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Sunday, March 29, 2015

publishing companies/ Bioware Edmonton

Jan. 4 Publishing companies: I’m looking for publishing companies in Edmonton to work at, but I see a lot are to be a customer service representative.  The jobs are about selling ad space and subscriptions.  I’m looking for a job in a publishing company where I can write and edit.
I also get a lot of printing companies as in they print calendars and brochures.  I remember going to job interviews to those because they are office jobs.  I looked up “Publishing companies in Edmonton” and it lead to “publishing” in the search engine in Indeed.
Regional Maple Leaf Communications: I found this on Indeed.  I remember seeing this on Kijiji.  The position is a full-time account executive and it’s really a telemarketer because it says “selling over the phone.”
The Gateway: There’s a job for “circulation pal” which is delivering the University of Alberta newspaper.
Alberta Business Research:
Alberta Business Research Ltd. (ABR), a local publishing company established since 1990, has an opening for a dynamic and creative Advertising Sales Consultant to join our sales team.”
TNC Publishing Group: This is in Calgary.
“Professional Business, Corporate and Community Magazine Publisher in Canada and North America.

We publish a quality magazine that showcases your business and products in a professional manner that cannot be duplicated elsewhere.”
Book Publishers Association of Alberta: I wasn’t sure if I wrote about this before, but I did back in Dec. 2013:

Major Programs

Alberta Book Publishing Awards

Each spring, the book publishing community in Alberta comes together to honour excellence in Alberta-published books. Our hope is that this recognition will make readers more aware of the high quality and range of book publishing in the province, and that this awareness will be a source of shared pride. The gala is held in May annually, alternating between Calgary and Edmonton.
Awards are presented in twelve categories: Book of the Year (Children’s, Educational, Scholarly, Trade Fiction, Trade Non-Fiction); Book Design (Book Cover, Book Illustration, Book Design); Publisher of the Year, Emerging Publisher of the Year, Lois Hole Award for Editorial Excellence, and the Alberta Book Publishing Achievement Award.
Professional Development

The BPAA is committed to providing up-to-date professional development opportunities to members and non-members alike. The highlight of the BPAA’s Professional Development program is a two-day session held in Banff each fall in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. Also featured are the One-Hour Lunches, which provide members an opportunity to discuss a particular topic, accompanied by a brief presentation, over lunch; and periodic sessions when the opportunity arises.
Best of the West

Best of the West is an annual guide to Prairie books released each fall. It provides Canadian publishers an effective and inexpensive vehicle to advertise books Prairie books to a targeted audience of dedicated book buyers. We distribute 200,000 copies through bookstores and libraries across Canada, as an insert in five different publications, at trade shows and displays, and as an electronic publication through the BPAA website.
Best Version Media:
“BVM is an international publishing company that specializes in private, family-oriented, neighborhood-specific magazines that serve residents, homeowners associations, villages and local businesses. BVM started in 2007 with six magazines. Today BVM is one of the fastest growing, privately held media companies in North America.”
Jan. 5 Lakeshore Publishing: The positions are for Advertising Sales Executives.  I would have to take 2 buses to get there.
Culture Works: I did bookmark this website.  I looked for creative jobs in AB, but there aren’t any.  There are lots of creative jobs across Canada:

Pearson Canada: They make textbooks.  I looked up their job postings and most of them need a degree.

Jan. 6 Grade Aid Learning: You can work as a sales consultant for this company.  It sells this software program called Math and English Wiz to help elementary school kids.
Edmonton Job Shop: From Sept. –Dec. 2014, I didn’t look for a job because I was busy with school.  In the middle of December, I got sick and missed 2 days of work.  I wasn’t feeling well so I didn’t look for a job even though school ended. 
Now it’s Jan. 2015 and I’m looking for a job.  I used to go to Job Bank and Kijiji all the time.  I still go to Job Bank.  I’m staying away from Kijiji for awhile and going to all these other job sites that I bookmarked, but I don’t often go to. 
Edmonton Job Shop was a site I went to way back in 2010.  The website wasn’t really good because it was colorful and the layout seems kind of disorganized.  Now I visit it and it’s professional looking with the white and blue.

Jan. 7 Bioware Edmonton: Have you ever heard of this company before?  I learned about this company way back in 2009 and told one of my Professional Writing friends about it because he’s interested in video games.  He knows about it.  I’m expanding my job search from Job Bank and Kijiji and decided to look up “publishing” and it lead to this company.
It creates videogames.  The jobs there needs you to know specific computer programs.
Job I was going through all my bookmarks on my computer.  I didn’t notice how much I had.  I was looking for more job sites I bookmarked.  I found this for an Edmonton job.  I clicked on it and it didn’t work.  I looked it up on the internet. 
It lead to Twitter and it’s UK version:
“JobHits is a job search engine with most updated and relevant vacancies from major job sites. Find for your dream jobs from more than 200,000 opportunities now.”
Here’s the US version:
“ is a US job search engine with most updated and relevant vacancies from major job sites. Find for your dream jobs from more than 300,000 jobs now.”
Here’s the Facebook page:
It mentions the Canadian page: The website doesn’t work. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Woman murdered on phone/ Quadruplets charity

Mar. 27 Woman murdered on phone: This is a pretty scary story I found on MSN news:

A woman has been stabbed to death in a Sydney park shortly after telling her husband that a suspicious man was following her.
Prabha Arun Kumar was taking a shortcut through Parramatta Park at around 9.30pm on Saturday when she was murdered in what police say was a "horrific" attack.
She was just 300 metres from home when the killer stabbed her repeatedly in the neck.
Mrs Kumar was found by a passer-by but died in hospital from massive blood loss.
"She was walking while talking to [her husband] on the phone when she said that a suspicious-looking man was following her," brother-in-law Thrijesh Jayachandra told Indian newspaper The Hindu.
"The next moment he heard her scream for help and then plead with the man not to harm her and take all her belongings if he wanted.
"Seconds later, he heard her scream and say she was stabbed."
Portland school shooting: I found this on Yahoo on Dec. 12, 2014:
PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - Three teenagers were shot and wounded on Friday near a Portland, Oregon, alternative high school, police said, and officers were searching for a suspect who ran from the scene following the gunfire.
The two boys and one girl shot outside Rosemary Anderson High School in north Portland were "conscious and breathing" as they were rushed to a local hospital, the Portland Police Bureau said in a tweet.
jeffH: So this is a so called at-risk high school. In other words, the school district doesn't want these kids but still want the federal money for teaching them.
Quadruplets charity: I found this on Yahoo news:
A father whose wife died just hours after giving birth to their quadruplets has received an outpouring of support from strangers all over the world. A GoFundMe page set up for the family has already received more than $332,000 in less than two months.

On January 16, Carlos and Erica Morales welcomed three girls and one boy — Carlos Jr., Tracey, Paisley and Erica. But after delivering four healthy babies via C-section, Erica, 36, went into hypovolemic shock, a condition that involves severe blood loss, and died a few hours after her children were born. Today, Carlos is raising the kids by himself in Phoenix, Ariz., though not without help from his mother-in-law, friends, and now, more than 9,000 strangers.
“To think that so many people are giving me whatever they can afford makes me smile,” Carlos told People of the more than 9,300 donations he has received through the fundraising page. “Every single penny will help so I can give my babies a great life.”
The page, which was set up by Erica’s friend Nicole Todman, has a goal of raising $500,000. “The expense of raising 4 children alone is quite daunting for any middle class family, now the with the loss of Erica’s income, her husband will need all the help he can get,” Todman writes. “My goal is to help ease the financial worry as much as possible so every dollar helps, if it’s $1 or $1,000, it will all be used to provide for the beautiful babies Erica fought so hard to have and in the end gave her life for.
My opinion: The story was bittersweet that the mother died.  However, a lot of people came through and donated money to this family.
Stranger buys wedding dress: I found this on Yahoo:  
She said yes to the dress, and then a stranger paid for it.
About a month ago, Liz Jensen accepted her boyfriend’s proposal.
Last Friday, the Provo, Utah, woman found her dream dress at a pop-up shop called Elizabeth Cooper Design.
Unfortunately, the full-time Brigham Young University student — and seventh of eight children — couldn’t afford the gown’s $480 price tag.
"My dad has been unemployed for a while," she told the Deseret News. “The cost of things add up.”
While Jensen was admiring the gown, a women approached the store owner and asked her if any of the brides in the store could use some help.
The stranger, another bride-to-be who failed to find her own dream dress that day, then paid for Jensen’s dress.
When Jensen learned this, she burst into tears.
"Who pays for someone’s wedding dress?" she said. “It’s something I’ll never forget.”
The store is keeping the generous stranger’s identity a secret, at her request.
"The fact there was somebody in the store watching me and seeing how much I loved the dress and taking the time," Jensen said, “She didn’t even know me.”
Jensen hopes her story will somehow reach her benefactor so that the woman will know “how grateful I am and how special she will be to me.”
Jensen will wed her fiancé, Jimmy Gillespie, on May 1. She told the Deseret News that the stranger has an open invitation to the wedding.
murray_johnc :A touching story, but let's hope her future husband is a solvent, conscientious and reliable man. As that sheriff in Flint Michigan, Fred Ross, once said, you can always be broke on your own, why on earth would you want to marry into poverty.
My opinion: How sweet.
Jessie J sings with mouth closed: I found this on Yahoo.  Go to the 1 min. 55 sec part and she sings “Bang Bang.”  It’s pretty funny.
Christina Aguilara’s singing impressions: I thought it was very good how she did Britney Spears, Shakira and Cher.  I kind of laughed.
Katie Couric: She ends her talk show.  I saw a few episodes and there was one about charity, the price of college, etc.  They were smart episodes.
William Shatner: I was reading the newspaper and I found this funny:
"I got patted down one time, wearing loose-fitting clothing, and my pants fell down. It was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life," Shatner said, recalling the incident at Los Angeles International Airport.

Innocent man released/ Indian Bride walks out of wedding

Mar. 27 Innocent man released: I found this on Yahoo:

An Ohio man freed last year after spending 39 years in jail for a murder he did not commit will receive more than $1 million from the state for his wrongful imprisonment, court records show.
An Ohio Court of Claims judge on Thursday ordered that just over $1 million be paid to Ricky Jackson, the longest-held U.S. prisoner to be cleared of a crime.
"Wow, I didn't know that," Jackson told the Cleveland Plain Dealer, which said he learnt of the payment from a journalist.
"Wow, wow, wow, that's fantastic, man. I don't even know what to say. This is going to mean so much," he said.
Jackson was convicted along with Wiley Bridgeman and Bridgeman's brother, Kwame Ajamu, for the 1975 murder of Harold Franks, a money order salesman in the Cleveland area, after a 12-year-old boy testified he saw the attack, court papers show.
The boy, Eddie Vernon, recanted his testimony years later, and told authorities he had never actually witnessed the crime. There was no other evidence linking Jackson to the killing.
Other witnesses confirmed the then-teenaged Jackson was on a school bus at the time of the killing. He had originally been sentenced to death but escaped because of a paperwork error.
My opinion: That’s good news he was released.
Trans teen Clean and Clear model:  I found this on Yahoo news:
Today in progressive humanity news, skincare company Clean & Clear has named transgender teenage advocate Jazz Jennings as the face of their new ad campaign “See the Real Me.” Not only does it endorse skincare products, but like many progressive companies, it contains a social message as well. The part ad part call-to-action campaign is social media driven and asks people to send in personal stories using the hashtag #SeeTheRealMe to promote natural beauty.
Jennings was assigned male at birth, but showed signs of gender dysphoria as early as the age of two. She’s said that she knew she was a girl for as long as she could process what that meant and her family allowed Jennings to begin transitioning at six. This latest appointment is just another addition to a resume that’s already quite impressive for a 14-year-old. She’s already published a book for trans children and their parents, was named one of Time magazine’s 25 most influential teens of 2014, and just landed a TLC docuseries called All That Jazz.
My opinion: I found it inspirational that a trans teen is a face for a big company.
Air Canada complaints: I found this on Yahoo, but here’s some excerpts from a CBC article:
After years of bringing complaints against the airlines before the Canadian Transportation Agency, Gabor Lukacs is challenging the operations of the agency itself.
The Halifax man has launched a constitutional challenge against the regulator, claiming its failure to disclose evidence received while reviewing passenger complaints is a violation of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms' open court principle.
His court appearance on Tuesday is one of two he will make this week. In preparation, the self-represented mathematician spends hours with friends quizzing him and trying to dismantle the argument he will make in a courtroom before professionals with law degrees.
While he's happy to hold airlines accountable for now, Lukacs said he would love to step back a bit and give more time to math.
"Air passenger rights is important but ... the laws can be changed at a whim. When you prove a theorem in mathematics, it remains true forever unless your proof is wrong."
A Yahoo omment:   
Lyn Frances: I was at Pearson International in Toronto waiting for my flight to Japan. While inside the terminal at the windows overlooking the planes arriving and leaving I watched a luggage cart arrive to upload passengers luggage. They stopped about 3 meters away from the plane's luggage compartment and began grabbing the luggage and heaving it into the plane. I was stunned. I now knew why my luggage looked the way it did. I made a point to mention my displeasure to staff at an Air Canada counter and was left with a much disappointed view of the airline.
My opinion: Well if he wants to make a complaint about it, then he can if he wants to.  I’m sure a lot of people make a complaint on the internet and to the company and it ends there.
Meth lab found in Wal-mart: I found this on Yahoo news and here’s an excerpt from the Associated Press:
MUNCIE, Ind. (AP) — A restroom at a Wal-Mart in eastern Indiana has been closed indefinitely after an employee discovered a working meth lab inside.
State police say a Wal-Mart employee alerted police after seeing a man he described as suspicious enter the restroom about 11:30 p.m. Thursday with a backpack and leave without it. The Star Press reports ( ) that members of a state police meth suppression team removed the dangerous chemicals.
My opinion: Wow, that’s crazy.  But nobody was hurt.
Indian Bride walks out of wedding: I found this on Yahoo:
An Indian bride walked out of her wedding ceremony after the groom failed to solve a simple math problem, police said Friday.
The bride tested the groom on his math skills and when he got the sum wrong, she walked out.
The question she asked: How much is 15 plus six?
His reply: 17.
The incident took place late Wednesday in Rasoolabad village near the industrial town of Kanpur in northern Uttar Pradesh state, local police officer Rakesh Kumar said Friday.
The groom’s family tried persuading the bride to return, but she refused. She said the groom had misled them about his education.
“The groom’s family kept us in the dark about his poor education,” said Mohar Singh, the bride’s father. “Even a first grader can answer this.”
Local police mediated between the families and both sides returned all the gifts and jewelry that had been exchanged before the wedding, Kumar said.
Last month, another bride in Uttar Pradesh married a wedding guest after the original groom had a seizure and collapsed at the wedding venue.
The groom’s family had not revealed that the groom was epileptic. While the groom was rushed to a hospital in Rampur town, the bride asked one of the wedding guests to step in and married him.
Most marriages in India are arranged by the families of the bride and groom. Except for brief meetings, the couple rarely gets to know each other before the nuptials.
My opinion: I thought it was kind of funny.  So he got one answer wrong to a math question.  Well, maybe they weren’t really that good of a match anyway.