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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

BoA/ Karina Pasian/ Zeddy

Jul. 3 BoA: Here is the music video "I Did it For Love" by South Korean singer BoA.  I heard the English song and I liked how it's fast and you can dance to it.  The chorus is catchy.  Then I saw the video, and I love the dancing and choreography.  She is dancing with a hat, cane, and chairs.  There are special effects with water making the dancers appear and reappear.  I'm impressed.

At the end of the video, they're dancing with puddles of water like in Ciara's video "Get Up" and Britney Spears "Overprotected."  There is a lot of autotune in this song, but I still like it.

I read some comments and she is being compared to Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.  Check this video out:

Jul. 9 Email rant: Today I come home from work and get on the computer.  Yahoo tells me to switch now to their new email format.  I did on my work email address which I sometimes use.  I clicked "Switch now", thinking that I can switch back to the old one.  I'm looking through my entire account, and I can't switch it back.  I'm annoyed because I like the old one better.  I don't like change.  The only thing constant in life is change, I know that, but I wanted my old email format back.  I'll have to get used to it.

The main problem is when I write my weekly emails, I save draft and it says how big it is, like 20Kb.  If it says that, then I know the email is long enough to be sent out. 

Flashback: Remember the days of 2006 when I was sending little 3 emails a day?  One friend said it was too much and I thought so too.  It was the Year of Anger Management when I was laid off from Call Centre #1.  I was angry and depressed, and wanted to hear from my friends more often so I sent so much.  Then I changed to 2 emails a week so it's more manageable for myself and for my friends to read.

Then later I remember my friend Jessica saying my emails were too long, like it was 32Kb long.  So that's why I turned my limit to 20Kb.  I will be able to measure how long it should be by using Microsoft Word.  If the email is 3 pages long, then it's long enough.  You guys are probably like: "Why are you rambling so much about changing the email format?"  I have to write about it so I can get over it and move on.

Feelings: It's been about a few hrs since I wrote the above.  I've been working full days at the restaurant for the past 3 days, and I was wound up.

Jul. 10 Karina Pasian: Here is her song and video called "16 @ War."  It was released in 2008, but I heard it around 2011.  I finally saw the video today.  The song and video is about growing up and living in the ghetto or inner city.  It's a tough upbringing in this kind of environment.  It's an emotional ballad and intense.  I do like the piano she plays on because it's spray painted with her name and song title.

Here is the video:

Here are the lyrics:

I do like this comment by Alexandra Allyson: "Age doesnt determine the struggles people go through in life."

Me: That's thoughtful.

Street Performer's Festival: Today was my day off so I went to it at Churchill Square.  There was a guy juggling and bouncing 6 balls around as a group of 60 people watch him. 

I was checking out the booths.  It was the usual of selling African jewelery, like bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.  There were clothes, bags.  There was more food booths with the usual donairs and poutines.

City Centre mall:
A few weeks ago, I went to the Art Works Festival.  On that day, I also checked out City Centre mall.

1. BFC Emporium- it sells toys, activities, and books.  I haven't been there in a month.    They also sell Nutman nuts.  Some scarves and bags.  There was a very nice dollhouse- antique looking.

2. Michael Hill- new.  There is a nice ball chandelier.
3. Suzy Shier- mostly affordable and wait until it goes on sale.  There was a Desire perfume that I tried.  I didn't like it.
4. Groove Stone- new store where Silver Smith was.  It sells jewelery and bags.
5. Eeva Eve- new store opened.  High end clothes.  Nice and classy store.

6. Urban is open after renovations.  They got rid of the jewelry case in the centre.  There are more paintings.  They belts went from $15 to $5.  They also started selling nail polish for $4.

7. Mexx opened and the store is small, but has a cool vibe.
8. Le Chateau- expensive.
9. Tea Desire- I see it closed down.  I'm not really surprised, because they only sold teapots and cups, and nothing else.  You're supposed to sell those stuff on the side with other things.  For example Second Cup sells coffee, but they also sold some teapots and cups.
10. Jacob- nice, but expensive.  Buy only sale.

11. Shoppers Drug Mart- Simple Foods is their cheap brand.  Buy Simple Foods chips instead of Ruffles.

12. Society clothing store- it sells older women's clothing.
13. Staples- I recycled 4 batteries, and 2 pens.  Lots of stuff on sale like they sell flavored chap stick.  There were calculators and items for $1 and less.
14. Artworks- they always have a nice window display.  Cool gifts, expensive pens, notebooks, and cards.
15. HMV- they were in the process of moving their store to another location in the mall.  I asked when Robin Thicke's new cd "Blurred Lines" will come out and they said July 30.  On another note, I have kept listening to "Blurred Lines" a few more times on the radio, and I still don't like the song.

16. Design Jewellers will be opening.

17. Fairweather- affordable and nice clothes.
18. Cleo- expensive and nice.  Aimed at older women.
19. Ricki's- expensive and nice.  Aimed at older women.
20. Soft Moc- will open soon.

21. Aldo- nice renovaton.

22. Coles- I always have to check out the bookstore.  They always sell fun stuff like home decor, journals, food, and toys with their books.
23. Payless- checked that store out.  Affordable.

Jul. 11 Live performance: I was taking a break and decided to watch BoA perform "I Did It For Love" live.  The dancing is good, and different from the video.  There were no props in it.  The footwork was complicated.

Jul. 12 Zeddy: I've written before that the mascot Zeddy from Zellers is now the mascot to Camp Trillium.  What I didn't know, was that there was a video of it.  Here it is.  It's cute and funny like the other Zeddy videos. 

A white van stops on the road in the woods and blows it's horn. 

Zeddy: Hello?  I'm coming, stay there.
He climbs over a log and runs to it.
He climbs into the van and it drives away.  Zeddy sticks his head out and is saying: "Whoo!"
Zeddy: I spent the last couple of months biding my time in those woods.  Let me tell you, I'm going to miss my friend Can Head.  But he'll be fine.
Cut to Can Head which is a can with 2 sticks as arms.  He is flattened because he was run over.  lol.

Zeddy is driven to the camp and meets this woman who works there.  She gives him a Camp Trillium t-shirt and he puts it on.  She tells him his job description is taking the kids swimming, canoeing, and arts and crafts.

Woman: It's really important that you as a counselor that you watch over the kids, but you participate with them.
Zeddy: So you're saying I have to come here and have fun all day?
Woman: Yeah, that's right with our campers.
Zeddy: That sounds great!

He wants to thank people who wanted to adopt him and wishes his Zellers family all the best on their new journeys.

Here are some Youtube comments:

Thane Bernard: As a former Zellers employee I am happy to see Zeddy find a new home at Camp Trillium! I know the people there will enjoy him just as much as the employees at Zellers! I know it looks like a lot better place to be, AND the people will be 100% better then the custmer at Zellers!

House of Babies: Camp Trillium has been the best thing for my family. Barry is going to love his new home!

Me: It was a really happy and uplifting video when I first saw it yesterday.  Now I see it again today and it's still happy.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Free Pussy Riot!

I got this from Amnesty International:

More than 100 famous voices 
pledge their support to Pussy Riot 
members Masha and Nadya. 
All that's missing is your voice
 — act now!

Help send them home.

Anti-Flag, © James Nash
Join Amnesty International and artists like Billy Joel, Paul Simon, Debbie Harry and Melissa Etheridge to free Pussy Riot. Defend artistic freedom and help Masha and Nadya return to their children, their families and their lives.
Take Action!

Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.
Dear Tracy,

This week, imprisoned Pussy Riot members Masha Alekhina and Nadya Tolokonnikova will emerge from penal colonies to appeal their outrageous and politically motivated convictions in Russia's Supreme Court.

Adele, Coldplay, Sir Paul McCartney, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and dozens of internationally renowned music figures will be standing with the women of Pussy Riot and demanding their release.

Raise your voice with them. Make sure Russia hears our call — Pussy Riot should be free!

You'll be joining more than 100 artists who have pledged their support for Pussy Riot, declaring that the impact of this "shockingly unjust trial and imprisonment has spread far and wide."

For mere seconds of a peaceful protest performance Masha and Nadya were found guilty of "hooliganism." Their "Punk Prayer" was one of a number of protests against Vladimir Putin in the run-up to Russia's 2012 presidential elections.

The Russian government has since clamped down hard on free expression and assembly. President Putin even signed a law that allows up to three years of imprisonment for "public actions aimed at insulting religious feelings."
Insulting religious feelings? Hooliganism? It's clear that this legislation is meant to silence activists like Pussy Riot.

Defend free expression and peaceful dissent — sign our petition calling on the Russian authorities to free Masha and Nadya.

Masha and Nadya's imprisonment has totally separated them from their young children. Masha, a single mother, tried to win parole in May but was denied the right to attend her own hearing.

She went on hunger strike for 11 days in protest of the harsh treatment and injustice she continues to face.

Masha's hearing is on Wednesday and Nadya's hearing is on Friday. Amnesty considers both women prisoners of conscience and calls for their immediate and unconditional release.

Yoko Ono is praising Pussy Riot for "standing firmly in their belief for Freedom of Expression, and making all women of the world proud to be women."

Stand in solidarity with Masha and Nadya. Act right now to make your voice heard.


Jasmine Heiss
Campaigner, Individuals and Communities at Risk
Amnesty International USA

P.S. Here's the full list of artists who've signed on to Amnesty's Pussy Riot letter:
Bryan Adams, Adele, Alt-J, Laurie Anderson, Animal Collective, Anti-Flag, Arcade Fire, Arch Enemy, Archive, Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez, Beardyman, Jeff Beck, Yasiin Bey, björk, Rubén Blades, Billy Bragg, Jackson Browne, Peter Buck, Tracy Chapman, Chase & Status, The Chemical Brothers, Neneh Cherry, The Clash, Coldplay, Lily Rose Cooper, Dido, Django Django, Melissa Etheridge, Siobhan Fahey, Paloma Faith, First Aid Kit, Franz Ferdinand, Foster the People, fun., Peter Gabriel, Bob Geldof, Kim Gordon, Debbie Harry, PJ Harvey, Don Henley, The Hidden Cameras, Niall Horan, Billy Joel, Sir Elton John, Ke$ha, Angelique Kidjo, The Knife, Mark Knopfler, Tom Lehrer, Sean Lennon, Annie Lennox, Lykke Li, Sir Paul McCartney, Romy Madley-Croft, Madonna, Zayn Malik, Stephen Malkmus, Marina & the Diamonds, Johnny Marr, Massive Attack, Mike Mills, Moby, Thurston Moore, Tom Morello, Alanis Morissette, James Morrison, Graham Nash, Kate Nash, Youssou N'Dour, Karen O, Yoko Ono, Clock Opera, Ozzy Osbourne, Liam Payne, Peaches, Joe Perry, Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Portishead, Portugal. The Man, Cat Power, Radiohead, Bonnie Raitt, Rise Against, Patti Scialfa, Scissor Sisters, Paul Simon, Sleigh Bells, Patti Smith, Esperanza Spalding, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Stewart, Sting, Michael Stipe, Harry Styles, Neil Tennant, Louis Tomlinson, Pete Townshend, K T Tunstall, U2, Eddie Vedder.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Warren Hill lives

 I got this from Amnesty International:

Dear Tracy,

Warren Hill is still alive.

Just a week ago, it looked like the state of Georgia was going to execute Warren Hill, an intellectually disabled man with an IQ of 70. We asked you to send a message to the Attorney General and the Governor and you responded to the call.

Hill was granted a stay on the grounds that the secrecy surrounding Georgia’s lethal injection drugs violated his constitutional rights. The petition pending before the US Supreme Court on the claim that Warren Hill has "mental retardation," and that his execution would therefore violate the US Constitution is due to be considered on September 30.

All executions violate human rights, and Georgia's attempts to execute Warren Hill show why it is so important for us to abolish this cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment.

I'll be blogging about developments in the case on Amnesty International USA's Human Rights Now blog:

Thank you for taking action to stop the execution of Warren Hill.

In solidarity,

Brian Evans

Hellish conditions for displaced Syrians

I got this from Amnesty International:

Dear Tracy,

Children and families have borne the brunt of the bloodshed in Syria. Most at risk are those fleeing the violence — refugees and the displaced still trapped within Syria, for whom the global community is still not doing enough.

Amnesty is increasing our efforts to advocate on behalf of refugees and displaced civilians who have struggled to carry on amidst the violence.

Please make an urgent donation to Amnesty so we can continue to help families suffering human rights violations in Syria and around the world.

On a recent visit to a camp near Atmeh, just inside Syria near the Turkish border, some 21,000 people were sheltering amid hellish conditions.

Heavy rain leaked into the tents and had turned the clay soil into thick slippery mud; raw sewage flowed between the tents. There wasn't enough food and little medical aid.

A young mother of five children told us:
"When we got here we found that it was impossible to cross into Turkey because the border is closed. So we've been stuck here with nothing. There is little food, we don't even have clothes and blankets to keep warm, we can't keep the rain out, and everything is wet. The children get sick all the time. The world has forgotten us. What will become of us?"
Her family's story is indicative of the dire situation facing many of the over 6 million people who have been displaced by the conflict in Syria - while death and destruction continue on a daily basis.

In the face of this mounting crisis, Amnesty is pressuring the international community to provide aid to people inside Syria and to give urgently needed financial assistance to support refugee-related efforts made by Syria's neighboring countries.

Will you help? We rely on people like you to support our actions to provide hope for the people of Syria and people everywhere who face violence and government oppression. Donate now.


Sunjeev Bery
Advocacy Director, Middle East North Africa
Amnesty International USA

networking tips/ tough questions/ buy outs

Jul. 18:

Networking tips: I found this in my email.  In Sept. 2012, Hire Ground sent me this newsletter:
  1. Networking is about building relationships: it’s not just about how the other person can help you, but what you can do for them. Don’t start the conversation by requesting help or talking about your needs – listen to what they have to say.
  2. Don’t think of anyone as irrelevant – everyone has a skill, experience or connection that could be meaningful to you. Networking does not have to be with senior people in your industry, connect with a range of people.
  3. Volunteering at events or on a committee is a great way to grow your network.
  4. Be genuine. Don’t be stressed about the perfect thing to say, relax and understand that the primary goal is simply to make a connection. Be friendly and helpful: find a common interest and recommend a book, movie, music or restaurant they might enjoy.
  5. Start with people you know. This is especially helpful if you are not comfortable making conversation with strangers. Networking with people you know will build confidence and they can introduce you to others.
Tough questions: Here's another short article from it:

What is a decision you made that was a failure? What happened and why?
 This is asking you to share something negative you’ve done, always a hard thing to do when you are trying to be the model employee. Don’t ever try and laugh the question off and say you never make wrong decisions, take this question seriously.
If possible, give an example that is a small error and as removed from the type of work you are applying for as possible. Never admit a personal weakness that led to the failure, such as laziness, procrastination or forgetfulness and never try to pass the blame onto a former co-worker or boss. Instead, give an honest example but follow it up with how you fixed the problem and learned from the mistake. Always end with something positive about how you handled the situation.

I also got a Hire Ground Jul. 2013 newsletter:

Why do you think you will be successful at this job?

One, say you are serious about this job, and how you will be there for a long time.  Two, talk about how you are a good fit for the job like how it relates to your skills and experience.

Work hours: This is a little infographic that shows how much self- employed and employed people work.  It looks like men work more hours than women do.

Format your resume:

1. Have 2 versions.  One is your resume and the other is the application.
2. Have your contact information in a standard order.
3. Clearly label the different sections with standard titles: Skills, Work Experience, Employment History, Summary, Objective Statement, Education and Interests are all good terms to use.
4. Do not put any important information in the header and footer sections

Jul. 19 Tilted Kilt: Have you guys ever heard of this restaurant before?  A few weeks, one of my friends at work showed me a pic of one of our old servers who now works there.  It's like Hooters.  The waitresses wear short kilts and show off their midriffs.  The restaurant
reviews are mediocre if you go on Google.

Jul. 20 Move for work: I was talking to one of my friends, and her brother was going to go the US to work.  He was preparing and actually flew there once already.  He and his family were packing, and then the job didn't go through.  Moving for work is a lot of effort.  Moving is
a lot of effort.  No one in my immediate family or distant family has really moved for work or school.

Bayshore Inn: Have you guys ever heard of this place?  I was looking in the Edmonton Journal Classifieds and they said they were hiring.  It's way in southern Alberta.  It says housing and meals provided.  So I assume no money will be spent on rent or groceries.  It's the hospitality industry, so you can get tips on top of base wages.  They are hiring servers and cooks.

Jul. 21: I must be a writer, because I was thinking: "What if I did move there to work there?  I could write a blog about my adventures where I live and work in a hotel.  Then again, I kind of already have that job of working at a restaurant.

Jul. 22 Reasons to get fired: I was listening to my sister talking to dad.  Here are the reasons to get fired:

1. Absenteeism
2. Misconduct
3. Performance

It reminds me of that time at my job, where 3 bussers didn't show up.  My manager said he was going to write them all up.  However, one showed up an hr late because she overslept and set the alarm for PM instead of AM.  She didn't get written up,but then she quit a couple of weeks later.  Another came and was an hr late too.  Another didn't show up.

Buy outs: I'm sure all of you heard of Sobeys buying Safeway.  When I read that, I was like: "One big grocery store buying another."

Then it's Loblaw buying Shoppers Drug Mart for $12.4 billion dollars.  On a side note, I was at Shoppers in City Centre mall last week, and they were selling Pocky Sticks.  Those used to be only sold in Chinatown and T&T Supermarkets.

Staples: I was reading in the Edmonton Journal that the Staples by City Centre mall is closing down to make room for the arena.  There is a Staples at Oliver Square and everything is being moved there.  I went to the downtown one to recycle some batteries, but the green boxes are gone.  The sales guy said the green boxes moved to the Oliver Square.

Business magazines: My sister was cleaning her room and she gave my dad some business magazines.  I also checked it out:

Inc Magazine: "It's small business ideas and resources for entrepreneurs."  It's about running a business, technology, sales and marketing,

Harvard Business Review: This has more about the magazine, blog, books, courses, webinar, etc.  This is more interactive instead of reading business articles.  I did listen and watch this video "The 2 min. game that reveals how people perceive you."  It talks about how
people who play this game are about avoiding asking about race.  If you ask about race, it will look like race matters to you, and you will look racist.

Forward thinking companies will openly acknowledge race and ethnic differences.  If you don't talk about race, it will impede communication.

Money Sense:
This magazine is more about using money in your daily life.  Planning, investing, saving, etc.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

psychics/ street smart psychic

Jul. 2 Psychics: I have been to psychics before.  The first time I saw a psychic was psychic Nadia at Capital Ex back in Jul. 2009.  I wrote about my palm reading here:

Here's her Kijiji ad:

Nadia: What I didn't tell you guys was that I saw her again in Jul. 2012 and got a tarot card reading.  I had made it a point to never see a psychic twice because they would know too much about me
personally and they would be reading you and not a stranger.

After the 2012 reading, I did tell her that we have met 3 yrs ago.  She didn't remember me which is okay.  I'm going to say it: She wasn't very accurate.  At least with me.  She saw into the future of 2 or 3 yrs from then on, so now it's 2013 and let's see if any of it came true.

In 2009: She says I will get an office job in Feb. or Mar. 2010 and it didn't happen. 

In 2012: I'm looking at my notes when I wrote it down during the reading.  She sees mein technical, logical, chemistry, engineering, pharmacy.  I am not interested in math and science at all.  Maybe the technical and logical parts fit my personality.

She says in the next 3 weeks and 3 months, I will be working in customer service and retail jobs and they will all be temporary.  She was right, that yr I did a lot of temp jobs in the first half of the year.

In the last half of the yr I did 3 more temporary jobs.

I will say with both readings she was accurate in my personality department, but not my future. 

In 2009: She says: "You are closed off physically, mentally, and emotionally."  (That's right.)

In 2012: She says: "You come from a tight knit family, very introverted."  (That's right).  She also says she doesn't see me having kids.  Right again.

Jul. 5 Street Smart Psychic: I have a book called The Street Smart Psychic by Lisa Barretta.  Here's her blog:

In her book on pg. 83, she read these tarot cards for this woman and she saw a Virgo man who was embezzling funds.  She read for her a few times and those cards kept coming back.  Later the woman calls Lisa and said the police were coming over to talk to her about embezzled funds in her company.  The boss was a Virgo and he was embezzling money.

On pg. 124, Lisa met a woman who saw a psychic at 19 yrs old.  That psychic told her what her life was going to be like and they all came true.  She was very accurate.  A lot of psychics told the woman that her first marriage would fail, and it did.

My opinion: The thing is I want to see a psychic who is really accurate.  I only see one once or twice a yr.  I only spend $20-$40 on a session.  I take down notes and then months later look back to see if it came true.  I also write down in my agenda about things like: "This should happen by now."


Terri: I saw her in Feb. 2010 and got a tarot card reading in the Russian Tea Room.  I told her what Nadia said about getting an office job in Feb. or Mar. and she says I'm close.  That didn't come true.  Terri says I'm going to move by the end of 2010, and 2 or 3 yrs later I may not be Alberta.  I may be in BC or south east or south west.

As soon as she said I was moving, I was able to stifle my laughter.  No one likes to be laughed at.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt.  It didn't come true.  I never moved at all in the last few yrs, not even to a new apartment.

I did kind of test her by asking her a couple of questions to answers that I already knew.  I told her I worked at a restaurant and Call Centre #3 and asked if the call centre was going to close down.  She says: "I don't see it closing down, but I don't see you working there."

I knew I was going to get laid off from there because they started canceling my shifts and not giving me any shifts.  She didn't say anything about 2010 being the Year of Unemployment.  If someone were to tell me that I was going to be unemployed for months, I would have kind of had to laugh too, because I have never been unemployed for months by choice.  If I wasn't working, I was in school full- time.  That yr was a big change for me to not work.

She tells me I'm going to meet a guy, and gives me a description of him, but I never met him.  She was not very accurate.

Here's her Kijiji ad:

Char: I saw her in Jul. 2010 and got my runes and the Medicine Woman tarot deck reading at the Russian Tea Room.  After I got the reading, I asked how long she's been a psychic and she says 30 yrs.

She says I will meet a guy in 16 months and described him tom me.  I did the math and it didn't come true. 

She was right about how I like to write.  She said I was going to get hired next week.  She was right, but it was for this job that I didn't want to take.  After I did the job interview, the manager said she was getting paid $9/hr which is a little bit more than min. wage.  I was going to get paid min. wage.  I knew I would hate working there.

I was offered the job and I didn't take it.  By looking at my notes, she was inspirational by saying things like "Focus on your energy.  Release disappointments and attract more joy."  I have to say a little accurate.


I got a tea leaf reading and some other kind of cards reading in Jan. 2011 at the Russian Tea Room.  She says I will go by the water this yr.  I wrote down: "BC?"  I go through my agenda and I didn't travel anytime that yr.  I didn't even go to the pool.  lol.  She says seeing a "country road, gravel."  I didn't go anywhere. 

She says I will meet a guy at this time, but I didn't.

She was accurate in my personality by saying: "You're insightful, absorbs energy like a sponge, sensitive.  You have trouble concentrating in school, unless you're interested in it.  You were shy when you were younger and more comfortable when you're one on one with people.  You are reserved."

She sees my mom will be losing something soon.  It's probably her glasses because she does lose that and then we have to look for it in the house.

In Aug. 2011, I saw the spiritual advisor Barb Cote.  She's not really a psychic, but she gets to hear what the Spirit tells her.  She guides you instead of predicts the future.

I wrote about it here:

Conclusion: In conclusion, I have seen 4 psychics: Nadia, Terri, Char, and Barbara and they weren't very accurate.  I'll give them all partial points for getting my personality right, but not too much about the future. 

It's also about energy and a good connection.  Some psychics are very good and accurate with some clients and some don't.  By all means, you guys can see the psychics I went to and they predicted the future for you right.  Here's the video:

Environment: At work, my co-workers threw away all these papers.  There were like 80 pages, and they were in the garbage.  I told them to reuse it for scrap paper, and they showed me this big pile of scrap paper
they kept.  I then took the pages home so I could recycle them.

32 pages I recycled because both sides were printed on.  The other pages I will keep and reuse to
write on.  I know another department that does use scrap paper to write down orders, so props to them for reusing.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

not my intention/ flashbacks

Jul. 17 Not my intention: I was thinking about that time I accidentally offended my friend with this light joke.  It was not my intention.  The only time I tried to be funny and annoying is to my sister and not my friends or other people.


Funny: Like back when I was 13 and my sister was 15. 

Cut to S reading a magazine and Tracy is standing by and playing with a stuffed
panda bear. 
Tracy puts her thumb on the panda bear's nose so it looks like it's giving an angry and
dirty look to S.
A few moments pass as the panda gives S a dirty look.
S snatches the panda right out of Tracy's hand.
Tracy: Hey!

You will either think: "That's so cute and funny with a panda bear giving a dirty look." 

Or: "That is so annoying.  If I was trying to read or concentrate on a task and someone is trying to
be funny like that, I would snatch that toy out of your hand too!"

I have to remember that a lot of people say and do things that annoy me and others, but it is often not their intention.

Smoking: Here's another one.  I mentioned in gr. 9 I went to a party.  Friend #1 was smoking a cigarette and Friend #2 was crying about it and saying: "She promised me she wouldn't smoke anymore and now here she is smoking."  A girl did try to comfort Friend #2 by saying:  "She's just trying to be cool" and it's not like she's smoking to hurt you.  I really doubt Friend #1 was smoking a cigarette and thinking: "What
is a really good way to get at my friend?  I'll smoke a cigarette and get her so upset and crying."

I was there and thinking she was trying to be cool.  It was not her intention to make her friend cry.

Jul. 18 Teachers: I was thinking about that time Leslie ranted to me that Dr. Tranter gave her a flag with a wrinkle in it.  Leslie thought the teacher intentionally gave her the damaged flag because she didn't like Leslie.  See, I don't know.  I wasn't there.  I do think the teacher subconsciously played favorites by giving her damaged flag.  Is this a real or imagined slight? 

There is no video footage where it can be shown to anybody and we can look at it.  So that's one of things we'll never know for sure.

It's like that time Erin asked Miss. Johnston in front of the entire class to find out who the girl in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys is.  Miss. Johnston scowled at her and said: "No, so you can tell you everybody that there is a girl in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys is in this grade."

Erin's intention is to find the girl, and not to get Miss. Johnston or me angry. 

You know it's bad when you get Miss. Johnston who is also the guidance counselor angry.  I've been catching up on Degrassi: The Next Generation episodes I missed by watching it over the summer.  A student on the show died, so there are counselors talking to the students.  The counselors are calm and speak in a nice and gentle tone of voice.  I talked to my Counselor about all the things that get me angry, and she doesn't
get angry either.

I'm not trying to get her angry, but I guess I expect her to be angry like: "Oh yeah, I know what you mean."

Sensitive: I am more sensitive and aware after I accidentally offended my friend.  Earlier this week one of my friends told me she's dating a new guy.  I asked how they met and she said: "Promise you won't make fun of me?"  I guessed if it was the internet and I was right.  I didn't
laugh or make fun of her, and I told her I done online dating myself.

You can meet people in all sorts of places.  This leads to a flashback on how I made a friend in 2005 and I told my sister about it.

S: So how did you meet Robbie?
Me: It's Riley.
S: Fine, Riley.  High school, work?
Me: Bus.

Then I met my friend Neil while waiting for the bus in 2012.

Unintentionally funny: There are times when someone isn't trying to be funny, but we laugh at them.

Health class: It reminds me of gr. 9 health class.  Miss. Johnston was talking about volunteering and some kids raised their hands that they did.

Miss. Johnston: That's good.  Let's go around and tell us where you volunteered at.
Jeff: Uh, I volunteered at bible camp.
The entire class laughs at him.
Miss. Johnston shushes the class.
Miss. Johnston: So what did you do there?
Jeff: I made sandwiches.

No disrespect to Jeff, but that was kind of funny.  I don't know about you, but I was thinking about The Simpsons.  You know where they made fun of Rear Window and Bart thought Ned Flanders killed his wife Maude?

Maude: I went to to bible camp to learn how to be more judgmental.

Tyra Banks show:
Or this other time where this young black woman was on the Tyra Banks show.  She was like 18 or 19 yrs old and in college.  She wanted to come on the show so she can tell her mom and grandma the truth that she has been working as a stripper to pay for college.

Tyra: Where did you tell them you were working at?
Girl: I told them I worked at the public library.
Some of the audience laughs.
Girl: Yeah, well I like reading and writing so this job seemed to be a good fit for me.

No disrespect to this young woman, but that was kind of funny.  The library and strip club are like polar opposites.  If she said she was working as a waitress, it wouldn't be as funny.  Or this:

Tyra: Where did you tell them you were working at?
Girl: Starbucks.

I made that one up.  I think it's kind of funny if she said Starbucks.  However, still not as funny as the library.

I'm sure the girl knew Tyra was going to ask that question and the audience was going to laugh at her.  She wanted to go on the show to tell her mom and grandma about her real job, because she knew they can't exactly freak out and yell at her on national TV.  The mom and grandma
were calm about it.  The mom at first asked: "Are you married?" as a way to guess what her daughter was going to say.

Jul. 19 The Soup place: I have some rants here.  Co-worker #1 who keeps missing Mon. and Tues. and doesn't call.  She missed work, because she wanted to miss work.  Her intention is not like: "What is a good way to get Tracy angry, and the bosses, and my co-workers
angry?  I'll skip work and make them work harder when I'm gone."

Then there are the bosses who don't listen to my suggestion to hire an extra worker so we don't have to work as hard.  They don't hire.  It's not because their intention is: "What's a good way to annoy Tracy?  Don't listen to her and don't hire anyone."  I know they're thinking: "Why should
I hire another person and spend money on labor of $80/ day when the extra worker is not 100% necessary need it.  I'm a boss, but I'm working on the front lines too."

There's co-worker #2 who misses days here and there without calling.  He misses a Thurs. one week and a Mon. another week.  I know his intention is not: "What's a good way to get Tracy, my bosses, and my other co-workers angry at me?"

Sunday, July 21, 2013

job interview/ telemarketer/ million dollar idea

Jul. 2 Job interview: I went to a job interview today and the two interviewers were good.  They asked me questions where they really wanted to get to know me.  They asked about my schooling and why I am interested in this field.  I think my answers were good because I did talk about taking psychology in school and why I'm interested in it.

The con was I don't think I impressed them.  Yeah, well at least I arrived on time (15 min. early) and I found the place easily.

Jul. 3 Social media: I found this Job Boom article about making a career out of social media like a social media consultant.

"To earn a certificate in social media, students must complete four compulsory courses: social media marketing; community management; Facebook marketing; and social media metrics, analytics and management tools."

Jul. 6 Telemarketer: I was reading a Globe and Mail essay called "Telemarketing was my salvation" by Natalie Willett.  She was a counselor at a group home for high-risk youth, and then she got laid off.  She had 2 degrees so she applied at a women's shelter and a language school.  After months of being unemployed she was desperate to get a job, and not a career.

She went on Craigslist and applied to be a telemarketer and said: "I wasn't sure my ego could handle the blow" if she didn't get hired here.  I would tell her: "You never know until you try."  She got hired and it turns out she was actually good at selling newspaper subscriptions over the phone.  There's a weekly paycheck and an instant cash bonus, she gets $5 for a weekend subscription and $10 for a weekly one.

She then got an email from a women's health organization she once worked for.  They said she could work there for a few months.  "The pay worked out a little less than the call centre.  Still it was a respectable 9-to-5 job."

She said goodbye to her telemarketer friends and took the job fundraising for the women's organization.  She says goodbye to her telemarketer manager: " 'I hate to lose you,' he said, 'You're a natural.  Give me a call if you ever need a job again, even if it's just temporary.'  It was the greatest assurance of job security I've ever had." 

My opinion: Wow, that's so good that she could sell newspaper subscriptions over the phone.  I've tried to sell theatre tickets over the phone, and didn't sell any.

Telemarketer #1: 4hrs x 4 days= 16hrs
Telemarketer #2: 4hrs x 4 days= 16hrs

I worked 32 hrs trying to sell tickets, and I didn't.  Last month I saw that #1 was hiring again, and
I was like: "No.  So I can work for 16hrs x $9.50= $152.  Take off some money for CPP and EI, and it's like $130.  I'm probably not going to sell anything and get dismissed.  I can get some money."  This is take it or leave it kind of job.

Jul. 10 Investments: It was my day off and my dad and I finally went to the bank to get some investments and sign some papers.  After that I returned a book to the library and did another errand.

Lost Dollars:
Ginny Grimsely sent me this article called "Find Lost Dollars" about how "architectural, engineering and environmental firms she works for easily lose $100,000 each year through inefficient and ineffective practices."  It's because people are more creative and not very business- oriented.

Travelocity and sports: Ginny also sent me this article about “'In baseball, you can fail 70 percent of the time and still be considered a strong player,'  says Terry Jones, founder of and founding CEO of its competitor,"  It mentions the saying: "Kill the project, not the person."

It's really about learning from failures, and there are a lot of successful ball players like Babe Ruth who had more strike- outs than home-runs. It says: "(Note: If the same people keep making the same mistakes, arrange for training, counseling or, if that fails, a bus ticket out of town.)"  I believe employers should give new employees ample chance and time to prove themselves.  It could be nervousness on the first day and they're still getting the hang of things.  Unlike Call Centre #4 and Juice Place #2 that dismissed me after one day.  I really felt they should have given me more of a chance, but you can't always get what you want.

Trend Among Leading Businesses: I got this from Ginny.  It's more about work-life balance.  Gary Kunath wrote a book called Life...Don't Miss It.  I like the title.  It's getting out of the rat race and focusing on things that really matter like family, friends, and your own happiness.

" Money doesn’t make you rich; Express gratitude to others; the power of perspective; relationship refinement (thinning the herd); and Good goes around. 'All of these points go to the overall perspective of total life balance and focusing on the areas, and the people, that really matter,' he says."

Jul. 12 Your online presence: Ginny sent me this article about how after you die, you need someone to manage your accounts.  Write down all your accounts and passwords and put it in a secure place.  Appoint a digital executor.  You should write a will, especially if you have kids.  If you are to close an account, and the person is dead, then you have to send the company a death certificate to prove the person is dead. 

That reminds me of The Simpsons where Homer fakes his death and the electricity got cut off because it was under his name.

Jul. 17 Productive: Today was my day off and it was productive.  In the morning my grandma asked me to vacuum the house, and I did.  In the afternoon, I went and applied for a job.  It's a temporary job.  I filled out an application and had to do a test.  There was a little math involved and you can't really study for it.

I did other errands like deposit a check and stopped by to ask a question at this office.  I also got 5 email requests to remove links that I had put up.  I then went through my blog to delete them.

Jul. 18 Million dollar idea: I found this on Yahoo "How a Coffee Lid Turned into a Million Dollar Idea."  Joshua Resnikoff was drinking coffee from these glass jars, and there weren't any lids for it so he can sip through it.  Then he made one.  Simple enough.

Here's a comment:

Winklebottom: Reminds me of a woman work who drinks out of an old Smuckers jam jar with a couple of holes punched in the top. Every time I see her drink out of it I hear banjos. Maybe I'll buy her one of these!

Me: lol.  That reminds me of 2004.  I saw this guy on the bus drink coffee from a plastic peanut butter jar.

Call Centre #5:
I have written about how I worked there for 2 days and was dismissed because I didn't get enough money donated to these charities.  I worked there for 10 hrs and I got like $75 in donations.  That is actually pretty good compared to Telemarketer #1 and Telemarketer #2 jobs where I didn't sell anything.