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Monday, March 29, 2010

honesty box/ chat roulette/ question

Mar. 26 Honesty box: I got this "Honesty Box" from Facebook. Someone who is a girl said this to me. She is one of my Facebook friends, and she sent an anonymous message: "I think you're too judgemental for someone who is so inexperience in all aspects of life."

She probably thinks that maybe due to all my weekly emails where I talk about teen pregnancy and abortion. Does that sound like I'm judgmental in those emails? Maybe I do come off as that. I know that I don't have a whole lot of life experience, I'm still 24. I have job experience. I read the newspaper, and watch TV. I'm very tuned in and know what's going on in the world.

Charity: Don't judge someone until you know the whole story. I remember back in 2007, I was reading about charity on Facebook and you can go to and you can play a word game, and it donates rice to 3rd world countries. You can also go to and it does the same just by clicking this button. I've been going to that site everyday since 2002.

There is also the Breast Cancer Site, the Child Health Site, the Literacy Site, the Rainforest Site, and the Animal Rescue site. I remember this time back in gr.8 social studies class we're studying Brazil. A student asked: "Why do they have so many kids?

Mr. Molstad: So that some of them will survive.I thought was stupid. Why do you have so many kids when you can't even afford to take care of them. I told this to my friend Chamnouer in gr. 11 art class. She gave a really good answer.

C: You only have some money. What are you going to do? Buy bread or a condom?

Also in gr. 11 social studies, I watched The People Bomb and it's hard to get birth control.

Mar. 27 Chat Roulette: I read about this in The Globe and Mail about a month ago. You have a webcam, and you chat with other people one webcam. When you're bored, you switch to another stranger. I read there are a lot of naked guys on there. I was watching Tosh.O, and Daniel filmed his chatting. One guy recognized him.

Now I'm on Yahoo and there is this guy who goes by the name of Morten, and he wears dark framed glasses, and a green hooded sweatshirt to disguise himself. He kind of looks like Ben Folds, but they both denied it. Morten plays the piano, and he thinks up lyrics about the person he's chatting with. He's good at improvising.

Morten wants to live a private life, so that's why he keeps his hoodie over his head. He talked to ABC News and gave rules like don't tell anyone where I live, who I work for, and what my real name is. He does do something with computers, and he taught himself how to play the piano when he was 9. He plays for strangers on Chat Roulette so he can learn to be a more comfortable performer.

Ben Folds did a tribute to him, by wearing his hoodie and playing the piano at a concert on Chat Roulette. Morten is very happy, and has the highest rated Youtube video ever and got 4 million views.

Joke: I was watching Flashpoint, and the SRU were chasing this white SUV. There were three black SUVs following the woman. They then end up boxing her in, as in have one car behind her, one beside her, and one in front of her so she is forced to stop. As they were driving on the highway. Patrick was watching with me.

P: What is this? The OJ Simpson car chase?

Characters: I was thinking about the lead Shawn in the movie Fighting. He's kind of a bad guy, but not so bad he can't redeem himself. He does illegal fights, but it's not straight up really bad like selling drugs.

Keegan: In other news, I like the name Keegan. I'll add this to the list of names that can be used for boys and girls, and as first and last names like my name and: Taylor, Cameron, and Parker.

Reuse Centre: Here's an interesting thing I noticed at the Reuse Centre. There is a pile of trophies. People throw away trophies. This would be a good place to go if you're a set designer. You need to decorate a set for a TV show, just go here. I've said it before, you should go here if you like arts and crafts because there are lots of art supplies here.

I also think if someone is inviting people over, they should buy all these trophies, and decorate a room with it. He can then lie and say that he won all these trophies. lol. Maybe I could use this for a script.

Procrastination: I'm going to admit on Friday morning, I could have made a couple of phone calls back to two companies that called me for a job, but I didn't. But then it turns out one company called back, and it was really a charity. The other one was actually a restaurant that I applied to.

I tried calling back the restaurant on the weekend, but it was closed. I'll call back on Monday. I didn't totally procrastinate, because the Soup place called me to come into work early. I didn't have time to call and set up an interview.

Lesson: I was watching this South Park episode and I would say the lesson is: "Don't let one thing, especially something meaningless like a computer game take over your life." The kids become obsessed with World of Warcraft and the line: "Oh my God, you killed Kenny. You bastard!" I remember way back in 1998, I was at Leslie's house and she and her brother James kept saying that.

You should see the kids. They became overweight, got zits, only had 3 hours of sleep because they were playing the computer game. They had to play it so they could get to a level that's so high and kill that one player who was ruining everybody's fun. The point is to live a balanced life.

Mar. 28 Garfield: A few weeks ago my family we're eating lasagna. That's Garfield's favorite food. I used to love that show Garfield and Friends. I loved reading the comics when I was a kid. My sister said that she went on a blog and if you delete Garfield out of the comic strips, and just have his owner Jon Arbuckle talking, he seems really philosophical. I haven't seen it though.I do know that the creator Jim Davis is a Leo. I remember reading these questions from fans and one asked: "What's your sign?"

JD: Leo, of course.
Fan: Do you own any cats?
JD: No, my wife's allergic.

S says that Jon was supposed to be gay, because he had a "roommate." I don't remember that. I thought Jon was based on Jim Davis because both Jon and Jim were raised on farms. There are comic strips where Jon visits home.

Writing: I said it before, that after I wrote Fighter, I wrote Garret which is exactly like it, but the character names are different. I had hit writer's block. The writer in residence Chris Craddock said Rain is a little like Fighter. I've been procrastinating with writing in the morning because I know I'll get a call from work.

Well today I went to work, and did do some brainstorming for my writing because Sunday is really quiet.

Blog: This isn't totally good. Someone made a comment on my blog. The person's name is evision. He said about my blog post "friends/ psychology/ W5": "". The only blog he follows is"

Mar.29 Question: I was reading this new Edmonton magazine called Merge. It's about business and charity. It's free and it came out this month. The question in it is: "If I had all the money in the world and had to do something to fill the day, what would that be?"

Friday, March 26, 2010

joke/ The Hitchhiker/ entrapment

Mar. 23 Jokes: Somebody dropped this clip from a folder at the Soup place. It said "Bank of Dad." lol. That's like "Mom's Taxi" as a license plate.

I found a sticky note pad from TD. It says: "Thanks for sticking with us!"

Funny commercial: Cut to some guys eating a burger at Burger King. It looks like an amateur video. Then these camera crew appears, and this guy who was wearing leaves pops out from the plants.

Camera guy: You're eating a burger from Burger King!
Guy: Yeah, I know. I'm at Burger King.
Then I realized that they're dissing those Pizza Hut commercials. They showed "real people" and it looks like an amateur video/ hidden camera show. I like this BK commercial.

Thief: I read in The Globe and Mail that stealing art is not profitable. You can only make 10% tops off stolen goods. This is research for my script.

Writing: Oh my God, that Writer in Residence Chris Craddock from the library read my Fighter script and made comments about it. He did diss it, which is okay, and even expected. You're always going to get criticized and it was constructive.The highlight was that he liked my one joke in it. This one:

Shawn: I haven't been stealing cars. I don't even play Grand Theft Auto.

Last time when he read Rain, he said some jokes were funny, but at the same time it kind of missed the mark. He did talk about how one line doesn't really close a scene. Remember that time I was talking about CSI: NY putting too much emphasis on a line to close every scene?

Dialogue: I was thinking about how characters burst some piece of dialogue out when they're angry. They tell the truth when they're pushed. Like that time when Marco comes out to his friend Spinner, by telling the truth that he's gay on Degrassi. It's like that in real life.

Kind of like that time back in 2007 when I was looking for my missing boyfriend. I asked Patrick what's the closest police station there is. He tells me, but he also asks why. I didn't tell him why.

P: Do you know what I hate about this family? Is that we don't talk to each other.
Me: So I can report John missing.
It came out in a burst, and P was shocked. Well I found him, so everything's good.

Mar. 24 Job: I'm making a conscious effort to not write about my job search. I think I write about it too much. I will mention one thing about my job. At work yesterday:

Me: I don't want to put too many cans out in the fridge, because if they don't sell, I'm going to have to put it away. We have like a week and a half.
Lisa: Actually, we have one week of work starting tomorrow.

The Hitchhiker: I remember reading this script back in gr. 8 Language Arts class. It was like a Twilight Zone script. I'll spoil it for you. This guy is driving, and he always sees this hitchhiker on the the highway. It was creepy because he started appearing when he was driving on the bridge. Then it turns out the hitchhiker was the driver. The driver drove over the bridge and killed himself. He was dead. Then there was the movie The Sixth Sense. It came out in 1999. If you haven't seen it. Skip to the next paragraph so you won't be spoiled. Bruce Willis's character is dead.

Then in 2001, I was watching this indie film on the internet. They did a parody called The Sick Sense. It's where Bruce Willis's character from The Sixth Sense and Robin William's character from Patch Adams teams up together.

Patch Adams: I see sick people.Then it turns out BW's character was sick. It looked like he was drinking alcohol in one scene. At the end, they did a flashback and it turns out he was drinking cough syrup.

Reuse Centre: I don't know if any of you guys have been to the Reuse Centre in downtown. They sell books and you can get a whole basket full of stuff if you pay the flat fee of $4. There are lots of stuff like construction paper, pens, markers, birthday cards, and lots of crafts if you're into that kind of stuff.

Bus joke: The bus driver said this today: "We're here at the library so you can read my lips."

Entrapment: Today was my day off so I passed out some resumes, shoveled snow, and I learned what the word "entrapment" meant. Today I called Chris Craddock and we talked about The Fighter script and he said there was entrapment in it, and it was illegal. I went on and it said this: "The luring of a law-enforcement agent of a person into committing a crime."

Chris: It's like when a cop goes up to a prostitute. He doesn't ask her for sex. She has to offer it first, and gives a price. He observes it, but he can't initiate it.
Me: Oh yeah, that reminds me of the TV show Cops. A cop drives up to a prostitute and asks "Do you want a ride?" She gets in, and then she starts offering the price.

We discussed the script for a good 30 min. Then at dinner time, I said: "Did you know that entrapment is illegal?" My sister rolls her eyes and talks about Mayerthorpe. In the Edmonton Journal last year, there was this big article about how they got Dennis Cheeseman to confess and commit crime.

S: The police say it wasn't entrapment, but from the article it sounded like it was.

I remember writing about that article in my weekly email/ blog. I said: "If that female cop did more, it would be way sexier of a story."

Mar. 25 Psychic: I woke up this morning thinking about how the psychics told me I was to get an office job in Feb. or Mar. 2010. I have one more week until March ends and then the chance to get an office job will probably expire.

News: This was quite awhile ago, but I read in the Journal that the Winspear won't be holding MMA tournaments.

Counter argument: Awhile back I laughed at the Broadview Security commercials SNL parody: "Are you a single woman who lives in a 5 bedroom home?" Then I thought about Desperate Housewives like Edie, Katherine, and Susan each do. That's fictional though. Well they were married, then divorced, then their kids moved out, so that's why they live alone. It's realistic.

Then there was the Criminal Minds episode "Slave of Duty" where a successful woman lives in a big home because she can afford it. Then there was an episode of Dexter where a woman lives in a house by herself, because she doesn't like living in apartments where you can hear other tenants, and they can hear you. But so do my grandparents. The two of them live in a 5 bedroom home. So that's my counter argument.

Mar. 26 Underpaid jobs: I was on Yahoo and it listed underpaid jobs, like some I know about. It's about underpaid celebrities. Did you know that entry- level news anchors get paid $27,000/ yr? Local and state politicians like in Mississippi, state legislators make $10,000/yr. Small town mayors make even less.

A stand-up comic makes $50 for two 20-min sets. Some don't get paid at all for open mike nights. I know that job doesn't pay well, unless you become famous like on TV. Same goes with chefs. They get paid $13/hr according to the article. I know that by reading the Help Wanted ads in the classifieds section of the newspaper.

Minor League athletes don't get paid well, and have a second job in the off season. Authors don't either unless you hit the big time like J. K. Rowling. Comic book and video game artists and animators get paid $41, 500/yr after a few years. I still think it's a cool job to be creative in.

Monday, March 22, 2010

friends/ psychology/ W5

Mar. 19 Friends: My friend Angela dropped by the Soup place tonight. That was a pleasant surprise. We had a chat. She's on the look out for a job for me too. She said at the U of A, there are administrative assistant jobs that pays $30/hr. It's high stress and you have to multi-task. I don't think I can do it.

Quote: I thought about that Henry Ford quote: "Whether you think you can do it or you can't, you're right." I must remember not to put obstacles in front of myself.

16 and Pregnant: I was on the 16 and Pregnant thread and I thought this was interesting:

Person: Dr. Drew was rude, and a little old-fashioned by focusing on the guy wanting condomless sex rather than on girls learning to stand up for themselves.

Person 2: "Maybe he was harder on Gary because he was already a grown man having sex with a teenager (like dumbass Ryan, who Dr. Drew was also particularly hard on). By all means Amber could have and should have been more assertive and said "no glove no love" but in this case there was a big difference in maturity levels between a 14 year-old virgin and a sexually experienced 18 year old man.

Same goes with Maci and Ryan. Unlike Ryan I commend Gary for stepping up and being a good dad, but IMO both of these guys deserved to be taken to task for their irresponsibility, more so because they as grown men chose to date girls who were still in high school. I also question why these girls' parents were OK with these guys in the first place and didn't outright demand their daughters be on birth control (I don't buy Maci's excuse that her mom didn't have enough time to give her the talk)."

Psychology: The thread talked about how we socialize girls to be less assertive, and a people pleaser mainly to men. Well there are a lot of articles in women magazines teaching women how to get what they want, and learn to say no to things and people. Yeah, well we socialize men to tough it out. I remember in Eng. class in Centre high, men have more health problems because they don't go to the doctor.

When a woman has a health problem, they go to the doctor. Men have always been socialized to tough it out when they get hurt. By the time they're 50 years old, and they have a chest pain, they tough it out, when really they should be going to doctor.

Mar. 20 Good news: I just read that Demi Moore helped prevent a 18 yr old guy from committing suicide through Twitter. He emailed Demi on Twitter that he was going to commit suicide, DM asked if he needed help, and he said yes. The actress Nia Valdaros saw the post, she called a suicide prevention centre, and they called the police.

The police came to his house, and they found the guy crying on his computer. This is the second time DM saved someone from suicide. A woman emailed her on Twitter about harming herself.

Fun: What a coincidence, but my other friend Silivia dropped by the Soup place today. She came to pick up her T4, and I told her we were closing down the restaurant by the end of the month. We chatted a bit. She asked if me I lost weight, lol. I don't know because I don't weigh myself.

S: You worked here for 2 and a half years?
Me: More like 2 years. Specifically 1 yr and 9 months.

Funny rant: Yesterday I was talking to my manager Steven about how one worker can't work on Sunday.

Me: Ask Emily.
S: I don't want her to be overworked.
Me: So? When I worked here before you hired Emily and Lisa, I was overworked. Before you hired them, I always said to hire one or two people.
S: I like to hire full- time people. It's also about finding the right people if they're reliable and going to be here.
Me: Or you could hire a part- time, temporary, on- call person. But I doubt anyone would want that kind of job.

Then today I was talking to my other manager Stella, and told her to get Emily to work.
S: But she has a husband, and I think she wants to spend time with him.

Anyway, E ended up being able to work on Sunday after all, so that's good. I guess I'm annoyed because I have a family too. Well it's different though. I'm not married, and I don't have kids.

Actors: I was watching Flashpoint which is shot in Toronto. I saw three actors from three other TV shows and movies that are also shot in the same city. The talent agent from The Best Years guest- starred. It took me 5 min. into the ep to place him. The guy who played the boyfriend came in at 10 min. and I knew him right away. I saw him on the show Fries with That? and the movie Shattered Glass.

48 min. into the show, I recognized the kid.
Me: Hey, that's the kid who plays the younger version of Toby on The Listener!

Buffy: I saw a commercial that Muchmusic is airing Buffy the Vampire Slayer on weeknights. When I saw that, I said: "Oh my God!" That kind of reflects me back on the days when Space channel started airing it in Sept. 2001 on syndication. They were in their 6th season then. I watched it every night because I missed the first three seasons.

I didn't get into the show until the 4th season. Eventually, Space started phasing it out, and aired it really late like at midnight when it used to be on at 6pm. I love that show. I think I may have missed a few episodes in the last 7th season though.

Blog: Oh my God guys, another person other than my friends and family read my blog. This person Pallas commented on "poetic/ crazy news/ stay positive" post and said: "This is an interesting post." I clicked on the name, and it's to a medical insurance company. Now that's interesting.

Mar. 21 Lookalike: I was IMing with Cameron, my friend Ray's little brother/ old co-worker on Facebook. I sent the picture of the girl who plays Liz on My Life as Liz.

Me: Do you think this girl looks like Ray?
Cameron: Woah.
lol. Ray, and her mom also agree.

Mar. 22 W5: I was watching W5, and here's a warning for you. Beware of Jesse Wilms, because he is a scam artist. He lives in Sherwood Park and he's in charge of Just Think Media. He scammed people by creating websites that say "Have a free trial." You give him your credit card, and address so he charge a $2 shipping fee. But really, he's charging you automatically for $80/month on your credit card bill.

You have to read the fine print, where you have to cancel within the first like 3 days so he won't keep charging you every month. He is pretty much not only scamming people, but big corporations who do things legit. W5 interviewed Dr. Oz. I already saw him on 20/20, but he said the same thing: "If you see my face on a website promoting something, it means it's fake and stay away from it."

W5 reports that Jesse Wilms got a F for his Just Think Media from the Better Business Bureau. There are many complaints against him. JW dropped out of high school and he's 22 years old and making hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally. I have seen an ep of Oprah where someone who doesn't graduate out of high school is more likely to end up in prison.

The W5 camera crew try to get JW at his parking lot when he's trying to get to his car. That kind of reminds me of the days I used to watch Cheaters where a camera crew catches people cheating on each other.

The other part is Tammy Wynn is released from prison after being wrongfully convicted for killing her baby. Blame it on the paleontologist who did a crappy job on the autopsy. She spent 10 years in prison, and this other guy went to prison after being wrongfully convicted too. He spent 12 years in prison.

At least the paleontologist apologized, and is exposed on national TV. The host Victor Malerek talked to a politician about what the punishment for the paleontologist Charles Smith should get. Well W5 crew kind of ambushed him in the lobby after work. The politician kind of gave a vague answer that he's working on it.

Friday, March 19, 2010

poetic/ crazy news/ stay positive

Mar. 17 Poetic: I got an email from this guy on an online dating site:

"For each second life is a game of survival, with only thoughts of fiery kisses from thy satin lips keeping me alive

For I would spend eternity laying with you, gazing into thy carnivorous eyes and hearing the wind whispering your name"

Sounds interesting. However, I'm not interested.

Dream: This job loss is affecting my dreams. I, Mark and Young (old employees of the Soup place), and this Asian woman who comes in a few times at the Soup place were in it. We are all Asians and applying at Pho Bin's restaurant. After wards, I asked Young and the Woman: "What if I asked you guys to not apply there? Because you guys can get other jobs, and this restaurant is close to where I live." They said no.

Cut down: I'm on page 91 out of 220 pages of the 16 and Pregnant thread on I then checked, and there are 299 pages of the spin-off show Teen Mom. I have to read that too. That takes a lot of time, but it's about moderation. Just read a page here and there and focus on important stuff like my job search.

Fun: Today is my first day off in two and a half weeks. I spent a good hour and half reading 16 and Pregnant thread, writing my weekly email, posting it on my blog, going on Facebook, and listening to music.

Joke: My sister was reading Cosmopolitan and laughs.

S: It says here that Shaun Sipos is the next Brad Pitt.
Patrick: Who?
S: My point exactly.
Me: He's on Melrose Place. He kind of looks like him, but younger.

Mar. 18 Crazy news: I was on Yahoo news and there's this woman who weighs 600 pounds and was in the Guinness Book of Records for being the heaviest mother in 2007. Now she's eating so she can get to 1000 pounds and be the fattest woman. The article talked about how she seems so determined and ambitious to be so self- destructive.

There are actually guys who pay to watch her eat, I think on webcam. That reminds me of this sketch on MadTV from years ago. This woman likes this fat guy.

Fat guy: You only like me for my body. You're a chubby chaser!

Job search: Today I applied to Marcelo's Deli- again. I applied there back in Jan. There was this ad in the Metro that said they're hiring so that's why I dropped my resume there again. The ad was also a coupon to get a free small cappuccino so that's why I went there. I saw an ad for this restaurant called Checkers on 10658 82 Ave. They're hiring severs starting $12/hr. I looked it up on Google and it's too far away. I read that Manor Casual Bistro is hiring servers. It's on 10109 125 st. I don't know how to get there.

Staples: I went there last week to recycle batteries, and I saw a job application. I asked if there are benefits and there are for full-time employees. You should check out their website It's so fun and cool. There's even an RRSP savings plan. I'm definitely going to apply there. I like working at restaurants, but I have to think of the future.

Luck: When I worked at the Soup place, I always thought that I was lucky. I had done interviews at other places in the mall and they closed down like: Convergys, Oriental Home, Things Engraved, Sunglasses Hut, and Where it's Art.

Actors: I saw a promo for Republic of Doyle and they got Victor Garber on (Sydney's dad on Alias.) It turns out he's from London, Ontario. Earlier, Robert Joy was on (CSI: NY). He's from Montreal. So that explains how this new Canadian show was able to manage to get these big actors come on, only because the actors are Canadian. lol.

Mar. 18 Rant: This is a mild rant. I was checking out my MacEwan emails and it said that my mailbox was getting too full and it wouldn't be able to accept any more emails. There's only 109. Last winter, the inbox could hold almost 300 emails. Now I must go through my emails and start deleting some.

I write a lot in my weekly emails/ blog posts, I do a lot of job searching, watch a lot of TV, and read the newspaper. The only other thing that I haven't been doing is writing my script.

Coincidence: The day I got laid off from the Soup place, in the morning I was talking to my co-worker Lisa.

Me: I'm trying to work as much as I can this month, because I don't know what it's going to be like next month.

I was thinking about another employee that was coming back from vacation, and I was taking over his hours this month. Little did I know that my line was going to have another meaning in the fact that we're going to get laid off.

Stay positive: I have to stay positive this time. Focus on the fact that I won't be living in the middle anymore. For months, I've been getting few hours at the call centre. It's all day by day if I will get a call in at the Soup place to take a shift. I want to work at a place where I will have guaranteed shifts and I don't have to call in and ask if I have to come in.

Ironically by staying positive, I should think about the negative aspects about this job. There's always one or two employees who don't show up for work, and miss one or two days of work a week. That adds more work for the other employees. It was kind of good when the call centre wasn't giving me any hours and I had the restaurant to work at.

I applied to Staples, Sunterra, and Grand and Toy today. I also called the call centre and talked to the manager. I told him I was getting laid off, and he said he can't give me any hours, because he's cutting down.

Correction: This was a month or so ago, but I just want to clarify this. I said my friend Sherry and I hope that the call centre will close down. Sherry wants to say that she expects it to close down.

Job security: I learned another lesson about job security, and not just that call centres aren't very secure because it's all being exported to India. lol. It's also besides the fact the stores I did interviews at closed down in City Centre, but there are lots of other stores that I didn't do interviews at also closed down. I was flipping through my mall brochure, and I crossed out a lot of places that aren't there anymore. Same goes with West Ed mall, there are always stores closing and opening there.

Inspiration: I think I got a little inspiration today. I was watching some of that TV show Flash Forward. A bad guy threatens the good guy into doing things for him by threatening to hurt his little sister. He has already hurt his dad, and his mentor. That's kind of what I have for my script Rain.

Action: It was a pretty cool episode. This SWAT team enters a warehouse and there's an ambulance. There's a bomb in it, and they run away as it blows up. Then later there's a gun fight. It was a good action scene. The good guy Mark drives his car back into this building.

Bad guys shoot at his car. Then a bad guy comes close to it. The car windows are covered in dirt and dust so you can't see Mark. Mark's foot goes through the window and kicks him in the head. I do have a nitpick. Why didn't the bad guy just start shooting through the windows? He knows Mark is in there. I'll give it points that it was unpredictable with the foot going through the window.

In the first part, I jumped at this one scene. A female agent opens the fridge door, turns around and there are these two guys in masks appear out of nowhere.

Pregnancy: Did you know that if you're on birth control pills, it affects your antibiotics if you're taking them? I was watching 16 and Pregnant, and the girl Lori got pregnant because her birth control pills weren't working because she was also taking antibiotics.

Blog: Great news guys, someone other than my family and friends read my blog. Anonymous made a comment about my Justin Berry segment. It's a huge article though in the link:

"The other and award winning less sensationalistic version of the Berry story."

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

crazy/ funny/ The Kingdom

Mar. 15 Crazy: It was kind of crazy today. I got Psych! The Soup place is closing down at the end of the month. I thought up that joke way back in 2006 when I first got laid off from my favorite job Ipsos, the call centre. However, back then I was 20 years old and I didn't deal with it very well. If you remember, I embarked on an anger management problem. I would have never quit Ipsos, and I only left because they laid me off.

I would never have quit the Soup place. There's proof because I took on other jobs like the bank, Urban Planet, and the call centre, and I kept working there on the weekends. I know I can get another garbage job like Dollarama because they're hiring. I have worked at $1 store before way back in summer 2004. I didn't like it, but that's where I met my friend Sonia.

Job search: I can probably apply back to all the places I worked at. I applied to Ardene's a couple of months ago when my call centre job didn't give me any hours. I just emailed my old manager there if they're hiring. I also emailed my friend Lorraine who still works at the Grand and Toy and ask if they're hiring.

I'll apply to my old job Treats again. Maybe that Epcor location will be open by now. It was closed when I did an interview a couple months ago. Do what you like. Work at a restaurant. Also fight to get hours at the call centre.

Funny: Onto lighter stuff, I was watching Saturday Night Live and they made fun of those Broadview Security commercials. Cut to a Woman saying goodbye to friends at a party she held. She says goodbye to her friends and this guy. She puts away the dishes, and Guy kicks her door down. Then this alarm goes off.

A Broadview Security guy calls her, and asks if she's alright. SNL made fun of it saying: "Are you a single woman who lives in a five bedroom house? You need an alarm system."

Yeah well, my sister was watching it and she said Sarah Haskins made fun of it way better. I agree. Check out this clip:

Mar. 16 Job info: I asked Lorraine at Grand and Toy if they're hiring. They said maybe in April. I worked there in Mar. 2006 when I got laid off from Ipsos. I was mainly biding my time there for a month, until I got another job at a call centre.

I asked this woman at Winners if they're benefits if I work there. She said that's to be discussed in the interview. I emailed my old manager Dani on Facebook at Ardene's. She said she hasn't dealt with anything from that store in a year, so I'm on my own there.

I went on the internet and looked up Tonquin Inn. In 24 Classifieds, it said they're hiring a housekeeper and there are benefits. However, it's in Jasper, and I want to stay in Edmonton. I looked up Boston Pizza Namao and it's on 16521-97st. They're looking for cooks/ kitchen helpers F/P/T $10-15. It's too far away where I live. Borderline Sports Pub on 3226-82nd is hiring FT/PT servers, bartenders, and cooks. However, I don't really want to work at a bar.

There are other restaurants I can get a job at. I just called Pho Bin, this Chinese restaurant to see if they're hiring. I saw an ad of theirs before and they said they're hiring. However, I think I'll stay in downtown.

Joke: You guys are probably sick of reading about my job search. So am I. Let's move away from it. Here's an old joke I heard way back in 2003/2004. There was this actor that I like J Mack Slaughter. He was on the TV sitcom Like Family about a single white mom and her teen son living with a black family.

It was funny, and only lasted one season on the WB. Same goes for The Sharon Osbourne show where she had her own talk show. Slaughter was on Osbourne's show.

SO: So I heard prior to this show, you were in a boy band.
JMS: No, I was in a pop vocalist group. Just kidding, I was in a boy band.

Celeb gossip: Did you know that Mark Wahlberg only had an 8th grade education? He said that on a late night talk show. I think on Jimmy Kimmel.

You know American Idol winner Fantasia? She was on The Simpsons when they made a parody of that show. Lisa competes in a singing competition and Fantasia did the voice of another contestant. Well F was on Oprah last month. F canceled several Broadway performances because she actually had lung surgery.

O was the producer of that play.
O: How come you didn't tell me?
F: I couldn't find you!
They laughed.

Music: You know the singer Feist? I bought this cd by Kings of Convenience way back in 2004. The music is light and adult contemporary. I was listening to it, and then I noticed that Feist sang in a few of their songs. That is so cool. This is before she got really big a couple of years later.

Comedy: I've been watching the TV show Republic of Doyle. Jake Doyle often gets hurt a lot, like getting punched in the face. It's like Homer Simpson getting hurt for comedy purposes.

Pregnancy: I caught up on the 90210 episodes I missed. It turns out there was this character Sasha who lied about being pregnant to keep her boyfriend Dixon. Then it turns the boyfriend's mother figured out she wasn't pregnant. Sasha talked about having a sonogram when she was 4 months pregnant, when you get a sonogram when your 6 weeks pregnant.

A sonogram is where you hear the baby's heartbeat. I didn't know that. I talk a lot about teen pregnancy, but I don't totally know everything about it. S was also drinking coffee when you're not supposed to when you're pregnant. The mother tells S to stay away from Dixon.

It was a good storyline. S lies and says to D that she miscarried. Then eventually the mother was forced to tell D that S was never pregnant at all, because D still wanted to see S.

Fighting: I was thinking about that movie Fighting. The lead character Shawn is kind of a bad guy, but not so bad he can't redeem himself. He was selling fake Harry Potter books and doing illegal fights. A little shady, but a nice guy.

The Kingdom: A couple of months ago, I saw this movie. It stars Jennifer Garner, Jamie Foxx, and Jason Batemen. They work for the government and must investigate why there was a suicide bombing that occurred in an American facility in the Middle East.

Great acting, great story. There were explosions and gun fights. There's a little comedy thrown here and there.

Actor: I saw the series finale of Dollhouse. Victor and Sierra have a kid. When I first saw the kid, I thought he kind of looked like "Balloon Boy" Falcon Heene. They both had the dark hair and round face. lol.

Though it was good casting. Sierra is half- Asian and Victor had dark hair. The kid really did look like he could be their kid.

Mar. 17 South Park: I'm going to admit it. I've been watching South Park though I always say I'm trying to cut down on TV. I remember way back in 2002, I saw some it with Patrick. It's where one kid gets diagnosed with ADD. I totally predicted it, and then the doctor diagnoses the whole class with ADD. I left after that.

This show is kind of funny. I think I watch it so I can see how the episode goes. One night the Special Olympics episode came on when the Olympics were on last month, that's why I tuned in. Then they aired a Wall-Mart episode where they make fun of Wal-Mart. This show has had an effect on me because I found myself quoting from it. One night we had steak for dinner.

Me: What? Only 3 steaks? If we went to Wal-Mart we would have gotten 6.

I remember way back in 2006, I was watching Justin Berry on Oprah. JB is the guy who got molested through the internet. He said something about getting a webcam, and as soon as he came on, people started IMing him. I went on and someone wrote this comment:

"I'm sorry. But the whole time I was watching this I was thinking about South Park where Cartman writes 'I'm a 10 yr old boy' and everybody starts IMing him."

I told this to Patrick and he says: "No, it's 'I'm a 8 yr old boy looking for more older and mature friends.' And then everybody starts IMing him." lol.

Monday, March 15, 2010

job search/ dark jokes/ character arc

Mar. 11 Job search: I read in the Job Classified that Tim Horton's pays food counter attendants $10.59/hr and benefits. Just like McDonald's. I read the Chinese restaurant Pho Bin's on 79st. are hiring a kitchen helper for the same pay.

Mar. 12 Job: I did the math. I worked 58.5 hours this week. I'm like that Robin Thicke "Sex Therapy" lyric at the beginning: "Stressed out, uptight, overworked, wound up." lol. I love that song.

I had to do the closing with my manager. There is supposed to be another employee, but she couldn't come to work. She's at the hospital because her mother- in -law is going to be taken off life support.

CSI: NY: I was watching a rerun where the magician Criss Angel guest- stars playing a magician. He's the biggest guest-star so he's the guy who did it.

Dialogue: I think these writers and producers who read my scripts has had a big effect on me. Now when I watch this show, I realize that some of the dialogue doesn't seem realistic. Writers and producers tell me to work on my dialogue. I notice on CSI: NY, a character always has to say something to close the scene. The line has to have this big significance to it, even when the scene isn't an act break.

It's good to have the writers work hard and put effort in it. However, it's trying too hard and it's too obvious.

Dark jokes: I checked out the show Death Comes to Town on CBC. It's created from the guys in Kids in the Hall. It's a comedy. I saw the pilot and they made this dark joke. You may be offended.

Cut to a store window that said "Town abortionist." It looked like a store and not an abortion clinic.
Me: This is the first 5 min. into the pilot, and they're already making an abortion joke? Are they trying to do shock value? Because this would never happen in real life where an abortion clinic looks like a regular store.

I was watching this Tosh.O episode. Cut to a clip of a girl in a laundry basket and she's riding down the stairs like it's a sled.

Daniel Tosh: You should just call Planned Parenthood.
The audience says: "Ohhhh."
He didn't say the word abortion, he just made an abortion joke.

I remember years ago I was reading this advice column by Josey Vogels. It used to be in the Edmonton Journal. This woman wrote about her boyfriend saying that if she got pregnant, she should "just get an abortion." She says she's pro-choice, but doesn't want to go through with the procedure.

Josey: He says: "Just get an abortion." While you're at it, pick up the milk too.
Basically she's dissing him for his blase attitude towards abortion.

However, there are people out there who are like that. Remember that time I wrote about that out- of- control teen girl on Jenny Jones?

Jenny: So you got pregnant when you were 13?
Girl: Yeah.
Jenny: And you got an abortion?
Girl: Yeah.
Girl acted like "Whatever" with it. Jenny might as well be asking: "Did you pick up the milk?"

Funny joke: Onto something that's lighter and actually funny. Also in the Death Comes to Town pilot, this woman is trying to get her car started. However, she's been drinking. She does this breathalyzer test that's in her steering wheel. It says she can't drive. There should be cars out there that actually has these breathalyzer tests to prevent drunk people from driving.

But then, she gets her son to breath into the test, and since he hasn't been drinking, she goes and gets the car started. So if a car should exist, then it should do a DNA sample that only the owner can drive that car.

Mar. 13: I was thinking I should put "dancing" as a skill on my profile. lol. I did go to Workopolis and look under Performing arts jobs. There are dance teacher jobs, but I didn't apply because I never took dance lessons.

Character arc: I was thinking about 16 and Pregnant. On the episode where Catelynn gives the baby up for adoption, her mom wanted her to keep the kid and raise it as her own. On, everybody was dissing the mom April. Then the show Teen Mom came on. It later showed an episode where April apologizes to Catelynn for not supporting her adoption and her bad behavior because she was disrespecting Catelynn. They hugged and cried. If this was a fictional show, then April had a character arc. She then redeemed herself.

There's the movie A Walk to Remember. Shane West's character was a jerk at the beginning of the movie. Then he falls in love, and he becomes a good guy. In Never Back Down, Sean Faris's character was an angry guy. He then learns mix martial arts and controls his anger that way. However, in the movie Fighting, Channing Tatum's character doesn't go through a character arc.

I did do some jotting of ideas of a out- of- control teen girl on the Maury show. She wants to get pregnant and I have to write it so she redeems herself. It's hard to make this unlikeable character become likable.

Adoption: I saw an Oprah episode where this woman gave a baby girl up for adoption. 42 years later, she was reunited with her daughter. The woman was sympathetic. She ran away from home when she was 15 because her parents beat her. She was homeless for a few months until she realized she was pregnant.

She gave the baby up for adoption. Now she's married, has a son, and is a successful woman on Wall street.

Lookalike: I was watching the TV show My Life as Liz because it was on right after 16 and Pregnant. The girl who plays Liz looks like my friend Ray. I sent her the pic on Facebook, and she and her mom said that they do look like each other. lol.

Song: This is an old song that I like. It's called "One Headlight" by the Wallflowers. They were a one hit wonder.

Job advice: I talked to my dad this morning and he said that working as a receptionist at a beauty salon is "a step in the right direction." The job may not have any benefits, but it does make me interact with people. Get a job at the government, even if it's entry level. Then you can get a pension when you retire.

Mar. 14: I have one more abortion joke, and then I will stop. It's from Daniel Tosh where he said: "I heart abortions, but you don't see Urban Outfitters making t-shirts out of that saying."

Giles Panton: I was watching Human Target with my sister, and then the actor Giles Panton pops in as this woman's date. I was like: "Ahh! Giles Panton!" I put that up on my Facebook status and on GP's Facebook wall.

Actors: It was kind of interesting. I saw Kevin Weisman on the show too. He played a tech geek Marshal on Alias and he's typecast again by playing a geeky engineer on Human Target. Human Target and The OC are produced by McG. That's why Autumn Reeser who played Taylor on The OC is now on this new show.

I'm going to admit I actually watched a repeat of the awful show Secret Life of the American Teenager. I only watched it, because there was a part that wasn't put on Youtube. I then saw the actress who played Gayle on The Vampire Diaries. She only made an appearance on SLAT. It's a good thing that she can work her way up to do more work on good TV shows like Vampire Diaries.

I caught some CSI: NY today, and I saw Shaeline Woodley! She plays the lead Amy on SLAT. In this episode, she plays a bad guy. I read that she was on The OC as Marissa's little sister in a few episodes in the first season. It was a tiny part. Then in season 4, when Marissa's little sister came back from boarding school, they got a new girl to play her. Then again, the little sister was hardly part of the show in the first 3 seasons.

Reminder: Yeah, I've been working a lot in the past two weeks. I didn't have a day off at all. I didn't do much of a job search, but I can sure make hours to watch TV. Yeah, well my little brother was on the new computer doing school work. I could use the old computer to do my job search, but it's from 1998, and it's really slow. That's why I didn't use it.

Though I was watching Human Target, and a character said something about their covert job (paraphrasing): "There are no benefits, no job security, I'll take what I can get." It reminded me to look for a job with benefits and job security.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Joke: Bag of Coffee

For all of us who are married, were married, wish You were married, or wish you weren't married, thisIs something to smile about the next time you see aBottle of wine:Sally was driving home from one of her business Trips in Northern Arizona when she saw an elderly Navajo woman walking on the side of the road.As the trip was a long and quiet one, she stopped the car
and asked the Navajo woman if she would like a ride.With a silent nod of thanks, the woman got into the car.Resuming the journey, Sally tried in vain to make a bit of small talk
with the Navajo woman.

The old woman just sat silently, looking intently at everything she saw, studying every little detail, until she noticed a brown bag on the seat next to Sally.'What in bag?' asked the old woman.Sally looked down at the brown bag and said, 'It's a bag of coffee . I got it for my husband.' The Navajo woman was silent for another moment or two.Then speaking with the quiet wisdom of an elder, she said:'Good trade.....'

Giles Panton/ Academy Awards/ funny commercial

Mar. 7 Giles Panton: I went on Facebook and saw that the actor Giles Panton (Joe from Flash Gordon) was online. I'm trying to get him in my script. At 10:35pm, I started an online chat with him:

Me: hey have you read The Fighter changes yet?
Giles: no ma'am
Me: ok
Giles: gotta get up early. on set for v tom. have a good night hun.
Me: busy with your play?
Giles: just finished the play. now on to more tv. sleep well.

Oh my God, I can't believe I'm like talking to him. Now I understand what he meant. He's on the sci-fi TV show V. He was on one episode last season. He told all his friends on Facebook to watch him on that ep, and I did. It's good that he's going to be on more episodes and getting more work.

He was advertising his play on Facebook for a month or so.

I found his myspace page:

Academy Awards: I found it inspiring to watch this award show. I really liked watching the hip-hop dancing to this classical music. This man won the music editing and he told people to be creative, it's not a waste of time, and to just do it. I needed to hear those words to write.

Mar. 8: I read the Metro and it's Michael Giacchino who said the above. He won the Original Score to the movie Up.

I can imagine if Giles Panton was on my project. We would be IMing like this:

G: I'm going to sleep. I'll see you tomorrow on The Fighter set.
Me: See you.

Job: I know I'm not really getting any shifts at the call centre because I haven't been giving them my availability. Though when I did give them my availability last month, I still didn't get any shifts. That's okay, because this month I'm really busy at the Soup place.

Mar. 9 Actors: I was checking out Melrose Place, and I saw Edmonton actor Niall Matter. I first saw him on The Best Years, and Fear Itself. It's great that this actor is getting more work, and on a big TV show like Melrose Place. He plays a bad guy where he drugs Lauren.

Mar. 10: I'm going to admit it. I have been working full 8 hour work days for the past two days. After that, I come home and watch 3 hours of TV. I feel kind of guilty like maybe I should be writing and looking for a job.

Yesterday, I did email the producer John Kerr and updated him on my writing.

Saying: Yeah well, I was watching Melrose Place yesterday, and this line jumped out at me: "You can be a chef anywhere." It's where a character is encouraging another character to move. I can be a writer anywhere. I can pull out a pen and paper anywhere and write. However, I should be moving to Vancouver and Toronto.

Jokes: I was watching TV with TV's Jonathan Torrens.

JT: Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas says that: "Mario Lopez is the Mexican Ryan Seacrest." I laughed so hard, a part of me died."

At the beginning of his show, there is always a joke newspaper headline. One said: "Psychic event didn't go as predicted." lol.

Now it made me think of The Simpsons where Marge calls a radio station to talk to a psychic.

Psychic: You'll die a horrible, horrible death.
Marge gasps.
Psychic: I'm sorry, that was for my last caller. You'll die a horrible, horrible death.
Marge: But you-
DJ: Do you have a song request?
Homer: "It's raining men!"

Funny news: I was watching TV and the news said that a stolen car hits a police car. These jokes write themselves.

CSI: NY game: I was playing that game by myself again. I saw Ashlee Simpson- Wentz and her husband Pete Wentz guest- star on this show. I'll add that with the music artists, Nelly, Nelly Furtado, Alex Band (from the band The Calling) guest- starring.

Lesson: I was thinking about that time I was working at Urban Planet. I learned my lesson. Don't go for another job, go for another career. It made me think about that Buffy episode where she works at the fast food restaurant the Double Meat Palace. I remember reading a review on the internet.

Buffy runs off in the middle of her shift to help Riley. The next episode, she's back at work though she had left in the middle of her shift. It made me think that this is a garbage job. Unless you want to wank it in your mind that there aren't a lot of people working there, and that's why they didn't fire her. Or that Buffy apologized and the manager gave her a second chance.

Call centre: I'm trying to get some inspiration. I had bumped into my old high school friend Kayle on the bus. He said he works at TD call centre where people call him to put orders on stocks. It pays like $19/hr. He told me he has worked at banks before.

Funny commercial: I was watching this "Eat Cheese" commercial about this couple who's looking for the perfect place to live. That reminds me of this commercial years ago for "Eat Cheese." There is a crime scene. This CSI guy takes pictures of the kitchen. He takes pics of this plate of cheese.

Then he starts eating the cheese. Then he takes some more pics.
CSI guy: Do you have anything?
Cop: Yeah, we got a camera that caught everything.
CSI guy realizes that the camera caught him eating the cheese and messing with a crime scene. lol.

If I remember correctly, I think CSI guy had curly hair and was in his mid- to-late twenties.

Mar. 11: I saw the garden gnome commercial watching TV. It's advertising for the travel agency Travelocity.

Less than Kind: I liked this TV show. It was on CityTV and it's funny. It's about a 13 year old boy Sheldon who lives with his parents and his older brother in Winnipeg. It got canceled, but I read it's going to be picked up by HBO Canada.

I remember watching it, and my sister overheard this line.
Sheldon was arguing with his brother.
S: I can lose weight, you can't gain talent.
Sister: Oh!

Reviews: I was watching the TV show Blue Mountain State. It's about college guys on a football team in a Mid- western college. It has crude humor like American Pie. It stars Sam Jones III, or Pete from Smallville from the first 3 seasons of that show. It's a little funny, but it's really aimed at guys. It airs on Spike channel.

I checked out the show Modern Family. It's about three families. It's a comedy without a laugh track. It's kind of funny. It's average, kind of like the comedy Community.

Friday, March 5, 2010

inspiration/ performance on demand/ school

Mar. 2 Inspiration: I borrowed Colbie Caillat's cd "Breakthrough." It's an average adult contemporary cd. In it she wrote this:

"For a lot of us, when life gets hard to deal with and keep up with, it becomes easier to give up on and let go of. I found myself doing that a lot and I was slowly falling apart. But...I woke up from it. I realized I wasn't happy settling for less or letting myself become someone I wasn't supposed to be due to laziness. I had to Breakthrough my fears, my insecurities, and my self doubt.

There are so many battles we all have to go through in life that are for us to learn from, we grow stronger from them. I just learned this. I want to remind myself and everyone out there that we have to Breakthrough all the little things we tell ourselves we can't do because we are scared, and just step up and do them. This record is about becoming the person you want to be, having will power and letting nothing hold you back. So try not to let great things pass you by, start making things happen that you really want in life! I hope these words help you, if you are in need of them."

Cliche: By watching TV shows, I can catch cliches. I am then able to catch cliches in my script. This happens so often in 90210 where Character A wants to get with Character B. Then A sees B with Character C, so A doesn't go and make a move. I'll admit I did that once in The Fighter. In earlier drafts there were two instances, but now it's down to one.

Mar. 3 Progress: I went and counted to all the places I applied at.

Nov. 2009: 22 careers
Dec. 2009: 5 careers
Jan. 2010: 18 jobs
Feb. 2010: 39 careers

I applied to Wal-Mart yesterday. Overall 85 resumes and positions. This also counts the profiles I set up on employment websites.

I pitched my script to a production company today.

I applied to the Journal and the YMCA as an administrative assistant today.

Performance on demand: I learned this phrase when reading about the Olympics. Canadians won 14 gold medals on our land in this Winter Olympics. It's performance on demand because the Canadians are cheering for our athletes.

This reminds me of my own past.I had to pass Applied Math 20 so I could get into Applied Math 30. I pushed myself so hard to pass and I did. I did the same in Applied Math 30 so I could graduate out of high school. Though I did have to upgrade next year. I took Pure Math 30 and passed it. The stakes were high because I needed a good mark in that class to get into college.

The same goes for finishing my The Fighter script. This production company Super Channel told me that they won't read my script until I get it to 90 pages. I was at 66 pages when I emailed them, so I then pushed myself to get the 90 pages.

It's the same with Josh Miller from Panacea Entertainment. He says he will read my script when I have 90 pages. It's in the 60 pages mark for Rain.

Funny: Did you know that NDP leader Jack Layton can speak Chinese, specifically Cantonese? His wife is Chinese. He lives with his mother-in-law. He was on the Rick Mercer Report and they kind of did a Cribs episode where they toured his environmental house.

They showed the bedroom.

RM: This is where the magic happens.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear JL speak Chinese to his mother-in-law. They ate some Chinese food and JL dropped a piece of food from his chopsticks.

RM: Glad that wasn't me.

There is a banner that said: "Get Well Soon Jack!" There are also "Get Well" cards.

JL: 25,000 men this year will get prostate cancer and they will have to tell their loved ones about it. I live in the public so I feel I should tell people about it.

Mar. 4 School: For the record I'm going to say this. I'm not going back to school. I got a college diploma in Professional Writing. That was expensive with tuition and books. I already did a year at NAIT and didn't graduate. I also took 3 classes in the Arts and Cultural Management program at MacEwan which went to my Professional Writing diploma. It was 3 and a half years to get diploma.

I'm not going to put any more time and money into school. I have thought about school like maybe I should take an administrative assistant course. However, I'm not totally interested in it. I have to be really interested in something to do well at it. If not, I have to do it so I can get something that I want.

It's like taking math. I hate that class because I'm not good at it, or interested in it. I pushed myself so hard to pass so I could get into college and take something that I want and to do as a career.

I have thought about culinary school, because I like working at a restaurant. I see "Help Wanted" postings for cooks and they pay like $15/hr which is good. But I'm not totally interested in it.

Mar. 5: Well I'm more interested in culinary school than being an administrative assistant.

Good: It's a good thing that Treats didn't hire me because the Soup place really needs me this month.

Job search: Looking for a job is like applying for colleges. I need more pressure and stress to get an office job. It's called performance on demand. I put so much time and effort to get into college because one of my goals in life was to get a college diploma. Second, my parents wanted me to get one too.

Maybe that's why it's harder for me to get an office job. I didn't start looking for one until summer 2008 because my parents told me to. Well they do know the job market.

This search is different from 2008. No staffing agencies, and no garbage jobs. Well a little like in Jan. 2010 I did apply at some garbage jobs like retail. That's because the call centre wasn't giving me any hours at all and neither was the Soup place. Now it's time to divert my energy and type up 30 more pages for Rain so Josh Miller can read it.

Music: I was watching Flashpoint episode "Between Heartbeats" and they played Matthew Good's song "Weapon" at the end of it. This aired in 2009. I remember they used this song at the end of an Alias episode where Marshall gets kidnapped. That ep aired in 2003 when the song first came out. Both are dramas with a poignant ending.

I was watching a 90210 ep and they aired Ryan Adam's song where he covers Oasis's "Wonderwall." I remember they aired that song on Smallville. The endings are supposed to be deep.

Darkness: I finally finished watching this movie. I saw the first half of it on TV, and then I let Patrick watch his show. It aired again so I caught the last half of it. It stars Lena Olin and Anna Paquin. It's about a family who moves into this old house and it's creepy and scary. I find it to be an average movie.

By watching it, it reminded me of Scary Movie 3. There was a scene where Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy are making fun of the movie The Ring. There is this phone ringing in the house. The line was: "That is so weird. There is only one phone in this big of a house?"

There was only one phone in the big house in Darkness. However, they just moved into the house, so by all means they only put up one phone. The movie was kind of slow like the other horror movie Dark Water. It wasn't totally scary. I didn't like the ending.

Joke: I was reading in The Globe and Mail where a writer disses the show Accidentally on Purpose. He says: "No one watches this show on purpose. People watch it because it's on right after How I Met your Mother or they want to tune in before Two and a Half Men."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Andrew Young/ blast from the past/ funny and weird

Feb. 24 Andrew Young: He is John Edward's right- hand man. He is the one who took the fall for Edwards, as in pretended that he had an affair and fathered this baby. As you all know, Edwards was the one who had an affair and fathered the baby. Young and his wife Cheri pretended and went along with it to protect Edwards.

Young and Cheri was on Oprah discussing it, and promoting their book. It's got a mention of a sex tape. C says Edwards is naked and is doing sexual stuff to a visibly pregnant Rielle Hunter, whom Edwards cheated with. Young only took the fall for E, because E was like his best friend, and kind of a like a dad. Also E was his boss. Young and Cheri took the money to live in hotels and hide with their 3 kids, and Rielle.

This is some good inspiration for my script Rain. It's where Rain is forced and bullied into working for her boss. Edwards didn't bully or force Young, but there was a lot of pressure.

Funny: This guy buys a sandwich at the Soup place.

Jen: He's hot, admit it.
Me: I won't say he's hot, but he is good looking.
Jen: Oh yeah, I saw that guy that you like when I was at the mall.
Me: You mean Mark, the guy who looks like Kyle Gallner?
Jen: Yes.

Feb. 25 Cop Out: I was reading in the newspaper about those interracial buddy cop movies. Did you know Cop Out was with Will Ferrel and Mark Wahlberg? They didn't do the movie because of the pay, but they will do another cop movie later. The writers of Cop Out, Robb Cullen and Mark Cullen wanted to do a bromance movie as in two guys in a romantic comedy.

Dentist: That's weird. I typed about it in my last email, but it's not there. It's about I went to the dentist yesterday and afterward my mouth hurts. I had to pay $211 for it. I did save $55 for the x-ray because Dr. Wong cut me a break. I've been seeing him since I was a kid, and I guess he felt sorry for me because I'm not under my dad's insurance policy anymore. You have to be a student.

He told me to drink more milk even though I'm 24 and finished growing. I can still absorb the calcium. I got a free toothbrush and floss as usual.

Motivation: I got on the bus to go home and bumped into Sarah who I went to Professional Writing with. She got a job as this file clerk which is like administrative assistant. She didn't have to go to school for it. That kind of pushed me a bit to get that office job.

I went to and it said for you to read the business section of the newspaper. For example, a tech company winning a new contract could increase employment there. That reminds me of CityTV and CBC giving layoffs so I know to avoid those places because they're not hiring.

16 and Pregnant: I saw the ep with Nikkole and her boyfriend is a jerk. He is really disrespectful to Nikkole's mom. The mom retaliates by not letting him in her house, damn straight. That guy is so bad, he makes me appreciate Spencer from The Hills and that's saying a lot.

Since we're on the topic of teen pregnancy, I read in the Metro that Bristol Palin is going to play herself on Secret Life of the American Teenager. It's a crappy show. I feel like since there is so much coverage of teen pregnancy, it might actually in a weird way encourage it.

Feb. 26 Wal-Mart: My sister told me to apply at Wal-Mart. They have benefits. She said that I should work more, if not contribute more to the household by doing more chores. I was looking at my paychecks and I was getting 25-30hrs a week at the Soup place. I remember when I first started out, those were my hours. Then people come and go, and I managed to get up to 48hrs a week. I felt really overworked. It's not just the hours, it's the people who don't show up. There's usually one or two people who don't show up, and then I end up doing more work. I told the managers to hire one or two people, but they wouldn't.

Then I got a job at a call centre. Then they hire two new people because my being only there on the weekends forced them to.

Feb. 27 Blast from the Past: I bumped into my friend Sarah on the bus. She went to high school with me. She said she worked at Safeway before. She told me that Safeway has benefits if you work there full-time.

In the morning, Mark who used to work at the Soup place came by. He was picking up a T-4 for his wife Molly who also worked here too. We did some catching up. He's a dental technician and gets starting wage $17/hr.Then Patrick's friend Derek stopped by at the end of my shift. We chatted a bit. D says he got laid from his security guard job. He's now working with some contractors. Security guard jobs do get paid $15/hr.

I just emailed Sarah from the Professional Writing program on Facebook to see how she got her office job. Knowledge is power.

Feelings: I'm looking for the job positions in the Coast Hotels and Resorts. There is a food and beverage server, part-time. But that's a garbage job. I have to see if they have benefits. I have to be positive. In March, one co-worker will be going on vacation for a month. I will get all his hours. I hope he goes there, and stays there. I want his hours permanently.

I was going through my inspirational quotes and I read James Dean say: "Gratification comes from the doing, and not the results." I always say I feel drained. I go out and pass my resumes so I'm doing something productive. I'm getting exercise and fresh air by going out, however afterward I feel depressed. Isn't doing something productive and exercising supposed to make you feel good? I don't see any results.

I see some like an email rejecting to me be a pastry chef. A person emailing me and giving me info about a job. A woman called me from Direct Energy and told me about a job.

Job news: The Sicilian restaurant on Jasper Ave is hiring full time servers, and a part time bartender. If anyone is interested, go there. I applied there back in 2006 when I was working at Leger. I won't go there because there aren't any benefits and I got more hours at the Soup place now.

Psychic: This may sound stupid, but two psychics had told me that I'm supposed to get a office job in Feb. or Mar. 2010. Feb. is ending. So what happens after Mar. goes by? The window to get an office job expires? lol.

Feb. 28 Script pitch: It's the end of the month and I was thinking about my script pitch. I then checked my email today and the producer Casey Yip emailed me back. I emailed him two weeks ago on Feb. 16 and now he's replying. He said he will most likely get his two films produced by summer 2011.Then he can consider my new project. He said to send the script to him anyway, so I did. He told me to get it copyrighted and I did.

Job tips: I was talking to Nicole who comes into the Soup place. She works at the Sutton Place hotel.

Me: Are there benefits there?
N: Yes, only if you work full-time. You can apply for benefits if you work there for three months after that probationary period.

Mar. 1 Funny and weird: Today I went to Wal-Mart and applied there because my sister told me to. I also went there to pick up Paxil. I then realized that I have never went to pick up prescription drugs before because I was on my dad's plan. My dad always picked it up for me.

It was funny and weird because this is so normal for people to do, and I haven't done it before. It reminded me of The Simpsons where Mr. Burns loses his fortune and he rides the bus for the first time.

Mr. Burns: I'm riding on a bus.
Barney: Aren't you that guy who everybody hates?

Did you know there is such thing as brand name Paxil and generic Paxil? I didn't know that until today.