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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

crazy news/ discipline/ Catfish

Aug. 28 Crazy news: I found this on Yahoo called "Wrestling sister take down hit and run suspect." Brittany and Brienna Delagado are on the Oklahoma University Wrestling team. They were riding with their grandma when they saw a car collision. The driver of the car ran out. The sisters chased after him and tackled him and held him down. Good for them.

Discipline: I was reading The Globe and Mail about parenting. When your child does something wrong like steal, don't humiliate and shame your kids to discipline them. Kids don't have the emotional ability to handle it. They will grow up with lower self- esteem and confidence. It was talking about a woman in Australia who found out her 10 yr old son stole candy from a store and she made him wear a sandwich board on a street. It said: "Don't trust me because I'm a THIEF."

Another case was a kid called his teacher a jackass, and his mom made him wear a sandwich board saying something like, I can't remember. Uh, "I called my teacher a jackass, honk if you think I need an education." The mom in Australia had a really hard time disciplining him. She took him to jail cells, the police station, a visit to juvenile hall and it still didn't work. This was her last resort. The solution mentioned in the article was: Take him to the store and get him to apologize to the owner. Don't go back there unless accompanied by an adult.

In the teacher case, apologize to the teacher. He may get detention and write lines: "I will not call my teacher mean names."

Teenagers: Teenagers can not really be shamed. Or not as easily as kids. I was thinking about those out of control teenager girls on the Maury show. The girls come out and the audience of 200 people are booing her. She would give them the finger and say: "Whatever, whatever, don't be hatin', don't be hatin'." These girls aren't ashamed.

You need to pull out the bigger guns. You send them to a woman's prison, boot camp, or get that really built black guy who's a motivational speaker to talk to them. After a day or two of intense therapy, they will straighten out. They will come back and say: "I don't want to be a stripper anymore. After I was at that women's prison I realized that it could be my future unless I change now." There are also the video post cards where they tape a message to Maury where they thank him for his help.

Catfish: Today I was watching 20/20 The Sixth Sense. It talked about the documentary Catfish. It stars Nev Schulman who falls in love with a girl named Megan on Facebook. I missed the first 20 min. of it, but I saw the last 40 min. of it. I then got the other names from Wikipedia. Nev lives with his brother Ariel and friend Henry.

Nev gets an email from this 8 yr old girl Abby Pierce. She had painted this painting of one of N's photo. They became Facebook friends, and all these people are in Abby's network. N then falls in love with A's beautiful older sister Megan. N and his brother and friend all start filming this entire online long- distance relationship for 9 months.

Then they start thinking it's not real and N, Ariel, and Henry all go to Michigan where Megan supposedly lived. They go the address of this one farm, and no one's there because it's at night. Prior to it, they sent all the film footage to their editor in case they don't come back.

The next day they go to Megan's house. It's all being filmed. N meets the mom Angela. She invites them in. She introduces them to her husband Vince, and then her two mentally and physically disabled step sons. Then there is Abby who isn't even an artist at all.

It turns out Angela Wesselman created all these fake people. Angela is 40 something yr old housewife and she had made all these paintings. She put it on the internet expecting support, but got a lot of disses. So she created it that the paintings were from an 8 yr old girl prodigy so people would be nicer to her.

She chose Nev randomly. It starts off small pretending to be an 8yr old girl, but you can't have a Facebook profile without any friends. Angela had to create all these other characters to support her one character. N and his friends even said: "You can create all these characters if you're Shakespeare or J.K. Rowling."

20/20 interviewed Angela about why she did all this. After creating one 8yr old girl, she created Megan. From this online relationship she had with Nev, in a way it's like she fell in love with Nev, but Nev certainly fell for her. She used the internet to escape her life by living her fantasy life.

When N and his friends came to visit her, she said she knew the day was going to come when her fantasy life would end. It was exhausting to keep up this online. She said she won't do it again because it was so hard. She discussed that she doesn't have multiple personality disorders because she can pretend to be so many people.

I think she's very creative. She paints and can seem to write if she can do voices of other people online. She should use her creative energy to keep painting and write, and not pretend to be someone online.

It's called Catfish, because Angela's husband Vince said this (paraphrase): "When fisherman catch fish, they put all the codfish in one place. They put a catfish in it so it could make the codfish more agile. We need catfish in life to always keep us humans always guessing. If we aren't, then we would be boring and never grow."

Aug. 29 Dance: I really wanted to watch the Britney Spears tribute on the MTV Music Video Awards. I saw the part today on Youtube. It's really good. Lady Ga Ga is talking about her, and then they showed the performance. The dance number was kind of short though. They played a medley of some of Spears's songs and they had about 20 dancers dressed like her in her videos, all dancing together on stage. It was good choreography.


"If your parents die, you become a superhero": I read a review about Columbiana in the National Post. This movie isn't shown to critics. The article talked about: "If your parents die, you become a superhero." Like in Batman Begins.

"If parents or loved ones die, you have to avenge their death": I thought that up when I saw the Columbiana trailer like The Princess Bride.

Aug. 30 Job search: I did an interview for the optometrist clinic and they called me and rejected me. That's okay.

I kind of dreaded doing this, but I called that law firm where I did that "crazy interview." I was studying my computer book for 5 days afterwards. They said the receptionist position has been filled. I know, it's been 12 days since the interview. By studying my book, I took some time off my job search.

Rant: I was kind of under the impression that I was going to get hired at the law firm. He said to me to call him on Mon. when I get my schedule and he may work something out for me. I wasn't really hired.

Yeah, well at least it wasn't as bad as Call Centre #3 back in 2007. I thought I was hired and did a day of training. Then they told me to call next week to get my schedule. Then when I called, they said they didn't really hire me and they're going with someone else. At least I got paid when I did that day of training.

Yesterday, I went back on Kijiji, and there were 10 pages of job ads I had to go through. Most were staffing agencies and I didn't miss out on anything. Yeah, well at least I forced myself to study and write my Rain script.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

family/ parents on TV/ genders being mean

Aug. 26 Family: One of my friends emailed me back in how she says that since her parents were divorced when she was 3, and her dad wasn't really around to raise her. She would consider herself to have one parent. Okay.

Parents on TV: I wanted to add to that Flashpoint ep where the mom is angry at the strip club owner for having her 17 yr old daughter work there. It was a little too unbelievable.

Sausage Factory: There was that The Sausage Factory ep where Gilby and Zack got a job at a video store. Gilby was letting teenage boys rent out porn tapes. One of the (customer) boys dad comes in and says: "So you're the guy who was letting my son rent out porn tapes, I'm going to beat you up for that!"

When I saw a man coming in to beat up the one who let his son rent out porn tapes, I didn't predict that was going to happen. I did believe it could happen. I guess because men are more likely to get angry and use violence to solve a problem. Can you imagine a woman coming into the store and going to beat up worker there? Not really.

What would most likely happen is the woman would get the assistant manager who was responsible for it, and get the manager too.

Woman: I found my teenage son watching this porn tape. He said he got it from the assistant manager at this video store.

I'm sure the mom would be livid, but she wouldn't use violence. For TV purposes and for this sitcom to make it funnier, let's have a character almost get beaten up. The audience is mainly teen boys who watch this show, they may get the idea to do the same thing by switching porn tapes into the regular movie cases too.

If they see a parent (mom or dad) calmly telling the manager about it, the teen boys know they could possibly lose their job. Gilby had the excuse: "If I get caught, I will say I simply misread the title." He would still be working there. Or he may lose his job, but he can get another one at a video store and do the exact same thing over again.

You have to raise the stakes, you may get beaten up by a really angry dad, so don't let teen boys rent out porn tapes.

Flashpoint: It's an action- drama. In real life, a mom may call the police and say she knows that there is a 17 yr old girl working at a strip club. There isn't much of a story. Or she could burn the strip club down. There is little bit more of a story. To add to that, someone was in the strip club and got hurt. That story has been down: an arson occurs and the arsonist thought the building was empty, but somebody was in there.

Question: A girl tells her parents she's a stripper. Who is going to be more upset? Mom or dad? I'm sure both are upset, but I'm leaning more to mom. On The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, there was a trick where this young black woman tells her parents that she's a stripper. The dad was in on the joke. The mom was furious. She lashed out at JK who played the strip club owner.

She was angry and disappointed at her daughter: "I never taught you to do that. I never raised you to do that. So how come you're going around doing that?"

Genders being mean: I was thinking about that Jamie Kennedy Experiment show again about the 2 male judges who were mean and funny. The point of JKX is to be funny. Women are funny, but in this case where they judge talent, they are going to say the plain truth and it may be mean, but it's not funny.

For example:

Host: What do you think of the performance?
Woman: He's not talented. He can't ride a unicycle, he can't juggle, let alone both. I don't know how he even got on this show in the first place.
Maybe some of the audience would laugh at it. But it's not really funny, because she reiterated what happened, and didn't add anything.

Host: What did you think?
Male judge Ron: Shut it down!
The audience laughs.

Host: What would you describe in one word about it (JK's performance)?
Ron: Is "absolutely horrible" one word?
The audience laughs.

I can imagine a woman answering the question.

Woman: Poor.
I imagine the audience wouldn't laugh. The above was the plain truth, but the woman is not trying to be mean or funny. It just is.

Job interviews: Today someone posted on my blog. His name is Davey and he said this:

"Did you hear anything back from the two interviews you had? When you say the interview went ok, what do you mean? Were you prepared and did you rehearse answers to the likely questions before hand? Did you feel like you presented yourself in the best possible way? What would you do differently next time?"

I was prepared, and I rehearsed my answers to the questions beforehand. I presented myself in the best possible way, and I wouldn't do anything differently. Well maybe, I should try to impress the interviewer more. The interview was okay as in, I didn't stumble on my words.

I got a callback from the optometrist clinic I did an interview in the afternoon. They're going with someone else, but they'll keep my resume on file.

I did a job interview at college cafeteria in Jan. and I got rejected. I then did an interview for them a few weeks ago, and yesterday I got a call. I got rejected again, but I will still apply. Maybe the third time's the charm.

Writing: I've been writing my Rain script for the past few days. Today I sent a draft to myself and I can say I'm proud of it. It's 45 pages long and it's solid.

Aug. 27 TV show hosts: I was thinking about: "What woman would be really mean and funny (snarky) about judging Jamie Kennedy's performance?" I thought Chelsea Handler. But she's a TV host so she is supposed to be like that.

Then I thought: "What guy would say all these mean comments about JK, and then when the comments are aired in front of JK, what guy would not be embarrassed or ashamed of what he said?" I thought Daniel Tosh. But he's a TV host and he's supposed to be like that.

But I think if they aren't famous TV hosts, get rid of the fame, and strip them down to just personality. These are the two people who would say snarky things, and both not be embarrassed if the person they're dissing heard them. I personally don't know anyone like that.

I can imagine my brother not saying snarky things about JK. He would tell the plain truth. I can see my friend Dan N. not being snarky.

Presenting yourself: I'm getting older and my job search is affecting how I think and watch TV. I was thinking about that Survivor player who got his friend to visit him on the island.

Friend: Your grandma died while you were on the island.
Player looked upset. Then later it turns out P got his friend to lie about his grandma passing away to get himself sympathy votes and get himself further in the game.

Now that I'm 26, I think: "What if your boss is watching this? He may not trust you after he saw you do that." But then it may be a good thing for other bosses. Like one of my supervisors at Call Centre #3 said that to get completed surveys done is: "To lie your ass off." I'm sure he would like that Survivor player. lol.

I don't watch the show. I have to watch this player in the game before I can totally judge him. He may be a good team player helping build a fire and shelter, and win games. He may have only done one manipulative game play.

If people diss him by calling him manipulative, he could say: "I'm not like this in real life. In this situation of being on a reality show where you're stranded on an island with strangers to win a $1 million, I'm going to act like this. Lying is kind of expected in this game."

If you go on The Apprentice, it's all about getting a job at the Trump company. When I was a teen and in my early 20s, and watching Big Brother. I thought it would be fun to be on TV, and meet new people. Now if I was on the show, I would be worried about how my boss and potential bosses are going to see me. You are going to get judged by the viewers/ strangers.

Aug. 28 Warrior: I saw this on Yahoo and Warrior is a MMA movie. It has the vibe of The Fighter with Mark Wahlberg. It's a drama. I saw the trailer about a family man named Brendan who was a war hero and is now a teacher. He is behind on his house payments and has a wife and two kids to support. That's why he fights.

There is bonding between his dad played by Nick Nolte, and his older brother. It looks good, I may watch it. What was cool was that, I saw the actor Jake McLaughlin as a solider who thanks Brendan. JM was a MMA fighter on a The Mentalist ep.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

job interview/ flashback/ jokes

Aug. 24 Job interviews: Today is my day off and I went to a job interview this morning. It was at an optometrist clinic that I interviewed before months ago. The interviewer remembers me. The interview was okay.

Then in the late afternoon I did a job interview at another optometrist clinic. It was average. Today I didn't study my HTML book, and I didn't call that company again.

High school: I was thinking about this conversation I had with Angela. What if my sister wanted to go to the performing arts high school that I wanted to go to? Would my dad let her? My dad asked: "Why would she go to that school?" Maybe if all her friends went there. Angela said that was a stupid reason, but that happens a lot. Teenagers want to be with their friends.

I can say this in general, all high schools have the following electives: art, drama, band, computers, home economics courses like cooking and sewing, French and Spanish. I know Wagner and M.E Lazerte are the only schools that have cosmetology. Victoria Performing Arts has Drama, and then they have Acting which is a harder drama class to get into. You have to audition and have a recommendation from your gr. 9 drama teacher to get into Acting 10. This is the only school that has dance as an elective.

Maybe there's another school that has dance, but I don't know for sure. Wagner is a good computers/ technology school.

College: College is different. No one goes to college to be with their friends. There are these factors like money to spend on tuition, and how much time you want to go to school for like one or two year programs or 4 yrs. Not every school has the same programs. I can say University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan, NAIT, Norquest, and CDI all have business programs.

The U of A is the only school that has law. I know NAIT is the only school that has Radio and TV programs. Unless someone wants to tell me there is another school out there that has the program. MacEwan also has 4 different campuses so even if you and your friends are going to the same school, it's not the same location.

Blog article: I got this email through my blog. I thought it was an easy read where she listed "48 iPad Apps That College Students Love." There are apps that help you take notes, organize your schedule, and find cheap textbooks. There are apps that can be used if you aren't a college student like finding entertainment in your city:

Hi Tracy,

I’m a writer for and we just published an article “48 iPad Apps That College Students Love” I think you’d like to feature it in your upcoming post schedule.(


Jasmine Hall

Aug. 25 Jokes: I don't know if you ever noticed this, but in my 3rd email of the week, it's where I put all my jokes. I need to cheer up because I get angry and depressed.

Producers: I checked my email today and I got this email in French regarding my The Vertex Fighter script. Well they called it the original title The Fighter. I called my brother over because he took French in school. lol. He told me: "It's a rejection letter. They said due to the big volume of propositions, we're not going to take your script." I then noticed "grand volume de propositions" in the line.

Crazy trigger: This was months ago, but I was at Wal- Mart to pick up a prescription. I had to wait so I read, and then did some shopping. I found this candle, when the wax melts, it turns into massage oil. I got this flashback of a few years ago where James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes) was on Talk Show with Spike Feresten.

JKL: I got this candle from a fan. If you melt the candle it will turn into massage oil which I will give to your wife.
The audience laughs.

Earlier in the ep, there was a sketch where Spike was talking to his "wife" over on webcam.

Job jokes: I was watching The Office months ago in the ep called "Garage Sale." The boss Michael was talking to the camera.

Michael: I should have burned this place down when I got the chance.

lol. It reminds me of the days when I was working at Call Centre #2 and I kept wishing the place would close down. Instead I bide my time and kept working there until I got to quit to go to school full-time.

On 30 Rock, they talked about the past like the social network Friendster. Does anyone remember that? It's still here, but no one really uses it like My Space. What's in now is Facebook. They mentioned the disappearing travel agent job. I remember reading an article on the internet about people using the internet to book travel plans instead of going to an agency.

Flashback: I got this flashback yesterday. It was probably from 1998 or 1999. The British boy band Five was performing at Canada's Wonderland (amusement park) and the TV show The Hit List was there. One of the host's Leslie sees a poster that said: "I Quit my Job for Five."

The young woman/ fan said: "I wanted a day off from my job to see Five, and my boss wouldn't let me. So I was like, I quit." Then Leslie took her and her friend to meet Five. That was so cool. Five then talked to the camera to the boss: "Give her her job back or you're being plain nasty."

I was like 13/ 14 when I saw this and I thought it was so cool that she got to meet them. Now I'm 26 and I think: "Or you could call in sick on that day and skip work and then see Five." Unless her manager sees her on TV with a different poster: "I skipped work for Five." Or the manager would have fired her and said: "You're trying to convince me you're sick when you asked for this day off earlier?"

I'm going to assume that this woman didn't have a really amazing job. She probably worked in retail or a restaurant that didn't pay very well. It's really just a job, and not a career.

Dark joke: This is from MADtv, I am forewarning it may be offensive. There was a sketch about a superhero named Bible Dude. He was talking to this high school football team in the locker room.

Coach: I'm just a pedophile.
Bible Dude: Well if it's good enough for the Pope, it's good enough for me!
The audience says: "Ohhhhh."

Magic Clerk: This is a sketch on Jay Leno. This magician's name is Michael. He works at a Seven Eleven. He asks for an ID from this black woman. He then cuts it up. Then he tells her to look at this sign by the counter, and her ID magically shows up on the sign.

He then did another trick where he turns a $1 bill to a $100 bill by spraying something on it.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jack Layton/ family/ The Listener

Aug. 22 Jack Layton: I got home and got on the computer to see that Jack Layton is the #1 thing to be searched on in Yahoo. I then checked my email and something from Linked In mentions his death. I then go on Yahoo and read the article that he died from his second bout of cancer at age 61.

He was a nice guy and a good politician if he was a federal NDP leader for 8 yrs. I remember seeing him on The Rick Mercer Report where RM goes to JL's house. There is a tour and it was funny. JL can speak Cantonese and introduced RM to his mother-in-law who's Chinese. I went on Facebook and everybody's talking about JL:

"My friends, love is better than anger. Hope is better than fear. Optimism is better than despair. So let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

-Jack Layton

Family: I was thinking a lot about family yesterday and today. Like on Buffy where Cordelia said: "I have two parents unlike some people." There was fallacy in that because Buffy does have two parents, they're just divorced and she doesn't really see her dad often. Her dad is alive, so I count that as having two parents. If one of her parents is dead, then I can say she has one parent. Also Giles is like a father to Buffy.

Parents: Divorce is kind of grey issue. I have a friend who's parents have been divorced since she was 3, and her mom raised her and her big brother. She doesn't see her dad often, but in my opinion she has two parents. I don't know about my friend's opinion, because she may say she has one parent.

I have another friend who's dad left her and her mom when she was 6. She never saw her dad again. I think he's alive, but in this case, my opinion would be she doesn't have a dad.

I remember talking to my friend Angela a few years ago.

Me: I was watching Tyra Banks show, and this teen girl said: "I found out my dad is not my real biological dad."
Angela: Yeah, well at least she does have a dad.
Me: That reminds me of Maury-
A: I thought you quit watching that show.
Me: I did, I just remember it. This guy finds out that he may not be the father to these two kids. He says: "Yeah, well they're still my kids." The audience cheers. It turns out he is the father. If I found out my dad is not my real biological dad, I would be sad about it, but I would still consider him my dad because he was the one who raised me.

Adoption: I was thinking about this. I have seen this on TV shows like Arrested Development and The Vampire Diaries where someone learns they are adopted. What if my brother was adopted? I would still consider him my brother. Of course, this is the sibling I actually get along with. If my sister was adopted, I would still consider her my sister. We were all raised by the same parents, DNA isn't everything. If I found out I was adopted, I would still consider them my family.

Mixed relations: I remember reading in a magazine about this girl who found out her mom is really her biological aunt. Her aunt is really her biological mom who gave her up for adoption to her sister. I saw this on Dr. Phil and 30 Rock where it turns out the mom is really the biological grandma. The older sister is really the mom.

Job search: I have been doing a little bit of a job search for the past few days. I basically read my Job Serve emails that I've been getting and apply to some. I've been busy studying my HTML book. I called the company today, but couldn't reach the person, so I left a message. I'll try again earlier tomorrow.

Aug. 23: I called the company again earlier in the afternoon, but he wasn't there so I left another message. I'm a little annoyed because I spent 5 days studying my computer book, and not looking for a job. I did email my friend who was interviewed to see if she got the job. Be patient. They may not even have made a decision yet.

Rant: This is a mild rant. The Listener came out in summer 2009. It wasn't until Feb. 2011, CTV started airing the second season on Tues. Then they aired it for awhile and changed it to Fri. Then they took it off the air though there are still 3 episodes left of the season to air.

Then last week, they started airing it on Wed. I want CTV to pick a day, and air it consistently on that day. Or the very least, don't start airing some episodes, and then take it off the air, and then a couple months later bring it back on again. I'm going to post this on on the thread "Little things that TV stations do that annoy you."

The Listener: After CTV stopped airing it, I actually tuned into an episode on the internet. There were French subtitles, but the show was in English. The ep I saw was called "To Die For." Toby is with a woman in his apartment and she may stay over, but then she starts sneezing. It turns out there's a ferret and she's allergic to it. It belongs to T's friend Oz.

T goes to the woman Billie's office at work, and she closes the door. The sign says she's the polygraph examiner. There was no dialogue, and you know her a job at the IIB. This ep seems to be inspired by the famous chef Gordon Ramsey because T and IIB have to solve a murder at a restaurant.

Chef Dylan hears his partner Will arguing with Mob Boss who wants his investment back. MB shoots Will. MB says he didn't kill Will. T uses his telepathic abilities and reads MB's mind and that's what happened. Dylan is in witness protection. They show the CN tower so good shout out to Canada.

They go to the restaurant and it's fine dining. T reads mind and it turns out Jack shoots Will and not MB. T reads Dylan's mind, and D was protecting Jack like J always protected D when they were kids. They talk to this woman Cook. Cook is lying to get a free restaurant. But then Cook tells T and agent McCluskey about it. Dylan bought Cook's silence by giving her the restaurant.

Jack shoots Will in the leg. Dylan finishes the job with the second shot. Dylan hides the gun in the restaurant wall. Dylan frames MB with murder.

There is a little subplot with the IIB boss Klein with the female Lawyer in bed together. Lawyer and McCluskey don't totally get along due to a previous case they worked together. Klien and Lawyer thought M doesn't know they they're together, but M is smart and does. I've seen this on Castle where two people who work together are dating on the low, and thought no one else at work knows about them, but everybody does.

Another little plot was the hospital boss Ryder lashes out at Oz about having a ferret at work. Later in the show, Oz comes in to feed the ferret and finds Ryder sleeping on the couch at work. He says his wife kicked him out because he has an anger management problem and won't go to class on it. He does if you watch the show, because he's always grumpy.

Oz leaves. Then Oz comes back and tells Ryder to go to anger management class. At the end of the ep, Ryder thanks Oz for the pep talk and takes the ferret so he and his family can take care of it.

The Listener is on CTV on Wed. nights, so go check it out.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

crazy interview/ Post Secret/ names

Aug. 20 Crazy interview: This is part 2 of the crazy interview. Today one of my friends Facebook me and she said that she was at the interview. I didn't see her there. That's a weird coincidence.

Aug. 21 Post Secret: Here's one from last week:

"I told my friends that my husband was laid off when he was really fired for poor performance."

Last week there was a post card with a picture of a woman's deformed foot: "Sometimes I worry that THIS will be the difference between binding LOVE...and being ALONE."

This week an emailed photo of deformed hands and feet said: "I just got engaged."

Me: That was nice.

Cut to a picture of two angel statues: "I'm my ex-husband's mistress."

There was another post card with the same picture: "I'm afraid I will never have this so I settle for men who don't listen when I say no."

Cut to a picture of university building: "The only reason I'm finishing my Phd is so I can buy new return address labels that have DR. in front of my name!"

Me: Well it's still good to achieve your goals and get an education.

Cut to a picture of a short bus: "Because of this bus, I have no friends."

I work as a 1:1 aide for kids with disabilities and "this" bus has garnered me some of the best friends I've ever met.

"I just learned how to swim! I'm 43! It's never too late!"

"I worry that the path I have worked so hard to finally get on is the one that will take me furthest away from where I actually want to be."

Barbecue: I went to a barbecue last night at my co-worker's place. I haven't gone out at night since two months ago with Leslie at West Edmonton mall. The barbecue was fun. They had homemade spring rolls that everybody loved. There was spare ribs and chicken with some fruit.

My dad drove me to it, and I took the two buses to get back home. I am self- reliant in taking the bus to work and job interviews to places I have never been to. However, I needed a ride. Well my dad gave me some more motivational talk for my office job search. I told him about the coincidence that my friend and I went for the same job.

Laughing about death: I got this through my Daily Silly jokes in my email:

"When I was younger I hated going to weddings; it seemed that all of my aunts and the grandmotherly types used to come up to me, poke me in the ribs while cackling, tell me, 'You're next.' They stopped that after I started doing the same thing to them at funerals."

That was dark. On The Simpsons there was an episode where they killed off Ned Flanders' wife Maude.

I had written about this Tosh. O video clip before, but I titled it as "funny and weird." It kind of qualifies as a death joke.

Cut to a strip club. It was busted for selling drugs. Camera pan to all these young women wearing tight and revealing clothes, and they're all hiding their faces with their hands.

The camera stops on a pretty young blonde woman smiling and waving at the camera.

Daniel Tosh: Looks like somebody's parents are dead.

Hooters: I met this woman at the barbecue and she's East Indian and adopted by Dutch parents. She said she had worked at Hooters as a waitress.

Me: And what did your parents say?

Woman: We had a good hour and a half talk about it. They said: "If you love and respect us, you wouldn't work there." I told them that I was an adult and that I can make my own God damn decisions. And they're religious.

I would be kind of disappointed that my daughter works at Hooters. I would ask: "And you can't get a server position anywhere else?" I would have to think to myself: "Yeah, well at least she's not a stripper. Though this could be a slippery slope. I should help her get another job."

Flashpoint: I was watching an episode of this show called "A Day in the Life." One of the plots is that the SRU team gets a new member named Raf. He's played by Cle Bennet and I have seen him in other Toronto shot shows. It's Valentine's Day. A woman is holding the manager at a strip club hostage.

The woman is a mom, and she found out her daughter is a stripper there. To add to that, she's 17 so she's underage working at a strip club. The owner has asthma and he's struggling to breathe. Raf talks down the mom by talking about how he knew a boy who was molested by a teacher. The boy's dad then kills the teacher and is now in prison. The daughter is listening to this in another room and cries.

The mom then drops the knife and is arrested. I don't really like the story. I don't know why. Maybe because it ruins my stripper jokes. Or maybe it's too unbelievable that a mom would hold the owner hostage in his own club. Well I have seen The Jamie Kennedy Experiment where they convince a woman that her daughter is a stripper. The mom looked furious, but kept her cool.

Computer book review: In that crazy interview, we discussed about creating websites. I thought I may have to do something for their website. I then got my HTML, XHTML & CSS (6th Edition) book that I bought for my computer class in 2008 out. It's written by Elizabeth Castro. I took a few days off my job search by studying this book.

This is a really good and informative book about creating websites. There is chapter 3 about Basic (X) HTML Structure, chapter 4 about Basic (X)HTML Formatting. I read that and then Chapter 2 about Working with Web Page Files, and Chapter 1 about Web Page Building Blocks.

If I do get hired, then I will have been prepared to create something for their website. If I don't get hired, that's okay because it's good to refresh my memory about creating websites. I think I bought the 5th edition of this book back in 2004 when I was in another college program.

Funny video: I was thinking about something unintentionally funny and the plain truth. I was watching and Meghan Fox (Transformers) and her boyfriend Brian Austin Green (the original 90210 and recently Desperate Housewives) were at an airport. The TMZ people were talking to BAG, and not MF. That's because everybody was asking MF for autographs, and not BAG.

Some of you maybe saying: "Ha ha." But it's true. Look at the video footage.

Names: I read this in the Edmonton Journal. Someone named their daughter Taelyr. That's crazy spelling and the correct way is Taylor. I was reading my Freakonomics book and someone named their daughter Temptress. The teen daughter was bringing men to her mom's house. What if you named her Chastity? Would she still do that?

At the back of the book, it talked about names and the average amount of education that the mothers have to name their kid that. For Chastity, women who named their daughter that has an average of a 10th grade education. So no, even if you named your daughter Chastity, she would still do that.

Then I got a flashback of years ago I watched an ep of Blind Date. This black woman, her name was Princess. She said: "When I tell people my name, they don't believe me that it's my real name." Maybe it's her name, but the vibe I got from her was that she was stuck- up.

Oh yeah, and the date went bad. She went out with a black guy who was a magician/ hypnotist/ performer. They were at the first location, and the guy up and left. I've seen where a person leaves in the middle of the date after 2 locations, but not the first.

Friday, August 19, 2011

World Indigenous Peoples Day: Sacrificing Rights in the Name of Development

Please sign this petition to help Indigeneous women. I signed it.

job interviews/ school/ different paths

Aug. 15 Job interviews: Today is my day off and I had two job interviews. I did manage to have some fun on my day off by going shopping between the interviews. The first interview was in downtown as a receptionist. It turns out I had sent my resume to them months ago, but they needed someone now. There are a lot of applicants. She told me about the job. I don't know if I will get it.

Then I took the bus to the other place. It turns out the position is like a call centre, but this time I'm the one taking all the incoming calls and I'm not making them. I've been to that office before, but I didn't know that it was a call centre. There are shifts that end at midnight and I told them I wanted to end the shift at 9pm to catch the bus.

There are buses that go late at night, but I don't feel safe staying that late. There are people all across the country making phone calls so that's why the call centre is so late. All the other call centres I worked at, the shifts end at 9pm.

Shopping: I went to City Centre and Costa Blanca and Urban Behavior are closing down, and everything's on sale. There's a Costa Blanca at Kingsway and an Urban Behavior at West Ed mall if you like those stores. At West Ed there's a new store called Boathouse that took over where the clothing Off the Wall used to be. Boathouse sells Hurley and Billabong for men, women, and kids.

I had went to T&T in the Northgate and they sell these cute little cakes. One was a hedgehog. I saw a guy take pictures of them.

Aug. 16 Job assessment: Today I did a little interview over the phone today for a company. I was thinking about that Industrial company that hired me on the spot. It's been a week and I don't regret that I didn't take the job.

I say to myself: "Don't put obstacles in front of yourself." I had printed out all the maps and bus routes that I would have to take to get to and from work on the weekdays and weekends if I worked there. I was prepping myself up in my mind to imagine if I did take the job. It's okay I didn't take the job, because I'm doing a lot of interviews.

Law of attraction: I was thinking about the Canadian singer George. He's Asian and he sings R&B. His manager is Howie D from the Backstreet Boys. I was thinking of how he came out in 2006 and released a few songs, but now we don't see him. Then I turned on the TV and accidentally pressed the wrong buttons and got satellite radio. I got George's song "Lie to Me" playing.

Aug. 17 Crazy day: I went to another job interview today. I was coming home from work, but then stopped in downtown. It was easier to get to the interview from there. I then got to the bus stop and it was 45 min. before I had to be at the interview. It was ample time to find the place. But then it took me the whole time to find the place. I stopped at this place to ask for directions and they gave me the right direction.

It turns out I had walked past it. I then stopped at another place and she gave me the right direction because I walked a block away. I then asked two men and they gave me the right direction. I then asked a woman at a restaurant and she gave me the wrong direction. Then I called the office and she told me the right direction.

At least I got to the interview on time, and did the interview instead of giving up. I'm proud of myself. I think the interview was okay, she's going to interview 5 more people. The job seems pretty hard.

School: I got home and talked to my dad about my interviews. He says I should go to school. It's been 8 months (Apr.-Nov. 2010) job/ office job search. Then it's been 10 months of office job search.

I have talked about school with my dad earlier and asked about Norquest College and CDI College. He says I shouldn't go to it and that I should go to NAIT and Grant MacEwan. I also thought about that Metro article about going to school when you can't get a job.

You know what? I should take one or two computer classes to learn programs like Simply Accounting and Quickbooks. I can honestly say to myself that I have spent 18 months looking really hard for an office job by sending hundred resumes a month. I did so much and I have gotten myself the interviews with my Professional Writing diploma. However, I need more computer skills.

Different paths: I was thinking about how in 2010 when I was laid off I could have gone to school in the fall. Then I could still get EI and I may have possibly gotten an office job by now. But I wouldn't know, because I didn't take that path. I did get my appendix out so I may have missed a few days off of school if I did go to it.

I am happy with the path that I have taken. Now I know that after 18 months of an intense job search, I know I have given it my best shot. I know that I can get an office job on my own like what happened last year. I learned that I need to improve on my interpersonal skills. I need to go to school even if it's one class.

Aug. 18 Writing: I finally did something I haven't done in 6 weeks. I got on the computer and typed up more of my Rain script. There was this big plot point with the lead character, but then I wrote it for a supporting character. That way the supporting character will be put more in the background, and the lead character will be forced to take the spotlight. I worked for 1.5 hrs on it.

Dialogue: My brother was watching Shark Week on Discovery, and there was this reenactment.

Cut to the beach.
Man: I thought we were safe.
Cop: Nowhere's safe.
Me: Cliche.

It's true, nowhere's safe. I guess it was the delivery of the line.

Tension: I feel tense when I watch the TV show Prison Break and always think: "Will these inmates get caught or killed?" I feel tense when I watch Flashpoint as in: "Will the Strategic Response Unit be able to save the people or will they get killed?" Now I add the teen show Pretty Little Liars as in: "Who is A? Who is stalking these 4 girls?"

I learn to create tension for my scripts.

Aug. 19 Crazy interview: I went to another job interview today. It was crazy. I talked to the receptionist yesterday and she said to come at 1pm. I had to go to work, and to get there by 1pm, I would be late so I asked to come at 1:15pm. I was a little lost in finding the place in the right building, but I found it.

I was then told to wait so I read a magazine. The interview started and it seems to go bad because he asked why I wasn't here at 1pm. I told him I had to work and to get here, it takes nearly 1 hr bus ride. He asked why I couldn't leave work earlier. I guess I could have done that. Someone at work had to leave earlier for an appointment. Also I was under the impression that I could come at 1:15pm so that's why I didn't leave work earlier.

I was very tense and nervous. The other 3 interviews I did this week, I wasn't. He said he was willing to give me a shot, and to call him on Mon. I'm going to prepare myself for it by reading my books and the website. I don't totally know if I'm hired, because I can see him saying: "We decided to go in a different direction" because I have gotten that before. I'm sure a lot of people have heard that phrase.

You know the saying: "Don't count all your eggs before they're hatched." It's not until I work a shift there before I can say I'm hired.

Monday, August 15, 2011

job articles/ Ryan Blair/ comparisons

Aug. 14 Job articles: I found this through Job Boom. If you are hear people being sarcastic, it makes you more creative:

"'Observing anger communicated through sarcasm enhances complex thinking and solving of creative problems,’ lead author Ella Miron-Spektor wrote in the study."

Blog: I found this job article through my blog. I thought it was interesting and informative.

Hi Tracy,

We posted an article that we thought you and your readers might be interested in having a look at, “10 High-Paying Jobs That Aren’t Worth It”. Just thought I'd let you know that you would be interested in featuring or mentioning it in your blog.

Thanks for your time!

Roxanne McAnn

The jobs are medical like gastroenterologist, surgeon, and embalmer. I remember reading somewhere that a lot of med school students drop out, not because school's hard, but because dealing with the human body is disgusting. There are the dangerous jobs like hostage negotiator, bomb squad officer, and coal mine worker.

Aug. 15 Ryan Blair: I found this job article on Yahoo. It's about "From Gang Member to millionare CEO." It interviews this guy named Ryan Blair who dropped out of school at gr.9 due to ADD and dyslexia. Now he's an entrepreneur who makes millions of dollars a year.

He discussed about what he learned from juvenile hall. This is a good inspiration to me to motivate me in achieving my goals. Also it's good for my writing because it's about redemption and turning your life around.

Job assessment: I have been looking for an office job for 18 months now. Every month I have passed over 100 resumes and applied to jobs. From Apr. 2010- Nov. 2010 I was unemployed and looked for a job and an office job at the same time. Now I've been looking for an office job from Nov. 2010 to present because I've been working at my restaurant job.

Comparisons: Enough about my job search, I need to write some scripts. I have a batch of comparisons.

Sea creatures attacking group of hot, young people: I saw the trailer for Shark Night 3D. It looks like the movie Piranha.

Music videos with a game show theme: The band Down with Webster did a music video with a game show them for their song "Your man." Black Eyed Peas did that for their song "Don't Phunk with my Heart."

Bad guys and storage lockers: I mentioned this before when I was watching Rookie Blue where the serial killer was going to kill Andy. I've seen a person being held hostage in a storage locker on The Listener. I remember seeing on Criminal Minds they did this.

Doing a blood test and finding out that family member(s) not your biological family: I saw this on In Plain Sight recently in the ep "I'm a Liver, not a Fighter" where a man needs a liver. His daughter does a blood test and learns he's not really her biological father.

I then saw this on Degrassi and Holly J needs a kidney. Her family all has Type AB and she has Type A. On the show they said it's very rare for one person to have a different blood type from the rest of your family. I was thinking: "Different father?" She learns she was adopted at 11 months old.

Her mom said she was going to tell her when she was 18. She didn't want Holly J to feel different and that she didn't belong. I always thought it was good to tell from the start that you are adopted so it's not a big shock later on in your life. Also it's good to adopt someone outside of your race, so the kid knows straight up he is adopted. lol.

Doctors stealing drugs from work: I saw on The Mentalist where an anesthesiologist was taking drugs. On Prison Break, Dr. Tancredi used to steal drugs before she started working at the prison. The movie The Glass House had a dr. do that. There is a little variation of that on Degrassi where JT works at a Shoppers Drug Mart kind of store and he stole drugs from the pharmacy and sold it.

It was done on The Listener where a paramedic takes morphine for himself. It was Oz's subplot when he finds out.

Teenage boy sociopaths: I saw the actor Sterling Beaumon play one on Criminal Minds and then again on Law and Order: SVU. There was Kyle Gallner who plays one on Veronica Mars.

Flashback episode of how the characters got together: I saw this on Hellcats ep "Remember When" on how the cheer leading team came together. They did that on Prison Break on how they all got arrested and landed in prison. Also on Criminal Minds on how the FBI team was formed.

Gun shot, blood splatters on the face of the person standing beside victim: I saw this on Criminal Minds where an autistic boy was playing the piano. A gun shot rings out, and blood splatters on the boy's face.

I got a flashback of seeing this way back in 2000. I was watching Angel, and Lindsay was standing there as he hears the boss arguing with a lawyer. The lawyer then gets shot in the head, and blood splatters on Lindsay.

I then saw this on Rookie Blue season 2 premiere. Andy was talking to a girl, and then blood splatters on Andy's face.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

birthday joke/ Rebecca Black/ I'm different

Aug. 10 Birthday joke: I got this joke through Here it is:

A man named Bill woke up on his birthday. His wife and kids didn't even say good morning to him. So, he left for work in a huff. His receptionist, Joanna, said happy birthday. "Thanks, Joanna. That's the nicest thing anyone's said to me all day." Bill relied, pleased. So he worked until his lunch break, when Joanna asked if he fancied a lunch. Instead of taking their usual lunch just outside, they went to a big beautiful bistro. " My apartment is just around the corner. Would you like to visit?" Joanna asked. "Sure, why not?" Bill replied. At her apartment, Bill sat down on the couch. Joanna said she'd be right back and stepped into the bedroom. Minutes later, she came back out followed by Bills family, friends, and co-workers. Bill just sat there... naked.

Headlines: I was watching Jay Leno "Headlines" and it talked about Red Deer, AB. The article said that there was a potential bomb in the school so the students went to look for it in lockers. Whoever found the bomb first, gets a credit.

JL: Looks like they do things a little differently in Canada.


It's true, it did happen. I looked it up. In this Red Deer Advocate, it didn't mention about students looking for the bomb:

Crazy video: I was watching Jay Leno the other day, and they showed this crazy car chase scene. A white car was leading in this high speed car chase. It made sharp turns and I would say the driver drove well since it didn't hit anything. The car stops and the door opens. Then a 10 yr old boy runs out.

Me: What?

I thought it was an adult or a teenager driving the car, not a 10 yr old boy. Who is this? Bart Simpson? lol.

Logo: Jay Leno did another segment about hidden things in logos. This time he pointed out how there is an arrow in the FedEx logo. It's in between the E and the X. Here's the link where there's an interview with the FedEx logo creator. It traces the arrow.

Aug. 11 Birthday: It's my birthday. This morning my sister wished me a happy birthday. My dad got up and also remembered it. So did my grandma. My brother remembers because he asked me yesterday what we'll do to celebrate.

I went to work and my co-worker Jessica wished me a happy birthday. At the end of the shift, I see Glenda have an apple pie so I thought she was going to eat it. Then my co-workers surprised me and started singing happy birthday to me by putting a candle on the apple pie. I didn't expect that. I felt so special. lol.

In 2009, I remember my friend Sylvia brought me a cupcake and my co-worker Jen wished me a happy b-day because she saw it on Facebook. My co-workers at my present job knew because of Facebook.

Birthday video: I was looking on Youtube for that South Park episode. I want to see Cartman jiggling his round body and singing: "Because it's my birthday."

I did find this video where my favorite singer Robin Thicke is singing "Happy birthday" and I will imagine he is singing to me. lol.

Aug. 12 Facebook: Also 14 people wished me a happy birthday on Facebook so that was cool. I don't really care for gifts, but just wishing me a happy birthday is good enough.

Cake: This year I picked a Garfield on my ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. I remember 2 yrs ago I picked one of a little tiger, and the year after that was 2 dolphins.

Rebecca Black: This is a 14 yr old girl who released a song and music video called "Friday." I read about her in the Globe and Mail where the article dissed the video. Here's an article on Yahoo where she had to drop out of school because of bullies and people harassing her due to her song and video.

I feel sorry for her, but at least she's doing home schooling. In the article she says she made enough money for her to go to college, and with homeschooling she can pursue her singing career more.

Here's her "Friday" music video:

I'm going to say my opinion here: She can't sing. This is the studio- recorded version. When you're in a studio, you can sound really good even if you have a mediocre voice. I thought I should give her a chance and listen to her sing live:

I listen to it live, and she still sounds bad. Maybe it's the song which has poor lyrics. I don't like her voice. She is in Katy Perry's music video "Last Friday Night." All I can say is that if Rebecca wants to have a career in the performing arts, she either gets singing lessons, go into acting or modeling.

Flashback: In a way, I can relate to her. I was in the talent show in gr. 7 and 9, and I was dancing in it. In gr. 7, it was kind of like being famous after I performed. All these strangers/ students come up to me and they know from that performance. I would say there were 10 compliments, and then 1 person would diss me.

But you know what, I still got a lot of compliments. You learn that you can't please everybody.

Paris Hilton: I remember when her album came out in 2006 and people were saying: "You know she's not going to sing any of these songs live." It's one thing to be in the studio where you can sound good, but when you're live, it's totally different. But I found her here singing live and I think she's okay. I'm not cringing.

I'm different: I've mentioned before that TV influences me the most, but it seems that my job search influences me when I watch TV. I have mentioned like that time I watch Desperate Housewives where Lynette and Tom's son Preston got a job.

Preston: It pays $14/hr and it has benefits.
Tom: That's good.
Me: Yeah.

I was thinking about that Jamie Kennedy Experiment about "genders being mean." I was 18 when I first saw it, and I would have gave a critique of JK's performance. Now that I'm 26, I'm thinking about: "My boss and co-workers, and potential bosses will see me on TV and I have to look professional even though I'm a judge on a talent show." When I was 18, I never thought about potential bosses seeing this on TV.

I have thought of things like: "I don't want to miss this TV show and miss something really good by not watching it." Now I think things like: "I need to keep looking for a job because I don't want to miss a good opportunity that I would totally be good at."

I've mentioned before on how I missed the opportunities to make more money because I wanted to watch TV shows like Dr. Phil and Maury.

Aug. 13: Well I am still like that about not missing good TV shows. However, I'm about being productive during my free time. It's about living a balanced life. Work hard at your job, look for an office job and have a bit of fun here and there.

Charity: On Facebook, I set up this birthday account so people would donate to a charity on my birthday. My friend Angela said this: "Sweet of you to request donations on behalf of your birthday."

However, nobody donated to my charity. Whatever. Then donate to the people in Somalia who are in a famine.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

job interview/ songs/ laughing about death

Aug. 8 Job interview: Today was crazy. I did a job interview in an industrial part of town. I took 2 buses to get there and they said they would hire me if I was willing to start tomorrow.

The cons are:

1. It takes 2 buses to get to there and back if I work on the weekdays. (35min to 45min). It takes 3 buses to get to there on Sat. and 3 buses to get back. (1hr to and from.)

The pros are:

1. $15/hr to start.
2. It's full-time.
3. I can still work at the restaurant on Sundays.
4. It took me 10 months to get this job.
5. It doesn't work out, I can still work at the restaurant.

Songs: Now I'm thinking of Mariah Carey's song "Can I Get Your Number?" This song is relevant to the job because she sings: "How many times in your life/ Do you get an opportunity like this tonight?"

I'll tell you how often, once a year.

2008: It took me 4 months to get a job at a bank.
2009: It took me 8 months to get a job at Call Centre #3.
2010: It took me 8 months to get an office/ customer service job that didn't work out after a couple of weeks.

But I do have another job interview in the food service at this school. I did an interview for them before months ago, but didn't get the position. But now they're interviewing me again. So I think I should do the interview at the school. I will take my chances and call the industrial company and say: "I won't take the job right now. I have another interview on Wednesday."

Then I thought of Danity Kane's song "Ride 4 U" and they sing: "I been with you for too long to start over with another." I've been with my restaurant job for 10 months, and I don't really want to start another job. I'm scared and hesitant of change. I'm more willing to try new things like new perfume and foods, but not jobs because it's risky.

And I thought of Kelly Clarkson's song "Breakaway": "Take a risk/ Make a change/ And breakaway." Cliches, but sometimes you have to take a risk.

Good advice: I just talked to my dad and he gave me some good advice.

Dad: Don't call the industrial company if you are going to do an interview somewhere else. Only call the company if you want to work there. Do you want to know why they hired you? It's not really an office job at an office. Also it's 6 days a week.
Me: Yeah, and a lot of people want a work/ life balance.

The thing is, I have to take 2 buses to get to the school, but I'm familiar with it and I want to go there. I'm also working at a big company right now and I can transfer to different parts of the company.

School: I was reading the Metro and it interviewed Natascha F. Saunders of Youth Career Coaching said: "First ask, 'Why are you thinking about going back to school?' If it's just 'I can't find a job', that's not good enough. You're spending so much time learning new curriculum that you're going to be frustrated if it's not truly a desire for you to get those additional skills."

The article then said instead of taking out a loan to do 2 yrs, take a few courses first. I agree. By all means, you may not like the program, but at least you only spent $500 on one course and it's for a semester. Unlike one year, and there goes a few thousand dollars for something that won't help you.

Can you afford it? And are you emotionally ready to get back into the zone of studying?

That article applied to this job offer. I want to take the job because I am so sick of looking for a job. If I take this job, I can stop with the job search. That's not good enough. Do you want to work there? Well not as much as I want to work at the school that I will be interviewing for.

Friends: I got a flashback of a couple of weeks ago where my friend Jessica asked if I wanted to take Chinese with her.

Me: My grandma and mom would love that. But I don't want to spend $500 on something that I don't like or have to take. It's not totally necessary or will make a big improvement on my resume.

If I take a course like Simply Accounting, or like Microsoft Excel, computer classes, that would help since I'm trying to get a receptionist job.

Coincidence: Today I had some time to kill before I go to the interview, so I went to Winners. They were playing the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield. It was at around 2pm. After the interview, I went to another Winners, and they were playing that song too and it was 4pm. Maybe all Winners have the same cd. lol.

Shoplifting: I noticed at Winners that they were putting perfume bottles and locking them up in individual cases. I told this to my brother and he said: "At Wal- Mart, they put Yugioh cards behind cases like with $200 power tools. The cards are $5 a package, but the store was losing 50 packages a day."

Aug. 9 Laughing about death: I was thinking about it again where Cordelia disses Buffy because her parents her divorced.

Buffy: Do you have parents?
Cordelia: I have two unlike some people.

But what if Buffy said this: "You don't know anything about sharing because you're an only child. Why? Because your brother's dead."

Is that funny? I don't think it is and I wrote it. I am imitating Tobias on Arrested Development.

Tobias: Look at you. You're not married. Why? Because your wife is dead.
Camera pan around Michael, Lindsay, and Tobias as they look at each other during this awkward pause.

That was funny. The audience doesn't really laugh about death or how Tobias is so mean. You are laughing because Tobias has created the most socially awkward situation ever.

I was thinking about The Simpsons where Mr. Burns was going to a health check up. He fills out this form.

Mr. Burns: Cause of parents death: They got in my way.

That joke is really more of "laughing about murder."

Tosh. O: Here's a joke from Tosh. O. Cut to a video clip of a guy throwing a baseball at a stadium. The baseball is thrown way off to the left side. It was a very poor throw.

Daniel Tosh: Looks like somebody doesn't have a dad.

It's kind of mean, but it was kind of funny. I don't know about the thrower, maybe he does have a dad to play catch with or he doesn't have a dad. Well my siblings and I never threw a ball around with my dad because none of us are into sports.

Job search: I got a call from the Edmonton Petroleum club for a receptionist position. They said it's part- time, and the shifts are nights 5pm-9pm. But it's the summer and it's wedding season, and with Christmas season, you would have to stay as late as midnight or 1am.

I can't take the bus that late. The buses may run that late, but it's not safe. So we both decided it's not going to work. Maybe if I applied during the fall season, I would get hired. Then when Christmas rolls around, they hire someone else while I keep my shifts there. I don't know. Here's their website:

The pictures are good to show the weddings being held there. They're also hiring servers.

I was on Kijiji and I see that this office job I got and was dismissed from last year, are hiring again. I'm not going to apply because I know they won't hire me back. It's not like same store, different locations. It's the same store, same location.

Aug. 10: Today I went to another job interview. I went there and been interviewed by them before months ago. They remembered me. They are hiring a lot of people for these casual positions and I think I have a high chance of getting hired. It may be part- time, but the pay is good.

Monday, August 8, 2011

technology/ Rookie Blue/ Post Secret

Aug. 6 Technology: I read this Dilbert comic strip the other day where Ashok makes fun of Dilbert for still using laptops instead of an iPhone. I did get this email through my blog which was useful:

"Hi Tracy,

I'm writing to let you know that we posted an article, "10 Ways to Extend Your Laptop’s Battery Life"( I just thought I'd share it with you in case you thought it would appeal to your readers.

Thanks for time!
Kate Croston"

3.5 floppy disk: I tried to open my 3.5 floppy disk the other day, and it has crapped out on me and doesn't work. It's the one that holds my The Vertex Fighter script and my script pitch. That's okay, because I still have drafts of it on another 3.5 floppy disk and in my email.

Cariwest: I went downtown to recycle my batteries and stopped at the Cariwest Festival in Churchill Square. There were these booths selling jewelery, purses, and clothes.

I did find this charity African Fair Trade Society. If you buy their products like soap, body creams, and body lotions, the money will go to their charity. It will help fund schools in Africa and build a health clinic.

Rookie Blue: I saw the ep "The One that Got Away" the other day. I really liked this one because it was scary and exciting. It's Friday night duty and a woman's place has been broken into and her underwear was stolen. Andy and Swarek investigate and then leave after she calls her sister to come over and a locksmith. Then they get a call back and find the woman tied up and unconscious.

Three yrs ago, a rookie cop got killed and couldn't prove that Army guy did it. The woman who was attacked, was attacked the same way the rookie was. The Neighbor who is a young guy said he saw the Army guy in the alley earlier when the Woman was attacked.

There is a warrant, and cops comb through Army guy's place and interviewed his alibi, a young woman recruit. She's played by Kate Todd. She was on Degrassi and Radio Free Roscoe. She vouches for him.

Epstien and Peck interview Neighbor again, and he has changed his sheets and there was bleach. This guy is obviously getting rid of evidence. Andy then talks to the young woman recruit again and she says she had slept with him and didn't want to ruin both their careers.

Andy's fiance Luke cheated on her, and they broke up. L says: "I bet he has all his evidence hidden somewhere." Andy investigates to see if Army guy, the woman, or the rookie cop had a storage locker. Swarek doesn't want to investigate: "You want to pin it on a innocent guy." A called a storage company, and there is a locker under the name of the dead rookie.

A goes there and starts investigating. She finds victims pics in the locker. A calls Luke to get a warrant. Cops need to get a warrant before they start searching into someone's home. If the cop doesn't have a warrant to go into someone's place, the evidence would be inadmissible even if there is a dead body in there. A cop can go into someone's home without a warrant, if they think they saw someone in danger.

Neighbor is arrested because he was like the copycat attacker. Cut back to the storage locker, and the Army guy attacks Andy from behind. This kind of reminds me of The Listener first season where Toby goes into storage locker to find victim.

Army guy ties up Andy and puts masking tape on her mouth.

AG: Close your eyes.
A doesn't.
AG puts masking tape on her eyes.
The door opens and Luke is there.

L: Get away from her you son of a bitch!
Me: Yeah!
L arrests him, but there was a struggle as they fight. L knocks him unconscious and arrests him.

Cut to the end where Army guy admits he did it. Luke is talking to his ex-gf Jo who he cheated on Andy with. Jo thought it was someone else who did it.

Luke: Andy believed me. After all that I've done, she believed me when I told her I thought he was hiding evidence somewhere. You didn't.

Comparisons: The new movie The Change- Up has sparked some comparisons.

Body- switch stories: That has been done before on Freaky Friday with a mother and daughter switching their bodies. It was done on TV shows like Alex Mack with Alex switching bodies with her mom. On Buffy where Buffy switches bodies with the other slayer Faith. Angel had a storyline where Angel is in an old man's body and an old man was in Angel's vampire body.

Magical fountain: The Change- Up had two guys wish they had each others lives at a fountain. The movie When in Rome had the lead character steal coins from a magic fountain.

Aug. 7 Funny song: I found this on Yahoo. It's where country singer Taylor Swift covers rapper Eminem's song "Lose Yourself." She sounds good with the crowd singing with her. It was kind of funny to see her sing this song.

Post Secret: There is this keystroke counter and a wedding ring on a post card. It pointed at the keystroke counter: "This almost cost me every f---ing thing." I found it after it was too late."

[The following email was posted with permission. The wedding band has been removed and Federal Expressed back to the sender.]

Dear Frank,

This past week you should have received a postcard with a keystroke counter and a wedding ring. My husband used the keystroke counter to spy on me during my affair.

Is there anyway I can get my ring back? You can post the secret, maybe another person can learn from it, how much damage an affair can cause and how easy it is to be caught.

We're going through marriage counseling now and I'm trying to make amends. Neither of us wants to split our home and our two kids up because of a mistake I made.

Thank you very much.

Another secret was: "My cousin has a brother he doesn't know about and I can't tell him."

Me: Why can't you tell him? Maybe you can send him an anonymous note?

"I like making bad decisions. Life's more fun that way."

Me: I think the writing style looks like a girl wrote it. I don't purposely make bad decisions, but I guess the flip side is that it would or could be more fun.

"The military saved my life."

Me: I like that secret.

"I have a schizoid personality disorder and I have been faking emotions since I was 12. Nobody noticed."

Me: I looked up that personality disorder and it's about a person who can't feel emotions, and can seem cold, aloof and they want to avoid positive and negative emotions. It's an interesting read. I remember reading that word when I was in gr. 12.

I was on this aspiring singer Jenny Hyun's website and there was this personality disorder test she took where you can rate high, medium, or low.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

writing/ rent rant/ Don Banting

Aug. 2 Writing: Yesterday I did some writing by throwing away 5 pieces of paper, because I had already typed it up and printed it. It's for my The Vertex Fighter drafts that are on my desk. I found some of Marty Chan's old notes on Rain. He commented on the scene where a guy starts asking Rain these sexual questions.

MC: "...doesn't seem believable. Why isn't Rain more outraged at such an inappropriate line of questioning?"
Me: It's based on my experience and I wasn't outraged.

Here's a total coincidence. Last week I was channel surfing and there's this reality show called Plain Jane, and there is a young Asian woman and she is kind of doing this speed dating.

Guy: I've never been with an Asian girl before. How do you feel about one night stands?
Girl: I think it's a little too soon to be talking about sex. Let's cut this short.

Cut to Louise Roe and this Man with her, and they're watching the date on a TV in another room.

LR: That was good, she did well.

So in your face Marty, not all women are going to be outraged. They're just not going to like these questions. lol.

Rent rant: I'll be turning 26 this month (Aug. 11), and that's when my parents started imposing that I pay $400 in rent a month like my sister. I'm annoyed by that because that's a big chunk of my income and I'm not making a lot of money. Though I'm sure all of you guys are like: "It's like $800 a month on rent out in the real world." Yeah, I've been getting a free ride for way too long.

That rent will pay for: the roof over my head, food, home-cooked meals every night, laundry, satellite TV, internet, 3 newspaper subscriptions, electricity, and water. It's also so I could live in a whole house, and not like a room of the house like in the real world. I have it made. I always save my money and write down everything I ever spent my money on. Each month I total it to see if I spent less than the month before.

I just checked and last month, I only bought a bus pass. I have finally done it where the only thing I spent was a bus pass. I do buy things I need like the optometrist appointment and glasses. Then there are some may not be as necessary like a day planner ($5) and a watch strap ($6) because my last one broke. It's cheap, but I use both everyday.

Aug. 3 Angry: I'm feeling angry lately. I just get in these moods from time to time. So I'm going to express it in the following.

Genders being mean: I want to add to that Jamie Kennedy Experiment sketch of those 2 male judges being mean. There were women in the audience and they were laughing and booing too. I don't know about booing, because I hear mainly men, maybe because they're louder. But I'm sure the women were laughing. So people as a whole, suck.

I can imagine any woman judge saying the truth, but it wouldn't be interesting at all because she's not being funny and mean. She would say: "He fell off his unicycle 3 times, he can't juggle, let alone at the same time. I don't even know how he got on this show in the first place."

The above is harsh, but the truth. This woman would have reiterated and not added anything to the show.

Philip DeFranco: I found this guy on Youtube today and clicked on him randomly because I need to listen to something during my job search. He talks about the White House managing to avoid a debt crisis by cutting spending on education and transportation. He's fast- paced, smart, and quirky.

He says (paraphrase): "The Republicans and Democrats compromised and choose to be semi-miserable instead of miserable. It's kind of like someone marrying someone because though he may not be really good-looking or even an interesting person, you get to have a warm body beside you when you sleep at night."

Here's Philip DeFranco: ​=ziIL3HuC9jQ&feature=topvideos ​_entertainment

Dateline: That above reminds me of Dateline: To Catch a Predator of that 35 yr old guy who was going to date a 12 yr old girl. I doubt he is even interested in getting to know her. What are you guys going to talk about? The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus? No disrespect to the actress/ decoy who plays the 12 yr old girl, but I doubt he is even physically attracted to her. He didn't seem like a pedophile who was interested in kids, more like he's so desperate he will date anyone of the opposite sex.

Happy: Let's lighten the mood.

Funny commercial: I saw this yesterday, but it's that Staples commercial where they sing "It's the most wonderful time of the year" about back to school. Heather Morris from Glee is in it and she's dancing at the end of it. Check it out:

Joke: I don't know or don't remember if I signed up for where I get a joke sent into my email every once in awhile. I did get this joke today and thought it was kind of funny:

A new bride was a bit embarrassed to be known as a honeymooner. So when she and her husband pulled up to the hotel, she asked him if there was any way that they could make it appear that they had been married a long time. He responded, "Sure. You carry the suitcases!"

Charity: I read in 24 that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have donated $5 million to charity like UN causes.

I was checking a bit of Tosh. O and Daniel Tosh was dissing Alabama: "This is an overly racist state. It was hit by a tornado and we need to get the state back to the way it was before so we can keep on dissing it. Donate to Red Cross."

Aug. 4 Colombiana: I saw this trailer the other day for the movie Colombiana. It stars Zoe Saldena (Avatar) and she witnesses her parents' murder when she was a kid. Now that she's an adult, she will go and kill the men who are responsible for it.

I always like a woman who kicks ass like those TV shows Buffy and Alias. There was the movie Salt with Angelina Jolie. This reminds me of The Bourne Trilogy where the lead character vs. a big organization.

Job: Today I did training for an hr by watching these three training videos and doing a little quiz. The videos looked it was from the early 90s, but the acting and writing was actually average. I did learn about giving good customer service.

Don Banting: I had an hr to kill prior to the training so I went to Chapters. I met the author/ screenwriter Don Banting. I was checking out some merchandise and he came to me with these 2 pieces of paper promoting himself. He has a book called Two Shadows Have I: The Story of Alex.

The story is about a 5 yr old boy who has been abused by a relative. For every book sold, $1 will be donated to the charity Little Warriors that helps abused children.

We discussed screenwriting.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

results-oriented/ crazy news/ comparisons

Jul. 30 Results- oriented: I was reading that blog article about LinkedIn. "Results-oriented" is an overused term on a resume. I don't have that on my resume, but that can be used to describe me. That's how I prioritize my actions and goals.

Action: Working at my job.
Results: Making tips everyday at work, and getting a paycheck every 2 weeks, and saving that money.

Action: Looking for an office job.
Results: Lots of emails rejecting me. Some phone calls that lead to interviews. Still haven't got the office job yet, but I know my resume is on the company's files.

Action: Writing on my The Vertex Fighter blog to promote my film project.
Results: No one has really made any comments on my blog. It took a year before someone started posting on my personal badcb blog. My desired results is to get funding for The Vertex Fighter.

The other result is my notes about film making and that I'm learning about the business.

Action: Writing the Rain script.
Result: To get it finished and start pitching it. There aren't that many results because I have writer's block and I am focusing on my job and job search.

Jul. 31 Brain drain: This phrase means skill professionals moving to other parts of the world instead of staying in the country where they're from, and using their skills there. I got this email through my blog:

Hi Tracy,

We at are big fans of your site. We just posted an article called “10 Countries Facing the Biggest Brain Drain” and wanted to share it with you and your readers. It might be a good way to spark extra discussion on your site, too. Let us know how it turns out.


Liz Nutt

I thought it was a very smart, and informative article that I would find in the newspaper. They mention Ethiopia, Kenya, and Nigeria who have lots of doctors, but they move to the US. Those are the countries that need the doctors.

Crazy news: I found this on Yahoo and this will qualify for the TV show I Didn't Know I was Pregnant. This woman in Cincinnati didn't have any pregnancy symptoms at all, no cramping or weight gain. Then she went into the washroom and realized that a baby is coming out. 20 min. later she gave birth to a baby boy Jackson.

She has a 16 yr old daughter, and when the mom was pregnant with her, she experienced all the pregnancy symptoms with her daughter.

Aug. 1 Job search: This job search has an effect on how I watch TV. I was watching Degrassi and KC works a dishwasher.

KC: I work as a dishwasher. I could stay at home and make the same money on welfare.
Then he was promoted to bus boy.

It reminds me when I was on EI and looking for a job. I can be working part-time and that's how much EI I get.

Comparisons: I haven't typed up anything for my Rain script since the beginning of last month. I usually am able to get writer's block out of the way if I think about everything that's been done. Then it makes me think of what hasn't been done.

A sniper in a crime drama: I've seen this on Criminal Minds ep called "LDSK" meaning Long- Distance Serial Killer. It was on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and Flashpoint. There is a lot of suspense and drama because you can't see the shooter and it's harder to find him.

Typing up something that comes true: It was first done on The Twilight Zone and I saw the ep last year. I first saw a storyline like this back in 1994 on the kids TV show Are You Afraid of the Dark? where a guy uses a magical typewriter for his creative writing class.

It was done on Sabrina the Teenage Witch where Sabrina uses a magical typewriter. The figure skater Michelle Kwan comes on rollerskating in the hallway. I remember the characters in Sabrina's story comes true like the enemies like Mr. Kraft and Libby have their doppelgangers. I'm a writer so I imagine things like: "Wouldn't it be cool if this really happened and it's not just a fictional story?"

Hoarding storyline: It was done on South Park and The Simpsons where Marge becomes a hoarder.

Woman comes back into man's life, and says the kid is his: I saw this on Desperate Housewives withe Bree's boyfriend played by Brian Austin Green. I then saw it on Heartland where a woman says that to Tim. Tim was smart to do a DNA test and confirm that he's the father.

Hide illegal things in pizza boxes: I saw this on Hawaii 5.0 and it was guns. I then watched Castle ep "Slice of Death." It was a murder in a pizzeria. They were hiding in heroin in pizza boxes.

Opening scene is a dream: I was watching Pretty Little Liars and a bad guy attacks the 4 friends. It was anti-climatic and a cliche. I will admit I did that a couple of times in the beginning of my script, but got rid of it. It was done in the movie Bring it On.

It was done on Buffy's ep "Hush" where they lose all their voices, but it was a significant dream because Buffy's dreams can be prophetic because she is the slayer.

Lying to the police to get them to help you: I was watching Rookie Blue ep called "Heart and Sparks" and this black woman comes into the station saying she knows who killed this drug dealer. The killer's name is Michelle Turner. Then it turns out MT is actually the woman's daughter who went missing last year. She is a low priority because she is a drug addict who got into drugs by the now- dead drug dealer.

The mom thought if she said MT was the killer, then the police will start looking for her. The cop Traci then helped get a Priority 1 bulletin on MT.

I got a flashback of the first season of this show. A woman calls 911 saying she heard gun shots, but when the police get there, she says: "My kid's missing. I knew if I said I heard gun shots you would get here faster than if I said my kid was missing."

Aug. 2 Kerry James: I was going through my writing, and I think the actor Kerry James should be in my Rain script where he plays a jerk in one scene. KJ is in the Alberta shot show Heartland. He plays the good guy Caleb, but I can see him in my Rain script.

Check him out:

Aug. 3 Genders being mean: Hey guys, I found it. I went on Youtube and here's the sketch that I keep talking about. It's on the Jamie Kennedy Experiment and how the 2 male judges said all these mean comments. If you ask a female judge, she wouldn't be as mean. Or maybe she would.

You watch this, and do you get angry when you watch this? Because I do, because the judges were mean. What would you say after you saw JK's performance? Check it out:

Monday, August 1, 2011

money wasters/ laughing about death

Jul. 28 Money wasters: I found this article on Yahoo about what you waste money on. If you have a pet and you buy stuff from the pet store, it costs 15-20% more than if you went to a discount retailer like Wal-Mart.

In the article it said: "People who pride themselves on being frugal often are "penny wise, pound foolish" in that they focus on the "bargain" aspect of a purchase rather than the "use" aspect of a purchase. An item is not a bargain even if it is advertised at "50 per cent off" if it is never used."

I do like the closing argument: "What five to 10 things do you waste money on that don't bring real value to your life now, but could significantly impact your happiness later? There is nothing we can do about what we wasted yesterday, but what we do today will have an impact on tomorrow." I found this on Globe and Mail. It's kind of like a blog and forum. I like the "Contemplations" questions:

"Describe what you learned the 'hard way.'"

"What is the most valuable piece of advice you ever received?"

Jul. 29 Bad ads: I was reading the Globe and Mail and it talked about these offensive Summer Eve ads. It sells wipes to clean your lady parts. You watch the commercials and you will notice the racial stereotypes. A white hand that pretends to be a vagina says she will hit the gym and a black hand talks about clubbing.

It reminds me way back in like 2002, I was on Fametracker Forums talking about racial stereotypes in TV and films.

Little Master T: And black people? They're sassy, mmm hmm!

I burst out laughing at that. I watched the commercial with the black hand and she did say "mmm hmm." Here's the ad:

Jul. 30 Laughing about death: I got some flashbacks. This was from gr.11 English class and this guy Eric was eating a sandwich.

Kendra: Who made your sandwich? Your mom?
Eric: My mom's dead.
There is this awkward pause.
Eric: I'm just kidding.

Then in 2004, I had met my friend Sonia through work. She talks about her mom and little brother. She's East Indian, and I thought her dad may be dead. So I was sensitive in asking: "What about your dad?" She says they're divorced which is interesting because I have never really met anyone who's East Indian and their parents are divorced.

In 2005, I was working at a clothing store and this new Asian girl was there. I think her name's Mary.

Mary: My mom moved my little brother and I here when I was 4 and he was 1 because there are more opportunities in Canada, then in China.
Me: What did your dad say?
Mary: Nothing, he's dead.
Me: I'm sorry.
Mary: That's okay. I don't really remember him.

I thought it was kind of weird where I think one person's dad is dead, and it turns out he's alive. Then when I think one person's dad is alive, it turns out he's dead.

Lawyer: I was talking to my dad today about this guy at work who has a psychology degree so he could get into law school. He's on the waiting list.

Dad: I don't know if he's going to be a really good lawyer because if he does get into law school, it's because he barely made it in. Though it could help him by pushing himself more like: "I'm not really supposed to be in here, but I will prove to myself that I am supposed to be in law school by working really hard."

Staffing agencies: I got this email through my blog. It's an article about staffing agencies. There were good tips like there are scammers out there like charging you $200 to rewrite your resume which is probably not helpful. The agency makes money from the employer. Like say a agency got you a job at ATCO, ATCO pays the agency.

If a company hires a agency's employee, that that would be a more expensive hire than a regular applicant who dropped off her resume. I would say don't go to staffing agencies.

Here's the email:

Hi Tracy,

I’m a writer for and we just published an article “What Every New Grad Needs to Know About Employment Agencies” I think you’d like, since your blog often covers the same subject matter. Feel free to share the article with your readers if you have a place for it in upcoming post schedule.



Tim Handorf

Here's another one. This is a helpful article about using LinkedIn to get a job:

Hi Tracy,

I’m a frequent reader of your blog and wanted to let you know that I just posted an article on my site that I thought you might find interesting, “48 Essential LinkedIn Tips Your Teachers Won’t Tell You”. If you think your readers might like it, too, would you consider sharing or mentioning it on your blog? I’d appreciate it if you have time to check it out.



Jasmine Hall

Jul. 31 Writer's block: I was watching Degrassi and Eli has writer's block in the school's computer lab. In a burst of anger, he threw the computer monitor on the floor.

Me: Damn it!

This girl Imagin runs in and says the computer teacher Ms. So is coming.

Imagin pretends to trip and throws herself on the floor in front of the monitor.
Ms. So: Are you okay?
Imagin: I tripped over the wires.