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Sunday, January 31, 2010

John Kerr/ reflecting/ life

Jan. 29 John Kerr: He's this TV producer I met up with. I found out that he actually has a blog:

It says he's an "award-winning writer, producer, and director." He went to Simon Fraser University and SAIT. He founded Crowsnest Films in 1999. It goes on to list all his credits and everything he's done. Damn, I am impressed. He is so good. It kind of inspires me that this guy actually shows interest in my script The Fighter.

Sadness: I feel sadness at the beginning of the week. I reconnected with an old friend from high school Real. He confirmed as his friend on Facebook. I sent him two emails. I was happy to see him and reconnect with him. Then today I see his Facebook status that he lost his dad today.

Saying: I created this saying today: "Admit weakness to address it."

Reflecting: I've been reflecting on the past and about lessons I've learned. In gr.10, I didn't really have to study and I got good grades. Then in gr.11, I wanted it to be the same, but I couldn't. Ignoring a problem isn't going to solve it. Hiding it isn't going to solve it. I'm going to admit I was optimistic to a fault. You think not doing anything like studying, and everything is going to work out just by winging it? It may work in one situation like gr.10, but not in gr.11.

You need a reality check. I've said it before "The truth sets you free." Sometimes the s---- has to hit the fan and things have to get really bad before they can get good again. The thing is, don't wait until things are really bad before you start fixing it. You need to address the problem before it gets really bad and you may not be able to solve it.

I didn't start really addressing my school problem until April. Thank God I did because I still have 3 months to bust my ass going to math tutors every weekend, have my sister tutor me everyday in math, redo the physics unit in Science 10 in order to pass those two classes.

I might as well throw in the fact that it's a good thing there was a teacher's strike and we lost a month of school. The Science 10 final exam wasn't 3 units, it was only the physics exam. I was then able to pass it.

Life: I feel like that was a really tough year for me. It's a good thing I did go through it, because I was then able to learn if I can get through that, I can get through anything.

After wards in my life, there has been a series of disappointments and rejection. I just keep getting knocked down, but getting back up.I got rejected from NAIT's TV program for fall 2004, but then I applied again for fall 2005. I got rejected. I got them to transfer it to winter 2006, but got rejected. I applied to the Radio program, but got rejected for fall 2005. I got rejected in winter 2006.

I did go to NAIT's Graphic Communications program for 1 year, but didn't graduate. That could deter me from going to college again, but it didn't. Getting laid off from my favorite job at a call centre was very disappointing. At the age of 20, I learned the lesson of job security.

Throw in the past two years of getting rejected from TV production companies.

Stay positive: I have to stay positive. I have made a lot of progress over the years. I graduated with a college diploma in Professional Writing. I can get jobs by myself. The first job I ever got was one that my mom gave me at her job.

I can get a career by myself. I got a job at a bank, and worked there for 1 month. I wasn't good at it, and was told to shape up or ship out. I'm still going to apply to work at a bank.

I have thought up this saying on my own a few years ago: "Don't compete with others, compete with yourself."

In high school, I had finally revealed to my parents that I feel like an underachiever. I had a big sister who was in university studying business. I had a little brother who was in jr. high and he got better grades than I did back then. I just hated the fact that I can work hard and study, and barely pass or even fail. I feel like not trying at all. By passing gr.11 math and science, I know that hard work does pay off.

Deal with it: Sometimes you have to learn to deal with some things that you can't change. My sister is now a lawyer, and my little brother is in 4th year university studying business. All my cousins went to university and studied business, except one studied science, but still went to university. They work hard and study, and are successful.

They apply once to university, they don't have to upgrade courses like I do. They get things right the first time. I have to do some things multiple times and I don't always get what I want.

I don't want to be different. I am the way I am. I'm just not good in school. I have to work hard and study, and not be able to achieve as much as my siblings. It's just not my family that I'm different from. I feel like I'm Asian, and I'm not an overachiever. I'm different from my race, or at least the majority of them.

I don't put obstacles in front of myself. Getting rejected from colleges, TV production companies, and people. They reject me. I didn't reject them. They're the ones who put obstacles in front of me.

Michael Phelps: I've been thinking about Michael Phelps. There was that old interview where he was on Jay Leno back in 2008 before the whole pot smoking scandal. I really like him because I can relate to him and identify with him. He mentioned how he had ADD and that there were teachers that didn't believe in him. Now look at him, a Olympic champion.

The funniest and best part of the interview was this:

M: I used to get picked on a lot when I was in school. Actually it's kind of funny, when I go out to dinner with my mom, the people I used to go to school with are now servers there.
The entire audience laughs.
M (laughs): No, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they say to me: "Oh hey, we used to go to school together." I'm like: "Yeah, and you used to pick on me. Now we're like friends? That's weird."

The servers part got way more laughs than the actual joke about people being nice to him now that he's famous.

Jan. 30: I'm looking for meaning in life. Live an open life and strive to get what you want.

Going through my old weekly email/ blog posts, and sure it's fun to read about TV shows and movies and how they inspire me to write. It's funny to read some jokes.

Coincidence: I emailed Real and told him about how it's a weird coincidence that I was thinking about death earlier this week, and what I would regret not doing. That's why I reconnected with him. Then his dad dies at the end of week.

It makes you really think. I was thinking about death because I was depressed and upset.I was thinking about my family and how supportive they were and still are. They've been supportive when I really needed them when I was in high school and paid for my college tuition. If I had to pay to go college, I don't know if I would. Or if I did, I don't know if I can make it.

I know that I can't juggle a job and school at the same time. They gave me a lot of financial support. They did give me emotional support when I was suffering depression in gr.11. So with the time when I was going to drop out of NAIT mid-year, but my dad convinced me stay. I didn't graduate, but it's good to say you did a year at NAIT instead of dropping out.It's not just about achieving my goal of getting my TV script The Fighter produced. I have mentioned before that if I should die before the script get produced, I want my family and friends to fulfill it for me.

Don't waste your time hating. I could rant about my jobs, and I could do something about it.

With my writing I want to make people laugh, happy, entertain them, and inspire them.

Jan. 31: The Fighter makes people laugh with the jokes, and I think people would be happy when watching it. It's entertaining with the action, and I hope it inspires the audience. The lead Shawn overcomes obstacles and grows up and takes responsibility for his actions.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Matthew Gray Gubler/ reflecting/ mob news

Jan. 25 Matthew Gray Gubler: He's an actor on Criminal Minds. He plays the young geeky Dr. Spencer Reid. I emailed him before back in 2005, and he emailed me back the same night. I then wrote about it in my portfolio piece to get into Professional Writing at college. I then got into college, and emailed MGG about it. He emailed me back congratulating me.

Now I decided to email him to tell him that I graduated out of college. I told him that I'm trying to get into TV writing and maybe write a role for him. lol. I even mentioned that I don't find his show repetitive, but CSI: NY to be.

Giles Panton: Today I emailed this actor on Facebook. I'm trying to get him in my movie. I haven't heard from him since October. He emails me right back saying he's interested in reading my new draft of The Fighter. I sent it to him with the document that listed all the changes.

I told him that it's interesting that he wants to read it. The producer John Kerr hasn't read it yet. I told GP I got the Flash Gordon dvds (he's on the show) and he tells me that he didn't even know it was out on dvd. lol.

Oh my God, I just saved the above paragraph, and he emails me back saying he'll give it a read. lol.

Jan. 26 Kit Cope: He's an MMA fighter and he has agreed to be in my movie back in June 2009. I emailed him today telling him that I have had many rewrites since the last time I contacted him. I asked if he wanted to read the new draft and he said: "Of course" so I sent it to him. He had read draft 6, so I sent him draft 9.

Joke: I have used the same joke on producer John, Giles Panton, and Kit Cope in the emails: "You don't call. You don't write. I was beginning to think you were seeing other writers." It's from CSI: NY.

Feelings: I've been feeling depressed. After I emailed GP and KC with my new draft of The Fighter, I feel this spark light up. There's this fire inside of me now. I have the fight in me.

Job: I was talking to my friend Sherry on IM. I told her I only worked at the call centre for 3 shifts this month. I hope it closes down, and S says the same thing. lol.

Jan. 27: It's been good this week. I worked full-time hours at the restaurant.

TV and Reality: In writing for TV, you have to put obstacles in front of your characters and you can't have the characters reveal all this information from the get go.

In reality, you don't put obstacles in front yourself and you can reveal all this information from the get go.

News: I read that CityTV is laying off a lot of people. Looks like I can't apply there.

Quote: I read John Mayer say: "So I'm going backwards to move forward." That could be used for my writing. Technically it was used for my job search(es).

There's a headline that says: "Easy to Control your future." (Underneath it said "obstacles such as job loss, economic downturn can be overcome with a plan.)

Teen Mom: I read in 24 that the Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham accused her mom Debra Danielson of choking and hitting her. I have seen 16 and Pregnant, and Debra did hit Farrah in the car. On Teen Mom, they show them not getting along, but then sometimes they do.

Weird news: I read in 24 that a 20 yr old woman Kati Moore sued Starbucks because her 24 yr old supervisor Tim Horton made "sex demands." Yeah, you read that right Tim Horton. The jokes write themselves.

This is serious though. Horton pleaded guilty to charges of illegal sex with a minor and spend 4 months in prison.

Fate and destiny: Do you believe in fate and destiny? There's the saying: "Everything happens for a reason."

Jan. 28 Reflecting: I've been reflecting on the past. I see how truly lucky I am that I have parents who can make money and get me to my math tutors. It's also good to have an overachiever sister to take her time out to help me in school. I can graduate out of high school by doing grade level classes and not just the bare minimum like Math 24 and Science 24.

I knew I couldn't get into college if I took those classes. However, I still managed to get into Professional Writing with mature student status because they only look at your Eng. 30 mark. Everything does happen for a reason. I am supposed to struggle a lot in school so then I would learn that hard work does pay off and appreciate success.

I learned the hard way. I also learned that the truth sets you free. It's a good thing my family did find out that I was struggling in school and helped me. They also learned that I have been struggling emotionally and mentally by being the only one in the family who isn't an overachiever.

If they weren't there, I guess I would have dropped out. By having their support, financial help in tutors, their time, I was able to graduate out of high school. I was able to gain self-esteem and confidence in myself. Even after I graduated out of high school, I struggled. It was hard to get into college, but I got into NAIT. It didn't work out because I wasn't good at graphic design. It was a disappointment. I learned not to give up. Just because you went into college, and it didn't go well, it didn't deter me. My parents paid for my college tuition, but I paid for my books.

Mob news: I read in the Globe and Mail that Italian organized crime is doing well. 75% of mafia profit is from selling drugs, specifically cocaine. That dirty money is funneled into the real economy.

Where the mob launders it's money:

22% construction
15% retail trade
13% tourism and restaurants
10.9% not identified
10% other services
9.2% gambling and betting
8.5% transportation
4.4% agriculture
3.8% real estate and financial services
3.4% funeral services

Does anyone think "not identified" and "other services" means prostitution? It made me think of the movie The Dark Knight. The first scene is about a mob bank. Maybe that's another service.

Sean Faris: I was watching The Vampire Diaries today and in the credits it said "With Sean Faris."

Me: Oh my God!

SF is the lead in the movie Never Back Down. I saw that movie and I liked it. He was in the TV show Life as we Know It in 2004. I saw some of it. That was short- lived just like the TV show he did in 2005 called Reunion. I never got to see that. He plays high school kids in all those roles. Well in NBD he's got some more range because he does MMA fighting here.

He seems to be a bartender who recently graduated out of high school on Vampire. Then it's revealed that he's a vampire. He played a soldier in Pearl Harbor. I saw some of that movie. I don't remember him. I just looked him up and he's in a movie called The King of Fighters which is based on the video game "King of Fighters" which I have never heard of.

I saw him on the cover of Men's Health magazine this month. He looks good.

Sean Maher: It was kind of weird. I was watching Human Target and I saw this dark hair guy and I knew his name was Sean Maher. I thought he was on The Mentalist where he was one of two nephews who were suspects in a murder case. I was half right. He was on the show, but he was in another episode. It's where he plays the mayor's assistant.

This is the guy from the old TV show Firefly and it's movie spin-off Serenity.

Motivation: I found motivation in the fact that if I am going to enter a screenwriting contest at Script Pimp, I would have to pay $45 to register. I entered into the Super Catalyst Emerging Screenwriter Award for free.

I can get Josh Miller to read my new script Rain for free as long as I complete it.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

vamp joke/ funny/ comparisons

Jan. 22 Vamp joke: I went on Youtube and found those sketches with Conan O'Brien's vampire assistant Cody Deveraux (Eric Callero). Here's one I haven't seen.

There's the vamp Cody, Wolfboy, and Frankenstein. Frankenstein is trying to rip the last bit of of his shirt off, but he couldn't. Wolfboy has to rip the rest for him.

Conan: When Wolfboy is improvising, you know you're screwed.
lol. Now we know that part was unrehearsed.

Tonight is Conan's last show. I heard he will be back with a new this fall, most likely on Fox. You guys can continue to watch the vamp sketches on Youtube. A really good one is when the real Jerry Springer appears to break up a fight between Cody and Wolfboy.

Treats: Yesterday I did a job interview for my old job Treats. There's going to be a new location at the Western Canadian Bank on Feb.1. There are 10 people going for 7 positions. It's from 7:45am to 4:15pm. I don't like waking up early, but I'm sure I will get free coffee from working there.

I hated working at Winners because it's from 7am-3pm and there was no free coffee. I had one cup at 6am, and I feel exhausted. I quit pretty soon. I got a call back from Marble Slab Creamery. It sells ice cream. I told them I wanted to work days and they were looking for 5pm-10pm shifts. I asked how much they paid, but then the guy hung up on me. Whatever.

Characters: I was watching some Simpsons and Lisa was reading a magazine called Non-threatening Boys. That inspired me. I need to create characters with an element of danger to them. It makes it more exciting.

Since we're talking about The Simpsons, I also saw that new Rihanna music video called "So Hard." It reminded me of the one where Bart joins a boy band called the Party Posse. The PP video had this military element to it because they were recruiting people to join the navy. In Rihanna's video there was military imagery in it too.

Inspirational: I was watching Conan O'Brien's last show. Towards the end he sounded a little choked up: "This is to everybody, especially the young people. Don't be cynical. It will get you nowhere. Not everything will go your way, and what you expect it will to. If you work hard, and are kind, you will be successful."

Jan. 23 Fun fact: Barry Manilow comes on and he said he wrote the song that goes like this: "I'm stuck on band-aids and band- aids are stuck on me."

Funny: Right after Conan, is Jimmy Fallon.

JF: I had my show for 10 months. Across from my studio is the show Late Night with Conan O'Brien who had his show for 16 years.
The audience cheers.
JF: It's now the Dr. Oz show.
He goes in and there are guys there. They all sing. JF then pours alcohol on the floor.
The audience cheers.

The lights come on.
Dr. Oz: What the hell are you guys doing on my set?
The guys ran away.

Graham Wardle: I emailed him on Facebook again. This time with my script pitch. We'll see if he replies.

Tosh. O: Here's a mild rant. A few months ago I mentioned that this show has lacked it's lustre from the first season. The third season's here, and it's not really good. As long as I don't watch it to get my hate on, like I did with Dr Phil and Maury, I'll be good.

Coincidence: Tosh.O did a Dateline: To Catch a Predator joke where there is a video of a little girl playing with her stuffed animals. Daniel Tosh then doctored the video to have guys coming out of her closet and mentions Dateline.

Earlier that day, I was on and someone said: "I was dumb enough to give him my address, but smart enough to not open the door." Maybe that's why I don't like Tosh.O much. The jokes got too dark. I mentioned the show "jumped the shark" (the show suck) the first season when Tosh showed a guy telling an abortion joke. I have to stay away from the things that get me depressed.

Comparisons: I'm doing some brainstorming, but I find it hard to be creative and original.

Handcuffed to a car: I thought about writing a character that's handcuffed to a car. That's been done before on Rush Hour. Jackie Chan was handcuffed to the steering wheel, but then he manages to take it off and runs around with it.

There was that old TV show Johnny Zero that was on Fox in 2004. Johnny was handcuffed to the door handle. J manages to rip the door off the car and when he's getting shot at, he holds up the door like his shield. lol. I also saw Eddie Murphy being handcuffed in 48 hrs, and he was stuck to the car. When the bad guy came, he used the door to hit him and stop him.

Righting wrongs: On Dark Angel season 1, Max could have done something to save this girl, but she didn't. Ten years later, she saves another young girl from the same man. On Johnny Zero, Johnny could have protected a young white guy in prison when J was there, but he didn't. Years later, he manages to right his wrongs. He has to give money to three different people to be able to arrange this young white guy from getting killed.

I really like the part at the end. The guy who was going to prison was going to jail for involuntary manslaughter for killing a young girl in a car accident. I remember the line where the guy's dad was asking Johnny for help: "He's 19 and he's white. He's not going to last 4 years in prison."

Johnny manages to get money to the three people to protect him when he's in prison. I love the advice that J gives him: "Give an anonymous note to the prison warden that you have drugs in your cell. When they check your cell and it turns out you didn't, then they'll know you're good." Also practice a religion. I

really felt for the guy in the episode when he is pulled into a hug by his dad. The kid was in his orange jumpsuit and handcuffed.
Kid: I love you dad.

Two siblings: There are two siblings living together as a sitcom. There is What I Like about You and Two and a Half Men. I thought up an idea about two brothers living together as a sitcom in 2005. Then it's not until 2008, I used it in my script The Fighter. The relationship had some comedy, but there was a lot of drama in it.

Bad guy working for the good guys: In She Spies, there were three beautiful women who went into prison. They then work for the good guys to get a shorter prison term. It was a good comedy. In the show Invisible Man, this guy Darren was going to prison, but he volunteers for this science experiment. It is to make him invisible, and he works for the good guys. His brother was a good guy and in charge of the experiment.

Sacrificing oneself: In the Invisible Man pilot, Darren's brother pushes him out of the way so Darren could live, and the brother took the bullet. In Dark Angel season 1 finale, Zack kills himself so he could give his heart to the lead character Max who was dead. He did sacrifice himself earlier in the season, by going back to Manticore so Max wouldn't.

Music: Have you ever heard of the British boy band JLS? I find that they are more of a R&B group. I only saw one video, and find them okay.

I've been listening to some music I haven't heard of like Ray J. I like his song "What I need" back in 2006, but I wanted to check out some other stuff. I like Robin Thicke's song "Magic." Right now I'm checking out his new music. I do like his song "Sex Therapy." I was thinking about RT because I saw his video a couple of days ago.

They showed his "Shooter" video with Lil Wayne. I then thought about pizza delivery during it when this girl showed up at the door in the video. It made me think of that She Spies pick up line I heard: "Do you want to come over to my place for sex and pizza? By the way, bring a pizza." lol.

Then in the video, there was a pizza delivery boy. That was a weird coincidence.

You get to read a 3rd weekly email instead of the usual 2 this week, because of my brainstorming. If I have writer's block and I can't write a script, I have to do other forms of writing like email.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

job search/ 18 to Life/ subtext

Jan. 18 Job search: Stop complaining about your job, and start look for another one. Today I passed out my resume to the following places:

1. Treats (Canada Place). I worked at a Treats before. I recognized the manager here, because he used to be the manager at Pasta Deli in City Centre. Sbarro has replaced Pasta Deli.
2. Ardene's (City Centre.) I worked there before, and I do have occasional contact with my old manager Dani on Facebook.
3. C'Est Sera, a clothing store in downtown. I never applied there before.
4. Sobey's. I applied there before in 2008.
5. Audrey's Bookstore. I applied there back in 2006 when I got laid off. My friend Sarah still works there.

6. Rexall. I never applied there before.
7. Marble Slab Creamery. They sell ice cream.
8. Mongolian Asian Grill. They said they weren't hiring, but they took my resume.

Weird: I went to another Treats, but they said they weren't hiring. I went to one and they're closed for renovations. Another one was closed for inventory. Another one was closed. It must be some sign for me to not work there?

Feelings: I got fresh air and exercise. I did something productive by going on a job search. However, I feel depressed. I am embarking on yet another job search. It reminds me of the line that Shane West's character Landon says in A Walk to Remember: "I am sick and tired of doing the same s--- all the time." The only good thing is that I am reading about Haiti and I see other people have it worse. It gives you perspective.

18 to Life: I finally checked out this new Canadian sitcom. It's on CBC. It's about two 18 yr olds who get married. I'm annoyed at people who get married before they're 25. However, this is a fictional show and it's a comedy so don't take it seriously. It stars Stacey Farber (Ellie from Degrassi) so that's good. Also they're getting married because they love each other, and not because they're pregnant. A lot of people under 25 (and over 25) get pregnant and get married. If they got pregnant, than it wouldn't really be funny.

This show is so Canadian. They mentioned Michael Buble (Canadian) and Arby's (also Canadian.) lol.

Community: While I'm at it, I did check out that other sitcom called Community. It's mainly mature students (people over 24) going to community college. It's kind of funny.

The Listener: In good news, you can watch The Listener on A-Channel Mon. nights.

Happy: I was watching Heroes, and David Anders appeared! I was so happy. I put that up on my Facebook status. lol.

Saying: I was watching Little Mosque on the Prairie and this guy said: "They put bits of information into one cohesive whole. I don't do that. I'm an investigative journalist." lol. I love that line. My weekly emails/ blog posts are that. You may think: "It's more of a patchwork since you put different topics into one thing."

My scripts are bits of information put into a cohesive whole. Well, or at least that's what I aspire to. lol.

Flashback: Today my sister showed me her blog where she watches Castle and puts all these pics of the actors together. She sees how they always wear similar fashion in all the episodes. That reminded me way back in 2002. I was looking up the old TV show Ghostwriter.

Someone did this piece called "The Shirt." It's where 3 different characters wear the same plaid shirt in different episodes. There were pics. I was like: "I never noticed that before. Good eye." lol.

Jan. 19 Shopping: Did you know that Oriental Home in City Centre mall is closing down? I wasn't really surprised because they always had these big signs about 50% off. It's kind of like New York Styles that had those signs and it closed down recently. Also Le Gnome in West Ed mall is closing down. It sells kitchen supplies so stock up if you want. Bus: I read in the Metro that buspasses will go from $74.25 to $81.50. Damn. Busfare will go from $2.50 to $2.75.

Guns: I'm sure you have heard about a woman who was pointing a fake gun to her neighbors, and the police told her to put it down. They then shot her. I saw the pic where they compare a real gun to a fake one, and they both look really similar. I'm with the cops on this one.

In 24, it said "suicide by cop" is where people who don't want to hurt anyone is goading the police to shoot them. It is "12% of all police-involved shootings in North America." I always thought the definition of "suicide by cop" is police shooting the suspect, and the person dying because the cops shot him. I remember reading that in the newspaper too.

Romantic: I was reading in 24 about a "How we Met" story. Bobby (24) knew this girl Coriana (23) when they were kids. Bobby moved away when he was 9 and 14 years later, Coriana added him as a friend on Facebook. They talked everyday after that, and one month later he went to Vancouver for New Year's.

The next summer he moved to BC and they're getting married. Awww...I don't know why this story I have to type it up. I read other stories in there, and they're nice everything, but I guess this one stood out because after 14 years, they find each other. lol.

Joke: That reminds me of a joke that Jimmy Fallon made a long time ago. JF (paraphrasing): In the news, this man and woman have been apart for 20 years. Her mom found this letter that he wrote to her when she was cleaning the fireplace. She then gave it to her daughter, and now she is getting married to him. That sounds like a movie that your boyfriend doesn't want to

Money: I've been watching my money even more closely, because I'm not working much. I used a coupon to get free coffee at A&W, used my $25 HMV gift card to buy the Flash Gordon dvds (only spent $6) , and used my $20 Tim Hortons gift card. Those were my Christmas gifts. I didn't spend any money last week.

Jan. 20 Channing Tatum: I was watching some TV and I saw the trailer called Dear John. I saw an ad on the internet about it. It stars Channing Tatum as a soldier and he falls in love with a girl played by Amanda Seyfreid. He then is stationed away. It comes out Feb. 5 in time for Valentine's day.

Me: I can see him playing a soldier. He kind of did in GI Joe.
Patrick: Yeah, and Stop- Loss.
Me: Oh yeah!

Writing: Today I emailed another producer pitching my script. I got some motivation yesterday when the customer John came into the Soup place and asked how my script was going. I told him I got 50 pages on Rain. Next time, I should have more. I typed up 3 more pages today and yesterday. I had written it, but typing it adds another level to it making it permanent.

Subtext: I was thinking about Ghostwriter again, and besides an essay about "The Shirt", there was one about "Rob and Lenni?" There seemed to be subtext that these characters liked each other. It made me think of my own script. Does it seem that Eddie likes Rain? There are two instances where it seems Eddie is protecting Rain from these two guys who she seems to be interested in.

That brings another flashback of years ago like late 90s from this YM magazine. These girls are asking guys for advice. I remember my sister saying: "I agree with everything this one guy says, and the other five guys are just stupid."

There is one question: "I told a guy friend how I felt and he said he's not interested. But when I tell him that I have a crush on other guys, he says they're not good enough. What does he mean?" The guy that my sister agrees with says: "This guy is playing you. He likes that you like him and he wants you to be interested in him. Forget that guy, and go out with someone else." I agree.

Monday, January 18, 2010

weird/ pregorexia/ Conan O'Brien

Jan. 14 Weird: That guy on the internet emailed me back. It's weird because I thought he was going to swear at me and call me names, but instead he says this:

"your right ! it is expired ! lol thats funny.are you sure you wouldent like to go for a coffee with me? just coffee , and just talk?i dont even know your name?"

Excuse me, but I dissed this guy and he comes and asks me out? Is this how you get guys? By being rude to them, and they'll keep pursuing you. Not to mention he doesn't even apologize for dissing my looks and attitude.

Writing: I got two emails from producers. One I emailed the script back in July 2009, and he read it. He rejected it, and I contacted him this month. He said that's he's not looking for new projects. The producer John Kerr actually emailed me back. The last time he emailed me was in July 2009. He says that the story needs to be developed into a "cohesive narrative." He says he will consider going into a "formal development arrangement" in the future.

Jan. 15: It was really productive yesterday. I buckled down and wrote the Rain script for two hours. I got 9 pages. I mainly typed up stuff I had written earlier, but it's still progress.

Job search: I did a little job search. I went through the classifieds and I see that an Italian restaurant on Jasper Ave is looking for full- time servers. Wait until next week, how the call centre goes before I pursue. Today I went through my school email and it said they're looking for on- campus residence supervisors.

That would be cool to live at a school and get paid to deal with people. I then looked at the application form and it said you need to be a full-time student with a 60% average. I can't apply.

I did call up this place that said $21/hr starting wage for Rain- Alta Holdings. They create technology for breathing defibrillators. Dave on the phone said it helps people with allergies. There is no marketing, call centre, or sales. He did say you need your own vehicle.

Funny: I was watching TV with Jonathan Torrens. He talks about the TV show Cheaters where they catch people cheating on each other.

JT: I hate how much I love this show.

lol. I love Cheaters, that show is so unintentionally funny. I find myself burst out laughing during it.

Boys club: In Rain, she is the only girl in this boys club. I was thinking about Detective Beckette being the only woman with these other cops in Castle. There's only woman in the Strategic Response Unit on Flashpoint. In The Mentalist and CSI: NY there is a little more guys than women on the team.

Writer's block: Here's how to beat it. Focus on quantity than quality in writing the first draft of a script. Get to 90 pages, and then edit. The writer Conni Massing told me to write shorter pieces than a big screenplay. But wait, I was watching Dexter, and they were doing season long story lines. There are 12 episodes which is 12 hours. 90 pages is 90 min of a story, so it is a shorter piece.

Jan. 16 Pregorexia: Have you heard of pregorexia? I was watching Tyra about how this woman is pregnant, and she's starving herself and overexercising so she won't gain weight during her pregnancy. She said that she and her boyfriend are in the entertainment industry. She's an actress/model and he makes music videos so he sees all these video models.

She knows that if she gets too curvy, he will look at other women. Tyra did tell her that she is hurting her baby. The woman's boyfriend's cousin told her too like: "That is my neice or nephew. You are shallow and you need to grow up." I think maybe one person in the back clapped. Or I was imagining it.

Tyra put it more eloquently: "Relationships aren't always permanent. They come and go. As for your baby, he will always be your baby. Your child will be in your life forever and you need to care of it. I have some people in the back who will give you counseling." See, Tyra does help people, and I'm going to miss her show when it's over.

I was kind of annoyed at that woman. She is shallow and needs to grow up. She's 22 and she should know better. She either shouldn't get pregnant, or at least if she did, she didn't have to stay pregnant. She should gain all the weight during her pregnancy, and then afterward she gives birth, she can work out as much as she can to lose it.

Glee: That reminds me of the joke where Sue Sylvester talks to Mrs. Shuester on Glee.

Sue: You're gaining weight.
Mrs. S: That's because I'm pregnant.
Sue: That's no excuse.

lol. That joke gets a pass because it's fictional, and it's stupid.

Haiti: I was reading on Yahoo news that, scientists had predicted there was going to be an earthquake in 2010, back in 2008. However, Haiti was still in recovery from four tropical storms and hurricanes. The article mentioned it would have been hard to mobilize a plan in 2yrs even in an industrialized like the US.

Conan O' Brien: In lighter news, Conan is in deals with NBC. Yahoo said that NBC will pay Conan to end his show. Conan may have a TV show by this fall. There was a joke last night on his show.

C: It was pretty rough getting to work this morning.
Cut to C getting out of his car.
Gun shots are fired at C. C pulls out his gun and starts shooting back.
C runs to the wall, and the announcer Andy Richter is shooting.
C: Cover me!
C and A run to the doors. lol.

James Franco: I saw him on new ep of 30 Rock where he plays himself. He didn't really look that good in the episode. It was kind of funny.

Jan. 17 Graham Wardle: I remember checking him out on Facebook a long time ago, and I only saw a fan group. Today I checked him out again, after watching his show Heartland. He's on Facebook, so I emailed him and added him as a friend. I told him that I did pitch my script The Fighter to the production company Seven 24 that produces his TV show. The company had read the script and rejected me back in summer 2009. I told them that I saw GW as my lead.

In my friend request email to GW, I told him that I saw him as my lead. It may spark his interest. He either emails me back and confirm me as his friend like the actor Giles Panton did (Joe on Flash Gordon.)

I emailed GP my script, but he hasn't really gave me an answer on being in it. He could end up being like the actor Eric Callero (the vamp assistant Cody on Conan O' Brien.) EC emailed me back, but he didn't confirm me as a friend which is okay.

Psych: I checked my email and I got a friend to confirm me as a friend on Facebook. I thought it was Graham Wardle and I got really excited. Oh wait, it's actually Wasan who I went to college with. I had asked her to be my friend earlier today. lol.

Jan. 18 Rant: I called the call centre today, and they said I don't have any shifts this week or the next. They did say that it could change next week. Today I'm going to pass out my resumes and revisit my old jobs. I worked at Treats in summer 2007. There are four Treats in downtown so I'm going to apply to all of them.

I have waited long enough for this call centre. They said it's going to get really busy in Jan and it isn't. At least I can put 4 months of that place on my resume. It's not going to hurt if I do my job search now. The only thing I'm losing is computer paper, ink, and staples that build my resume.

Lesson: The lesson is taking any job can be a risk. You may think you know the duties and how it works. You can do all your research about it, but you may still not know something.

Friday, January 15, 2010

coincidence/ ideas/ charity

Jan. 10 Coincidence: Yesterday I was talking with Justin.

J: So is the Jay Leno show still on?
Me: Yeah, it's really cheap to make (compared to prime-time dramas.)
Then I was reading the newspaper there, and there was a article about how the show isn't doing that well. An average rating is 4.73 million viewers, while a CSI:NY repeat gets 10.3 million viewers.

Then today I went on Yahoo news, and it says the show is canceled by Feb.12. I was kind of sad, though I don't even watch the show. I am a fan of his when he was on the Tonight show and saw his monologue every night. I don't watch his prime-time show because I want to watch my dramas.

Jan. 11 Crazy day: The Soup place called me today and I worked from 11:30am-4pm. Then I went to the call centre and they told me all my shifts this week are canceled. They said next week it will get really busy. I then took the bus back to the Soup place and worked for another 1hr and 15 min.

Good: There is some good news. One co-worker at the Soup place is going on vacation for the whole month of March, and one co-worker is cutting her hours for one week. I should be picking up all their shifts.

The Handmaid's Tale: I saw the first half of this movie on TV. It came out in 1990 and was based on a book by Margaret Atwood. This movie is so depressing. I'll rent to see the last half later. I heard about this book when I was studying MA's book Oryx and Crake in Eng.101 in 2006. I also saw her talk about her book at that time.

Interesting how these two books both remind me of the TV show Dark Angel and 28 Days Later. They're all set in a post- apocalyptic world. Handmaid's is set in a futuristic world where pollution has ruined the earth, and made most women sterile. The Handmaid is the one who is supposed to get pregnant and carry the baby for sterile couples. After watching one hour of this, I feel so emotionally drained and depressed. Now I must go and write about something else to get my mind off this.

News: I read in the Journal that the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), the Canadian version of the CIA is poor at gathering information. It was described to be like "fortune telling."

Onto lighter news, did you know that Maximum Fighting Club will be held at the Winspear Centre? Yeah, you read that right. Mix martial arts events will be held in something high class like the Winspear. I read it in the Journal. MMA events is often held in the River Cree Casino.

Glamorize: I was reading about 16 and Pregnant, and someone said that Gilmore Girls glamorize teen pregnancy. The character Lorelei gets pregnant at 16, keeps the kid and raise it has her own, and 16 years later, she is best friends with her daughter. The daughter is also a well-behaved kid who is an overachiever. She's the perfect kid.

It's bad to glamorize something as bad as teen pregnancy. Rappers glamorize violence and drugs. It made me think about my script The Fighter. At first it may glamorize crime and violence, but then it gets really bad.

Jan. 12 Good: Today was good because I worked at the Soup place from 10am-4pm. It was kind of interesting. I quit to work at the call centre and then they get two new workers. Yesterday two workers didn't show up, that's why I was called in. Today two workers didn't show up, because one was sick and the other had a day off. When I was working there before the call centre, I always thought they should hire one or two people because someone often doesn't show up. I got some hours.

DVD: Another good thing is that I got the new Flash Gordon dvds from HMV. However, when I put them in my PS2, it still didn't work on the same episodes. I then tried out all the FG discs, and they didn't work. I tried my She Spies and The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, and they worked. It must be my PS2. I then asked to use my sister's portable dvd player and now the FG dvds work. I still have to watch all of them to make sure it works. The answer is that FG dvds don't work on my PS2, but it works on my portable dvd player.

Pook: You know that store Pook that sells toques that are made of socks. I had a feeling they were here temporarily because I read in 24, they're packing up to go and sell their stuff at the Vancouver Olympics. On Sunday they closed. I talked about them to Justin who works right by them at City Centre, and he had a problem with one of the guys there. He comes in and is always asking for something.

Analyze: Entertainment has made me think. In the movie Daybreakers talk about how vampires are drinking up all the human blood, and the vampires will be starved to death. Flash Gordon is partly set on a planet called Mongo. That planet is running low on water. Both movies are giving the message of: "Don't waste your resources."

I read that Natalie Portman doesn't like doing romantic comedies. She says that in those kind of movies, the woman has to have a job in fashion to wear nice clothes and her goal has to be marriage. Not all movies. The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez is about her being a wedding planner. She was in Maid in Manhattan where she's a maid.

Weird: Did you know that Aaron Carter is a part-owner at a pizza place called Slice. He was on Dancing with the Stars and I read that he owed a $1 million in taxes. As long as he's not making music that's good.

Tiger: I read about this guy from London, Ontario who owned a tiger. It had mauled a 10 yr-old boy before. Now the tiger attacked and killed the owner. Here's the lesson: Don't own tigers as pets.

Saying: I was reading my horoscopes and it said: "Attack your goals with greater conviction."

Crime: I read in the Metro that the police stopped a man who had a handgun in City Centre Mall. It happened around 3pm at the ground level escalators of of the mall. There are 3 escalators: 1 by the LRT station, 1 by Ricky's Bar and Grill, and 1 by the Bay. I didn't see anything.

Ideas: Patrick was watching some Jersey Shore. I then thought about: "What if there is a TV show about security guards?" It's a drama. It would be unoriginal because it's about law enforcement. There is lots of action and drama in City Centre mall. Instead of security guards at a mall, it could be somewhere else. There are already two comedies about mall security guards: Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and Observe and Report.

Shore is about seven Italian- American twenty-somethings living together. I thought: "What if there are seven Asian-American twenty-somethings living together?" Have you even seen that before? Those Real World and Big Brother shows are a variety of races, ages, different professions hanging out together.

Race: On CNN they did "Black in America" and there was "Asian in America." CNN talked to these three Asians and they said something about how they are the "ideal minority." Lots of Asians are doctors and lawyers. I remember my mom saying about have you ever seen an Asian person that's homeless? She said that in China, having a home is the most important thing ever.

Here's another: Have you ever seen an Asian girl who got pregnant as a teenager? When you think of pregnant teenager, you think Caucasian or African- American. I did read on a reliable source on the internet that Asian teenage girls do get pregnant. But have you ever seen one? Race is one of those taboo subjects.

Charity: Rihanna is trying to get a bone marrow transplant for this Nigerian Olympic athlete. She has had two successful public pleas for bone marrow for two other people.

Jan. 13: You can go to or to help the people in Haiti who has been affected by the earthquake.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

funny and stupid

Jan 13 Funny and stupid: This is a great way to start off my day. This guy emailed me a few times on this online dating site, and I deleted his emails because I wasn't interested. Then he asks if he offended me in any way. I email saying:

"No, I'm just not interested so you can stop contacting me. Good luck."

He says:

"Look , its not my fault you look 35 in your picture, see i dident even look at your age before i contacted you cause you look my age ! SHUT UP and and next time just say no instead of just deleting without responding ! i took the time to write a real aint no model so stop acting like it !

PS. I heard ( Make up ) works good for girls your age :)"

At first I thought: "Ouch that hurt. Well this is even worse than that other guy who I emailed and IMed with for about 4 days, and he blocked me without explaining why. Though I knew why because my answers didn't match with his questions. It didn't seem to affect me, but I feel like my arms are shaking and I feel angry.

Here's my reply:

I have written back to say no to some guys, but one of them lashed out at me and said: "Why are you replying? You should have just deleted my email." Different strokes for different folks. That's why I just delete. I have emailed some guys too, and when they delete my emails, I don't go harassing them, I move on.

That's interesting that you diss me because I look like I'm 35. A lot of people guess that my age is younger than I really am. Your diss didn't really hurt me at all. Why are you telling me to shut up? You're the one who asked why I didn't reply back.

I know I'm not a model, and I don't act like it. You don't know me so don't act like you know me. I'm a real person too, so treat people like you want to be treated. When I email a guy and they delete my email, I'm fine with it.

By the way, go buy yourself a box of condoms because I know your last one was expired. :)

Maybe you guys are like: "Ha, ha!" I just sent it to him. The joke "So the other day I bought a box of condoms....because my last one was expired" is my favorite joke. I heard it on Comedy Network way back in 2000. I learned that if you're going to diss a guy about something, go diss him about not getting any.

I love that joke. I used it in one my portfolio pieces to get into Professional Writing. It was used in a fictional story. I then used that joke in my script The Fighter.

I totally remember how the stand up comedian looked like. He was in his mid to late twenties. He had curly blond hair and straight teeth. He had a great smile. He was wearing a really nice button down blue shirt and khakis.

That reminds me of 2001 when the website had this "Horror Date" section where this teenage guy complains about how dating sucks for guys. A whole slew of girls diss him by saying: "You must not be getting any." I told his stupid reasons for why dating sucks for guys to my sister, and she said the same thing about him not getting any.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flash Gordon/ The Situation/ In her Mother's Footsteps

Jan 8 Flash Gordon: I'm watching the Flash Gordon episodes that work on my PS2. I checked my blog and I have written a little bit about the show. I'm going to analyze this so I can improve my own writing. I like the fact that all the characters fit together and have a purpose.

The premise is that Flash is a regular guy without any superpowers. He got the nickname Flash because he's a fast runner. His dad died in a fire, however, there was no body found. He and his friends get to transport themselves to the other planet Mongo where they battle the bad guy Ming.

There's a point to this show, that he goes to Mongo to find his father. You have to have a deep meaning for going there. I don't care how adventurous, how much you like fun, excitement, danger or adrenaline; no one is going to go to another dimension if it wasn't really important like finding your father.

Flash Gordon (Eric Johnson): He's the lead. He's kind of a reluctant hero. He's a really good guy, because besides finding his father, he helps people in Mongo.

Dale Arden (Gina Holden): She is F's ex-gf and she's a news reporter. They do have feelings for each other, however she's engaged. Her purpose is to be the love interest, but at the same time for her job she is able to get access to weird things happening in town due to Mongo. I find that lots of TV shows have a news reporter to gain information.

Baylin (Karen Cliche): She is a tough girl from Mongo. She helps Flash to solve problems with Mongo. She also gives information on how Mongo is run. She is the muscle.

Dr. Zarkov (Jody Racicot): He is the brains. He was the assistant to F's dad before the dad got sucked into Mongo.

Ming (John Rolston): He is the big bad guy who runs the city and is drunk with power. He tortures people.

Rankol (Jonathan Walker): He is Ming's right hand man. He is a scientist.

Aura (Anna Van Hooft): She is Ming's daughter. She is beautiful, but she is smart. She can't always be trusted, but she does help Flash sometimes.

Joe (Giles Panton): He is Dale's fiancee. He is the obstacle between Dale and Flash. He is also a cop so he can get information on the weird things that come from Mongo that happen in town.

Writing: I do like the writing of this show. I was always at work, and when I come home I only see the last half of it. Now when I watch the full- length episodes, it is good. I find that it is clever. They get into big problems in the episode, and they figure out a way to get out of it.

Second Life: Have you ever of this fantasy computer game? I was reading in 24 about it and how injured or disabled people interact together.

News: I read in Metro that according to a British study that 87% of Afghan women said they were victims of violence, half of it sexual. In 2008, more than 80 women committed suicide by setting themselves on fire. Most of them were in their early 20s. That is sad.

It also gives me perspective on my life. Sure, I'll rant about small things like my job not giving me enough hours, but my life is good.

I also read that this ex-prostitute loses this case against this school. It happened in the Netherlands. Maria Mosterd said Thorbecke School should have done more to prevent pimps from being around the school. They should have contacted her mother about her absences. The pimps took her from her school and made her work as a prostitute.

It kind of reminded me of what ex-boyfriend told me about girls working at a high school. That johns come and pick them up. I don't know if it's true, but it sure sounds believable. I read the newspaper everyday, and I haven't heard about that.

20/20: They interviewed the model Katie Piper who was raped by her boyfriend. She was then later had sulfuric acid threw on her face out on the street. Cameras caught everything. The boyfriend got two life sentences and has to serve at least 16 years. His accomplice who threw the acid got life sentence and has to serve at least 12 years.

That gave me some more perspective on my life. She has post- traumatic stress disorder, but after a year and a half she rebuilds her life. Her face still has this red blotches on her, but it's a great improvement than how she looked originally after the burn.

Funny: It was kind of a coincidence. I was watching Giles Panton on Flash Gordon, and then I was watching 20/20 tonight and I saw his Moore's commercial. I'm Facebook friends with him, and he said on his status update asking if anyone has seen that commercial. He is supposed to be getting paid for it and he needs evidence.

I and 18 other people were posting comments to his status about when we saw it and what channel. lol.

Jan. 9 The Situation: This is the situation here: By the end of Jan., it turns out if my shifts are still 12-15hrs a week (or less), I'm quitting the call centre. Let's break down the math here. Below are the part- time hours 15-20hrs a week:

$12x15hr=$180/hr at the call centre
$9x20hr= $180/hr at a retail store or restaurant

30hrs is full- time hours

Retail and restaurants are good, because they give you guaranteed hours. It has come to the point that I rather work more hours for less pay. Though it will add up to more money than working at a call centre. My manager Jaspal says it will get busy mid- Jan.

Saying: There is a saying called "Patience is a virtue." I don't want to jump ship right before it gets really busy. After Jan., I'm going to keep working there, and start passing out my resumes until someone else hires me. Then quit the call centre.

Feelings: Instead of wasting your time complaining about your lack of hours, start looking for a office job on the internet. I'm going to say it: I feel unmotivated to look for an office job. I feel like I won't get it. You don't know until you try.

In her Mother's Footsteps: Right now I'm watching the 2006 TV movie In her Mother's Footsteps. It's really good, and it inspires me. It stars Emma Caulfield (Anya from Buffy.) It kind of reminds of the TV movie Obituary about how the lead character is a woman who has some mental problems and believes she may be going crazy. Obituary didn't have anything supernatural and it did remind me of my script Outlier.

Footsteps starts off with EC's character Catherine having a nightmare. She is then told by this lawyer that her dad has died, and she inherited this big house he bought for her. He had abandoned her when she was 14. I like how the information is slowly revealed. Her mom died, and C suspects her dad killed her. He was cleared of all charges.

Her mom is supposedly psychic. C moves into the house and weird things start to occur. C starts seeing 4 wet women in her dreams and in real life. She also starts seeing her dad. I was then able to figure out that it was her dad who killed those women. Paramedics come to see C because she passed out, and C finds this ring in the basement.

It was from her vision. The paramedics sees there's blood, and the police get involved. C's dad has a lot of money because he won the lottery. C then pays the police to have dogs sniff her huge yard and pay scuba divers to go into the water and find a dead body.

To add another layer to the story, C's first husband died in a car accident. C remarries and it turns out her new husband is cheating on her. He is drugging her to make her go crazy and be institutionalized. He would then get all her money.

It was scary and creepy. It was well-written. It did remind me of the TV show A Haunting where people talk about when they deal with the supernatural. Usually a family moves into a haunted house. Weird and scary things occur, and they hire some paranormal investigators or psychic to do a seance.

Just like Obituary, the lead character looks like she may have committed the murder and she has to clear herself. Fortunately she quickly does. It looks like she committed it because no one else knows the murders, but her. She could profit from it because she wrote two books about her psychic mom.

The police figure out her husband has been drugging and using her. There are some red herrings like her dad must have committed murder, but he was bed-ridden with cancer. Then it looks like the groundskeeper did it, but he committed suicide. I love the ending, it was powerful and climatic.

It answers the question the cop did it. Through a quick flashback, his mom was a prostitute, and she tied him up with yellow rope. He was traumatized and that's why he killed the 4 prostitutes. C calls her woman cop friend, and it turns out she heard everything about the cop confessing to it.The 4 women ghosts come and tie him up and kill him by starting a fire.

They avenge their deaths. C is reunited with her daughter, and C sees her ghost dad. Great movie.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

American Greed/ Danijel Mandic/ Time to Win

Jan. 4 American Greed: This a TV show that Patrick watches. They covered Lou Pearlman, the guy who created Backstreet Boys and Nsync. I remember in summer 2008 I read that he got arrested for embezzlement and fraud. This episode went really in depth. It was unintentionally funny.

At first LP did a career in blimps, by putting advertisements on it. Then he veered into boy bands. He did make an airplane company, then expanded to a record company. He had a restaurant called Pearl Steakhouse. He said that he had 80 planes, millions of dollars, when really he had one plane.

The highlights were old boy band members Take 5 were there. Jeff (went by Clay) and his brother Ryan were in the band. They said something about how they were getting $500/month at first, and then $2000/month. They can interview these guys, and only show footage of Backstreet Boys and Nysnc. These boy bands may not be making any music right now, but they are still really famous. They talked to Dana Wright (former BSB manager).

They discussed BSB lawsuit against LP for $10 million. Nsync lawsuit to be freed from the contract. They settled out of court by paying $30 million to LP. It was all over the entertainment news that LP wasn't a good manager in 2000, 2001 if his bands are suing him. In 2006, I remember Lance from Nsync did an interview with 20/20. He said he was performing every night, but really making $35/day.

They showed some unseen footage of the O-town auditions like Dan Miller singing. It was funny to see FBI at LP's mansion taking boxes of evidence out of it.

Flashback: Yesterday, I was brainstorming ideas on how to write for Danijel Mandic and this scene came to me. It was from the comedy show Weird Science in the 90s. I had to look up the characters name. Wyatt and Gary are computer nerds. There was a scene where Wyatt's big brother Chett reveals that he hides guns in the home.

Outside there was gravel. Then Chett lifts up this rug, and all the gravel is removed, and there were these big machine guns lying there. I was like: "Whoa. I didn't expect that. That's a good hiding place, but at the same time you should have those guns locked up."

Gary: Is this safe?
C then said something about war.

Danijel Mandic: I looked up my blog, and it turns out I wrote about this guy 3 times already. Get ready for a 4th post. I was imagining him in different roles. I re watched Flashpoint's episode "Between Heartbeats" the other day. His character Petar became a sniper to protect his village. I also saw him play a soldier being reunited with his family in Degrassi goes to Hollywood.

I can see DM playing a special- ops guy, soldier, security guard, cop, private investigator, police informant, vigilante, paramedic, and karate teacher. He did pretend to be part of the Strategic Response Unit (SRU) to gain access to a building to get more sniper shots. I can see him being a serious, tortured hero. A sympathetic bad guy who's tough.

I did see him in the mini-series Guns where he plays a DJ. I can imagine him being a bartender. It's kind of hard to imagine him other than law enforcement roles.

Jan. 5 Dollhouse: I was thinking about the episode where there were a lot of plot twists and surprises. It was unpredictable and clever. It's where the senator played by Alexis Denisof (Wesley from Buffy and Angel) was with Echo. At the beginning you think AD's wife is a doll because AD says: "It's like she was made for me."

Then later it turns out AD is the doll, and his wife is his handler. Psych! I wouldn't have thought of that. There's something about Law and Order: SVU always trying to throw in plot twists, but I can often predict them. Mainly because they usually have to have a dark or bittersweet ending.

Charity: I was reading in 24 about how the Youth Emergency Shelter needs money. Here's a New Year's resolution: donate money to charity. You can send like $5/ month to any charity of your choice. It kind of annoys me that everybody donates in Nov. and Dec., but not of money goes to charities the rest of the year.

Or you can donate time by volunteering. Donate what you can afford.

Bridge: Here's a mild rant. They're closing down Dawson Bridge and it's going to add 10 more minutes to my bus route. It's going to be closed to Nov. for renovations.

News: In 24, the Canadian Hiring Forecast said that 29% of employers are going to hire more permanent and full-time employees. That's good.

In Metro it said:
2009: 27 murders, 15 solved
2008: 35 murders, 10 solved

The numbers say less murders, and more are solved.

Script: I emailed John Kerr updating my progress in the script. I emailed another producer if they're producing movies this year. I contacted 7 producers in total to see if they want to produce it. I contacted a couple of them 6 months ago, and maybe things have changed.

Josh Miller has rejected The Fighter. However, he said that he will read another script from me that's a different project. That should motivate me.

Jan. 6: I read in Metro that 52 unmarried Muslim couples are facing charges for sexual misconduct and possible jail terms for being caught alone. They were arrested by Malaysia's Islamic morality police. I didn't know there was that kind of police. Y

ou can be arrested for being together with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Fortunately in Canada we don't have that kind of police.

Joke: That also reminds me of that joke on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment. There is guy wearing a stuffed alligator suit. It had on a baseball cap and sneakers. He was selling drugs, and the police caught him and arrested him.

Alligator: Oh what? It's against the law to wear an alligator suit? You wouldn't treat Barney like this!

Graham Wardle: I told one production company for what it's worth is that I see Graham Wardle playing the lead in Fighter. GM plays Ty on Heartland. I typed him up on my blog twice already.I can also see Daren Kagasof (Ricky from Secret Life of the American Teenager) playing the lead. I will say both the characters Ty and Ricky are bad boys with good hearts. That is how I describe my lead Shawn.

Rant: I talked to one of my supervisors at work. I was told Jan. is going to be really busy at the call centre, and this week it wasn't. He said in mid-Jan. it will get really busy. I got 12 hours scheduled, and then one of the shifts was canceled and I got an hour cut off. That's about 7 hours I'll be working.

Jan. 7 Flash Gordon: Here's another rant. I bought the Flash Gordon dvds from HMV. I took the discs home and watched the pilot. Then I saw the second episode was skipping. Then the 3rd, 4th episode didn't read at all. Then the 5th episode was skipping.

I went to downtown and told them about it. HMV said they'll call me when they get the new dvds transferred to the store. I then watched the 6th episode on a 2nd disc, and it worked fine. Then it had trouble reading the 7th ep.

Time to Win: It's just like the song from Down with Webster. I just did a survey for McDonald's so I can get a chance to win a weekly prize of $1000. The other day I filled out a survey to win $10,000 from this funeral home. They asked questions about if you have ever planned a funeral before.

At my call centre, they created this reward system. If you get the most completes, you win some sort of mystery prize. That's good because ever since I started the job, I kept track of how many completes I had per day. Then I add it up to per week.

As Virgil said: "New year, new rules." That means were not allowed to use the internet for fun during our breaks or at all there. That's fine. I'm not angry. I am at the lack of hours. It sure makes me appreciate working at retail. At least I'm guaranteed hours.

Monday, January 4, 2010

joke/ inspired/ cool question

Jan. 2 Joke: I remember celebrating New Year's in Calgary back in 2003. I was listening to the radio and the DJ said: "Now that the holiday season is over, the family can now go back to hating each other." lol.

Also from listening to the Calgary radio, I heard a guy call in the station.

DJ: So how was your New Year's?
Guy: Bad. My girlfriend broke up with me.

News: I was reading in 24, did you know that divorces are high in Jan. and Feb.? In fact, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anistion divorced in Jan. 2005. It's because people want a fresh start. Oh yeah, I broke up with my boyfriend at the beginning of 2009. He broke up with me in beginning of 2008. I guess everything kind of balances out. lol.

16 and Pregnant: Now that the holiday season is over, I can go and talk about negative stuff. That's right, I've been holding it back because I didn't want to be a downer. I need to get it out. I was reading about 16 and Pregnant on and people were saying they were annoyed because they don't show abortion on this show. They discuss of course not, because the episode can't fill a hour. Not to mention the fact there are abortion fanatics out there. If they find out that you got an abortion, and figure out where you live, they'll harass you.

It also reminded me of the Cheaters episode where this woman finds out her boyfriend was cheating on her and she says: "I even got an abortion for you! I should have kept that f---ing baby!" Then I thought: "Will people harass her for it?" Maybe not because it's good that it's on TV. It's giving the message that abortion fanatics want to give: "If you get an abortion, you will regret it." The woman regrets it, so they shouldn't harass her.

Aftermath: World without Humans: I saw this documentary the other night. It was on before, but I missed it. It's good. What if humans suddenly disappeared off the earth? The earth would be cooler because humans emit body heat. Did you know that 100 million birds die a year because they hit the glass windows? At night, there are lights on in the office buildings, and birds get confused by the lights. They circle around the building for hours, and they die from exhaustion.

The pet dogs will become packs and then hunt down smaller animals like other dogs. It happened before in 2005 for Hurricane Katrina. Lots of people abandoned their pets.After 2000 years, everything will go back to normal before humans came. All the animals will repopulate. Forests will grow back.

Prediction: I'm going to make a prediction for 2010. I'm predicting Malatest will close down this year. Well Ipsos closed down in 2006, Leger did in 2008, and Convergys did too. I haven't been to the City Centre location in a long time. I went there in 2006, and tried to get a job there. They didn't hire me.

A year or two later, it was being renovated. I then went there last month, and where Convergys was, it's replaced by City of Edmonton office. I talked to Ray about it, and she said the location in Millwoods closed down too.

Scene: Onto lighter stuff, I saw 48hrs, and there was a scene that reminded me of my writing. Eddie Murphy is a black guy walking into a bar playing country music. Everybody is wearing cowboy hats, and he stands out. I have a scene where a character walks into a Goth bar, and he stands out. I'm kind of stuck on this scene.

Jan. 3 Inspired: Today I was watching Desperate Housewives and I was inspired. I know it's fictional, but they did this segment of what if Lynette's baby has physical disability. There was a scene where L tells her 12 yr old son Patrick to make his own sandwich. He has a crutch to walk around in. They are arguing, and he does make his own sandwich.

Cut to later, and he is the valedictorian in law school. I remember watching these twin African-American brothers on Montell Williams. The brothers said that doctors didn't think they would live long enough, and have physical and mental disabilities. They are healthy and honor students. This is something I saw way back in 2003?

Actors: I saw the closing credits, and the actor who plays the law student is named Anthony Traina. I really liked the casting of 12-yr- old Patrick and the older version of him. He really does look like Lynette's kids. The both have reddish-brown hair and relatively look like each other.

Abortions: I had a flashback a few hours ago after writing about abortion fanatics. I remember like what- 10 years ago I saw an out-of-control teenage girls episode on Jenny Jones. JJ was interviewing this girl.

JJ: You got pregnant when you were 13?
Girl: Yeah.
JJ: Then you got an abortion?
Girl: Yeah.

She didn't act like she regretted it. Maybe abortion fanatics will get her. If she really is bad as in she disrespects her family, teachers, and wants to be a stripper, then that's fine if abortion fanatics harass her. However, she could possibly be an actress. JJ could have hired actresses to be out-of- control teenage girls to get ratings.

A few months ago I talked about how it turns out Tyra Banks hired paid actors to be her "panel of haters." The producers got the actors to say all these mean comments and it was all a show.

A few hours after I thought about that, this other flashback came to me. It was back in 2003 when Dr Phil was actually good. This woman said that she got an abortion to keep her boyfriend who's a scumbag. He cheated on her, and he got other girls pregnant while he was with her. She didn't act like she regretted the abortion. The good thing is she dumped him at the end of the show. I think she's a real person, and not an actress.

Weird: I also thought it was kind of weird that the boyfriend didn't come on the show, and when they showed video footage of him, they pixalated his face. This is the kind of guy who goes on the Maury show, and they don't bother hiding his identity. He would be on the lie detector and paternity test shows.

The important thing is, I don't watch trashy talk shows. I just remember them.

Heist: I was reading The Globe and Mail and it covered this heist in Britain. It was turned into a book. The criminals who did it were part-time cage fighters and drug dealers. The article talked about the stupidity of the bank hiring people from these agencies. They pay them like $9.63. It occurred back in 2006. Banks should be paying more than that. Certainly over $10.

Moving tip: Also from the newspaper, they always say: "Location, location, location" when moving. It's not only that, but also the economy. Is the economy good, are there a lot of jobs there? If not, then don't move.

Charity: The other day I was on the bus, and this guy sat by me. He asked for a quarter because he needed to make a phone call, and he's got 10 cents. I gave him one.

Then we started talking.
Me: Why don't you have a cell phone?
Guy: I just got out of jail. I need to call my boss, because he needs to pay me.
Me: Why can't you go to his office?
Guy: He doesn't have one. I'm a subcontractor, and I do things under the table. Oh what? You want your quarter back?
Me: No, you can keep it.

I told him he could go to Hope Mission. He and I got off at City Centre and he went straight to the pay phone. I doubt he was playing me. Can you really think up a story like that in less than one minute? S

ome people are good liars, but I think he was telling the truth if he's going to the pay phone. If he lied, well he only played me for a quarter.

Shopping: In other news, did you know that New York Styles in City Centre closed down? I wasn't really surprised. I always thought it was going to close down because for a few years the signs always said "Blowout sale" and "75% off."

Cool question: I was at Carlton Cards and I saw this cup that had this question: "What would you attempt to do if you know you cannot fail?"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

changes/ funny/ Happy New Year!

Dec. 30 Changes: First Oprah's leaving, then Tyra Banks, and now Conni Massing. Well CM isn't a talk show host, but she was the writer who helped me with my writing. She said her contract was to work at the library for a year. A new guy is going to take over her place. That's why she's not going to look at my script. Well at least there is a replacement.

Rob Thomas: Now that I have free time, I caught up on TV episodes I missed like 90210. I remember reading the Veronica Mars book Neptune Noir, where VM creator Rob Thomas said he didn't want to do a show with teenagers doing sexy things. VM was a good mystery show. Now look at RB, he's doing a TV show about teenagers doing sexy things.

I'm not saying he's a sell out. He didn't think up 90210, he's helping remake the 90s show. It's not even a step down for RB. I'm sure he's making a lot of money, so this is a step up to be on this successful show.

It made me think of myself. People would say: "Here's the girl who wrote something so good like The Fighter, and now she's working on the crappy TV show Secret Life of the American Teenager?"

The Hunter: I buckled down today and typed up the 4 pages of The Hunter outline. It's a vampire script. However, I have overdosed vampires and it's too common right now. What's interesting is that earlier that document was corrupted so that's why I had to type it up again. This time I emailed it to myself.

Another interesting thing is the documents that weren't corrupted on the disk, doesn't have anything to do with vampires. It's a sign to go and write about a corrupt company.

News: I read in The Globe and Mail about how two brothers who were given up for adoption were reunited when they met each other at the same warehouse they worked at.

Then there's a piece about how two Chinese women were unknowingly married to the same man, and the women worked together. That sure reminds me of CSI: NY and Castle.

I read in the Journal about this Robin Hood gambler. He lives in Las Vegas and he sets up a website where people who deserve money to pay off medical bills or whatever, get money from him. Robin Hood can only give away $50,000. He only gets the money for the people by gambling. His identity is hidden, but he is considered a "whale." That means high- rollers.

Glee: I caught up on two Glee episodes I missed. Mr. Shuester talked about how the Glee kids are outcast. It kind of reminds me of this script I write called The Outcast. It was about a group of unpopular teenagers. However, it should be called The Outcasts. The story was undeveloped because why are these people friends? At least with Glee, they all like singing and dancing.

It also made me think of Choral class in gr.10. The class was so unpopular, because there was only one class. All the grades were combined. Art and Drama, you can separate the grades.

NLT: One of the Glee kids, Kevin McHale (the wheelchair kid) is in a real life boy band called NLT. I finally checked out their video "Karma." The clothes are good, and the setting looks futuristic. The dancing was tight. I was impressed with the dancing. The guys, I didn't really find any of them attractive. However, I am 24 and they seem like teens.

Then I checked out the other video "She said, I said (Time We Let Go)." I like their fast dancing to a ballad. I like that kind of dancing like in Ciara's ballad "Promise." In this video, it really showcases their singing. I then read a Youtube comment: "Why did NLT break up? It's a shame. Them white boys can sing." lol.

Dec. 31 Song: I was looking up some more NLT, and I found their song produced by Timbaland called "Better Than Me." It's got a great beat to it, and I saw them perform it live. Their dancing is great. I can really jam to this song. It's about singing to a girl who's got a boyfriend, but he's not "better than me." lol.

Funny: I was checking out Travis from NLT and I went on

There was this audio on July 25,2009. You hear a guy's voice say: "Oh my God, oh my God, I can't believe I'm talking to you. I don't know if you know who this is, but it's Kermit the Frog." I burst out laughing. It really does sound like him.

It's a good joke because it's unpredictable. I really thought it was a real fan calling him to leave a message. There are music artists out there, like Donnie Klang (Making the Band 4) and he gave this number out on his myspace page so you could call him. You hear Kermit yell shut up to Miss Piggy and dissing her. He also sings "Happy Birthday" to Travis. lol.

Rear Window: I finally got to see this 1954 movie on TV. I first knew about it when The Simpsons made fun of it. Bart broke his leg and spied on his neighbors with a telescope. He suspects Ned Flanders killed his wife. Screenwriting for Dummies said it was a really good movie so I had to check it out. The movie Disturbia starring Shia La Beuof kind of copied it too.

Now onto the actual movie. I found it boring, but somewhat more interesting than the 1984 movie 48hrs. I wasn't really annoyed at the lack of technology. Of course when the lead character's girlfriend snoops into the neighbor's place, if there was a cell phone, he would be calling her to not go in there.

The same thing happened with Lisa on The Simpsons. However, Lisa and Bart are kids and they didn't have cell phones because of their age. The episode was made in the early 90s, where cell phones existed, but weren't very common then.

Jan. 1 James Dean: I was thinking about the 1955 movie Rebel Without a Cause. Yeah, it was really dated, but I wasn't distracted by the rotary phones, or the milk from glass bottles. I only concentrated on James Dean. I was so obsessed with this guy back in 2004.

It was way back when I was at NAIT, and they were selling these posters. I saw this black and white photo of a guy and there were words underneath it. It said: "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." -James Dean. I then looked around at the other posters, but I had to go and spend $10 on it. I put it up in my room, and it's still up.

Happy New Year!: I celebrated it by staying at home, as usual. I was listening to the Bounce radio station and dancing to it. Then I got a phone call from my friend Sonia wishing me a happy new year. I had called her earlier and she was returning my call. I never got a phone call on New Year's before, so that's a first.

I checked my email today and my friend Jessica emailed me. I called and left a message yesterday too. She said she was out of town in the email. That's a coincidence because the last time I called her was Jul.1, and she said the same thing. I seem to get her when she's out of town.

Jan. 2 Theme song: For the record, I love the song called "Time to Win" by Down with Webster. It will be my theme song for The Fighter. I want to get the rights to that song and use it during the montages.

That kind of reminds me of that TV movie Lesser Evil. It was an average movie. You got a strong female character putting a bad guy in prison. The song that they played twice was "Crushed" (remix) by Rosette. I like the original ballad version. The song was used because it played during the fashion show in the beginning, and then at the closing credits.

It wasn't a theme song for the movie, it was just a song they used. The show was shot in Vancouver, and Rosette was a Canadian artist. Down with Webster is Canadian.