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Friday, May 29, 2009

fun/ writing/ US5

May 27 Fun: Yesterday my friend Chamnoeur dropped by my job. Today one of my classmates from the Professional Writing program dropped by. Megan dropped by some months ago. We were talking and catching up. I told her about the new TV show The Listener that's coming out Thursday June 4 on CTV.

Writing: Today one of the production companies emailed me back saying he is too busy with his other projects. He said:

"You might want to consider attending a pitch festival to assess the script's value and your own commitment to the process. The "Great American Pitch Festival" is as good as it gets for a new writer. And it's run by a writer from Calgary.

Attendance, will ground you in what does and doesn't sell - in the long run it will save you time, money and aggravation.
Hope this helps"

I checked out the site, and it's being run in Burbank, California, so I can 't go there. Now, I'm getting a flashback. Jay Leno did a segment on it called "Pitch to America."

Today I noticed this paper on the floor, and I realized that it's one of the pages to my script that I sent out to the production company. Damn it. However, I then emailed them the missing page so now everything's okay.

I also emailed the writer Conni Massing for help on this new script I'm working on.

Disk: Today I decided to go through all my disks to see if any of them work. Well, well, look at this Memorex cd that I got from 2002, and it doesn't work anymore. It had my Short Fiction Forms class assignments on it. It's totally okay because I put all that stuff on my blog.

May 28 Music: I borrowed the Jason Mraz cd called "We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things." It was surprisely a good pop, adult alternative cd. I like the song "Make it Mine" because it's so upbeat. I like the duet with Colbie Calet to the song "Lucky." My favorite songs are "Coyotes" and "Only Human." I recommend you all check it out.

Mental: I checked out this new show called Mental about a doctor who works at a mental hospital. It stars Chris Vance (Whistler from Prison Break) plays the doctor. In the pilot, Haywire from Prison Break also guest stars. I saw him play a bad guy on Law and Order: SVU recently. Haywire was a crazy guy on PB, and he also plays a mental patient in this ep.

In Plain Sight: I saw the season 2 premiere of In Plain Sight. I've been anticipating this since the season finale ended last summer in August. Well it's not what I expected. I thought the show was going to start off with a few months after the season finale took place. Instead, the premiere starts 2 days where they last ended. Well it's good to then show the FBI agent Mary go through PTSD after being kidnapped and almost killed.

Job: It's good to know you're appreciated. I was going to leave work at the end of the day, and my manager Stella gave me a bag of chips, and a box of chocolates for my hardwork while she was on vacation.

Dance: I'm watching So You Think You Can Dance. I like to watch the good dancers. However, I also like to hear the judges tell the bad dancers that they are bad, and how to improve. They often encourage them to keep dancing and taking lessons. There are some bad dancing that I realize isn't as bad to the point that I'm cringing. But it's still bad.

I'm watching day 1 of the Seattle auditions, and only 4 out of the hundreds of people who auditioned got to go Vegas. Wow, that's very little.

Funny: Today I was reading The Globe and Mail, and it turns out those Archie comics have this wedding coming up. Archie has to choose between Betty and Veronica. He chooses Veronica. In the article it talks about in these tough economic times, it's good to marry a rich girl. lol.

The poll said 77% would pick Betty. That reminds me of the days when I used to read those comics. I read them from 8- 13 years old. Then I checked it out when I was 15, and the pictures look like everybody was still living in the 1950s. lol.

May 29 Job search: I went and applied to 2 places by the MacEwan City Centre campus. Then I went and looked for the Trend Research call centre, and it wasn't there. I did pass my resume there a couple of weeks ago at the one by Sobey's on Jasper Ave. So it looks like they moved.

I remember in the convo with Megan that right now she is working at Safeway deli's section. It pays $11.15/ hr which is better than my pay.

Then I went and shopped around for black dress pants. I went to so many stores in City Centre. They fit the waist, but it's too long for my legs. I guess I could get them hemmed, but I don't want to get my mom to do that. When I did find a pair of pants that fit, it was $49. I might as well go to Capilano and check out Hangers, Winners, and Wal- mart to find cheap pants. Maybe even look in the kids section because I'm so short. lol.

The Listener: Today I saw that there is behind- the- scenes special about this show so I watched it. They gave a tour of the set, and talked to the cast members and director, writer, producer about it. They showed them shooting, and some clips of the eps.

US5: I was checking out Danity Kane's song "Bad Girl" feat. Missy Elliot. It turns out Talon from the reality show Laguana Beach is in the beginning of the video with Aubrey. They did a straight- to- video movie together.

I was then scrolling down the rest of the vids and found this boy band called US5. I have never heard of them before. Check them out on Wikipedia. They came out in 2005, and they had 5 members quit and be replaced. These guys are pretty, and can certainly sing and dance. I really like to watch them dance. Their moves are very good.

They are a multi- national group with guys from Europe and the US. There is also a black guy in it. In boy bands, they are mostly white except for O- town and the British boy band Blue. US5 was helped out by Lou Pearlman who created Backstreet Boys, Nysnc, and O- town. Yeah, before he caught embezzling money and is now in prison.

Here's their dance video "In the Club":

Here's another dance video "Rhythm of Life":

Here's their Latin- pop song called "Maria." Lou Pearlman makes an appearance driving a car in the vid. He was also in Backstreet Boys "We've Got it Goin' On" vid.

Here's their ballad called "Come Back to Me Baby":

Here's a dance vid called "Round and Round."

I now noticed that their videos have a lot of techno to it. Or at least use of a green screen.

Here's their vid "Because of You" which is like Backstreet Boys "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" with a boy band entering into a mansion. Throw in zombies and vampires. The plot twist in the end the guys are in the theatre watching a movie. A girl in the theatre looks evil with her eyes glowing.

Here's a nice ballad called "One night with You." I don't get this vid. It's black and white. It looks like the girl is going to shoot one of the members from a distance. Then later, she decides not to.

Here's a dance vid called "The Boys are Back" where they are down to 4 guys. They also have High School Musical clips in the vid.

I found this artist Shayne Ward and his vid "If That's OK With You." I don't really find him hot. I do like the song, dance, and vid:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

job/ movies/ names

May 23 Job: Today it started off well. I've been working at the Soup place for almost a year. My grandma still didn't know where I worked at because she can't read English. Today I finally showed her where I worked, and now she knows. When I got there, Don was already there though he wasn't really supposed to work.

He was there for some food prep. He already turned on the stoves to make it hot for me to put the soups in so that's good. He then told me to go and call Wayne, the managers' nephew. I thought his name was Wei, but I was wrong. So anyway, I called him and he said he's at work and can't come in to help out.

I then called Cameron a few times, but couldn't even leave a message. He doesn't really work here anymore, but his sister Ray works here and she said he was going to help. Then I ended up calling Delmoon to come and work. He showed up at 12pm and helped out. Then Christine came early and started 30 min. early too which is good because then it got really busy.

Movies: The other day I borrowed the movie The Spirit from the library. It's from the creator of Sin City and 300. I saw Sin City and I found that movie really hard to watch. It was rated R. The Spirit was filmed the same way Sin City was. However, this movie was PG- 13. This movie was average. I didn't love it, nor hate it.

It had big names like Eva Mendes, Samuel L. Jackson, and Scarlett Johannsen. What was a nice surprise was the actress Stana Katic. She plays the detective on the new show Castle. In the movie, she also plays a cop. However, she is actually funny in the movie as an eager rookie cop.

I then borrowed the movie The Clique from the library. It's based on the book series about rich girls going to a private school. The movie has this girl Claire move into Massie's guest house and they don't get along. I went on and it got a rating of 4.9/10 out of 600 votes. I give this a mediocore girl movie.

Did you know that Tyra Banks produced this? Well her audience for her talk show and Top Model is for women. She is all about helping girls and young women. This movie kind of taught a lesson of not being mean and showing respect. It's mildly funny here and there. At least there is continuity where one of the girls has to do this school project, and that project is used throughout the entire movie.

I did like watching the gag reel, because I love watching that kind of stuff.

The other day, I also saw the movie Casino Royale. The Simpsons did do a parody of this movie. Homer and Ned become bounty hunters. Later Ned has to arrest Homer, and there is this huge chase scene that is like the one in the beginning of the movie. The movie is great, there was lots of action, and suspense.

In the first chase scene, the bad guy jumps and goes right through this small hole that's above the wall. Then Bond runs right through the dry wall and there is this huge hole in it. Patrick says that the whole audience in the movie theatre laughed at that part. Now it's on Showcase, and we were watching that scene again, and P laughed.

Writing: Today I woke up this morning thinking about that So You Think You Can Dance Canada audition. I realize I'm an average dancer. Then I thought about my writing. They are both creative outlets. My co- worker Christine told me today that I'm a good writer because she reads my weekly emails. I thanked her.

May 24 Flash Gordon: You know how I mentioned before about how I hate it when on Smallville, people experience kryptonite and they do all these bad things? Afterwards they forget what they did. Well I was watching Flash Gordon last night, and he acted all weird by being in love with this girl Aura who is one of the antagonists. It's revealed that Aura used this love potion on Flash. Later Flash gets the antidote and remembers what he did. He then faces the consequences.

I remember some episodes earlier, there was this girl who had this power by releasing this smell and guys will fall in love with her. It later occured to Flash, and he said: "Wow this smell is better than CK One." lol. I like Eric Johnson, and the show. However, I would give this show an average rating. It's funny, and the writing isn't lazy or anything with people forgetting about what the did under some trance. I only watch it for EJ.

Tomorrow my managers will be back. Finally, I do feel overworked.

Music: I borrowed the cd from the band Panic at the Disco. I found the cd to be like a rock cd, but with adult contemporary and a little country in it. I didn't really like it, but then again I'm not interested in the band.

Names: Today I found this website about baby names.

You can look up your name, and they will tell you the origin and what it means. There are also charts to see how popular or unpopular your name is. I know that Leslie is a unisex name, but kind of leaning more towards girls. There's a chart that proves it. Leslie has increased as a girl name, and decreased as a guy's name.

There is a survey: "Is your name _____?" If so, please do a 3 min. survey. It was fun. They ask questions like: "What are your nicknames?" I say: "Trace, Crazy Tracy." lol. Other questions like:

"Do people tease you about your name?" No.

"Do you like your name?" Neutral. Well it's not too common of a name, or too weird of a name.

"Do people mispell your name?" Occasionally. (There are different ways to spell my name.)

"Do foreigners have trouble pronouncing your name?" No.

They also ask for your bday to see if zodiac signs have any correlation with certain names. They also asked what music, and movies do you like. They asked about hair and eye colour too.

May 25: Today I got an email from a production company and they said they wanted to read my script. I emailed them back with a couple questions. I then spent the whole night working on my script. I was going line by line editing so I could put it all in one draft. I did have The Hills and Jay Leno in the background, but mostly I was reading and writing.

Rant: Here's another rant. I have two 3.5 floppy disks that hold The Fighter. I have multiple disks that have each draft of it on it. I also have the hard copies where I printed it out. I learned that from Legal Issues for Writers class. If you don't want people to steal your idea, you should file for a copyright at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office.

You should also keep all your drafts of it as proof. Anyway, the script is all seperated in different documents so I was transferring it all to one document on one disk. Then one of the disks stopped working. I am annoyed. This disk was 4 years old. I have disks that are older than that and they haven't stopped working.

Though a couple of Memorex disks stopped working after 2 years. I'm okay though because fortunately I have a lot of other disks that hold my writing. I still managed to put it all in one draft on one disk.

May 26 Good: Today I mailed my script to another production company. They asked for it. I hope they like it.

Buffy: I read this on with the headline "Buffy 3.0?" There is works of a remake of the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie. However, Joss Whedon the creator isn't even going to be in it. Nor Sarah Michelle Gellar or any other of the TV series actors. They will get Sam Raimi the guy who directed The Grudge to do it. I went on and there's nothing about a remake.

Maybe it won't get produced, and they're just talking about it. People's comments underneath it vary. Some are sad, and some are happy. I would like to see it. I am a big fan of the show, and I would like to see how it would be remade. It's that saying: "Don't knock it until you try it."

Friday, May 22, 2009

crazy news/ job/ happy

May 19 Crazy news: Today I watched on Yahoo News, that there are twins that are fathered by 2 different guys. One was to her partner, and one was to this other guy she was cheating on her boyfriend with. Actually, I'm not that shocked. Remember how a few weeks ago, I mentioned I read an article about Maury, but it doesn't count as a relapse?
Well in the article it mentioned that a crazy paternity test said that this guy is the father to one of the twins, and not the other. When I read that, I was like: "Can that really happen?" Yes, it can. The scientist on Yahoo said that if this woman sleeps with 2 different guys relatively at the same time, she can pregnant and the sperm could father each of the babies. Weird.
I read in Metro about how Britney Spears spends her money between Feb- Dec. of last year. $10.1 million.
$447, 633 for security- well that's necessary for a person like her
$625, 000 for Federline's legal fees- that's necessary
$3, 400 for Christmas lights- that's not necessary, but she can splurge on it if she wants to seince she's makes so much money.
Job: Today was kind of crazy at work. The managers weren't here because they're on vacation. It's kind of like the parents not being home, and we the kids have to run the restaurant. However, we are all adults except there is one teenager who works here. Today went fine though.
However, the toaster stopped working because it broke down. I called the company because Young told me too. I decided to step up and call because I usually don't do that stuff. I should take responsibility. There was like a problem with the phone only when I called that company.
There was like a conversation overlapping the phone and I couldn't totally hear them. Either way, I'll let the toaster not work for the next 3 days though we may lose some business. People like their bagels toasted, some go and take the bagel plain as it is.
May 20 News: I read about this doctor who used a power drill to a 13 yr old boy's head to help save his life. The boy had hit his head and the doctor needed to relieve the pressure in the head. This happened in Australia.
I was talking to my co- worker Jennifer, and she had her PDA with her. She then added me as a friend on Facebook, and I confirmed it. The toaster still wasn't working, and we did lose a lot of business. Don did call the managers' nephew to come over and fix it. By all means, we could have saved some money by calling the nephew instead of that other company.
May 21 Dance: It's officially summer, now that So You Think You Can Dance is on. It's on in the background as I'm writing my weekly emails. It's going into their 5th season. Fiana from season 3 made an appearance, she was a dance partner with this guy who auditioned tonight.
I remember when she auditioned back in season 3, and her brother Sloventiek auditioned with her. After the dance, the judge Nigel said: "Nice to see you again Sloventiek. I have to say your sister is way hotter than you are." When Fiana came back to audition with her partner, the judges said that she looked like a beautiful dancer.
I read in the Metro: "According to a recent article in Scientific American; our brains are stimulated by viewing coordinated movements." Yeah, I can see that.
Saying: I read in the Metro by Wesleigh Roeca, she mentioned about the economy: "What do you do when you're in fear? Either you accept the change or you fight it."
Crazy: Today I went to work, and we opened 2 and half hours later. We were supposed to open at 7:30am, and we opened at 10am. Well Jen called in sick, and Don had to cook and food prep. Young brought her niece along to work with us because we were shorthanded, so that's good. Don can't work by himself for 2 hours until someone comes.
At least the managers' nephew Wei comes along and manages to fix the toaster. I think we paid him through a free sandwich. Ray came and told me that she will be gone for the weekend because she really wants to go to this 3- day concert. I let her go, so I took her shift. If she really wants to go, she should. I don't mind taking extra hours.
I just saw a new ep of Harper's Island. It was crazy. First, the bride's dad dies right in front of her and all these other people. This like matchet fell on him and cut his head. Everybody is screaming and crying. This is the part where everybody finds out that there is a killer on the island.
It's revealed that the bride's dad learned that his wife is cheating on him with his second daughter's husband. Then at the end of the ep, the second daughter's husband is murdered. Whoa. In lighter comedic part of it, this guy Cal was going to propose to his gf Chloe in the pilot. He then lost the ring in the ocean.
Now in this ep, the ring washes up and this guy took it and proposed to his gf. Cal finds out and tells his gf Chloe about it. Chloe then goes up to the guy and acts like she's confronting him on cheating: "You said: "I love you Chloe. How could you? And by the way, the baby is yours!"
The guy's gf then pulls the ring off her finger and throws it away. Cal picks it up, and he Chloe split. lol.

Oh summer TV has come. I just saw that In Plain Sight will be coming out with their second season on Wed May 27. It stars Mary McCormack who plays an FBI agent who puts people in witness protection. I watched every ep last summer. It's a good comedy/ crime/ drama. I recommend you all watch it.

I was also pitching my script while So You Think You Can Dance and Harper's Island was on. I got a lot of work done.

May 22: I worked for 10 hours today. Well at least the last 4 hours were pretty slow. I read the Metro and the Edmonton Journal. My sister sent a post card home, with Mona Lisa as the design.

I was on Yahoo news, and there is a story of how this woman found out her friend was really her long lost brother who was given up for adoption 32 years ago. This guy moved across the street from her. They hang out and become friends.
She learns when his birthday is, and it coincided with the day her mother gave up her baby for adoption. That is quite a coincidence. Now the family is reunited.

Monday, May 18, 2009

funny/ crazy news/ inspiration

May 16 Funny: Today I went to work and talked to Ray about Kevin Federline and how he can't make ends meet with $40, 000 a month.

Ray: There are people who make $40,000 a year, and they can live off it. He could put a down payment on a house in a nice neighborhood to raise his kids. He could put $1500 a month for mortgage payments. He must be eating out and drinking every night.
Me: If he spends $2000 on food, he may have to feed his nannies.
Ray: I don't know about him feeding his bodyguards.

I also told her I saw Flashpoint yesterday, and remembered that in the military alphabet, the B means Bravo. On the show they were using it.

Crazy news: I read on Yahoo news about this man who tried to buy a prostitute for his 14 yr old son. I was like "Oh my God." Sheesh, I can laugh at K- Fed for not knowing how to handle money, but this man trying to buy a prostitute is funny, but at the same time kind of not. The prostitute they picked up was an undercover cop. From the article: "The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was handed a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, after he admitted a charge of trying to solicit a woman to have sex with a child, the Press Association reported.

Judge Jonathan Teare said he would spare the father jail because of his excellent character and that he believed he did not mean any harm to his son. 'You have a duty of care to your son and that is to look after his moral welfare, not as you might think to break him in to the ways of sex through a prostitute,' he said."

Excellent character? More like stupidity. The boy is still allowed to live with his dad.

Oh my God, now that reminds me of this old MADtv sketch from 2002. I thought this kind of stuff only occurs on TV shows, not in real life, but it looks like life is imitating art. The sketch was where this nerdy high school kid is talking to his dad.

Dad: Well go buy yourself a prostitute.
Son: I don't want to lose my virginity to a prostitute. I want to lose it to someone who I love and care about.
Dad: That's nice son, but I lost my virginity to a prostitute. Go ask your mother.
The audience laughs. That's the kind of joke you say: "Ohhhhhh."

Writing: Yesterday I got rejected from this guy who I wanted him to be in my movie. That's okay. I then contacted this other guy, and he says he read most of my script. I came home and Flash Gordon and Harper's Island wasn't on. That must be a sign to go and work. I then sent out 17 emails trying to get my script produced. I had the radio on in the background, and then the MADtv series finale was on too.

May 17 Inspiration: I found this on where the creator Frank is talking to a graduating class at Berkeley. He asks everybody to write one sentence that people should hear on graduation day. Here are a few:

Be wise enough not to be reckless, but brave enough to take great risks.It’s okay to fail – learn from it and you will succeed.It’s better to be pissed-off than pissed-on.
As I said before, my life revolves around TV. I'm trying to cut down. Sure I just saw the Desperate Housewives season finale, but then there are all these new shows coming on like The Listener (June 4), and So You Think You Can Dance, this Thurs, May 21.

Job: On Friday I passed my resume to Crown Plaza. It's the place where they have that revolving restaurant on the top floor. The woman at the front desk told me to go to human resources on the 4th floor to pass my resume, and that's how I learned of the restaurant. There was a sign in the elevator.

I remember way back in 2000, my friend Leslie told me she went there with her boyfriend. She put a penny on the side of the window, and one hour later the penny came back. lol. I told Ray this, and she said it goes around once an hour. If it goes faster, we would be getting dizzy and things would be falling all over the place. lol.

May 18 News: I read in the Globe and Mail life section, about how pregnant women are smug. There are these 2 girls who wrote a song about how pregnant women won't tell anyone what the gender of the baby is, and what their names are going to be. Also how they talk about they don't care what the gender is, as long as it's a healthy baby.

Then this 40 year old guy talked about how his wife was smug throughout all 5 of her pregnancies. He says: "I know she doesn't care if the baby has 18 fingers, as long as it's a girl." The song is on the internet, and everybody says "So True" even women who are pregnant.

They say that pregnant women are smug because women get a lot of negative attention. If they find some positive attention, they will capitalize on it. It kind of reminded me of when Jennifer Garner first got pregnant, and she was on Jay Leno.

Jay: Is it going to be a boy or a girl?
Jennifer: Well it's definetely going to be one or the other.
The audience laughs.
I don't see her as smug, I thought that she was a celebrity who wanted to keep one part of her life private.

Cut to later in the interview.
Jennifer: I thought I was getting bigger and bigger and she-
Right then she points to her stomach. Then she realized what she just said. The audience laughs and cheers.
Jay: So it's going to be a girl.

Pump Casting: There was this bit on Jay Leno. It's where this news reporter is telling the news, and the TV is on the gas pump in the gas station. The reporter then talks to the people who are pumping gas.

Cut to this 20- something year old guy pumping gas.
Reporter: How about you sir?
Guy looks up at the TV screen.
Reporter: Yes, you.
Guy: Is this really happening?
Reporter: Yes. What's your job?

Guy: I'm an actor. When I'm not working, I'm doing whatever it takes to make money.
Reporter: What movies and TV shows have you been on?
Guy: I was on a CBS TV show called Close to Home.

Cut to the clip that Guy was on.
I thought that was so cool. I totally forgot about that crime drama.

Shopping: Today I finally had a day off from working on those long weekends. I worked on Thanksgiving, and Easter weekend. I went to West Ed mall today. I haven't been there in some months. That cheap theatre Cineplex Odeon closed down, and has been replaced by a Hakim Optical and another Urban Behaviour will come along. There is already a UB at the other food court.

The Chinese fast food restaurant Oriental Delight had gotten renovations. They look really good. WEM treasures also opened. It sells souveniers of the mall. There used to be a Ben and Jerry's, but now it's replaced by Yogen Fruz. There is a new store called Fossil that sells bags, sunglasses, high end stuff. I don't remember seeing a Hugo Boss the last time I was there, but there is one now. Another new store was Geox which sells shoes.

That Apple store no longer can let us listen to music with their ipods. They only have iPhones out without headphones.

Prior to it, I did some writing and I went out to lunch with my parents and grandma.

Quotes: I went to Chapters and they sold these bags with these inspirational quotes:

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined." -Thoreau

"Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good." -Minor Myers Jr.

Friday, May 15, 2009

saying/ charity/ stupid & funny

May 12 Saying: I remember this other saying. It may have been from an old TV show. Some guy said this: "If you want to make money, you get a job that you like. If you want to make a lot of money, you get a job that you hate." I told this to my co-worker Jennifer, and she agreed.

Well it did happen to me. I like working at the Soup place. I got a job at a bank, which I hated to make a lot of money. Wait, I do remember this other saying from 2001. I was watching The Matrix Revisted dvd. It's about the making of The Matrix. Keanu Reeves said: "There is an old Chinese saying: 'Find a job that you like, and then you don't have to work for the rest of your life.'"

Positive: I woke up this morning and thought that it's a good thing that I didn't work at Treats last year. After school ended, I went to Treats to get my job back from the manager Aziz, but they already changed managers. If I did work there, I would probably be doing the same thing with a little amount of hours. Even if I did do split shifts to increase the hours, it would have still been part- time.

I then got a job at Xcetera which did give me full- time hours. There was still enough time for me to go and look for a office job on the side. I will have to look at money in a certain way. I got a lot of money back in my tax refund which would make it $15, 000 income. Then I also get tips twice a year from my job in June and December. I also get my money from my family during special occassions.

Work: I was talking to Jennifer about jobs today. I was then inspired to be more aggressive and go on the internet and look for jobs. I then found some websites and people to contact to produce my script. I sent out 10 emails. During this time I had 90210 and Deadliest Warrior on in the background.

May 13 Charity: I read that Emimen is treating 200 laid- off autoworkers on an all- expense paid trip to LA to see him perform on Jimmy Kimmel. He's also doing a meet and greet, and sign autographs. That is so nice of him.

I also see that Titanic stars Leonardo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet, and the director James Cameron have donated $30, 000 to the last Titanic survivor who is 97 yr old Millvina Dean. She was only 9 weeks old when she was on the ship. She has a hard time paying for her bills at the nursing home, and she was selling her autographs to make money.

Lie to Me: I was reading an article in 24 about the TV show. It said this: "Actually Cal Lightman has more in common with House's Dr. Gregory House in terms of how their series are built- i.e., largely unrealistic situations held together by an intriguingly complex main character who values brain over brawn." An intriguing main character is what I need for my script.

The season finale was really good. It was about these terrorist attacks occuring in Washington. It kind of reminded me of those sniper attacks back in 2002. There was this sniper who shoots random people in random locations in DC. Then in the middle of the ep we realize that the young men weren't terrorists. They were guys who were wearing backpacks with bombs planted in them and they didn't know it.

I remember back in 2002, I was at my friend Leslie's house and we were watching the news about the sniper. Leslie's mom says: "I think it's terrorists." I didn't think it was. It was scary that it was occuring in the US. It occurs in Afghanistan and the Middle East and that's what they have to deal with everyday.

Analyze: Today I was reading some more bad news about the recession in the business section. It's like a trainwreck, it's so bad, but I can't stop looking at it. It's like when I watch the teen pregnancy eps on Tyra. It's kind of like when I used to watch Maury and Dr Phil. However, I don't read bad news or watch Tyra to get my hate on. I don't purposely watch Maury and Dr Phil to get my hate on anymore. I stay away from it.

Emotions: Today I was watching Criminal Minds and it looks like Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler, this actor who I emailed, and he emailed me back) seemed to be infected by this anthrax. It looks like might not survive it so he asks to be recorded on a voice message so his mom could hear him. He says: "Hi mom, it's Spencer. I want to let you know that I love you. Everyday I'm proud to be your son." Tears sprang to my eyes when I was watching it. I didn't cry, but I felt really emotional during that scene.

May 15 Writing: I submitted my article about donating to charity to the 24 newspaper.

Funny & stupid:
I was reading in the Metro that Kevin Federline can't make ends meet when he gets $40, 000 a month from his ex- wife Britney Spears. She pays $20, 000 a month for child support, and $5000 a week when she's on tour. The National Enquirer says this:

$7, 500 for rent
$2,000 for food
$1, 500 for utilities
$800 for alcohol
$2, 800 for a nanny
$3, 000 for bodyguards

He should use that $40, 000 a month and buy a home. What's with $2, 000 on food? Does he eat out a lot? He should learn to cook, and go grocery shopping or at least hire someone to do that and cook. He might able to save some money there. He needs to cut down on the alcohol. He may have to hire some nannies who don't cost that much, same with the bodyguards.

Government: I got these 2 letters from the Conservative government. They sent this to me before. They ask who is good for the govt., and I always check NDP and send it back to the Conservatives. No postage required.

Lookalike: It's weird. Last night I was watching Parks and Recreation, and I realized who the actor Chris Pratt looks like. Nialle Travnik looks like him. I used to work with Nialle at Ipsos from 2005-2006. I saw CP on The OC from 2006-2007 and I've been watching Park for the past few months. CP and NT have the same face with the same hair colour and texture, and beard. They look like they could be brothers.

I then added him as my friend on Facebook and he confirmed it. lol.

Movie: I had Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer on in the background. Did you know that this movie was shot in Vancouver? Well there was a scene where they are in the forest, so you know it's got to be in BC. I remember going to Vancouver in 2001 for a band/ choir trip and we drove there from Edmonton. There were trees everywhere.

Prison Break: I saw the Prison Break 2hr series finale and it was crazy. The bad guys all got their come- uppance. The ending was bittersweet with the lead character Michael dying from his disease. At least he helped his friends, and he had a son with the same name as his.

It was unpredictable. I was thinking M's brother Lincoln was going to die after getting shot, and M will name his son Lincoln. Well that's what they did on the Alias series finale. Sydney's dad died, then S named her son after him. I read earlier today that a lot of old people are coming back on the show. I knew Sucre was coming back, but I totally didn't expect C- Note, Sophia, and Kellerman.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

saying/ the listener/ crazy news

May 9 Saying: I was thinking about this old saying I got when watching an Nysnc interview. The boy band was at Muchmusic back in 2001.

Chris: It's not about the money, it's about the idea of it.

I'm going to admit that I made almost $15, 000 this year. I could think of it as in there are millions and billions of people who don't have any money whatsoever like people in Africa. On in 2007, I read an article in Russia where a family lives off $500 a month. In Canada, that's not possible.

Yeah, and the fact that the most I ever made in a year was like $7000 in 2005 where I was working part time for 9 months. I certainly made more money than in 2007. It was the summer where I had the worst luck in getting a job.

Malatest gave me training for one day, and decided to not hire me because it would take too much time to train me, and they went with someone else. Then I ended up working part- time at Treats. It was nice sitting around a lot, and talking to manager Aziz, and watching TV there. I didn't get paid a lot like $8/hr for 20hrs a week. At least I got a lot of free food.

I'm getting this flashback of Joe Millionare. This guy Aaron was a construction worker who made $19,000/ yr. He did pose in swimsuits to make money. Anyway, at the finale he told the woman that he wasn't a millionare, and they were together for awhile, but it ended. They also each got $500,000 each so that's good. The woman also didn't make a lot of money either.

Actually Aaron did make an appearance on the comedy show She Spies where the girls have to find a criminal at this speed dating event. Of course, Aaron was one of the guys there, who later gets shot in the ep. A also made an appearance in The Simpsons. He was in a play called "Joe Millionare and a Cherry Orchard."

A then tells a woman: "I don't have a cherry orchard."

The Listener: It's so exciting. Today I was watching Flash Gordon, and there was this commercial for the new TV show The Listener. It stars Craig Olejnik. I've been writing about this show since I first heard it in June 2008. I was just going through my blog and reading about it. Then I joined The Listener group on Facebook in Jan 2009.

The commercial came on, and I squealed with excitment. The show will be on Space Channel coming on Thurs. June 4. I went and wrote it down on a big piece of paper. I'm so happy.

Tyra: I'm also going to admit I was watching Tyra Banks on Youtube. I think I was looking up about teen pregnancy because that's why I watch the show. However, it lead me to watching the ep called "Gay for Pay" where straight guys do gay porn. The ep wasn't trashy and in a way, it did qualify for the other reason I watch this show: prostitution. It was an interesting ep.

I did feel kind of sorry for this one guy. He got a job at Subway and told the manager about what he did. They were cool with it, and hired him. Later customers said that if he's working there, I'm not eating there. Then they fired him. Well as long as he's wearing gloves when making sandwiches, I'm cool with it.

Shopping: Did you know that the store Where It's Art also closed down? It used to be in one location, and then it moved to another location, and now it's gone. There's also a clothing store called ZZ Style that opened up where the Calender Club was. Why open new stores in the recession? Maybe because there is really low rent for the stores?

Analyze: I then got a flashback of reading a YM magazine back in 2001. There's this artist who makes $15,000/ yr. In brackets it said: "She lives very cheaply." Maybe she has a roommate to live with and share the rent. I don't know.

May 10: I was watching an ep of Lie to Me and Sean Patrick Thomas's character appears and was talking to Loker: "You can get a job anywhere. If Torres gets fired, she's going back to the airport getting paid $12/hr and dealing with bad people all day." $12/hr sounds good to me. Their idea of it is low.

Job: Well Shirley only worked one day, and she quit because she got a new job where she actually uses her education. I then used the time to sit, write, read, and think of my writing. A good thing about this job is that when they give me money to buy food at Shoppers Drug Mart for the restaurant, they let me put the points on my Shoppers Optimum card. If I get enough points, I can redeem it for $5, $10, or $25, etc.

Funny: Today I was watching The Mentalist, and my dad came by. There is a scene where Patrick pretends to read a kid's mind.

P: You're thinking: "I hope he can't read my mind and know that I was the one who vandalized the house by throwing paint at it." If you didn't want me to read your mind, you shouldn't have been thinking that.

My dad laughed at that. lol.

May 11 Music: Today I saw the video called "Day N Nite" by Kid Cudi. This is the slower and original version. I like the fast version to it so I can dance to it. The video has some cool animation thrown into with live action.

Crazy news: Today I read about a female rookie officer shooting a guy because he was reaching for her male cop partner's gun. There is this weird coincidence because I saw on Jay Leno last week, they showed this video of the same thing happening. The video was scary at first, but kind of funny:

This woman cop was going to arrest a bad guy. He reaches for her gun and takes it. Then a man walks by and manages to take the gun right out of his hand. The cop is then trying to hold the guy down, while the man is pointing the gun at him. Then a overweight woman comes along and sits on him.

Jay: Yeah, he totally felt the weight of the law on him!

I just saw a promo for The Listener that will be on CTV also on June 4.

Dating: I read an article about lies on the first date. "On a first date, this girl blurted out that she gets bored easily and never keeps a guy around long. She should've stamped player on her forehead." - Terence

"I had only known a girl for a few days when she hit me with 'I need you to meet my parents, because if my dad doesn't like you, we're done.'" - Omar

lol. It seems like her parents run her life, well at least her dating life. I'm trying to please my parents with finding a good job.

"I went on a blind date with a woman who knew my brother, and the first thing she said was 'Your brother is so fine... You guys look nothing alike.'" - Don

That was my favorite. lol. It was like she was dissing him unless she added, "But you're also good looking too."

May 12 Nate Richert: For some reason, I thought about this old celebrity crush Nate Richert. He played Harvey on Sabrina the Teenage Witch. I looked him up on and it looks like he hasn't gotten any work since 2004. That's a long time. It also says he's married, but it's unknown for how long.

Movie: Last night I borrowed Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer. I saw the first movie in the theatres and liked it. This one I found to be average like 3/5 stars. It's funny and cool to watch, but it seemed pretty light. This movie is 92 min. long and it's PG. I find X-Men to be a little darker, because it's PG- 13.

I was surprised that Laurence Fishbourne is the voice of the Silver Surfer.

Friday, May 8, 2009

writing/ money/ dollhouse

May 5 Writing: It turns out this 9- year- old boy Alec Greven wrote a dating book called How to Talk to Girls and it got published.

I'm getting a flashback of 2004 when I was at NAIT. The assignment was to write a instruction manual. I wrote a dating manual. You know what, I could probably fluff it up, and get it published. However, there needs some credibility of why you should take my dating advice.

I just saw him on Jay Leno, and AG talked about his new books called How to Talk to Mom, and How to Talk to Dad. AG is so cute. He is well- mannered, sweet, and nice. He was wearing a white shirt, and a nice dark blue button down shirt over it, and khakis. He was supposed to bump his fist with Howie Mandel's fist. Right before AG does it, he pulls out hand lotion from his pocket and rubs them all over his hands. Like, seriously.

May 6 Music: I borrowed the cd from the rock band Rise Against. I don't really like rock music, and I wasn't really interested in the cd. I borrowed this Leona Lewis cd called "Best Kept Secret" today. These songs are from 2005 before she got big when she released her ballad "Bleeding Love." The songs are dance and R&B which I like.

It's kind of like when Christina Aguilara got big. She released her cd, then later she released this other cd with songs she recorded before she got big.

Staycation: I heard of this word staycation in The Globe and Mail. It means when you don't have a lot of money to go on vactation, you go to somewhere close or stay at home. Right now I'm on a staycation. Sure I still go to work, but it's really my sister who is traveling to Europe. It's her life long dream to go there.

My staycation is getting away from her. It's like that ep on The Simpsons where Homer is teaching a class on marriage and he was talking to that guy in the job interview: "Anything to get away from all the whining, and complaining... of a loving family."

May 7: I emailed some Saskatchewan production companies earlier this week. One of them said it's not their "cup of tea", but I still emailed them the script. Another said this:

"Thanks for your email and your interest.
Unfortunately, your script is similar to one we already have in development, in that it deals with the same subject matter so we'll have to decline on that basis,
Thanks for your interest and by all means let us know if you have anything in the future"

Damn. Not only did I get rejected, there is a script that's similar to it. Maybe same subject matter, but different story.

Money: In other news I got way more money back in the tax refund. Well I did work full time for the past year. I usually work part- time to full- time in the summer between school years. Everytime I get a check from the govt., I have to quote from The Simpsons: "It gets easier every week."

The episode where Marge becomes a real estate agent. Then at the end of the ep, the family goes to this place to get a check.

Marge: $500 for doing nothing? I feel like such a crook.
Geoge Bush: It gets easier every week.

You know, because presidents get paid even when their term ends.

May 8 Motivation: Maybe it's a good thing that I got my tax refund back, because I got to see how much money I really made. Let's just say on the good side, it's the most I ever made in a year. That's because I worked full- time for months and I didn't stop because I had school.

On the bad side, it's still less than $25 000. This will provide motivation for me to get a career.

Job search: I went and deposited my check. Then I went to Centre High. I haven't been there since I used to go there from 2003-2004. Then I visited there in 2005 when NAIT didn't work out. It's 2009, and it's totally different. There used to be a food court in there, and now it's some sort of office that helps people with careers. They said it isn't a temp agency. Though they did build a temp agency for trades people in the other hallway.

It's fine that there isn't a food court. There is still a convenience store, and a little coffee place in there. Not to mention the two food courts in City Centre mall that's right by there.

I then passed my resumes to 9 places. I had to really go around downtown to search for places. I applied to Stantec, some beauty salons, hotels, dental clinics, and this health clinic. That's what I did in the afternoon. In the morning, I was working on my script, and trying to improve the dialogue before I resubmit it again. I'm still waiting for a reply from this one guy who said he will get back to me by the end of the week. It's Friday so I called him and left a message.

Dollhouse: The season finale was crazy. They did a rewind of how it kind of all started. Let's start off with some random stuff like for the military alphabet, W is for Whiskey. I was like: "Oh yeah." That sure brings back memories of working at Ipsos.

Basically Dr. Saunders (Amy Acker) used to be a doll named Whiskey. She was the number 1 doll. Then the doll Alpha attacked her, and cut her face. There was already a Dr. Saunders, but he was a guy. Later he retired, and since Whiskey was a broken doll, they put Dr. Saunders personality into her.

The Dollhouse started out with prisoners who were serving long prison terms, and Alpha was going to become a serial killer. Alpha had attacked a woman, and he was in for attempted murder. That reminds me of the TV show She Spies. A group of 3 women who are serving prison sentences work for a secret govt. agency to shorten their prison terms.

After A attacked W, he was put into the chair to wipe his mind out. Topher then put 48 different personalities imprints out. A then attacks his handler, and Topher accidentally put in all 48 personalities into A's head. That made him go crazy. A then escaped. Now in the finale, A comes back and kidnaps Echo and he imprints all her personalities into her head and calls her Omega.

E then rebels and fights A. The doll November is permanently deactiviated and can go and live a normal life. The agent Ballard who's been trying to bring down the Dollhouse, is now working for them. I do like the part where E talks to her original self Caroline. E tells C that doesn't mean you sign a contract to be a slave, justify it, and that there is a black president.

Movie: During commercial breaks I saw Chasing Liberty (2003) where Mandy Moore plays the president's daughter. There are so many movies about the president's daughter. Then it made me think of Head of State where Chris Rock plays the first black president (2002).

Next week is the series finale of Prison Break. I'll give FOX points that they didn't cancel this show prematurely which they often do. I needed to see the promo that there is going to be a 2hr series finale of the show before I could believe it. C'mon, it's been around for 4 seasons.

1st season: Michael goes to prison to break out his brother Lincoln out of jail.
2nd season: Michael and Lincoln on the run.
3rd season: Michael goes to a ghetto prison in Mexico.
4th season: Michael breaks out and he and Lincoln have to find Scylla to get the bad guys called The Company out of their lives. The Company was the one who started it all.

They had a good run with good episodes. Good luck to all the actors and crew people.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

writing/ question/ inspired

May 2 Writing: After a boring day at work, I went home. I immediately checked my email to see if those 2 people got back to me. They didn't. You know that saying: "Patience is a virtue." I have to be patient. I'm sure they have way more fun things to do on a Saturday than to read my script. Or they were busy. Maybe they were reading it for awhile, but took a break.

Question: My question is: If someone offered you to be in a movie, and you got a substantial part in it, and you will be paid well, would you take it? Or paid somewhat well like $15/ hr, would you take it? Or even $9.75/hr? I don't know if any of you are interested in acting, but isn't that like many people's dream job to be an actor?

When I was 11- 14 years old, I would love to do acting. Mainly for the admiration. Acting is hard work. Besides all the rejection, even if you do get a part, it's hard. I remember watching this actor Matthew Bomer on Jimmy Kimmel back in summer 2007.

JK: So prior to this show you were on a soap opera?
MB and I (unison): Yeah, Guiding Light.
MB: I had to remember 30 pages of dialogue 4 or 5 days a week, and you are only allowed 1 take.

I remember reading about Johnny Lang making an appearance in the movie Blues Brother 2000, and he was in one scene. It took 2 days to film it. I remember Eric Johnson who played Whitney on the TV show Smallville did a flashback scene on the show. It was 1 scene and it took 4 hours to shoot.

Music: I borrowed that new The Killers cd from the library. It was average. I'm not really interested in them, but it's still good to check them out.

I then went on and found out that there was a Making the Band 4 ep called "The Rise and Fall of Danity Kane." I had to go on youtube and check it out. There was never- before- seen footage. I never saw the MtB3 when they first made the group, so I saw that too. I actually felt sadness watching it like when Aundrea's boyfriend Rudy broke up with her over the phone.

Right before the group was formed, Aundrea was telling Aubrey how she is thankful that they met and went on this journey together. They cried and hugged, while the other girls started crying when they listened to Aundrea.

May 3: To add to the question: "Which would you prefer? Rich or famous?" I remember this interview, I think in 2006 or 2007. I was watching 20/20 and they interviewed Lance from Nsync. He was talking about being gay, and not telling anyone because it may hurt Nsync's popularity. He did mention that he wasn't getting paid that well even though he was famous and was performing every night. He said he was making $35 a day.

It's not very good pay, but that would be like $7/hr for a 5 hour shift. As a teenager, I guess I would have taken that job. Being famous, I could get admiration, and it would be fun to sing and dance every night. Now that I'm older, I kind of hesitate in taking that job.

Fun: Today I met my co- worker/ friend Sylvia's sister Shirley. She said I was funny. It turns out Shirley worked at the Holt Renfrew restaurant. Sh says that as hostess/ bus girl, she can make $10 in tips. As a server like a waiter, they can make $40- $50 in tips.What's interesting is that these sisters are quite alike in looks and voice.

Shirley: Do you know that show Arrested Development?
Me: Yeah.
S: I like Tobia Fuke.
Me: Oh yeah, I remember Sylvia saying that too.

We also did talk about what the minimum wage was over the years. In 2003, the min. wage went from $5.90/hr to $7/hr. Then in 2006, I think it went to $8/hr. Then in 2008, it went to $8.40/hr. Now it's $8.80/hr. Sh then makes a comment on how I have a good memory about this. lol.

Movie: We talked about bad movies and I said the worst movie I ever saw was Batman and Robin starring George Clooney and Chris O'Donnel. I then went to Wikipedia and it said the budget was $140 million. There was so much money put into it, but it also looked really bad and had a bad story. They did make $238.1 million which is good. However if you read the article, they did diss it like how it got a Razzie award. A Razzie is given to bad movies.

Weather: It was good weather today with 22 degrees. I decided to put all those winter jackets, hats, and gloves to the washer already. It's summer time, it hasn't been really cold in April. Sure it did snow for a little bit, and it felt like autumn, but now it's warm.

Funny: I was watching a new ep of Gossip Girl and one of them mentions the oil sands in Alberta. I thought that was funny. I didn't get a shout out of Alberta since there was an of How I Met Your Mother. One of the characters was in Red Deer, AB. Then in the same ep of GG, they go to the restaurant The Russian Tea Room. There's a restaurant by the same name on Jasper Ave.

May 4 Inspired: Today I talked to Jenna again who I went to jr. high and high school with. It turns out she works at TD as a teller, and gets paid $12/hr. She got the job 2 months ago during the recession. If she can do that, then so can I. I am inspired. I remember that she was in like low classes like Math 24 and Science 24. There was this kind of award or recognition given to the person who got the highest mark in all the classes.

It shows that though she may not have gotten good grades, she can still make it. Though I am kind of like that. I was in Social 23 with her. Then I had to take Social 20 in summer school. Then I took Social 33 in gr.12, but I took Social 30 in Centre High.

Today I emailed some production companies and started pitching. There are 2 emails that were sent to this manager, and there is some interest. Right now, I'm going over my script and trying to improve on the dialogue.

May 5: Usually when I say I'm inspired, it means I have something to write for my script. I do need to get inspired to look for a job.

Speak of the devil, I got an email from a production company after I pitched my script. It said this:

"Hi Tracy, at this point we are not taking on any new scripts as we have a surplus at the moment to deal with. I f you would like to send your resume I would be happy to pass it on to our HR department as we are always looking for talent."

Well it's in Saskatchewan. I do want to stick close to home. What if I do move to Saskatchewan and work in film? Well first I want to stick in Alberta and work in film. Then I'll try Saskatchewan. That happened once, where I did email my resume to production company. I did an interview, but they didn't have enough time to train me.

This brings a flashback of 2004 when I thought of going to college in Vancouver. There is a Vancouver Film School. However, I went on the internet and there were so many people who dissed it. There is an Art Institute in Vancouver. It's a good thing I didn't go. I need to have friends and family by me.

News: I got an email from the literary journal The Puritan, that they are closing down. I don't think I ever submitted any of my works to them before.

Friday, May 1, 2009

writing/ malls/ happy

Apr. 28 Writing: Well the company emailed me back after I asked questions like how to improve the script, and can I send it in again after I edited it some more. He said this:

I've recommended you take some screenwriting courses and I've attached a list of books on screenwriting that might prove valuable as a resource.

As for us, I have to be honest and say that our slate of projects is quite full and what we are telling people is that we would rather look at projects that have some sort of "element" attached.

An element could be a star, some private financing, serious interest from a distributor or a broadcaster or a prestigious writing award.

If any of those conditions should arise, depending on the details, then we would be prepared to read the material again."

It's not over yet. I just emailed someone else to help me out.

Malls: I thought it was kind of funny reading 24 today. They're covering dead malls. Yesterday it talked about how Abbotsfield mall is really ghetto with gang activity and a stabbing. I got a flashback of meeting my friend Jessica for the first time back in 2003 and she talked about gang activity that was around her family's store.

Today they talked about Capilano mall. Then I got a flashback of 1999. I was talking to my friend Heather on the phone: "Capilano mall is such a dead mall." Cut to 10 years later, and it's exactly the same thing now. I know they can't really close it down because of a library, TD Canada Trust, Safeway, Walmart, and Winners.

Then it said tomorrow they will discuss Westmount Mall. I then talked to Jennifer at work about it. It won't close down because there's a Safeway, Dollarama, Shopper's Drug Mart, and a movie theatre.

Fun: Today I read that Hilary Duff was going to be on Law and Order: SVU, so I thought she was going to be the one who committed the crime. However, she didn't. Later my sister joined in and watched it with me by throwing in her law knowledge. lol.

Apr. 29: I was watching Criminal Minds today and Alex O' Laughlin guest- starred. At first I didn't recognize him. Then when I saw his name, I realized he was the lead in the cancelled show Moonlight. He had cut his hair, and was wearing glasses. Then ending teared me up.

AO plays a serial killer. He is a mentor to this blind boy. It turns out AO had killed the blind boy's mom 2 years ago. Later AO gets shot when confronted by a gang member. AO sustains injuries and takes Blind Boy to the carnival. They ride on the ferris wheel.

AO: You're special. You made me see things.
Aww... then AO dies from the gun shot wound.

Boy asks Agent Morgan: "Is Vincent the one who killed my mom?" So it looks like he was able to piece it together. In a way, Vincent was trying to redeem himself by being a mentor to the boy.

Apr. 30: I tried to register for the screenwriting class for this fall, but it says I can't. I emailed 2 other people trying to get my script produced.

Pics: Today I finally took some photos of myself on the camera and put it up on the computer.

May 1 Happy: I emailed 2 people today. I sent one of them my script with the new edits I made. Then just now, one of them emailed me back wanting more info about it. So I sent them my script too. Yay!

News: I read on Yahoo News that Maury is using his show to campaign to stop teen pregnancy. Did you know that May 6 is Teen Pregnancy Prevention day? The article said this: "Povich and his show are working with a nonprofit organization on the multimedia campaign aimed at educating young people about the health and social consequences of pregnancy." Well his show teaches people that if you don't use birth control, you'll end up on the show.

Health: I finally went to the doctor today and checked out this bump that was on my finger. It was there for months and didn't really affect my life. My sister said it was probably a wart. The dr said it was a wart and then he went and froze it. He put a needle in my finger.

Me: Is it going to hurt?
Dr.: It's not going to hurt me one bit.
It did kind of hurt. Well I guess I was trying to convince myself that it won't. I've taken needles in the arm, but never the finger.

Then I went home.

S: What was it?
Me: A wart.
S: Did he freeze it?
Me: Yes.

That was weird that S guessed it was a wart, and guessed how to remove it. Well not that weird because she's so smart. lol.

Food review: The new Chinese restaurant Flaming Wok opened today and gave everybody who came to them, a free entree of one meat, rice or needles, and mixed vegetables. The meal was probably worth $6. They were doing that from 11:30am-1:30pm. I got there at 11:40am and got served by 12:05pm. It was a long wait, but it was worth it. The food was good.

I do have to say Flaming Wok sure sounds like the other fast food place, in the other food court called Famous Wok. Well Beijing Beijing closed down, and Flaming Wok took over their space.

Dollhouse: I saw a new ep today, and it was really good. The guy who was supposedly a pothead who helped build the Dollhouse, he's actually was a doll Alpha. Alpha is a bad guy who murdered a lot of the dolls. He rescued Echo out of there. Man, it was crazy. The ep was written by Jane Espenson who wrote for Buffy like the ep "Superstar." It was in season 4 where Jonathan becomes like this superhero on the show. JE also wrote for Buffy actor Eliza Dushku's show Tru Calling.

Prior to that I saw Prison Break where the mother reveals to the lead character Michael that Lincoln is not his brother. I was like: "Get a DNA test" to prove if he is really your brother. You got to say that the actors Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell who aren't related, really do look like brothers.

Rut: I'm also trying to get out of my rut. I did email 2 people my script. I'm also reading the newspaper more since my family does subscribe to three of them. Seriously, I get The Journal, The Globe and Mail, and National Post. Reading is good. I'm also learning about the world, and getting smarter that way.