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Friday, October 30, 2009

Blake McGrath/ funny and weird/ lookalike

Oct. 28 Blake McGrath: You know Blake McGrath? The guy who rejected me when I auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance Canada? lol. Okay, well anyway, his first new single "The Night" off his debut album is on his myspace page:

It's dance/ R&B. That's great. He has songs like "Runway" up too. I've known he's been working on an album since 2006. I have been to his page and he had songs like "The One" and "Dance with Me." It's good that after a few years of working on music, his album will be released by the end of the year. His video is to debut on Muchmusic on Oct. 30.

You can't say that he's lazy. You're like: "He's been doing this album for 3 years?" Well he was judging, and choreographing for SYTYCDC and teaching dance. It's good to know that some people who are really talented, it still takes time for them to become a success.

Funny and Weird: This was back on Oct. 17 and this guy who I pitched my script to emailed me a email that is very unconventional. A lot of rejections are: "We're busy for the next few years, we're doing 3 projects, and we don't do films anymore, etc."This is what Aaron James Sorenson said:

Tracy Au,
How the heck are you? Kind of you to contact me. I don't think I know you. Or do I? I went to university with a Tracy who's last name had only two letters. But I think they were "Ng". She was very nice. I wonder what happened to her.

I hope you survived the professional writing program at MacEwan College. Bunch of crap, I'm sure. You must forget it all as soon as possible. None of your teachers have ever made a movie or they wouldn't be there. None of the how-to-write-a-screenplay books they made you read were written by people with a real writing credit. Crap. Forget it as soon as you can. Especially try to forget things like "character development", and "exposition", yelch... makes me shudder.

If they made you read McKee you can remember most of that, and if they made you read Goldman you can remember all of that. Chances are you read Ackerman and Blake and Field and the bunch. Poor woman. Congratulations that you made it out.
Forgive me. It's late and I'm in an especially truthful mood.

Now as for me, I hate mixed martial arts. And I can't even say "cage-fighting" out loud. Are people still doing that? Not in my world. I really don't want to read that script. And I don't know anything about making movies for TV really anyway. But what can I say, because I like you Tracy Au. Personally I think you are great.

He choses to fight of course or you don't have a movie. But it can't really be about money, it must be about what the money means to him. No one really whores for money, unless they are a whore - and we don't really care for whores, but we care for people who HAVE to whore - for what it is they need the money for is so important it justifies whoring. Did that bad sentence make sense?

It just dawned on me that you might be a man. No problem. I like you all just the same. Well maybe not quite as much, but nearly as much. Either way.

Alex Donovan is too nice a name for a bad guy. Stiller is badder (sic) than Donovan. Might want to think about that.

There is much interest right now in mixed martial arts, you're right. I have an angry and fearful man on Gattis School Road, trying to get me to join something called Krav Maga or something like that here in Texas. I went to the free orientation. He tells people what a dangerous place the world is and they must immediately learn how to gouge out the eyes of attackers. They are all simply mad Tracy. Simply mad.

Peace Country Films is not really a production company that you could be very serious to work with, but it is kind of you to reach out just the same. We are just finishing my/our second feature film. Like the first it is a touching and charming comedy full of heart and affirmation and love. I wouldn't know what to do with a MMA movie anymore than I would know what to do with a doberman if someone left him on my doorstep.

But it was nice chatting with you. I wish you all the best and if I can help in any small way I'm happy to try. I did like the Wrestler a great deal, but that movie had nothing to do with wrestling. Beautiful movie though, didn't you think?
I must go. Nice to hear from a fellow screenwriter and a fellow Albertan.


Writing: I realized that I haven't been doing much with the script pitching. I did check up on a producer who said she was going to read it in mid- Oct. I also reread an old email about this producer who does documentaries. He offered to give me feedback of the script though no promises. I sent him Rain, the one that I'm working on.

News: Did you know that the Church of Scientology in France has been convicted of fraud? They're fined $900, 000.Did you know that there used to 100, 000 tigers at the beginning of the 20th century. Now it's 3,500 -4,000.

In light news, NBA player Caron Butler admitted that he was addicted to Mountain Dew. He drank like six 12 ounce drinks a day. He quit cold turkey, and he lost 11 pounds that way. Well he could become diabetic if he kept it up. There is lots of sugar in that drink, so I guess that's how he lost the weight. Good for him.

Oct. 30 Writer's block: Well one producer emailed me back on how to fight writer's block. Go to this site and read a screenplay a week. They got new ones out like The Stepfather and Surrogates. Well I watch so much TV, I should be able to fight it.

Vampire Diaries:
I saw a really good ep today. Vicky is Jeremy's crush. There is this love triangle between them and this other. In the pilot, Damon attacks V. Later on V is healed. Some eps later, D is weak, and attacks V to gain his strength. V almost gets killed.

D then decides to make her into a vampire because he was stuck in the house all day, and can't leave. V is transitioning. Stefan is trying to help V because he's a good vampire. Then in tonight's ep, V attacks the lead Elena, and Stefan stakes V. V gets killed right in front of Jeremy.

V remains to be a sympathetic character because she can't control her urges. D comes to get rid of the body, and hypnotize J so he won't remember anything and be so hurt by her death. Props to Steven R McQueen who plays J. He was crying and upset, and I really felt for him.

Flashforward: Flashforward was really good. What stood out for me was the lead FBI agent Mark finally meets the guy who his wife Olivia will supposedly be with in 6 months time. Well the flashforward, that's what O saw. It turns out the other guy's flashforward was him in that house. The other guy has an autistic son, and he saw that he was in the house too in his flashforward.

It was weird. There was really good tension and drama written into that scene with that love triangle. There was a good suspense, tension when Mark was trick-or- treating with his daughter, and he sees three guys wearing masks. The same masks that he saw when he was attacked in his flashforward.

Good chase scene where M is running, and climbing over fences, and running through the cemetary looking for him. Of course because it's Halloween. M has his gun and flashlight.
Me: It could be nothing. I don't know.

M rips the guy's mask off and it's a teenage guy.
Teen: I didn't throw the eggs. I only threw toilet paper. Are you going to call my dad?

Lookalike: I was watching a promo for the TV show White Collar where a FBI agent teams up with a criminal and they solve mysteries together. This criminal looks familiar. I looked it up and it's Matthew Bomer. He played Luc on Tru Calling. Here's a pic:

When I saw him in the promo I thought it was Gabriel Olds. Coincidentally, GO was also on an ep of Tru Calling. They have the same wavy, dark hair style, facial features, body build.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hide and Seek/ inspirational/ Scream 2009

Oct. 25 Hide and Seek: Last night I saw the horror movie Hide and Seek. It stars Robert DeNiro as a dad who lost his wife, and how he moves his daughter (Dakota Fanning) and himself to a new home outside of the city. The good is that it had good acting, story, and the big plot twist at the end. The plot twist was so good, it was like the one in The Sixth Sense. I was impressed with it. It was very creative.

The bad is that there is too much drama, and not enough scares. There are a few good scares here and there. This movie kind of reminded me of White Noise. Both horror movies with lots of drama. I still recommend you watch it for the plot twist.
I was on this site reading secrets and one person said that he is writing his secret by sending an email because he can't afford a stamp and a postcard. He and his family are living in a storage unit illegally and it gets very cold at night. He says he knows it's his fault.

I guess I need to think of this the next time I feel angry. I could be worse.

Tosh.O: Hey guys, one of my favorite summer shows is back. It came back at the beginning of this month. I was like: "Damn, I missed the first 2 eps." Well at least I get to watch it now. Daniel Tosh had cut his hair, and it's more of a shaved look. I don't know, now that two months have gone by since the last time I saw his show, the show seemed to lost it's lustre.

As in, it doesn't seem that funny anymore. It's interesting to see Dan wear a cardigan instead of a hoodie like he always wears.

Oct. 26 Job: Today I went and actually worked at Malatest. The first hour was frustrating because I didn't know what to do. Then I did training by listening to this Asian girl Mary interview. After that, I was then able to actually get a complete in the morning. Afterwards, I got 2 people who did some of the survey, and a lot of people refusing to do the survey.

Analyze: This job seems to have lost it's lustre. The last time I worked at call centres were Ipsos and Leger in 2006. Then I did that one day of training at Malatest in 2007. Basically it's been a few years since I have done call centres. After the initial frustration was gone, it was pretty boring. At least I'm not angry and I don't feel overworked.

Banks: I read in the Metro today that 106 US banks closed down this year. Dozens or hundreds of banks are still open even though they are really weak, so expect some more to close down.

Dance: I was watching some of the American So You Think You Can Dance. They have a new stage for their 6th season and it's in Hollywood. This is the first time they have this show on during the fall, it's usually in the summer. There was one last summer, but if they want more money, the fine do two seasons this year.

Oct. 27 Writing: I remember reading Metro where they talked about the hoax of the balloon boy. It said: "There is an anti- climatic ending when the boy was hiding in the attic."

Me: Yeah an anti- climatic ending is like "it was all a dream."
When I told this to Ray, she laughed.

Goods: Today at work, was better. Yesterday I only got 1 complete. I got 5 completes. One was kind of freebie because it was half completed.

Then my dad and I talked about it, and how you should think right now I'm saving a lot, but you have to think of the future and how to survive on wages.

I was reading about Hilary Swank and her movie about Amelia Heart. She says: "I guess what I took away is- you only live once so you might as well be doing what you love. I think if Amelia was alive today she'd still be ahead of her time. My life's just richer walking around with her in my heart."

Swank actually learned how to fly: "You can't be Amelia Earhart without flying a plane. When you're a kid, there are so many firsts that you are experiencing all the time, like how to read or how to ride a bike, and they are euphoric. But when you're a grownup, there's not a lot of firsts anymore. I learned how to fly for the film and it was euphoric because it took me back to that feeling I had learning how to ride a bike. You are completely immersed, and it's dangerous, it's adventurous, it's all of the things that I love that I think Amelia loved."

Rant: Here's a mild rant. The new computer wasn't working, and it deleted all our bookmarks. I was annoyed that it deleted my Secret Life of the American Teenager thread. I watch the show on Youtube, and then read people's comments dissing it. Now I don't know what page the thread is on. Maybe twop will kind of still have it if I log on, but I don't know.

H1N1: I read in the paper that it's like 3-4 hr wait to get the H1N1 shot because there are only 5 sites in this big of city. There should be way more.

Now I got this weird flashback of Scary Movie 3. In the beginning, Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy are making fun of The Ring. The phone is ringing on the wall.

JM: Wow, that is so weird. There is only 1 phone in this big of a house.

Dream: The other rant is that my dad's alarm went off when he wasn't there, and it woke up my sister so she turned it off. Then it went off again, and then I had to turn it off. There were two alarms on that one clock. It woke me from this dream. Something about trying to put out a fire on a bus, and then there was another fire on a second bus. I then left because I realized I couldn't put out the fire.

Something about Sylar (Zachary Quinto) from Heroes in my bed. Well I was watching that show last night. lol.

Oct. 28 Psychic: I was talking to my dad yesterday, and he said a call centre is one step above than working at a restaurant. That brings me to think of that psychic Nadia. Well she said I would get an office job Feb. or Mar. 2010. A call centre is kind of like an office job. So did I prove her wrong? Well this job isn't bad.

Zillions: In other random thoughts, I thought about the old kids magazine called Zillions. It was a kids magazine, and it was educational and fun. I learned a lot. I remember way back in 2000, you can submit comments on their website about these fall TV shows. I wrote a comment about Dark Angel, and they put it up. lol.

If I remember correctly, the other kids reviews were average about it. I do remember reading reviews of Noah Knows Best. It was created by the Ken Lipman who also did the show The Secret World of Alex Mack which I really liked. I gave the Noah show a good review. I found it average. It was a comedy, but I remember only laughing once. The lead guy Phillip Glen Van Dyke was cute.

Coincidentally, Jessica Alba from Dark Angel was also on Alex Mack playing a mean girl in the first season. I remember way back in 2002, I saw some Alex Mack on Realplayer. JA is 13 years old on the show, but her voice is the same. then went online which is how a lot of magazines kind of stay afloat even though it folded.

Scream 2009: Patrick was checking out what's on Spike, and Scream 2009 was on. It's an awards show for mainly horror flicks. It was fun like Teen Choice Awards and MTV Movie Awards. The award is a stake, but like made of a black stone. There are Best Horror Actor, Best Horror Actress. The nominees and winners were like Taylor Lautner from Twilight, Anna Paquin from True Blood. In the audience, I saw The Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley.

There were a lot of people dressed up in their Halloween costumes. One of the best parts was when they said farewell to Battlestar Galatica. They had the cast there, and it was good to see one of my fave actors Michael Trucco there. He didn't say anything in the mike. I don't watch BSG, I just like MT.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

crazy/ late bloomers/ nice

Oct. 22 Crazy: Today during my break at 1pm, the fire alarm was pulled and some guy starts yelling "Fire!" Everybody gets up, and the restaurants start closing up. A lot of people left, but then 3 fire fighters came in. These rumors were being spread that someone sprayed pepper spray around McDonalds and people couldn't breathe.

Then someone pulled the fire alarm because of it. I respect the security guards who work here. I see them escorting a lot of people out of the mall. It was crazy because yesterday the alarm was pulled too because of that gunman some blocks away.

Rant: Everything goes back to normal, but I'm annoyed that it did hurt our business because no one really bought a lot of food afterward. I'll then add my co- worker was then telling this couple to get a room when they were ordering food. Then the next couple over, I was helping, the guy there starts talking to the co- worker.

The guy got so angry, he left and his girlfriend shrugged and followed him. Couple 1 did stay and eat the food they ordered. Well I'm very annoyed. This is the 16th month I'm working here. When I was at Malatest sitting by this woman listening to her do the interview, I felt really bored.

I hope this call center job does work out. I think I'm annoyed at the Soup place because not everybody shows up for work everyday. I know they can't be like me and have perfect attendance, but I do feel overworked. I want them to hire more people.

Happiness: You may be thinking: "Oh what Tracy? How come you're not happy today?" Maybe because I rushed home and The Vampire Diaries and The Mentalist only to find out they were reruns. Well I did see a new ep of Flashforward. It was so cool, at the end, the good FBI agents look like they're done for when the car they got in exploded.

Then the four agents are still alive, and are shooting at the bad guys. They kill a couple of them, and then the 2 of them get away. The female FBI agent gets attacked, but fights off the bad guy in a good fight scene. Then she gets shot, but at least she shoots the bad guy. It's a cliff hanger if she will live.

I did see some of The City and checked out 90210. It seems I only like to watch these shows with my sister.

Writing: I'm hitting some writer's block because I only did some editing today, and wrote a scene yesterday. Though Conni Massing's questions are good: "Why do your characters do these things?" It's a lot to think about. I can find inspiration by reading about TV. I'll admit a couple of weeks back I was reading people's comments about Full House and Boy Meets World.

Oct. 23 Late Bloomers: I was reading in The Globe and Mail about late bloomers. Did you know that Tina Fey lost her virginity at 24? Chris Martin from Coldplay and Brooke Shields lost their virginities at 22.

There are forums called "I am a Late Bloomer", "I'm Still a Virgin and Don't Want to Be", and "48- year- old Virgin." It's on where people share "Personal stories about Life Expereinces." One woman who is a 24- yr- old virgin said she scared away 2 guys.
Me: I scared away one guy.

At the end of the article, Jessica O' Reilly, sexologist says: "Choosing to postpone partnered sex until a later age can be a healthy decision, as long as it's motivated by personal choice and not negative sexual repression. There can be a host of benefits around masturbation, learning about your own sexual responses, your own likes and dislikes. With age comes an improved ability to communicate and express yourself."

Funny: I did put that IM chat I had with that guy who asked me those sexual questions into my script. I turned it into a conversation between two characters, face to face. I have another character overhearing the convo and laughing at them. I did think: "What kind of message am I sending to young viewers out there? That being a virgin is bad?"

Also what is the point of this scene? It was to be funny. It was to lead in a direction for the lead character to go to. As I analyzed Rain, I realized that how the script begins seems similar to how the other script I'm selling begins too.

I thought this other thing was kind of unintentionally funny too. I was watching Flashpoint, and then I checked Space Channel, and The Listener was on. It was a repeat. I thought it was funny because both shows are shot in Toronto, and they used the same cameras and same blue/ green tint. I know they're both shot the same, but to see it back to back was interesting.

Kingsway: I went to Kingsway mall today and the mall has greatly improved since August. All the renovations are done except the food court. Arby's and that Ukranian restaurant closed down. It will be replaced by Kim Chi and Thai Express. Aerie, the spinoff from American Eagle is the only store under renovations.

The mall looks so good. It's more sleek and put together. There's a new store that sells Halloween costumes. There's also the usual Calender Club that popped up.

Job: I got my schedule from Malatest and I'll be working Mon.- Fri. 9:00- 4:30. Then I can be home and watch my prime time TV.

Actors: Today I was watching Dollhouse, and the actor Vincent Ventresca makes an appearance again. He was on last season. I first saw him back in 2004 on the cancelled TV show Invisible Man. He plays a guy who is part of an experiment ran by his brother. He was then able to become invisible and works for the govt. It's more of a comedy.

Saying: I was watching Dollhouse and there was a line that said: "You can't always predict or control the consequences."

US5: I decided to watch some live performances of this boy band US5. Wow, they can sing and dance. I've seen their videos, but now I can see their full choreographed dance routine and I am impressed.

Oct. 25 Nice: So yesterday I told Justin that I had a crush on him. He said he has a girlfriend. That's okay. At least now I know. Pretty gutsy. Well prior to it, I told Ray what I was going to do so I know that when I go back to her, she will want to know what happened. If I chickened out, she would have told me to go and tell him.

Then we talked a little about each other's relationship. Well he talked a bit about his, and I talked a bit about my last one. It was kind of funny, because he was so nice to me about it. He said: "I hope we're still cool. That nothing's awkward." Then some minutes later he goes on and says: "I won't tell anyone about this."

Then he later goes and offers me a free cup of coffee. Look, I'm okay. I'm disappointed, but I got closure. Well this is a lot nicer rejection than that last one back in April. You know, the online dating one where the guy starts asking me sexual questions. The next day he blocks me from contacting him. Then he adds me on the IM list. I go and IM him, and then he says he put me on his list by accident. So he rejects me twice.

I guess I thought it was funny how Justin thought I had fragile ego. He consoled me like 3 times by saying two things and the coffee. I mean, if I was really upset, I would finished my gelato right then and there, and got up and left. But I stayed for the hour and a half.

For the record, I got thick skin. I experienced a lot of rejection. Mainly from the past two years of trying to sell my script, and so many people have turned me down. I got rejected from Nait's TV and Radio program. I applied twice, and at fall and winter intake, but I didn't get in. Well academic and creative rejection are different from dating rejection.

Well it's good to be straight forward. I remember way back in gr. 7, this guy in my homeroom Nick Slade told me he liked me. It was towards the end of the year like June. We never really dated. Maybe because we didn't ask each other out. We were also really young, like 12 years old.

I then looked him up on Facebook, and I can't find him. I could look a bit harder.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

rant/ hoaxes/ crazy news

Oct. 20 Rant: I was thinking about that Tyra episode and her "Panel of Haters". There are these people who make mean comments about these other people, and then those people confront the haters. I then went on and read the Tyra thread that one of the "haters" is really an actor. In fact, all of the haters were actors.

I find that really annoying that the Tyra show would like play a trick on the audience and do this for ratings. Well I understand that it's easier for producers to hire actors than go out and look for haters. Well you can go on the internet and maybe Tyra has a forum. They'll find someone who wrote a mean post, and then get that person on the show, but that would be too much work. I posted the above on

My imagination runs amok. I see the producers reading the forums and there is a topic that says "Teen pregnancy." One person posts: "I feel sorry for them." Then they read a post that says: "I hate pregnant teenagers. They all drop out of high school and live on welfare." Then the producer would get that hater, and bring them on the show. A woman who was a pregnant teen will then confront the hater by saying: "I graduated out of high school, I have a college diploma, I'm happily married. Don't judge me."

I'm a writer, I imagine a lot of stuff. However, the above paragraph doesn't seem to be good written TV. I can imagine the Tyra show doing that, and I probably would end up watching it because it's about my favorite topic. lol.

Microsoft Word: Here's a mild rant. A week or so ago, I was working on my script and it seems Microsoft Word doesn't recognize the document titles "Rain1" and "rain1." I accidentally saved "Rain1" on a disk with "rain1", and it override it. Stupid mistake, but at least it's not a big one. The lesson is call "Rain1" to "therain."

Let that be a lesson to you that you have to name your documents way more differently than with capital letters.

Job: Here's another mild rant. Yesterday I had to come in half an hour earlier because 2 people didn't show up in the morning. My co- worker's ex- boyfriend dropped by, and I thought: "It's a good thing she's not here today." Then I talked to her, and it turns out she didn't come to work because she was afraid he would show up.

Then he did show up today. Do the whole threaten to call the cops, security, get a restraining order, press charges against him for stalking and harassment. I got this flashback of 2005 when I was working at Ipsos. During training, they told us to wear your tags to show that you work here. He told us about how there was a guy, who was in the lobby without a tag, and he was dirty.

The Team Leader then asks if he could help him, the guy says in broken English that he was looking for his wife. TL then goes and talks to other Ipsos people, and it turns out that the wife hasn't been showing up for work in the past few days for fear that she will run into her husband. Security then gets him out of there.

News: I read in Metro that Wal- mart and Amazon lowered prices on books to $9 US. It said that some discounts 60% or more off the cover price, which means they're selling it at a loss.

Hoaxes: I'm sure you all heard of it by now, about that boy supposedly floating in that balloon, but he wasn't. The Heene family may have charges on them for wasting all these police and volunteers looking for a missing boy when the family knew he wasn't missing. At first, I didn't think it was a hoax. But now, it probably is. They were trying to get publicity for themselves to get a reality show.

That kind of reminds me of something that happened in like 2004. I remember Jay Leno doing a joke about it: "Yesterday was April Fools Day, and I totally fell for this one. This young woman told the cops that she was kidnapped, and then it turns out she wasn't. They figured it out when she said that she was driven around for hours. Yeah right, with these kind of gas prices." lol.

I do remember that the woman pretended she was kidnapped so she could get her ex- boyfriend back. She was trying to get him to care about her. Also recently I read about Egyptian police arresting this 20 yr old woman who pretended she was kidnapped with her 4 yr old cousin. She was trying to get her aunt and uncle (the cousin's rich parents) to pay $50, 000 ransom so she could use the money to pay her bills and her wedding expenses.

Actors: I was checking out this actor Eddie Cahill on the days of 2002 when he was on the short- lived show Glory Days. He was like 23 years old when he did this show. It shows some range where he plays a writer instead of a cop on CSI: NY.

4: 18 into it, I see this woman, and she looks like Jennifer Carpenter from Dexter. I checked JC out on, and it's not credited. You can compare the pics of JC and this woman. They have the same arch in the eyebrows and the same nose.

I also remembered this character Zane played by Ben Crowley. He was cute and pretty back in 2002. He was also in Britney Spears video "Slave 4 U" as the guy who sees the rain first. Now I found his new pic, and he's 29 now. He has certainly grown up. For some reason, this photo reminds me of this guy I used to go to jr. high and high school with Liam Boyd.

Fun: I was checking out my myspace page to see if anyone emailed me. I see that the comedian Daniel Tosh actually read my email, but he hasn't replied. But that's okay because at least he read it. My email subject line "I love you and your show (but my sister doesn't)." It said this:

Hey Daniel
I added you as a friend on Myspace yesterday, but you didn't confirm it. I just wanted to tell you I love you and your show. I've seen you on Comedy Network in 2003, and saw you on Jay Leno back in 2004. I remember you did a joke about Newlyweds back when Nick and Jessica were still together.I write about you in my weekly emails to my friends and blog at Here's an excerpt of it and what my sister was thinking when she saw the first 7 min. of your second ep.They showed a clip of this deformed young woman tap dancing with an umbrella.

D: Pull up your sock. You should lose the umbrella if you want to get on Dancing with the Stars.
S: That is low.

S: How long has this show been on?
Me: Since last week. This is the second ep.
S: This is the kind of show that makes people dumber.
Me: Then get out of here. This guy was on Jay Leno before.
S: Doesn't mean that he's on Jay Leno means that he's good.

Well ignore the haters. I am continously laughing throughout your entire show. Maybe if it gets really good, it will be extended into an hour.One question: It says you're expecting a child on your page. Is that true or is that a joke?
Keep up the good work.

Oct. 21 Crazy news: Today there was a hostage situation at the Worker's Compensation Board. I went to work at 10am in City Centre, but the fire alarm was ringing and everybody was evacuated. I then was able to find my co- workers and we all went to Second Cup at the Stanley A. Milner library. At 10:30am, we were allowed to go back in. We then passed CBC and on the big screen TV it talked about a gun man in the downtown area. I was like: "Whoa. This is just like Flashpoint." Then later some guy came in and said there was a hostage situation.

Then I got home and I discussed it with my family at dinner, and read it on Yahoo. It turns out the gun man was disgruntled with the WCB. The doctor said he was ready to go to work, but he didn't think he was. He had a custody battle with his ex- wife over his kid which caused stress.

After 10 hours of hostage negotiations, the man finally surrendered. The hostages are all safe.

News: In other news, this Briton, Mohammad Patel, 24 staged 100 car crashes to win fraudulent pay outs. Patrick says that it's dangerous. I also find that it is ridiculous that one person made this huge amount of car accidents.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

safety/ music/ heroines

Oct. 16 Safety: Today I read an article in Cosmopolitan about how a young black woman Shanai Woodward outsmarted a rapist. This guy dressed like a cop comes up to her, asks for her ID. She gave it to him, and then he arrests her. He throws her into a van.

She then manages to sit up, and then put her back to the door, and uses her hands that are still cuffed to open the door. She then falls out of a moving car. She runs to a house and kicks the door until someone answers. Then a woman goes and calls 911. They go to the cops, SW tells the story.

Then a couple years later, she read a story about it, and then goes to the police. She didn't identify the guy in a police line up. Then when she saw him with the glasses in a newspaper, she recognizes him and calls the cops. She then testify against him in court, and now he's in jail.

The tips are you can tell a cop is a fake, if he's in an unmarked car, but wearing a full uniform. If he's undercover, he wouldn't be in uniform.

If he pulls you over in a empty highway, pull up to a gas station. Keep your doors locked, and open your window a crack. Call the cops to make sure this cop called it in because they're supposed to.

A lone cop comes to your door. Cops are always in pairs. Ask him what department he's from, and then call the police to make sure that cop really is from there. If he acts angry by that, he's probably not a cop.

A lone firefighter knocks on your door lightly. If he's a real firefighter, he would have banged on the door loudly. There was news about someone starting a fire in apartments to gain access to them.

Music: I borrowed Beyonce's cd called "I'm Sasha Fierce." It's average. I liked the old school Destiny's Child music than her solo efforts. I checked out Nelly Furtado's "Mi Plan", a whole album in Porteguese. It sounds good and all, but I don't know what she's saying so I can't really judge the music. I like to know the lyrics.

I checked out Tragically Hip's cd called "We are the Same." It's a boring cd. I liked their old song "My music at work." I did buy the Donnie Klang cd a few weeks back. He's from Making the Band 4 and he's on P. Diddy's record label Bad Boy.

I like his dance songs like his single "Take You There" feat. P. Diddy, "Dr. Love" and "Hurt That Body." I like his ballads like "You're my Idol" and "Catch My Breath."

Productive: Today was my day off and I did the usual of washing my apron, and doing disk clean up on both my computers. I also helped my grandma sweep and mop the floor. I didn't go out at all today because I wanted to save money. Instead I typed up 12 pages of my script. I had written it down earlier, but today I took the time to save it onto a disk.

Research: I did a little research about the unloading boxes from a truck. I was checking out that ep of Tru Calling in my dvds. Tru's little brother Harrison works for his dad by taking pictures of criminals unloading boxes. One of them happens to be H's old friend Billy. When the day restarts, H tries to stop B from doing it.

H tells him his luck is running out, and B will get caught sooner than later. H tells him to stay at home that night. B says he'll think about it, but he does it anyway. H takes pics of B, and turns the pics to his dad. B will get arrested. B did say that the job will be $200- $300 for half an hour's work.

I actually did kind of take the idea of H taking pictures into my script. My lead character unloads boxes, and catches a photographer taking pictures of them. In my script, the characters confront him.

I was thinking about that TV show Surviving Disasters. Patrick watches it. They give you tips on how to stop a hijacking, land a plane, stop and survive a break- in, being held hostage, etc. The kind of stuff that would be a good story.

Funny: Today I was watching some Ultimate Fighting on Spike channel, and they showed a shot of Mandy Moore in the audience. I laughed at that because I didn't know she liked MMA. They also showed a shot of Usher. I've also seen Leonardo Dicaprio in the audience a month ago.

Oct. 18 Kiwi Kiss: Today the restaurant Kiwi Kiss finally opened. I remember speculating that they probably sell something like smoothies. They had that store sign since last Oct. They were actually giving out free frozen yogurts today because it's their first day. I could have tried the chocolate, but I went and tried something new. The flavor is acai (pronounced a- sy- ee).

The guy behind the counter was advertising it so well like how it's a berry from Brazil, and it's very nutritious and healthy. It has omega, fibres, etc. I got strawberries and mango with it. It tastes alright. It's good to get out of my comfort zone. I know what chocolate tastes like, do something different.

Movie: Yesterday I read a review in the Journal about The Stepfather. It has Amber Heard playing the girlfriend to the lead again. She played the girlfriend in Never Back Down. The review said she looked hot wearing skimpy clothes. Onto the movie, did you know that this movie is a remake of 1987 movie with the same title?

It talked about how there was no mystery to this movie. The thing you're waiting for is how long will Penn Badgley's character figure out that his step dad is evil? There should be a mystery to the movie. Kind of like how on Harper's Island, the audience and the characters don't know who the killer is. At first you think it's the groom's little brother JD, until he gets killed off. Then you think it's the fisherman. Then it turns out it was the groom all along at the 2nd to last episode.

It's bad to have the audience be too ahead of the character(s). The audience will think the characters are stupid. I'm thinking about my script where characters do keep secrets from each other. But no one seems really stupid for not figuring it out. There are little clues thrown in here and there. It depends if they pick up on it, and how they take it.

Oct. 19 Heroines: I was thinking about heroines. They are often tough, independent girls. The three I list have those traits, but they also have different looks. You got Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A blonde girl who kills vampires, but also go to high school and has fun.

You got Max from Dark Angel. She is a government experiment to create a super soldier. She lives in a post- apocalyptic world and fights corruption in the year 2020. There is Sydney from Alias. That is a show that is really based on reality instead of in a world with vampires and demons. Sydney works for the CIA to fight terrorism.

Also Jamie from Bionic Woman. A regular woman, but then later put in these mechanics in her to become a super hero. Now I have to think up a hero that doesn't have super powers or things that are too sci- fi.

Oct. 20 Job: Today I went and did my job training at Malatest. When I called home to tell them I won't be home for dinner, my sister picked up. When I got home she totally remembered how "they jerked me around." How back in 2007, I did one day of training, and then they went and hired somebody else. If they did end up jerking me around this time around, well then I still get paid for this one day of training. And I will send this out in an email/ blog and tell everybody about it.

Charity: I read in 24 today that Edmontonians are sending out food, clothes, hygenic goods to the 3J Variety Store 10821 23 Ave.

Celeb news: I also read that Nicolas Cage is experiencing financial difficulties because of his business manager who didn't manage his money well at all.

In funny news, I heard that Octomom (Nadya Suleman) has a crush on Jon Gosselin.

Rubick's cube: I read in the Metro that there is the Rubick Cube Hungarian Open Championships. There is a guy who "solved 9 cubes blindfolded after memorizing all of them in Budapest, Hungary." The guy was blindfolded, and had headphones. Damn, that's good.

Even better than that Asian guy who solved a rubick's cub in 10.3 seconds. He was on Jay Leno back in 2006.

Friday, October 16, 2009

good/ blast from the past/ Eric Callero

Oct. 13 Good: I was thinking about that song "One Love" by the British boy band Blue. The lyric was: "It's kind of funny/ How life can change/ Can flip 180/ In a matter of days." Last week I was angry over money. Then yesterday, everything changed. A whole series of things occured.

First Giles Panton emailed me back. He didn't really give me a yes to be in my movie, but it's still good to hear from him. I was really happy when Eric Callero emailed me back. He didn't confirm me as his Facebook friend, but I'll add his email to my list of emails I got from celebrities.

Then this production company gives me a second chance on my script. I sent the script way back in March, and then in April, he rejected it. I followed his tips by getting a star, MMA fighter Kit Cope. In May, I emailed the company about it, but he didn't respond. Then I went and read two screenwriting books which was the other tip.

Seven months later, with lots of constructive criticism and tips, I managed to polish a really good draft. I ask to email the script again, and I get a yes. I hope he likes this script.

Joke: I was thinking about Michael Phelps being on Jay Leno before the whole pot smoking scandal.

M: I used to get picked on a lot when I was in school. Actually it's kind of funny. When I go out to dinner with my mom, the people I used to go to school with are now servers there.
The entire audience laughs.
M: No, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they say to me, "Oh hey, we used to go to school together." I'm like: "Yeah, and you used to pick on me. Now, we're like friends, that's weird."

I was thinking of how you can make a joke about someone's misfortune. If M said something like: "This girl used to pick on me. Then she got pregnant as a teenager." The audience wouldn't laugh at it. In real life, teenage girls do get pregnant, and people make fun of them. However, not everybody will make fun of her, or laugh at this joke. Even if someone as cool and nice as M said that, no one's going to laugh. Maybe a few.

Same goes with saying: "Then he got lung cancer." No one's going to laugh at that because that's really dark and mean. Be like Nelson Muntz from The Simpsons and laugh at something like a person tripping.

Blast from the Past: I was at work, and this guy comes in buying a sandwich. When I first saw him, I knew who it was. Then he pays for it.

Me: Excuse me, but is your name Ivan?
Ivan: Yeah.
I hands me his debit card.
Me: We only take cash. There's a debit machine over there.
He comes back.
Me: So what have you been doing since you left Roots?
I: I got a real job as an engineer.
Me: You graduated out of university?
I: Yeah.

I don't know if he even remembers my name. I worked with him at Roots way back in 2005. I haven't seen or heard from in 4 years and I still know his name and face. His name is pronounced E- van. He's like Ukrainian or something. I'm getting more flashbacks.

This song comes on the radio when we were opening the store.
I says to Monika and Paras.
I: What's this song called?
Me: "Goin' Crazy" by Natalie.
They all look at me.
P (burst out laughing): That's so hot! (That I know the song).
Well I really like the song and artist. I have both of her cds.

Good news: I read that a homeless guy in Moscow collected 2000 bottles a day, and collected cash for it. His name is Lenoid Konovalav. He's 63 years old, and now he's a stock market trader. Good for him. I read it in 24. It does remind me of a homeless guy who was on Oprah who liked being homeless and collecting bottles a day.

Oct. 15 Coincidence: Yesterday I bumped into Ivan and it reminded me that I'm not using my college diploma. Then that night, MacEwan called me and asked me I'm doing anything with it either, and I did the survey.

Santa and Me: There's a new kiosk that appeared in City Centre. It's called Santa and Me and it sells tree ornaments. You can buy them for $20. Yeah, it's expensive so wait until Dec. when it gets cheaper. You can also put names on the ornaments.

Review: I ordered a poutine from Dallas Pizza and Steak in Capilano. It's a good restaurant because I went there when I was in jr. high. It's been there for over 10 years so good for them. The poutine was like $6.83. It's good, but a little too expensive for one.

Magazines: I read in The Globe and Mail that 302 magazines have closed down this year. The past 2 years 600 magazines have closed down. It's the recession this year.

News: I read a couple of weeks ago about gun shots occurring at Diamonds strip club. Last night, there were gun shots at the Diesel Ultra Lounge. I know about the latter club, because 91.7 The Bounce radio station always plays music from there. I know about the former club, because back in 2006, I saw a commercial for it. You're like: "What? They air commercials for strip clubs?" Well I was watching the intelligent mini- series Human Trafficking. It was airing late at night and during commercial breaks I channel surf.

Eric Callero: I typed his name up on Youtube and I found his demo reel. Damn, he's hot.
I like the part where he's at a Chinese restaurant and he's holding the boom mike, and his friend is holding the camera filming. EC keeps hitting the friend with the mike. Check it out:

Then it turns out that scene is from the movie All About Dad which is about a Korean guy living with his family, and most of all dealing with his strict father. His dad wants him to be a doctor, but he wants to be a film maker. It looks funny. EC plays the friend to the lead.
Check out the trailers:

Here's a funny one where EC tells us why he hates weddings so much. He goes to so many weddings in the past 4 years because he films weddings. He has to get the right shots because there no retakes or reshoots. You have to get the kiss. People always ask him: "Don't you love weddings?"
E: I nod and smile and say: "Yes."

Here's a trailer for a sci- fi comedy indie film called Flying Saucer Rock N' Roll.

EC is in the Prius commercial in the last shot.

EC in the 25 min. indie short film called The Bike Messenger. Here's part 1. If you don't want to be spoiled, go straight to the link. Here's how it goes: Jesse is a bike messenger, and he hears about another messenger getting jumped. He bumps into this new messenger played by EC.

Later when J is delivering a package, he gets jumped by 3 guys so they could steal the package. EC comes and stops them from beating him up. It turns out later EC is a bad guy. The bigger story is this business guy is selling drugs, and putting that money into his legal business.

I went to his Model Mayhem website and read people making comments about his model porfolio photos. A lot of people made the same comments I did about the black and white shots that he looks like James Dean.

Job: Today I finally called Malatest. They said they were trying to reach me. I have a training session next week. That reminds me that they paid me for that one day of training 2 years ago. At Leger, they give you one day of training, and they will pay you for that when you show up for the first day.

It's to those people who think they can get an easy day of work and get paid for it and leave. It's like dine and dash for call centres.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Eric Callero email

Remember Eric Callero? The guy who plays Cody Deveraux, the vampire assistant on Conan O' Brien? I emailed him on Oct. 6, 2009, on Facebook. The subject title was: "hey, I like you on Conan O 'Brien"

Here's the message:

Hi Eric

I really like you on Conan O' Brien. You're really funny. When I looked you up on the internet and saw you without Goth makeup on, I had a double take. I actually kind of like how you look better as a Goth.

I saw your black and white photos on your website. You kind of look like James Dean. Is that what you're going for?

Well keep up the good work.



Oct. 12, 2009, he emailed me back:

Hi Tracy,
Thanks for watching! Well all the makeup takes it toll on the skin so as much fun as it was to be a vampire, I don't think I could keep it up. Umm, I don't if it was on purpose, I just really like the 50's, so I guess it rubbed off on me.

take care,

fun/ friends/ good

Oct. 10 Fun: After work ended at 3pm, I went and did a little shopping like HMV and Coles Bookstore. I read in some psychology magazine that when you go to the doctor for a checkup, they will ask you how many friends and family you have. How often you spend time with them.

If you spend a lot of time with them, you will be happier and healthier, and live longer. I heard of that before. Then I went to Sorrentino's to hang out with Justin. I tried out the Bacino that they advertised. It's a coffee with whip cream and chocolate fudge on it. I was there for about an hour and a half.

I asked Justin about the Stats Canada job and when I applied there either this year or last year, they said some shifts end at 11pm.

J: Well more like 10pm the last time I was there. It was very demoralizing.
Me: How so?
J: I call people up and some refuse right at the beginning. If they say yes, then the survey is half an hour long. Then I have to call some houses and some are a family of twelve so I have to talk to all of them.

J says he likes music like house and trance (Tiesto) and rap, hip hop, r&b. He told me he bought a car a few weeks ago because he couldn't take the bus anymore after 5 years. A few months ago there was this guy talking and being rude on the bus. J then goes to the busdriver, told him about it, then tells the guy off and telling him that he's racist. Then the ETS police were going to come.

J then gets off because he doesn't want to deal with it. Walks a couple of stops over, and the same bus comes.
Me: Does the audience cheer?
J: Well some of the passengers thanked me.
Me: So in a way they cheered.

Oct. 11 Actor: I was watching a little of Bring it On: All or Nothing during the commercial breaks of Desperate Housewives. I see Adrian from the crappy TV show Secret Life of the American Teenager.

Sonia: I called up my friends yesterday, and one called back. My friend Sonia whom I met back in 2004 when I was working at the $1 Store. I even remember the last time I saw her. It was back in fall 2008 when she bought chicken noodle soup from my job. Anyway, she's working at a nursing home and gets paid $30/hr.

She's actually using her nursing degree she got from MacEwan.Four years of hard work does pay off. Though she mentions that she has a cousin who's a nurse and gets paid $35/hr. Anyway, she talked about how it was a stressful job because the people's lives are in her hands. Well that's what you get when you major in medicine.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. Sonia says she doesn't check her email that often. Like once a week. She's not really on Facebook either so she doesn't really know all the stuff that's going on with me. Well we do have our lives to live.

As usual, my life revolves around TV. On the TV show The Hills, it's like they're always spending so much time with their friends and going out. It's the editing. Who wants to watch people work? In my life, I don't usually get to see my friends or talk to them. I get my weekly emails out to keep in touch with them. I check Facebook here and there. It's very little phone time and face time.

USB key: It was pretty funny the other day. I was watching Conan O'Brien and they aired this Intel commercial about the guy who co- invented the USB key. It's an East Indian guy named Ajay Bhiout (I'm not quite sure about the name.) In the commercial the Intel people are cheering for him like he's a rockstar.

My brother Patrick and I were watching it because we were interested in it. We're not interested in computers, but it is quite impressive to co- create a USB key. If it wasn't for that, we would still be using 3.5 floppy disks that only hold 1.44MB per disk. It sells like $10 for a box of 10. A USB key that holds 128 MB, is for $30 so that's a great deal.

Conan did a little parody of the commercial, but with the real inventor wearing a T- shirt that says: "I invented the USB key" and he goes up to girls and says that.

Joke: I was watching The Cleveland Show and Cleveland and his son Cleveland Jr. were driving. C then stops the car suddenly. C Jr. hits his head.

C Jr.: Dad!
Me: Wear a seat belt!
C: Wear a damn seat belt!
We both said it unison. Well I did notice that C was wearing one, and C Jr. wasn't. lol.

Oct. 12 Friends: I was talking to my friend Angela on the phone for an hour last night. She said that I sounded upset in my email. I told her, Sonia, Jennifer, and Sherry about it, so I might as well tell you guys. I lent my ex- boyfriend money to pay his rent way back at the beginning of the year. I talked to him on an IM chat, and realized he will probably never pay me back.

Angela says what I was thinking: "It's a lesson learned. When you lend someone money, know the chance that you may not get it back." I know that, but I'm still mad. Well right now, I'm at a simmer. I remember way back in 2002, I was listening to this SNL sketch with Toby MacGuire, and they did a whole joke using the phrase "Simmer down now." It was a popular phrase back in 2000.

A also says: "It's not just about getting over it, but moving on." I know. The only way I can do that is to be more of a cheapskate than I already am. Also avoid things that get me angry. Charities who keep calling me for donations. I turn them down. I kept track of my donations and donated hundreds of dollars in a few years. A says she donates $30/ month to Red Cross.

Writing: I'm kind of hitting writer's block. I got the characters and what they want, but now I have to write the illegal job. It's about breaking and entering. I'm thinking of the old TV show Dark Angel. In the first season Max does a lot of that. Well there is lots of suspense and drama if she will get caught. If she does get caught, there is most likely a fight or chase scene which is action.

Also why does she break in? I remember one ep, she drives by the Sector Police and they stop her. They then break her back light of her motorcycle, and confiscate it. She tries to get it back legally, but then she ends up stealing it back. In the pilot, she goes from one building to another. It's in the opening credits where she's wearing a wire, and flies from one building to the next. Then she breaks into the penthouse to steal something, but gets caught by the character Logan. That's how they meet up.

In the mini- series Guns, at the end of the first part, a group of 4 guys rob an old couple to get guns. The old man gets shot. There is drama, tension, and action. I also thought an illegal job as a hacker. I read a bit in this issue's Reader's Digest about a guy who crashed websites like Yahoo. Then I thought about the movie Ocean's Eleven about a group of people with their talents, team up to do a heist.

It also reminded me of the short- lived TV show Heist back in 2006. I went on and it only had 7 eps. It got good ratings on the site. I remembered thinking that the font with diamonds, and gold around it was the same font on the reality TV show Growing up Gotti. It was about big mob boss John Gotti's daughter Victoria Gotti raising her 3 teenage sons.

Reading: Well I spent a good hour and a half reading the newspapers I have. I look at fliers and pictures, looking for inspiration.

Good: Today Giles Panton emailed me back. He's the guy, I'm trying to get into my movie. He said he has to pass this onto his agent first, and needs to think about it for a couple more weeks. That's okay. What was also really good, was that last week I pitched my script to this company- again. I did 6 months ago, he read it, he rejected it.

I told him about how I took his advice, and other professionals' advice on it. He emailed me back saying that he would give me a chance.

Friday, October 9, 2009

funny/ news/ coincidences

Oct. 6 Funny: I was watching this reality TV show Disaster Date, and it was funny. It also inspired me to write. Well the show is about how someone sets up their friend on a really bad blind date. For every minute they last on it, they get $1 per min. It's up to $60 for an hour.

Patrick and I were watching it.
Me: I would never set up my friend to go on a bad blind date, but I would do it to my sister.
P kind of cracked a smile at it, but he won't admit it was funny. lol.

The friend knows what her friend who's getting the trick played on hates, and the date does all the bad things. Everybody at the place is an actor. This guy Jeff is out on a date, and he annoys this girl by saying that "she shops on a budget." The girl says: "This stuff is super- expensive." Oh yeah, I should get a guy to say that to S. lol.

Or say something like how she doesn't seem very smart. That would annoy the hell out of S, like ask: "So what school did you go to? NAIT?" I am inspired to write about how a girl goes on bad blind date, and the guy totally misreads her. I know if you look at S, she is very professional and well- dressed. How could anyone get misconceptions about her?

I do have to say I like Jeff. He's handsome in a preppy, clean cut, kind of a geek way. He seems bookish even without glasses. He was a waiter in another date and he wore glasses. He kind of looks like Aaron from Gossip Girl. However, I never found A really attractive at all. They both have the same shape of face, but different hair.

Jokes: Basically if I am to annoy S, I would have to find a male version of me who says stupid- but funny things. Tell jokes that S does find funny, but wouldn't admit to it like: "So the other day I bought a box of condoms... because my last one was expired."

Or the other time my family and I were having dinner.

S (to P): If it wasn't for me, you would still be wearing sweatpants.
Me: I used to wear sweatpants up until I was in gr.9. I also wore suspenders too, so people won't pull them down.
S uses her bowl and chopsticks to cover her mouth to hide her laughter.
S: Where's that from?
Me: Street Cents. The host Andrew Bush was ranting about these Levi Jeans saying: "These jeans have yellow lines in the back pockets that don't do anything. Cargo pants have these huge pockets so you can put a bunch of stuff in them. I used to wear sweatpants up until I was in gr.9. I also wore suspenders too, so people wont' pull them down."

Oct. 7 News: I read in 24 today that: "Youth unemployment rose from 10.7% in Jan. 2008- 16.3% this summer." That reminded me of summer 2007 where I went job hopping.

There's a huge earthquake in Indonesia and thousands are dead. There doesn't seem to be a lot of coverage about that.

Remember Mark Twitchell? That amateur filmmaker who acted out his script by pretending to be a woman and luring a guy to his garage. The he kills him. Well he showed up in court yesterday.

I read in the Metro yesterday: Did you hear about the Artificial Virginity Hymen kit from China, costs $30? In the Middle East it's sold to fool husbands into thinking their wives are virgins. They believe that a woman is not a virgin unless they bleed the first time. "The product bleeds a blood- like substance when inserted and broken." The Conservative Egyptian lawmakers are banning these kits.

There are also a medical procedure to reattach your broken hymen, but that's illegal too.

Stupid criminals: I read this in 24 about how 3 guys beat up a taxi cab driver and got him to drop them at an apartment building, where one of the guys lived in. That is so stupid, so they got caught.

I might as well throw this one in. There are 2 intruders who broke into the Calgary Zoo and they were attacked by a tiger. The lesson is, do not break into zoos because animals can attack you.

Weird: I read in 24 that Amy Jo Johnson from Flashpoint is 39 years old. She looks like she's in her 20s. Maybe early 30s. Or maybe it's because I've seen her as the Pink Power Ranger, and that's all I see her as someone who's young.

There is a study in the journal Motivation and Emotion said that little irritants like talking with your mouthful can be a romance enhancer. Participants asked about their 2nd biggest pet peeve about their partner showed an increase in liking them. Their partner's largest flaw experienced a decrease.

Rant: Another thing is about two polygamist leaders from Bountiful cult being arrested. It is a "fundamentalist Mormon community." Harold Blackmore quit the cult, and said: "The more wives (the men) have, the more children and the more welfare." What's weird is there is a correlation between this and Maury.

I mean that teenage girl on Maury who wants to get pregnant and say: "I'm going to have a baby and all of you guys are going to pay for it." The cult gets me angrier because there are dozens of kids of there, and all my tax money is going to it. At least with one teen girl, it's usually only one baby. Unless Maury intervenes and prevents it from happening.

Coincidence: A coincidence is that earlier this week I was watching Lie to Me, and the subplot is Jillian and Loker go to a polygamist place to find out if they're taking advantage of the govt. money. They have 30 houses there, and they are listed as churches so that they could get money from the govt.

There was a happy ending. J calls this place and gets the mom, and her four kids out of the compound. The leader was mad and says to J: You made a big mistake."

Me: What are you going to do? Kick my ass?

Oct. 8 Feelings: I am still kind of angry. I have this residual effect on me. Right now I could go and get angry again, but I'm going to avoid it. Why? Because I'm going to watch good TV shows that bring me up to a good mood. The shows are The Vampire Diaries, Flash Forward, and The Mentalist.

Let's focus on the positive. My mom and grandma has been nice to me in washing the dinner dishes for me. I usually do them most nights, but I don't have to because of my hands. I have this xzema (I don't know about the spelling) on my hands.

Southland: In other news Southland got canceled. It had a good first season because it debuted mid- season. However, it has been decreasing in ratings. Then today I read that they produced 6 episodes for the 2nd season, and they got canceled because it was too "gritty and dark." That's what I would say.

There are TV shows I watch like Criminal Minds and Law and Order: SVU, but it is not filmed like Southland is. This show seems more real and not scripted.

Writing: In between my break from the TV shows tonight, I put in a good hour and typed up what I had written on my old MacEwan agenda. I then piled the Rain script together and got 21 pages for now. It's a coincidence, I was going through my notes yesterday and I read Conni's questions about why these 2 people are together. Why are they a couple? What attracts them together? What makes you root for them?

Those questions were for my Garret script. I then applied those questions on my Rain script. The coincidence is that Conni emailed me today and commented about my outline. She liked the idea, and she pointed out there was no ending. I haven't figured it out yet.

Oct. 9: Those are really good questions. I actually have Rain fall in love with the bad guy. The bad guy could redeem himself in the story. Or maybe she should go with the funny sidekick.

Song: You know how earlier this week I thought about that song called "All I Have" by Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J? What a weird coincidence is that I was listening to the radio and someone requested that song. It's weird because that song is from 2002, and I thought of it.

Saying: Psychic Miki says: "There is no perfect timing for anything unless you create it."

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

rant/ charity/ Eric Callero

Oct. 4 Rant: Let's just say today I opened a can of worms that I shouldn't have. However, I've been thinking about it for a week and I needed to get it out there. Now that I did, I got closure and can move on.

I'm really angry right now, but I must think of positive things to get over it. Here's a mild rant. I found an iTunes $15 gift card on the library's ground. I took it, and tried to redeem it, but it was already redeemed. Damn, I'm not that lucky.

Health: For the past couple of days I had a cold, but then my manager Stella gave me some pills from Hong Kong. I took them, got some sleep and I feel fine. The wart on my finger is also healing up. Every time I think of pills, I think of Heath Ledger and must be careful not to accidentally overdose. Then I was annoyed that the only health benefits I get from work are the band aids, Polysporin, and medicine from them. At least I get free food. I must be positive because this is my 16th month working there.

Charity: The other day, I woke up and then this charity for the Canadian Blind Association called for money. They buy computers for blind children. The guy did the whole song and dance as usual. Ask for $300 and then $150. Then said I donated $20 in 2007, and ask for that bare minimum. If any of you are interested in donating money to charity, donate there.

Then today I bumped into Christine who used to work at the Soup place. She was part of the Walk for Breast Cancer today. She managed to raise $35. There was a team that managed to raise $20, 000.

In the Metro, this 8 year old boy managed to raise $27, 000 "to build a ground well and a $20, 000- litre rain water collection system in southwest Ugunda."

Funny and weird: I saw Stephen Harper sing and play piano of a Beatles song on Yahoo. That was weird because it was so out of character. Not bad.

Clean: I feel so angry, I used my energy for something constructive like cleaning my room a bit, and redecorating it. I also danced to get my adrenaline and endorphins going.

I was thinking about that Jennifer Lopez feat. LL Cool J song "All I have." I find her songs often have oversimplified lyrics. LL Cool J raps: "Don't make decisions when you're mad." That's true. I threw out some papers and deleted some pictures that I don't care for anymore. I have no regrets.

News: I read in the Edmonton Journal about Nazi concentration camps actually having brothels. Jews can't use it, but the German and Austrian prisoners could. However, there wasn't much sex, they were mainly talking. The women who were forced to work there, there was some good points like they could work indoors away from the cold. I didn't learn this in school or even when Oprah talked to the guy who was a Holocaust survivor. Well there's a book out now.

In another article there is actually a sport where you're boxing somebody, and then you have to go and play chess for 4 minutes. It's really a use of the body and mind at the same time.

Writing: I'm also dealing with my anger by writing my script. Let's just say, I'm deleting a character that I based on somebody, and storyline that I have gone through.

Oct. 5 Actors: Today I was watching Gossip Girl, and Tyra Banks shows her acting chops as an actress. Of course she's on this show, because her talk show is in NY instead of LA. She's fine. Hilary Duff is also on this show for some eps, and she plays an actress. The last time I saw her was on Law and Order: SVU also shot in NY.

Weird: Today I was still in a foul mood. My horoscope told me talk it out. Well I was going to anyway and I told it to my co- worker Jennifer. It's weird because the last time I remember being angry was in fall 2006. I got a bad mark on my Eng. 101 quiz and then I started thinking about things I hate like Maury and Dr Phil. At that time I had quit watching it for about 6 months.

Now that I'm mad, I'm thinking about seeing a psychic. I always read the Ask Miki, the advice column from the psychic Miki. Even prior to the psychic Nadia I saw, I always read Miki. I like to read advice columns because whenever I get in a situation or a problem, I know what to do. Or at least help my friends and family if they have a similar problem that I read about.

I like to know someone is being helped. I guess that's why I had liked Dr Phil. And then I eventually started hating the show because they weren't really helping people. I was reading this letter to Miki today, and it's from a guy. He sounds like me.

Saying: I read this in Miki's Daily Affirmation "We cannot bring the past back to life in the future."

Oct. 6 Good: Things are looking up. Yesterday I emailed a producer who had read my script and rejected it 6 months ago. This time I told him about my updates on it. He emailed me back and asked if I had revised it. I did. I then emailed him and told him about it, trying to convince him to read it.

Job: Today this regular customer John came, and asked me about how the script is going. I told him I will have to wait until mid- Oct. before this other producer gets back to me after reading it.

This new girl Zoe was hired and she told me she has family who are producers. I asked for their names so I can look them up. One of her uncles had worked for the scary movie Ginger Snaps.

Joke: I was watching SNL and the joke was: "Winnie the Pooh got a new character which is an otter. That's because Eore finally did it.
Cut to a pic of Eore's body hanging, and a chair toppled over. That's pretty dark.

Banks: I read in the Metro that this year, 98 banks in the US has closed down.

Eric Callero: You know those vamp jokes on Conan O' Brien? The hot guy who plays the vampire Cody Devereax is Eric Callero. I went on the internet last night looking for him because he was in the 3rd sketch. It's so weird. On the show he is really pale, with eye liner. Then you go to his website and he looks very normal.

Me: Is that really him?
Check out his pics:
I like him better as a Goth. lol.

The joke was this:

Conan: Zombieland was the best selling movie this weekend so I hired a zombie.
Cody is standing there, and Zombie comes along.
Conan: Did you get my sandwich?
Z: Yes.

Z holds up a sub, and rips it apart.
Conan: What's wrong Cody?
Cody: If I can't get you the sandwich, what would I do?
Cody runs outside and burst into flames in the sunlight.

I then went on the internet and found him on Facebook. I sent him a friend request. Then I sent him a message with subject title: "Hey, I like you on Conan O' Brien."

Hi Eric

I really like you on Conan O' Brien. You're really funny. When I looked you up on the internet and saw you without Goth makeup on, I had a double take. I actually kind of like how you look better as a Goth.

I saw your black and white photos on your website. You kind of look like James Dean. Is that what you're going for?

Well keep up the good work.



Funny: Conan does this other joke.

C: It's been all over the news about a late night talk show host and his scandal. That's me and my fued with the Newark, NJ mayor.
The audience laughs. They totally mislead you to think it's David Letterman having sex with his female employees, but it's really C.

Thank a Soldier: Here's one more thing. Go to this website. It talks about a school won't let kids write to soldiers and thank them, because they would be supporting a war. They say it's really "a peacekeeping mission with conflict."

They should still be allowed to thank soldiers. Check it out:

Sunday, October 4, 2009

writing/ progress/ names

Sept. 30 Writing: I get a Screenwriting Goldmine newsletter in my email. It says: "What do you think? Simply put, are you a writer because you get heard more when you write than when you speak?

[Another theory is that we write to make sense of the world. All that restructuring of raw experience into a shape that adds up to a concrete message helps us get through what can sometimes seem like a pretty chaotic and even painful world. Writing as therapy? Well,not quite, but writing as a means of ordering the world into the way you'd like it to be - maybe. Does that ring true for anyone? - Phil]"

I agree that writing is therapeutic. I've always known that to organize my thoughts. I do like sharing it with you. I guess I never thought of it this way, that writing the world into the way I would like it. I do write stories that I would like to see.

Bionic Woman: While I was writing my script, I got this flashback of the 2007 show called Bionic Woman. I looked it up, and it turns out there were only 8 eps, and then it got cancelled. I only saw one ep and I liked it. I was busy with all my other TV shows so I guess I never really noticed it when it never came back.

I remember this because I was thinking about siblings on TV. On the script I'm selling, the lead character lives with his big brother. Then I wrote about a guy living with his little sister. And now I'm writing about a girl living her little brother. In BW, the bionic woman Jamie lived with her little sister who's a teenager because their parents died.

BW was a good show. It had promise with the action and sci-fi. A likeable heroine who got into a car accident. She was then recruited into a secret government agency and they put bionic metal parts in her body so she could survive. She also ended up working for them, and of course leading a double life, hiding her abilities from her sister.

Oct. 1 Actors: I was watcing another ep of Flash Forward, and I saw the name Stephanie Weir. It sounds familiar, and then when I saw her, I knew her. She's from MADtv and she plays a quirky and funny character who owns a bakery. It was good to see her.

Michael Trevino is on this show playing bad boy/ bully Tyler. He's type cast as a bad boy since he was on 90210. Then I saw him guest star on The Mentalist and it's the same character.

I was watching The Mentalist and this bad guy looks familiar. Within 5 min. I was able to place him. He was on the other CBS show Criminal Minds where he plays JJ's boyfriend/ cop. It's good with his range. What's interesting is that he has the same look and same soft southern accent he does on both shows.

Vampire Diaries: While I'm at it, I saw Marguerite McIntyre was playing the sheriff/ Caroline's mom on this show. She was the mom on Kyle XY. No surprise, because the producer Julie Plec works on both these shows.

This show keeps getting better. At the end, it turns out there are other people in Mystic Falls knows that vampires do exist. I kind of didn't like how Elena's friend Caroline knows that Damon is a vampire, and still the lead character Elena doesn't know about vamps. Stefan was creative and poisoned Caroline, so that when Damon bites into her, he gets poisoned.

However, it looks like Damon has been captured and thrown into a cell in his own mansion. His brother Stefan and their nephew put him there. Though next week, Damon may end up escaping after all. We'll see.

Progress: The other day I finally finished emailing all the production companies listed on Alberta Motion Picture Industries Association (AMPIA.) There are definetly over a 100. Well I didn't pitch to all of them because I know for sure Dynacor Media only makes training videos. I did pitch to all the Saskatechewan Motion Picture Industries Association. Not that many there.

I then emailed the British Columbia equivalent today. I also pitched to a BC company.

Psychic: It's been 4 months since I last saw psychic Nadia and I still think about it. She didn't tell me really good things or things I wanted to hear. She says I'm going to keep working at a restaurant for a couple more years. That's good in the job stability, but what about the TV writing? She says that's going to be a few years before that happens.

I wanted to hear, your script will be produced this year or the next. Patience is a virtue. When I was a teenager, I really did want overnight success. To be so young, and so successful. I've been writing for the past 10 years. I've been pitching since last year. It's like I'm always biding my time.

I pitch my script. I wait for a response. Then when someone asks to read it, I send my script out. Then I wait until they're finished reading it. The whole time I'm working at my job, watching TV, reading, and writing.

Oct. 2 Crazy day: Today was supposed to be my day off, but instead I got a phone call from work calling me to come. It's a good thing I did. At least I got to sleep in an hour later. I went and worked from 11am-6pm. One person didn't show up in the morning. Then the other person didn't show up in the afternoon. Then another person didn't show up for the night shift.

They put a "Help Wanted" sign back up. If anyone's interested, please apply.

Names: I'm writing and for awhile I had the name Jessica as my lead character. I find that name too common. I changed it to Rain which is a name I had since 2005. I have never met a Rain before. I know there's the actor Rainn Wilson from The Office. I remember telling my old Treats manager Aziz and he said: "Like from the sky?" He thought it was a weird name. Well lots of names are words like Violet, Amber, Faith, Grace, Summer, Autumn.

The bad guy's name is Zaid. I think I got that name from the late 90s. Maybe reading from Twist magazine. I then looked it up on the internet, and the name is Arabic. The character is white so it's kind of weird. Even prior to knowing the origin, I felt it was too weird of a name like my sister's name. lol.

Well my name can be used for boys and girls, and a first and last name. There are a few like Parker and Taylor.

Oct. 3: Today I worked from open to close. At least on my break, I got to talk to Justin as he was out on his cigarette break. It turns out he and I both have a little brother named Patrick. I had guessed that his brother's name would be Jason.

Me: So when did you start smoking?
J: 2nd year of university?
Me: Why?
J: Because of the stress of midterms, exams, friends, the bars.

How did I manage stress? Well my breaks were usually dancing, and working around my TV schedule. lol.

J tells me he sees his family 2 or 3 months.
Me: So how do you get to Calgary? Driving there, plane?
J: I take the Red Arrow bus. It's better than the Greyhound.
Me: Yeah, since that decapitation.
J: What?

Me: The decapitation. You know that guy Vincent Li decapitated a guy on the bus.
J: Oh yeah, and now he's in a mental hospital.

Evolution: I've been thinking about my script. The Fighter is what I've been pitching. Then I wrote Garret which is like the first one, but with different names. Yeah, I had writer's block. Then I wrote Daniel, which is based on the comedian Daniel Tosh, my old Treats manager Aziz, and I working at a restaurant together.Now I have moved onto Rain. The characters from the last 2 scripts are there with different names, but it's a different story.

Oct. 4 James Franco: Did you know that James Franco is going to be on the soap opera General Hospital for November sweeps? I can't believe a big movie star is doing soap operas. I mean, I see them on TV, but they're doing dramas.

You know like Sean Patrick Thomas and Mekhi Pheifer are on the TV show Lie to Me. I remember seeing Ethan Hawke doing one ep of Alias.