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Sunday, August 31, 2008

news/ funny/ disk

Aug. 30 News: Last night I was watching Dateline NBC. It talked about this child soldier escaped out of the army after 4yrs. He then goes to this place where child soldiers go to be rehabiliated. He then becomes friends with this other kid. They talked about their experiences about being child soldiers and realize that they have fought in the same battles in the same places at the same time. They may have shot and killed each other's friends.

They have become close friends for life. Awww...I see that they have these books with Unicef on them. I think all of you should donate at least $5 a month to Unicef because they help children in 3rd world countries. By watching this bit, it makes me appreciate my life more.

After that I watched 20/20. They talked to the filmmaker who made The Bridge Jumpers that came out in 2007. In 2004, he put all these cameras on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It caught 2 dozen people jumping off the bridge to commit suicide. He says that they are humans first, and filmmakers second. If they see someone who looks like he or she is about to jump, they call 911. There are also suicide police on the bridge and there are phones for crisis counseling on the bridge.

This bridge is the only place in the world where there are so many suicides. It was built in 1937 and since then, 2000 people have committed suicide there. They talked to a man who jumped off the bridge and survived. He had bipolar disorder. He jumped and "For a millisecond, I thought 'I will die in four seconds'." He didn't want to kill himself, then he was going head first and managed to jump in a sitting position. He broke 2 vertebraes and the coast guard people saved him in less than 30min.

He is campaigning to put something there to prevent people from jumping. There may be a steel metal underneath the bridge so they can't fall into the water. There was a young woman who climbed over the rails to jump. There was a tourist taking pictures and he ended up pulling her back over the rails to stop her. The suicide police came and took her away. Then later the woman came back again. The filmmakers recognized her and called 911 right away. They prevented her from committing suicide again.

Onto lighter stuff, 20/20 reported on that internet search engines keep tabs on everything you search. You can get rid of it by deleting your history. People look up illegal activities like how to build a bomb and murder someone and make it look like an accident. There are also searches on celebrities deaths like Steve Irwin and celeb sex tapes.

Job: I did a week at the bank. Well the other day I didn't do my lines because something was wrong with the computer and there was a same serial number. Parker told me to do it tomorrow. Yesterday my supervisor had to help me fix the whole thing. Then I delivered my work late after the stuff has been sent out. I didn't take my morning or afternoon breaks because I was so busy. I always make time for lunch.

The woman who interviewed me told me what is expected of me. She did tell me: "You're a bright girl. I know what you can do from the interview." That gave me some confidence.

Money: Here's something I learned today. I asked my dad if I wrote this check right. He asked where I got this check and I told him I got this from my credit card bill. He says if you use those checks that the credit card company gives you, they will charge you a lot of interest. Don't use checks from credit card companies. Go to the bank and ask for your own checks.

Funny: Guys, I may have relapsed. I was on youtube and was looking for Ciara's video "Promise." I wrote "Pro" and got prostitution as one of the searches. I then clicked on it out of curiousity. I then found this video about Johntv. It's about a guy who does vigilante work and films prostitutes and johns. Here is a clip where the guy catches a prostitute and a john having sex in a car on a church parking lot. The guy confronts them.

I then went to and on the front page, the vigilante guy was actually on Maury during those "Crazy things caught on Tape" episodes they do with Joey Greco and his Cheaters show. Now I must never watch Johntv, but if you guys are interested, go watch it.

This is a grey issue. In a way, I relapsed because this show is like Cops which I quit watching because it gets me too angry. In a way I didn't relapse because it's like Dateline: To Catch a Predator which is a news show and isn't trashy. What can I say? I like watching TV shows where they catch people doing bad things on tape and confronting them for it.

This is getting a flashback years ago where I didn't have an anger management problem. I was watching this show with Patrick. It was about female cops going undercover as prostitutes and they stand in front of a motel. When a car drives up to them, the cop tells the guy to go into this motel room. The guy goes in there, and the cops arrest him. There is always a guy that asks the undercover cop: "Are you a cop?" Of course she says no because she's undercover.

That reminds me of Dateline, someone asked the supposed 13yr old girl he's chatting online if she's a cop. Stupidity.

Well I wrote the above this morning. Now it's night time. I went to the Soup place for work. I told them that I will continue to work on Saturdays. I also got a free sandwich. Now I can have the best of both worlds. The money and respect from working at a bank and the free food and discount at the Soup place. After I got home, my mom asked if I'm tired from working 6 days a week, and I say no. That's because I'm young.

Newspaper: I read in the National Post, that people without higher education work 11 hours or more a day, about 21%. As for people with higher education it's 14%.

Yahoo news: I read that this 60 year old Winnipeg woman was driving and stopped at a red light. This carjacker opens her door and she starts pressing the horn. She then throws her coffee at him. He cuts her right thumb off and runs off. She got her thumb stitched back on. Her grandchildren calls her "Ninja Nanny." lol. That reminds me of an episode of Angel. Cordelia was with this girl who has telekinetic powers. These bad guys kidnap the girl and C throws her two cups of coffee at them.

That reminds me of my fight scenes where my characters throw drinks at the bad guys when he or she is fighting them.

Aug. 31 Motivation: I haven't been writing much. I haven't been motivated. My excuse is that last week I was busy with my new job. I worked 46hrs last week and will continue to do that for the following weeks if I manage to keep this job and the Soup place. Oh yeah, but I sure do make time to watch a couple of hours of TV at night like Big Brother.

Disk: I was thinking of that saying: "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." I've been wishing that my colorful Memorex 3.5 floppy disks would crap out on me and stop working so I can recycle them. 3 of those disks and 2 Polaroid disks stopped working. I got them back in 2001 and earlier. Then my Maxell disk stopped working. I got that one back in 2005 so I thought they would last longer.

That Maxell disk held my Fighter script. I emailed two production companies today. Fortunately I saved a copy of my script onto my Memorex disk and I have printed it out. I also have the pitch letter saved onto my email draft account. Sheesh, I only used that disk for my Short Fiction Forms class last year, and the script for this year.

Question: Do any of you guys use USB keys? If you do, have they ever stopped working? If yes, how long have you had that USB key?

Friday, August 29, 2008

motivation/ funny

Aug. 27 Motivation: I talked to John last night and he told me that I was lucky and it is a priveledge to work at a bank. Maybe when I get that paycheck and I see how much money I make, then I would appreciate it. On the first day I got some swag. I got a mug, a pin, a key chain, 2 pens that are worth $5 each, and this clip to put my scan card in. However, yesterday I was pulling on the clip, and then I broke it. Damn it, I then had to throw it out making garbage. The thing is, take good care of your stuff.

Today at work it was even better than yesterday. I am learning how to do this work and I'm understanding it. I did have to ask for a lot of help though. I also had a meeting today about diversity at the bank. I got 4 granola bars. I bumped into my classmate Shaleane at the Telus building today. We caught up.

Writing: This TV production company emailed me back 2 weeks after I pitched my script to them. He said he was out of town, but he will take a look and help me out.

Aug. 28 News: I went on the internet and read this headline and laughed.
Patrick: What?
Me: "David Duchovany in rehab for sex addiction."
It's funny because I didn't know you could go to rehab for that. I know that addiction exists. I hope he gets help. I'm also kind of laughing because it was so unexpected.

Routine: Since I started my job, my days are pretty much the same. I wake up at 7:50am, get ready for work. I leave at 8:17am and then take the bus to work. I pick up a Metro newspaper because I only get to glance at the Journal's front page at breakfast. I then have 15min before work starts and I read the paper. At 9am I start.

I work and take a 15min break in the morning. Take my lunch break at 12pm, come back at 12:30pm. Work and take another 15min break. Leave at 5pm. I go home and watch The Simpsons. Eat dinner with my family. Then I watch some more TV.

This is my fourth day at work, and it went better. Each day there is a couple of supervisors who visit me and ask how I am adjusting to the job.

Advice: I was thinking about what my friends Leslie and Ray said: "What do you want to do?" I don't always do what my parents tell me to do. I'm sure they would want me to go to university and study business like my siblings and most of my cousins except one (but she did go into university), but they know I'm not smart enough.

My parents believe that I could get a job at a bank. Or maybe they believe I have a chance to work at one. They want the best for me so they tell me to get a job where I can work at and live on my own. Working at a bank pays well and provides job security. It's also respectable.

Analyze: I was thinking about how last year, I got fired from Espresso Cafe after 3 days. I didn't want to admit to my parents that I got fired. I told them I quit the job just like with Wok Box so I could take the job at Winners. It is half- truth. If the cafe didn't fire me, I would have quit after 5 days to go to Winners anyway. Though one year later I did admit to it. No shame. Well it was the first time I got fired from a job before. It was for "Not showing enough enthusiam for it."

I then got fired from Xcetera after 3 weeks. I did admit that to my dad, however at the same time I cushioned it: "I got fired from Xcetera, but I now got a job at the Soup place."

Blog: I was reading my old blog entries since Apr. That was when I started putting my weekly emails up. I realized I write a lot about my job search, and job. Sure there are the movies, TV, music, and stuff about my life.

Disk: I also want to say, there is a good reason to have 3.5 floppy disks. Whenever I go to my school email account, I want to open a document that's part of the attachment. Then it doesn't open. I then have to save it onto a disk and then open the document there.

Funny: Right now my sister is watching Beverly Hills 90210.
Me: Too bad The OC didn't last as long.
S: That's because they kept introducing new characters and dropping them.
lol. BH lasted 10 years, and OC lasted 4 seasons.

Aug. 29: I was emailing my friend Chamnouer on Facebook. When I told her that I got a job at a bank she said: " omg how did u get that job? is it easy?"

Me: To put it in a nutshell, my parents told me to look for one in end of Apr. and I managed to get one. First I passed out a whole bunch of resumes as an objective "An administrative assistant" or a secretary to every bank in downtown. I also passed them to travel agencies.Then I went and also emailed my resumes to Human resources on bank websites. My mom's friend is a worker at TD and she was one of my references. I suggest you do what I do, put "administrative assistant" as the objective.

I went to an interview at TD and they said they are looking for someone dealing with mortgages and ask if I was interested since administrative assistant is different. I said yes, because I need to get my foot in the door. I can learn to pick it, that's what I figured. Then later I got hired. Then they said they want me to do data entry. I work in an office in downtown and my position is a teller. The key is to take notes and study them. Ask questions to your trainer and manager for help, that's what I do. After a few days, I started getting the basics. It's easy in some ways. I just have to learn how the office works.My tips:1. Pass out "administrative assistant" resumes to every bank in downtown or wherever you live. I applied to TD in City Centre, Capilano, and emailed my resume to HR there. Apply at Servus Credit Union, HSBC, Hong Kong Bank, Scotiabank,etc.
2. Say yes to any position they offer you.3. Work hard when you get the job and when you are searching. I worked at the Soup and Sandwich company in City Centre (a restaurant). I applied to banks in the morning, and worked at the soup place starting at 12pm.4. Be patient. I started passing out my resumes to offices and banks since Apr. and didn't get hired until Aug. 5. Continue working at your job and pass out your resumes during the off time and email your resumes when your at home.Well good luck. If I can get a bank job, I'm sure you can too. Also my friend Leslie works at an office, and she didn't really even graduate high school. I don't know if she has her GED yet. I should ask.I'm working at the soup place tomorrow at 12pm-6pm. I work there every Sat. now. So come and visit me if you can.I'll leave you with an inspirational saying: "The best way to create your future is to create it."

I mean "The best way to predict your future is to create it"

I turned on to MTV (I have satellite) and they were playing Colin Munroe's "Bloody Sunday" video. Then after that, they played Gnarl Barkley's video "Who's going to save my soul." Here's the link to the latter vid. It's so cool with the special effects, and yet funny in a bittersweet way. It's about a break up where the girl is dumping the guy.

Then the guy stabs himself with a butterknife, and pulls out his heart. They continue the conversation of what would happen after the breakup. The guy says: "I will then be passive aggressive to all my girlfriends and compare them to my false memory of you." This is a good video, check it out.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

movie/ job/ first day

Aug. 23 Movie: Last night I saw the movie City by the Sea. It stars Robert DeNiro as a police detective who learns that his son played by James Franco has turned into a criminal. RD has to protect his son who he hardly knows, and at the same time solve the case. It's an average movie. It isn't bad, but I personally didn't find it that interesting.

It does get better towards the end. I do like the final two scenes. It's about a father- son relationship. RD's dad wasn't that good to him, and he has to deal with that transgression.

Job: Today I worked from 12pm-6pm. I stayed an extra 20min to close. One girl didn't show up because she was sick, and another, I don't know. Stella and I were the only who were there after Don left because his shift was over.

I was watching Law and Order: SVU and I don't remember seeing it, so it must be one of the new ones I missed. As soon as I saw Bob Saget, I knew he was the guy who did it. I learned it from; the most well- known actor who appears on this show is often the guy who committed the crime.

In the ep, BS suspects his wife is cheating on him so he puts a chip in her shoulder to keep track of her. Later she ends up gettting sick because the needle in her arm to put the chip wasn't sterilized. She goes to the hospital. If you suspect your partner is cheating on you, hire a private detective to follow your partner around.

Review: Today I saw A Haunting. This ep was a little different. It is a man and his girlfriend moves into a haunted house. They later break up. The man's friend comes over to paint some rooms. She experiences some paranormal things like the couple did.

They call ghost hunters. They then experience and see a ghost man and a ghost boy. Later the guy moves out. Another twist is that the man who talks about his experiences, he doesn't show his face like all the other people who have paranormal experiences do.
Anyway, after I watch that I watch MADtv.

Music: I was checking my satellite TV channels and they play satellite radio. I found this song called "I want those flashing lights" by Colin Munroe. It's a remix of Kanye West's song "Flashing Lights." I found a live acoustic piano performance. It's really good, check it out. 2 and half min. into the performance, they start making it faster.

Here is CM's music video for the song:

Here is his myspace pg:

I don't know about you guys, but do you get al lot of credit card companies asking you to sign with them? There is this one credit card company that asks me to sign with them every few months. I always get a letter in the mail from them. I always recycle the envelope and shred the letter. I could do what I do with charities by sending a message that says: "Please don't send me anything in the mail anymore." However, I may need a second credit card so I don't write them anything.

Aug. 25 First day: It was my first day of work at TD. Somewhat interesting. I went on a tour with Ashleigh and Peter. We walked for 45min all over the building. I thought I saw Justin, the son of my managers at the Soup place. His hair and glasses from the back looks like him. Then I go to the 3rd floor, and later Justin appeared and I kind of waved at him.

The office will be moved to City Centre in a couple of months. The people there are nice. I get a 15min break in the morning, a 15 min break in the afternoon. I can take a 30 min lunch break. I could also get a 1hr lunch break, but I will have to stay 30min later. When I actually started working, I didn't like it. This guy Parker was training me. It was kind of complicated on what to press and what to stamp, the way things work. Then there was a little break.

P said he's quitting so he will go to school.
Me: So do you go to the U of A?
P: Yeah.
Me: Is your major business?
P: Yeah.
Me: 4th year?
P: Yeah. Wow, you are good.
lol. Then later I ask what specific major he is like operations and management. He says accounting.

I got home and my mom asked me about my first day. I told her I found the job boring. Then she gives me this lecture about how every job is boring and that I need this job to save enough money to buy my own place. If you rent your own place, the money is being drained out of you. If you buy your own place, the money won't be drained out of you. I learned this from Oprah. She had some financial planner on the show.

I do like the Soup place. My mom said I was stupid to keep working there. Well I'm only going to work there during the weekends. I must think about what those Yahoo articles have said about hating your job. Focus on your hobbies and life outside of work. I guess live for the weekends.

I was thinking about how Servus Credit Union would work. I should call them and ask what branch I would work at and what my duties are. My mom says if I can find a higher paying job, then I can quit. Well Kayle did tell me that Telus can pay up to $18/hr. I was actually at the Telus building for my lunch break. I bumped into Kayle and I found the escalators that reach to the office. I was there a few months ago at the Telus Plaza to pass my office resumes, but I only saw the food court and a Telus store. You have to walk further to the back of the building and that's where I saw the escalators.

News: I read on yahoo news that a teen girl aborted a suicide bombing and surrenders to the police. Good for her.

Aug. 26 Second day: Today was my second day on the job. It was better than yesterday. I finally got my login and password. It took about 30min to do that because I was on the phone. This East Indian guy from Toronto was helping me set it up and the computer was taking a long time to load.

Afterwards, Parker helped me with my work. I'm finally starting to understand what I'm doing. It's really about doing a whole bunch of the same data entry together. Watching, actually doing by pressing the buttons, and writing notes on a sticky note will get me to remember and learn. Yesterday we did a whole variety of processing checks. Today we did a pile of the same checks. Then after I was done with that, I did a whole pile of different checks.

I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. I am no longer serving the business people like I did when I was working at the City Centre mall. I am now one of the business people. I am also like the comic book characters Dilbert by Scott Adams and Cathy by Cathy Guisewite. As I was working, the term "Paper pusher" came to mind. I later asked Parker if he found meaning in his job.

P: What? No, it's very repetitive.
I have to find meaning in this job. There are a lot of people who need this bank. I am helping processing checks. It's useful.

Friday, August 22, 2008

movie/ fun/ job

Aug. 20 Movie: I saw The Bourne Ultimatum the other day. It was a good action flick. There is good consistency in all the films like the action, same characters, and the traveling. Patrick loves the movies and he even pointed out to me that Bourne uses the same Brazilian passport in this movie like he used in the first one. The mystery is solved and he remembers.

Great car chase and fight scenes. The dvd carries extras like how Matt Damon learned to drive in the car chase, and how he learned the fight sequences. I recommend you watch all the Bourne movies.

Job: Today I worked from 9am-4pm. I made a lot of bagels for the breakfast rush. Afterwards I then had to deal with lunch rush. After work I bumped into my old classmate Kayle. He told me he worked at HSBC as a teller, but quit after a month. He got paid $13/hr. He wasn't really good at the job because there were all these little things you had to do and he kept making mistakes.

He says he didn't put that job on his resume because he only worked there for a month. If he worked there for at least two months, then he will put that job on it.

Evan Dollard: Since Evan emailed me back on Facebook, I went to youtube to search some videos on him.

Here is an interview with him talking about how he was a competitor on American Gladiators before he became an elimanator. He is the male winner of season 1:

Here is Evan as a competitor:

Evan was also in a music video for the band The Lifeline. It's a really good ballad:

Here's something else I found on the internet:

"SPORTS: Rock Climbing, Water Skiing, Rollerblading, Eliminator Terminator
PROFESSION: Youth Athletic Instructor
Evan Dollard is a 25-year-old retail manager from Chicago, Illinois. Dollard is an avid rock climber and very much an outdoor enthusiast (he teaches rock climbing as a hobby). He lost his mom to brain cancer a few years ago and he is especially close with his father and brother."

"After finishing first in the Eliminator to win the competition, Evan said, 'I wanted this to be a special moment for my family, for my friends, for everyone watching at home, and especially for my mom. I love her. I was doing that for her'.”

Aww..... Here's a real good article and interivew with him:

My favorite quote of his was this (talking about his mother battling with cancer): "What was amazing about it, and why I wanted to honor her life, was that she never once complained about the situation. Taking a small beating and going through some grueling challenges in the gladiator arena is really nothing compared to what she went through to keep our family together."

Aug. 21 Writing: First off, this TV producer emailed me back showing interest in my script. I'm so happy, I had to email him back.

Fun: Today at work, I bumped into a celebrity! I was making sandwiches and I see this guy who looks like this actor on a TV show. I was like: "Think Tracy, what's that show called?"

Me: Hey, aren't you on the TV show Heartland?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: That's so cool. I forgot your name.
Guy: It's Nathaniel. I play Scott.

That was so cool. Then he later introduced me to his friend Tracy. lol. This reminds me of the time that my sister's co-worker Rosa and Rosa's friend Tim bumped into Eric Johnson, who plays Whitney from Smallville. EJ was at City Centre. EJ is from Edmonton, so that explains why he was there. Heartland is shot in Alberta, so that explains why Nathaniel Arcand is in Edmonton.

Heartland is about a family running a ranch and taking care of abused horses. It's a good show, and all of you should check it out.

Lesson: Last week a girl quit after one week. She found a better paying job. This week, this other woman quit after two weeks. She was ranting about how she didn't like this job. The managers need to hire new people now. Those two women who got hired last week were to replace me, and two other workers. This is like a revolving door of workers.

However, there are three workers here who have been for one year to two years. Ray has been for a year before she quit. Mark has been here for 3 months before he quit. I will be quitting after three months. The lesson is that not every job is going to be right for you. Winners was not right for me. Ipsos was right for me. Call centres have a high turnover, but that job was a good fit for me.

Aug. 22: Here is another lesson I learned: A job is easy to get. Finding a right job that you would like and am good it, can be hard.

Today I worked from 9am-6pm. I was only to work until 4pm, but they really needed me.

Stella: If you stay here for one hour, you get a cookie. If you stay here for two hours, you get two cookies.
Me: I'll stay here for two hours to get a free sandwich.
Stella: Okay.

News: I read on Yahoo news that an 85yr old woman picked up her gun as she was being robbed in her home, and pointed at the 17 yr old robber. She forced him to call 911 and the cops arrested him. I would say: "You go girl!" The proper phrase would be: "You go woman!"

In other news I got a new fridge. It's a bit taller and wider than my old one. I only got a new fridge because the old one stopped working and couldn't keep it cool. I'll give the Inglis fridge points that it lasted for at least 20yrs. It was here when I moved into the house when I was four. It's probably been here longer than 20yrs before I moved in.

I was watching 20/20 today, and it reported that in Memphis, Tennesee, a baby dies every 43hrs. Black babies die 3 times more likely than a white baby does. The mothers are often black and poor. They don't get prenatal care and live in ghetto neighborhoods. They interviewed this rich white woman helping a young poor black woman get through her pregnancy.

They interviewed doctors, like a black woman from the ghetto is now practicing medicine there and taking care of the babies and mothers.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

review/ book/ fun

Aug. 17 Review: Another Saturday night at home, which means another episode of A Haunting. Once again, it's about a family who moves into a haunted house. This time it's a single mom with her three-year-old son who moves in. Her sister lives close by. There are two ghosts. One in the basement and one in the attic. They call a paranormal researcher and later bless the house which often happens whenever someone moves into a haunted house.

The twist in this episode, is that the family who lived there before, moved out to another house in the same neighborhood. It turns out the dad had died of a drug overdose and is haunting the basement. The daughter goes over there and talks to the spirit and the dad leaves. However, the ghost in the attic is still there. Once again, the single mom and her son moves out at the end of the episode. I recognized that the basement in this episode, it was the same basement in the episode where the dad moves into a house with his three kids.

It's not a bad show, but it is repetitive. The show can't help that it's repetitive. The producers are looking for people who experienced the paranormal, and if they find people who experience it when they move into a haunted house, that's what they are going to report on.

Unlike the TV show Smallville, the writers can probably think of something else, but the show is really repetitive. I only watched the first season for my favorite actor Eric Johnson. Every episode is a freak- of- the- week (someone exposed to meteor rocks and develops powers), fawning over Lana, and a car accident.

Postsecret: I found a interesting secret: "I pose as a 14yr old gay boy on to report pedophiles who friend me." When I read that, I immediately thought: "Good. You're doing what the Perverted Justice team does for Dateline: To Catch a Predator." This person sounds like a vigilante.

Coincidence: I was reading my old blog entries/ weekly emails on my blog. Back in May, I went to the staffing agency Spherion and the woman said that she has a position at bank dealing with mortgages. The coincidence is that I got that same position at a bank on my own.

Dream: Last night I had this dream that the TV producer produced my script, but he casted all the wrong people in it. The lead actor was over 25, and not how I imagined he would look like at all. I wanted someone in his late- teens or early twenties. I told the producer that I didn't sign away all my rights and that I should have some say in who gets cast. I learned to not sign away all my rights in Legal Issues for Writers. Then I told the producer that I will ask my sister for help because she's in law school. lol.

Neil Haskell: He is a contestant on So You Think You Can Dance season 3. He got 3rd place. He's so cute. He looks like the actor Eric Johnson, but prettier. Here's a pic of him:

I was thinking about him today because I saw a bit of American Mall, and I thought I saw him. He was in it. I looked it up on the internet and found his myspace page too.

On Facebook, I asked my MacEwan friends what they are doing with their diplomas. One girl emailed back saying:

"Hey Tracy, I am going back for the applied degree. But, I have landed a job for the summer as an ERP Technician for H2Safety. ERP Stands for Emergency Response Plan-- A requirement of any oil or gas operation.For the ERP's I have updated phone lists, done some proofreading and copyediting, created forms, charts, and graphics (symbols to point readers to specific sections such as forms, web links, and specific thinks to take note of.) Although H2 Safety works for clients like Husky Oil and Encana, i am not rolling in the dough. However, it's been a good experience all round and I have learned loads about oil and gas and the opportunities there."

Book: I checked out this book from the library called Summer Intern by Carrie Karayov and Jill Kargman. It took me the whole day to read all 184 pages of this book. It's good. It's a young adult novel, chick lit. It's about a girl named Kira and she gets an internship at a fashion magazine. You can learn something from this book. It's to work hard and ask around if anyone needs your help and you will get great references. I was also reading the extras at the end of the book. The authors talked about their days of interning at fashion magazines and tips.

Here's another coincidence: I was watching The Smart Woman's Survival Guide today, and on the show was the author Camilla Gibb and she talked about her book called Sweetness in the Belly. Last year, the first year Professional Writing class read that and there was a writing contest on it too. I didn't enter. I entered in last year's writing contest for the Margaret Atwood book Oryx and Crake. I was busy with school and that's why I didn't enter the contest.

I know I sound defensive and I might as well throw in something else too: I watched an episode of Oprah last week. It was about money interventions. That's what you get for having four days off from work, you are bound to watch some daytime TV.

Summer Intern is not a total must- read book, but I did enjoy reading it. It's one of the few YA books that isn't about rich people. I also achieved my goal of reading one book a week. In this case, I read it one day. The only other book I read this summer was Pledged. Though I did read some of The Overachievers.

Aug. 18 Job: TD called and he said that I will start my job next Monday. It took me all summer to get an office job. It took me a few days to get the job at Xcetera. It took me one day to get the job at the Soup place. I guess the lesson is that it's easier to get a job in retail and restaurants, than an office job.

Aug. 19: Today the Soup place called me and said they needed help. The new girl they hired quit to get a better paying job. One girl was on vacation, and 2 other people had quit like I did. Last week I did call and said if they needed me, they could call me. I then worked from 10:30am- 6pm. It's good to make some money. Last week I had 4 days off in a row and worked Saturday. I had the past 2 days off in a row. I'll be working at the Soup place for the rest of the week.

News: I emailed the TV producer and asked if he read my script and this is what he said:

Hi Tracy

I read the your script this past weekend, and there are some good elements but I don't think it is a good fit for us at this time.

Please keep us in mind for future projects but check out our website to see what kind of projects we engage in.

Best of luck with your project

Looks like I got (fake cough in hand) rejected. Well at least I tried.

Fun: Well today started off with a good note. Here's a coincidence: Last night I was thinking about my old manager Sherri at Grand and Toy. I requested her to be my friend on Facebook, but she never confirmed it. I guess she forgot who I was since I only worked there for 3 weeks a couple of years ago.

I also thought about how this celebrity Evan Dollard. He is also known as Rocket on the TV show American Gladiators. I emailed him last week on Facebook asking him to be my friend and I wrote a message (paraphrased):

I love you on American Gladiators. You were trying to pull the police officer (competitor) down and you got ahead of him. You said: "Oh what? Are you going to pull me over for speeding?" lol.

Today he confirmed my friend request and wrote back:

ha.. thanks, tracy.. appreciate it ;) hope all is well.. take care :)


Great, now I can add Evan Dollard to my list of emails I got from celebrities: Kyle Riabko, George Nozuka, Matthew Gray Gubler, Ashley from the girl group PYT, Sarai Howard.

Friday, August 15, 2008

music/ writing/ lesson

Aug. 14 Music: I went to and Ciara has a new song called "Click." It's on the Sex and the City soundtrack. I like this song. It's very upbeat and makes me want to dance. You want to bounce to it.

Writing: Yesterday my dad was talking about what my MacEwan friends who graduated are doing. Well I know one is going to the business program at MacEwan. One is going to the University of Victoria to study philosophy. I don't know, maybe some are going to get the bachelor's degree and will be going to school this fall. I should really check on Facebook.

All morning I have been emailing and pitching my script to TV production companies. I had emailed some of them months ago, but I then email them again to see if they are looking for new material. Today I pitched my script to 12 companies.

I wrote the above hours ago. I have sent my pitch to 14 companies. One said they don't take unsolicited scripts, another said that they have signed onto 3 projects and will be busy for the next 4yrs. However, one company emailed back saying he will be busy for the next few days with meetings. He wants to read the script. I then sent it to him. Yay!

You put something out there, you're going to get something back. One company that I emailed months ago, I emailed again. They emailed saying they aren't looking for anything, but to come back again in a few months.

Movie: Today I borrowed the movie Transformers from the library. It was really good. Great action sequences, and it was funny. The only nitpick I have is that the last action scene was too long for me. I kept expecting it to end, but they continued fighting. I recommend you all watch it if you haven't already. The dvd didn't even have any extras like audio commentary or behind-the- scenes footage.

Job: Servus Credit Union called me today to set up that group interview for me to attend. I was to go to it last month, but instead I went to Calgary and got my learner's permit.

Magazines: I was thinking about that time I told you about how this magazine editor Christine Kelly was the last editor to be in the magazines Ellegirl, Sassy and the second to last editor YM, before all three of those magazines folded. My friend Sherri says: "Wow, her resume must look bad."

I disagree. For years, YM's only competitor was Seventeen. Then Cosmogirl and Ellegirl came. A lot of teens and tweens buy those magazines and fan magazines like J-14. They also buy women's magazines like Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire. There is also the internet to compete with them. I have the last year of YM's magazines (12 issues) that CK edited. It's not really bad. It's average, I give the writing a B. I blame the competition.

gets an A, and Cosmogirl gets a B. I do remember back in 2001, my sister bought this prom magazine and she let me read it. Prior to it, she says: "The pictures are great, but the writing is bad." She may have skewed my opinion, but I have to agree with her. The pics of the celebs were great, and fun to look at. I was cringing at the writing. It looks like the writers dashed it off. I will grade the writing a C-.

Aug. 15: The TV producer says he's going to read my script this weekend.

Tip: Yesterday I was watching The Smart Woman's Survival Guide, and one of the characters hire these movers. Later they stole all her stuff. The tip is to always check the mover's references before hiring them so they won't steal all your stuff. Or you can rent a U-Hual, and then get your friends and family to help you move.

Lesson: I must learn to stop beating myself up. In 2007, I made a goal to make more money than in 2006. I didn't achieve that goal because in 2006, I got to work for 8 months and in 2007, I got to work for 4 months. I even started my job search early and got a job in Apr., but still I didn't make that much money. I also kept job hopping last summer.

In other news, I also did way more writing today on a script. I also transferred documents onto other disks, renamed disks and documents. You know that saying: "Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it." I wish that my colorful Memorex disks that I got in 2002, will crap out on me so I can recycle them. I have too many 3.5 floppy disks, but I can't throw them away because I can still use them.

Through all the years that I had these disks, I know a green and two orange Memorex disks stopped working. Two Polaroid disks stopped working too.

Dream: Here's a weird dream last night. There are these military guys in this house and there are some girls. Morpheus from The Matrix was in there, and he got possessed by this demon. His head was then sitting on the bed. I tell a military guy to come over to see it. Then there was something about Hooters delivering food, which means a strip show. I then backed out of the room that it was occuring as the military guys gathered.

What does this mean? I didn't watch any TV last night that had any of those elements in my dream.

Olympics: So Canada hasn't won any medals in Olympics yet. Well at least Canada won Miss Universe a couple years back.

Charity: I was talking to John and he said that his grandma had donated thousands of dollars to charities. She has stopped now because she's running out of money. She said that she gets a rush out of donating so much money. I find that stupid because she doesn't really have a lot of money. Yeah well, at least she's donating money to charities instead of spending money on things that she doesn't use.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

news/ review/ movie

Aug. 10 News: The actor and comedian Bernie Mac has died at age 50 due to pneumonia. That's too bad; he was funny and talented.

Review: For the past few weeks, I have gotten into the TV show called A Haunting. It's about people experiencing the paranormal. They talk about it, and there are reenactments. My nitpick is that the last four episodes I saw are mainly families moving into a new house and learning that the place is haunted. It usually has these weird and scary occurances. They then call a priest in to do a blessing of the house and/or psychics and ghostbusters to go in there to rid the house of evil spirits. Ultimately the family ends up moving out of the house.

The first episode I saw was about a woman who found a picture of her boyfriend's brother who died in the Gulf war. She takes the picture and makes it larger and frames it to give to her boyfriend. The bf was not happy about it because the brother had gotten into a fight with the family before leaving to join the army. Later the brother's ghost was following the woman around.

She then goes to a psychic and the brother's ghost was a good guy, and he followed her because he liked her. However, there was another ghost that latched onto him because the second ghost was an enemy of the woman's in a past life. The psychic tells the brother's ghost to go to the light, then the second ghost wouldn't haunt the woman through the first ghost. Everything went well after that.

Though last night's episode was a little different. This man moves his 3 kids, Eliza, Elliot, and Eli to this house. In the first half of the ep, the family leaves. Then this other couple move in with their daughter Ashley. The husband was black, and the wife was white. The wife and daughter experience weird things, and the husband doesn't believe it at first until he sees a ghost. The man from the first family comes back to the home and warns the family about it.

They call a priest and he does a blessing. They call the psychic and she comes and searches the house. The wife is severely depressed, and the family moves out. The narrator then says another family with six kids move in. That family leaves within six months.

Postsecret: Someone sent this secret in: "I'm planning a small car accident. Enough to hurt me, but not enough to kill me. I want to see if you care enough to come to the hospital." Someone then emailed this: " My ex did this. I didn't go to the hospital. All it did was assure me that he was not the kind of person I could trust with my safety because he was willing to be that cavalier with his own."

Fun: Today I watching Stunt Stars. It's a good and fun show to watch about stunt doubles. They covered two women stunt doubles and what it's like working in the business. They are women, so they have more to prove. It was kind of inspiring to watch them. I write a lot of action scenes in my scripts, so this kind of gives me a feel of it.

Aug. 11: I am officially 23yrs old. Angela wished me a happy bday on Facebook, and so did the Facebook team. I still have to go to work today.

Job: Tomorrow TD Canada will call me. I realized that for me to get excited working at TD is that I must convince myself to hate the Soup place. Look forward to no longer having to clean washrooms, wash dishes, and take out the garbage at TD.

Coincidence: I was watching the Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog and there is a scene where Dr. Horrible is talking to the girl about jobs.

Girl: I've been fired from a few jobs.
Me: Me too. Ardene, and Espresso Cafe.
Girl: It's important to get your foot in the door.
Me: That's what my parents said when I got the job at TD.

Aug. 12 Writing: Yesterday I typed up a scene that I wrote about Corrine working for a corrupt company. That's a little progress.

Music: I'm listening to Kreesha Turner's new cd called "Passion." She's the 91.7 The Bounce singing contest winner. She has songs like "Don't call me baby" and "Bounce with me." I'm listening to it on itunes and she sounds good. Check her out.

Good: TD called and I went there at 4:30pm to fill out some papers. This other girl Ashleigh also got hired. I see a poster that asks: "Are you dressed for success?" Another poster advertising casual Mondays. I picked up my direct deposit form, and since it turns out I had to pay $2.60 for my transaction fees, because I was only to transact money 10 times a month. I signed up for something where I can get 25 transactions a month, and I don't have to pay anything. I also got my $2.60 back.

Another thing is that my dad put Microsoft Word on the old computer. He had it reformatted and didn't put it in. Now it's in so I can work on my scripts.

Aug. 13: TD also changed my position of dealing with mortgages to dealing with computers and data entry. That new position is works more for me. I called the Soup place and asked if they needed me since I don't start work until next week or the week after. He said no and to see me on Sat.

I think about what my friend Leslie said in an email to me: "Your resume looks like a Saturday at the mall :P." I know she meant it in a joking way. Now I can show you that with TD it doesn't look like a Saturday at the mall. Though I should ask what the position at TD is exactly called.

Another thing is that the City Centre "Where it's Art" called me today to set up an interview. I applied there a few months ago. There was a sign that said they were hiring, but the words "Full- time sales associates" and "Part- time sales associates" were crossed out and only leaves "Manager." I guess someone quit or got fired and they need sales associates. I asked how much they paid and she said: "Starting wage $8.50." I turned it down.

I still wanted to know how much it paid, so I can tell you guys if you are interested in looking for a job. I applied to that store multiple times. It's an average store that sells paintings and frames.

Today I studied Proofreading and Copyediting. The other day I bumped into my friend Daniel from Writing. He said he's in summer school taking Professional Prose. That was a really hard class for me. I felt kind of better because I'm not in summer school. It's harder because it goes by faster.

Movie: Last night I saw the movie Twists of Terror. It's three stories of horror. The first story, a couple gets a ride from a stranger on a highway because they were run off the road. The man is creepy. Then later he ties up the husband, the wife then gets away. It turns out the husband paid the man and this other guy to scare and later kill the wife. Then later it turns out the wife was the one who paid the man and woman to kill the husband. This movie is from 1996, and it looks really dated.

The second story is really scary for me. This man gets bitten by a dog and ends up in the hospital. He meets Dr. Roberts and this hot nurse. Later, he finds out the real Dr. Roberts is dead, and the guy who is pretending to be a dr. is mentally insane patient and so is the nurse. They then operate on him.

The third story isn't really scary. It shows how dated it is because this woman is looking for love and she watches videotapes of people talking about what they look for in a partner. These days it's the internet.

Friday, August 8, 2008

job/ movie/ charity

Aug. 2 Job: It's cool. My parents are finally happy and proud of me for getting a job. Look at the 14 jobs I had in the past 5yrs since I started working. They have never been proud of me. 6 of those jobs were from last summer. I've been working at restaurants, retail, call centres, and a teacher's assistant at my mom's job.

Aug. 3: Last summer I could have gotten that Stats Canada job, but I didn't. That test had these Math 30 questions on it. It's a good thing I didn't, because the staffing agency Spherion helped set that up for me, and the money would have gone to them. It's also a good thing I didn't get the ATCO job, because Manpower set that up for me. I knew my parents really wanted me to work for those 2 companies.

Here's a complaint: I thought you guys would be congratulating me, but no one did. That's fine, I got my parent's approval.

Aug. 4 Movie: Last night I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. It was on tv and it was 3hrs long. It's really good and I'm not a fan of chick flicks. I enjoyed it very much. It will make you laugh, and it will make you cry. I didn't cry though. I recommend you watch it if you have the time. The sequel will be out in a couple of days.

Review: I am reading The Overachievers: The Secret Lives of Driven Kids by Alexandra Robbins who wrote Pledged. I don't really like this book. It's not bad or anything, but I realize I am a sensitive person. By reading this book, I am getting anxious. Most of the people she follows are in high school, and this is American. I feel like I can't relate to it.

This book is about the kids applying for college and the competition is fierce with taking the SATs and AP classes. My experience to applying to college is nothing like that. Yeah, I experienced stress in applying, but nothing like these kids. I think I'll just skip to the end of the end of the book.

I returned the book to the library. This book was like Pledged. At the end of it, she discussed solutions. I then went to downtown and tried on a bunch of perfumes at the Bay. I looked around some clothing stores and then went home. This weekend I was to pull out all the stops and hand out my revised resumes to the stores, but I got hired at TD. This weekend I mainly chilled out.

Today Angela emailed back congratulating me on the new job. She also told me to thank the interviewer. I totally didn't think of that. He said he wasn't going to be in the office for the next week and that he will call me later, so I thought there was no point in thanking him. I then emailed him thanking him.

Aug. 5: Today was my day off. I then studied my old Proofreading and Copyediting material from last yr. I'm supposed to take it again next yr so I might as well get a 5 month headstart. Well I needed to calm my nerves down so that's why I'm studying it.

Shopping: Today I went to Kingsway mall and they are still under construction, but it is looking more put together. Grand and Toy, and Roots closed down.

Aug. 7 Good: Joshua won the So You Think You Can Dance season 4. That is so good, I was cheering for him. Twitch was 2nd place. I was so happy. J was poor when he was growing up and now he won $250 000. Yay!

Aug. 8 Charity: I found this self-addressed envelope to the Parkinson's Society. They must have asked me for money and I didn't donate to them. I then had to write a note telling them not to send me anything anymore. The only other charity I have been doing is that Jennifer Lopez cd I borrowed from the library wasn't working. I then put toothpaste on it and rubbed it with a Q-tip and then the cd played fine. As usual I go to and donate by clicking the button.

Funny: I also finally saw part 2 and 3 of Dr. Horrible Sing- along Blog. My sister downloaded it on itunes. I have now completed watching it. I recommend you watch it too, it's funny.

Friday, August 1, 2008

priorities/ movie/ good news

Jul. 30 Priorities: If I do get a job at a bank, I will have to put school first. The biggest priority is getting a college diploma. I got an email back from the program head and she said that I should finish the program this yr, or next. If I don't finish it in the next 5 yrs, I would have to reapply again.

My dad says I shouldn't mention that I will be going to school in Jan., because if I do, they won't hire me. I shouldn't tell the bank that, and get the job and work there for some months. When Jan. comes, ask if they can cut my hours. If they don't, I will quit, and get some retail job or go back to that Soup place.

Movie: Yesterday I finally saw the movie Never Back Down about mixed martial arts fighting. It's really good and fun to watch. I read bad reviews, but I really enjoyed it. If you like hot, shirtless guys fighting, you will enjoy this movie. lol. It was funny. The fight scenes are really good. It's not a high school movie, it's a fight movie. Sean Faris is the lead actor who plays the character Jake Tyler. I will say that Dijimon Hounsou (the black guy from Blood Diamond), he is the one who truly stands out in the film. His performance was really good.

I liked the part where there is the big fight at the end. The Emcee announces that Tyler will be fighting his enemy Ryan McCarthy. Then, wait.
Emcee: I'm sorry, it's supposed to by Taylor vs. McCarthy. I can't read.
lol. I might as well add that the summary of the movie said: "Mixed Marshall Arts." That is supposed to be martial, not Marshall. I can pick up proofreading after all. lol.

Progress: I made progress. I haven't been on youtube at all looking for Cheaters episodes. I watched a couple min. of Oprah yesterday. I haven't seen that show in a few months. When I was in Calgary earlier this month, I watched a bit of Tyra and The Young and the Restless. These are average daytime shows. They don't get me angry. I don't watch it very often, because it doesn't really interest me. I only watch these shows every 2 or 3 months.

Jul. 31 Hunt: Time to change the job search to the job hunt. I need a more aggressive word. I passed out my revised resume to ATB Financial and HSBC bank. I applied there 2 months ago. I also got paid today. I feel good that I am filling up my bank account.

Aug. 1 Good news: Hey guys, I think I got hired at TD Canada Trust. I got an email that said this:

"Hi Tracy,

I tried calling you earlier today and was informed that you are at work. I wanted to congratulate you for being a successful candidate for a vacancy within our organization. As I will be away from the office next week, I will attempt to contact you the week of August 11th. We can further discuss the position and next steps at that time. I look forward to speaking with you."

I don't know, I don't totally believe it. Maybe I will have to hear it, and actually sit in the desk and learn the job. I'm surprised; I thought I didn't get the job. We'll see how it goes if I am fit for the job. I'll get my negative thinking out: I may end up getting fired for being bad at it, or getting so depressed that no matter how much paxil I take I won't feel any better.

When I got the email, I wasn't even excited. Maybe a little bit. Now I have money and respect from my parents and sister. I guess my grandma's respect too. They respect me, but I know they don't think I'm really smart.

That was an hr and half ago when I wrote that. I broke the news to John, and he was really happy and excited for me. Then I told my dad, and in calm tone he said: "That's good." A few moments later he says: "That's very good." We talked and he said that it would be okay if I quit at the end of Dec. to go to school. He did add: "But think about where else are you going to find a better paying job than this?" True.

I told him about Leger: "After I worked there for 3 months, I hated it. Then I continued to work there for 2 more months until school started because I couldn't find a job that paid better than $9.50/hr. Talking about this job with my parents really let it sink in that I did get hired.

Another thing that was good was that my sister came upstairs as I was talking with dad.
Me: I got hired at TD Canada Trust, so I'm not stupid!
S: Shut up, I came upstairs to use the washroom.

After I had done that TD interview, dad and I were talking about getting an office job. Then S said I was stupid. Well I proved her wrong. Then again, S got this articling job at a law firm that pays well. S says she has achieved one of her life goals on her list. Well good for her.

When I told my mom, her eyebrows raised and her eyes lit up. She shook my hand and patted my shoulder. She was way more happy than my dad, or at least showed more happiness than my dad did. They then went and told me to work hard during the 3 month probation.