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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TV movie/ vamp joke/

Sept. 28 TV movie: I saw a mediocore TV movie called A Woman Hunted. It came out in 2003, but it looks late 90s. This woman Lainie (Alexandra Paul) is in rehab because she got addicted to pain killers. She was working at a hospital and everytime someone died, she became really depressed and that lead her to the pills.

She got clean, and her kids are in foster care until she has everything together. She gets a job by her friend at this TV show that interviews sport stars. Then she gets stuck on a road, and her cell phone doesn't work. The baseball star they interviewed earlier drives by and takes her to his house.

He then attempts to rape her, and she fights back. The phone rings, and she answers it, but the person hangs up. However, he does rape her and threatens to kill her. Then they are fighting, and then she goes and hits him, and he falls into the well. She freaks out, and then she goes back to her car. She is still a sympathetic character even though she kills a guy.

Then she goes and debates in her mind to go to the police or not. The rapist tells her that no one would believe her, and she did tell her guy friend about that happening to a friend of hers. Then, the social worker did tell her that she has to be totally clean or she won't see her kids again. Later she realizes she forgot her cell phone at his house.

She goes back there. She then finds her phone, and cleans up the house to get rid of all the evidence. Like she throws out her clothes that she wore there, by throwing it in a dumpster in the city. That's smart. People start looking for the sports guy Brewer. Then the police are on the case and find Lainie's earring.

The police ask L's 2 daughters if it belongs to their mom. The little one says yes, but the older kid was smart and said it isn't because it's too small. Then eventually L tells her guy friend about what she did. She goes and find's Brewer's ex- wife because B said he abused her. If she could get L on her side, people will believe she was raped and he was a bad guy.

She finds the woman after a lot of searching, and the ex- wife says she doesn't want to. Then the police find her, and they think she's reaching for her gun, but it's really a cell phone. The rifle is shot in the air, and then L is so scared, she gets out of the car. She tells the cop about what happened.

They pull out a body, and it's a woman! Not Brewer. Then they pull out 2 more bodies, and it's another woman and B. L gets off free because it was in self- defense and B murdered the other women. L then gets custody of her kids.

Actors: I was watching Heroes and I saw this actress Deanne Bray. It said so in the info when I pressed guide on my TV. Then I realized she is Sue Thomas from Sue Thomas: FB Eye. It's about a deaf woman who works for the FBI. It's good to see her. The other day, I was watching Dollhouse and I saw Alexis Denisof in it. He played Wesley on Buffy and Angel. It was funny to see him play a senator without a British accent.

Sept. 29 Annoyed: Yesterday Patrick told me that Malatest called. I decided to call them the next day because I wanted to watch Lie to Me and Heroes new episodes. Besides that, I was sending out my synopsis to a production company. I called Malatest today and they said that they were calling me all weekend and that I was to train today at 10am.

I told them I couldn't because I had to work. It's a good thing I did show up for work because two people weren't there anyway. I did reschedule training for another time. I then told my managers that I did get hired at Malatest.

The question is: "Are you putting obstacles in front of yourself?" Well this is another example of how my life revolves around TV that I would put off returning phone calls. Well I thought I could put it off, but from now on I will return calls promptly. I feel wary of Malatest because the last time they hired me and gave me one day of training, they went and hired someone else.

I guess I kind of expect that to happen. Maybe in a weird way, I inadvertently made myself lose the job. They may have gone and hired someone else right now. I have this loyalty to my job at the Soup place. I've been there for 15 months and I know about team work. In fact, Malatest asked me a question about team work.

Funny: I found this on Youtube. It's about this comedy show called The Smart Woman's Survival Guide. It discusses how to pronounce the character Lana's name:

Here's something unintentionally funny. I read the Metro and it said the new TV show The Beautiful Life has been cancelled after 2 eps. I laughed out loud at it. I thought: "Ha, ha! Take that Ashton Kutcher who produced it." I don't even hate AK, but I found it funny that the show ended so soon. I found this on Metro. Using this search engine saves the rainforest. It says:
With each search at Forestle you save 0.1 m² of rainforest for free.So far already 1,724,853.0 m² have been protected!

Sept. 30 Vamp joke: I was watching Conan O' Brien last night, and they did that joke again where Conan hires a vampire Cody to be his assistant.

Conan: So did you pick up my suit from the dry cleaners?
Cody: Yes, it's in your dressing room Mr. O' Brien.
Con: You seem sad. What's wrong?
Cod: Where's Bethany?
Con: She was our summer intern, so she went back to school.
Cod: I love Bethany. I can't live without her.

Cody runs out of there into the sunlight, and he burst into flames.
It says: "Cody Devearux 1569- Today."

Celeb news: I read that the 60's musician John Phillips has a daughter named Mackenzie Phillips. MP alleges that she had a sexual relationship with him when she was 18 on. She said it on Oprah. That reminds me that MP used to be on the old TV show called So Weird. It was on Family Channel about a girl named Fiona. F travels with her mom MP on the road, and they discover supernatural occurances.

Supernatural: I read in 24 yesterday about the Howard Johnson Hotel on 15540 Stony Plain road being haunted. There are rooms that go cold while everywhere else is warm. A woman Lorraine Wray was strangled there.

Horoscope: In Metro it said: "You will get the chance to move up in the world socially and professionally over the next few days. It may be a big way or it may be a small way."

Today I did call Malatest and they said they will get a few more people so I can do the training session with them.

SNL: I was watching Meghan Fox on Saturday Night Live. There was a sketch where she's talking to a mom.

Mom: You should do a movie where a guy and girl get together. Than he does something bad, but not so bad that he can't redeem himself. Then he and the girl will get back together.
MF: Yes, a romantic comedy.

Monday, September 28, 2009

fun/ writing/ Beau Mirchoff

Sept. 26 Fun: I took a big step today. After work, I went to Sorrentino's and talked with Justin for an hour. I bought Gelato there and tried it for the first time. It's ice cream so it's not too different. It's worth $2.31 there. It was funny.

As usual, there's soccer on the flat screen TV.

Me: Did you know that there is such thing as the Lingerie Soccer League?
J: No.
Me: I heard it on the radio, and the DJ says: "This is exactly as it sounds. Is there a perv row where you can throw loonies at them?"
J: It's in the US right?
Me: Yeah, one of teams is called the Dallas Desires. Are you going to show the Olympics here?
J: I don't know.

Me: So how old are you? 25?
J: No, I actually turned 24 last week.
Me: I'm 24 too. So you work at another job during the week right? Where? At a bank?
J: Yes.
Me: TD?
J: No, Scotiabank.

Me: I used to work at bank, for about a month. I wasn't good at it. Have you ever heard of the joke: "Do you work at a bank? Because you sure raised my interest!"
J (laughs): No, I have not heard of that one.

I learned a lot about him. He's from Calgary, and he has a little brother which makes him the oldest in his family. He went to the University of Alberta to take business.

Me: Why didn't you go to U of C (Calgary)?
J: Because U of A is better.
Me: Oh c'mon, all my cousins in Calgary went to the university there and took business. Except one who took science, but still went to university. My big sister and my little brother took business at the U of A.
J: And you took writing so that makes you like the black sheep in the family?
Me: Yes, I guess. I'm not an overachiever.

I even pitched my script that I'm selling, to Justin. We talked about movies like how he likes Edward Norton, and Johnny Depp.

Me: I saw Watchmen.
J: I saw it, and liked it.
Me: It was too 18+ for me, like Sin City.
J: It was good.
Me: Have you seen The Spirit?
J: It was average. I liked the part where Samuel L. Jackson was punching this guy multiple times and you know it was a dummy.
J laughs.

He's pretty smart.

Me: Do you know where Bogata is?
J: The capital of Columbia?
Me: Yes. How did you know that?
J: My parents bought me a computer game that I played and it taught us the capitals. Oh yeah, "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?"
I laughed.

He even knew who Louis Riel was. I can't quite remember his answer, but it was correct.

J: Didn't he die or something?
Me: Yeah, he was hanged. I remember in college, the teacher asked us that and all 20 of us didn't know the answer. Then the teacher Scott said: "Yeah, well I'm sure all of you learned about him in Social Studies." I'm like: "Yeah, well it was a long time ago." The whole class laughs at me, I guess they thought I was joking around. Scott saw me and he knew that I wasn't joking around and he looked like he was trying to not laugh at me.

Sept. 27 Dance: I read that the America's Best Dance Crew 4 season winner is We Are Heroes. It's the first time an all- girl dance crew won. There are 5 girls so they can split that $100, 000 prize evenly.

Sept. 18 Writing: Today I woke up this morning and thought I should go and send out my script to the guy who asked for it a couple of weeks ago. I went home and printed out the submission form, and the 97 page script. I also printed out the email to refresh their memory. Then I read the email again, and it said they wanted the synopsis, and not the whole script.

I was like: "Damn it! I printed out 97 pages for nothing!" Well it could be my back up unless my 3.5 floppy disk craps out which has the latest draft of it. Anyway, I sent the submission form, synopsis, and email to them through snail mail. They need to see that I signed the submission form.

Why did I wait 2 weeks before I sent it out? Well I was waiting because there is this woman Diane who was reading it, and I thought I should hear her feedback before I go and send it to someone else. I remember way back in March, I sent the script out to two companies. If I only waited until one of them got back to me, and read the feedback, I would then have edited it and improved it. Then I could have sent the improved script to the 2nd company and they wouldn't have rejected me.

Well you never know. Anyway, I would have to wait until Diane to get back to me in mid October. I might as well go and send out my synopsis to someone who asked for it anyway.

Flashback: I got this flashback of the talent show when I was in gr.9. The drama/ LA/ Social studies teacher Mr. Mack was performing the Green Day song "Time of your Life" on his acoustic guitar. Then I remembered when I was in gr.11 there was the teacher Mr. Pryzwitt and he was playing his acoustic guitar and singing the same song in class. This time though a couple of smokers held up their lighters during the performance. lol.

Music: I borrowed the Black Eyed Peas cd "The END." I love their dance songs like "Rock that Body", "Imma Be", "Alive", "Ring a Ling." You should check it out. I'm not really a fan of them. In fact I was bored of their songs "Boom Boom Pow." The cd is good.

Vampires: I was watching Conan O' Brien.

C: You know vampires?
The audience cheers.
C: With all the popularity of Twilight, True Blood, and The Vampire Diaries, I got myself a vampire to be my assistant.
Cut to the vampire who is this hot guy and he's pale, with dark hair. He was wearing a vest without a shirt underneath. He's brooding.

C: Can you get me a coffee?
Vamp: Sure.
He stands there.
C: Well aren't you going to go get it? What's wrong?
Vamp: You wouldn't undersand. No one would.
Vamp runs out of the studio into the sunlight, and he bursts into flames.
The subtitle says: "1569- Today."
C: Well it looks like I'm not going to get my coffee.

Beau Mirchoff: I was watching Desperate Housewives last night, and then I saw this cute guy there. He's the new boy next door. I then looked him up and see that his name is Beau Mirchoff. I saw his picture of him on the TV show Heartland. I then totally remembered him. He was in the first season. It's been a couple of years since I seen him.

He was there for 6 eps. I noticed that he was cute, but he was competing with Ty (Graham Wardle) who is a series regular and is in every episode. He's from Seattle, but he then moved to Vancouver so that explains why he was on a Alberta TV show. All I can really remember was that he hooked up with the girl Ashley on the show.

Desperate Housewives: It looks pretty good in this new ep. There is a good line with Carl saying to Bree: "You would rather be good than happy." It looks like BM's character may have attacked Julie.

They showed next ep's promos with BM.

Mom: How does a fish get caught?
BM: By opening it's mouth.
That's some good dialogue.

Inspired: I read the headline of an article about The Cleveland Show. It's a spinoff from Family Guy. The headline says it's one of the few shows out there that have a minority character that anchors the show. The script I'm selling has a white guy as the lead, and an Asian girl as the sidekick. This time, I'm going with the Asian woman as the lead.

There are two shows I can think of that Asian woman as the lead. All- American Girl, a sitcom starring comedianne Margaret Cho. The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo starring Irene Ng. I never saw the first, but I did see the latter.

Back to Cleveland. I saw the pilot, and it was average. Kind of like American Dad and Family Guy since they're all from the same creator Seth MacFarlane. Cleveland is a likeable lead.

Friday, September 25, 2009

crazy news/ Flash Forward/ Down with Webster

Sept. 23 Crazy news: I was watching this on Yahoo. There are these parents walking out of a store, and there 6 yr old daughter is walking behind them by a few steps. Then a car backs out and goes over the girl. You would think she got hit, and hurt.

There was not a scratch on here because there was a pole that put the car up, so it won't fall on her. When I saw it, I was like: "Whoa!" It was kind of funny because no one got hurt. Anyway, the woman was driving had a suspended license for reckless driving.

News: They're closing York Hotel in Edmonton on Oct. 6. It's inner- city and the police are called over there 2-3 times more often than any other businesses around there. It's a good thing to shut this place down altogether.

King Kong: I saw the first hour of this movie like a year ago. Then I turned it off because Patrick needed to focus on studying. Then it was on Sunday, so I watched the remaining 3 hours of the movie. It was good with the action, cinematography, acting, and story. It had big names like Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, and Jack Black.

My nitpick was that it was too long. Also lack of dialogue, but you can't really talk to a gorilla, and a gorilla can't really talk.

Job: Today 2 people didn't show up for work, so I ended up doing the brunt of the work. Or one person is here, and then they have to leave early so I have to remain there to do the closing.

Bank: I picked up the catering trays from TD Bank. I used to work there, and then they moved to City Centre. If I was good at my job, I would have stayed there. I was finally able to check out the office. It looks good. I am reminded of the song "Come around again" by the indie band Sunrise Sundown.

It had the same lead singer from Nickel. Nickel was on the Buffy episode called "School Hard" way back in season 2. The lyric was: "I like to be reminded of things I can't have." Don't be sad. One bank job didn't work out. Maybe another one will come along.

Rant: I was reading 24, and I see that Christian Slater is on a new TV show called The Forgotten. His character name is Alex Donovan. I was like: "That's the same first and last name of one of my characters in the script that I'm selling!" Well I can always change the last name. It's a mild rant.

Here's another: My rant is that TV is too predictable. I remember a long time ago I was writing on about Secret Life of the American Teenager: "Of course Amy is going to keep the baby and raise it as her own. How else do you expect the show to keep going on for 12 years?"

Someone comes and says: "They could keep having secret weddings and making fake IDs of course." He was making fun of the most recent ep. I told this to my friend Angela when she dropped by my work and she said: "Yeah, like The Gilmore Girls and that show has been on for quite awhile."

I'll throw in the new sitcom Accidentally on Purpose. I was reading newspaper reviews and it's about a 40 yr old woman who gets pregnant by a one- night stand who is in his 20s. The reviewer said: "Of course she keeps the kid because it's network TV." Also how is abortion supposed to be funny? I'll throw in reading another review that said that in real life, women use birth control or abortion. So this show is unrealistic.

Sept. 24 Giles Panton: It's been neary 2 months, but Giles Panton finally emailed me back on Facebook. I pitched for him to be in my movie, and he said: "i'm still interested....have been very busy. think that it could be workshoped a bit more, but i like the idea. keep it up. :)."

Flash Forward: I was watching this new show about this global event. At 11am, everybody all over the world passed out for 2 min, 17 seconds. They all saw a glimpse of the future 6 months from now. What's cool is that John Cho, Harold from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is in it as a FBI agent. I missed the first 12 min, but I stayed and watched the rest.

JC plays Demitri Noh and when he blacked out, he didn't see anything. By all means he could be dead. I see promos that he is dating a African- American woman. Good for interracial dating. Also I remember way back in 2003 I was reading on Fametracker Forums about Asians in films. The Asian men are all celebite on film, but not in this promo. So that's good too.

It's really good. I saw the promos for the next eps. It looks like the lead character Mark (Joseph Fiennes) is working on a case. His daughter may end up missing, and his wife will cheat on him with another guy. It seems kind of like Lost with a lot of characters all there with this epic journey.

What was unintentionally funny was that the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane appeared as a FBI agent. I also saw Lee Thompson Young. He was on the old kids show called The Famous Jett Jackson. I thought the show was eh. Anyway, I was reminded he was on the short- lived show South Beach way back in 2006. It was produced by Jennifer Lopez. It only had 8 eps.

Quit: Look, I'm cutting down on TV. I haven't really been watching The Jay Leno show because it's prime time. I have to watch all the other shows like Criminal Minds and The Mentalist during that time slot.

The Vampire Diaries: I find that this show really inspires me. I don't necessarily want to write about vampires. I do really like the character Damon, the bad boy vampire played by Ian Somerhalder. He has some pretty good snarky lines. I should write a strong antagonist like that.

It's good to see Paul Wesley as the good vampire. I first saw him on the other short- lived supernatural show called Wolf Lake. He played a bad boy, and was a werewolf. Then he played Lex Luther's little brother on Smallville. Then I saw him on one ep of CSI: NY.

Down with Webster: I heard this band's song "Rich Girl" on the radio. I was kind of eh with it. Then during the commercial breaks of my show, I saw this video of the band Down with Webster and I thought the name was kind of interesting. Then I went on Youtube to look for the song called "Time to Win." It's a hard rock song with rap. Kind of reminded me of the band Limp Bizkit though I was never really a fan of them. I like the song title. It's a good song to dance to. It revs me up. I also thought the guy who sang the chorus was kind of cute. His name is Pat Gillet and he also plays guitar.

I found this video where they covered "Are you that Somebody?" by Aaliyah. I love that song. The original is a R&B track. DWW made it into more of a rock song. It's great. Check it out:

Funny news:
I found this on Yahoo. This 34- yr- old guy is drunk and he's on the football goal post and he is hanging on the pole. The police and security catch him when he slowly drops off. The audience cheers afterwards.

The police are on top of him and arrest him. lol.,191555

Sept. 25 Crazy day: I went to the doctor for a second opinion about this wart on my finger. He told me that I needed to freeze it once a week until it's gone. I have been freezing it, and then 3 weeks later I go back to get it done again. I need to do it more often to get rid of it.

I went to the T&T at Northgate with my grandma and bought groceries and ate lunch there. Then we went home and I had to do Maintenance Wizard on the computer, wash my apron, and get money for my buspass. I called the other dr. to set another appointment. Then I read in 24 and my horoscope was true: "Just a spoonful of action helps the medical issues feel less demanding."

I went to Chinatown and paid $6 to get a new battery for my watch. It's worked for the past 2 years since the last time I was there. It's a kid's watch I got from Sears in 1997. I only had to change the battery 3 times in a period of 12 years.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

lookalike/ Watchmen/ job interview

Sept. 20 Look alike: There is this girl Nicole who comes into the restaurant. She's been here a dozen times, it's not until recently I realized who she looked like.
Me: Do you know who you look like?
N: No, who?
Me: You know the girl group Danity Kane? You look like Aundrea.
N: I don't know. Is that a good thing?
Me: Yes.
N: And they're singers?
Me: Yeah. They have a song called "Damaged."

Today she came by, and she did some researching, and wasn't sure who I was talking about. I then wrote it down for her so she could look it up.

Writing: I'm working on a story. In the script I'm selling, the lead character is a guy and he has a talent, and the bad guy uses it. In this story, the lead character is a girl, and the bad guy uses her talent. Two different talents, but they are both illegal.

I was thinking about how a girl should have a secret past or a secret job and she has to hide it from people. What could it be? I thought of stripping and prostitution, but that is unoriginal.

I've seen this occur on The Young and the Restless. The girl Brittany is like a singer/ stripper and later her friend JT finds out.Then her dad finds out and disapproves. Then her boyfriend Raul finds out and he doesn't like it. That reminds me of Ed the Sock dissing Three Doors Down video "Let Me Go" which has the same storyline.

Ed: So this guy finds out his girlfriend is a stripper, and he acts like he isn't even happy about it. Oh, c'mon I would be.Well if the boyfriend is happy about it, then there is no conflict, which means no story.

I've also seen Confessions of a Go- Go Girl. It was a TV movie on the Women's Network, but I liked it. Sure, the lead character works at a strip club, and her boyfriend and dad showed up and saw her there.

Dad: I don't expect to see my daughter there.
Girl: Yeah well all those girls are someone else's daughter.

Watchmen: I rented the movie Watchmen yesterday. Interesting how I was talking about how I didn't like Sin City with my friend Dan because it was too 18+. This movie was kind of like that too. It was really dark and violent. My other nitpick is that this movie is way too long. It's like 3 hours long.

I like the special effects. I was impressed with that and the fight scenes. There were quite a few surprises in it. I won't spoil anything for you. It's also cool to see Patrick Wilson in it as the Night Owl. I've seen him before playing a bad guy in Hard Candy.

There is a lot of violence and death. I say both men and women get killed, and good and bad guys get killed. There was like no discrimination. The story was creative and it had a good ending.

DVD: I tried to rent Red Belt, but then I put the dvd in my playstation 2, and it said: "Unable to read disk." Then I used the old toothpaste on a q- tip trick. Put the toothpaste on the q- tip, and the rub it all around the disk. I saw that on the TV show Street Cents, and read that in Seventeen magazine.

I used that to fix a cd I got from the library. I then put the dvd back in, and it started playing the commercials and showed the dvd menu. But then when the movie was supposed to start playing, it says: "Unable to read disk." So I fixed a little bit of it. I then returned it on the same day and then rented Watchmen instead.

News: I was reading in Metro about how there is a couple that bragged that they shoplifted toys, and then sold them on Ebay so they could support themselves and three kids. They were then arrested. They were on the TV show Dr. Phil. That's only more proof that the show is crap, but at least they got arrested. The article says that they have gotten jobs now.

I told this to Patrick and he and I thought the same thing: stupid criminals. I found this on Yahoo. It's about a guy who robs a house, and then during it he checks his Facebook account. He then leaves without even logging out of his account. The victim then uses his photo, tells the cops, and through Facebook managed to track him down. Now he's arrested. Ha, ha!

Dream: I had a weird dream last night where I was watching a Maury show about abusive husbands. I have never dreamt of the show before, at least I don't remember. I haven't seen this show since summer 2008 when I relapsed and saw 3 min. of it because Joey Grecco was showing his clips from his TV show Cheaters.

I read in Metro that that world's population will go to 9 billion people by 2050. More than 90% of that will come from developing countries. That's because they don't have access to birth control.

Funny: I'm watching Gossip Girl right now and they're playing the song "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship feat. Leighton Meester. I thought that was funny, because LM is Blair on the TV show and they're playing it in her scene.

Saying: I found this in Metro: Ghandi said: "Success is not happiness. Happiness is success. If you are doing what you love, you are successful."

Horoscopes: In Metro it said: "Why are you thinking so much about past mistakes? The only thing that matters, today and everyday from now on, is the future."

In 24 it said: "The oak doesn't look at bamboo and wish it was thinner, and the bamboo doesn't look at the oak and wish for more girth. They both just grow."

Imagination: I use my imagination a lot for my writing. I imagine where that guy I was chatting with from that online dating site is at. You know the one who asked me questions about sex. I can probably write a scene where he is hanging out with his friend. This is probably his point of view.

Guy: So this girl and I were talking about MMA, TV, and movies. Then I asked her questions like "Have you ever had sex before?" And she's like "No." Like, oh my God. I don't care if she is hot, but she has never had sex before. I can't go out with a girl who has never had sex before.
His friends are probably laughing at me. That's fine, because I told this IM chat to my friends, and they are laughing at him.

In the Metro they did book reviews. They reviewed The Long Shot by Katie Kitamura. It turns out there are a lot of books about MMA. Though I feel that I overdosed on it.

Sept. 22 Job interview: Yesterday I went to the job interview at Malatest. They asked the same questions. I was interviewed by a different guy this time. Last time it was a young girl. 103 resumes this year, and only 2 interviews. Well at least I got a job.

Anyway, I did a test just like last time. This time there were more questions and it was harder. Do you remember BEDMAS? You know jr. high math? It stands for Brackets, E?, Division, Multiply, Addition, Subtraction. The guy Jaspal didn't exactly tell me how many people are up against for a number of positions there.There are 30 people in total. I did tell them the truth that I don't totally speak Cantonese fluently. He did tell me that I will be asking people questions that I can translate to Cantonese. I even told them about that time in May 2007, on how I got hired and did training, and then they went and hired someone else. It's good to start anything with honesty. The test also had these more logic questions of reading a map.

Funny and rude: I was watching The Mentalist, and then there's a phone call interrupting during the show. I picked up the phone and this guy asked for my grandma.
Me: She doesn't speak English.
Guy: Yeah, well I'm part of the Conservative party and-
Me: You want money?
(I know I was being blunt and interrupting him right there, but I felt like I should cut to the chase).
Guy: Yes, well eventually. We're going to have an election soon and we would like your help. Are you willing to donate to us?
Me: No.
Guy: Okay. I'll let you go.
Me: Well have a nice day.
Guy: You too.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

psychic/ fun/ look alike

Sept. 17 Psychic: I was thinking about that psychic again. She said that I will get an office job by Feb. or Mar. 2010, so I may not get this Malatest job. Then again a call centre job is not totally an office job, it's sort of. I don't know.

I was reading about the Tyra show on and it turns out the "Panel of Haters" ep was comprised of actors making mean comments. If you go to this website, they showed a 6 min. clip of the show. Someone wrote to Vecente, a black man on the show. He wrote back and he explained that he was an actor, and that he wanted to get his face out there.

Basically the producers needed to get ratings and told these actors how to act. They found actors on the site. That's some "reality" TV for you. 18

3.5 floppy disk: This one disk kind of crapped out on me. It was fine, then I put it into another computer and it couldn't open 2 of the 5 documents. That's weird. Usually the whole disk craps out altogether. It held the stuff about vampires.

I still had the hard copy because I write first, then I type it up. Then if it's really good, I print it out, and then I can throw out the old written paper, and keep the print out. Then today I was going to work on it, but then I went and worked on another script instead which is okay because at least I'm still writing.

ADD and Loving It: I saw this documentary today. It talked about famous people with ADD, like Solange Knowles (Beyonce's little sister). I didn't know that. I did know Ty Pennington from Extreme Home Makeover has it. I was researching that before this show. I am reminded that US Olympian Michael Phelps have it.It answered questions like ADD does exist.

One in 25 adults have it. It can be treated. The symptoms are people have a hard time paying attention, hyper focusing on something and blocking everything out, and also have trouble shifting focus. They can go have good careers in the film industry because they're creative. They can be good paramedics and firefighters because they can be calm in chaos.

20/20: I was watching this and it was about how a man spread HIV to several women. One time he was dating 10 women at the same time. The group of women eventually figured it out because one suspected he was cheating on her. Then they got tested and found out they had HIV.

Now the guy is going to prison 45 years, pretty much until he dies. He said that he thought his HIV positive was a false positive. That's an oxymoron. He didn't want to believe it.

Unleashed: I was watching the above TV shows and during the commercial breaks I saw this movie. I saw it in the theatres when it first came out in 2004. This was the first time I was actually impressed with Jet Li's acting in a film. JL's character is named Danny and he is raised as a dog. His owner is his uncle who trains him to fight and defend him from his enemies.

It's a pretty sad story. However Danny meets this blind man played by Morgan Freeman. MF fixes pianos for a living and he has a stepdaughter. Later, D gets into a car accident and he escapes from his uncle. He then runs to MF and he gives D a place to stay. D then gets a newfound family.

Everything is going great, until one of the bad guys finds D and recruits him back. D goes into this fight club where people fight to the death.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. Flash Gordon is on at 7am on Space and that means I won't watch it because I'm sleeping. Well this show did come on Space in fall 2007, and then I started watching the last half of the episodes when I get home from work in fall 2008. I saw some whole eps, but mainly the last half all of them.

News: In light news, the soap opera Guiding Light is officially over after being on for 72 years. It's in the Guinness World Records for the longest running show.

Sept. 19: I did some research and the other soap operas like All My Children, Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, and The Bold and the Beautiful are 30-40 years old. It's still got a long way to go if you want to beat Guiding Light.

Fun: Today my friend Dan Newark dropped by my work and we talked. Then I went on my break and I went over and sat with him. We talked about movies like how I didn't like The Spirit and I didn't like Sin City because it was too 18+.

D: 18+? You mean too violent?
Me: Yes.
Then we talked about my trials and tribulations on online dating. He even remembered the email where I told him about the guy who asks me questions about sex.
Me: He asked "Have you ever had sex before, have you ever done it?"
D: That guy sounds like he's 13, like not knowing what it is.

lol. I told this to Ray, and after the guy said "Yikes", Ray says: "What is he 16?" I'm actually transcribing that IM chat into my script. Except I will turn it to where the two people are talking face to face to make it more interesting. I'm also throwing in the girl's friend Dan overhearing the convo, and laughing at it.

Flashback: I even got this flashback today where I remember in summer 2007 I saw this TV show called Hidden Palms. I wrote in an email how I thought it was so unrealistic that the lead character and this girl met each other one night. The next night they bump into each other and ask all these personal questions like: "Are you a virgin?"

Me: Oh c'mon, John and I didn't talk about this until our 3rd date. That wouldn't happen in real life.Well now I know that can happen in real life, and it can occur before you even meet someone on the internet. Then I got another flashback when I told Dan about how I got a job interview at a call centre.

D: I used to work at a call centre.
Me: I know, at Ipsos, and you got fired from there.
D: I won't tell you how because you said earlier about things being too 18+.
Me: I remember way back in 2005 you said you worked there, and got fired because between calls you were talking about sex with your friend.

D then pretends to be the team leader who overheard it.
D: You.. can't say that at work.

Look alike: A couple of weeks ago, I told Ray that the guy at Sorrentino's looks like Eddie Cahill. Today I showed her the pics of him. She thinks he looks like EC. Well I got off work early at 3pm, so I went over to the guy.

Me: Hey, do you know how last time I told you you looked like Eddie Cahill, and you didn't know who I was talking about?
Guy: Yeah.
Me: Yeah well, I printed the pictures of him for you.
He takes it and looks at it.
Guy: I was thinking of getting a haircut.
EC does have shorter hair.

Me: Do you think you look like him?
Guy: Yes.
Me: He's like 31.
Guy: Let me show it to my manager. Hey Michael, do you think I look like him?Michael: Yeah. But you need some more muscles.
Guy: I guess I need to work on the arms and the chest.
Michael: Isn't that guy from CSI: New York?

Me: Yeah. So what's your name?
Guy: Justin.
Me: I'm Tracy.
J gives the pics back to me.
Me: Oh you can have them.
J: Thanks.

I noticed how when J laughs, his eyes kind of squint. Then it kind of reminded me Matt Dallas on Kyle XY. I haven't seen that show in a long time. When MD laughs, his eyes kind of squint.

Joke: I was watching some UFC the other day, and they showed Leonardo Dicaprio in the audience watching it. He was wearing a baseball cap and talking to a guy. I thought it was kind of funny because I didn't expect it. Well I don't really know him so I didn't know that he was into this.

Sept. 20: Working on Sunday was boring as usual. The highlight of it was when I was locking the gate, Justin was putting the chairs back. He sees me.
Me: Hey Justin!
Justin: Hey Tracy!
He remembers my name. Well then again on the envelope, I did write it.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

job search/ Glee/ Lingerie Soccer League

Sept. 15 Job search: Yesterday I read the 24 newspaper and applied to 2 administrative assistant positions. I'm thinking about psychic Nadia saying: "You put obstacles in front of yourself." I don't know if I'll get the job. I probably won't. You may say: "You need more positive thinking." Well I applied, and now I will sit back and think I won't get the job. That has no effect on it.

Look alike: I was thinking that if you look like a celebrity, you can get acting jobs. I remember watching Fear Itself last summer. It had this guy who looks like the younger version of Matt Damon. People on said the same thing. I remember in 2000, there was the TV show 2gether. There was a guy who looked like the younger version of Jim Carrey.

Patrick came by and saw him, and asked if it was him. On the show, Mickey even said the line: "Yeah, whatever Jim Carrey Jr." He was also on the Verizon commercial.

TV movie: I was watching the TV movie called The Good Times are Killing Me. It stars Kelly Rowan. After The OC ended, all she does are TV movies. This is like her third one that aired on CTV. It's good. It stars off with KR being a lawyer. She looks like she's totally wasted as she's riding in a car to rehab. She tries to escape, but can't.

She is stuck at the rehab because her enemies like the other defense lawyer is trying to keep her in there. She knows that if she stays there, everybody will think she's an alcoholic and her career is over. There are all these flashbacks of KR and her family, her interactions with the defense lawyer.

The entire first hour she says she isn't an alcoholic. Then right in the middle, they do all those flashbacks all over again. This time she is obviously an alcoholic. She realizes she has does have a problem. It was pretty good.

Glory Days: I was thinking about Eddie Cahill and how the first time I saw him was on this short- lived TV show way back in 2002. It only had 9 eps. EC played a writer who got one book published. Then he comes back to this island called Glory. It was kind of like a seaside town.

EC bumps into his old friend who becomes the sheriff, and Poppy Montgomery plays the medical examiner. It was produced by Scream writer Kevin Williamson. I thought it was funny. Maybe it didn't last long because all these murders occured on a seaside town. Unlike with Castle, about a writer following a detective around, and solving mysteries in a big city like NY where murders occur.

I remember this funny moment where EC and the Sheriff are interrogating this kid who is a murder suspect. The kid was the son of the man who was pushed off a boat, and killed.

EC: We have pictures of you pushing your dad off the boat.
Kid: Well can I see them?
EC: Yeah... in court.

lol. I thought the kid was totally going to confess if he heard about photos, but he didn't. He unintentionally caught EC lying, though he doesn't know it. EC did a quick cover up on his lie.

Actors: It was unintentionally funny, but I saw Victor Webster (Mutant X) doing a scene with Katie Cassidy. They did Harper's Island together where they were exes. I also thought it was funny to see John Schiender on 90210 playing a dad. He was on the crappy show Secret Life of the American Teenager. 90210 is quite the step up for him.

Sept. 16 Glee: I was watching this show, and was laughing. Matthew Morrison sang "How We Do It" by Montel Jordan. He sounds good. He forms a boy band with 3 other teachers and they did a little song and dance routine. It was like New Kids on the Block reunited. I continue to be impressed with the song and dance on this show.

News: I was reading in the Metro yesterday about how Albinos in Tanzania are being hunted down and killed for their body parts to be used for witchcraft. This sounds like a good start for a story. Running away and hiding so you won't be killed for what you are. Though it's kind of been done.

Well on Dark Angel, Max and her siblings ran away from Manticore. When they get caught they will be treated like lab rats. I'm getting another flashback, same goes for The Secret World of Alex Mack. Alex had to hide who she was, or she was going to be a lab rat too.

Malatest: Oh my God, the call centre Malatest called me today for a job interview. Way back in summer 2007, they hired me, and trained me for one day. Then a week later, I called to get my schedule, and they said that they didn't really hire me at all and sent my paycheck in the mail.I felt rejected and lead on. I had thought about applying there again, and then work for one day and quit and see how they would like it. lol.

Well I'm going to give it a good shot. I'm doing an interview. I applied back in Apr. Cut to 6 months later and now they call me. Unlike Pagemaster, I applied there, next month they called me.

I may not get the job at Malatest. I heard from Prison Break: "The captivity of negativity." Look, that one day I worked there was only training. I didn't even do any calls and actual work. If I actually do the work, I'll realize if this is a good place for me or not.

Saying: This Alberta- born actor Josh Emerson is in the movie Jennifer's Body. He said: "Someone told me once that every overnight success takes ten years."Lingerie Soccer League: I heard about this on 91.7 The Bounce radio station. The DJ says: "Yes, this is exactly how it sounds. Women in lingerie play soccer. There are teams called Dallas Desires. Is there a perv row where you can throw loonies?"

lol. I told this to Patrick and he said that he knows that there is a Lingerie Football League. It airs prior to the Superbowl. He knows about this since last year.I did some fact checking by typing that into Google, and I got a video where they showed them doing that. It's true. I found it funny that the DJ said "perv row." I only heard about the term a couple of weeks ago when watching Guns. Elisha Cuthbert's character works at a strip club as a waitress and she said that.

Sept. 17 Celebrity marriages: I just read that Avril Lavigne and Deryck Wimbley are getting a divorce. They've known each other for 6 1/2 years, and were married for 3 yrs. She was 21 and he was 25 when they married. That is why you must not get married before you're 25.

This is kind of okay because one is 25, and the other one isn't. I read about LeAnn Rimes marriage not working out. She was 21 and Dean was 19 when they married. Or was it the other way around? Either way, they're both under 25. I remember I clipped a pic of them from their wedding from the newspaper. They looked so good together.

Monday, September 14, 2009

unintentionally funny/ free agent/ string theory

Sept. 11 Unintentionally funny: Today I did some pitching and got some rejections. What was really unintentionally funny was that this woman asked to read my script so I sent it to her. She then emails me back and she gave me the first 6 pages back, and she rewrote it. I thought it was funny because she made my lead characters Shawn and Mia hook up really soon in the script. They don't totally hook up until the very end of the script.

The dialogue is way sexier and racier than I would have written it. I would be saying: "Ow, yeah!" lol. It's an interesting point of view on how she would write it. She did give me some tips on it.

Fun: Since I spent all morning pitching, I then rewarded myself by watching 2 episodes of the crappy TV show Secret Life of the American Teenager. Then I read 4 pages of it on There are people that say Daren Kagasoff who plays the bad boy Ricky has some potential to being a good actor if he gets off from this show. This is having an effect on me. I can kind of see DK play Shawn in my script.

Sept. 12 Free agent: The woman's name is Diane. In a weird way, I feel like I'm kind of "cheating" on the producer John because I'm showing this script to another producer. lol. Well I emailed John once a month (June, July, Aug,) and the last time I heard from him was when he emailed me back in Aug. I did tell him about this blog and if you're reading it: Please email me or call me if you have read the changes yet.

Well Diane emailed me back, and she said that I don't have to put her changes into my script. She says I need to "beef it up." I did tell her that her writing was sexier and racier than what I would have wrote.

I remember watching CSI: NY and Eddie Cahill's character catches a criminal and is interrogating him.

E: You don't call, you don't write. I was beginning to think that you were seeing other detectives.

Look alike: So Mark, the Kyle Gallner look alike has not been by my work for a couple of weeks. Today I got the guts to go and tell the guy at Sorrentino's who he looked like. I told Ray about who he looked like prior to him a couple of weeks ago. On my break, I went there.

Me: Hey.
Guy: Hey.
Me: I just wanted to tell you, do you know who you look like?
G: No, who?
Me: Eddie Cahill.
G: I have never seen or heard of him before.

Me: He's on the TV show CSI: NY. He plays a cop.
G: I do watch CSI. Though I have to see him first before I am able to know if this is a compliment.
G laughs. I then felt good that I made him laugh.

You're probably thinking: "Oh Tracy. Same pick up routine, but different celebrity." Yes. lol.

String theory: Last night I was watching a little of Comedy Inc., a sketch comedy show. Roman Danylo is the star. I emailed him way back in 2003, and he emailed me back on the same day. I don't think I still have that email though. Anyway, I was watching him where he plays Stephen Hawking and another actor plays Albert Einstein. I caught the last bit.

Narrator: Stay tuned for next week because this show is written by the writers of My Two Dads and The String Theory.
Patrick laughs.
Me: What?
P: The string theory. That is a theory that some physicts think that the whole universe is made of strings of energy. The Big Bang Theory did a joke about that.

Today I told Ray about it, and she laughed. She knew what the string theory is because her friend knows a lot about science.

Royal: Today I read in the Edmonton Journal, that where TD bank used to be 10004 Jasper Ave, is now turned into a club. I used to work at that bank location, but then TD moved to City Centre. Royal will be a club, and lounge. There is going to be a clothing store there and it's going to have a dress code like suits. You can rent clothes there for the night.

Well I would like to see how it looks now after the renovations are over.

Sept. 13 Mobster news: I read in the Journal about a woman named Betty Yan who was murdered because she was a mobster. She was a loan shark. She lived this double life as a mom who drove her 3 kids to private school and threw parties for the students, and the parents at her mansion once a year.

The news is that schools now are investigating all the parents to see if they have mob connections. If someone is trying to kill a parent, by all means, the killer could go and kill that parent on school locations and could hurt other students. It sounds like something for a TV show or movie.

Music: I borrowed another Jonas Brother's cd called "Lines, Vines, and Trying Times." I like "Don't Charge me for the Crime" feat. Common. It's where a guy gets a phone call from a friend needing a ride. Turns out the friend just robbed a bank.

Sept. 14 Patrick Swayze: He has died at the age of 57 by pancreatic cancer.

Love Court: I found this new TV show that I must avoid watching. This is on Muchmusic and it's like Blind Date, that TV show I quit. The host is singer Elise Estrada. Instead of funny subtitles, they have people from Video On Trial making funny comments about the date. The show gives me this feeling that it's trashy. I am somehow drawn to it because it's Canadian twenty- somethings like me. Whoever was the best dater wins $500 so at least they win something which is good.

That reminds me of the Canadian TV show Teens Dating! The title says it all. It does have it's funny subtitles. Except this one isn't trashy. It was funny and clean. This is mainly to announce for me to quit watching this show.

Vampires: I was reading that Twilight star Kristen Stewart is afraid of vampires. Metro says she decorates her house with garlic. If that's true, then someone should tell her that the only way a vamp can come into your house is an invitation. lol.

That also reminds me of that time I was checking out Buffy on the internet in 2001, and found a real life vampire hunter Sean Manchester. He did this long interview and I read it. He said that a vamp bit his hand as he was trying to exorcise it. That transcription inspired me to write a script about vamps. The script wasn't in the screenplay format, so I'm going to estimate it was maybe 45 min. long.

Jay Leno: I was watching his new show. There isn't a desk where he sits behind and does an interview. He sits in an armchair by his guest chair. The first guest was Jerry Seinfeld. Oprah makes an appearance through satellite.

Maybe one of the highlights was when they worked in a Cheaters parody. They had the real host Joey Greco come on and have Jay find out that his guitarist Kevin Eubanks was "cheating" on him by hanging out with a Jay Leno lookalike.

Cut to Joey showing Jay the video footage. Jay is acting upset. They are sitting in the back of the white van where they use it every episode. It wasn't as good as the parody on Talkshow with Spike Ferenstien. Spike catches his "wife" cheating on him with the pool guy. Now I was laughing at that one. It was 14+ while Jay's was PG.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

rant/ rubick's cube/ The Vampire Diaries

Sept. 9 Rant: So the producer John has not emailed me in a month. I emailed him a few days ago and he still hasn't replied. Last month he did say he was going to be busy for the next few weeks so that's why I didn't contact him. Patience is a virtue.

Then I'll add that the actor Giles Panton still has not replied to me in also a month. I feel like I should go and start pitching my script again.

News: I read in the Metro that "a fomer British child abuse detective has pleaded guilty to having sex with a 15- yr- old girl whose family he had befriended during an investigation." His name is Andrew Rowe. I thought: "That is low. And hypocrital. Well then again look at Elliot Spitzer who said he was going to try to stop prostitution, and he ended up buying a hooker anyway."

Saying: I was reading my horoscope in the Metro yesterday and it said this: "You have never been the sort to dwell on what might have been. As far as you are concerned what's done is done and cannot be undone."

Dark joke: I was reading's thread "Unintentionally funny moments on TV". I don't know if you'll find it funny or not. Someone posted this:

"I was watching Family Fued. It's a TV show where a family guesses answers to questions.

Host: What is the most common crime people say they would commit if they knew they could get away with it?
Man: Rape!

I know rape is nothing to laugh about, but I was laughing at that. Let's just say that was not one of the answers on the board."

I found it kind of funny because it seemed to imply that he would commit the crime if he could got away with it. I thought maybe "murder" would be an answer. Maybe you had to be there.

Music: I borrowed the cd by Duffy called "Rockferry." I didn't really like it. It's a boring cd. Kind of like John Mayer's "Continuum." It's an adult alternative music. Since we're on the topic, I like to add that I like the song "Nothing to Prove" by Tiger Bomb. It's got a good beat and lyrics. There is a lot of energy in that song.

Melrose Place: I saw an ep of this last night. The pilot was average. I don't know. I always kind of have a problem with shows where the drama is where people make drama between each other. I like shows like The Listener where someone has to solve a problem or mystery in order to help someone. Ashley Simpson- Wentz is the new neighbor in the apartment complex. Her name is Violet. She is the one who finds the land lady floating in the pool dead. She was stabbed before she got to the pool.

Prior to that a man proposes to his girlfriend of 5 years, Riley. They end up doing getting engaged at the end. Katie Cassidy is in it. I saw her on Harper's Island as the bride. She had long, brown, wavy hair on that show. Now she has shoulder- length, blond hair on this show.

I think I will continue to check it out because of the murdery mystery of who killed the land lady. I do kind of like that Asian woman who plays a doctor. Her storyline is that she has to pay for med school, and this guy offers her $5000 if she will sleep with him. I did read a couple of ep descriptions for the next 2 eps, and she does moonlight as a prostitute.

Another good thing about it was that it wasn't too repetitive in dialogue. That means I've been watching too much Secret Life of the American Teenager. lol. At least in MP, Event 1 happens to Character A, and that character relays it to Character B. Something exciting happens to Character C and he tells Character D.

If you watch SLAT, Characters A, B, C, D all talk about only 1 topic throughout the entire ep. Like one time after watching SLAT, I tuned in to watch Heartland. Heartland is average to good show. But compared to SLAT, it's Shakespeare. Seriously.

Zachary Ty Brian: After seeing him in Tokyo Drift, I remembered all this other work I've seen him in- and I didn't even have to look it up. I saw him on Fresh Prince of Bel- Air right after Home Improvement ended. He played a jerk.

Then I saw him on Boston Public back in 2000, and he also played a jerk. He got beaten up by the principal. Well the principal was yelling at him, and pushing him up against the locker and the whole hallway was staring at them.

Rubick's Cube: I was watching the singer Lights on Muchmusic. She sang "Drive my Soul." She was given a rubick's cube and she was able to solve it. I don't know how long it took for her to solve it, it didn't say. I'm guessing it should be less than an hour because the VJ Sarah Taylor was interviewing her, and they're not doing a whole show on her. They're interviewing a bunch of other music artists.

The other music artists try to solve it, but they couldn't. I don't know, maybe the other artists did some work on it, and Lights was able to solve the rest.

I remember way back in 2006, this Asian guy was able to solve a rubick's cube in 10.3 seconds and he broke the record that way. Then he and his other Asian friend went on Jay Leno. The guys were both from MIT. Guy 1 solved it, and Guy 2 taught him how to do it so fast.

Jay: So what's your major?
G1: Physics.
J: And you?
G2: Astro physics.
J: Wow, that sounds much better than regular physics. What do you plan to do after school?

G1: I don't know. Go to more school.
J: Yeah, sure, piss away more of dad's money.
G2: Right now I'm living in a mansion with 8 beautiful women.
A production assistant gives J a rubick's cube.
J: Here's a rubick's cube and we didn't do anything to it. I can't imagine anything more fun to do on a Saturday afternoon. Let's set the time.

G1 solved the cube in 18 seconds. The audience cheers.
J: Ah you learned well grasshopper.

Joke: Yesterday I was watching some Tyra Banks and then I turned it off. My mom was watching it and she said in Chinese: "I didn't know the word banks can be a name."

Sept. 10: I got another flashback where I remember seeing Zachary Ty Brian on an ep of The Outer Limits where he plays a jock. It aired in 2001, but I saw it in 2002.

The Vampire Diaires: I saw this pilot today. It's based on the books by LJ Smith. Kind of like Twilight with a teen girl and falling in love between two vampire brothers, but I heard that this book was written prior to Twilight.

It stars Nina Dobrev (Mia from Degrassi: The Next Generation) as the lead Elena. Her parents died in a car accident. She has a little brother Jeremy who does drugs played by Steven R. McQueen. This guy is 21 yrs old, and he looks like he could be high school. He's cute and pretty. They now live with their aunt.

Then there is the good boy vampire Stefan. He is played by Paul Wesley. I first saw him on Wolf Lake, Smallville, CSI: NY. He and Elena flirt a lot in the pilot. He is in love with her, because he looks like a girl he used to date named Katherine back in the 1800s.

It starts off with a couple driving in the fog. It has a guy who was also on Degrassi and the girl who plays Ashley from Heartland. It turns out the bad boy vampire Damon (Ian Somerhalder) murders them but makes it look like a animal did it. Then at a party, D goes and attacks a girl, but she survives.

D and S go and fight. Then it's revealed that the ring that S wears actually helps him be able to walk around in daylight. That reminds me of the Buffy ep "Harsh Light of Day" in the 4th season. Spike found the Gem of Amera and was immortal. Then there was Angel crossover, and Spike tried to get the ring from him. The ep was called "Into the Dark."

It was a pretty good pilot. They followed the rules with how a vamp can only come into your home if there's an invitation. This was shot in British Columbia. Though I have read in the Edmonton Journal that they will be shooting the rest of the show in Atlanta.

This reminded me of an article awhile back. It was about how they're softening vamps from being monsters. On Buffy and Angel, the vamps were all bad. Angel had a soul, and then later Spike became good because of the chip that was put into his brain to preven him from hurting humans. Then he also got a soul.

This reminds me of a script I should work on about vamps. It's where I make all the vamps bad. There is no love story where a young girl falls in love with a good vamp. I don't know, make it like Blade. I've seen all those movies when they came on TV. Scary, action. They're average.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

writing/ Toykyo Drift/ Guns

Sept. 5 Writing: Yesterday I called Conni Massing for writing help again. This time her tip was more about: "Write an outline. Write shorter stories before you go and try to make a big 90 page screenplay."

I'm working on an outline. Right now it's kind of at a standstill. I write a series of scenes and I don't know where the story is going. I'm hoping if I write enough, I will eventually find something good. CM did ask me the questions of: "What is the story about? Who is the story about?"

Jason Statham: I'm getting a flashback of this interview with the actor Jason Statham on Jay Leno. He was promoting Transporter 3. He talked about unloading boxes of things from a truck like a criminal does. Kind of like what I was writing about.

J: I didn't unload the boxes. More like the boxes fell off the truck, and I caught them.

lol. I remember reading about in an article about how he used to sell jewelery on the street to tourists. When they bought them, he knew the gold would eventually turn to green when they got on the plane.

Ben Curtis: I was hitting writer's block so I went and visited my old favorite. This is the guy who did those Dell commercials. I went to Youtube and watched his interviews and commercials. I want to get a feel of this guy so I could write for him. Go to his myspace page:

Then I went and watched a full length ep of Secret Life of the American Teenager called "Summertime." Then I went on to read a page of people dissing it for the lack of continuity.

Sept. 6 Job: The other day, this guy Paul came in. He's friends with this girl Jennifer who used to work here. He says to me: "You're still working here? That's crazy." I've been here for 15 months.

Fighting: I was thinking about this movie again and in the trailer, I remember Channing Tatum says: "I'm fighting for us." I watched the movie, and he didn't even say that at all. Unless he did say it in the unrated version, because I watched the theatrical version.

Job search: I went to what used to be Alberta College the other day. It's now part of Grant MacEwan. I was going to pass my resume there, but the school wasn't totally open. I checked out Wee Book Inn. Then I went into Standard Life Building and found some offices I could actually apply to.

There were doctors office, optomertist office, and an orthodontist office. There was a book fair there too. They usually have those at malls or the Commerce building.

Food: I also checked out Sobeys. I ate a Hawaiin salad and it was made of marshmallows and cheese.

Fun: Today was actually fun at work. That's because my friend Angela dropped by and we sat and talked for an hour. She told me she didn't like Transformers 2 because robots fighting couldn't hold the movie. She did give me some tips about writing.

Me: My character Daniel loses his job. He goes from $15/hr job to $9/hr job.
A: There are jobs out there that are like $90/hr. Like engineers make that kind of money.
Me: Oh yeah, raise the stakes.

A tells me she's taking dance lessons, and walking a lot. She actually works out, and I don't.

Toykyo Drift: I've seen the The Fast and the Furious, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. This is the 3rd movie in the franchise. This has a whole new cast with Lucas Black playing the lead Sean. This is the 2nd time I've seen a movie with the lead that has the same name. That and Fighting. The rapper Bow Wow plays his friend.

It starts off with Zachary Ty Brian playing the popular jock/ jerk. He played the eldest son in Home Improvement. This guy is type cast. I saw him play the same character on The Rage: Carrie 2, Smallville, and Veronica Mars. He and Sean go do this Rebel Without a Cause race where whoever wins gets the girl. lol. Degrassi: The Next Generation did that too.

The race is held in this neighborhood where all the houses are still in progress being built. S totally drives through this house and completely wrecks. He then moves in with his dad in Toykyo, Japan so he could avoid a jail sentence. He goes to school and meets Bow Wow's character. BW shows his car to him and introduces him to underground street racing.

This movie kind of reminds me of The Grudge, and The Grudge 2 because they're both set in Japan. What I like about this movie, is that they don't have any Asian stereotypes where we're geeks and know karate. In this movie, the Asians can be cool and sexy. They can also drive. It seems like I always hear these jokes where Asians are bad drivers.

The other day I was watching a MADtv rerun that I've never seen before.

Arden Myrin: Why can't you drive?
Bobby Lee: I can't, I'm Asian.
lol. That's like saying: "I'm white, I can't dance."

I analyze this movie like the screenwriting books I read. Sean's talent is that he can drive and race really well. I can't write a movie about race car driving because there is already a Fast and Furious franchise.

Guns: Today I was watching the first part of the mini- series called Guns. I saw that actor Danijel Mandic again. He was on Flashpoint and Degrassi Goes to Hollywood. He makes an appearance as a DJ. I checked and he isn't really credited, but I know it's him.

It stars big names like Colm Feore (Ray on The Listener, Bon Cop, Bad Cop) as a bad guy. He's an arms dealer. We got Gregory Smith (Everwood) who plays his bad boy son. We got Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door) playing his girlfriend.There is Lyriq Bent. He's the African- Canadian cop who is trying to stop gun crime. I've never seen him before, but he's been on Canadian shows like Sophie.

Then I recognize the actor Shawn Doyle. I had to look him up and he's on Big Love. He plays Bent's cop partner. Alan Van Sprang is on as a bad guy. I remembered him from the Canadian show The Best Years. I see this black guy who was recently released from jail. He was also on the same show and he played a TV producer. There was this also young black guy who is an intern at the newspaper. He is taking care of his little sister. I recognized him on Flashpoint. He played a intern at the hospital, and he takes care of his little brother. Kind of type cast.This show is shot in Toronto and explains the Canadian cast.

Sept. 7: Today I saw the 2nd part to it. It's really good. The ending kind of reminded me of Dexter season 1 finale. The Sergeant is spying on Dexter, and he knows it. The police are spying on Gregory Smith's character, and he knows it. There was also a car exploding because the robbers used the van to rob. Then they had to blow it up to get rid of evidence.

Rant: I worked all Labor day weekend. I was to open and work on Sat. and Sun. Then today I had to work because Ray was sick. It's like I'm so reliable. I know all the times she's sick or can't come to work, and I always take her place. There is also the times when I'm supposed to leave at 6pm, but stay for 2 more hours because they need someone. The good part is that I got free sandwich and the weekend was really slow. I mainly read and wrote. I'm not really overworked, just annoyed. Maybe I need this anger to drop off some more resumes and get another job. I made money and I did something productive.

Sept. 8: Today I checked out the last 15 min. of 90210. It was cool to see Detective Kate Lockley from Angel appear on the show. She plays this woman who was mad at the teens for trashing her cabanna. It also looks interesting that the lead character Annie may have a sex tape. Next ep, the tape may be leaked.

Sounds like a lot of drama. Kind of unoriginal there, but it could be a good storyline if done well.

Friday, September 4, 2009

news/ sketch comedy/ funny news

Aug. 31 News: Did you know that the store Possi closed down in City Centre mall? I think it's been there for a year. I also read that a CostCo in Toronto are selling Christmas stuff already. Usually we have to wait until Nov. 1.

Kingsway: I went to Kingsway mall last week, and there have been a lot of changes. Have you ever heard of the store RW&Co? It says it was established in 1999, and I have never heard of it. Or if I did, I don't remember. Also the Xcetera store is now Ardene's like the one in City Centre. It's because Ardene's bought them out. Le Chateau has opened their new renovated store. It's huge and has really bright lighting.

Shopper's Drug Mart has also opened too. There is a new Urban Planet that cropped up there. Below the Belt has a renovated store with new kids version to the store. There is going to be Bath and Body Works opening where Buffalo used to be.

I saw some Michael Jackson shirts at Stitches. They also sell them at HMV. Overall the mall is very sleek and classy.

Sept. 1 16 and Pregnant: I was watching the season finale last night, with Dr. Drew hosting. He's from Dr. Drew's Celebrity Rehab, and came on Tyra and Larry King. He gave the stats like did you know that 1 in 3 teen girls get pregnant before they're 20? Only in the US which is an industrialized country, it has the highest teen pregnancy rate. Yes, I saw that on Tyra, and he wasn't there.

Did you know that 750, 000 girls get pregnant every year in the US? 50% of them end up in live birth. Did you know that only 1% end up in adoption? I thought it would be higher.

Joke: I was watching Conan O' Brien.

Conan: Did you know that the woman who plays Snow White in Disney World, has won $5 million in the lottery? Yes, it's true. Now her friends are asking for money, except for one. Bashful. "Do you want some money?" (He pretends to be Bashful by putting a finger in his mouth and acting shy.) "No."

The Jerrichos: This was a TV show way back in the early 90s. I was reminded of this show because the lead character was a man and he had to take care of his 4 younger siblings. It was a sitcom, and since the lead character was young, he had to dress up like middle- aged woman. He was to play the grandmother who was the guardian to all the kids.

He really did look a woman when he was dressed up as one. It's like Juwanna Mann. Two African- American men dress up like women, and they look like they could be women.

Sept. 2 Writing: I was thinking about that movie Fighting. A lot of it seemed like a string of scenes put together. There are a few plot points, and introducing characters, and set up a little conflict. It didn't really seem like a solid film. But this movie is great compared to this Freddie Prince Jr. movie Down to You. You can go and add all his other bad romantic comedies where he plays the same character all the time.

This movie came out in 1998. I saw it on TV in 2002. It was a string of scenes with some conflict thrown in here and there. I might as well spoil it for you so you won't have to watch it. If you do want to watch it, skip to the next paragraph. Julia Stile's character has a pregnancy scare, she cheats on FPJ's character, and he attempts to commit suicide later. Somehow it was made kind of funny because he drank her shampoo and then lands in the hospital.

Feeling: I was thinking about The Simpsons ep where Lisa went from the 2nd grade to the 3rd grade. Bart ends up being in the 3rd grade and in the same class as her. Then Lisa and Bart both end up in their original grades.

Principal Skinner: Lisa, if you go back to the 2nd grade, you'll be a big fish in a small pond.
Lisa: Big fish, big fish!

I was thinking about that So You Think You Can Dance Canada audition. When I was in jr. high school, I was like the big fish in the small pond. I was in the minority of people who were in the talent show and can perform in front of hundreds of people. If only I had went to Victoria Performing Arts high school, I would have been more prepared for the audition. The whole school is full of talented people so you are more aware of the competition.

Music: I borrowed Ashley Tisdale's 2nd cd called "Guilty Pleasure." She's from High School Musical. I like "Hot Mess" about falling for a bad boy. It's mainly pop- rock with one dance track.

Glee: I saw this comedy called Glee. It's about a teacher who is managing the Glee club which teaches music and dance. That takes me back to the days of choir class and drama class in high school. There is this one scene that reminded me of the TV show Arrested Development. This girl Rachel (Lea Michele) tells the audience that she has 2 gay dads and it's okay that she doesn't know who her biological dad is.

Well one dad is black, and the other one is white so of course she's her white dad's biological daughter. Arrested Development did that with 2 gay guys, one's black, one's white and they're having a kid. The show is about the teacher Will Shuester (Matthew Morrison). He was into musicals when he was in school. I have never seen MM before. He's handsome.

Sept. 3 Comedy sketch: I remember this sketch on the TV show Street Cents. It's really aimed at teenagers and they talk to them about products, and testing which product is the best. They made fun of this McDonald's commercial. This was way back in 2000.

Remember the commercial where there are 2 girls talking on the phone?

Girl: So has he kissed you yet?
Girl 2: No, he's shy.

Cut to the drive thru.
Girl 2 is out with Guy.

Guy: I'll have 2 Big Macs.
Girl 2: And no onions.
Guy: No onions.
Then the guy gets the message about not having bad breath before they kiss.

The parody is this.
Cut to 2 guys on the phone.

Guy: So has she kissed you yet?
Guy 2: No, she's shy.

Cut to the drive- thru.

Girl: No onions.
Guy 2: No onions.
Girl: No tomatoes.
Guy 2: No tomatoes.
Girl: No lettuce.
Guy 2: No lettuce.

Girl: No cheese.
Guy 2: No cheese.
Girl: No meat.
Guy 2: No meat.
Girl: No buns.
Guy 2: No buns.

Girl: No chance.
Guy 2: No chance.

Cut to a Server there.
Server: Hi, we're McDonalds. We serve food, not help you get lucky.

Funny news: Do you know who Jason David Frank is? I saw this on Yahoo News, and it turns out this guy played the Green Ranger on Power Rangers. lol. He's in the news because he's going into professional mix martial arts. The article said that his acting career has went south because his last credit was in 2007, and it went straight- to -dvd.

Well I know Amy Jo Johnson (the Pink Ranger) has done well for herself. She went on to do Felicity, and now she's on Flashpoint. I remember seeing Walter Jones (the Black Ranger, I had to look that up) on the Buffy ep "Fear, Itself". It's the one where they celebrate Halloween by going to a haunted house held by a fraternity.

Sept. 4: I finally finished reading my Screenwriting for Dummies book from cover to cover. I bought it way back in Dec. 2007 with the Veronica Mars book called Neptune Noir. I read the latter book cover to cover. I'll add the Dummies book to my list of two screenwriting books I read.

Survey: I was reading the Globe and Mail and this college professor did this research since 1984 about sex with college students. It turns out 25% of women are virgins, while 50% of men are virgins when they enter college. It's because the women are losing their virginity to older guys.

Job search: Today I passed out 3 resumes instead of that 1 resume last month. I have now passed out 102 resumes in 9 months. I had to search a bit more around town to see if there are any offices I missed and I did.