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Sunday, October 31, 2010

actors/ operations management/ Happy Halloween!

Oct. 27 Actors: I was on Yahoo and I see Jenna von Oy who played Six on the old TV sitcom Blossom. She is now 33 and gotten married to this Dell computer consultant. nice.

I was watching Heartland, and I saw the actress Alberta Watson on. She was on Nikita (1997) TV show before.

I was watching Desperate Housewives, and I saw the grandma from True Blood guest- star as Tom's mother.

90210: I still have writer's block. I find this show very inconsistent with their quality of writing. Shows like The Mentalist and Criminal Minds where every episode is overall good. In the 90210 episode this week, there's a good part where Naomi is talking to her friend Silver about her rape. N's sister Jen overhears it on the baby monitor so that's good writing. The sisters don't get along, and N wouldn't tell her so the only way that J would know if she overheard it.

Then it's bad writing when Adrianna says: "I know my boundaries." My sister says: "This is coming from a girl who got pregnant as a teenager (gave the baby up for adoption) and had a drug overdose." A says that to her boyfriend so he would leave the room.

Then it's good writing when Silver and Navid overhears Adrianna talking to her manager over the camera audio. Then it's kind of unoriginal because earlier in the episode, Jen overhears information through technology.

Set up and payoff: There's a good set up and payoff. In earlier episodes, Ivy's mom is sleeping with Ivy's young friend. The friend sleeps with Ivy too. Then the friend tells Ivy in front of her mom, that he slept with both of them.

Unoriginal: A guy sleeping with a girl, and her mom has been done on The OC where Luke sleeps with Marissa and her mom Julie. It's a little different because Marissa finds out when she overhears Luke telling Ryan that.

Liam gets a job at this clothing store which is like Hooters. He's working with his shirt off. Then this woman who shops there feels sorry for him because he's working there because he lives in his car. She offers to let him live in her pool house as he does house work there for her. That's like Ryan living in the pool house in The OC.

Then it gets a plot twist when the mom has a daughter, and that daughter likes Liam.

Oct. 28 Memory documentary: I saw this Doc Zone episode called "Where did I put my my memory?" about memory. There are ways to improve it like acronyms, sing a song that rhymes, reading a book over again. There was talks about in the future about taking drugs to improve your memory and having a hippo-campus implant in your brain.

There's the saying of: "Your brain is a muscle. Use it or lose it." There are "brain gyms" for senior citizens who take quizzes on computers to keep their brain sharp. Crossword puzzles are good because it forces you to recall information.

Job: I feel like when I'm at work, I am at a "brain gym." For the past 5 days that I have been training, I've been learning something totally new to me.

Operations management: It has made me think about that time about how to bring down Wal- mart. I thought to get a job there, and give bad customer service and people will hate you and then will hate Wal-mart. There are other ways like making mistakes at work.

In my job training, if you make mistakes at work like putting in the wrong address to deliver something, it will cost money. The person who's delivering is the driver. The driver makes money by making as many deliveries as possible. If he goes to the wrong address, he's wasting gas, time, and money. He's losing money and so is the company.

When organizing the deliveries, they place the things in the truck a certain way. The things that get delivered first will be put at the front for easy access. If you go to the wrong address, then you can't deliver it. You will have to keep going to other houses to deliver the other items, and you will have to keep moving that first item out of the way. It's about working efficiently.Stress: I am stressed out from training. However, I think I will be more stressed out when I'm on the computer actually applying my knowledge.

Job lessons: Here are some job lessons I learned.

1. The more training a job gives you, the more difficult the job is: Unless you're smart and can pick it up fast. There are jobs that don't need that much training like working at a clothing store or restaurant. If you need to learn how to use the cash register or spot shoplifters, than there is some training involved. (That's what I learned from this office job.)

2. The bigger the company is, the more work there is: It depends if you stick to one part of the department. When I worked at a big department store, I felt really overworked. I have a friend who used to work at a big department store and she never felt overworked.

3. It really depends how the company is run: I worked at the Soup place and it was small like 10 people in total working. When 1 or 2 people didn't show up for work, it puts more work on the others that are there.If there is a big store with 50 people working any given day, 1 or 2 people who don't show up for work, it doesn't have that big of an effect on the employees who are there.

Good news: I was reading 24, and it said there's a place called the Homegirl Cafe where women who were in gangs now work as waitresses there. That's good to turn their lives around.

A Toronto strip club are fighting human trafficking. They will put posters on the walls and DJs will read warnings every couple of hours. It's about awareness of a problem.

Bret Easton Ellis: He is the author of American Psycho. I was reading an interview with him in 24. He seems very down to earth and he got into writing as a hobby, and he was more interested in being in a band. He has written other books, but everybody knows him for one book. He says that's okay because he's not really concerned about his career. He says that every time he puts out his credit card, they immediately think of American Psycho.

Oct. 29 Blog: I managed to have some fun today. We were sent home early from work because we were done our training. I went on Facebook today and I saw one of my friends put her blog links up on her information on the left side. I thought: "I should do the same" and I did.

Oct. 30: Happy Halloween everybody!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Josh Miller/ job rant/ 16 and Pregnant

Oct. 25 Josh Miller: I had hit writer's block and I'm supposed to write a script for the producer Josh Miller from Panacea Entertainment. Well, I made that my assignment. I had achieved my list of things I have to do, and JM said he will read another script of mine as long as it's not The Fighter since he already read 2 versions of it.

I then looked at what he's produced. I know he produced the TV show Mentors back in 2000. I watched that show and it was shot in Edmonton. Chad Crowchuk and Sara Lind were the stars of it. I had seen them in the TV show The Incredible Story Studio where teenagers write short stories, and it gets produced on TV. That is so cool. I'll admit, I wrote a short story and sent it in. Then the show got canceled. Yeah, well at least I did it. I was 13-15 yrs old when I saw those shows. JM also produced Story Studio.

He produced the kids show 2030 CE in 2001. I was 16 and I saw the first episode. Corey Sevier was in it, and it was set in the future. He produced Myth Quest which was similar to Mentors. In Myth Quest it was about a brother and sister (who was played by Meredith Henderson, Shirley from The Adventures of Shirley Holmes.) They travel into mythical worlds.

In Mentors, a guy and a girl bring people from the past like Anne Frank and Albert Einstein to help them with their problems.

He produced the TV movie Intern Academy about med school school students. It was a comedy. I saw a bit of it when I was channel surfing. The Edmonton actor Ron Pederson was on. He was a regular on MADtv.

Writing teachers on TV: Josh Miller produced A Total Write-off! and it's about from "A fast-paced and fun television series where two teams of writers match wits in a writing showdown as they compete to create short stories based on spontaneous audience suggestions." My Distilled Prose teacher Timothy Anderson won that show.

The Screenwriting teacher Geo Tackach was on that show too. I had talked to him back in Dec. 2007 and it inspired me to finish The Fighter script and I started pitching it in Jan. 2008. GT wrote a Mentors episode where they bring the painter Emily Carr.

Conclusion: So in conclusion, JM produces things with kids, teenagers, supernatural, and comedy. He also produces reality, docu-drama and TV movies. When I write, I write for myself first. If I don't want to watch it, what makes you think anyone else is going to watch it?

Bad writing: Also on 90210, there's a scene where Silver, Adrianna, and Naomi are IMing with the bad teacher Mr. Cannon and they have to trap him. They're all cowering over the laptop and acting all excited and they looked totally stupid. My sister said that 3 times during that short scene. They were acting stupid, and it was annoying. It's okay for characters to act stupid if the scene was supposed to be funny, and in this case it wasn't.

Good writing: Then the episode kind of redeems itself towards the end when Silver thinks she's got Mr. Cannon coming to her hotel room. Mr. C brings the principal and guidance counselor in to talk about S's actions because it seems like S is coming onto Mr. C.

James Edward Campell: He play Fitz on Degrassi: The Next Generation. I like his bad boy personality. I can see him playing Shawn in The Fighter. I was researching him and his character on the internet today. It did inspire me to write a scene.

Oct. 26 Job rant: I think I'm stressed out from 8 hr days of being trained. The teacher is good. I remember when I was at the grocery store, I was stressed out, but I would say the woman who trained me was good. I wasn't very good at the grocery store so that's why I quit.

It did make me think of Call Centre #4. They dismissed me after one day though I had 9 completes. They had really high expectations that I'm supposed to meet in one day. They expected you to be perfect right out of the gate, and didn't give me any warning or more training, and time to improve.

I got dismissed from this juice place after working there for 2 weeks full-time. I don't have anything bad to say about them because they gave me ample time to see if I was good at the job. They trained me and they decided I wasn't good. That's fine.

Actors: Last night I was watching Lie to Me and Tricia Helfer guest- starred. She played an interesting/ grey character. Not good, but not bad. You think the biggest guest- star is often the one who did it.

On Gossip Girl, they managed to get two big stars. Tim Gunn from Project Runway played himself, and Ivanka Trump (daughter of Donald Trump) played herself. The characters on the show were both doing something for their careers so that's why the real people are here. That's good to show the characters working instead of scheming against each other.

Saying: I was at B Sweet, that candy store at West Ed. They sell buttons and magnets. One of them said: "Recession is for quitters."

I liked the button that said "Fighter" and then you turn it upside down, and it says "Lover." It reminded me of my script.

16 and Pregnant: There was a new episode of this show and I had to watch it. It was about Brooke who's in Texas. I actually liked her. Her mom was a teen mom, and her mom, and her mom before her all got married young. Brooke got pregnant, was engaged with her boyfriend Cody for 2 months and got married at 16.

Surprisingly, I actually liked this girl and her family. Let's start off with her boyfriend Cody. He wasn't very smart, because he failed this test 4 times and he needed to pass it in order to graduate out of high school early. He did pass it the 5th time, and B said: "I breathed a sigh of relief." Me too.

C has a job at a grocery store and he takes care of the baby in the day, and he works at night. Then B goes to school in the day, and takes care of the baby at night. They share responsibility of the baby, and the guy isn't a total jerk like most guys on this show are. He is a nice guy, husband, and dad.

They named their kid a normal name Brody which is combination of their names Brooke and Cody. Brooke's mom was supportive and let them stay in their home. They don't pay rent, but they clean the house. They save money, go to school, and work. Good for them.

Brooke did cry at the end of her show saying it's really hard. At least her family and friends are supportive of her and they're taking responsibility of their baby instead of leaving it to their mom to raise it.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

charity/ good writing/ Angel

Oct. 22 Charity: I read on Yahoo news someone donated $10,000 to the World Trade Centre fund. The box of money was last checked at 5pm and closed on 7pm on Tues. Then when the workers came to check the money, there were 99 $100 bills and 5 $20 bills. It all looked crisp like it was straight from the bank. They want to know who it is so they can thank the person.

Yes, when you donate that kind of money, you should get a tax receipt. Even if you donate $10 to something, I would want a tax receipt. If it's something like dropping $1 into the Salvation Army bowl at the mall, then of course it's only a little so you won't get that written for your taxes.

Oct. 23 Saturday Night Live: I was watching this show and there was a sketch about "Dangerous Teenage Fads" and the newscaster mentions "robotripping" and my sister laughed at it.

Me: That's a real thing.
Sister: What does that even mean?
Me: It means people drink a lot of Robitussin to get high.

The sketch then shows about how teens are drinking expired soup to get high.

Me: I can't believe you don't know what robotripping even is. I thought you read the newspaper.
S: I do read the newspaper.
Me: South Park made an episode about it.

I will admit that I know about robotripping since 2006. I read about it on discussing Dr. Phil.

Look alike: My sister did point out that Emma Stone looks and sounds like Lindsay Lohan. I never noticed that until she pointed it out to me when watching SNL. ES even played LL in The View sketch.

Emma Stone:

Lindsay Lohan:

Oct. 24 Good writing: I have writer's block so I'm going to analyze writing to get my creative juices flowing.

I remember about how the screenwriter Robert McKee says that characters under pressure reveal character. CSI: NY did an episode where Mac Taylor has to choose either to save a man that's bleeding from the neck or catch the killer who got off the train?

MT saves the man. I would do the same. The killer is going to run and kill someone else, but I'm going to help the man because he really needs it right at that moment.

Write sexy: I was watching 90210, and my sister and I thought it was so bad about how this teen girl was hitting on Teddy. The dialogue wasn't realistic at all. That's now how teens talk. It was poor writing. It kind of gets a pass because the girl was a throwaway character who was only there for one episode, and she wasn't a regular so it doesn't matter.

Now here's how to write sexy as I was watching CSI: NY. Detective Jessica Angel was interviewing a guy who's a witness.

Guy: Can I have your number?
Det. Angel: Are you in trouble?
Guy: No, but I'd like to be.

Smart writing: On the Criminal Minds season 6 premiere, the killer kidnaps this 11 yr old girl Ellie. Killer gets E to commit murder. K ties up parents. E gets son into the closet.

K sees the family photo of the parents and 2 sons.

E: I told the other kid to go and tell all the neighbors about the attack.
K takes E and they drive away really fast as neighbors are chasing them with weapons. Now E is a smart kid to get the other kid to do that.

CSI: NY game: Here are my patterns I catch on the show.

The first scene is a sexy situation: I saw Kristin Renton from The Sausage Factory guest- star. She makes out with a guy in the elevator. A couple get it on in the Statue of Liberty.

Killing someone over a misunderstanding: A court guard kills the wrestling coach because he thinks he's pedophile. There was a email that was sent out, but it was a prank by the court guard's son. They did an ep where a guy kills his boss because the other employee was going to get promoted. However, the papers the guy saw were fake papers and he wasn't going to get promoted. I saw this on a recent Castle ep.

A Young and the Restless actor guest- stars: I saw the actors who play JT, Adrian, and Daniel guest star on CSI: NY.

The Young and the Restless actor who guest- stars is the guy who did it: JT, Adrian, and Daniel were the guys who committed the crime.

Making a gun out of ordinary things: They made a gun out of a pen and a steering wheel lock.

Comparisons: Here are some more comparisons.

The mentor that a character looks up to, is the bad guy: I saw this on Castle.

Me: This was also on CSI: NY.
Patrick: And on CSI.

Couple gets attacked in bed: I saw this on Close to Home and CSI:NY.

Exporting human fat: I was watching a commercial for Boston Legal and they were exporting human fat. That reminded me of Fight Club. I saw a bit of it on TV and the characters did the same thing.

Angel: The TV show Angel which is the spin off from Buffy used to impress me. What impressed me? I was 14/ 15 yrs old so it was easier to impress me back then. The surprises were really good. Here's one episode where Angel, Wesley and Cordelia meet this family of dad, mom, son, and daughter.

They think that the dad is possessed by a demon. Then it turns out it was the 10 yr old son that was possessed. Then Angel and Wesley chase the demon down, and it's revealed that the demon says when he possessed the boy, the boy had no soul. He was evil.

The boy tries to kill his little sister. Angel saves the day, and no one dies. The boy will be taken away. I didn't expect that the boy was possessed, and he was more evil than the demon.

Prison Break: I find that this show is original because it's about an engineer who breaks his brother out of prison so he wouldn't get the death penalty for a crime he didn't commit. Sure there's the movie The Shawshank Redemption but it's about a guy who lives in prison. There's more to it than that, but I don't want to spoil it for you. I read it in screenwriting books.

There's the TV show OZ which is 18+. It's about a mens' prison and it's really brutal and harsh from the clips I saw on Youtube. You can have TV shows in the same setting, but write it with a different style.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

stupid situations/ flash back/ teen pregnancy

Oct. 23 Stupid situations: I was thinking about how I failed out of NAIT. Failing out of college is not a very smart or good thing to do, I know that. I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. I either quit college mid-year and cut my losses and get a job. Or I could finish the school year, learn as much as I can, and put it on my resume that I did do a year at NAIT. I took the latter.

I remember telling my classmate Christina that I wasn't going to graduate from this 1 yr program. She was surprised. Why did I tell her? She asked what my practicum was going to be, and I told her I didn't have one. I can honestly say I didn't care if I wasn't graduating from this program. I was going to get a job and start looking for another college program to get into. I was going to get a college diploma in something else.

A few more people asked about my practicum and I told them the truth. I wasn't ashamed of myself. I still have a high school diploma, and I can get a job and go to college. It's not really that bad.

When I got into Professional Writing, a lot of my classmates talked about being in other college programs and switching majors.

Flash back: I was also thinking about my classmate Melina who graduated out of high school, and at 18 she got pregnant and had the kid. I don't have anything bad to say about her because she graduated out of high school and is legally an adult. It's not the best situation.

Then I thought that if she got pregnant when she was in high school and a teenager, I still wouldn't say anything bad about her. She is a really nice girl. One time back in 2000, the choir and band went on a band trip to Saskatoon. I was at this taco restaurant with these 2 girls. The girls left and I was drinking my pop by myself.

Then Melina came up to me, tapped me on my shoulder and invited me to join her and some friends. I said sure. Aww, how nice.

Teen pregnancy: On twop, this woman talked about how her old high school in the Atlanta suburbs averaged 30 girls a year getting pregnant. She was shocked by that number. I read in Seventeen magazine that there was a school that had 64 girls get pregnant in the school year 2004-2005.

Person: My senior year I had a pregnancy scare (p.s. I wasn't, yay! ). My boyfriend and i used condoms, but i was late one month. I told my bf what was going on and he said "i'll drive you and pay for the abortion." Strangely, it was the most romantic thing any boy could have ever said to me.

Person #2: The statutory rape thing is complicated. You don't wanna punish kids who are just young and running on hormones. BUT I've seen the cycle of 19 year olds dating 15 year olds turn into 25 year olds dating 15 year olds.once their girlfriend turns 18, the. Guys break up with them. A week later they're taking a new 15 year old on dates to outback. Something similar happened with a close friend's little sister. When she was 15 she started dating a guy who was 19 at the time.

The parents knew and were ok with it...even after finding out they were having sex. She turned 18, graduated high school, and started community college and all of a sudden she finds out that he's cheating on her....with a 15 year old girl. He was 22, she was 15.

Person #3: I think it should be mandatory to take a domestic violence program in school, maybe onE every year. Not just for datings sake, but for general homelife.

Person #4: A girl around here was killed by her boyfriend about 2 years ago, and I saw on the local news last night that they are trying to pass a law requiring some sort of dating/abuse class for high school students.

Person #5: That's the standard of who should have the cops called on them for dating an underage girl, not the 19 year old dating a 15 year old, but the guy who keeps going for younger and younger girls while he gets older and older. I'll never forget my dad sitting me down when I was about 15 and telling me about a cousin/friend of his who took him on a blind double date when they were 19 or 20 and the girls turned out to be 13 and how this was skeevy. His first wife was young, his second wife was only a few years older than me (about 20 years younger) and third wife is only a couple of years older than his oldest daughter! I

also worked with a woman who married her high school teacher and was shocked when he kept cheating with progressively younger girls. I don't know that any of the guys on this show are going to keep trading their girlsfriends for younger girls, but I don't see most of them ever giving any kind of support or stability to their children.

Writing: I was procrastinating with my writing. This morning I did some studying of my computer codes that is important for my #1 priority of keeping my office job. I had already gotten production companies reading my Fighter script so now I'm playing the Waiting Game by waiting for them to finish reading it.

I finished my rewrites of The Fighter. Now onto my last priority of writing something new. The producer Josh Miller of Panacea Entertainment said he will read another script of mine that isn't The Fighter.

Writing reminders: When I watch TV, I'm reminded of my script. I was watching Desperate Housewives and Susan has a secret job that she's hiding, but it was kind of exposed last week. That's like in The Fighter.

I was watching a Buffy season 7 episode last month. It's where Buffy and Anya fight each other after Anya commits a massacre. Xander tries to stop them. It reminded me of my script because of two characters fighting each other, and another trying to stop them.

It was a good fight. Kind of like when Buffy fought Evil Willow in season 6. It's interesting to see Buffy go from fighting bad guys to her own friends.

16 and Pregnant: Well I'm finished reading dozens of pages on the episode of Chelsea. I will say that she lives in a big house. Her parents are divorced, and her dad is really nice and supportive to Chelsea, even though she's pregnant. I hated her boyfriend Adam. He sent a really mean text message calling her a bitch and dissing her for having stretch marks when she was carrying his kid. He even called his kid a "mistake." C was crying. If someone sent me a text message like that, I would probably cry.

C then calls her dad so he would come home. I wouldn't call my parents about that.I might write it in an email to all my friends. I do hope the best for C and that she graduates out of high school. On her Facebook page, it says she works at Hollister.

On, people were saying things about the text message: "If my parents read that text message, they would go over there and beat him up" or "You can diss me, I don't care. But you don't say anything about my kid."

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sign this petition for Amnesty Interanational

Sign this petition for Amnesty Interanational.

Friday, October 22, 2010

music/ child molestation/ look alike

Oct. 20 Music: I was pitching my script and I found this production company that played this cool Latin flavored music. Check it out.

Priorities: My priorities are these:

1. Get a regular job.
2. Get an office job.
3. Pitch my script.
4. Work on rewriting The Fighter.

I did the first two things on my list because I start my new job tomorrow. I hope it works out. If it doesn't, I can always look for another job and get EI.

I stopped looking for a job for the past two weeks, and switched gears by pitching my script. I managed to get 5 production companies reading it. I'll check up on them in a month to see if anyone's interested. If not, there are still a few more companies I'm supposed to contact in a couple months because right now they're busy.

I did rewrites on The Fighter and I sent that draft out to the companies.

Now I have to work on a new script. That has been on the bottom of my list for months. I have jotted ideas, scenes, and lines down, but nothing concrete.

Child molestation: I was watching Oprah the other day, and they interviewed this 16 yr old boy Daniel who stabbed his molester 55 times. He was released from jail for 1 day to do this interview. This kid was cute and looked non-threatening. The molester was a family friend.

D met him when he was 12 because the guy had a dog. He paid D to watch his dog. D's parents looked up the man on the internet to see if he was on the sex offender list, and he wasn't. The man was nice and helped out the family like buying detergent for them when they needed it. The family was a little strapped for cash.

D was getting paid to mow the man's lawn. Then the man said that he will let D drive his car if he shows him his genitals. D was in a rush, so he did it. Then the man held it against him by saying: "If you don't do this, I'll tell your parents about it." D was ashamed of himself, but he kept going back because he kept getting food, money, and clothes from him when D didn't have a lot of money.

It kept going on for a few years. Then when D was with him, he was told to have sex with him. D snapped and realized it wasn't going to stop. D grabbed a pickle jar and hits him with it. D then went into a rage and stabbed him 55 times. D says that he feels remorse for killing a man, and also relieved in a way because the abuse stopped.

The other guest was Willy, this boy who was molested when he was 6 yrs old. His mother shot his molester. She goes to jail, and then was released. Then she sells meth, gets arrested and goes to jail. She's released and dies of cancer. Willy then goes to jail for murder and will be up for parole in 20 yrs. They talked to Willy's sister who is normal and well- adjusted.

The sister was raised by her grandma. Willy moved to another relative. That hurt that they lost their mom, and then each other. The sister does visit Willy in jail. W has a 9yr old son.

Tyler Perry: He is the first black man to own his own movie studio. He produces movies and plays. He was on Oprah today talking about how he was beaten by his father, and how he was molested by men and one woman. He actually sends a check to his father every month so his dad could live in a nice house. He doesn't have a problem giving money to him, he isn't going to give something like love which means more to him.

TP says he doesn't care if his dad watches this interview on TV. The audience cheers. A black woman in the audience thanks TP for producing good plays about topics like molestation. She talked about being molested, and how ate to get rid of her pain. She gained a lot of weight so men won't look at her. After watching TP's plays, she is healing. She and TP hug each other.

TP also thanks Oprah for sharing her sexual abuse, so then we can all talk about it and get help.

Oct. 21 Office job: I went to my office job at the furniture store today. It was alright. On my break I listened to the new Maroon 5 cd "Hands all over me." It sounds good, but I don't know if I'll buy it. I feel kind of stressed and tired today. It's about getting all the things I want done today.

I managed to read the 24 newspaper on the 1hr bus ride to work. Worked by learning how the company is run, and how the computer system works. On my break, did some shopping. I went home and listened to my Glee soundtrack of the Madonna songs they covered. I got home and saw the last 20 min of Lisa Marie Presley on Oprah. Then I saw a new ep of The Vampire Diaries.

Look alike: This was quite awhile ago, but I was watching the We are Marshal movie trailer because Wes Brown is in it. Then I see the actress Zooey Deschanel. I thought she looked like the singer Katy Perry. I then read the comments, and someone said the same thing. I told it to my sister, and she agrees.

Zooey Deschanel:

Katy Perry:

I was watching Undercovers a few weeks ago, and the actor Carter McIntyre comes on. My sister comes by and asks: "Hey, isn't that the guy from The Vampire Diaries?" I never noticed that. CM's face is rounder, and MD's face is more oval.

Carter McIntyre:

Matthew Davis (from The Vampire Diaries.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

funny video/ scary and funny/ spot the actors

Oct. 16 Funny video: I was going through my bookmarks looking for sites that I put into my "film" folder so I can pitch to some more production companies. I then found this site which isn't really useful to me because it's a site for film industry positions only in the US. However, if you scroll down this page, you can see a Tetris video game, and they used real people as the blocks. It's kind of hypnotic and fun to watch.

Beautiful photos: I was pitching my script to some production companies and I found this photographer's website. There are a lot of surfing and nature pictures. They're beautiful.

Oct. 18 Scary and funny: Halloween's coming. I was watching Jay Leno and there is this segment called "Worst Parents than the Lohans." It's these parents playing a prank on their 10 and 12 yr old sons. The mom is filming.

Mom: The boys were up late watching the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and they were so scared they slept with the lights on.

She is walking towards the lit bedroom. The dad was wearing a pig mask and he revs up his leaf blower like a chainsaw.
The leaf blower was really loud and it woke up the 2 boys.
The 2 boys screamed, and flung the covers off the bed. They were backing away on the bed.

Oh my god, that is so scary and traumatizing. Doesn't that remind you of The Simpsons episode where Sideshow Bob tries to kill Bart? The family goes into witness protection and becomes the Thompsons.

Bart is in bed.
Homer is wearing a hockey mask and revving up his chainsaw.

Homer: Hey Bart, do you want to check out my new chainsaw and hockey mask?

Oct. 19: That also reminds me of the time I was watching The Sausage Factory where Lisa and Zack are having a serious conversation, and I was laughing at it. My sister comes by and wants to know what they're talking about.

Me: Lisa thinks that Zack needs a kidney transplant, and Zack thinks that Lisa thinks that he has a VD.My sister gasps. She was kind of scared, but more shocked and offended.

Zigby: I was pitching my script and I found this picture of Zigby. It's a cute little zebra wearing red suspenders, black gloves and shoes. It's so cute.

Productive: For the past week I've been pitching my script. I haven't read the 16 and Pregnant thread in the past 4 days. I have cut down on TV by not watching Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, 90210, Gossip Girl because they were reruns. I didn't watch 90210, Hawaii 5.0 and Undercovers even when they were new eps.

Maybe I'll watch it in the summer. I have managed to send my script to 5 companies in the past week. I'm very proud of myself. Look at how much you can accomplish once you cut down on TV.

Office job: I got a call from the office job, and I will start in a couple of days. I hope it works out. If not, well I can always look for another job.

Spot the actors: I was watching Castle and I see Ken Bauman (Ben from Secret Life of the American Teenager) playing this good kid. Not too much of a stretch for him.

Ben Krause was a priest on Castle and I haven't seen him since he was on Charmed. I saw Amy Irving (Sloane's wife on Alias) on House. I don't watch House, but I saw the tail end of the ep as I was waiting for Lie to Me to come on.

Shawn Doyle guest- starred on Lie to Me. He plays Bill Paxton's brother on Big Love. He was on the mini-series Guns where he plays a cop. He's a good actor.

Gale Harold who played Susan's boyfriend on Desperate Housewives is now on Hellcats playing the law professor. On the same ep of Hellcats, I saw this Asian guy on it. He played Principal Kwan's son on Smallville.

I was watching the Glee premiere, and the Filipino singer Charice was on playing a student. She was on Oprah before.

Printer rant: I had to print this submission form out and sign it. Then scan it and fax it to this production company so they will read my script. The printer kept jamming, and it's not the first time. It printed like 15 pages, but at least it was on scrap paper. It did print correctly once on my unused paper.

Fortunately the printer didn't jam when I was printing the script out to mail to a company.

Teen pregnancy: Now that I'm done script pitching for the day, I went to the 16 and Pregnant thread of and found these comments:

Person: What's funny is the episode of The Cosby Show where Claire goes off on Denise's friend making her pregnancy her parents' problem too was on TVLand late last night. As she said, it's selfish and irresponsible to have a baby not on one's own, but while living not just with but off of one's parents.

Another person: YES! I thought of this episode last night after I posted (and I had insomnia last night so I guess I could have watched it rather than the 1 AM re-airing of Oprah’s shoe and handbag intervention episode, which was valuable in its own way). Claire was furious and said that the young woman (I think she was over 18 but not much over because she talked about how she couldn’t find a decent job without a degree) hadn’t gone off on her own and gotten pregnant, she was moving in with her parents, who surely had not planned on having an infant in their lives full-time. It’s a huge imposition, and one that these girls shouldn’t just assume they’re entitled to make. And it really bothers me that all the girls we’ve seen this season have done exactly that.

Oct. 20: I overdosed on teen pregnancy. Last night I watched the 2hr season finale of Teen Mom hosted by Dr. Drew. Then I saw an hr of Teen Mom Unseen Moments.The best part of the finale is when Catelynn and Tyler had given their baby Carly up for adoption. Then a year later they met up with Carly and the adoptive parents Brandon and Theresa. Catelynn and Tyler got to see Carly walk for the first time, and they thought they would miss it.

C and T then start hugging each other and crying. I really like these two.

Monday, October 18, 2010

writing video/ economics on TV/ stupid situations

Oct. 16 Writing video: I spent this morning pitching my script. I did find this video about what to do after you finish your screenplay.

The screenwriting teacher in the video said that after you finish your script, don't wait by the phone for your agent to call you that you got the script sold. You have to go and start writing other scripts too. Often, the script you write may not be at a good time to make, or it's a good script, but not what people are looking for. Always keep writing to increase your chances of success.

Fun: I feel really accomplished today because I spent hours pitching to production companies. I did manage to squeeze a little fun today. I went to downtown and there's this festival going on in Churchill Square. There was a petting zoo with lambs, a pony, and geese. There was a pumpkin carving booth. There was this gold painted "statue" which is really a cowboy actor standing there. He then bowed his hat to me. lol.

I petted 2 huge black horses that were getting ready to take people on a carriage ride. I got a flashback that I hadn't petted a horse since that elementary school field trip. I think it was Fort Edmonton Park.

Friends: Yesterday I went to downtown and bumped into my old co-worker Lisa who used to work at the Soup place. She's still working at the grocery store.

West Ed mall: I went to West Ed mall the other day and I saw that the Collector's Edge store sing is a dragon. It looks really good. There's a store called Beaden that sells beads so you can make jewelery with it.

STDs and pregnancy on TV: I was watching 90210 and there's a 2 ep story line of how Dixon may have HIV. He gets tested, and he doesn't have HIV. After the ep, he does a PSA. This is the 2nd PSA on this season. Well it's good to address this issue. We have to wait into the 3rd season to deal with STDs. Then I noticed an Asian woman played a nurse on that show.

They had a teen pregnancy storyline with Adrianna getting pregnant in the first season.

Also on Gossip Girl this week, there's a rumor of Serena having an STD so Nate gets tested. There into their 4th season, and this is the only time they address STDs.

In the first season of this show, Blair had a pregnancy scare. This 4th season though, Dan thought he was the dad to this baby. The mother Georgina up and left. Dan took a DNA test, and it turns out the baby wasn't his, but he really cared about the baby. At least there was some sort of young/ single dad storyline for awhile. You don't get a lot of young/ single dad story lines on TV unless it's a movie of the week, and I think I saw one on 7th Heaven.

On The Office, Michael thinks he has herpes and he goes and tells all his sexual partners to go get tested. This is a comedy, but I didn't find it really funny. However, it's good to have an episode where a character informs his partners to get tested.

Economics on TV: On 90210, Annie's parents gets divorced. Her mom is struggling to get a job. Then she manages to get a job as Jen's personal assistant and negotiates to get higher salary, with medical benefits, and overtime pay when working more than 40 hrs a week. Jen is a very demanding person and she isn't a likeable character. I guess I did like to see Ms. Wilson get a high paying job.

Then on Desperate Housewives, Susan gets a job where she is cleaning her home in lingerie and it's being filmed on the internet to clients overseas. She talks to another woman doing the same job, and realizes she needs to save money or else she'll be stuck in this financial situation for a long time.

I guess TV helps me keep me on track of my financial and job goals. lol.

Good deal: Earlier this week I got $10 added to my cell phone account because I was loyal to the company. It's valid for 30 days.

Business news: Did you know that insurance fraud increases during the recession? It's because people are low on money, and it's easy to say you fell and hurt your back and get some insurance money.

Oct. 17 Stupid situations: I would never call someone stupid because I know how bad that can make one feel. I have been called stupid a lot by my sister. However, I know what stupid behavior is and I will tell someone if what they're doing is stupid.

Failing a grade: I remember I used to be friends with this girl Grace back in elementary school. She was the one who I lent $5 to so she could buy a birthday card for her teacher, and she never paid me back. Anyway, she was 11 yrs old and she was in gr. 3. She failed two grades and was held back. I didn't know that, until she told my mom.

Besides her not paying me back my money, overall she was disrespecting me. I didn't want to be her friend anymore, so I started distancing myself by not hanging out with her as much. I never called her stupid. If I did, I'm sure the friendship would end a lot faster, but I can't call anyone stupid because how awful it has made me feel when I was called stupid.

I did become friends with this other girl Yasmine in elementary and she was in the same situation, but she was nice. Is there anyone here who thinks that failing a grade is good? I don't know, it varies on each kid. But if the kid is really poor in school, you need to help him.

Teen pregnancy: There was this woman who worked at the Soup place. She was so disrespectful to me by yelling and swearing at me. I could have dissed her for getting pregnant as a teenager, but I didn't. There is major bad karma if I do that. I would end up on an episode of I didn't know I was Pregnant. She's 35 yrs old and her kid's 17 yrs old. I can do the math and figured out she got pregnant as a teenager.

Is there anyone here who thinks that getting pregnant as a teenager is a smart and good thing to do? Yes, 20% of all teen pregnancies are planned. But the majority of people thinks that getting pregnant as a teenager is a dumb and bad thing to do. That's why's there's teen pregnancy prevention PSAs.

There is this girl Melina who I went to jr. high and high school with. She graduated out of high school and at 18 yrs old she got pregnant and had the kid. I don't have anything bad to say about her. She's really nice.

Eating disorders: I remember back in gr.7, my friend Angela told me, Heidi, Spyroula and I think Leslie was there, that sometimes after Ashley thinks she ate too much, she throws it up so she won't get fat. Then all of us said: "That is so bad."

Angela: I just told them that after you think you ate too much, you throw it up so you won't get fat.
Ashley: Oh, I only did it like 5 times.

Is there anybody here who thinks that after you ate too much and throw it up so you won't get fat is a good and smart thing to do? Yes, there are actually pro eating disorder websites out there. I remember reading in the newspaper way back in 2005 and the TV show Renegade Press (which is like Degrassi) did an episode about that. Encouraging people to have an eating disorder is not only stupid, but messed up. This kind of unhealthy behavior could lead to death.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

actors/ Drop a Love Bomb/ military news

Oct. 13 Actors: I was re watching the Buffy pilot today. I saw it a few times over the years since it debuted in 1997. I saw the first scene again, and I immediately recognized the voice of the guy. It's Carmine Diogivanazzo or Danny from CSI: NY. CD's voice is exactly the same. Of course he looks younger back then.

Wentworth Miller (lead in the TV show Prison Break) was on a Buffy season 2 episode "Go Fish" about the school's mutant swim team. He had a big part in that ep. Shane West said a line in that episode in the steam room to Xander. This was before SW got big in A Walk to Remember.

Oct. 14 Drop a Love Bomb: I was reading the Edmonton Journal and I found this website. It's about where people post on their blogs like how their parents died or they're suffering a eating disorder. Then the website then tells people on their site to go and email and make a comment of encouraging comments to help them get through this.

It's easy, free, and helps people. I put it on my Facebook status, and made some encouraging comments to a couple of blogs. It really gives you perspective on your life. Check it out.

Teen pregnancy: I was on the 16 and Pregnant thread on and someone said this:"When my 15 year old daughter became pregnant I would not allow her to live at home and she had to go into foster care and eventually she lost the baby to the State which terminated her parental rights and placed the baby in an adoption. It was a hard lesson but it was a hard lesson she had to learn. If my husband and I felt we were prepared to raise more children then my husband wouldn't have had a vasectomy."

Then another person said this:

"Wow. That is some story. I know I could never do that. I would want to die knowing my grandchild was somewhere in the world but I didn't know where. I would be scared of my 15 yr old daughter being abused in foster care. But... To each their own, our choices are what make ourselves.

I don't want to pry, but does she talk to you? How is she doing since all of that was done? Did she have more children?"

Writing: I filled out my office job papers on Fri. and I called them back on Tues. They said they're still checking my references so I'll call them tomorrow. If they don't have them checked, I'll start looking for another job. My dad said that, but I thought of that before he told me.

For the past week, I was rewriting scenes for Fighter, and pitching my script to production companies. I haven't pitched my script in months because of my job search. I also emailed a script to a company today. Now I haven't done that in a really long time.

Job update: I got a call from my office job, and they said they couldn't get a hold of my references from the Soup place. I called and couldn't either. So I then gave the office my two other references. It's not like I wasted a week of not working at a job or looking for one, I was was pitching my script.

Oct. 15 Trip: Today I called the office and I went and gave them my references in person, because I had to fill out a form. They could email it to me, and I could fax it, but I'm quite sure it would work. He said he would email to me in an hour, and then I could fax it. I saw so many problems like me not getting the email, I fax it to him, and he not getting the fax.

So I took the 1hr bus ride there, and read the newspaper. It took me a min. to fill out the papers, and then I did some shopping for an hr. Then I took the hr bus ride home.

Script: Today I went home and read through my Fighter script. I can honestly say I'm proud of it and I enjoyed reading it. I haven't read it straight through in months. I then mailed the script to another producer because she wanted to read it.

Good: I feel really good. I sent my Fighter script out to two production companies in two days. I was really focused today when I was reading my script. I wasn't checking my email or Facebook. I took breaks to use the washroom, but that was it. I didn't even look at the time because I was so absorbed in reading it.

Military news: I was watching Oprah, and she interviewed women who served in the military, and when they come back home, they're homeless. There are a lot of charities that support men who come back from the military, but they only have one for women. 1 in 3 women in the military experience sexual assault, and 90% don't even get reported.

The best part was probably when the woman Tammy who served in the military, and lost 2 legs, President Obama appointed her to be in charge of this military charity. They showed a clip from Feb. 2009, of 1st Class Sergeant Juanita Wilson, who is this African-American woman who lost her left arm. JW met Tammy in the hospital when T lost her legs.

JW stood with her for 5 days, and helped washed her hair, and supported her. They were reunited on the show. If you want to help, go to this this site. It's mainly for Americans signing a petition and send it to this senator.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

dating joke/ priorities/ Wayne Gretzy's son

Oct. 10 Dating joke: I was reading the 16 and Pregnant thread on and someone said this: "Then, they will say things like he wasn't like this in the beginning. You don't meet the real person when you start dating. You meet their representative. I know that like a stand up routine joke, but it's the truth."

Then someone said this: "It's cracking me up that Chris Rock is the 16NP Relationship/Common Sense Guru."

Radio sketch: I was listening to the radio, and it may be CBC. There was this sketch with a 12 yr old boy talking to two gang members. This is how a drug deal chain of command works. The boy gets paid $8/hr. The dealers get paid $20/hr. A "rock" is $15/hr. It's a pyramid scheme. The boy would go to a juvenile facility. It's like "college", but without the diploma. I never thought of it that way.

Google joke: I was watching Jay Leno and he said this: "Google is competing with Facebook by creating a social network site so you never have to see your friends again." lol.

Cute: My little brother was watching National Geographic and it was about the intelligence of apes. It was so cute when this ape was trying to pull this box. When he couldn't, he took the researcher's hand and lead him to the box, pretty much asking him to help pull the box. Aww...

Survey: I bought something at Shoppers Drug Mart yesterday, and I noticed that you can win 1 of 50 prizes of $1000 in gift cards. So I went online and filled it out. Due to these economic times, I'll take a chance by spending a few min. doing a survey. I did one earlier this yr when I bought something at Chapters.

Psychology: I was on 16 and Pregnant thread on, and they were discussing the psychology of why girls go for jerks. One said this:

"I have a theory about this based on Lauren Conrad back before The Hills got ridiculously fake. I wondered why this girl who should have all the self esteem in the world - pretty, wealthy, loving family - would constantly date losers and seem to enjoy men who acted ambivalent to her. The only thing I could come up with was, after a life of being adored and lauded by everyone around you, someone's indifference is probably really exciting. It flies in the face of the secure attachment theory, which is what a girl under those circumstances should have, but perhaps stupidity/lower intelligence is the intervening factor."

GE: I was going through papers on my desk and I found this big GE brochure I got back in spring 2008. It's a really good company to work for because all these magazines like Financial Times and BusinessWeek gave it rewards. There used to be a call centre, but they closed it down.There are dental and medical benefits. I looked into it, and they're looking for technicians and accountants so basically positions I don't qualify for.

Oct. 11 Bonnie Doon: Today I went to Bonnie Doon mall. There's a new store called Si Accents which is like Oriental Home that used to be in City Centre. Si Accents sells some nice Asian jewelery, clothes, and fans. The Tim Horton's opened there too. There's a new store called Juice Clothing that sells urban men and women's clothing. Stiches became Bluesnotes'.

My mom made me throw away a $3 back pack that she bought because it was tearing. It lasted a year. Backpacks and headphones, even though taken care of, I do have to replace them every few years due to constant use.

Clean: I've been cleaning my desk in my room bit by bit. Today my grandma told my brother to clean the computer desk. Then my dad saw how clean it was, and told me to clean my computer desk. Then my sister saw the clean computer desk, and told me to do the same thing too. She would have never have told me to do it, if my brother didn't clean his. My sister kind of annoyed me.

It's good because I organized my papers and found some stuff.

Oct. 12 Priorities: I was thinking about how my #1 priorities was always: "Graduate out of high school." Then turned to "Get into college" to "Graduate out of college." Then when I graduated out of college and got a regular job in 2008, my priorities was this:

1. Get an office job.
2. Pitch my TV movie script.

It was like that in Apr.-Sept. Then a production company told me I needed to get 90 pages for my script, so it turned to writing my script as my #1 priority. The script continued to be the highest priority in 2009.

Then in 2010, when I got laid off, my #1 priority turned to "Get a job." Everything else isn't as important as getting a job.

Email: Today I emailed the producer John about Fighter. Hi John

I put your notes (that you sent me in July) into use and I have rewritten a lot. I've also been putting more thought into the rescue scene. I was talking to my friend Dan who also took Professional Writing with me in college. He said: "Have you thought of triangulating the cell phone call?"

That's right! I've seen this on CSI: NY and Law and Order Special Victims Unit. Then there's the conflict of how they found the area of where the cell phone call was made, but it's in this 100 mile radius so it's still hard to pin point the location. I'll write you next month.

Wayne Gretzy's son: I was on Yahoo news and it said Wayne Gretzy's son Trevor is choosing to play baseball over hockey. I clicked on the link and saw the father and son together. As soon as I saw them together, I laughed. Trevor looks just like him!Trevor is pretty cute, I like his glasses. I don't really know much about WG, but then I looked him up now. He has five kids named Tristan, Trevor, Ty, Paulina and Emma.

Monday, October 11, 2010

therapy/ JK Rowling/ jobs with the highest divorce rates

Oct.8 Therapy: I was watching Dr. Laura Berman on Oprah talking to two women who are 30 yr old virgins. Dr. Laura will actually have her own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. The episode was good. They talked to a 30 yr old black woman named Shayla. Her mom died of cancer when she was 13, and she never even told her daughter that she was sick.

Shayla was mad at her mom and God for taking her away. Few months later, her dad started sleeping with other women. All these women came and go in the house. Her dad said he needed companionship and sex. Dr. L says: "He gave too much information." The dad can do that, but don't tell your daughter and don't do it in the house. That is stupid. S knew that the dad didn't respect those women, and that she would never end up like them. Oprah then said that S could have gone a totally different way. S could have become promiscuous, that's true.

They then talked to a Latino woman Carmen. She had gained a lot of weight when she was 19 and it's because of this big word disease. She always felt that she was overweight and has low self-esteem. I really think Dr. L helped them out by setting them up on dates, going to the doctor to deal with weight and depression.

Oct. 9 Alex Solowitz: It's so weird. Over the summer I was watching the crime comedy TV show The Good Guys. There is a pharmacy robbery and the robber takes off his ski mask, and I instantly recognized him.

Me: Ah! Alex Solowitz!

He was in the fake boy band 2gether where he plays the bad boy Mickey. The last time I saw him was back in 2002 where he was on the sitcom What I Like About You and he's at a party. In The Good Guys, he played a funny character. Then a couple of weeks later, I was checking out what's on MuchMusic. Then I see him again on the TV show The Hard Times of RJ Berger where he plays an electrician. Once again, he plays a funny character.

Last night I was watching CSI:NY, and he played an inmate. He's in one scene, and his character was funny. This guy is kind of getting type cast. If you do well in comedy, stick with it. I haven't seen this guy in 8 yrs, and suddenly he starts appearing on TV in the past 3 months. I checked him on, and he has been doing TV and movie spots for the past years, but I haven't seen those. Good for him that he's still getting work.

Fun: I was thinking about that time I was hanging out with my friend Angela in Aug. I told her about that Tosh.O video clip of that stripper smiling and waving at the news camera as the other strippers hid their faces.

Angela: People could recognize her, but don't know where.

Or would people really go up to someone and ask: "You're a stripper right?"What if you're wrong and she's not a really a stripper from the news? She may be offended that you think she's a stripper. Or some women may take it as a compliment that you think they are hot enough to be strippers. You never know. lol.

JK Rowling: Today I was working on a Fighter scene. It was hard to rewrite it to make it good. Last week I saw JK Rowling on Oprah. I'm going to admit it. I only read the first Harry Potter book back in 2003. I was kind of eh with it. It's not bad, but I wasn't really interested in it.

I saw the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with my siblings in the theatre back in 2002. I may have seen another one, but I don't remember which one. I was really inspired to see her on Oprah. She talked about how that even if you tie both her hands behind her back, she will still have to write.

She used to live on welfare, and says that she was literally living hand to mouth. She thought up Harry Potter on the train. She got really excited when the idea just popped into her head. A lot of publishers rejected her book, and told her that she won't make a lot of money off children's books. She was told that she had to go from Joanne to JK because little boys don't want to read books written by women.

West Ed mall: I saw the new food court restaurant Freshii. I actually got a call from them for an interview over the summer, but I didn't take it because I already got a job. It's kind of expensive. It's healthy food with veggies like salads and bowls of rice. Some are custom made just for you.

There's another food court restaurant called Saffron Indian Foodfare. There is a kiosk that sells hermit crabs that have these really bright painted shells. There's a new store called Chapel Hats that sells only hats. Stockhomme sells men clothes. I looked in the Brick and Forever 21.

Oct. 10 Special day: I didn't realize it until I read in the Edmonton Journal that it's 10/10/10.

Teen pregnancy: I was reading the 16 and Pregnant thread on and someone said: "I don't understand why guys stay with the girl for the entire pregnancy. Then when the baby comes, they leave. If I knew that he wasn't going to stay after the baby came, I wouldn't bother having the kid."

Then someone explained why the guys stayed until the baby came: "MTV $$$$."

Jobs with the highest divorce rates: I was reading Yahoo news and Radford University in Virginia did a study about what 15 jobs have the highest divorce rates:

Maids and housekeeping cleaners
Baggage porters and concierges
Entertainers and performers, sports and related workers
Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides
Telephone operators
Factory workers: food and tobacco
Gaming service worker
Extruding machine operator
Gaming cage worker
Massage therapists
Dancers and choreographers

I would understand jobs like nursing and medicine because it's a pretty demanding and hard job. Massage therapists partners would get jealous of them touching other people. Bartenders, dancers and choreographers are social and have to work nights so they don't get to see their partners as much.

Nobody really likes telemarketer jobs. Waiters don't get paid very well. When you get married, you should be financially stable. Many divorces occur because of fights about money.

Thanksgiving: Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy the long weekend.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

crazy news/ HIV/ office job

Oct. 7 Crazy news: I read this in The Globe and Mail. Did you know that the US is the #1 consumer of porn? Japan is the second. There is this 76 yr old Japanese man who is a porn star. His wife is okay with it and tells him to not work too hard. He says she isn't jealous. He usually has sex with women in their 20s in the videos. He makes one film a month.

I was very disturbed by reading it. The thing is, the Japanese have really long life spans and they will watch an old guy getting it on. He says he was discovered by this agent and that he was told that he has the "face of a pervert."

I remember watching Tyra Banks interview two straight guys who do gay porn, and an 18 yr old girl who does porn. They have girlfriends and boyfriends.

Tyra: So does your family know that you do porn?
Girl: Yes.
T: And they're okay with it?
G: Yes.
T: Your boyfriend's in the audience. Are you okay with her job?

Boyfriend: Yes.
T: Does your family know?
B: Yes.
T: And they're okay with it?
B: Yes.

HIV: Today I was watching Oprah and they covered this woman Bridget who contracted HIV from her husband. It turns out he was sleeping with other men. She then sued him for infecting her with HIV and won $12.5 million. She hasn't got the money yet. She's been living with the disease for the past 10 yrs. Her family is supportive.

She's got a boyfriend, and her being HIV positive wasn't a deal breaker. She is also pregnant with a baby girl and she's taking meds so she won't pass the disease onto her child. Good for her. It's good for her to sue her ex-husband for infecting her with that disease. If it wasn't for him, her life wouldn't be so hard. She has to take medication every day and go to the doctor very often.

Bridget did mention that though Magic Johnson is HIV positive and lives for a very long time, his life isn't like the average person. He has lots of money to live off on and to get the best medical treatment possible. Oprah then re-interviewed this black guy JL King who was on the show back in 2004. I remember seeing the episode. He was married, had two kids, but he was sleeping with men "on the down low." In the interview he didn't see himself as gay, because he didn't want to be labeled.

Now in 2010, he says: "I'm a black, proud, gay man." The audience cheers. He's divorced. His ex-wife comes on the show and says she has forgiven him. He is now accepting of himself, and so is his family.

Another black man came on Ulandsey. He was in the 2004 show and he talked in the shadows. He has come into the light onto this episode. He said he told his family about being gay since the show.

Website: I was looking for a job and I found this East Indian restaurant. I found the intro to their website really cool. Cool graphics and music that really sets the atmosphere of their restaurant. I don't know about the food since I haven't tried it. Well check out the site:

Office job: I got a call and I got hired at an office position. It either pays $13-$14/ hr. It's really far away, but I only have to take 1 bus. The pros are that I get benefits. I feel really nervous and anxious about this position. I don't know if I will do well in it. Take it one day at a time and do my best.

If I don't do well, I can always get another job. I can make some money off it. It's okay if I get dismissed because I have gotten used to rejection. I have to take this job because it's the best job I could possibly get. Other pros is that I can stop looking for a job. I can now focus on my writing now that I got my top priorities of getting a job and getting an office job out of the way.

I can now take a break from my job search, at least for awhile. I canceled 3 job interviews since I got this new job. I'm not really excited, because I'm so worried that I won't do well. It's good to use this nervous energy.

The past: When I first started working when I was 18, I was nervous about getting new jobs. After a few years, it wasn't a big deal. They were all regular jobs at call centres, restaurants, and stores. The bank job I had gotten a couple of years ago made me nervous, and it didn't work out. Don't put obstacles in front of yourself. You have to go in with cautious optimism about this office job. I learned that it's good to give your best shot, so if you fail, you know that you gave it your best.

Stress: I'm stressed out about this. I remember the actress Melissa Joan Hart (star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch) saying: "I know it may sound weird, but I love stress. It helps me get things done." I don't love stress, but I do need it to get things done. It pushes me.

Oct. 8 Lookalike: Last time I was in Calgary, I found a guy who looked like Prince Harry. He was driving a green pick up. He had the same round face and red hair like Prince Harry.

Cars: The Aug. trip to Calgary trip I saw about 5 lime green VW bugs. Then in the Sept. Calgary trip I saw 2 of the same cars.License plate: I saw a license plate that said "FNOMNL."

Comediennes: This is probably from last year. I found this piece of paper on my computer desk. I had written down these comediennes names down. Margaret Cho and three others were on this show where a group of comedians sit and talk. It was like The View, but not annoying where they talk all at the same time, and you can't hear what anyone's saying. lol.

The comediennes names are: Sheryle Underwood, Lisa Alvarado, and Tammy Pesculito and she has released two movies titled Made in Brooklyn and Everybody wants to be Italian.

Writing: I finished frying the big fish of getting a job/ getting an office job. Today it's time for me to force myself to write which was my other fish. I looked at my notes and I sent the producer John Kerr my Fighter 10 draft back in June. He emailed me back with his notes in July. I then did some writing for it in July.

Now it's October and I have to buckle down and write.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

16 and Pregnant/ Job Rapido/ date

Oct. 3 16 and Pregnant: I always have to make a comment about each episode as I read this thread on There is this girl Valerie who's pretty, like most people said on She was adopted as a child, and she has 11 siblings, 8 of them adopted. When she had a kid, she kept it because she wanted to have a blood relative. I think some of her siblings were blood related.

She named her daughter Neveah, which is Heaven spelled backwards. I remember back in 2006 when I relapsed and saw some Maury, I saw a baby with that name. It's not that creative anymore. At least the father to the baby Matt was kind of nice. He got a job out of town to make money to take care of the baby. He saw the baby once a month and took care of her. Most of the guys on this show are jerks. My expectations are low for the guys. Some are good like Tyler. He was with his girlfriend Catelynn and they gave the baby up for adoption because they know they can't raise it.

There's going to a 3rd season of this show and it airs on Tues. Oct. 26. I wrote that one down because I have to watch it.

Oct. 4 Job Rapido: This is from Sept. 10. Someone emailed me about my blog.

Dear Tracy,

I am writing to you after having visited As I'm in job search industry, I especially appreciated your discussion on this topic.

Therefore, I would like to invite you to check out our new job site: Job Rapido makes it possible to search through over 5 million jobs in the USA. Job Rapido is a job search engine, a sort of Google for websites with job offers. It is free and very easy to use.
If you find our service valuable, we would be grateful if you could spread the word about it on your blog.

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Please let us know what you think about our service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to write to us.

Good luck with your blog and keep up the good work!

Best regards,
Tatiana Tatour

I thanked her and told her that I live in Canada though. On Sept. 14, she emailed me back saying:

Dear Tracy,

Thank you very much for your reply and your interest in Job Rapido!

We are delighted to hear that you would post about Job Rapido. As you are based in Canada, then probably you will be interested in our Canada-specific site, We would appreciate if you could blog about it. Also, we would send you our press release if you wish.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Best regards,

Job search: I was aggressively looking for a job today. It's cold and raining so I stayed in. I looked through the Edmonton Journal classifieds, and Job Serve emails. I then went and looked for administrative assistant, sales associate, restaurant positions through Job Serve, Kijiji and Job Bank.

I went to the Yahoo Hot Jobs site today. I was there in July by looking at my old job notes. I had looked under Arts/ Entertainment/Publishing, Banking/ Mortgage, Retail, Advertising/ Public Relations, and Restaurant/ Food service. I didn't have any luck on that site back in July. I then looked through all the categories there today and there's no luck either.

My mom told me to go to Canada Post again. I had applied by passing my resume to the Shoppers Drug Mart post office a few months ago. No call. Today I went online, and there weren't any opportunities. I then went to Second Cup website. I passed my resumes to their locations, but I tried online. It was basically print out this application and drop it off at a location.

I went to Career Builder and there isn't anything I qualified for.

Funny: I was watching Castle, and Castle spoke: "Back in Mar. 1999, you said..." I remember my sister making fun of me when I speak like that. Yeah, well Castle talks like I do. lol.

Oct. 5 Date: I went on a date today. The guy I IMed with and emailed was funny. When we met, he was really into the same TV shows I liked. It was alright.

Actors: The guy I met before him, his sister knows Landon Liboiron from Degrassi: The Next Generation. LL plays the rich boy Declan. He was on a Flashpoint ep too since both shows are shot in Toronto.

Oct. 6 Sad news: You know the guy who stood me up on Sunday? Well I emailed him back and he said his friend has just passed away. We were supposed to meet up a week earlier, but he canceled saying his friend had attempted to commit suicide. Now he's in Quebec.

I emailed him saying I was sorry for his loss, and to get some grief counseling.

Monday, October 4, 2010

coincidence/ crazy news/ good writing

Oct. 1 Coincidence: When I was in Calgary I was watching this Malcolm in the Middle rerun that reminded me of my family. I was thinking about about my family and do I have to worry about my siblings? This ep aired way back in 2001, but I really liked the funny ending.

Reese is in danger of failing, and then Malcolm ends up helping him cheat, when really it's the teacher who has something against Reese. The ending is the parents Lois, Hal, Teacher, Reese and Malcolm in the kitchen.

Lois: You failed Reese on purpose. You helped your brother cheat? I'm taking you (Teacher) to the principal.
Teacher: Hey, you know what? Let's forget all about this. Reese stays in his class and I won't report Malcolm for cheating.
Lois: I'm still taking you to principal.
Teacher: Oh what? You're going to get Malcolm expelled to save Reese? No one is going to sacrifice the son that's going to achieve over a son who isn't.

Lois: Oh I would. Malcolm may have to go jr. college, but he will eventually work his way up to management. He's going to be fine no matter what. I sell Malcolm down the river for Reese. Reese is the one who needs saving.
Teacher: No mother would that callous to their own son.
The son Francis starts banging on the window.
Francis: Mom, let me in! I'm cold and hungry. I'll fix your roof, I'll do whatever you want! Just let me in!
Teacher looks at Lois.
Teacher: Maybe we can reach a deal.

Teacher ends up fixing the roof with the sons, Reese stays in his class, and Malcolm doesn't get expelled.

Family: I don't have to worry about my older sister, because she'll do fine no matter what. I don't worry about my little brother because he has a degree. I don't know if he's looking really hard for an office job or saving money at all though. The point is, I need to worry about myself. I already do. I've been looking really hard for a regular job and an office job at the same time. I've been saving money and keeping track of how much money I have in my bank account. EI and from my jobs.

My sister is Malcolm and I'm Reese. lol.

Job interviews: Yesterday I went to a job interview at a clothing store. There are 5 applicants for 1 position. I think it went well, but I don't think I got the job. Today I went to an interview at a furniture store. There are a number of applicants for 2 positions. A good thing is that two people didn't show up for their interviews today.

This guy was being interviewed for another position, but he didn't know much about the company. The interviewer told me about him, and he's impressed that I did my research about the company. I also bumped into two workers from my last job at the bus stop. We were on two separate buses, and they saw me from the windows of the other bus. I didn't recognize them because one was wearing sunglasses and a hat, and the other didn't wear her visor like she usually did at work.

Oct. 2 Joke: I was reading the National Post letter about how Canadians are in debt: "How come people in China who make a fraction of what middle class Canadians do, they manage to save 25% of their income?"

Me: Because Chinese people are cheap.

lol. You may say: "That's racist." Well I'm Chinese so I can say it. It's a good thing that people in China aren't in debt.

Crazy news: I was watching CNN and they talked about how they caught this company that's supposed to help poor people get homes. Instead they let a pimp and a hooker get a home to open a brothel. I found this article:

Oct. 3: CNN then showed that The Daily show with Jon Stewart and South Park talked about it too. I have seen the SP ep where Butters inadvertently becomes a pimp.

Date: I was supposed to meet this guy I found over the internet today. Last week I called him and he said he couldn't make it. Then we agreed to meet today and he didn't show up. I waited 15min for him and I called him before we met and after he was a no show.

I'm not really mad or anything. If he doesn't contact me again, that's fine.

Kyle Riabko: I was going to quit watching 90210, but yesterday I had free time. It's a good thing I tuned in because one of my favorite singers Kyle Riabko was on. I forgot he was on.

Good writing: Rob Thomas created Veronica Mars and that's a really good show. Now he remade 90210 and it's disappointing because it's not that good. Last episode had a few bits of good writing in it.

I like Naomi's rape storyline because the actress Annalyne McCord did a PSA about it. It's also about a real problem and issue instead of rich teenagers doing fun and sexy things. There's substance instead of style.

Naomi tells her friend Silver that she was raped by the teacher Mr. Cannon, but Silver doesn't believe her. Earlier, Naomi cried wolf and falsely accused Mr. Cannon of sexually harassing when he didn't. Naomi then says a line into this videotape for a school graduation project. Silver then believes Naomi when S saw Mr. Cannon's video. Mr. C said a line in the video, and N actually quoted from it. Mr. C said he didn't show the video to anyone. That's a good way for a character to figure out something about another character.

There was also a little bit of a surprise in the episode. Annie gets an internship and she thinks her female boss is hitting on her. Then the female boss's husband seems to be hitting on Annie. Annie and I thought they were swingers. lol. Then it turns out, the couple wants to have a baby, and wants to buy Annie's eggs because they can't conceive a child on their own. I didn't expect that at all.

Charity: I read that last weekend Lindsay Lohan volunteered at a homeless shelter. Good for her and the homeless people.

I saw on Oprah, they did a "Where are they now?" 15 years ago, this white couple adopted twin East Indian baby twins. Oprah pretended to talk the wife's brother in India over a satellite phone. Instead, he was actually in the studio, and he brings the babies to the couple. Awww... That actually inspired their family to adopt four African kids and one Korean kid