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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

writing/ Toykyo Drift/ Guns

Sept. 5 Writing: Yesterday I called Conni Massing for writing help again. This time her tip was more about: "Write an outline. Write shorter stories before you go and try to make a big 90 page screenplay."

I'm working on an outline. Right now it's kind of at a standstill. I write a series of scenes and I don't know where the story is going. I'm hoping if I write enough, I will eventually find something good. CM did ask me the questions of: "What is the story about? Who is the story about?"

Jason Statham: I'm getting a flashback of this interview with the actor Jason Statham on Jay Leno. He was promoting Transporter 3. He talked about unloading boxes of things from a truck like a criminal does. Kind of like what I was writing about.

J: I didn't unload the boxes. More like the boxes fell off the truck, and I caught them.

lol. I remember reading about in an article about how he used to sell jewelery on the street to tourists. When they bought them, he knew the gold would eventually turn to green when they got on the plane.

Ben Curtis: I was hitting writer's block so I went and visited my old favorite. This is the guy who did those Dell commercials. I went to Youtube and watched his interviews and commercials. I want to get a feel of this guy so I could write for him. Go to his myspace page:

Then I went and watched a full length ep of Secret Life of the American Teenager called "Summertime." Then I went on to read a page of people dissing it for the lack of continuity.

Sept. 6 Job: The other day, this guy Paul came in. He's friends with this girl Jennifer who used to work here. He says to me: "You're still working here? That's crazy." I've been here for 15 months.

Fighting: I was thinking about this movie again and in the trailer, I remember Channing Tatum says: "I'm fighting for us." I watched the movie, and he didn't even say that at all. Unless he did say it in the unrated version, because I watched the theatrical version.

Job search: I went to what used to be Alberta College the other day. It's now part of Grant MacEwan. I was going to pass my resume there, but the school wasn't totally open. I checked out Wee Book Inn. Then I went into Standard Life Building and found some offices I could actually apply to.

There were doctors office, optomertist office, and an orthodontist office. There was a book fair there too. They usually have those at malls or the Commerce building.

Food: I also checked out Sobeys. I ate a Hawaiin salad and it was made of marshmallows and cheese.

Fun: Today was actually fun at work. That's because my friend Angela dropped by and we sat and talked for an hour. She told me she didn't like Transformers 2 because robots fighting couldn't hold the movie. She did give me some tips about writing.

Me: My character Daniel loses his job. He goes from $15/hr job to $9/hr job.
A: There are jobs out there that are like $90/hr. Like engineers make that kind of money.
Me: Oh yeah, raise the stakes.

A tells me she's taking dance lessons, and walking a lot. She actually works out, and I don't.

Toykyo Drift: I've seen the The Fast and the Furious, and 2 Fast 2 Furious. This is the 3rd movie in the franchise. This has a whole new cast with Lucas Black playing the lead Sean. This is the 2nd time I've seen a movie with the lead that has the same name. That and Fighting. The rapper Bow Wow plays his friend.

It starts off with Zachary Ty Brian playing the popular jock/ jerk. He played the eldest son in Home Improvement. This guy is type cast. I saw him play the same character on The Rage: Carrie 2, Smallville, and Veronica Mars. He and Sean go do this Rebel Without a Cause race where whoever wins gets the girl. lol. Degrassi: The Next Generation did that too.

The race is held in this neighborhood where all the houses are still in progress being built. S totally drives through this house and completely wrecks. He then moves in with his dad in Toykyo, Japan so he could avoid a jail sentence. He goes to school and meets Bow Wow's character. BW shows his car to him and introduces him to underground street racing.

This movie kind of reminds me of The Grudge, and The Grudge 2 because they're both set in Japan. What I like about this movie, is that they don't have any Asian stereotypes where we're geeks and know karate. In this movie, the Asians can be cool and sexy. They can also drive. It seems like I always hear these jokes where Asians are bad drivers.

The other day I was watching a MADtv rerun that I've never seen before.

Arden Myrin: Why can't you drive?
Bobby Lee: I can't, I'm Asian.
lol. That's like saying: "I'm white, I can't dance."

I analyze this movie like the screenwriting books I read. Sean's talent is that he can drive and race really well. I can't write a movie about race car driving because there is already a Fast and Furious franchise.

Guns: Today I was watching the first part of the mini- series called Guns. I saw that actor Danijel Mandic again. He was on Flashpoint and Degrassi Goes to Hollywood. He makes an appearance as a DJ. I checked and he isn't really credited, but I know it's him.

It stars big names like Colm Feore (Ray on The Listener, Bon Cop, Bad Cop) as a bad guy. He's an arms dealer. We got Gregory Smith (Everwood) who plays his bad boy son. We got Elisha Cuthbert (The Girl Next Door) playing his girlfriend.There is Lyriq Bent. He's the African- Canadian cop who is trying to stop gun crime. I've never seen him before, but he's been on Canadian shows like Sophie.

Then I recognize the actor Shawn Doyle. I had to look him up and he's on Big Love. He plays Bent's cop partner. Alan Van Sprang is on as a bad guy. I remembered him from the Canadian show The Best Years. I see this black guy who was recently released from jail. He was also on the same show and he played a TV producer. There was this also young black guy who is an intern at the newspaper. He is taking care of his little sister. I recognized him on Flashpoint. He played a intern at the hospital, and he takes care of his little brother. Kind of type cast.This show is shot in Toronto and explains the Canadian cast.

Sept. 7: Today I saw the 2nd part to it. It's really good. The ending kind of reminded me of Dexter season 1 finale. The Sergeant is spying on Dexter, and he knows it. The police are spying on Gregory Smith's character, and he knows it. There was also a car exploding because the robbers used the van to rob. Then they had to blow it up to get rid of evidence.

Rant: I worked all Labor day weekend. I was to open and work on Sat. and Sun. Then today I had to work because Ray was sick. It's like I'm so reliable. I know all the times she's sick or can't come to work, and I always take her place. There is also the times when I'm supposed to leave at 6pm, but stay for 2 more hours because they need someone. The good part is that I got free sandwich and the weekend was really slow. I mainly read and wrote. I'm not really overworked, just annoyed. Maybe I need this anger to drop off some more resumes and get another job. I made money and I did something productive.

Sept. 8: Today I checked out the last 15 min. of 90210. It was cool to see Detective Kate Lockley from Angel appear on the show. She plays this woman who was mad at the teens for trashing her cabanna. It also looks interesting that the lead character Annie may have a sex tape. Next ep, the tape may be leaked.

Sounds like a lot of drama. Kind of unoriginal there, but it could be a good storyline if done well.


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