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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dateline/ Post Secret/ Polaris Project

Mar. 27 Dateline: Here's some more Dateline to Catch a Predator comments on Youtube. It's still about the 35 yr old guy who says he "wants to get to know" the 12 yr old girl and have a relationship with her. I have also added my own personal comments to them.

"P.E.T.A=People Enjoying Trysts with Adolescents"
Me: That's creative.

"See for years I mentioned that PETA people are very disturbing and this proves my point.

'I wanto show you something' I think she was talking about COPS F...G LOSER!!"
Me: I never thought PETA people were disturbing, but this guy is one example.

"Honey, Dateline is using the Millers house to bust pervs again! come see!" LOL
Me: If I remember correctly, there were protests that this one neighborhood didn't want Dateline to set up their sting in their neighborhood, but Dateline did it anyway. Well the police were part of the sting.

"LMFAO Scream at them as their being Haled away! n drink beers"

"'You want a boyfriend or a dad?' sick scumbag"

Chris : "Strawberries, whipped cream, stuffed animals. You got it all goin on don't ya?
Me: I guess Chris Hansen sounded kind of snarky there.

"Just when you think you *might* feel sorry for him, you find out he's a peta member. Throw the book at the perv."

"I would love to be the neighbor... and just hang out outside on my porch and watch the madeness unfold"

"i like the Peta bag. I think one of these videos, somebody with a NAMBLA bag will walk in the house.LOL"
Me: I don't think there are NAMBLA bags because that really marks that you're a pedophile and people will harass you.

"I searched the New Jersey Sex Offender Registry, and couldn't find him or any of the men caught in this sting. John Donnelly also supposedly got lifetime RSO status, but I couldn't find him either. Neither one of these guys got any jail or prison time, which is a stark contrast to the guys in Georgia who got 7+ years."

Me: You actually went and looked it up? Maybe they haven't put them on the Registry yet due to the trial and paperwork.

"NO DUMBASS, they can smell 'future sex offender' scent on you a mile away, no wonder nobody wanted to meet him.. he's a fucking delusional potential child-rapist"
Me: I don't think he's delusional, he wants delude himself and the 12 yr old girl that they're having a real relationship when they aren't.

"HaHa at 0:43 when the decoy says ... 'Well I have a surprise for you too....' Great touch haha I mean the actress has got to be bursting with joy at having caught this loser
Me: I missed that part, but it's a good thing that person pointed it out.

"I wonder if someone with a very good lawyer ( jewish prefferably) could get away with it by claiming that he wanted to meat the hot date line decoy and since he watched the show, he knew, shes was 18!?"
Me: Actually I read a Cosmogirl article where an 18 yr old actress was on the Dateline show playing the decoy. Then they used her again for another sting, but then there were some guys who recognized her from the show, and then drove away really fast. The actress said: "I can't believe they saw Dateline and they still came to meet an underage girl." They never use the same actress twice to make sure guys don't run away.

"Yes, snuggles with the bear every night to remind her of that one magically time she almost got raped by a sex predator"

"one of the things Perverted Justice never, never, EVER does is start a chat with a stranger. They let others start to start a chat with them. It would be entrapment if PJ started a conversation with an adult and then try to lure them over."
Me: That's true.

"I know these stuffed animals and gifts are from perverts but perverted justice should keep all the toys and stuffed animal's and give them to Toy for Tot's. These children wont know that they came from a pervert they will just be glad to get them.Sometime's these parent's are so poor that those toy's and thing's will be the only thing they will get for Christmas."
Me: Oh yeah, that's a good idea.

"Seriously, I would completely dig living next door to that residence! As soon as I saw a camera crew arrive, I would get some beer and pretzels and just go sit on my porch to watch the fireworks."

"Thats not a very imaginative use for strawberries and cream, this pervert just ain't trying :,("
Me: Yeah, I have to agree it wasn't very imaginative.

"You know I wonder what happens to a guy who comes in purposely to tell the decoy girl "What are you doing" "Why would you do this, I'm going to wait here till your parents gets home" and he's actually doing it to protect and make the minors understand whats the dangers are and not knowing he was on the would that turn out?"

"Chris Hansen would still walk out and assume they are a sex predator... "well thats not consistent with your chat log". And just assume he's covering his ass incase it was a sting. Even if strangely enough his intentions were good like that. But other factors like how long it took em to travel there, did they bring anything (better not have condoms for a start), did they send any pics/pornographic material online, what is their occupation. i feel they may have a hard time getting out of it still"

Me: I doubt it. If this person really wanted to protect a child, they wouldn't go there in person. They would chat online and give them safety tips like don't give your full name, address, phone number on the internet. You don't go there in person.

I've seen an episode where a guy said he was there to protect the kid because she's home alone, but that's stupid.

"is that the old guy from KFC? 4:45... lol"

"The 'grooming predator' kinda friend haha"
Me: Yeah, that's the word "grooming" and not dating.

"'He went for a high five and i like totally dissed him.'

Win, bitch. Win"

"'sexual entertainment' xDD"
Me: lol. Though that is kind of wrong. When you think "sexual entertainment" don't you mean strip clubs and not catching sexual predators?

"It's funny how these guys essentially turn into little boys once they're caught, from their facial expressions to the things they say, to crying, begging, practically asking for mommy. There's a lot of psychological damage that goes along with those reactions."

Mar. 28 Post Secret: I found this secret at the bottom of This person wrote about how he watches Two and a Half Men:

"After yet another evening watching TV, topped off with an especially insipid episode of Two and a Half Men, I thought 'I can't sit here watching this crap anymore.' I found a volunteer opportunity that gets me out of the house and now my life has more meaning and purpose. Thanks Charlie."

Mar. 29 Charity: I read that the singer Gwen Stefani donated $1 million to help the people in Japan. I read the North Korean leader Kim Jong Ill also donated $1 million to the Korean people living in Japan.

Polaris Project: I got this email from from this Facebook cause I joined about stopping child pornography. There's this great website called Polaris Project that helps stop human trafficking. After I saw that 2 part mini-series called Human Trafficking back in 2005/ 2006, it really opened my eyes to it.

The mini-series was mainly about sex trafficking and coming into the country through false promises. The women and girls are living in fear and aren't getting paid.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Help defend civilians in Libya. Unite against injustice.

Help defend civilians in Libya. Unite against injustice.
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March 24, 2011
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Dear Human Rights Supporter,

“Gaddafi’s forces shot dead so many peaceful protesters and abducted many others who remain disappeared. If they come back into Benghazi the retribution against the population will be extremely harsh."
" I fear for myself and my children, and I fear even more for all those young people who took to the streets with no weapons than their dreams for a better future. They gave us all the courage to raise our heads and speak out against four decades of blind repression."

These words are from a Libyan activist a few days ago in Benghazi, Libya. The young woman who describes her fear, defiance and hope for the future was speaking directly to an Amnesty International researcher.

Amongst the rhetoric, the politicians jostling for attention and the media sensationalism, Amnesty International is in Libya, on the ground, giving eyes and ears to us all. We are there with no other agenda than to support and defend those who risk their lives to speak out for justice and freedom. And we need your help today to ensure that we can keep doing this for as long as it takes.

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Thank you,
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Alex Neve,
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Words and images from the Middle East & North Africa: 2011
Egypt Yemen Libya civilians Mouravi

Women in Egypt involved in protests were forced by the army to take virginity tests
At least 40 killed as snipers fire at protesters in Yemen Civilians and refugees in Libya need protection from a government who sees them as their enemy
Iran stiffles political dissent by detaining opposition leader

Photo credits: "People want change", Spencer Platt, Getty images; Egypt, Sarah Carr; Yemen, Giulio Petrocco,Demotix; Libyians in Benghazi, Patrick Baz, AFP/Getty: Iran, Andy Heath, Demotix

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Post Secret/ Trust/ future self

Mar. 24 Post Secret: I found this on Post Secret:

"When I was 5 yrs old my mom made me report my dad for molestation even though HE NEVER TOUCHED ME. 3 yrs later he was denied custody and I was adopted by a man who did molest me."

"I lied in court to help a friend."

Trust: Today I was reading 24 and Clive Owen was talking about his movie called Trust. He plays a father who becomes a vigilante after his daughter was assaulted by an online sexual predator. CO actually met a couple who had a daughter who was sexually assaulted so he could do research for his role.

Here's the movie trailer. It looks really good. David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) directed this movie. I think I'm going to watch it:

Sex crimes on TV and movies: I am interested in this topic. I watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit for years since 2002. I started watching The Young and the Restless back in 2003 because of this online sexual predator storyline. It was also because I just graduated out of high school and I didn't have to go to summer school and I didn't manage to get a job. Soap operas are on everyday so it was pretty addictive to watch.

Though I haven't watched that since the one ep in 2008. I started watching Dateline because of there "To Catch a Predator" episodes. I have seen Dateline where they cover other topics, but it's not as interesting. I watched the movie Hard Candy about a girl who meets an online predator and goes to his house and tortures him.

I'm a fan of Oprah, but I didn't start going on until I saw her bring in Justin Berry, the guy who was molested over the internet.

Degrassi: The Next Generation's pilot was about Emma meeting a boy online, but it turns out it was a man. Then I saw Renegade Press, a Canadian teen show like Degrassi do a storyline like that too.

Mar. 25 Writing: I was reading an article about the Sucker Punch director Zack Snyder said he wrote this one scene in an unrelated screenplay in the 1990s. He wrote one scene and then he managed to make a feature- length script out of it. That's some good inspiration. I was going through my 3.5 floppy disks to see if they work and I did look over my old writing. I did write one scene for Rain yesterday.

Future self: I've seen this where Bart and Lisa see into the future when they graduate out of high school on The Simpsons. Professor Frink has this machine where he can see into the future. Amy Poehler (Parks and Recreation) guest- star. Future self Bart tells his kid Bart to not waste time.

South Park kind of did that too where Stan meets his future self, but it turns out it's an actor from a company called Motivation Corp. Then there's a Buffy ep where Xander meets his future self and that man tells him to not marry Anya.

If I can tell my 20 yr old self in 2005/2006 it would be this: "Tracy, stop watching Dr. Phil and Maury. You're going to get laid off Call Centre #1, so file for EI. You may qualify for it. I didn't at that time because I managed to get a job pretty soon. Though it was part-time so I may have still qualified to get some EI. Stop spending your money in 2005, and start saving as much as you can. Stop spending so much time on and start reading screenwriting books and write. Here's the plot to The Fighter."

That's some of things I would tell to my 20 yr old self. But I remember watching this Jessica Biel interview about her movie Next. That movie is about seeing the 2 min. into the future.

JB: I would love to see 2 min. into the future so I could avoid making mistakes. However, if I didn't make those mistakes then I wouldn't have learned anything. So maybe it's a good thing that I can't see into the future.

I have to agree with her on that. I wouldn't learn anything. But from the things I did learn with my 20 yr old self, I can apply that now. I imagine what my 30 yr old self is saying to me: "Tracy, you're doing a bang up job working at your job, and looking for an office job on the side. You managed to get an office job. It's also good that you kept your blog up because you got discovered. And here's the plot to Rain." lol.

Mar. 26 Celeb books: Last week I was at Chapters. I see that reality show star Whitney Port from The Hills and The City has a book about fashion. The Hills and Laguana Beach star Lauren Conrad has a book about fashion and her fictional book called LA Candy. The Hills star Lo Bosworth has a book about dating.

Alicia Silverstone, star of the movie Clueless has a book about vegetarianism. The singer Janet Jackson has a book about self-esteem. I was checking the book The Secret about the law of attraction. I read the sequel called The Power about the power of love.

In the teen section of the store, I checked out the book Go Ahead, Ask Me by Nico Medina and Billy Merrel. It's a fun book with questions that will get interesting answers.

Music: I was at HMV and I was listening to the TV show Glee's version of Michael Jackson's PYT. I like that song. Kevin McHale (the wheelchair Artie) covered the song. It sounds so good.

I was watching the TV show Being Human a couple weeks ago and they played the song "Mad World" by Gary Jules. It's an old song back in 2004. The video is really fun with the dancers making pictures. It's a sad and emotional song. Being Human played that song twice in one ep. Here's "Mad World":

Mar. 27 Rant: Here's a mild rant. I'm supposed to meet up with this guy off the internet today. I said to this place, and he says to this other place. I go to the place he wanted to meet up. Always meet people from the internet in a public place. I got there and called and he said he'll be there. 15 min. go by and he says he's lost and I can't really help him by giving directions because I don't how to get there from where he is.

He is the one who told me to go to this place so I figured he would know how. Yeah, well I read my book and I didn't miss any TV shows or job search time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

short films/ job search/ jerk alert

Mar. 23 Short films: I watch 20/20 and then afterward there's a show that shows Canadian short films. That should help my writer's block. I used to watch short films on the internet in 2001 called I just checked it on the internet and it's not there anymore.

Sweet 16: In Oct. 2010, I saw this short film called Sweet 16. It looks kind of dated like in the early 90s. It starts off with a teen guy and girl getting into a car and getting in a car accident. The story is about a girl named Hope and she's going to celebrate being 16. Her parents are keeping a secret from her, and she and the audience doesn't know, but wants to find out. Then it turns out she was cloned from the parent's first daughter Ellie. Her parents cloned her.

I didn't expect that one, but I have read it in a book when I was in gr. 9 called Cloning Miranda by Carol Matas (I had to Google to get the author's name.) I'll spoil the book for you. If you don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next topic. Miranda is a teen girl and she learns her parents cloned her from their first daughter. Millions of people die a year due to not having the right kidney or organ so that's why they cloned her.

Drama film: This short film was shot in Vancouver. I know because it looks like it, it had a newspaper box with Vancouver on it, and had the actress Gina Holden (Dale from Flash Gordon) as a receptionist. I looked her up and I couldn't find the title of the film, but it's a good storyline with a good surprise.

Cut to this man Thomas who's at the doctor's office and he was told he has stomach cancer. Cut to this office and Thomas goes there to see his sister Natalie. Natalie is talking to her boss and he's telling her how to work the phone in this cubicle. Thomas tells Natalie about his dr. appointment and he needs to get access to the trust money so he could pay for his cancer drugs.

There is a framed picture of their mentally and physically disabled brother Daniel on the desk.

Natalie: What about Daniel? He needs the money.
Thomas: So? We can put him in a home.
Natalie: It's going to be some dump.
Thomas: It's not like he would know or be able to tell the difference.

The phone rings and Natalie leaves for a moment. Thomas starts going through the desk and reads what's in a folder. He sees what's on the computer about insider training. Cut to the Nurse at the dr. office who sees Thomas's folder and reads it. She starts making a phone call.

Natalie comes back and says she's really busy and can't talk to him. She tells him to stop looking at her stuff. Thomas leaves and in the lobby he gets a phone call from his loan shark. Thomas tells him to invest money into something he saw on Natalie's computer. He leaves and the security guard at the front calls Natalie.

Natalie goes to her office and tells the "boss" to get his feet off her desk. She gets the phone call from the security guard and calls the dr. who saw Thomas.

Natalie: He was here and he took the bait.
Doctor: Good. It almost didn't work when my nurse read the folder and was trying to call Thomas. Fortunately since I'm near retirement, I apologized and said I was getting old. On Monday, I'll call Thomas and tell him I misdiagnosed him.
Natalie: Now I know Daniel is going to be taken care of.

I thought there were good surprises that it was Natalie behind the whole thing, the dr. was part of it, the "boss" wasn't really her boss. You may say Natalie was manipulative, but she was taking care of her brother Daniel who can't take care of himself.

Shaolin Soccer: My dad was watching this DVD today. I came to eat lunch and I saw the last 15 min of it. I have seen this movie before back in 2005. I borrowed it from the library and it's a Chinese movie. I saw it with the English subtitles. It's a funny and silly comedy about a group of misfits who form a soccer team to beat the bad guys.

Yeah, I've heard those story lines before. It's a fun movie to watch.

Facebook: I've been working at my restaurant job for 5 months and one of my co-workers is moving away. I asked to be friends on Facebook and now I'm Facebook friends with 5 of my co-workers.

Job search: The other day was my day off so I went and looked at the banks websites. I applied to 11 places. Today is my day off and I'm looking at the usual 5 sources of my job search I do everyday. This time I'm looking over my old agenda where I jotted notes to apply at hotels. Then I realized that I kind of work for a big company that's like a hotel.

There weren't any front desk receptionist positions available at the hotel websites I looked at. Hotels have good job security because they're a really big place. The phrase: "Too big to fail." Often hotels are part of big chains. Though I'm getting a flashback of the TV show Angel where they moved their office to this big abandoned hotel in season 2. Hotels can close down.

Companies: There are lots of hotels like Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Marriot Hotel. There's only 1 Marriot and that's part of the River Cree Casino. I went to and they used to have a call centre, but it closed down. The jobs there are lead developer and valve technician. Nothing I'm qualified for.

Luminosity: I went to to try out one of those brain games to keep your mind sharp. It was actually pretty fun. I remember reading an article in the newspaper about those games. The article says they help a little bit.

Mar. 24 Jerk alert: Yesterday I was on the online dating site, and this guy was a total jerk to me. He has officially been the #1 worst guy I ever encountered through this site. It happened yesterday, and I'm still kind of upset about it. I was on the site, and this guy starts chatting with me. At first it was a normal conversation.

Then a few min. into it, a video appears and he flashes me. I closed the IM chat fast. Then the window pops up to ask to chat again, and I did click yes. You're like: "Why?" I guess I was curious to see what he would say. He said: "Oh what you don't like?" I closed the window again.

I then reported him to the website people. It did ask: "What do you want us to do? Give him a warning or delete his profile." I told them what he did and that they can do either or to him.

This guy is so bad, he beats out the guy I rejected. When I reject guys who email me I say that they're not my type and say good luck to them. One guy emails me back and disses my dad. I block him.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

charity/ headlines/ ethnic diversity on TV

Mar. 20 Charity: I was reading a letter in the Edmonton Journal by a teenager named Maria Sharif. She said that we only donate to charity when a natural disaster strikes. She said there are people who suffer everyday in countries like Iraq and Africa, but we don't help them. Good point. I had written an essay for my Writing for the Ear class about charity. I said: "We only donate to charity during Christmas, but what about the rest of the year?"

Well I know my friend Angela donates to the Red Cross every month. My old manager Aziz donates money every month to this charity that helps children who are amputees in 3rd world countries.

I read that Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to help the people in Japan. Charlie Sheen is donating $1 from all his tickets from his comedy tour to Japan too. Also celebrities like 50 Cent and Mariah Carey who performed for Libya leader Ghadifi have donated their earnings from the show to charity.

Mar. 21 Headlines: Here's some more headlines I collected from the Edmonton Journal Sunday Reader:

"Girlfriend Calls 911 On Pot- Smoking, Jobless Boyfriend" -Headline in Arizona Republic

"FAA: Man in Plane Tossed Toilet Paper on School" -Headline in Arizona Republic

"Blocked view prompts strip- club melee"- one woman was standing on a chair while watching a male stripper. A woman who sits behind her told her that she was blocking her view. Then a fight broke out between the drunk women. This is from the Nanaimo Daily News.

"Fla. Man Denies Cocaine Found in Buttocks is His" -Atlanta Journal- Constitution headline

A rice farmer in Taiwan dresses up his scarecrow to look like Michael Jackson with a white sequined glove, black fedora, black brogues and another one has the red "Thriller" jacket. The pose is the signature dance moves. -According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

In Jeannette, Pennsylvania, the town officials laid off the town's only police dog. According to the New York Post, the dog will get two months' kibble as severance.

A Florida couple named Mitchell and Judith Fletcher bought a skeleton for $8 at an estate sale for their Halloween decorations. As they were decorating it, they felt the bones were real instead of plastic so they called the sheriff's office. The county medical examiner said it was a "professionally prepared human anatomical skeleton." The Fletchers won't get the skeleton back because trafficking human bones is illegal.

The Bradley County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee says they reuse underwear for prisoners. They said they sanitize them before giving them out to be reused by a different person, but that's still not good. This was from MSNBC.

3.5 floppy disk: Here's a mild rant. Last month one of my red Memorex 3.5 floppy disks crapped out on me. I got this disk back in 2002. It had my resume on it among other things. So I went and had my resume copy and pasted from my email to a purple Memorex disk. Now the purple disk crapped out on me yesterday.

The resume in my email is from 2008 so I had to add some jobs and duties to it. I then thought: "I email scripts to myself, how about my resume too?" The purple disk had my Eng. 101 essays from college on it. I did put the essays on my blog for anyone to read. It also had my Fighter pitch package on the disk. However, there wasn't really anything on that document.

I take care of my disks, but some things stop working because they're old. I thought it was because I saved a document on my disk while using a different computer. I thought that was what wrecked the disk. But then I tried it on another Memorex disk and it worked fine.

Mar. 22 Ethnic diversity on TV: I was reading this in the Edmonton Journal yesterday, but I remember noticing it myself. In the combined 21 seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, there are mainly white people. The people of color singles get eliminated within the first round. The producers say that people of color aren't going into auditions for this show.

There are opposing producers says there are, but they think audiences won't watch it if the lead is a person of color or root for an interracial couple. I don't watch this show, but I only see the commercials for it and I mainly see white people.

There's a MADtv sketch years ago making fun of teen dramas. They called it"Pretty White Kids with Problems." On Gossip Girl it's a group of white kids as the cast. There was an Asian girl and black girl as Blair's lackeys, but after the kids went to college, they got rid of them. However, this season there is a black girl named Raina and her dad who are a big part of this season's storyline.

I notice more ethnic diversity in the small non-speaking parts on the show like how there's a black man as the prison guard. I've seen an Asian guy on the show who shows up in one scene, and then again with his shirt off. I remember way back in 2003 on Fametracker forums about Asian racial stereotypes on TV and movies. How come you never see an Asian guy who is sexy? They usually are karate masters and are geeks.

Vanessa Minnillo: She's an actress and she was on 30 Rock. The joke was her name was Carmen Chao and you can't tell if she's Latino or Asian. By watching it, I was like: "What is her ethnicity?" It turns out her dad is Irish and Italian and her mom is Filipino.

Dream: Last night I dreamed I was in this school/ office environment with these cubicles. I had a dream awhile back that I was in my gr. 9 math class room. Last night had Daren Kagasoff in it. He's on the show Secret Life of the American Teenager which is coming back with new episodes next week. I know it's a crappy show, but I like to watch how bad it is. I can't remember what DK did in my dream.

Secret Life: There are a few moments on SLAT with good acting and writing like the one where the actors Francia Raisa and DK play the couple Adrian and Ricky and they go to counseling together. It had a good moment as Adrian tells the counselor when the first time she had sex with her friend/ neighbor before he moved away.... so he could get cancer treatment.

Mayim Bialk was on for a few eps playing the school counselor. Remember, she was the star of the early 90s sitcom called Blossom? Well she's now on The Big Bang Theory so good for her.

Mar. 23 EI: I was watching 30 Rock about working for a TV show like Saturday Night Live. Pete (Scott Adsit) is a writer for the fictional Tracy Jordan Show.

Scott: When Tracy and Jenna are gone, I can file for insurance. I can keep getting paid when I'm not working.

That reminded me of my EI. It's going to expire soon. Well at least I got a big amount of money during the 8 months of unemployment. Though it's really how much money I would be making if I was working part-time. At least I have a job.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Uphold the right to clean water for First Nations

Sign this petition to "Uphold the right to clean water for First Nations":

Law and Order: SVU/ racism/ Trevor Popik Hafso

Mar. 18 Law and Order:SVU I was watching a Law and Order: SVU ep called "Flight". There was this guy on it and he looked so familiar. Then I realized it was Colm Feore (from the movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop, and the mentor on the first season of The Listener.) He had a beard so I didn't recognize him at first. Since he's the biggest guest- star he's the guy who did it.

The ep was this woman in her 20s and how she is dating him. She was also bringing young teen girls to his massage room, and then he molests them and also pays for it. The woman wouldn't go against her boyfriend. It turns out she was dating him when she was underage.

Benson: You weren't dating him, he was grooming you.

Yes, that's the word I was looking for. That's why I had that major problem on Dateline: To Catch a Predator where that 35 yr old guy said to the 12 yr old girl: "I thought that we should get to know each other first." He was obviously grooming her. This L&O: SVU ep is what would happen if Dateline wasn't there. If this 35 yr old was caught with a 12 yr old, the girl would say they were dating and wouldn't press charges.

I also watch a lot of Oprah where she talks about child molestation and the word grooming always pops up.

Comic book: I have writer's block so I'm going to write about things that should get my creative juices flowing.

Yesterday I was watching some Conan O' Brien, and Rashida Jones was on. She's from The Office and Parks and Recreation. She talked about her comic book called Frenemy of the State. It's about a socialite who is an undercover spy. RJ thought: "What if a heiress worked for the CIA? That would be a good cover because no one would expect someone like Paris Hilton to work for the CIA." That's a good premise.

Writers: I noticed this back in Apr. 2010. I was watching Castle and see one of the producers/ writers is Moira Kirkland. She worked on the TV show Dark Angel. Interesting that she go from sci-fi to crime drama.

Racism: I saw that I wrote a note in my old agenda in May 2010 about racism. It was back in 2002 or 2003, when I used to go this internet forum called Fametracker Forums. My sister got me into it. You can talk about TV, movies, books, music, and celebs and then it eventually closed the forums down. Then everybody moved to

I remember someone on Fametracker said that The Lion King was racist. Did you notice that the physically dark characters like the hyenas were voiced by dark actors? Oh yeah, Whoopi Goldberg was the voice of one of the hyenas. I didn't notice the race thing until someone pointed it out. I remember watching the movie when I was nine and I just remembered Goldberg's voice, but not the race.

Animals: I'm getting another flashback coming on. When I was 10, I was watching Kratt's Creatures with my little brother. He loves animals and always watches them on TV. On the show the hosts Chris and Martin Kratt says a lot of people think hyenas are scavengers. That lions kill the animal and hyenas take the meat. Often it's the other way around.

Then today, P was watching My Supersweet 16 which is a trashy show about mainly spoiled teen girls throwing an extravagant birthday party that costs thousands of dollars. This girl showed she owned ostriches.

Me: Ostrich burger, get your ostrich burger! (Homer said that on The Simpsons.)
P: Those are emus.

Yeah, he knows a lot about animals. lol. Then it brought a flashback of a Baby- Sitter's Club book. Mary Anne had to solve a mystery at the zoo. She was also writing a paper about emus.

Mind: Interesting how my mind goes from The Lion King to Kratt's Creatures to My Supersweet 16 to The Simpsons to The Baby- Sitter's Club.

Mar. 20 The Listener: I haven't been writing about this show in awhile. I saw an episode called "In his Sights." It shows Toby (Craig Olejnik) working out so that was hot. It was so Canadian when they mention the Conservative Party, and show the Canadian flag. The Prime Minister was played by Kevin Jubinville (the bad principal on Degrassi.)

There is an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister, and Toby and his IIB team has to prevent it from happening. It was unpredictable when Toby hears (reads a mind) that someone is going to hurt the PM, but then a balloon filled with red paint was thrown at the PM.

After some more investigating, the PM's team has some military members and there was a cover up on murdering civilians in Iraq. A solider has to get back at the PM for being part of that. I don't think I've seen that on a TV show before.

Actors: I was checking out the beginning of the TV movie The Unquiet. The opening scene was to expose a fake psychic so I had to watch how it goes. I'm interested in psychics and the supernatural. I then recognized the woman who sees the psychic. It's Olivia from The Listener! Or her real name is Mylene Ding- Robic.

It was also weird. I was watching The Listener, and there's the actor Peter Stebbings who was on for 3 episodes. On the 3rd ep, I realized that I have seen him before. He played a pedophile on a an episode of Flashpoint back in 2008. I saw him once 2 yrs ago and now I recognize him.

Job: I mentioned before that there are things that you can't control that can affect your work like: getting sick, getting laid off, being out of work for months. I was going through my agenda in Jan. 2010, there was fire alarm that was pulled at the mall that I worked at. It was on Wed. and Sat. and we had to close down for about 3hrs in total. By closing down due to the fire alarm, you miss out on making money.

Trevor Popik Hafso: Yesterday I had a split shift at work. I had a few hours between my two shifts so I stayed at the mall. I then went to Chapters. I was reading the first chapter of The Secret. Well I like The Secret: Teen Power more because I can relate to it more.

Anyway, I was walking to leave the store and see that an author was sitting at a table doing signings. I looked at the business card and immediately recognized the logo of the lion with the wings. I picked it up before and put it on my desk.

The author Trevor Popik Hafso wrote The Three Little Pigs II: The Evolution of the Wolf which is a picture book.

Me: I met you before.
T: Yeah.
Me: At City Centre mall.

He had a signing at City Centre last year. We chatted a bit. I told him to make a blog. I then went to his website and emailed him this:

"To Trevor:

Hi, I'm Tracy Au and we met each other the second time at Chapters yesterday. I was the young Asian woman who told you how to make a blog. Go to and you can set up a free Google account. Then you can promote yourself and your book more.

I have a blog myself at It's about TV, movies, writing, news, my life, etc. I've had the blog since 2008 to get discovered as a screenwriter. I've been pitching my screenplay since 2008 and been in talks with a producer. I will write about you on it.

Have you ever heard of the Writer in Residence at the Edmonton Public Library? It's Marty Chan and he has helped me with my writing. You can email him your work of 15 pages and he will give you helpful feedback:


Well it was nice meeting you.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pamela Smart/ crazy story/ abortions

Mar. 16 Pamela Smart: In Oct. 2010, I was watching Oprah and she interviewed a woman named Pamela Smart. The story is that PS got her 15 yr old lover to kill her cheating husband, but PS says she didn't. PS says death is easier than life in prison. PS never used the technology on TV like the internet or a cell phone.

The 15 yr old boy Billy Flynn committed the murder, and his 3 friends also went to jail for 18-20 yrs. The jury wasn't sequestered for PS so there's a bias. PS helps the women in prison by teaching them. She also got two masters degree while in prison.

If she is innocent, I feel sorry for her. But hey, at least she's doing something productive and helpful in prison by getting an education and teaching other women.

20/20: I was watching 20/20 back in Oct. 2010. Nicky was born a boy named Justin. When he was 18 yrs old, he went from dressing up as a girl at night, to being a woman full- time. Then she went to a bar's washroom, and she was raped. She was HIV positive.

She lived her life hard and fast thinking she was going to die soon. She went on the Jerry Springer show and did the "I'm really a man" show. She said she was manipulated by producers, and was young. When she saw the expression on the man's face, she said she won't do it again.

I thought all the guests on Jerry Springer were fake and actors. Or at least most of them were. Looks like at least this one is real.

Crazy story: Here's another crazy story from 20/20 in Nov. 2010: This woman Candy meets a man and falls in love. Then it turns out he had murdered his parents and brother. He goes to juvenile hall for 3 yrs. He was 14 at that time. His name is Peter Zimmerman. He grows up and got out of juvenile hall and moves far away to start a new life.

C and PZ date. He cheats on C, C dumps him. PZ breaks C's air conditioner anonymously. PZ comes and fixes it. He harasses her with phone and email. C gets a restraining order and gets arrested.

PZ pretends to be C on a sex site, and a stranger comes to C's house. Thank God, C wasn't hurt. Remember how I wrote about that woman Sarah on Oprah? Her ex-boyfriend Jebediah Stype set her up to get raped through Craigslist. PZ is now in prison and serving 3 and half years for aggravated stalking. PZ wants $200, 000 from ABC network to sell his story. Yeah, well ABC went to Candy to hear her story. I don't know if they paid her.

Restaurant: The Chinese restaurant Mirama Dining and Lounge has closed down. I've been going there with my family for years. I'll miss it. There are still lots of good Chinese restaurants.

Brain Grade Test: My sister had gave me a whole bunch of magazines, one was called Mental Floss. It's about being smart. I went to the magazine's site and it lead me to a Brain Grade Test. It asked about how much coffee you drink, what you eat, how much exercise you have, etc. and gives you a grade. I got a B+. lol.

Mar. 17 Law of Attraction: I was talking to my friend Angela about this on the phone, and she said it was more about being aware of the things around you instead of attracting it. Yesterday I was thinking about the movie Rebel without a Cause. Then I read in the Edmonton Journal, where a high school was throwing a play based on the movie.

Nuns: I saw this on Oprah yesterday. I saw this on 20/20 a year or so ago. There are 750,000 Catholic nuns. 60,000 are in the US. The average age of nuns is 28 yrs old. They can never have sex, possessions, or money of their own.

A Harvard graduate was a nun. She says: "A lot of people think I'm missing a lot of opportunities." Yeah, well do whatever makes you happy as long as it's not hurting anyone. Oprah's camera crew went to a convent in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There are no cell phones or computers there.

Crazy love story: Also on Oprah, she interviewed a 47 yr old white woman named Tracy who was raised in a 2 parent household. She was divorced twice and has a 13 yr old son from her 2nd marriage. She goes on a spiritual path. T goes to prison to perform an African dance and meets a black inmate named Joseph.

J never had a dad, and his mom went to prison for murdering his brother's dad. J was sexually abused in foster homes with his brother. J was 20 and he and his friend murdered 4 people in a drug house. J murdered 2 people so he got life in prison, no parole. J and T got married.

They met once when T performed the dance at the prison. One yr later, T went to perform a dance, and then they started dating like write letters to one another. T sounds like she's in love in the interview, and so does J when he called in on the show. J went into religion, pray and meditate.

J: I have taken responsibility for my actions. I want to be happy, I'm going to be happy. I forgave myself.

Mar. 18 Abortions: I was thinking about reading this in the Edmonton Journal awhile back, and also from 20/20 talking about the book Freakonomics. Since there is an increase in abortions, there has been a decrease in crime. There has been a huge decrease in crime in the early 90s, not because of strict laws. It was because abortions was legalized in NY in 1973, which prevent unwanted young men from being born and raised in bad environments.

I remember this time back in around 2005? It was when I still watch trashy shows like Cops. There is this young woman who was a prostitute. She was working as one because she was raped multiple times. One time she got raped at a party, and got pregnant. She had a baby and the only way to support herself and her baby was through prostitution.

I was like: "Give the baby up for adoption, because you obviously can't take care of it if you have to go into prostitution. There is open custody where you can visit and see your kid from time to time. You shouldn't put yourself in danger like that." I was 20 when I saw that. Now that I'm 25, I'm thinking: "So what were you thinking the entire time you were pregnant? That you would go into prostitution?" I think she may have been prostituting before she even got pregnant. I don't know.

Lookalike: I was watching Pretty Little Liars and I thought Spencer's mom Veronica (Lesley Fera) relatively looks like Mariska Harigitay on Law and Order: SVU. They have the same hair color, eyes, skin tone, facial features.

Lesley Fera:

Mariska Harigitay:

Environment: While I'm talking about Pretty Little Liars, I like that last episode they showed three characters make coffee at home, and pour it in their thermos. That's good for the environment. That reminds me of Heartland. A character goes to a restaurant and has her coffee poured into a thermos.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

jokes/ headlines/ office job search

Mar. 14 Jokes: I was watching Jay Leno a couple of weeks ago.

JL; Police recently found a meth lab in the basement of a daycare centre. Good luck trying to the kids to take a nap!

lol. However, meth labs are really dangerous. They can blow up.

JL had Ross the Intern do some interviews. During an interview:

Ross: I'm 22.
Guy: When did you graduate out of high school?
Ross: 19- damn it!

lol. That's how you test their age by asking when they graduated out of high school and what year they were born in.

Headlines: The Edmonton Journal used to have this page on Sunday Reader where they have some funny or weird news. Here's some that I will send to Jay Leno.

22 yr old homeless guy Larry Sanderson from York, PA gets mugged. When the mugger found out he was homeless, he said: "I respect that" and gave his stuff back. That's good.

Tim and Mary Katherine Gann said a server gave their boy Blair's Mega Death Sauce and encouraged him to eat it with his chili. The kid broke out in hives and had trouble breathing and experience severe pain. In Tennessee's Cleveland Daily Banner, the parents are suing for $60,000.

Stupid criminals:

In Saanich, BC, a 76 yr old man went to the police asking about an accident investigation he was involved in. He smelled of alcohol and failed the breathalyzer test. The next day a woman came in asking about an investigation and smelled of alcohol and failed the test. The spokescop Dean Jantzen says that if you're coming to headquarters, make sure you haven't been drinking.

In Conneticut in the New Haven Register, this guy robbed 3 condos. Then he put them in his car that later got stolen. He then got arrested.

In Redwood City, California in the Contra Costa Times, this 19 yr old guy asked two cops for a ride. They asked him if he had anything illegal on him. He said: "" He was then searched and cocaine was found.

In the Vancouver Province, this old senior couple was mugged. The husband Otto Haas who's 90 yrs old chased down the mugger and got the purse back. The police came within 3 min. and arrested the mugger.

Mar. 15 Scary and funny: I was watching Pretty Little Liars with my sister. The character Spencer gets trapped into this closet space inside this Fun House at a carnival. The door opens.

Cut to a close up of bad guy Ian holding up a crowbar and he looks like was going to hurt Spencer with it.
My sister gasps.
My heart jumped.

But Ian saved Spencer because that crowbar was what locked her in.

It was so scary, but I had a good laugh. It also kind of reminded me of The Simpsons where Homer was wearing a hockey mask and revving up his chainsaw.

Homer: Hey Bart, do you want to check out my new chainsaw and hockey mask?

I like watching scary movies, because I like to get scared and get a rush out of it. It's fun. I don't like riding roller coasters though. I went on the big roller coaster at West Ed mall once and it wasn't fun at all. I was too scared to enjoy it.

Mar. 14 Office job search: Today is my day off and I'm looking for an office job. This gym contacted me and it's in downtown so it's easy to get to. However, I told them I wanted to work on the weekends at the restaurant. After some discussion, we thought the job wasn't a fit. Then I went to look at the job ad again, and the shifts were from 2pm-10pm.

That's not a very good hours for me to waiting for the bus that late at night. But at the same time it was like an office job. But there were no benefits. They said I had to work one weekend a month. I guess I could have worked my restaurant schedule around the gym.

Though I feel like I let a good opportunity pass up. But then I feel like I wouldn't last that long in that office job. After being unemployed for 8 months, it has really shaken up my confidence in getting a job.


1. Get a job- I already have a job.
2. Get an office job- I look for an office job from my 5 sources everyday. On my days off I go to other job sites. I also read some job search articles in the 24 newspaper today.
3. Get my Fighter script produced- I emailed a producer today and he said he will be in Alberta in June. For now I have to prepare my pitch package.
4. Write my Rain script- I wrote some scenes, but not anything that I would type up.

Mar. 16 Teen pregnancy: I was on and someone said this: "I went to a Catholic HS and I can't tell you how many people all of a sudden became pro-choice when they got pregnant. Before that, they were totally opposed to ending a pregnancy, no matter what, and had nothing but awful things to say about girls who got pregnant."

Yeah, it's about karma. The thing is, I know that you may imagine that you would have an abortion if you got pregnant, but you never know what you would really do if you were in that actual situation.

I finally finished reading all the comments on the episode with Felicia. She was this Latino girl. She did graduate out of high school. She named her baby girl Genesis which I thought was a weird name, but you can nickname her Gen which is normal. Her boyfriend Alex was a jerk like most teen dads on this show are. He spent $80 on shoes and no money on the baby.

I missed the first 20 min. of the show, but I was filled in by all the comments. People were dissing Alex because he's most likely out cheating on Felicia, he's selfish and immature. They said F should dump A. There was a discussion about how F's two older sisters got pregnant young and F is the only 1 out of 5 kids who finished high school.

People were saying: "Is it really that hard to graduate out of high school?" For some people yes. It also depends on the classes. I would have easily graduated out of high school if I went into all the low classes like Math 24 and Science 24. I wanted to go to college so I had to take some above the low classes like Applied Math. Then I had to upgrade after I graduated out of high school to do grade level Pure Math.

Person 2 on twop: "Guys use love to get sex, girls use sex to get love."

I thought that was interesting, though I don't want to generalize entire genders, but it does seem true.

Japan: I was reading the "Venting" section in the Edmonton Journal. Someone pointed out that after the Japan earthquake, there was no looting like Hurricane Katrina. I didn't notice that. I told my little brother and he said: "That's because Japan is so polite." I would say if a catastrophe hit Canada, we wouldn't be as good as Japan, but we'll be a step above the US.

Well we Canadians are nice, but we're not perfect.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

friends/ Boston Public/ dating

Mar. 12 Friends: Yesterday I chatted with my friend Jessica on the phone for 15 min. We talked a bit about the Japan earthquake. I asked if she found the 9-11 jokes funny. She said she was indifferent about it. Then I asked about the joke on Summer Heights High about the guy Jonah who falsely accused his dad of touching him so he can get out of English class. Jessica didn't like the joke at all.

Then I called my friend Angela and asked about the Summer Heights High joke. She said back in gr. 3, this kid falsely accused his teacher of hitting him. He was late coming home from school because he wanted to play in the playground. He didn't want to admit it was his fault for staying late, so he blamed his teacher. Though everything was straightened out.

A did say she likes my emails more because it was more interesting. She said she liked to read my opinions and not other people's opinions about things like my 16&P and Dateline.

Boston Public: I'm getting another flashback of the TV show Boston Public about high school teachers. So this girl reads a poem in English class and it's about her dad molesting her. The teacher thinks the poem is about her because she's crying and reading it with emotion. When the teacher asks about it, the girl said it was just a poem.

The teacher calls the parents and the girl to talk about it. The teacher talks to another teacher if she should accuse the father of touching his daughter.

Teacher: What if I'm wrong?
Teacher 2: What if you're right?

Then Teacher is talking to the girl and she gives her this video tape. She had left this video recorder on in her bedroom and her dad had come into her room. She hasn't seen the tape so she gives it to the teacher to watch. My memory got kind of fuzzy here and I think he did molest her.

Mar. 13 Hot actors: I have writer's block. A way to fight it is to imagine a hot guy and write him in a role.

Keegan Allen: My sister and I both like the name Keegan. He's an actor on the TV show Pretty Little Liars. He plays the mysterious boy Toby who is blamed for the accident that made his step sister Jenna blind, though he didn't do it. A couple weeks ago, I saw him with his shirt off in an episode and he's got great abs. My sister agrees. lol. Here's a pic of him:

James Edward Campbell: A couple of months ago I saw a promo for Degrassi: The Next Generation and I see James Edward Campbell. I squealed with excitement. He was standing in the rain with this serious, tortured hero look. I imagined that scene was when his character Fitz first shows up at Claire's door and he will tell her he has feelings for her.

I then wrote 3 pages which was like Degrassi fan fiction. But then I went and will change the character's names and make it into my own script. My predictions somewhat came true.

On Degrassi's ep "Jesus, Etc", Eli was giving Claire a driving lesson. C pulls up and Fitz gets right in front of the car.

Me: What?
C: Fitz?
E: What?

I laughed because E said what I said out loud.

F: I need to talk to you guys.
C drives away really fast because F was the one who pulled out a knife on them the last time they were together.

I thought there was good continuity in that F was wearing the same style of clothes of a long sleeve shirt and a down vest over it. F now works at the local hangout The Dot and tells C that he found God in juvenile hall and asks C for forgiveness. Part 2 of the ep is F showing up at C's door in the rain. I was right he would be at C's place, but I was wrong in thinking it will the first time he shows up.

C lets F inside and F takes off his hoodie and shows his bruises on his stomach. He said he fell off his bike. He asks to watch TV and for something to eat until the rain stops. C lets him watch TV and eat. C presses him for the truth and F says his stepbrother beated him up because he was on drugs. F was trying to get him to stop taking drugs.

F's parents don't care about him. F admits he has feelings for C (I was right about that one.) Eli comes in. That's kind of what happened in my script. Father Greg picks F from C's place.

Here's a pic of James Edward Campbell:

Dating: I was talking with Angela and I told her this: You know that time I was having an IM chat with the guy who asked me: "Have you ever had sex before? Have you ever done it?" He actually contacted me recently on the dating site. He told me to put new pictures up because mine are old. None of my pictures are sexy at all.

I don't know why he contacted me. The last time we had contact with each other was 2 yrs ago. He rejected me by blocking me on the site. Then a couple weeks later he adds me on Yahoo messenger. When I asked if he wanted to meet up, he said no and how he accidentally put me on Yahoo messenger. He said he will take my name off it. So he rejected me twice. I'm going to delete his email now.

Money: Then I told Angela about how I contacted my ex- boyfriend who I broke up with 2 yrs ago. I contacted him a couple of months ago so I could get my money back. We hadn't spoken in 2 yrs and the phone conversation ended up exactly the same with us talking in circles. I wanted to get my money back, but only if he is financially stable and can afford it. If he has to pay off his credit card, he should pay that first. Then he was talking about how he doesn't want to hear from me anymore and that if he pays me back, I can never contact him again.

We talked about this for 40min. We both said we felt stressed out talking to each other. That's why I broke up with him. He was causing me stress and always asking for money. We dated for a year and then he moved away. We had a long distance relationship for a yr and a half. I also haven't seen him in that yr and a half. He didn't have any money to come and see me and I am too afraid to travel alone to see him.

What's the point of having a boyfriend whom you never see? So I managed to get about 55% of that money back. My friend Angela was all like: "Good." That 40 min on the phone was stressful, but I did get some good things out of it like: My money, a reminder why my ex- boyfriend and I aren't good together when we talk, and he told me he had deleted my email address a long time ago, how he doesn't want any contact from me.

He also told me he wasn't in Edmonton for the past 2 yrs, so if I kept dating him, I would never see him. The past two years I was on an online dating site and went on dates with 6 guys. It was all first dates and didn't go anywhere. I asked a guy out and I got rejected.

Priorities: Guys aren't everything. I have made a lot of progress with my scripts and my job search. I worked a lot and saved a lot of money.

Mar. 14 Haircut: Today I took the bus at 9am to get my haircut. I thought the hair salon in Chinatown was open, but it wasn't until 10am. Fortunately the owner was there and she cut my hair. I've been going to that place every 6 months since 2006. I'm a loyal customer. lol.

I've been going to that place since I was a kid really. My mom always took me there. It's not until 2006 did I start making tricks there by myself.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

chimpanzee attack/ comparisons/ Japan

Mar. 9 Chimpanzee attack: In Mar. 2010, I was watching Oprah interview a woman who was attacked by a chimpanzee. The woman's friend owned a chimpanzee as an exotic pet. The chimpanzee got out of it's cage and attacked the woman. She lost her eyes and is blind. Her daughter is in high school and living with friends.

The woman's friend apologized to her about the chimpanzee attack. The woman who was attacked has a hard time speaking and lives in the hospital. She goes on walks with a nurse and likes to feel the sun on her. She covers her face with this hat that has a veil over it.

There are tabloids who want to take pictures of her face so there's always someone guarding her hospital room door. She did show her face on Oprah because that's a way to show it with dignity.

Mar. 10 13 yr old college boy: I was watching Tyra Banks show back in Apr. 2010, and she interviewed a 13 yr old African- American boy who's in college. Seriously. He has two majors in math and something else, I forget. Maybe engineering. TB interviewed his parents about how he skipped grades. She talked to his 16 yr old sister who sees her little brother as an older sibling. TB gave the boy an iPhone.

Albinism: I watched 20/20 last year about how they covered that people kill albinos because it's used for witch doctor medicine in Africa. They interviewed an albino model who's in her 20s. Then I was watching Tyra Banks and she interviewed her and an albino guy. Yeah, Tyra's got substance and style.

Michelle Kwan: Do you remember how I talked about how Olympic athletes have start sponsorships because everybody forgets about them fast? Does anyone remember Olympic figure skater Michelle Kwan? I was checking out what's on MuchMoreMusic and it was Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List and MK was on it.

The last time I saw MK was when she was on Sabrina the Teenage Witch in the late 90s where she was rollerblading on the school hallways. I can't believe I actually remembered the ep. It's where Sabrina was typing up her story on a magical typewriter where things come true after it's been typed. MK was also on the Teen Choice Awards in the late 90s, early 2000s.

Golden Gate Funds: I saw W5 in Apr. 2010 and they reported that Golden Gate Funds is a scam. If you want to read the article here it is:

Comparisons: Here's some more:

Couple on the run: It's most recently done in the new movie The Adjustment Bureau starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. It's been done in MD's movie The Bourne Identity. It was also done in The Island (2005). When I saw The Island it had inspired me to write some scenes which I still have on my 3.5 floppy disks. Though nothing has been developed. I also saw it on The Young and the Restless storyline with Lily and Daniel on the run.

Bad guy finds Jesus and becomes good: I was watching Degrassi and Fitz is a bad guy who comes back and says he found Jesus and becomes a good guy. On Gossip Girl, Georgina went to this religious camp and became good, then went back to NYC and reverted back to the way she was. I saw that on an ep of Criminal Minds called "The Thirteenth Step" where a woman confronts her dad who molested her, and he says he found Jesus.

Finding a dead body on a carousel: I mentioned seeing this before on crime dramas like CSI: NY, Criminal Minds, and Castle. I'm going to add Law and Order: SVU on it too.

Asian woman news reporter: This is another racial stereotype I will add with a black female judge. It's not a bad racial stereotype, but it's a racial stereotype. It's a running joke on Family Guy. I've seen one in the movie Drop Dead Gorgeous, Eminem's music video "My Name is" and the TV show Nikita.

Mar. 11:

Fortune teller reads character's palm or tarot cards, used to reveal character: I was watching the TV movie Lies and Deception and a fortune teller reads the lead character's tarot cards to reveal where this character is at. I watched the TV show The Cape and a fortune teller read's Orwell's palm to reveal character.

Gay character gets harassed by this person, but the person is secretly gay themselves: I saw this on Glee where a gay character is harassed by a jock, and then the jock kisses him. I was watching Pretty Little Liars and this girl harasses Emily. Later the girl kisses Emily.

Dating someone much older and hiding the relationship: I'm watching Pretty Little Liars and this girl Aria meets this guy at a bar, and they make out. Then it turns out that guy is her English teacher and they have a relationship by staying in his apartment. There is a real connection though.

It's done on 90210 where Dixon meets this woman Sasha at a bar, and they stay at her apartment. Then later he reveals his age. Though I did like that there's a real connection and discussion about the relationship problem.

Dixon: I want to introduce you to my friends and family, and go out with you in public. We can't have this entire relationship in your living room.

That's true.

On Degrassi, Anya dates a guy who's 25 and she's 17. Then later she reveals her age and that she will turn 18 in 2 months. They decide to get together when she's 18.

This one isn't really related to the above comparison, but it does remind me of The Simpsons. Principal Skinner's mom went out with Comic Book guy for one episode, and there's a huge age difference. They got along because they hated the same things.

Dateline: I'm going to bring up that Dateline: To Catch a Predator thing again. The one where that 35 yr old guy says to the 12 yr old girl: "I thought that we should get to know each other first." That guy was so fake. Do you really think there's going to be a real connection between you and a 12 yr old girl?

I'm 25 and I'm friends with a woman named Sherry who's in her 40s. We have a connection. Then there was that woman I worked with Lorraine at the Soup place when we both watched Big Brother. I got along with my manager Aziz at this cafe I worked at. They were both in their 40s.

Mar. 12 Japan: Yesterday at work, someone said there's a tsunami and an earthquake that hit Japan. When I got home I was discussing it with my little brother. I then watched 30 min. coverage of it on CNN with the politician- turned- news anchor Eliot Spitzer. ES talked to this American teacher that was teaching English in Japan.

There was cell phone footage of the teacher in the earthquake. It was crazy. I was reading the Edmonton Journal today about a jr. high school that was planning a trip to Japan, but now can't go. They're raising money to help Japan.

You can wank it in your mind that at least Japan is a first world country and can pick themselves up easier than the Haiti earthquake. A year later, Haiti is still in ruins.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

funny video/ comedy comparisons/ octomom

Mar. 7 Funny video: I was looking up this song "Pregnant" by R. Kelly because it has Robin Thicke singing in it. I then found this funny video with a guy lip syncing to R. Kelly's "Pregnant." It was surprisingly funny with him pointing to a dog in the song. It did kind of have a feel of a music video.

I was reading the comments about how people thought it was funny and that's he's good looking. lol. Yeah, he's kind of good looking.

Comedy comparisons: Here are some comedy comparisons:

Overreacting to a situation: Last summer I was watching Summer Heights High for the first time. This teen guy Jonah drew a picture of his dad touching his privates in art class.

Cut to Jonah, his dad, art teacher, guidance counselor and principal talking about the picture for a bit.
Jonah: No, my dad doesn't touch me. I drew the picture so I could get out of English class.

Me: What? You falsely accused your dad of touching you just so you can get out of English class? Why can't you fake sick or skip? Well if he did that, then there wouldn't be much of a story. It could end up like Ferris Bueller's Day Off where Ferris, his friend and girlfriend are dodging the principal. I'll give Summer Heights High points for originality in excuse and story.

Then I remembered years ago I saw the same kind of thing on MADtv where two woman neighbors go on a Judge Judy kind of TV show.

Judge: What? You falsely accused your neighbor of hitting her children because some of her leaves were blown onto your yard?
Woman: Yes.

Mar. 8 Joke: A few months ago I was watching Jay Leno and he said that due to Charlie Sheen's crazy antics with cocaine and porn stars, the ratings of his show Two and a Half Men have increased.

JL: I'm going to take one for the team.
JL goes and kisses a woman who's sitting in the front row, on the cheek.

Now Charlie Sheen's antics have gone out of control that he got fired from his show.

Mar. 9 Funny sketch: Last summer I went to Calgary and I watched Will Farrel on Jimmy Fallon. I only watched it because Mike Posner was going to perform his song "Cooler than Me." The sketch had WF and JF use these mannequin's hands to make sandwiches.

JF made the sandwich and WF was the customer. It was kind of hard where JF was trying to get the money out of WF's "hand" with JF's "hand." lol. I don't usually watch this show and watched it by chance, but somehow I felt that it was directed at me. I made sandwiches at the Soup place so I felt this kind of connection to the sketch.

Job search: I've been working at this restaurant job for 5 months now. It took me 8 months to get this job and I'm sticking with it. However, my hours have been cut, but I'm not going to look for another job. I'm going to keep looking for an office job.

I had even thought of applying to Call Centre #4 again. You know the one where I worked there for 1 day and they dismissed me saying that 9 completed surveys wasn't good enough. I had then fantasized about throwing an egg at their window. lol. I thought about throwing the egg, but didn't do it. I'm going to use my hours being cut to push myself to look for another office job more.

Today was my day off so I went and looked at all the job opportunities on bank websites and applied to some.

Advice column: I'm going through my agenda and I had written down about this advice column I read in the Edmonton Journal called "Ask Ellie." This woman writes in saying she likes one of her managers, but she doesn't report to him. She knows he's married, but she asks him out anyway. He rejects her and was nice to her. She then asks him out again and he does the same thing. She asks Ellie what to do.

E says what I was thinking that she is stupid to ask him out that besides him being a manager at her job, he's married. He was nice to her gently reject her, but that doesn't mean that he's interested in you. One time I asked a guy out, and then he told me he had a girlfriend. He was nice to me, but I didn't ask him out again.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Last October I was watching Glee's Halloween episode and they performed music from the movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I then got a flashback of the 2003 sitcom Freddie that starred Freddie Prinze Jr. and Brian Austin Green (original 90210 and Megan Fox's husband). BAG dressed up like the transsexual in the movie.

I got another flashback of Oct. 2000 when I was in high school and saw the first half of the movie in drama class. I think it was alright of a movie. I would have to see the whole thing before I could give a review.

Octomom: I had written down some more notes when Octomom Nadya Suleman was on Oprah. NS said that she had a 4.0 in her Masters course when she had 6 kids. She said she had a baby addict then. She didn't feel loved by her mom and she's an only child. N had in- vitro and failed to get pregnant twice. The third time, the octuplets came. She felt self- medicated by the children. Lots of people self- medicate by buying things they can't afford and with food.

O asked the question: "Is there anyone here who has 1 or 2 kids, and then have another though they can't afford it? This is the same situation."

NS: If I knew then, what I know now, I would not have went to the doctor and said "One more." (IVF).

I remembered O asked the same question on Apr. 2010 when NS was first on.
NS: I wouldn't have put as many eggs in me.

The interview goes on about how N wants approval from mom and from women. N spouts her anger about the fame she has received. She has kids and now she's famous.

NS: If you want to be a celebrity, you have to have talent and have earned it. Everything about fame relates to my mom. I don't want anything to do with it.

Jon Stewart's Earth: I read the first 6 pages of The Daily Show's Jon Stewart's book called Earth. It's a humorous take about how JS describes Earth and it's cultures to aliens who have never been to Earth before.

I was going through my notes, and JS was on Oprah back in Sept. 2010. JS visited a NYU media class and gave his book for free to the students. That is so cool.

Mar. 10 Writing differently: I don't know if you noticed this, but I haven't wrote about teen pregnancy or Dateline: to Catch a Predator, or TV show story lines. You may say: "You're still writing about TV with 20/20 and Oprah." But these are news stories and I'm writing investigative journalism. lol.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

feminism/ blog/ child abuse

Mar. 6 Feminism: Did you know that Mar. 8 is Woman's Day? I was watching a Doc Zone ep called Feminist: The F- Word. They talked to intelligent women who considered themselves feminists about feminism like Susan Faludi, Jessica Yee, Naomi Wolf, Christina Hoff Summers, Peggy Nash, Germaine Greer, and Amy Richards at

Stay-at-home-moms have like 7 jobs as a mom. They are a janitor, cook, and a day care teacher to name a few. If they were paid to be moms, they would get paid $117,000 a year.

There are 308 Parliament seats, and 68 are women. In Scandinavian countries, 50% of the government are women. There's a website called about sexist media portrayal. This is what it says on the website:

"Widespread sexism in the media is one of the top problems facing women. A highly toxic media environment persists for women candidates, often negatively affecting their campaigns. The ever-changing media landscape creates an unmonitored echo chamber, often allowing damaging comments to exist without accountability.

We must erase the pervasiveness of sexism against all women candidates — irrespective of political party or level of office — across all media platforms in order to position women to achieve equality in public office. We will not stand by as pundits, radio hosts, bloggers, and journalists damage women's political futures with misogynistic remarks. When you attack one woman, you attack all women."

In the documentary, there was discussion about waves of feminism like how in the late 1990s there were shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Xena: Warrior Princess, and the movie Lara Croft. There were pop stars like the Spice Girls and now Lady Gaga.

They discussed the usual of how there are more women in college, have careers, in male- dominated fields like engineering, but yet women still make less money than men. It's very mixed results. Women are in careers like nursing and teaching. Medical and education fields have good job security, however they don't pay really well as in teaching.

Men make a lot of money in manufacturing and construction, however, the job security isn't that good. I read that men were affected worse than the women in the recession because the manufacturing and construction had a lot of lay offs.

Blog: I got this email:

Hi Tracy,

Hope this email finds you well. My name is Myron and I manage content for It's not often that one comes across a site that is so well-written and creatively expressed as yours.

Since we write in a similar niche, thought you might want to share a recent article of ours, "20 Best Android Apps for Your Job Search", with your readers. Here's the link: (

Either way, thanks for the great content from a fellow blogger!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Myron Wendall

I read the article and I thought the apps were pretty interesting.

Law of attraction: I have never heard of the name Myron. I get an email from Myron. Then I was checking out Facebook, and a friend's friend's name is Myron. I was looking at my old newspaper clippings and I see that name.

I was thinking about that Rihanna song "Breaking dishes" and she didn't release that song. Then I heard it on 91.7 The Bounce during the 9'o' clock mix where they have a DJ mix all these songs together. I heard that song when I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Canada audition back in 2009.

Mar. 7 Job interview: Today I went to a job interview for an office position. I don't know if I got it. I also deposited my tip money into my bank account. I looked for a job. I also typed up my script treatment and emailed it to a producer.

Child abuse: I saw this on Oprah 2 weeks ago. In Apr. 3, 2000, a 7 yr old girl lived in a dog cage. The parents beat up and starved their 4 children. The oldest is an 11 yr old boy who walked to the police station barefoot in the cold and told them about the abuse. Parents got 1 yr in jail. The girl's name is Chelsea and she's 21 now.

C talked about having fragmented memories. There weren't any mirrors in her home and she didn't know how old she was and old she looked like. Police had came to her home twice. C thought it was normal to live in a cage so she didn't tell the teacher.

One time one of her brothers opened her cage and they ate candy. Her mom found out and she was locked in the cage and the brothers had to be outside in the winter without coats on.

C lived in foster homes, then adopted, then in foster homes again. She googled her story, talked to reporters who covered the story. C went back home and the Oprah camera crew followed her. C starts crying in the basement. When C was being rescued, there was a flashlight. She remembered standing by the police car and eating her first cheeseburger.

They interviewed police chief Daniel Ally who rescued the kids. C now has a 1 yr old son. C has a relationship with 2 brothers. C has a relationship with 2 of her other brothers through Facebook.

C: I strive to go forward in life and be happy.

C: When you come out of a situation like that, you can be a victim and throw your life away. Or move forward.

Mar. 8 Koala bears: I was watching Saturday Night Live back in Sept. 2010, and on Weekend Update, it said koala bears can get chlamydia. It's true. Here's an article on AOL news:

Good Earth: I went to this cafe called Good Earth in Apr. 2010. They gave away free coffee when it opened. The coffee was alright.

The office supply store Grand and Toy is selling Timothy's tea an coffee, and coffee machine.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

music/ Truddi Chase/ rape

Mar. 3 Music: I was reading comments on Robin Thicke's song "Teach U a Lesson." And someone said it reminds them of this German singer Vaidus and his song "Tiktai Tu." It's a really beautiful song:

I then checked out some more German music and found this singer Sasha Son. He did a cover of Elton's John's song "Sorry seems to be the Hardest Word" in German. I like this performance where SS sings while playing on a piano and it's revolving. There are a group of dancers dancing contemporary to it.

I'm not a fan of EJ, but I like this song because my favorite British boy band Blue did a duet with him to this song.

Here's SS singing in German to Toploader's song "Dancing in the Moonlight." This song was on the A Walk to Remember soundtrack. I have the cd. It's a very upbeat song.

Friends: I chatted with my friend Angela recently and she said that one of my emails was boring where I talked about actors and where I've seen them in. I'm kind of sick of writing about TV so now I'm going to write about serious topics and news, at least for this email.

Truddi Chase: I was watching Oprah a few months ago and they covered this woman named Truddi Chase in May 1990. It turns out TC was raped at 2 by her her step dad. She was abused until she ran away when she was 16. She had split into 92 personalities to deal with the pain. Oprah did break down and cry because she was abused herself.

They talked to Kim Noble who had split into 25 personalities. It's Dissociative Identity Disorder. They talked to this young woman named Erin who was molested and she made a law called Erin's Law to protect children. There was also about a woman who after seeing TC on Oprah, she became a clinical social worker.

Craigslist: I watched Law and Order: SVU. Then I watched Oprah, and I learned it was a "ripped from the headlines" story. It turns out L&O: SVU made an episode out of a true story. This woman Sarah's ex- boyfriend had set her up to get raped through Craigslist.

Her ex-boyfriend's name Jebodiah Stype. He put an ad on Craigslist about Sarah and how she has a rape fantasy and needs an aggressive man. He had put photos of S in her swimsuit from her Myspace page. S called cops, and they told her to get Craigslist to remove the ad. The ad was removed, but she was attacked. Rapist thought she wanted the rape fantasy.

Some people have sympathy for the rapist because he didn't know Sarah really didn't want to be raped. Well he's still a psychopath. At the very least, he's a cheater because he had a wife and 2 kids. It turns out there were 114 replies to that ad. That is so scary.

Yeah, well at least the ex- boyfriend and the rapist got arrested. Sarah has now gotten married to another guy. Oprah did tell the audience that if you put pictures or anything else on the internet, anyone can use it. Don't put photos of yourself in a swimsuit. I'm not saying that a woman who does that is "asking for it" but please be cautious.

Rape: I was reading a letter in the National Post that 1 in 4 young woman will be raped in the first 4 yrs of college. It will most likely happen in the first 8 weeks of school. 80% of the victims know their attacker. 70% occur in residence. 4% report to campus security and police. The stats are by National College of Women Sexual Victimization study at University of Western Ontario.

I remember reading in a teen magazine about rape stats like most of the time it's knowing your attacker. I remember reading in Teen that reporting a rape is a personal choice, but you should report it because he may go and rape someone else.

I read in a magazine years ago about a girl going to a party with a group of guys, and when she got there, there was only one guy and he raped her. She did report it to the police. I watched America's Most Wanted and how this rapist got away by escaping the court house. Now that's why they're looking for him on this show.

They interviewed this 13 yr old rape victim (identity in the shadows) and she said she didn't want others to go through what she went through, so that's why she pressed charges.

Tasers: I was watching Republic of Doyle and one of the characters Desmond gets tasered and it's kind of funny. He does go to the hospital. On Corner Gas, the cop Davis accidentally tasers himself and he really hurts himself. It's played for laughs.

However, I saw a ep of Doc Zone where they covered how dangerous tasers are and how it has a long lasting effect after being used. They talked about how cops have to experience being pepper sprayed in the eyes before they become cops. Well they have to be tasered too.

One woman was tasered and after that, her physical health was poor and she couldn't become a cop.

20/20: This was from last year, but I saw an ep on 20/20 about a group of teens who steal from celebrities. They break into Paris Hilton's and Lindsay Lohan's mansions and steal clothes and jewelery from them. It's mainly a group of girls and a guy. They interviewed the guy.

He discussed about the girl's obsession with being a celebrity and by having those possessions, they are a celebrity.

Mar. 4 Charity: Onto lighter things. I read this in the Edmonton Journal last November. This studio executive Scott Neelson created a charity that helped 700 children in Cambodia go to school. He was there on vacation and these 2 girls came to him at a restaurant begging for money. He gave them some. The next day he wast there, the same girls showed up and then he realized they are always going to keep asking for money. That's when he created the charity.

Job: Yesterday I learned that my hours will be getting cut. I'm kind of sad. Yeah, well at least I still have EI and can get money from there. It's the money that matters. Forget about not being able to get free food from there anymore. I'm looking at my old agenda and had written down what I had for lunch.

I had the top part of butt of Angus beef, truffle, mushroom soup, chicken cordon blue, and swordfish. Oh the days when I was able to get free and good food. Now they are gone. I'll get over it.

I was reading in the screenwriting book by Robert McKee called Story. It said you spend 1/3 of your life working. I suppose that's about right.

Lincense plates: I saw one that said CJOY. Then there's one with MARIA J. That reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where Cordelia's license plate says QUEEN C. I saw one that said CATHY O.

Mar. 5 News: I read in the business section of The Globe and Mail that most Canadian households spend 96% of their income. I can't remember how many Canadian Households did. I spent 16% of my income last year because I live with my parents.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

joke/ Ed the Sock/ Live Action

Feb. 28 Joke: I was watching Jay Leno.

JL: NBC is retiring the peacock logo. Let's see where the peacock is.

Cut to outside NBC studio.
A old man dressed like a peacock is going through the dumpster.
He finds a bottle of alcohol and drinks it.

JL: That's why you should save your money.
I call to my little brother who's in the room and on the computer.
Me: You hear that?
P: Yeah.

lol. I'm always telling him to save his money.

Funny sketch: Today's my day off and I did the usual of writing my script, job search, and shoveling snow. I haven't been reading the 16 and Pregnant thread on in over a month and I had to go and read it. There are girls on the show who says the they thought the guy was responsible for birth control like Valerie from 16&P season 2.

That reminded me of a MadTV sketch back in 2003 or 2004. It's about a really bad sex ed tape from the 1970s where Avril Lavigne guest- stars. Go to the 3min 25 sec part. AL's parents are giving AL and her boyfriend bad tips about sex.

Boyfriend: What about condoms?
Dad: Birth control is the woman's responsibility.
You can hear the audience laugh at that part.
Dad: Wearing a condom is like a putting a raincoat in the show. What's the point?

The other tips are to have sex with multiple partners, while taking cocaine, without birth control. The sketch may be offensive to some viewers.

Mar. 1: A few months ago I heard this joke on Jay Leno.

JL: There are girls who are trying to get pregnant on purpose to get on the TV show 16 and Pregnant. If they do get pregnant and don't get on the show, they will be 17 and Stupid.

I read on about the people who have unprotected sex could be on 18 and Infected.

Ed the Sock: I remember this interview where Ed the Sock puppet interviews Avril Lavigne at the Muchmusic Video Awards way back in 2002.

Ed: So you're 17 right?
AL: Yeah.
Ed: Yeah, well I guess you're a little too old for R. Kelly.
AL's band members go "Ohhhhh."
My little brother and I were watching it and we go: "Ohhhhh."

R. Kelly was charged with statutory rape. I remember telling my friend Jessica this in 2005 and she covered her mouth with her hand.

I did see Ed the Sock in a "Don't drink and drive" commercial. It's sellling Common Sense. Kevin Federline (Britney Spears ex-husband) was also in the commercial.

Sales guy: Take a taxi.
Ed: But most taxis smell like a Turkish prison.
Sales guy: Then wear this air freshner necklace.

Mar. 2 Law of attraction: It's from The Secret: Teen Power book I read, and what you think, you attract. On Sunday, this thought popped into my head. I was thinking about the singer Massari and his song "Smile for Me." That's the only song I really like of his.

He's a Lebanese- Canadian R&B artist that was big a few years ago. I then listened to his song on Youtube. Then on Monday, he was in The Globe and Mail Life section about fitness. He says he's coming back with a new album and he's working out.

Last week I was thinking about that bad horror movie called Left in Darkness because David Anders was in it. The actress Monica Keena is the lead in the movie. Then on Mon. I was watching Castle and MK was in it where she plays a sister to a dead guy.

Job interview: I went into the cold today to do a job interview. They said they're doing 50-100 interviews in 2 weeks so I'll lower my expectations of getting hired. The guy asked: "If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be and why?" I remember back in 2000, when I took CALM 20 in summer school. This guy Alex said: "A dog, because they're loyal and faithful companions." So I said that in the interview.

I remember in 2005 when I was applying at Call Centre #1 which I got hired at. They asked that question and I said the same thing. My friend Riley had worked there and he said: "A dog because they get to hump lots of things." Seriously. lol.

Live Action: I was watching CNN last month and they covered this right wing group called Live Action. They've been covered before. It's about 20-somethings doing radical undercover work. They spoke to Lila Rose who is an anti- abortion activist. She got two actors who play a pimp and an underage prostitute to go into Planned Parenthood to get health care.

The PP employee was fired because she was aiding and abetting a pimp. The PP employee says if the girl's 14 and younger, then they have to tell the FBI about it, so lie and say you're 15. Say the person you had sex with is 15 too, even if he isn't.

Stuart Schear, VP for Communications of Planned Parenthood talked to CNN. He says he doesn't like Live Action, because they're trying to bring down Planned Parenthood. PP helps women's health with abortions and birth control. Lila Rose says she is protecting women and girls from being exploited.

My take is this: It's good that LR got a bad PP employee fired for aiding and abetting a pimp. I'm going to assume this isn't the first time that this employee told people who come in to lie about their age and who they're having sex with. I'll give points to SS for firing that employee. I hope LR helps more women, but not in this sneaky underhanded way. However, I think she's probably keep hiring actors to play pimps and prostitutes to get bad employees fired.

Our America: I saw Lisa Ling on Oprah. She's promoting her new show called Our America that airs on Oprah's TV network OWN. The show covers faith healers, drug addicts, and sex offenders. The clip they showed was how a 7yr old Haley was born a Harry. This is a transgender kid and his family.

Here is a clip of the sex offender episode. It's about a young woman named Lauren who started her program called Lauren's Kids to teach children to protect themselves from child molesters. She was molested by her nanny.

Jackie Chan: I read in an article last fall that Jackie Chan does a lot of endorsements in China. However, many of them are for poor products. I'm sure he still makes a lot of money off it.

I remember watching 20/20 about how Olympic athletes have to immediately start endorsements after the Olympics are over. That's because no one really remembers the athletes. There are some that are really big and stay big like Michael Phelps, but name some others.

Mar. 3 Saying: I was watching The Listener and a line was that something had "gone sideways." My little brother overheard it.

P: It always goes south or sideways.

Or down. Interestingly enough, I used "went south" in my Rain synopsis. Then I used "sideways" in the script.