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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

blog/ Behind the Wall/ psychic

June 26 Blog: Another person commented on my June 23 blog post:

Everything can be done online whether it is job search or online dating for the blessing of togetherness. (June 25)

Joke: Patrick was watching 21 because it's gambling and Black Jack, and he's totally interested in it. I see that Laurence Fishbourne is in the movie.

Me: Looks like he's in Las Vegas in this movie, and he stayed there because now he's on CSI.
lol. CSI is set in Vegas.

June 27 Survey: This survey popped up on Yahoo, and since I was a market research interview, I thought I should do it. So I did. It was fast and I feel good that I helped a company.

Kyle Riabko: I went to the Art Works Festival yesterday and I remembered Kyle Riabko performing there back in 2007. I went on the internet to see if he's performing. His official site doesn't work, so I "liked" him on Facebook. I then commented on his wall that his site wasn't working.

Go check out his music

Job search: Yesterday I spent 3 hrs looking for a job and it landed me an interview. Today I only went through the Edmonton Journal's Classifieds. I did that yesterday, and it's the same things.

Imagination: I imagined working on my script, and then the SWAT teams busts in again. This time they're asking: "You're supposed to be looking for a job, but here you are writing."

Me: This will help me get paid.

Another imagination is me on the phone to the supervisor in Call Centre #4. They're the ones who dismissed me after one day of work because 9 completes wasn't enough.

Me: Oh don't worry, your call centre will close down soon. In the past 5 yrs, Ispos, Leger, Convergys, GE call centres, the one in Westmount mall closed down. Malatest laid off people too. Don't go thinking that you'll last.
Supervisor: F--- you.

Of course, I would never tell them that. I don't want to burn all my bridges. I'll think of it, and put this post on my blog for anyone to read. I'm listing evidence.

June 28 Job interview: I went to the interview and I think it went well. I entered a car dealership for the first time. I never went to one because I never was interested in buying a car. There are 15 applicants and he said I didn't really have any reception experience. He pointed out that it seems really far away to get to the office. It's 30min to get there, and a 15 min. walk.

This may sound like I'm putting obstacles in front of myself. It isn't because I actually went to the interview. He talked about how he and his employees work with insurance companies and they go steal his estimators and technicians from his company. lol.

The Simpsons: That reminds me of The Simpsons where Mr. Scorpio's company tries to hire Smithers, but he turns them down. They go and hire the next employee who's been working at the nuclear power plant the longest, and that was Homer.

That also reminds me of when Mr. Burns steals the Simpsons' 25 puppies.

Lisa: Those are our puppies, you stole them from us!
Mr. Burns: Well here's a phone, why don't you call somebody who cares?
Mr. B gives L the phone.
L dials 911.
Mr. B snatches it back.
Mr. B: Oh give that back.

I also called back that Royal Alberta Museum cafe that I did an interview last week. They said they'll call me on Fri. but they didn't. They said I should wait 2 more weeks before they make a decision. I could get a job by then. I'm sure you guys are thinking: "Really? Because you've been unemployed for 3 weeks."

HMV: I read in the Globe and Mail about how HMV isn't doing well. I know that in 2007, they expanded to selling video games and in 2008, they started Blu-Ray and books. I did a job interview with them back in Dec.2008, but didn't get hired. I would love to work there, and I applied multiple times over the years.

EI: Do you know what the highlight of my day so far is? Filing for EI for the weeks from June 6- June 19. I only worked 1 hr in a period of 2 weeks.

Actors: I was watching some CSI: NY reruns and I saw Kerr Smith as a reoccurring character. He was on Dawson's Creek and the new show Life Unexpected. I don't watch those shows, but my sister does. I was watching Warehouse 13, and I saw the Edmonton actor Niall Matter guest-star.

Behind the Wall: This is an average TV movie I saw a couple weeks back. Robert McKee's Story has an effect on me. The movie was shot beautifully in Newfoundland and Labrador. As McKee says: "Film is not beautiful photography."

There was also a false ending in the movie where they give the dead body a proper burial. You think the problem's solved. Then it turns out, it didn't work out. There was a false ending in the TV show Dark Angel season 1 finale where it looks like Max destroyed Manticore, but she didn't.

The movie was about this young girl's mom who was murdered by her dad. Then it turns out she lives in this lighthouse with a conjoined house. Behind a wall in the house, was this ghost that murdered her mom. Her dad tried to save her, but couldn't. He took the blame.

Years later, the girl comes back because she got a letter from the young mayor to promote tourism in her small town. It turns out the priest wrote the letter and the girl talks to him about it. Mayor and friends stay in the light house, and one by one gets disposed of by the ghost.

It wasn't really scary, and I didn't feel a lot of suspense or tension. Then in most TV movies and spy movies, the protagonist looks like he/ she committed the crime and gets arrested. That helps complicate things and build tension. Then the problem is solved by burning the light house down.

June 29 Psychic: I caved in and finally bought the book The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading by Lisa Baretta. I found it in the book store and have been lusting after it for a few weeks. It's a really good and fun read.

It talked about how she's a psychic and she experiences clients like "The Debunker: The Tester." I was like that with my first reading with Psychic Nadia in 2009. I was very obvious that I was testing her.

Nadia: Are you in school?
Me: You're psychic, aren't you supposed to know that about me?

Nadia: What's your job?
Me: You're psychic, aren't you supposed to know that about me?
Nadia: Why are you giving me such a hard time?! Your palm only tells me so much about you, but you have to provide me with some information so I can interpret them better.

The second time I saw Psychic Terri. I found myself testing her subtly by asking questions to things I know the answer to. This was in Feb.

Me: Do you see the call centre closing down?
Terri: I don't see it closing down, but I don't see you working there.
I know that because I haven't been getting shifts from there in the past 3 weeks and I don't see it in the future either.

Psychic jokes: I remember watching the hidden camera show Girls Behaving Badly with actresses playing pranks on people. One of them pretended to be a psychic.

Cut to Pyschic with Woman.
Psychic: I see red. Are you on your period?
That's ridiculous.

There was one on The Jamie Kennedy Experiment where JK pretends to be a psychic and tells this Guy all about him that he's a middle child and that he's in a fraternity. JK predicts he will meet a woman in white tonight.

The 2nd part of the prank is JK dressing up like a woman in white to meet Guy. JK reveals to Guy that he's a psychic and he wants to make the prediction come true. Guy was creeped out by him, then JK reveals it's a joke. They all laugh.

Acting: I was watching Secret Life of the American Teenager and I saw Ruthie (Mackenzie Rosman) from 7th Heaven. Both shows are from the same creator. I have never seen her outside of 7H. She's grown up and she's got a little range by being mean on this show.

20/20: Last Friday I saw 20/20 where they covered Michael Jackson's 1 yr anniversary of his death. I saw some of it. They showed his "crib" or mansion, before and after. It's really over the top with all these big toys and games. There are a lot of paintings of him.

I was on Yahoo news awhile back, and saw some pictures of Paris Hilton's home and she has pics and paintings of herself. Well lots of regular, non-famous people have pictures and paintings of themselves.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

blog/ Murder in my House/ Rubicks Solver

June 25 Blog: There are a couple more comments on my blog.

June 7,2010 post:

MyCelebrityCafe said...
See more MTV movie awards red carpet videos on My Celebrity Cafe. (June 7,2010)

June 20,2010 post:

Relationship advice says: "You have given tips for job interview. That would really help me when I will go for job." (June 24,2010)

Murder in my House: This is a TV movie that came out in 2006. It stars Barbara Niven. She was in Emma Caulfield's (Anya from Buffy) TV movie A Valentine's Day Carol. BN plays Lauren, and her kid daughter died. She is a children's book writer where she writes stories about her daughter. She's divorced and moves into a new big house with her dad who's a college professor. He was a lawyer prior to it which is important to the story. At the beginning of the movie, the guy who lived there was having an affair and then he gets stabbed in the back, and Lauren and her dad moves in.

When L finds out that there was a murder in the house, and wasn't told about it, she was upset. L asks her dad that it should be required by law that they would know about a crime occurring in their home before they bought it. The real estate agent was following law because she didn't have to tell them.

15 min into the story, the audience knows Brian the neighbor is a crazy stalker. His ex-wife shows up. Then the ex-wife shows up again, 30min in it. I realize that his ex-wife is really a figment of his imagination before it's revealed a min. later. 40min in, it confirmed he killed his wife through flashback and that he's a murderer. I didn't like it because the audience was way too ahead of the story, no mystery. There is tension and suspense as we wait for L to figure out he's a killer.

Reminders: This TV movie reminds me of Desperate Housewives where Angie buys a home and the real estate agent tells her that a woman committed suicide in the house. It also reminds me of Marge Simpson becomes a real estate agents and sells "the murder house" to Ned Flanders. There is also Cordelia getting her own apartment which is haunted on an episode of Angel.

Look alike: I noticed that Barbara Niven looks like she could be sisters to the actress Maurgerite McIntyre (sheriff on Vampire Diaries.)

Allison Mack (Chloe from Smallville) looks like Kristin Miller (DD on She Spies.)

Reading: Here is something I haven't done in a month: read 16 and Pregnant thread on It's probably because I saw that Bristol Palin clip on Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Or maybe because all I've been doing is job searching, and reading Robert McKee's Story and I needed to shake things up a bit. I also read the "Tired TV dialogue" thread about cliches.

June 26 Shipwreck Marine: Have you ever heard of this store on 50st? It was in the Edmonton Journal's classifieds and they're hiring students for FT/PT. They sell boats and it's really far away.

Dust Queens: I also found this maid cleaning service that hires $22/hr. The website looks good and there's a 5 day training program. A vehicle is an asset, not required. Maybe, I'll call them. The pay's good, but I have to take 3 buses to get to their office on Ellwood Drive.

I would go there for an interview, but then I imagine that one of them will have a car. I looked at the FAQs and 3 people go to clean a house. 1 of the 3 of us will be taking someone's car. I'll keep searching. This is a very green company that helps the environment.

West Ed mall: I haven't been there in months. I was there earlier this week and there are ring tailed lemurs leaping around trees by the big ship. It was fun to watch. There is a Pho Hoa Fusion Noodle House in T&T.

The video arcade used to be called Circuit City and is now called New Play. Urban Behavior and Hakim Optical opened in the food court. There's a Crepe works that sells deserts in one food court, and is now selling in both food courts. Did you know that Hot 107.9 radio station is in this mall?

There is a new store called Triple Flip that sells expensive little girl clothes. I have heard of Anthropologie by seeing their stuff in Metro. It's a store that sells clothes, furniture, and dishes. Kind of like Urban Outfitters. There is a Sorrentino's in the mall. I knew there was this cafe/kiosk, but it went by different name. I guess Sorrentino's took over. There's no fish in the T&T pond. I used to work at Roots in West Ed back in 2005. There used to be fish then.

Neighborhood: In other news, the MacEwan Arts Campus is in a bad neighborhood that's by West Ed. I see that it's improving. There used to be a porn store, but is now replaced by a furniture store.

Friends: I bumped into these customers from the Soup place. They are two old ladies Lucy and Hazel. Lucy gave me a couple books to read. I then bumped into them today. Both times at City Centre.

The Mentalist: This was from the first season, but I think I only saw the last bit. The episode was called Red-Handed. The character Patrick Jane says what I saw on W-Five. In casinos there is dim lighting, and no clocks. Jane talks about this memory card trick he did in his mind. Think of how one card represents something unusual like the king of hearts is a devil dancing. I saw that on 20/20.

It was a good ep. There was an Asian woman and she's a dealer. She cheats so you think she's a bad guy. She does it so she can buy her mom a new liver. Now she's a sympathetic character. Jane shows that he's a generous guy, because he uses his money that he won to buy gifts for his friends, and then donates it to a charity. At the end, he gives money to the dealer.

Comparisons: I did like the surprise of finding a dead body in a freezer in The Mentalist. That reminds me of the movie Ginger Snaps where that happened too. It also occurred on Desperate Housewives with Mrs. McKlusky putting her husband's body in there.

Actors: I was watching In Plain Sight, and they're in their 3rd season. They managed to get Donnie Wahlberg on. He's from New Kids on the Block is much more successful in acting. I did like the episode about DW being in a gang and a single dad.

He goes into the witness protection program to protect his son. I could use it for my script in the first scene. DW and gang pulls out this road spike, and the truck stops. They open the truck, and it's empty. The goods have already been stolen.

Edmonton actors: I went on and I see that there are 277 actors from Edmonton, AB. That's great.

Kismet: I learned that this word means fate and destiny.

June 27 Rubicks Solver: I was on and there's a secret: "No, I'm not some sort of mathematical genius. I learned to solve it by reading directions. You might be surprised by how well that works in all areas of life."

Go to I remember on there were these 2 Asian guys from MIT. Guy 1 was able to solve one in 10.3 sec and Guy 2 taught him how to do it that fast.

It's one thing to solve a rubick's cube, but it's another to do it really fast.

Friday, June 25, 2010

blog/ JW Research/ Rookie Blue

June 22 Blog: I always check my blog if someone makes comments on them. Well some actually did. Yesterday, I was looking at my Jan.9,2010 post. I wrote about the TV movie In her Mother's Footsteps. The comment was posted 23 min. after I posted it:

"ashleigh said... hahaha k the funny thing is that im watching this movie right now so now during the commercials i am looking for what is happening cuz i cant handle it lol so thanks! now i know what to expect... btw ur a great writer!"

That is so nice that she said I'm a great writer. lol. That means a lot to me.

I looked at my Jan. 23,2010 post where I talked about Conan O' Brien. His comment was made on May. 4, 2010. Here's the comment:

"Conan O'Brien Tickets said... Has anyone purchased Conan O'Brien Tickets from the website

On my Apr.11.2010 post, someone made a comment on Jun. 6,2010:

"Anonymous said... Tracy...Corrections has a magazine called "Let's Talk". You should maybe send a resume to them as it seems that writing may be your interest. The CSC has a Communications sector, so give that a shot too. They are also short on parole officers at the moment and people teaching specific programs. The big push at the moment is to make sure that certain minority groups are represented in hiring. Stress that if it applies. Good luck."

June 23 Saying: I did get a call from Albert's Family Restaurant at the beginning of the month. I was working at Booster Juice and I thought I might as well stick with it, so I turned down Albert's. Albert's paid min. wage $8.80/hr, because we get tips. The hours are 7am-3pm and I hate morning jobs. I've been unemployed for a few weeks so I called the restaurant and they said drop by a resume. They saying is: "Beggars can not be choosers."

I'm at the point that I might as well take this job. If it doesn't work out, and I work for a few days, I can still get some money and never go to that restaurant again.

McDonald's sounds appealing to me.

Job search: I picked up the Examiner and looked at their classifieds. One bakery was too far away and another was out of town in Wainwright.

Wealth: I read in The Globe and Mail that if you feel wealthy, you want to spend more. The article was about the recession and that a lot of people don't seem to learn their lesson from it. The lesson is don't buy stuff you can not afford, and save money if you lose your job.

Bonnie Doon: If I have to, I should expand my horizons and apply to Bonnie Doon mall. Tim Horton's is replacing that cafe that closed down in the food court. Patrick did tell me that the 106 doesn't run on Sundays, so I'll have to take the 1 and the 4 to get to work on Sundays if I go to that mall.

Shopping: The store Bow Ring used to be in Kingsway mall, and now I see it's in West Ed. Though I think there was a closing down sign when I was there the other day. I also saw the Things Engraved kiosk at West Ed. There was one at City Centre, but it closed down.

June 24 Organized: I'm way more organized in my rebooted job search that started in Nov. 2009. I write down everywhere I apply to. I did new things like setting up profiles on bank and job sites. I also used the fax machine to fax my resumes. I used Facebook to email all my friends that I'm looking for a job. I even looked up all my NAIT classmates who I haven't seen since 2005 to ask about jobs.

Subweigh: That Crank Yankers show has an effect on me and that is how I will spell it. It was in the news a couple of weeks ago, but this Subway employee was fired for not writing down that she had two sandwiches which she gave to her neighbors. Her neighbors' homes burned down and she was helping them out by giving them food.

She worked there for 10 months, and she was a good employee. She forgot to write it down because she was busy helping people. Fortunately, Quizno's hired her. Subs sold from that Quizno's location that she works at from Jun 12-20, will be used to help the fire victims.

I also applied to both Subway and Quizno's.

Essay: I was reading the Globe and Mail and this guy talked about how he was unemployed for a long time, that he took a job as a roofer though he was afraid of heights. He then actually did fall from a roof, but he's okay. He's not afraid of heights anymore.

Canadian: I realized that I find the littlest things to be funny. I was watching a Flashpoint episode where this guy kidnaps a woman because he looks like his daughter. I see a 24 newspaper box which proves that it's shot in Canada. A saw a promo for the Canadian TV show Hiccups, and I see the Metro newspaper box.

JW Research: It's been pretty busy. 3 people called me about a job. One is JW research which sells credit cards. It's $12/hr for 2 week training. Then when you're out getting people to sign up for credit cards, you should be getting paid $14/hr. If you don't get enough people signing up, you are dismissed.

I also got a call from a store at South Common, and it's too far away so I didn't go for it. World Financial Group found my resume on Workopolis so they called me. Last yr I saw an ad for them in the Examiner, and I asked my dad about it. He said it's not a real bank, so don't take it. It's about selling insurance or whatever.

June 25 Rookie Blue: I was watching the new pilot yesterday. There were quite a few surprises like a woman needs to be searched and is really transgendered. Police can only search people of their own gender so they won't get sued for sexual harassment.

There's lots of excitement like the lead Andy enters into a building after a gunshot was fired. She finds a girl overdosed and administers CPR. Andy also ruined an undercover cop's cover, but I really thing the other cop who said hi to UC was the on who ruined it. A searches for a gun, and the gun ends up pointed at her by the suspect they were looking for.

In the beginning of the show, she and the other rookies have to unlock their own handcuffs. That's a good set up, because the payoff is she is forced to handcuff herself when the gun is pointed at her. Later it's revealed, the suspect in the orange shirt is actually a good guy who wants to help his sister who overdosed. I found this in the Edmonton Journal's classifieds. It's a 24 week Govt. funded program taught by entrepreneurs to start your own business. I checked the site, but I want a job, and not to start my own business.

Paper jam: I was printing out my resumes, and there was a paper jam. It took me like 5min to figure it out. I feel accomplished that I got that paper out by myself. lol. I feel refreshed to go out and pass out resumes.

EI: I called Service Canada and the message said that they made a decision on my claim on the week of June 20 (this week) and have to wait until the next business day. I checked my bank account and there's no EI deposit. Looks like I'll have to call on Mon.

Bristol Palin: So I read in the Metro that Vice- Presidential candidate Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol was going to be on Secret Life of the American Teenager. I clicked on this video on Yahoo and I totally spoiled myself. Right now SLAT is airing on MuchMusic and Amy got accepted into this music program.

Then I saw the clip and now I know why Amy got accepted to it. BP's acting was really flat. She said her lines without much emotion and needs some acting lessons. I found myself cringing a bit on her flat delivery.

I do want to add Jonathan Taylor Thomas's acting in I'll be Home for Christmas was really poor. I always had trouble thinking: "Is the bad acting blamed on the actor or the writing?" In this case it was bad acting for JTT. I cringed when I saw this on video. It was in jr. high and it played during the lunch hour so I decided to check it out. Don't watch this movie.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

job search/ online dating/ Rookie Blue

June 20 Job search: I went to because it was advertised in Job Classifieds. All the jobs on the site, are linked to Job Classifieds. However, it does have other things like selling cars, real estate, and stuff. If you're interested, go check it out.

Connect Logistics is hiring an admin. assistant, however it's in St. Albert and that's not really part of Edmonton. It's too far away. Job Classifieds always advertise the same schools like Digital School and Reeves College. They're not as good of schools like MacEwan, but they do help people get jobs.

I applied to again. I applied there way back in Dec. 2009. It's good to try again. Did you know Wendy's is hiring and the pay is $10.59? The locations are too far away.

I found out that is hiring. However, it's in Leduc and that's not part of Edmonton either. It's by the Edmonton International airport. It's valet parking. They are hiring for admin and customer service representatives, so that's why I looked it up.

I see that R&M Energy System's Canada is hiring customer service representative, but I looked it up on Google maps, and it's on 98th St. That's really far away. I see that Fashion Addition 14+ is hiring. There are benefits. I thought they might not hire me because I'm not plus size. lol. That would be putting obstacles in front of myself.

I then looked it up on the internet, and the only location is in Lendrum Shopping Centre, and that's really far away. I know that there is going to be a point where I have to travel really far to get a reg. job instead of an office job. I would have to take a few buses to get there. I'll stick with looking for a job at West Ed mall so I can take 1 bus.

I see that Wild Rose Liquor store is hiring a F/T cashier for $11.25/hr. That's good, but it's way over in Mayfield. The restaurant Kurry and Kabob are hiring cooks ($14.25/hr) and food counter attendants ($11.50/hr). However, it's through a staffing agency. It's also way over in Ellerslie.

Facebook job search: I emailed my friend Cameron again. He's the 15 yr old brother of Ray. I worked with both of them. I emailed him again to ask if anyone's hiring and he says if he knew there was one, he would take it. lol. I then went and emailed all my Facebook friends again, the ones who didn't reply back last month. Some did reply, but it wasn't really helpful because it didn't lead to any jobs. Well, keep working at it.

I got a couple of emails from my MacEwan friends and they don't have anything either. I then went and emailed all my NAIT friends again.

Friends: I called up my friend Dan from MacEwan, and he said he's busy studying. I called up Jessica, and she's going out of the country today. I called Sherry, and she was busy. I called my friends Leslie and Sonia, and they weren't there. I then met up with Justin at Sorrentino's and he told me to apply at the cell phone companies.

There is high turnover, but it depends on how you look at it. It's good so they're always hiring, but it's bad because the company can't keep their employees.

I just called my friend Angela and we talked about my job search.

June 21: I got some more replies on Facebook. Tamera from high school said Job Bank, Kijiji, and Edmonton Job Shop which I've done. Lori from NAIT said she owns her cleaning company which is very different from studying graphic design. She has nothing about jobs.

Shauna from MacEwan says go to the college websites and govt. of Canada. Jenna from high school who works at the bank said 5 new people have been hired at her branch. She's also looking for a job.

Job interview: Today I went to a job interview at the Royal Alberta Museum's cafe. It's really nice. I may have been there for a field trip. I can't remember. It was 40min. to get there. I had 30min early so I read the Metro. The interview went well, but when I asked the usual question of how many people are up for this position, she said there 50 people up for 2 part-time positions.

Maybe I heard it wrong, and it was 15, but that's still a lot of people. I then went to West Ed mall. I haven't been there in months and there was so much has changed about it.

Online dating: This is getting bad. The other day this guy emailed me on the site, and I deleted it. He then emails me again so I said I wasn't interested because the age difference was too great. Then he emails me 4 more times saying that he likes me, he gave me his number and said to please call him. There are 6 emails from him today.

This guy sounds desperate. I'm going to block him. I have never blocked anyone before, but I will now. I was about to block this other guy who I thought was really bad back in Jan. You can refresh your memory on on Jan. 13 blog post.

I think the guy in Jan. has found me again. If I remember his name, it was Scott. Then when I went to see his profile again, it was gone on that day in Jan. So a few weeks ago, he did post his picture, and it's not the same pic. But it could be him. He is also one yr older, so that's more evidence.

The definite evidence is that in his profile he said to email him back even if it's to say no. I had deleted his emails when he first contacted me back in Jan. That's how we got into this email fight.

June 22 Finances: I read the Edmonton Journal's Classifieds, no luck. Then I called Service Canada and checked my bank account to see if I gotten my EI yet, no luck. Then I called Booster Juice to get my ROE because I checked my paycheck. I did work 65 hours and I should get one.

My old manager says she will call the account and I'll get it in the mail. I called Taste of Mediterranean to see if they're hiring. A month or so ago I was talking to the manager prior to getting hired from Booster Juice. A lot of time has passed, so I knew there was going to be a small chance that they're hiring. It's still good to give it a shot. One MacEwan friend emailed back saying she doesn't know of any jobs. One other MacEwan friend does, and she will tell me about it on the phone.

Cell phone jokes: I was watching the sitcom Parks and Recreation awhile back. There was a meeting and then a gun shot rings out.

Ron Swanson: Oh, that's my cell phone.
Me: Really? There's a ringtone that's the sound of a gunshot?
Sister: You know someone's going to make one because of this show.

That reminds me of that Clue book that's based on the board game. A mystery was about this doorbell that sounded like a gun shot.

The other day I was hanging out with Justin, and he said that he saw on CNN, you know those loud horns at FIFA? They have now made ring tone out of that horn. lol.

Tosh.O: I was watching this show, and Daniel dressed in the bear costume and he was told he was wearing the wrong costume.

Daniel: What? I'm wearing the wrong costume? I feel so embarrassed.
D puts his paws on his eyes, looks down, and shakes his head.
It was so cute and funny.

24: I passed out 20 resumes to restaurants and stores in downtown today. I applied to 4 places that did tell me they weren't hiring, but they will keep my resume on file just in case. I did apply to 2 places that were hiring.

I picked up today's 24 and see psychic Miki's advice. Someone said he or she has been unemployed since Nov.2008. He took payroll and accounting classes, but can't get a job. Miki tells him to volunteer to gain experience. Then put that experience on his resume.

I then emailed my resume to be a receptionist.

Scams: I called my MacEwan friend Jennifer and she said she has an investment opportunity at That's a red flag. I'm looking for a job. I have read so many times in the newspapers about investment scams, and there's the TV show American Greed that does a lot of episodes about that.

While I'm at I'll warn you about Quixtar which is pyramid scheme. The proof is to get 50 of your friends into it. I'll throw in Vector Marketing which is bad. I showed Vector to my dad, and he said it's a scam. My friend Daniel from jr. high and high school says he did go into it for a short time.

June 23 Rookie Blue: The series premiere of this show is on tomorrow on Global. It stars Missy Peregrym from the movie Stick It, Gregory Smith from the TV show Everwood, and Enuka Okuma, the black woman from Sue Thomas FB Eye. I saved the best for last, it has my favorite Edmonot actor Eric Johnson on it too. The above are all Canadian. Check it out.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Fighter/ Paparazzi/ job interview tips

June 18 The Fighter: Today I feel really accomplished. The past 2 weeks I read my Robert McKee's Story, and the past 2 days I worked on the rewrites of The Fighter. I finished the rewrites and sent it to John Kerr today.

In Mar., I got notes from the EPL writer in residence Chris Craddock on Fighter. I applied his notes and Robert McKee's book together and got the new draft of Fighter.

June 19 Market: A month ago I went to downtown on a Sat. afternoon and there was this big market from Sobeys down to Centre High. I went there today and I bought a $3.75 hot dog from Fat Frank's. I have never bought a hot dog from a hot dog stand until today. I also bumped into Beatrice who used to work at the Soup place. She was in charge of a Brazil food stand.

Prior to it, I listened to this rock band at Churchill Square, and read my book. The band was from Red Deer and called Night at the Chelsea's. It was kind of unintentionally funny because one of the band member's accidentally swore and apologized for it. The lead singer was a woman and she said: "That's why we don't take him out much." They're on Facebook and Myspace if you want to check them out.

Teen pregnancy: I have to go back to my normal self about writing this topic. Tyra's final week of her show had a teen episode and it showed clips of 3 teen girls who got pregnant or want to get pregnant. They were from 3 different episodes that aired in 3 different years, and I remembered the girls. I have a good memory, but it also proves that I have watched all her teen pregnancy eps. Though there was that one girl, I remembered what she said about wanting to have a baby. I remembered she looked different. I thought she had shoulder length blond hair, but she actually had long red hair.

They brought Brittany back from the teen sex survey episode a couple months back. She has completely changed and doesn't go around having sex. She's dating a guy who isn't pressuring her, so Tyra helps people.

Paparazzi: I saw this movie a few weeks ago. I watched the last half first, then saw the first half. It's really good. It came out in 2004. Patrick wanted to see it. It stars Cole Hauser. He played the bad guy in 2 Fast 2 Furious. I didn't recognize him. It's good to see him play a bad guy with an accent to a good guy without an accent. He's got range.

I did recognize Robin Tunney right away. She's the dark haired woman on The Mentalist. CH plays Bo who was a regular guy, turned movie star. RT plays his wife. The paparazzi are jerks. Bo tells them nicely to stop taking pics of his 6 yr old son, but they won't, so Bo punches one of them in the face.

Later the 4 paparazzi then goes into a high speed car chase with Bo, wife, and kid. The lights from the camera are flashing in their eyes, and they get into a car accident. This is like Princess Diana. The paparazzi are total bad guys, because the first they do after causing the accident, they pull out the cameras. Then one of them dials 911.

The kid's in a coma. Bo goes to therapy. You see celebrities pop up in this movie like Mel Gibson sitting in the therapy waiting room. Prior to it, Vince Vaughn plays himself and talks to Bo. Paparazzi 1 takes a pic of Bo. Then later Bo accidentally pulls out his car, and it runs in P1's motorcycle.Bo is holding onto P1's hand as P1 is hanging on a cliff. Then Bo realizes that P1 is a bad guy, so Bo kind of lets go. Well P1 could have lost grip too. Bo is still a sympathetic character because he didn't kill him. If you were in that position, you would really want to help someone who put you and your family's life in a life threatening situation?

Bo becomes more aggressive. Bo plants a gun in P2's jacket that's in his car. P2 was trying to harass Bo by getting on his film set. P2 leaves, and Bo makes a 911 call through a disposable cell phone saying that P2 is waving a gun around as he's driving. Police stop P2's car.

P2: Do you want to see my license?
P2 pulls out a gun from his jacket that's hanging in his car.
P2: What the hell is this?
Cops shoot him because he's got a gun. When a cop shoots a suspect, it's called a suicide by cop.

Bo is still a sympathetic character because he didn't kill him, the cops did. One detective is investigating the case and has P2's video. When he puts the jacket in the car it's hanging one side, but then it's hanging a different way when P2 gets back so that's a good catch.

Police are outside Bo's house to watch it. Chris Rock plays a pizza delivery guy and acts all star struck. Bo tells CR to put a pizza in the kitchen and one to the cops. Then Bo hides in CR's car trunk and is able to escape his house.Bo uses a baseball bat and beats up P3 with it. Then Bo plants the bloodied baseball bat onto P4. P4 comes after Bo with a gun into his home. Bo fights back and kills him. Bo's kid wakes up from a coma, and cut to a year later. Bo is at a movie premiere and talks to Matthew Maconahey who plays himself.

A paparazzi seems to be like a jerk to get at Bo, but but Bo was whatever with it. Bo has another kid coming along the way. Life is good.

News: I was reading the National Post and it said: "In the 1970s, 75% of the middle class graduated out of high school. In 2007, less than 40% of the middle class graduated out of high school." Basically if you want to be in the middle class, you need to get more education than high school.

That reminds me of Sky's song "Superhero" with the lyric: "It was easy then, it ain't so easy now." The last time I thought of that lyric was when I was looking for a job.

I did call my old manager Steven awhile ago, and told him about the new sandwich company that's opening in City Centre mall. It's called Press'd.

Job search: This morning I was going through my classified ads and went on the internet to look for a job. I have a job interview on Mon. I was reading this job interview pamphlet I got back when I was in MacEwan and read it before on my interview that was earlier this week.

Job interview tips: I also read Cosmopolitan's tips on it:

1. Do your research about the company.
2. Show enthusiasm about this job. People don't want to look desperate, but you should look like you're really interested in working there.

There was some really bad moments that HR reported like how one woman wore sunglasses in the whole interview because she was out celebrating the night before. One application had her mom's name on it, because her mom filled it out for her.

There were these little things like don't bring a cup of coffee into the interview or wear your sunglasses on top of your head. Don't put your portfolio on the boss's desk, unless you ask first.

June 20: Yesterday I emailed my script rewrites to 2 other people who are involved in it.

Crazy news: I was reading the National Post and the actor Jeremy London was kidnapped and fed drugs. I was like: "Oh my God!" I'm not really a fan of his, but it was a crazy story. JL was changing his tire, and 2 guys go up to him to help him. Then they pulled a gun on him, and forced into the car. JL drove the 2 guys around to pick up drugs. JL was fed some drugs.

JL managed to run after some hours. A police officer actually saw the 2 guys help JL put the tire on. That's how PO was able to identify those 2 guys. They were then arrested.

JL was going through a rough patch, he's getting divorced and he did do drugs until he went to rehab.

Celeb news: I'm going to give my opinion on Heidi Montag's plastic surgery. I'm going to say she does look like a real person. A lot of people may disagree. I remember this episode of Desperate Housewives, and Tom wanted plastic surgery.

Lynette introduced him to a guy with plastic surgery, and he didn't look like a real person at all. I thought he was wearing a mask. Maybe because this show is fictional, they could put all this make up on him.

Friday, June 18, 2010

little jokes/ teen pregnancy/ The Fighter

June 15 Little jokes: This was from a few months ago, but it was from It had Justin Beiber do a little video.

JB: I wasn't allowed into a club, so I bought it and turned it into a Chuck E. Cheese.

Stereotypes: I was thinking about how black women often play judges in film. There was a joke about it on 30 Rock.

Tracy was talking to the actress Novella Nolan.
Tracy: Then again, I wasn't credited as a black judge 9 times on

Facebook: There was a newer episode of South Park where they make fun of Facebook and Chat Roulette. Kyle becomes addicted to playing Farmville. Cartman tells Kyle to find friends, he should go on Chat Roulette.

Stan hates Facebook, and his dad Randy confronts him.

Randy: Stan, your grandma poked you.
Stan: Yeah, I know.
R: Well aren't you going to poke her back?
S: Yeah, I'll do that later.
R: When your grandma pokes you, you poke her right back!

Dark jokes: This was when Ryan Phillipe guest-starred on Saturday Night Live. They actually did dark jokes on this show. It was about having sex with a coma patient. The audience goes: "Ohhhh." This is what I get from MadTV, not SNL.

Joke comparisons: Also on the same SNL episode, they did a sketch that was similar to one that MadTV did years ago.

SNL did a commercial about shaking weights to get fit. There was this sexual element to it. After it:

Me: MadTV did that with shaking a flashlight so it could work.
Sister: Oh yeah, I remember that product.
I didn't know the flashlight was a real product. I thought it was a joke that was made up for the sketch. lol.

Writing: I haven't really been looking for a job in the past week and a half. That's because I was reading Story by Robert McKee. In my defense, this is a library book so I had limited time to read it. I put this book on hold for a year, and I had to wait this long to get to read it so it's a priority. The producer John Kerr told me to read it, and then after I read it, we can talk about it.

Job search: I just went to because I read about it in the newspaper. The closest locations are in Calgary. Looks like I won't be applying there.

The restaurant Marcello's in Telus, I have applied there twice this year. They pay $11/hr starting wage.

I read an article in the Edmonton Journal, and then it was on the National Post. It was about being a virtual assistant. It's kind of like an administrative assistant job, but work from home. It will eventually grow more.

June 16 I went to this site, and it's really Yahoo jobs. I set up an account yesterday.

Motivation: I was reading The Globe and Mail last month, and said:

"Aim higher. Reach farther. Dream bigger."

"Desire to escape a bad fit to the sense of fulfillment that could come from a good one."

Money phrases: I was thinking about "Top dollar, pretty penny." Then came "Easy money, hard cash."

Job interview: I checked my email, and no I didn't get the job that I interviewed for. They did say the dept. downstairs is hiring and they could pass my resume to them. I then said yes, pass the resume to them. I asked what the company downstairs was.

The other day after I did the interview, my dad, mom, and grandma asked about it. When I told dad that there were 4 other people up for this position, he said I wouldn't get the job. I will give myself points that though I may not have gone to school to become an administrative assistant, at least I managed to get 2 callbacks from companies. This and the funeral home.

Story: I finally finished reading Robert McKee's Story. Today I buckled down, and stayed home to read it. It took me 12 days to read it. I then emailed John Kerr about it.

Now that I finished frying that big fish, I should start on my other priorities. First I'll look for a job, and then start on my Fighter rewrites.

June 17 Feelings: I realized I haven't been doing much of a job search in the past 10 days. I feel anxious that I have to catch up on the days I missed and I'm still waiting on my EI. They haven't reactivated it yet. I have to use this energy and time to look for a job.

I did probably spend about 5 hrs on that last job interview. It took a few hours to get there and back, and the 30 min interview.

Teen pregnancy: Last month on the cover of Seventeen, it said: "Are you being tricked into getting pregnant?"

Me: Oh my God, it's about teen pregnancy, I have to read it!

I picked it up and it talked to 4 girls. It's about how TV influences you. One said that on Gossip Girl, everybody has sex, and there are no consequences. They don't show them using condoms. Well Blair did have a pregnancy scare in the first season.

Another said that she saw Juno, and she thought that having the kid was a "noble thing to do." Back when I was a teenager, I thought getting an abortion was kind of like a cop out. But you never know about people's situation. I would have told any teen girl to give the baby up for adoption. What I never thought of was that it would be hard to give the baby away, and what your parents would tell you to keep the kid and raise it as your own.

Another said that she wanted to get an abortion, but her friend, and the friend's mom said that God won't forgive you. That you may not be able to have kids later in life. She now works full-time at KFC and lives in a small apartment raising the kid.

The girl then said that on TV shows she watches, nobody even mentions abortion. Then you should have watched Degrassi: The Next Generation where Manny does get one. Now the girl is giving talks about teen pregnancy.

The last girl said that Adriana from 90210 and Amy from Secret Life of the American Teenager, they have kids, and their bodies go back to normal. There are no stretch marks. The closing argument is that if you don't want to get pregnant, don't have sex. If you do, use 2 forms of birth control. Be on the pill, and use a condom.

The Fighter: I haven't been doing much of The Fighter rewrites until this afternoon. There isn't any TV shows to watch, and it's cloudy outside. I went out earlier this week. I stayed home and read yesterday and stayed home today to write.

I'm really proud of rewriting this one scene which is 4 pages long, which means 4 min. I deleted the filler and made it to 2 min long. I kept the pivotal stuff in. I also switched some documents around so I can free up a 3.5 floppy disk so I can put in the new version of the script.

Stress: It's been nearly 2 weeks, and I haven't gotten my EI check. The Service Canada operator did say I need to get all my papers in. I'm going to have to call in tomorrow and ask if I'm supposed to send in my Booster Juice Record of Employment in order to get EI.

I didn't send it in because I thought they didn't need it, or they would finish looking at my EI claim by now and made a decision. But since this much time has passed by, and they haven't given me an answer yet, I will call them. I also haven't been really pushing myself for a job search because I want to get all my EI. I did earn that EI.

June 18: I called Service Canada and the woman said it would be good to give my ROE to them. I called Booster Juice for it, and they said that since I worked less than 65 hrs, they don't give you one.

That's weird. I worked at Call Centre #5 for 2 days, and they gave me one. Service Canada said that I just have to be patient. She did say it's okay if I don't give them an ROE.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

psychic/ time is money/ job interview

June 12 Psychic: I was reading through my old scripts. I wrote The Fighter. Then I wrote Garret right after wards. It's only 25 pages, but if you read it, it's like The Fighter, but the names have changed. It's about the same topic MMA.

Then I read Daniel which has 25 pages. It evolved from Garret, I tried to be different. There wasn't any MMA. I wrote about the experience of me seeing the psychic Nadia back in July 2009. Daniel sees her. The script never went anywhere. Then I wrote Rain. No MMA, and no psychics.

Psychic Nadia: I thought about Psychic Nadia whom I based a character on. I only went to see her on a whim at Capital Ex. I always wanted to see a psychic so I paid $20 for her to read my two palms for 20min. There was an article of her in the Edmonton Journal talking about the 2008 election. It was displayed at her booth.

I thought that she was as reputable of a psychic I could find. She must be good if she got herself published in this newspaper. The article said she does readings at the Russian Tea Room. My friend Sonia told me she went to a psychic at the Tea Room, and she got a good reading. I then looked it up, and found Psychic Nadia's article. Check it out:

Psychic Kimberlee Dawn: That then lead me to the memory of psychic Kimberlee Dawn. The Daniel script had a character look for her missing boyfriend, which was also based on one of my experiences. My boyfriend went MIA on me back in 2007. I tried contacting him and I couldn't. His cell phone expired, and he wasn't answering his emails.

I talked to my Legal Issues teacher about it, and he told me to go to the police. I went to the police and they said I had to talk to his family to file a missing person report. I was so desperate I went and called Kimberlee Dawn. I emailed her and she emailed me back.

I then sent the email to all my friends. My friend Angela says don't go to her. My friend Sonia says I should. I think my friend Sherry said I should go to her. I did talk to Kimberlee on the phone for about 15 min. She said she charges $300 for a session. If she suspects something bad, she goes to the police and they will listen to her. That's why I called her.

However, I found my boyfriend and he was fine. I saw Kimberlee in the Edmonton Sun in 2009. It was about how psychic business has increased because of the recession. I didn't spend any money on her because she was too expensive. Though she is a nice lady from the email and phone conversation. I will say she's reputable if she's with the police and in the newspaper.

Scam: Kimberlee did say in the article that you should always give cash to a psychic. Don't give your credit card numbers. I remember talking to my friend Sarah about seeing Nadia, and Sarah says: "All psychics are scam artists."

I was at the book store and saw this book called The Street Smart Psychic's Guide to getting a Good Reading by Lisa Baretta. I read some of it, and it's good. LB says there are scam artists in every profession like pedophile priests and lawyers, so don't go dissing only psychics. Oh yeah, that's true.

Money: LB did talk about money in her book. She says there are some people who won't pay a psychic until the thing actually comes true. Some people say that psychics should share their gifts for free.

LB: But that doesn't pay the bills! When you call a lawyer, they bill you for the time they spend talking to you. You pay them to fight for you in a case, and they don't always win.

I think after a reading, people should pay the psychic. They are using their gifts, and you are paying for their time to read you. You never know when the thing actually comes true.

June 13 Bus: I have a job interview on Mon. and I don't know how to get there. The other day I asked Patrick, and he says to go on Google maps. There is also a bus icon, and if you click on that, it gives you the bus routes to get there. Yesterday I asked if he could help me take the bus, but he had to go to work. He says I should go there today, because the 106 doesn't run on Sundays. Good tip.

Tip: Another tip was from my dad. He tells me that not every job I'm going to get is in downtown. If you don't have a car, you should know the bus system really well. You should know the city more.

He says: "What if you go to the interview on Mon. Then you get hired and start on Tues.? You don't have time to learn the bus route to get there. You either do this now or you might not have time to do it later."

Time is money: Another lesson is that time is money. I could spend $20 to get to the interview by taking a cab. Then another $20 to get home. Or I could take the bus and spend 1.5 hrs to get there, and 1.5 hrs to get back. I did spend $2.09 on a bottle water so I could use a washroom at a restaurant on Whyte Ave. That's certainly cheaper than $40.

I'll add this to the other lessons like the time I was looking for my MIA boyfriend. I probably spent 10 cents to print out a page from a phone book at the library. Then I spent hours looking for him.

Same goes with the days when I was working at Call Centre #1. I was so addicted to Dr. Phil and Maury, I stay home to watch it. I start my shifts from 4pm-9pm instead of 1pm-9pm. By not working more hours, I could have been making more money.

Coincidence: I didn't have a job to go to yesterday. There wasn't any TV shows on that afternoon, so I then went out and took the bus. It was a great day outside. It was kind of weird. I think I saw Bradley from Call Centre #3 on Whyte Ave. Then I think saw one of my friend Michelle's friend at the car dealership.

Then when I was on the bus to go home, I think I saw the customer John from the Soup place walking on the street.

Russian Tea Room: I went on the internet to read comments about this place. I'm still thinking about psychics. It's the 6 month mark for me for me to get a reading. Here's a funny comment from Jeanette B.: "The combination of psychics and cheesecakes make this place unique and worth visiting." lol.

I liked reading people's comments about their psychic readings there. Someone mentioned that psychic Terri is good. Yeah I saw her way back in Jan.

The website is I find the website unprofessional, but what are you expecting from one restaurant? It's not a big chain so it doesn't have to be good. You can also print a coupon and get a 10% off a food or drink.

June 14 Job interview: I went to the interview and I think it went well. It took me 45min to get there. It turns out I was 45min early. Fortunately it was a nice day outside so I went and picked up the 24 newspaper to read at a bus stop. It was a 5min walk to the office.

The job seems really good. $15/hr. Huge company and could work my way up. It's an effort to get there, but it's worth it. The boss seems good. He did talk about his reservations for me, like how long would I be working there? It seems that I'm trying to be a screenwriter.

I was honest and said that I've been pitching my script since Jan.2008. I had nothing produced, and it's been 2 and a half years of pitching. If I really like a job, I will stay there. I worked at the Soup place for 2 yrs until it laid me off and I worked at Call Centre #3 for 6 months until that laid me off. I told him that.

There are 4 other people up for this position.

John Kerr: The highlight of my day was when I checked my email today and the producer John Kerr emailed me back. I email him once a month, and he emails me once every 6 months. I talked about the book he recommended for me to read Story by Robert McKee, The Karate Kid remake and the EPL writer in residence Chris Craddock.

I'm mildly annoyed that he seems to only email me because it was mainly because I read the book he recommended. He emailed about that I should talk to him about what I read. If only I bought the book off the internet earlier, I'm sure he would have read my changes right away. You never know. By all means, he still wouldn't have read the changes because he was busy.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Telus/ money/ risk question

June 9 Telus: I got an email from Kayle on Facebook about getting a job at Telus. He said:

"The exam has different aspects its on the computer, part of it has to deal with listening to a voice give you instructions on their name and phone number. The names are reversed from how you can type them. So you will see Last name then first but the voice always does first name then last so you have to remember them. There is a tricky part at the end that tests your multitasking ability where you have to send callers to the right person, and on the side you have to specify whether the numbers match or not."

That reminds me of a test I did with the staffing agency Manpower back in 2008.

The New Situation: Right now I'm looking for an office job on the internet until my EI runs out. When that runs out, then I'll start looking for a regular job.

EI: I checked my bank account and I called Service Canada. It said that they got my application, but it's been 2 business days, and my EI hasn't been processed yet. I feel anxious waiting for my EI. I must use this energy to look for a job.

Cut down: I have been cutting down on TV. I don't watch The Young and the Restless, So You Think You Can Dance, MadTV, or reruns.

Today I went out and recycled 2 batteries at Staples. I then forced myself to read a chapter of Robert McKee's Story.

Imagination: I imagined this scenario yesterday where a SWAT team busts into my house.

SWAT: We're from Service Canada and you agreed to the Rules and Regulations where you're supposed to be actively looking for a job, and here you are watching TV.

Baby steps: I applied to a few places online yesterday. I will admit I have been mainly putting my cell phone number on my job profiles on the sites. I got a cell phone a couple months ago. It's my first cell phone. I'm getting kind of warmed up back to my job search.

Writing: Same goes with writing. Right now I'm deleting these extraneous documents on my 3.5 floppy disk. I already have the story on 1 document, I don't need to have it divided into 3 documents.

I also typed up my Changes 3.doc about the changes I made in The Fighter draft 10. The last time I really did anything for this script was back in Mar. when I was talking to EPL writer in residence Chris Craddock about it. I was busy working on Rain and my job search. That explains my 3 month delay on not working on Fighter.

Actors: I was checking out what's on Law and Order: SVU and then I see this guy. I yelled to my sister.

Me: It's the guy from Human Target!
Sister: You mean Mark Valley?
Me: Yeah.

She comes over and we watch it. This ep is before MV got the lead in Human Target.

June 10 Money: Today I went and picked up my paycheck from Booster Juice. I got $557. I deposited it right away. It was kind of interesting when I went to the bank machine. The woman in front of me left and it turns out she didn't even log off. I had access to her account, but I have lots of ethics so I didn't take any money from her.

I did see her receipt and saw how much money she had in her account. I took out her debit card and I thought she went into one direction, but she wasn't there. So then I deposited my money into my own account. I then gave the debit card to the bank.

It wasn't a really hard moral dilemma for me. Stealing is wrong. Another thing to deter stealing is that there are cameras and they can catch you stealing. I wasn't even tempted to steal money.

Shopping: After wards I went to Kingsway mall to look around. I then went back to City Centre to try out a donair from Taste of Mediterranean. I had a falafel a few weeks ago. They both cost $5.78 and it's chicken. If you go to Souvlaki Express in the mall, the donairs are $5.50 and it's beef. I did talk to the manager of Taste a few weeks ago about a job. I see that there are about 5 people working there.

Facebook job search: I went on Facebook so I can look through my emails. I wanted to take notes of who has emailed me back about jobs and who hasn't. Also if they did email me, what did they say. It's a little complicated with people. Some people put what city they're living in, and others don't.

So when I email some people about jobs, they say: "I don't live in Edmonton right now so I can't help you."

Tyra Banks: Her talk show ended a couple of weeks ago, and I was the first one to post about it on Then these other people came on and talked about it, complimenting that the show did have it's good moments.

YMCA: My friend Sherry emailed me about positions at the YMCA. I had applied there a few months ago. I then looked it up on the site, and I don't qualify for the positions.

June 11 Stay positive: Today I got a call from Rogers and it's for an interview to be part-time administrative assistant. I'll have to ask my dad about it first. It's PT so I can still probably get EI. I write down every call back I get from a company even if it's a email reject from a bank. Then I would know what my returns are.

I was in the shower when my grandma passed me the phone. That reminded me of The Simpsons where Homer picks up the phone.

Homer: You have to speak up, I'm wearing a towel.

Job search: Yesterday I asked my dad about this ad. I should read things carefully. It isn't a job for legal assistants, it's for training and placement. There was another ad trying to make money off job seekers. I called to be a telemarketer, and the position has been filled. The ad was actually 3 weeks old.

It reminds me of The Simpsons where Bart gets diagnosed with ADD and takes Focusyn. He's tutoring a boy.

Bart: And why did Humpty Dumpty have a big fall?
Boy: Because he took his eyes off the prize?
Bart: That's right. You stay on the ball, you stay on the wall.

I then went back to Edmonton Job and Kijiji looking for a job. A lot of things have changed in 2 weeks.

Risk question: I saw my sister's new Cosmopolitan. There was this interesting question about risk.Which risk would you take?

A. Go bungee jumping.
B. Make a toast in front of hundreds of people.
C. Put your whole paycheck in a investment.
D. Take on a risky project at work.

I pick B and it says I'm into social risks. I realize that yes, I do. I was in the talent show in gr.7 and 9, dancing in front of 700 people by myself. I did this stand up comedy routine in NAIT for this assignment. I tell strangers that they look like celebrities. I won't pick A because I'm not really interested in it. I won't pick C because money is important to me. I won't pick D because it seems like a lot of work.

If you pick A, you like to push your body to it's limits. If you pick C, you find it easier to risk money because it's not your character that's on the line. If you pick D, it means you like to use your mind.

Job talk: I talked to my dad about Rogers job interview. He tells me I should go to it. I feel like if I don't go to it, I would be putting obstacles in front of myself. I need more practice in job interviews.

At the very least I would meet new people, go somewhere I've never been, do something different, and learn about a company. Then I write about it in my weekly email/ blog post.I didn't go to a Shaw Conference banquet server interview because the hours are really late, and I don't like taking the bus at night. It's a regular job, and not an office job, so it's not a big deal. I wasn't putting an obstacle in front of myself in that situation.

A few weeks ago my dad told me: "Someone or something is always trying to take your job." Back in the day there used to be an operator. Now it's replaced by a machine.

Then the other night I was listening to radio late at night, and it reminded me of something I saw in summer 2008 when I was in Calgary. I was watching the sitcom My Boys and this guy talked about how his job of being a radio DJ is being replaced by an iPod.

You may think: "How do you remember something 2 yrs ago?" It's about triggers. Something happens and it reminds me of something else.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

marriage proposal/ ADD/ change

June 6 Marriage proposal: This was on Yahoo News and it showed a guy creatively propose to his gf. He and 10 other guys danced to Metro Station's "Shake That." The guy changed his clothes during the number. The dancing wasn't too complicated or difficult, but there was a lot of energy in it.

It was so sweet. You have to laugh or at least smile at the performance. It was romantic and fun to watch. I was really entertained because he put a lot of thought into it.

June 7 Stay positive: Today I got dismissed from my new job. I will give myself points that I worked full-time for two weeks here. That's longer than the last 4 jobs where I worked for 1 or 2 days. I then called Service Canada and had to go online to reactivate my EI claim again.

Comparisons: Here are some more I collected:

Serial killer videotapes murder: It occurred on The Mentalist. Criminal Minds did this with a guy murdering people on webcam, 3 guys videotaping a murder, and a guy with OCD filmed his murder.

Daughter marries, son graduates: I saw this in a commercial. On the canceled TV show Hawaii, a guy breaks out of jail to see his daughter marry. I saw this on Tru Calling too. A guy breaks out of jail to do the same thing.

Woman orders salad in a fast food commercial: I see that happen on Wendy's. Though I saw a Harvey's commercial of a woman buying a burger.

Shows making homage to the movie Rear Window: It was first done with The Simpsons where Bart breaks his leg and suspects Ned Flanders killed his wife.

Tru Calling did the same thing with her seeing a woman commit identity theft. Recently CSI: NY did an ep called "Point of View." Mac Taylor sees a man work on bio warfare. I think I saw a movie review about a guy suspecting his neighbor of terrorism.

Multiple stories on one episode: It was done on The Simpsons where there are 22 stories in one episode. On CSI, there are 4 mysteries in one ep.

Big tough guy takes care of kids: It's the "fish out of water" story. It's been done with Vin Diesel taking care of kids in The Pacifier and then Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did that too.

ADD: A couple of weeks ago I finally saw the whole South Park episode where they make fun of ADD. I remember watching the first 5min of it back in summer 2002, after I recently got off the drug. Back then I didn't find it funny. One kid gets diagnosed, and he's Timmy who's mentally handicapped.

Then I predicted what's going to happen.
Me: Let me guess, the whole class gets diagnosed with ADD.
That's what happens and I left.

The whole ep did have some funny moments where the kids were getting Ritalin.

Kyle's mom: Kyle is so hyper-active. He runs around like a 8 yr old.
Kyle: Mom, I am 8.

The kids' personalities change by becoming unemotional robots. The parents watch a videotape about how to make your kids behave without taking drugs. Basically the doctor in the videotape was smacking the kids' heads and saying: "Shut up and study!"

It was an average episode. It was unrealistic in how the doctor diagnoses the kids by reading a big book to them and then asking questions about it. It's a cartoon so it's get a pass on realism.

Feelings: I've been feeling really upset all day after I was let go from my job. I did read 2 chapters of my Story by Robert McKee. I emailed my friends and put up my blog post. I wrote this weekly email. I reactivated my EI account.

I knew in my heart that I wasn't going to last at this job, and when I was first let go, I was happy and got out of there fast. I watched 5 hrs of TV today. I did some dancing to cheer me up. This is the kind of thing that I need some time to cool off.

Writing: I remember back in summer 2007, I was watching the Canadian TV show The Best Years. It had these group of guys rob the lead character Samantha and her friend at the bar they work at. S and her friend are locked up in a closet and can't call the police. That show inspired to me to write a scene where the characters fight back. It lead me to The Fighter opening scene.

A couple of weeks ago I saw the first 30min of A History of Violence. This movie came out in 2005, and I saw the trailer. It has the lead character Viggo Mortison run a diner, and he fights back 2 robbers. It was in the trailer. I loved the scene because it's how I would have written it. If you don't want to be spoiled by that scene, skip the next paragraph.

VM uses his coffee pot and smashes it into the head of Robber 1. VM grabs R1's gun and shoots at R2. R1 stabs VM's foot with his knife. VM shoots R1's head.

I remember in Creative Writing class I wrote a scene like that, and the teacher Jannie said I seem very vigilante. Vigilante is good for TV purposes. However in real life, I would just give them the money. Though I will try to memorize their faces if they're not wearing masks.

Funny: That reminded me of something even older, a Malcolm in the Middle ep had that. Lois works at a Shoppers Drug Mart kind of store. 2 Robbers held the employees hostage, and the Nerdy guy who works there won't give the safe combination. Then towards the end, Nerdy guy admits to Lois that he doesn't know the combination.

Lois: But you've been working here for years. How come you don't know it?
Nerdy guy: Because I was too embarrassed to admit it.

Then the Robbers diss Nerd. Nerd gets so mad, he grabs the safe and throws it. Then the safe opens and there is 1 stack of cash. Robbers take it and run away. That was so stupid and ridiculous. At least it's only 1 stack of cash so the Robbers didn't totally win. There is still an uplifting ending because no one got hurt.

This is from years ago, and I remember it. I do remember Nerd admits that he has a crush on Lois, but L tells him that they will never be together.

June 8 Job search: I had taken a break from my job search for 2 weeks when I was working full-time. Then I went and looked for a job on Sat. 2 days go by, and now I'm back on my job search with a vengeance.

I read this week's Job Classified, and there was nothing. I then found last week's issue on my desk and read the articles. I then look at the Edmonton Journal's Classifieds from yesterday. I bookmarked 4 helpful sites.

Surveys: I did a survey for Alberta Job Centre. It took less than a min. on the website. I found an ad in the Metro to do a survey for the U of A and got a $20 gift card at Coles/ Indigo/ Chapters book store. Then today I did an Alberta Views magazine survey. I like giving people my opinion when they ask for it.

I'm helping people and I've been working at call centres for nearly 2 yrs.

School: This email was about a week ago, but I asked my friend Chamnouer about CDI college. She went there and she says I should go to NAIT because it's a recognizable school. This was through Facebook email.

Change: Here's a 180 degree turn in a week. On my Facebook status on June 1, I said this: "Tracy Au has been busy with work since I got a full-time job. I also beat writer's block." My Professional Writing friend Wasan said: "Good for you!"

Now I don't have a job, but I have been reading a lot of Story by Robert Mckee to fight writer's block. I just emailed the EPL writer in residence Chris Craddock my new rewrite of Rain. I think the story progresses faster, and sets up the characters. A couple of characters got deleted.

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Situation/ Rookie Blue/ MTV Movie Awards

June 4 The Situation: I filed for EI today and reported that I got a full-time job. But, I have a question that I will have to call and ask on Monday. I got laid off, then got a full-time job. What if my job I have now gives me part-time hours, can I still go back to receiving EI?

The con: If no, then I will make less money working part- time, and not be getting extra money on the side with EI.

The pro: I will still have a job. I can keep working there for months so I can put that on my resume. I will still make money. I will have free time to look for a office job.

I'm different: In 2005, I worked part-time, but I was spending a lot of money on cds and dvds. In 2006, I was working part-time, and I saved money. However, on my free time I spent a lot of time watching TV and going on I was going to go to school in the fall, so I was having fun. I didn't have to look for an office job.

This time, I won't be going to school. I'm not really interested in buying cds or dvds. I rarely ever read the 16 and Pregnant thread on I have kept track, and even when I was unemployed for 2 months, I only read one page a day or one page a week of that thread because I was so busy looking for a job.

The challenge though is to cut down on TV. I am excited that my summer shows are coming back like well-written dramas called Lie to Me, In Plain Sight, and the new cop drama Rookie Blue.

I will save money and keep looking for an office job.

June 5 Break: I was watching a Criminal Minds repeat "Slave of Duty" that aired a few weeks ago, which had Wes Brown guest- starring.

The FBI team is working.

Prentis: We're giving up?
Morgan: We're taking a break.

I took a break from my job search for two weeks because I was busy working full-time. Then today since it's my day off, I went and looked for a job on the internet. A lot of time has passed, and there are all these new job postings on the banks sites so I went and applied to them.

Personality test: There was this other question that was on that Payless Shoes job test:

What contributes to success?

When interested.
When demanded.

I got that Professional Writing diploma because I was interested in writing. There was a little of demand because I really wanted a college diploma. I got a high school diploma because it was mainly demanded of me. Especially with math. I wasn't interested in math because I wasn't good at it, but I needed it to graduate and get into college, so that's why I pushed myself.

EI: I was talking to my dad about how I would work part-time and still get EI.

Dad: Say you make $270. EI will only give you $15 because you already are making some money. When you weren't working at all, you get $300.

Feelings: I spent 3 hrs in the morning looking and applying for jobs on the internet. Then I went to the library to pick my book Story by Robert McKee. I put that book on hold last July. Yeah, that's right it took me a yr to get this book. I met the producer John Kerr and he recommended I read it.

I applied to a hotel. Then I went home and read some of the book. I then went and spent 1.5 hrs on the internet doing my job search. I feel so emotionally drained. I have gotten that familiar feeling when I apply for jobs. I haven't felt that way in a couple of weeks because I was working and not looking for a job.

Stay positive: I have to stay positive. At least Booster Juice is better than Albert's Family Restaurant. I got a call back from Albert's the other day. I would have to work from 6:30am-3pm and I hate waking up early. They pay min. wage because we get tips. I skipped on that job.

Benefits: At least I'm not working at Call Centre #5. There was a benefits plan at that place, and it's $35 a month. I didn't sign up for it because I had a feeling I wouldn't be working there for a very long time and I was right because they let me go after 2 days.

Did you know the store Town Shoes has benefits? I would have to go to West Ed to work there though.

Disk rant: I was working on my Rain script by copying and pasting it onto another disk. I was rearranging it to make the story progress faster. The next day I went to open the document and it didn't work. Interesting how the Microsoft Word doesn't work on the disk, but the Adobe Reader documents work.

Actors: Let's change the subject. I read that Sara Canning (the aunt from The Vampire Diaries) is from Sherwood Park. She was in the Edmonton magazine Avenue. I thought that was cool.

There's an actress Emmanuelle Vaughier. She's on CSI: NY for a few episodes playing Det. Jessica Angell. Then one night I was thinking her, and I realized she was on the 2002 Canadian show My Guide to Becoming a Rockstar with Kate Hudson's little brother Oliver Hudson. Then I went on and saw that I have seen her prior to that on Smallville where she married Lex Luthor.

Then I have seen her on Human Target as Chance's love interest. She's from Vancouver.

I was watching The Twilight Zone from the 60s. I saw William Shatner when he was young. I have never seen him when he's young. I only see him when he's old and makes appearances on late night talk shows like Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien. I will say WS was a handsome young man in the episode I saw of him on TZ.

June 6: I saw Debra Wilson (MadTV) on CSI.

Rookie Blue: The show hasn't come out yet, but it stars Missy Peregrym. I read about her being on a new show months ago in Metro. You may have seen MP in the gymnastics movie Stick It. I've seen her in short-lived shows like Life as We Know It with Sean Faris (Never Back Down). It was in 2003. She was also in another short-lived show Black Sash in 2004.

Continuity: I was watching 90210 and I like the continuity of how Liam steals these antique coins from his step dad to give to his father. Then in another ep, Rosa the housekeeper gets fired because the mom suspects she stole the coins. Then in the season finale, Liam admits to the theft.

I was surprised to see Jen pregnant. Her stomach was sticking out a bit and that was a good twist to the story. However, my sister thought it was stupid.

S: How could no one notice that she was that pregnant?
All the shots of Jen were above the chest. Maybe I'll wank it in my mind that Jen was wearing baggy clothes the entire time.

Statistics: I was watching Tyra, and there was that statistics and chances show. The chances of women getting married according to age:

Women in their 20s: 86% chance.
Women in their 30s: 76% chance.
Women in their 40s: 40% chance.

MTV Movie Awards: I was watching this with my siblings. Aziz Ansari (from Parks and Recreation) hosted it and he was really funny. Of course Twilight Saga's New Moon won a lot of awards like last year. I did like that Ken Jeong won Best WTF Moment for The Hangover. He thanked his cast mates for helping him get through a tough time because his wife Tran had breast cancer. She's been breast cancer free for two years and he thanked her. By her ordeal, he took the chance to do the movie.

It was also good to see under-rated actress Anna Hendricks win for Up in the Air. I didn't know her and didn't see the movie, but it's good to see something or someone other than Twilight win.

It was good to see under-rated actor Rain from the movie Ninja Assassin win Badass Character.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Bridge/ layoffs and payoffs/ magical thinking

May 30 The Bridge: This is a Canadian TV show about cops. This episode was on a few weeks ago. It was original with a creative plot twist that I have never seen before. I have never read about it in the news either. At the beginning two cops chase down a suspect in the car.

Cop 1 starts shooting.
Cop 2: My gun's jammed.

Cut to the end, and the lead character Frank Leo tells Cop 2 to shoot at suspect because she has a gun and she is pointing it at them. Cop 2 doesn't pull the trigger, so another cop shoots the suspect.

Frank takes Cop 2's gun.
F: What? It's empty?
That is so bad. Cop 2 didn't put bullets in it because he didn't want to shoot and kill anyone. Cop 1 never noticed it because Cop 1 always went in first, and Cop 2 was always behind him. F then talks about how he has heard about cops carrying empty guns.

The ending was like F being Tony Soprano from The Sopranos. F locked Cop 2 in the cop bar. The other cops put a bag over his head and starts beating him up. Being a cop is a dangerous job, and your partner doesn't have your back if he's carrying a empty gun.

I remember watching the episode that got me into this show. The trailer had F go and talk to these 2 bad guys who were holding people hostage in a restaurant. F wasn't wearing a bullet proof vest so he was risking his life. I saw the ep, and there was more. A cop was in the restaurant and he has been shot.

The ending had the SWAT team in there and the 2 bad guys weren't holding guns right then and there. SWAT team starts shooting and kills them. I thought they were going to get arrested.

Saying: I found this in Edmonton Journal's Sunday Reader: "Getting fired is nature's way of telling you that you had the wrong job in the first place." -Columnist Hal Lancaster in the Wall Street Journal.

Wal-Mart: I was talking to my friend Justin today. I told him that I was going through my notes and I applied to Wal-Mart in March. This must be a sign, because I was reading Sunday Reader. This woman who was a customer service manager stopped a man from stealing a $600 computer by stopping him at the door and asking to see a receipt.

Man fights her, and then he runs away leaving the computer behind. Some people come and ask if she's okay. She then gets fired because only a store manager or a security guard can stop a customer. So maybe I shouldn't go and work there. It's like the saying: "No good deed goes unpunished."

I'm sure a lot of people think: "Well this just confirms that Wal-Mart sucks."

Rant: I was at City Centre and I saw this new place that will be taking over where Cargo James and Tea was. It's called "Press'd The Sandwich Company." I wish City Centre would have forced the Soup place to change the name to Press'd and I would have still had my job. I did check out that Anger Management for Dummies book. It said to rate your anger on a 1-10 scale. I already do that. Right now I'm at a 5.

Layoffs: I read in the Journal that when a person gets laid off from their job, they are more likely to have a step down in pay. Now that reminds me of that old Baby -Sitter's Club book called Poor Mallory! Mallory's dad is a lawyer, and he gets laid off. He gets another job at a law firm, but doesn't pay as well.

It's unpredictable. When I got laid off in 2006 from Call Centre #1 at $8.75/hr. Then I went to G&T for $7.90/hr. After a month, I got Call Centre #2 at $9.50/hr. That was a step up.

This year, I got jobs that paid $1 lower than what I was working for at my restaurant and call centre job. There isn't really much of a difference.

Writing: I finally buckled down and read my Rain script straight through, as I was listening to every Robin Thicke song on Youtube. lol. It's good to read it with fresh eyes since I haven't read it since Feb.

I'm going to say it: All the characters seem 2-dimensional, except the funny sidekick Eddie, and he seems to steal the spotlight.

June 1 Payoffs: I was reading my screenwriting books and learned about "the pay off." In a fight movie, the protagonist learns and trains in fighting. The pay off is the ending where he fights off his antagonist and beats him. Same goes with comedy like the Malcolm in the Middle episode back in 2001. The dad Hal makes this huge painting throughout the entire episode.

The next day in art class, I was talking to my friend Leslie about it.

Me: It was funny and everything, but the only thing I didn't like about it was that they didn't show how the painting actually looked like.
Leslie: Oh yeah, I hated that too!
We laughed.

The payoff should be showing how the painting looks like, even though it may not look good. The ending was that there was so much paint on this canvas (that was as big as the wall), all the pain peeled off and fell on Hal.

A punchline in a joke is a payoff. It's like my favorite joke: "So the other day I bought of condoms.....because my last one was expired."

Bank: I got a phone call from a bank today. It could be about my job. But then it could be about my account.

Magical thinking: This was a couple of months ago, and it was in the morning. I was reading my horoscopes.

S: That's magical thinking. Thinking that how the stars align affects your life. How something that isn't real affects your life.
Me: Like religion? "Dear big invisible man in the sky."
S: Where's that from?
Me: MadTV. They made fun of Kitchen Nightmares, and called it Soup Kitchen Nightmares. Gorden Ramsey remakes a soup kitchen into a restaurant. It was run by a nun and priest.

Psychic: I'm still kind of angry, and it's been a couple of days. While I'm at it, I might as well add that Psychic Nadia and Terri were both wrong. I'm supposed to get an office job by Feb. or Mar. 2010, and I haven't. I guess Terri was right that she doesn't see me working at a call centre long. Well then anyone who isn't psychic, but reads the newspaper, or has friends who works in the industry knows that there isn't good job security.

Job rant: As usual, when I'm mad about one thing, I take out my anger on all these other things. I applied to Thomas Cook Travel Currency and Exchange yesterday. They're hiring at the airport, but that's too far away from me. They just hired someone at West Ed which I'm willing to go to. The thing is, I always have to be on the lookout for another job due to lack of job security and a better office, entry level position is always available.

June 2 Stress: I'm like that "Sex Therapy" song by Robin Thicke. The lyric: "Stressed out, uptight, overworked, wound up." At the Soup place, I can sit and read the newspaper, or just sit. Now I have to work throughout my entire shift. That's fine, I can read the newspaper on the bus to work, during my break, and on the bus to home.

It's like that line on the TV show Human Target: "It's a job, sometimes it's fun, and sometimes it isn't. So stop being a baby." At first there were about 5 or 6 people on the job, and we were bumping into each other. Now there are 4 people working, and there's too much work.

You may think: "You've been off work for nearly 2 months. Now when you're working a full-time job, you're overwhelmed. You have relaxed too much." Not really, I've been pushing myself with a job search for the past 2 months.

June 3 South Park: I heard about that South Park episode back in 2006 when I was reading about Justin Berry on Someone said: "The whole time I was watching this, I was thinking about the episode where Cartman writes: 'I'm a 10 yr old boy' and then everybody starts IMing him."

I saw the episode the other day, and Cartman writes: "I'm a young boy looking for older male friends." Then 10 windows pop up and they want to talk to him. lol.

The episode was making fun of NAMBLA (North American Man/ Boy Love Association). It was kind of funny with Cartman going to meet up his internet friends, but FBI keeps coming to arrest them.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

"Being Charitable is Easy" (shorten article) by Tracy Au

Being Charitable is Easy

By Tracy Au

We live in a society of too much stuff. Our values are about buying and keeping up with the Joneses. Let’s get back to the basic values of sharing wealth and helping others who are not as fortunate as we are. The majority of us donate only during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. What about the rest of the year?“

Why donate?” you ask. It feels good to give. If that doesn’t motivate you, you can get a tax receipt if you donate to a registered charity. I want all of you to donate $5 a month to a charity like UNICEF that helps children in developing countries. Women for Women International helps women in developing countries. Amnesty International helps people in developing countries. If you want to help homeless people, donate to Hope Mission, a charity in Edmonton. If you think homeless people will use the money for drugs and alcohol, you will know that the money donated to Hope Mission will be used to feed them. Kidz Kottage provides a home, food, clothes, and toys for abused children. I have donated to the above charities I listed.

You may say, “Even if I do donate $5 a month to a charity, I’m not going to get much of a tax break” or “I’m in college. I can’t afford to donate something as little as $5 a month.” Have you thought of making a little sacrifice like giving up one latte a week and giving the money you saved to charity once a month? Well here are some other ways to donate, without money being involved. You can donate your time. Spend one day a month volunteering at a soup kitchen. You can spend time with your friends that way. Be a mentor like a big brother or sister. You can have fun and help others. It will also look good on your resume if you have volunteer experience. You can go to Amnesty International and write letters to the government and campaign for change and help for people whose human rights have been violated.

You can also write letters to the government advocating more affordable housing and other issues you are concerned about.You say, “I don’t have time. I have work and school.” I’m sure you have lots of clothes and junk in your house though. Clean it out and donate it to the Salvation Army. Donate stuff you don’t even use. Reusing is also good for the environment. Instead of throwing stuff away, give it to someone who can’t afford it. Women’s shelters need shampoo so donate some to them.You can shop for a cause: Support Project Red. If you’re going to buy a shirt at the GAP, you might as well buy a shirt that helps people with AIDS in Africa.

Now you may say, “I don’t have time or money.” I donate for free by going to and other sites listed there: the Breast Cancer site, the Child Health site, the Literacy site, the Rainforest site, and the Animal Rescue site. You can click on the button that says “Click Here to Give- it’s FREE” and they will donate food. The sponsors support the site and fulfill the donations. You can shop online for the stuff that the sponsors sell. More money will go to charity. You can sign petitions at Remember to give what you can afford and that one person can make a difference. Donating to charity is an informal social network: When you fall on hard times, someone will donate.