you have kids. 

There are things like "Lay off lists" of people who are going to get laid off. 

Here's a tip about vacation time.  If you take a vacation, don't take it 2 weeks at a time.  Make it a few days to a week.

One woman was fired from a CITI bank.  On 20/20, I head it as Lauren Gonzalez for dressing too sexy.  I thought she was good-looking and professional.  She was crying when she was talking to reporters.  I thought she looked fine.  HR said she was fired for poor performance. 

I then looked it up on Google and found: "Woman Says CITIbank Fired Her Because She's Too Hot."  In the article, her name is Debrahlee Lorenzana.  It's been nearly a month since I saw the episode, but I think it's the same woman.  I must have gotten the name wrong.

Another tip was "Beware the new assignment."  You may be managed out by getting poor projects.  They showed a clip of the movie Office Space.

They talked to a woman who was fired because she got pregnant.  Prior to it, she never had problems at work.

The HR woman that the show talked to, she had quit her high-paying job because of the deception.  She is now like a career counselor helping people advance in their careers.

May 23 Tips: I found this article that if you're a waitress, wear red lipstick and you'll get more tips.  I sent it to one of my co-workers.

May 24 The Listener: I found this article on Yahoo.  It's about the TV show The Listener.  It's coming back on Wed. May 30 for it's 3rd season.  You should totally watch it.  I already put it up on Facebook.

Tonight another summer series comes on, and it's the Canadian shot show Rookie Blue.  Check it out on Global.  It's a good cop drama, but lighter.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Posting to Facebook sent him to jail

 I got this from Amnesty International:

Dear Tracy,

Tural Abbasli, a political activist, postgraduate journalism student, and blogger in Azerbaijan, used Facebook to peacefully protest his country's government. He's now in prison.

In March of 2011, Tural was helping plan non-violent protests against human rights abuses by the government. He was arrested during the protest for "organizing public disorder" and while in custody, he was kicked and beaten with a baton.

Until he is free, Amnesty will fight for his release. Will you help by joining our global grassroots movement?

Emerging technologies -- like social media --create both new opportunities and new challenges for our fight for human rights. But Amnesty International will continue to harness new technologies to fight for free speech and expression, and we'll also continue to stand up to governments who attempt to use technology as a tool of repression.

Our powerful movement has freed courageous dissidents many times before.

A year ago this month, we helped free another outspoken journalist from Azerbaijan --Eynulla Fatullayev. Eynulla was released after serving over four years in prison for investigating his government's history of human rights abuses. Amnesty International organized our grassroots movement to apply pressure until his release on May 26, 2011.

To mark our 51st birthday on May 28, we plan to recruit 1,500 new supporters who can help Amnesty keep urgent pressure on governments like Azerbaijan by:

Investigating human rights abuses through research missions to key countries.
Empowering volunteers to put pressure on key leaders through creative tactics.
Mobilizing protests that raise the profile of specific cases of concern.
Participating in global efforts like Amnesty's Write for Rights initiative, the world’s largest annual human rights event.
But we are only as strong as our movement of supporters. I know you believe in fighting for human rights. Take the next step, and join Amnesty International with a gift of support.

You can help Tural Abbasli mark 2012 on his Facebook timeline as the year he got out of prison a free man.


Michael O'Reilly
Senior Campaign Director, Individuals at Risk
Amnesty International USA

creative thinking/ FAVA/ Meetup

May 16 Creative thinking: This is also from the job advice article by Julie Labrie.  The closing tip was: "Your search will require hard work, investigative research, and some creative thinking.  Stay optimistic, keep at it, and you will succeed."

I have never heard of creative thinking applied to a job search.  I will do that now.  I use my left brain for my job search, and my right brain for my writing to think up story ideas.  Now I will use some creative thinking when looking for jobs.

FAVA: Today I added FAVA as my friend on Facebook.  It stands for Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta.  On the site it says: It's a "not-for-profit, charitable society that exists to facilitate and support the creation and exhibition of independent film, video and media arts in Northern Alberta."

There are all these film making classes.  I want to be a TV writer, not a film maker.  However, there were tips from TV producers that I should make a short film.  It would then be my "calling card" and then you can see my writing and work.

I have now went through every page.  There are a few job postings, but it's more like someone needs some video to be converted onto discs.  You can rent gear to film your movie.

Flashback: I'm getting some flashbacks of when I was 15 yrs old and I was reading about film making.  However, I was putting the cart way before the horse, because I still had to finish 2 yrs of high school, and then do a year of upgrading.  High school was really hard so I had to really concentrate on that. 

I didn't get to go get a camera and start filming.  I did continue to write my scripts in school.

On the Lot: I also got a flashback of the reality TV show called On the Lot.  It's about: "16 aspiring filmmakers compete to become the next big Hollywood director and sign a development deal with DreamWorks."

I watched those short films they make, and then the 3 judges then critique.  It's really fun and creative to watch.  It was back in 2007 and there was only 1 season.

Alberta Health Services: In my notes I wrote "Alberta Health Services Secretary I."  I looked it up and most of these positions need an office assistant diploma, and 2 or 3 years of experience in a busy environment.  To get experience start off at a small clinic which I tried to get.

Meetup: Have you ever heard of Meet Up?  It's an online social networking site that creates offline group meetings.  I signed up for Edmonton Filmmaker's Alliance.  I also signed up for Edmonton Screenwriter's Meetup.

I found a note I wrote a few months ago.  My friend Angela told me to look up Edmonton book clubs and dance classes.  It was the time I told her I met Neil at the bus stop.  If you have an interest, you can go to Meetup and find other people who are into the same things as you.

I like reading and dancing, but I really want to get my script produced.  So I'm leaning to film making and screenwriting.  Here's the website:

Job sites: Also in my notes are these job sites: and

I have those on bookmarks with  There was one that wasn't bookmarked  There is  If you go to all those sites, they all look the same.

TV production assistant: I went to those above job sites and typed in "TV production assistant" and only got administrative assistant positions.  I'll have to look elsewhere.

STC Alberta: I found this brochure that I think I got back in 2008, when I was in college.  They're looking for technical writers and the location is in Calgary.  I went to the site and there are Edmonton positions, but they need 7-10 yrs of experience.

May 18 Schedule: Since I got this 2nd part-time job, I decided to get 2 days off at the restaurant.  I will work at the restaurant for about 24 hrs a week and the 2nd job will be 20 hrs a week.  That will be full-time 44hrs a week.

I usually work 30- something hrs at the restaurant.  If I keep it with 30hrs and 20 hrs combined, that will be 50hrs a week.  I will burn out.  Also my new job is Call Centre #7.  I will be sitting and it won't be physically challenging.

I will leave my restaurant to get to Call Centre #7, and will sleep and read on the bus.  Then I get to work and there will be time before work starts so I can do the same thing as I wait.

May 19 Telemarketer: You might as well disregard that last section, because I was dismissed.  I have to write about it so I can get over it.  I haven't worked in a call centre since 2010.  It's okay that I didn't last because it was only supposed to be temporary.  It was an average job. 

It was telemarketing so it was harder that calling people to do surveys.  It was a little easy because it wasn't cold calling. I'm calling people who have bought from us before.

I had told my friend about my new job.  She was interested.  Then I told her about I'm not working there anymore, and then she says she's not interested.

Performing: I was thinking about working at your job and performing.  I never thought about when you're working at a call centre, you're performing.  You're reading a script either on the computer or on paper. 

May 20 Call Centre #5: I was going through this newspaper, and I found a job ad for Call Centre #5.  I worked there for 2 days in 2010 to call people to donate to charity.  They have moved and have a different company name.  I think it's the same company because the job ad looks the same.

May 21 New direction: I feel like I'm losing focus and motivation in my new direction.  I have emailed all my office assistant resumes to TV production companies in Edmonton.  There are some I haven't because I have to take 3 buses to get there.  I got rejection, and a few interviews.  I met and talked with some producers.

Script pitch: Now I have reverted to pitching my The Vertex Fighter script again.  I have pitched to all these companies in 2008.  I saved it all in my drafts in my email account.  Now I'm going to pitch the script to them all over again. 

It's been 4 yrs.  They may have an opening for my project.  I have also done several rewrites and got lots of tips from producers and writers.  I also have MMA fighter Kit Cope attached to it.

The challenge is that I email the companies, but some people have left the company and don't work there anymore.  I have sent some emails and it says it can't send.  So I have to find an alternative email address or a website to contact them.

May 22 New strategy: The new strategy is this:  I look for an office job 5 days a week.  2 days a week, I look for a TV production company job, pitch my script, and write my script.

In 2011, it was like 7 days a week of looking for an office job.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Needs Your Help

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo Needs Your Help

Join Now

Dear Tracy,

As you read this, Chinese human rights defender Liu Xiaobo is wrongfully in jail.

Police seized the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize winner from his home in Beijing and detained him in 2008. He was subsequently sentenced to 11 years in prison because he wrote a proposal advocating peaceful political change in China.

He is currently incarcerated in Jinzhou prison. And until he is free, Amnesty will fight for his release.

We've fought this kind of battle before. And we've won. Throughout Amnesty's 50-year history, we have helped release thousands of prisoners of conscience. You can help us free one more. Join our grassroots movement today.

In our longstanding fight for human rights, we look to past success for strength and a reminder of what is possible.

An extraordinary milestone in our efforts to protect human rights defenders was the release of Aung San Suu Kyi in Myanmar in 2010. Recipient of the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize, Aung San Suu Kyi had spent nearly 15 of the preceding 21 years under detention and house arrest for supporting human rights and political freedom. Amnesty International applied relentless pressure until the military junta released her in November of 2010. It was a remarkable moment as Suu Kyi was sworn in as a member of the country's parliament earlier this month.

We know that --- despite all odds – it can be done. Will you help us?

To mark our 51st birthday on May 28, our goal is to recruit 1,500 new supporters who can help Amnesty put urgent pressure on repressive governments by:

Mobilizing protests that raise the profile of specific cases of concern.
Empowering volunteers to put pressure on key leaders through creative tactics.
Participating in global efforts like Amnesty's Write for Rights initiative, the world’s largest annual human rights event.
Investigating human rights abuses through research missions to key countries.
But we are only as strong as our members. Take the next step, and join Amnesty International with a gift of support.

You can help make 2012 the year that Liu Xiaobo walks out of prison a free man.


Michael O'Reilly
Senior Campaign Director, Individuals at Risk
Amnesty International USA

"Liu Xiaobo is not forgotten, we will work as diligently for his release as we have for that of our sister Aung San Suu Kyi."

- Jody Williams, Nobel Peace laureate

Amnesty International is a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Join now.

work joke/ adoptions jokes/ Hot Pants

May 12 Work joke: So today I was reading this book by the Alberta Human Resources and Employment.  It's called "Self-Employment: Is it for Me?" I think I got this book back in 2008 when I was in college.  I picked it up, but I didn't read it. 

I was reading it and it reminded me of The Simpsons where Homer makes his own computer company at home.  He meets Bill Gates, and his two henchmen wreck Homer's office.

Bill Gates: Well I didn't become a millionaire by writing checks you know.
He laughs at them.

May 16 Adoption jokes: I got this from Daily Silly: 

After many years of wondering why he didn't look like his younger sister or brother, Johnny finally got up the nerve to ask his mother if he was adopted.

"Yes, you were, Son," his mother said as she started to cry softly. "But it didn't work out, and they brought you back.

Me: There's like a twist to the joke.  You thought the mother adopted Johnny, but really she gave him away.  It was kind of a mean joke.  I like the other one I saw on Jay Leno.  It was him reading from Damn You Auto Correct.  Here's one:

Mom: I have to tell you something.
Mom: Your brother is adopted.
Daughter: What?  Why are you telling me this through text?  Call me.
Mom: I mean your brother got accepted into Yale.

Hot Pants: I was going through FAVA (Film and Video Arts Society of Alberta.)  It then reminded me of this funny short film called Hot Pants.  I saw it way back in 2001 on Hypnotic Films website.  I then found it on Youtube.  I showed this to my brother and sister way back then and they thought it was funny.  

It's about a guy named Ben and he goes on a date with this girl.  They go to a Mexican restaurant and let's just say, Ben ruins his pants.  He has to spend the rest of the date, hiding the fact that he ruined his pants.  There was a funny ending.  You should watch it.  It's 8 min long.

Happy video: I was looking for new projects a producer emailed me this.  It's called "Basic Needs- Extreme Happiness."  It's 3 min. long.  The first min., I was like "What's the point of this?"  It's some guy talking in some language I don't know and he's walking in the winter. 

It's where he finds bags of chips and candy and he starts cheering and acting happy.  He seems genuinely excited about this.  It was fun to watch.

Farmer joke: I got this from Daily Silly.  I thought it was kind of funny:

A motorist got his car stuck in the mud while on a drive through the country. A farmer happened to be by the side of the road and offered to pull him out for twenty dollars. "At that price, I would think you'd be busy day and night, pulling people out," said the motorist. "Oh, I can't at night," said the farmer. "That's when I haul water for this hole."

Dark joke: This is a dark joke from Daily Silly.  Kind of weird though:  

A guy is cutting down a tree with a chainsaw while his friend watches. Suddenly he slips and cuts his friend's head clean from off of his shoulders. They both work for the government so the guy reports the accident to his foreman.

The foreman says, "Well somebody's going to have to tell his wife."
The guy replies, "I feel a bit guilty so I'll go."
The guy turns up at the wife's house, but so she would know he wasn't some kind of sick hoaxer he takes the decapitated head with him. Holding the head by the hair behind his back he knocks on the door.
A woman opens the door. "Yes?"
"Excuse me," says the guy "Does your husband work for the Forestry Commission?"
"Yes," says the woman.
"Does he have black hair and a black beard?"
"And a scar down his left cheek?"
"Yes, that's him," says the woman.
"Well is this him?" says the guy, pulling the head from behind his back.
"No," says the woman.
"No?" says the guy, surprised.
"He's a lot taller than that."

Restaurant review: Last week I went out to dinner at Chinese restaurant at Sai Woo.  It's really good.  It's cheaper than Emperor's Palace.  I recommend Sai Woo.  When I was there, there were a lot of white people and one table with East Indian people. 

Urban Behavior: I did a little shopping after work and went into Urban Behavior.  They started selling perfume like 2 for $10.  I don't like buying perfume at those department stores for $100.

May 18 Light jokes: I got this from Daily Silly.  It's kind of funny.  It seems to be dissing Kentucky.

Why do folks in Kentucky go to R-rated movies in groups of 18 or more? Because they heard 17 and under aren't admitte
d.May 19: I got this from Daily Silly:

Single black female seeks companionship, ethnicity unimportant. I am a very good looking girl who LOVES to play. I love long walks in the woods, riding in your pick-up truck, hunting, camping, fishing trips, and cosy winter nights lying by the fire. Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hands. Rub me the right way and watch me respond. I'll be at the front door when you get home from work; wearing only what nature gave me. Kiss me and I'm yours. Call (404)875-6429 and ask for Daisy.

Over 15,000 men found themselves talking to the Atlanta Humane Society about an 8 week old black Labrador.

Me: That's a good joke because you thought it was a person the entire time.

Also from Daily Silly:

One day a father was driving with his five-year-old daughter, when he honked his car horn by mistake. "I did that by accident," he said. "I know that, Daddy," she replied. "How did you know that?" "Because you didn't holler at the other driver after you honked it."

Dumb joke: This is kind of dark, but dumb.  From Daily Silly:

Ida Mae passed away and Bubba called 911. The 911-operator told Bubba that she would send someone out right away. "Where do you live?" asked the operator. Bubba replied, "At the end of Eucalyptus Drive." The operator asked, "Can you spell that for me?" After a long pause, Bubba said, "How `bout I drag her over to Oak Street and you pick her up there?"