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Thursday, September 17, 2009

job search/ Glee/ Lingerie Soccer League

Sept. 15 Job search: Yesterday I read the 24 newspaper and applied to 2 administrative assistant positions. I'm thinking about psychic Nadia saying: "You put obstacles in front of yourself." I don't know if I'll get the job. I probably won't. You may say: "You need more positive thinking." Well I applied, and now I will sit back and think I won't get the job. That has no effect on it.

Look alike: I was thinking that if you look like a celebrity, you can get acting jobs. I remember watching Fear Itself last summer. It had this guy who looks like the younger version of Matt Damon. People on said the same thing. I remember in 2000, there was the TV show 2gether. There was a guy who looked like the younger version of Jim Carrey.

Patrick came by and saw him, and asked if it was him. On the show, Mickey even said the line: "Yeah, whatever Jim Carrey Jr." He was also on the Verizon commercial.

TV movie: I was watching the TV movie called The Good Times are Killing Me. It stars Kelly Rowan. After The OC ended, all she does are TV movies. This is like her third one that aired on CTV. It's good. It stars off with KR being a lawyer. She looks like she's totally wasted as she's riding in a car to rehab. She tries to escape, but can't.

She is stuck at the rehab because her enemies like the other defense lawyer is trying to keep her in there. She knows that if she stays there, everybody will think she's an alcoholic and her career is over. There are all these flashbacks of KR and her family, her interactions with the defense lawyer.

The entire first hour she says she isn't an alcoholic. Then right in the middle, they do all those flashbacks all over again. This time she is obviously an alcoholic. She realizes she has does have a problem. It was pretty good.

Glory Days: I was thinking about Eddie Cahill and how the first time I saw him was on this short- lived TV show way back in 2002. It only had 9 eps. EC played a writer who got one book published. Then he comes back to this island called Glory. It was kind of like a seaside town.

EC bumps into his old friend who becomes the sheriff, and Poppy Montgomery plays the medical examiner. It was produced by Scream writer Kevin Williamson. I thought it was funny. Maybe it didn't last long because all these murders occured on a seaside town. Unlike with Castle, about a writer following a detective around, and solving mysteries in a big city like NY where murders occur.

I remember this funny moment where EC and the Sheriff are interrogating this kid who is a murder suspect. The kid was the son of the man who was pushed off a boat, and killed.

EC: We have pictures of you pushing your dad off the boat.
Kid: Well can I see them?
EC: Yeah... in court.

lol. I thought the kid was totally going to confess if he heard about photos, but he didn't. He unintentionally caught EC lying, though he doesn't know it. EC did a quick cover up on his lie.

Actors: It was unintentionally funny, but I saw Victor Webster (Mutant X) doing a scene with Katie Cassidy. They did Harper's Island together where they were exes. I also thought it was funny to see John Schiender on 90210 playing a dad. He was on the crappy show Secret Life of the American Teenager. 90210 is quite the step up for him.

Sept. 16 Glee: I was watching this show, and was laughing. Matthew Morrison sang "How We Do It" by Montel Jordan. He sounds good. He forms a boy band with 3 other teachers and they did a little song and dance routine. It was like New Kids on the Block reunited. I continue to be impressed with the song and dance on this show.

News: I was reading in the Metro yesterday about how Albinos in Tanzania are being hunted down and killed for their body parts to be used for witchcraft. This sounds like a good start for a story. Running away and hiding so you won't be killed for what you are. Though it's kind of been done.

Well on Dark Angel, Max and her siblings ran away from Manticore. When they get caught they will be treated like lab rats. I'm getting another flashback, same goes for The Secret World of Alex Mack. Alex had to hide who she was, or she was going to be a lab rat too.

Malatest: Oh my God, the call centre Malatest called me today for a job interview. Way back in summer 2007, they hired me, and trained me for one day. Then a week later, I called to get my schedule, and they said that they didn't really hire me at all and sent my paycheck in the mail.I felt rejected and lead on. I had thought about applying there again, and then work for one day and quit and see how they would like it. lol.

Well I'm going to give it a good shot. I'm doing an interview. I applied back in Apr. Cut to 6 months later and now they call me. Unlike Pagemaster, I applied there, next month they called me.

I may not get the job at Malatest. I heard from Prison Break: "The captivity of negativity." Look, that one day I worked there was only training. I didn't even do any calls and actual work. If I actually do the work, I'll realize if this is a good place for me or not.

Saying: This Alberta- born actor Josh Emerson is in the movie Jennifer's Body. He said: "Someone told me once that every overnight success takes ten years."Lingerie Soccer League: I heard about this on 91.7 The Bounce radio station. The DJ says: "Yes, this is exactly how it sounds. Women in lingerie play soccer. There are teams called Dallas Desires. Is there a perv row where you can throw loonies?"

lol. I told this to Patrick and he said that he knows that there is a Lingerie Football League. It airs prior to the Superbowl. He knows about this since last year.I did some fact checking by typing that into Google, and I got a video where they showed them doing that. It's true. I found it funny that the DJ said "perv row." I only heard about the term a couple of weeks ago when watching Guns. Elisha Cuthbert's character works at a strip club as a waitress and she said that.

Sept. 17 Celebrity marriages: I just read that Avril Lavigne and Deryck Wimbley are getting a divorce. They've known each other for 6 1/2 years, and were married for 3 yrs. She was 21 and he was 25 when they married. That is why you must not get married before you're 25.

This is kind of okay because one is 25, and the other one isn't. I read about LeAnn Rimes marriage not working out. She was 21 and Dean was 19 when they married. Or was it the other way around? Either way, they're both under 25. I remember I clipped a pic of them from their wedding from the newspaper. They looked so good together.


At September 18, 2009 at 7:54 AM , Blogger Marilla said...

Hey Tracy

If anyone wants to watch "The Good Times Are Killing Me" it's online here:

I know, 'cos I'm in it!

Glad you liked it.



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