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Saturday, June 28, 2008

charity/ fun/ bad customer service

Jun 25 Charity: What a coincidence. I wrote about Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie donating to charity. Today I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, and the Children's Leukemia Research called again. I think they called some months ago. This guy James asked if I could donate $150 or $100 and I say no. Then he asks, "I don't mean to be a bug, but last year you donated $10, can you donate this much again?" I said no and thanked him and then hung up.

When he first called, I thought it was a job. Psych. When I got home, my sister took a message about the fire department calling me. I don't remember applying there for a job. Then I called the 1-800-761-2315, and it's actually a charity asking for money to take kids to a ballgame. Psych again. I got an answering machine. Won't be donating there, but if you are interested go and donate.

Jun 26 Job: So I looked for Capital Health and I was right about the address. It was good to also go there anyway to see how long it took for me to get there, and find the elevators to the wing and find the room. It was kind of complicated.

Fun: It was cool at work today. I worked at the register and asked what sandwich this guy ordered. His voice sounded familiar, his face looked familiar with lighter hair and a thin beard.

Me: Drew?
Drew: Yeah, Tracy?
Me: Yeah. Do you have a graphic design job?
D: Yeah, after Nait, I worked for Nait. Now I work for Apple.
Me: I'm getting my diploma in Professional Writing at Grant MacEwan.
So that was cool I bumped into him. He is the 5th person I bumped into from Nait.

Back in 2005, I was working at Roots and in a period of 5 months, Josh came in, then Marcie, and Amanda walked by the store. Then in 2006, I bumped into Diana at bus stop in downtown. Well it's good that Drew remembers me. Unlike a week or so ago, I bumped into Miranda at the bus stop. She didn't remember me. I reminded her that we used to wait for the bus together from 2004-2005 so we were acquaintances.

You know what's interesting? Is that after I talked to Drew, I feel inspired. Yes, because when I bump into people from the past, I can proudly say I got a college diploma in Professional Writing at MacEwan.

Jun 27 News: There was another article about teen pregnancy on yahoo news, so I had to read it. It was discussing how teen pregnancy seems okay these days. They did mention new reality shows like The Baby Borrowers where 5 couples ages 18-20 will have to take care of a kid. Another is The Secret Life of an American Teenager about a girl who is pregnant.

I want to say that on Degrassi: The Next Generation, they discussed about it. There is the character Manny who got pregnant at 14, and got an abortion. They did show how she had to tell her mom the truth and it was hard with all the crying. Then it showed Liberty getting pregnant and giving the baby up for adoption, after she and JT can't afford to take care of it.

Recently there is the character Mia who is 16 and is raising a kid. The father another teen didn't take responsibility. Then he did for a few eps, then he quits again. Throw in Desperate Housewives where Bree's daughter gets pregnant and Bree ends up pretending she's pregnant and that her grandson is really her son.

Jun 28: I was on and read that The Secret Life of an American Teenager is a tv show created by the creator of the show I hate 7th Heaven. It's on ABC Family and here's a preview you can check out. I actually found myself kind of cringing when I was watching it. Well it's got good talent like Molly Ringwald from 16 Candles playing the mom, and Josie Bisset is in it too. JB is from that tv movie I liked called Obituary. John Shneider, the dad from Smallville.

Look the tv show Smallville is very anti-sex. Seriously. There are so many episodes where the characters experience kryptonite and they act all sexy and badass, and afterwards they forget what happened once the kryptonite fades off. Being sexy is bad and you shouldn't act sexy. Oh man, I'm probably going to end watching American Teenager after all. Well there was the show Gilmore Girls where the mom got pregnant at 16 and raised the kid.

Also an ep of Veronica Mars was this girl asked VM for help because someone had drugged her with this abortion pill forcing her to miscarry. It is later the best friend of the girl did it.

BF: I did it for you. Did you really think either of those guys were going to be good fathers? In the end you're going to be divorced with a baby to take care of.
I see that BF is right, however it is wrong of her to make the decision for her friend without telling her. After something like that, I doubt that they will ever be friends again.

One more thing I would like to add is that I want to defend ABC Family. They did a really good show called Kyle XY which is very family based. I went on Wikipedia and learned that season 1 had 10 eps, season 2 had 23 eps, and now season 3 coming out in Jan. 2009 will have 10 eps.

Last night I went to a party with my work. It's their 8th anniversary that they owned the restaurant. All 14 of us were there. We went to the River Cree Resort and Casino. There is a really good buffet and I got 2 plates full of seafood like clams, shrimp, crab legs, fish and chips. I ate pasta salad and mixed rice, mashed potatoes. I skipped dessert.

Bad customer service:
I'm reflecting back on the past and how back in the end of summer 2004, I had worked at $1 Store Plus and there were a lot of bad customers complaining. I remembered talking to my friend Angela on the phone and telling how to badly handle customer complaints. A then tells me to do the opposite.

However, if you hate your job and you don't care if you get fired, or if you want to get fired, or you work at a good job and you will be leaving within 2 weeks, then follow my bad tips. Or say you hate Walmart, so you get a job at the store so you can give bad customer service. Afterwards, the customers will tell everybody how bad Walmart is due to your behaviour.

When someone is complaining to you, act like you're bored, tired, and not paying attention. Have your eyes half-closed. The customer will get mad at you for looking at him/her the wrong way. Or you can really push it by having your eyes droop to the point that they are barely open, roll your eyes and mock them. It would certainly work better if you are a teen or in your twenties. Then when you are young, you can pass off as not knowing better.

When they complain to the manager and tell them to get you fired, the manager will then fire you for a job you hate, and/ or doesn't really matter if you are going to leave real soon anyway. I did this once back when I was 13 to my sister who was 15. She did say: "And if you keep looking at me like that, I'll kick your ass." Back in 2007, I wrote the entire scene like a script to Angela and asked who is wrong or more wrong.
A: In this case, your sister. However, it sounds more like 2 immature siblings arguing.

The lesson is to be aware, the person you may be provoking is a rageaholic, someone with an anger management problem.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

news/ funny/ charity

Jun 21 News: I read more about the 17 girls that got pregnant at this Massachusetts high school, it's like 7-8 of them were the ones who made a pact to get pregnant. I read some more comments on the news. Then I said out loud: "This is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard." I didn't know it, but my mom was in the room and asked what I was talking about so I explained it to her.

Jay Leno did make jokes about it like: "What is this? Juno, the Homebased Game? Now you know who won't be voted for "Most likely to succeed." One of the guys who got the girl pregnant is a 24yr old homeless guy. I didn't know K-Fed was there." It's confirmed in the news that there is a 24yr old homeless guy who did get a girl pregnant. Damn.

Once again the article mentioned Juno and Jamie Lynn Spears and how they glamorize teen pregnancy, but also said it doesn't because in both cases it was unplanned. A comment was how they should do a story on the girls and the kids 5yrs from now. I do remember a good ep of the tv show 2gether that was a little PSA. It was about a boy band and they get sued by this woman because she listened to a song of theirs, and she got so turned on, she had sex with her boyfriend and got pregnant.

2gether meets the woman and invites her to stay with them after she tells them her boyfriend dumped her because she got pregnant. The record company paid her $80 to not sue and most of it went to the lawyer. Then Mickey says he will be the father to her baby. Later Doug ( a middle- aged dad) says at the party: "Good luck to Mickey, because he's really going to need it. He doesn't know anything about raising kids, paying child support, insurance, and mortgages."

Cut to a shot of Mickey acting shocked. In the ep Chad and Jerry try to find the father and convince him to step up and take responsibility. The bad guy comes in.

BG: Yeah I was thinking about what you said, and I decided to step up and be the father. So who's the girl I got pregnant?
The pregnant woman comes in.
PW: Oh hi there, I don't believe we ever met.
The good guy comes in.
GG: I'm so sorry for dumping you, let's get married.
lol. It was good because it was aimed at teens and to show how much responsibility it is to be a parent.

Jun 22 Funny: I got a flashback of 2001 when I showed the 2gether tv movie to Leslie on dvd. I remember all the comments she said during it. I knew she laughed at this part because it made a reference to her favorite movie.

Cut to Bob Buss who found Mickey (Alex Solowitz) at the skatepark to be in his boyband.
Bob: You'll be the bad boy, a rebel.
Mickey: Yeah, a rebel like that dude in The Matrix.

Cut to 2gether meets their rival boy band Woah and Mickey starts a fight with the other member of the band.
Leslie: Looks like Backstreet Boys and Nysnc.
lol. I never saw it that way.

Cut to the end of the film and after Woah was exposed that they lip sync and was booed off the stage. 2gether took the stage and it said "Wait- what happened to Woah?"
L: I was just thinking that.
I didn't think of that when I first saw it.

Music: Since I'm discussing old music, does anyone remember Vitamin C? She sang the "Graduation" song.

Here's "The Itch" video. I like it. It has Mila Kunis and Kirstin Dunst in it, because VC made an appearance in the Get Over It movie.

Here is VC's "As long as you're loving me." It sounds like a wedding song. That's what my sister said, and I have to agree with her.

City Centre: There was this small store called Bizou that sold jewelery, then it was replaced by Okus Xccessories, than that closed down. I wished that the Second Cup beside it would expand and take over that small store. My wish came true and right now they are renovating it.

I applied to Helly Hansen today, but they said that the store was closing down.

Jun 23 Job: So I made a mistake. 2 of the 4 references on my resume, their numbers don't work. However, today I checked by calling the numbers. I then emailed one of them to get their number and since he works with one of the other references before, I asked for his number too.

After work I got home and after dinner, Things Engraved called me to do an interview. The manager says she goes to the Soup place all the time. I applied to Bellissma and Mayfair shoes. I'm not really interested in those two.

Jun 24 Saying: You know the saying "Beggars can not be choosers." Last summer was like that, I applied for jobs I didn't really want, but I needed to get a job. I did tell my co-worker Maygen that last summer I applied to jobs I wanted like Jacob Connexion, Le Chateau, and Carlton Cards. They only called in the fall when I was in school so I couldn't take the job. Maygen says: "That's because they hire people in the summer and when they quit, they look through the resumes and look for people to hire in the fall." Makes sense.

Today I got contacted to set up a job interview to be a cleaning person. Kim, the woman who called, said I applied there early June. Due to my memory, they would at least pay $11/hr. I would also probably get a little more respect from my parents and family. Another thing, I know I come off as a person that only does what my parents say. Leslie said that to me in an email. That's okay. Look at my brother. He does what my sister tells him to do. S tells him to take this course in the spring term, and he does and gets an A.

P is majoring in the same thing S did, so S does know what to do.

Jun 25 Charity: In today's news, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt donated $1 million to help Iraqi kids. That's great.

In other news, I got my 2nd paycheck stub from Xcetera/ Ardene and in total I made around $600. I went to a job interview at Things Engraved and I know for sure I didn't get the job. Sharon says I need to be committed to work full-time for this job and not be part-time and try out the job. The interview lasted 5min. Well then I got home and I got 2 phone calls, one from the bank and one from a fire department so I will be doing interviews there. So the cleaning attendent job will probably be my 3rd choice. The bank I should aim for that one.

Friday, June 20, 2008

job /music/ news

Jun 18 Job: Today I sent my resume to Le Chateau and HMV. I gave my resume to the ones in City Centre, but no word from them. I saw the email addresses at Job Classified newspaper, so I decided to email them. I gave my resume to Telus, but they call themselves Edmonton Cellular. There's an application, so I filled it out. I also applied at Shoppers Drugmart as a post office clerk. There was an application too.Today Patrick passed out 5 resumes. I know he's not really looking hard for a job because he wants to chill out and have fun after going to summer school. My sister is looking really hard for a law firm job for next yr. I'm looking really hard for a job too. This weekend I should pull out all the stops and pass out even more resumes.

Jun 19 Epiphany: I realized something. I did pull out all the stops. I passed out 61 resumes in City Centre. 37 resumes in office buildings (banks, job agencies) and 10 jobs on the internet. That's 108 resumes. I got 2 jobs out of 8 job interviews. Last summer I passed out about 70 resumes. I'm not quite sure the exact number because I didn't keep track. Well last summer I had 6 jobs.

I'm also working 34hrs a week, so that's fulltime. I realized if I do put my hard work, effort and positive thinking, I would get what I want. Like when I was laid off from Ipsos, I worked at Grand and Toy and was waiting until Leger called and they did. I wanted to work at a cafe and I did get a job at Espresso Cafe and Treats. Back in 2004, I wanted to really get a job and I got one at the $1 Store Plus. Back in 2005, I wanted to get a job and I got to work at Roots. Then later I wanted a higher paying job than $7.45/hr and didn't want all the standing, I then got a job at Ipsos that paid $8.50/hr.

Music: I went on youtube to look for Donnie Klang and here is his performance of his song "Dr. Love." It was fun to watch. He's dancing, and then in the last min of it, he switches to keyboards. Then before the song is over, he points and says, "I guess I will marry you!" The audience cheers and I laughed.

Today I worked from 12-8pm. Ray wasn't here because she was sick so I talked to Justin. He works at TD Canada Trust and told me that if I wanted to work there, go to the website and apply. I also updated my status on Facebook that I'm looking for a job. I did add a friend request to Hyacinthe, but he still has not replied. I know it's him, it looks like him with sunglasses and he mentions that he's in the Manpower network. Well I did gain a friend on Facebook with Maygen from work.

Justin and I talked about The Simpsons, but he says he doesn't find it funny. However when I tell him that I have friend named Leslie Simpson, he laughs. When I told Ray about the name, Ray says, "That's a cruel joke." I explain Leslie was born 3yrs prior to The Simpsons coming out, so it's a coincidence.

Me: Also Lisa Simpson isn't a bad character.
R: Yeah, she plays the saxophone.

News: I read this in the paper today. There is this high school of 1,200 kids, and 17 girls got pregnant. That's because they all made a pact to raise their kids together. Like, oh my god. That is probably the stupidest and worst thing I have heard, in quite awhile. I remember reading in Seventeen magazine, that there was a school in the US and 64 girls got pregnant in the 2004-2005. This is true. It's because a few girls got pregnant, then they got popular, then more girls get pregnant, it's more accepted so that's why it occurred.

When I read the magazine, I was shocked. I know there are always one or two girls who get pregnant in a school, but 64 was way too high. In the paper it did discuss there maybe should be contraception available in the school. Also in Seventeen magazine, in an issue about how this girl got pregnant on purpose. Girls who do that, they feel like it's the only way to fulfill their potential is to have kids.

The teen pregnancy rate has been decreasing since the early 90s, but the girls who get pregnant on purpose, the rate stay the same. Girls want to have babies for the unconditional love and to love the kid. In other news, Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to a baby girl named Maddie Brianne.

Jun 20: I am reminded of something stupid and worse I read in the news a long time ago. There was this guy and he was poor, he decides to shoot a guy so he can go to jail and have a place to live and meals to eat. He should go rob a bank, if he doesn't get caught and sent to jail, he can still live off the money.

That's been several hrs since I wrote the above paragraph. Tomorrow I'll be working from 12-6pm, so that's 40hrs this week. I was going to use that day to pass out even more resumes. My grandma told me that someone called me today. Is it any of you guys? If it is, tell me. If not, I will assume it's probably someone calling to interview me for a job.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

music/ Street Kings/ job

Jun 14 Music: I am 99% sure that I found No Authority's Eric Stretch's myspace page. I realized that he looks like Jason Dohring (Logan on Veronica Mars). I emailed him yesterday to confirm if it really is him and asked if he still hung out with the other NA guys.

I also found Josh Keaton's myspace page. He was one of the original 4 members, but then he quit to pursue a solo music career. On his myspace pg it explains that he solo cd wasn't released, however he is more successful in acting. You may have seen him on the TV show The Secret World of Alex Mack. He played Annie's boyfriend. Annie was Alex's older sister. On his page are many video clips of his acting and voice overs.

I found Tommy McCarthy's myspace page. He put the NA video "Can I get your number?" and his music.

Who's next? Well I'm trying to find Danny Zavatsky. I am also looking for Ric Felix. You may have seen RF in the movie Austin Powers, the first movie. He is in the opening dance number. He's the guy in the bright orange suit dancing. RF says that in an interview, then I saw that movie, and I was like "Oh there he is."

I found Five's Scott Robinson's myspace page.

Jun 15 Funny: Yesterday this old Asian man comes into the restaurant and buys a banana with, wait for it.... a $2 bill. Ray is 15yrs old and takes it.

Ray: I have never seen a $2 bill before.
Me: They disappeared back in 1994.
R: I was 1 (yrs old) back then.

Street Kings: Today I finally used my other free movie pass that I got from this school library focus group. I went to see Street Kings starring Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, and Chris Evans. I saw it at West Mall 8 in West Edmonton Mall. It's tickets are $3.50 everyday. The movie was good. Lots of action and excitment about corruption in the police force. KR plays a cop named Tom who does bad things like murder criminals, and makes it look he was provoked into shooting them.

Job: It's good to go over my blog, as in read my old posts. Here's what I wrote a few weeks ago about working at Xcetera: "It's good for now, let's see how I like it 3 weeks from now and 3 months from now." Cut to 3 weeks from that post, and I'm fired. Mildly funny.

June 16: The other day my ex co-workers Jing and Vanessa walked by and I said hi to them from my work. Yesterday I went to pick my paycheck stub and told Dani and that other girl where I worked.

Today I dropped off my resume at Kelly Services, and then I came home. I told my parents about it, and they told me to not go to staffing agencies because they take money out of my paycheck because they are the ones who set me up with the job. I then emailed Hyacinthe and asked about it. My dad says it would totally be okay if I worked as a recruiter like H is so I asked that in an email about how to get his position.

The above paragraph I wrote this morning. I sent the email to H saying this:

I was talking to my parents and they told me if I had gotten that job at ATCO, Manpower would have been taking money out of my paycheck because you were the one who set me up with that job. Is that true? I want to work for Manpower as a recruiter, like you. How do I apply? Do I drop off my resume and under the objective it says "A Manpower recruiter"?

He writes back:

Hi Tracy, to explain your first question we don't take the money out of your pay check, the wages are negotiated at the onset of the contract. We then charge a fee to the company for our services based on the wages earned by yourself. As for becoming a recruiter you can apply online for best results, and there are a lot of staffing agencies you can look at as well. You do need a fair amount of customer service experience and sales experience as well to be successful at it, but I encourage you to think about it and apply if you are committed to the idea. Cheers. P.S. still no word from the city, we are impatiently waiting for orders from them.

My dad told me that like for every $12/hr I'm making, the staffing agency gets $5/hr that I'm working. Like I still get $12/hr, but they are easily making $5/hr they're making off of me. Then dad tells me that I shouldn't be a recruiter, saying I'm not the type. I told him about having customer service experience and he says I won't get hired.
Me: Because they are unethical?
Dad: Yeah.

And I have lots of ethics and morals. lol. Yeah, because as I was thinking about being a recruiter, I felt unethical, guilty, and bad. Like I am helping people get jobs, but I am making money off them. It's not like talent agencies which are ethical, the agent helps you find auditions and jobs, and they take 10-15% of your cut. Well it looks like dad tainted the image of H for me. He seemed like such a nice and friendly guy, I'm sure he is. He doesn't have the best job.

I thought he was so going to hook me up with a job for the city of Edmonton, but if he does, I will have to ask my dad if it's good for me to take it. I used to be able to see myself sending H a Christmas card thanking him for his help, but probably not now. Now I can see myself doing something totally unprofessional by sending him a pic of Matthew Lawrence. The professional relationship is gone so I can taint his image of me. lol.

Jun 17: I realized something. Not only did I didn't know that Manpower was a staffing agency at first, but I dropped my resume at Ranstad and here's the description on the website: "Randstad USA, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, is a leading employment services provider with more than 400 branches and client-dedicated locations in the United States. In 2006, Randstad USA’s 2,000 employment experts put an average of 49,000 people to work each week." Sure sounds like a staffing agency, but they never called me.

Today an employee was sick, so I went in an hr earlier to do work. I also got a 50% discount on my roastbeef sandwich.

Friday, June 13, 2008

music/ job

Jun 11 Music: I went to one of the Five member's Sean Conlon's myspace page. His music isn't pop, it's more rock and it's very good. It's like adult contemporary with lots of emotion in it.

Job: I talked to Dani today. She said the people above her told her to fire me. I know for sure, I was caught sitting once. But then I got up. The supervisor said she caught me sitting twice. However, I do remember sitting, but I was arranging the shoes on the rack so I was working. D tells me to not take it personal. I can still use her as a reference. I also got a job today. I now work at the Canadian Soup and Sandwich Company downstairs. It had a Help Wanted sign.

I applied there last summer, but no interview. I applied to a bunch of stores first because Soup had the lunch rush and would be too busy to even ask me questions. I applied to Ricki's, Coast Mountain/ Sport Check, Bunches, Bentleys, Cargo James and Tea, Claire's, Sorrentino Cafe, Infiniti Leather, the Liquor Store, People's Diamonds, Carlton Cards, overall 21 places. I got home and told my dad the truth that I got fired yesterday and got a new job today.  At Soup, I can wear jeans, sneakers, and short sleeves which is what I already wear so that's great. The drinks are free and the food is half price for the employees. I'm going to be working there full time. I applied to Bears and Wishes, and it's only a part time and temporary job.

Jun 12 Free: It was a long day today. It started off with me going to the Evaline Charles Academy at 8:45am so I could get a free haircut. Kathleen approached me while I was working at Xcetera and asked if I wanted a free haircut since she had an exam to cut people's hair. It's long at the front, short at the back, you know like Victoria Beckham. It would probably have cost $100 if I went to the Evaline Charles at the mall.

2hrs later, I was then able to leave and then I ate my lunch before I started my work at Canadian Soup. I mainly served soup today and spilled some soup on my fingers. I worked from 12-8pm with a 30min break. Juice and coffee is free, soup, pop cans and bottles and food is half price for the employees. I made friends with a girl Ray, and she's 15.

Ray and I talked about celebrity look alikes. I told her about Hyacinthe and asked her if she knew who Matthew Lawerence was.

R: Was he in a TV show about 3 brothers?
Me: Yes, Brotherly Love.
We even talked about old tv shows like In a Heartbeat which starred Shawn Ashmore (Iceman from X-Men trilogy.)
This is how H looks like. This is a pic of ML, however imagine an oval face and that would be H. Same hairstyle and eyes.

Jun 13 Funny: Last night I had a dream that I met Eric Stretch from the boy band No Authority. I asked him for his autograph and asked if he still hung out with the other guys. I then forgot about the dream and then went on youtube to listen to some NA. Then I remembered the dream. Then I found this on youtube, and I learned that ES is gay. He does this comedy routine where he talks about being gay. I think it really is him. He looks like ES, aged up. He was born in 1980, and this vid was posted in 2007. He says he's 26 in the clip.

He talks about people not believing that his last name really is Stretch. Yeah, come to think of it, it is kind of unusual. It's a word more than a name.

Then here he is singing "Bills, Bills, Bills" by Destiny's Child. He sounds good and he can sing live. Overall he is a good performer. I'm impressed. You should definitely watch this.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

charity/ music/ analyze

Jun 7 Charity: Yesterday the War Amps mailed me my tags for my keys. Last summer when I signed up to get my AB ID, I signed up for the War Amps for key tags. If I ever lose my keys, someone finds it, puts the key in the mailbox, and it will be sent right to me. There was a sticker and they were asking for donations. It did say: "You are not obligated to donate." Well then I won't. Overall, I don't really have a lot of money.

Clean: Today was productive; I cleaned my room. It's not really messy, but there are papers I did throw out. Such as putting the Forever 21 and Winners papers into the envelope of all the other jobs that didn't work out like Wok Box, Espresso Cafe, and Malatest.

Music: Today I was listening to my old casette tapes and I taped some songs from the cds I gave away like No Authority. It was a boy band. I liked them that all 4 guys, looked like they could be in a boy band and can sing and dance.

Here is there song "Can I get your number?" off their second album. I'm really impressed with the dance moves.

This is the song "Girlfriend" on their first album. They look really young, in their teens doing this show. I am impressed that they can dance fast to this song and can rotate with the mike stands.

This is the song "Don't Stop" which is their first single. However, this is not No Authority, it is a group of guys dancing to it. Some of the moves hot and is really fun to watch. At the end, they take off their shoes, which is from Usher's "You Make Me Wanna" video, which is what he did. Billie Woodruff directed that video and also the movie Honey starring Jessica Alba. It was about a choreographer helping make videos, so BW was like directing a big video.

Jun 8: I am so nostalgic from thinking about this boyband. I went to but the site isn't there anymore. It had concert clips from pop groups. I remember this performance by NA, and they were all wearing clothes from Le Chateau, if I am correct. The dancing was impressive.

Now I am getting a flashback of the performance. By rewatching the "Number" video, it is Tommy and Ricky who sing the leads. However in the performance, Eric sings the bridge so they switched vocal parts. Towards the end of the song, E sings the slower version of the bridge, as he sings, the other 3 guys are crawling towards the front of the stage.

News: This fall Heroes will be back, with a 2 hr season premiere. Prior to it, they will have a 1hr clip show to review what happened the season before. I won't be watching the clip show. I'm trying to cut down on tv.

Jun 9: I read that the Canadian show The Best Years has been renewed for a 2nd season and will debut this fall. It came out last summer. Good for them. Also Instant Star is airing their last 4th season on CTV now.

Writing: I realized that I haven't been writing much. I was checking my school email, and I reminded of my lack of writing. What have I been doing? Reminiscing about boybands from the late 90s and early 2000s that's what. Well I have been doing other productive stuff like studying for my learner's permit and working and making money. I've also been looking for higher paying job. I completely justified myself.

Jun 10 Job: Yesterday was interesting. I went to work and bumped into Meghan from my class. She's working at a daycare that pays $14/hr. We talked about work and class. She was looking for wallets, but she didn't buy any. I also met the new girl Vanessa and she said about a call centre called Pivotal Research. V said it paid $12/hr, but she got laid off. If there isn't any work, she doesn't call people, she does paper work.

Today was my day off, and I passed out 11 resumes as an office assistant in downtown like: Malatest, Slate Personnel, a dental centre, WCB, Servus Credit Union, Blue Cross, Police Recruitment, Scotiabank, Comfort Contact Lens, HSBC, HDF Insurance and Financial Group. I went to Burger Baron. I used to go there when I worked at Ipsos from 2005-2006, once or twice a week. I haven't been there since 2006, but when I walked in there today, the guy who works there recognizes me. I do remember him.

Analyze: It's been a few hrs since I wrote the above 2 paragraphs. I heard this saying a couple of weeks ago: "Bad things come in pairs." Today I called Smart Set to see if I got hired, and she hired 2 other girls because they can give a flexible schedule. I did give 4 days out of 7 days a week to SS. So I didn't get hired. I knew I should have said that I would work at SS if I really liked it and have quit Xcetera.

Then later, Dani called me and said: "I have bad news."
Me: You're firing me?
D: Yeah.
Me: It's because of my wardrobe right?
D: That and some other things. I told you before and you keep slapping me in the face.
Me: What did I do?
D: Tomorrow, come by and drop off your keys and then I'll tell you why.

Well I did follow the dresscode. I never wore jeans, only my black dress pants. I wore sneakers, because we are allowed to. I wore my Kyle Riabko shirts for awhile and then she told me not to, so I went with the shirts without logos on them. I then put a thin black zipped up shirt/jacket over it. It's from Roots, but it only had a little white beaver on it. I did wear my blue yoga zipped up jacket, there is a little Roots on the back of it.

I only made 1 mistake when I left my keys there, and Dani had to open the store instead. I was always on time, never missed a shift. I thought my past transgression was forgiven. I had taken the job when she hired me, then when I told my parents they told me to not take it. I go to the store and tell them I won't be coming in tomorrow. 3 weeks later, I go back and D hires me.

A couple of weeks ago, D fires 2 girls for only working 1 or 2 shifts a week. She hires 2 new girls to replace them. D told me that she may have to fire a 3rd girl, and I was one of the choices. Yesterday I was sick or maybe allergies, but I kept blowing my nose. When D told me to do something, I did it. D did tell me that she fired a lot of girls. I never gave attitude to her or any customers. The customers weren't bad. I could call SS back and say I'm a free agent.

I thought I had right my wrongs. Last summer I thought I got hired at Malatest, so I didn't do the job interview at Xcetera. Then I didn't get hired at Malatest. This summer I took the job at Xcetera. Then I turned it down. Then I got the job again. I could ask D to be a reference for me. I did ask her that when she told me who she was going to fire. But that was then, this is now. I may not get her as a reference. There is still Claires, and they are hiring.

Friday, June 6, 2008

job/ coincidence/ analyze

Jun 4 Job: Today I went to Manpower and filled out my papers and gave them my SIN, read through the safety procedures, etc. If any of you guys are looking for a job, go to Manpower and tell them I sent you there. I would then get $50 for recruiting people. That's like what Leger tried to do.

Tomorrow I have a job interview at Smart Set. I think I applied there back in 2005, after Nait didn't work out. I know for sure I applied there in 2006 when I got laid off from Ipsos, the one at Kingsway. Now I will right my wrongs and see if I will get hired at Smart Set.

Emotions: Yesterday it was 8pm, and still no one did the dishes. I always do the dishes, 5-7 nights a week. Then I start putting the dishes in the sink and my sister comes. I ask her if she was going to do the dishes. She doesn't answer and just looks at me. Then I do the dishes. Then my grandma comes and she says that she told S to do it. What annoyed me that S didn't answer and I did the dishes when she was going to do it. Also how S didn't answer me.  At dinner I asked S nicely, "Will you please wash the dishes?" Then S and I did argue about it. S then does the dishes. We then argue again about the old computer. She says I didn't know how to clean the computer until she told me to. It's because the old 1998 computer finally got fixed today. Now it works faster. So I right my wrong today, I did the dishes yesterday and she did the dishes today.

Coincidence: On we were talking about the old show Dark Angel.
It was how the show predicted the future.

Me: The pilot showed that the "super soldier" project was created in 2000, because it was in 2009 that the 12 X5s escaped. I always thought how coincidental that this show came out one year before 9/11. I wished in season 2, they brought back some of the original 12 X5s that escaped so it would be closer to season 1. However only Zack was brought back to be written off.

Someone writes that they tried to bring 2 actors that were X5s in season 1, so they brought in 2 new X5s towards the end of the season.

Person: In one of the later episodes of Season 2, that cigar-smoking lizard-faced guy (I forget his name) was bragging about being perfectly adapted to be a desert soldier, and he says he fought in the war against Saddam in Iraq. Pretty accurate future-tripping for a show that ended several years before the war in Iraq began. Except of course I'm assuming we don't have any actual lizard-people in the armed forces yet.

Jun 5: The job interview at Smart Set went well. Then after it was over, I suddenly had this feeling that I wasn't going to get the job. Well I said I wanted to try out the job before I quit Xcetera. Also I did say I can work on weekends, and Tues, and Weds and that my manager will allow me to work on those days. There are 2 or 3 positions available.

Fear Itself: This is a 13- episode miniseries written by good horror writers and directors. The episode "Sacrifice" is shot in St. Albert and Fort Edmonton Park. The Fort Edmonton Park was also used in the movie Gingersnaps: The Beginning.

Jun 6 Analyze: I would have to say that Xcetera is the best retail job I ever had. Let's do the run through.

Xcetera: $9/hr, consistent hours that start either at 10am or 12pm, and ends at 6pm, or 8pm. It's close to get to. A nice store. Did 2 weeks, for now.

Roots: $7.45/hr and it's far away at West Ed mall. Lasted 5 months.

Forever 21: $8.50/hr, far away. Lasted 3 weeks.

Grand and Toy: $7.90/hr, consistent hours, close. I don't like selling office supplies.

Winners: $10/hr, lasted 3 days because I can't stand waking up at 6am. How they do things like if I scan a price, and it doesn't print properly, I have to run to the front to print the tag.

I realized why I thought I didn't get the job at Smart Set. It's because of the track record. I did an interview at similar stores like Suzy Shier and Eddie Bauer, but they didn't hire me. I must remember the power of positive thinking. I went into the interview with a positive attitude, it's not until afterwards I thought it was bad. Well it's out of my hands now.

News: I heard on the entertainment news that Oprah has been decreasing in ratings and sales of her O magazine. More people are watching Ellen Degeneres. They are both good.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

job/ music/ Dollhouse TV show

May 31 Job: Today I worked from 12pm-6pm. I was to work from 10am-6pm, but I forgot my keys. I thought I was to leave them at the store for the other employees. However, I am one of the 4 people who get to have keys to open and lock the doors. I feel like I am moving up pretty fast if I am getting responsibility of opening and closing.

Jun 1: I dropped off my resume at Matrix Hotel to be a receptionist.

Music: I saw that people were talking about the show The Secret Diary of a Callgirl starring Billie Piper on She was a singer with songs like "Because we want to" and "Girlfriend" in the late 90s. I looked her up and she had gotten married at 18 to a big music DJ called Chris Evans (34 yr old) in the UK. Her parents didn't know about it until afterwards.

I'll give her points that she lasted 6yrs in the marriage. I will give her even more points since she refused to take any of money from the divorce settlement. She got divorced in May 2007 and got married in Dec. 2007. I don't approve of her marrying at 18, but I only find it somewhat okay if one person is under 25 and the other person is over 25 to get married. Her first marriage, she dated him for a few yrs before getting married. I don't know about this other guy and how long she known him before they married.

I'll give points that Shania Twain was married for 15yrs before getting a divorce. I'm not a fan of hers, but I don't hate her either.

Movies: Yesterday I looked up on and there is going to be The Fast and Furious 4 with Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. There is also going to be a Crank 2 with Jason Statham. Last summer I borrowed Crank from Leslie on my bday, and that movie was bad. JS will also be in the movie Transporter 3, and the first two were good.

Funny: I like going on Facebook to do likeness quizzes and see how alike I am with my friends. I was thinking about the past. In gr. 10 art class, I was talking to Leslie about a Malcolm in the Middle ep that aired last night. It's the ep where Hal spends the entire time painting this big mural.

Me: The only part I didn't like about the episode is that they never showed how the painting looked like.
L: Oh yeah, I hated that too.
We laughed.

Learn: A couple of weeks ago I was talking to John and I learned that you don't need a passport to fly within Canada. I thought you needed a passport to go a plane. Today I learned that the 106 bus doesn't run on Sun. My brother P told me if I wanted to go that route, I have to take the 1 and then it will turn into the 4.

Jun 2: Today Hyacinthe emailed me back asking some questions, and that I would need to come in and do an interview so I could try to get another job. Today Smart Set at City Centre called me. I will call H tomorrow and go do the interview. Then I will call Smart Set and ask how much they pay.

Jun 3 Art: I've been so busy with work, that I haven't been adding much to my collages except these phrases "The best summer job", "Make money- fast" and "Go get that job!"

Dollhouse TV show:
I knew about this new show by Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly) has created a new sci-fi/ action show starring Eliza Dushku (Faith from Buffy) and Amy Acker (Fred from Angel.) It is about a group of people who can do anything like fight, have great skills, but they won't have any memory afterwards.

Here is the 2:25 trailer:

Here is a Joss and Eliza interview:

I was reading the Culture section in the Edmonton Journal, and Craig Oleynik this actor from the TV movie Obituary is going to be on the new show The Listener. It's supernatural about a guy who's a paramedic and a psychic. I actually squealed with excitement when I read it. I do have a crush on him. I thought it was such a coincidence that I saw him when I was 14 on the tv show So Weird. It's where he acquires magnetic powers and then ends up losing them when he gets hurt by it. All these metal things struck him and he has to go to the hospital to get xrays. His character then says: "No, I can't. There is radiation in xrays and I'm going to lose my powers.

Then 8 yrs later I see him in the tv movie and I looked him on and I see that I've seen him before.

At work, a girl finally got fired and she gave the store keys back. Another girl will get fired at the end of this week. 2 new girls will be hired. Dani says she fired 7 girls at City Centre, 25 in Kingsway, 56 in Londonderry. Reasons like dressing inappropriately with too tight and revealing clothes, not showing up for work, etc.

Five: Since I was looking up Billie Piper, she dated my fave member Rich from Five, so I had to look up Five, then I looked up all the other members. In 2002, I downloaded the song "What you got" by Abs and Leslie helped me burned a cd. Five is really talented. Here is Abs first vid for "What you got"

Here is Abs "Little Miss Perfect". Abs is showing off his abs in this vid. lol.

Abs "Stop sign" Good break dancing and graphics.

Five's "Let's Dance":

Oh the days of late 90s/ early 2000s. Five had really good chemistry with each other because they joked so well together. I remember watching the YTV Hit List and they interviewed them. They were told to introduce themselves and say something about themselves.

Rich: Hi, I'm Rich and I'm uh...
J: Really boring.
Rich: And I'm really boring.
J: I'm J and I'm really boring.
And so on with all the other guys.

Then they were interviewed with Carson Daly on TRL. CD asks them a question. Scott answers it, then the next guy answers it. Scott then is looking at the 2nd guy and nodding like he's really listening to him. After the 2nd guy is done talking, S and 2nd guy looks at the 3rd guy who's talking, and S and 2nd guy are nodding like they are very interested in what he's saying and so on. They were acting, lol.

I saw the signs that the group was ending. It was back in Aug. 2001 a few months before they broke up. There was an interview with only Rich, Abs, and J. Sean was sick and he didn't show up on the "Let's Dance" video and Scott didn't make it because his fiance was sick and she was pregnant. Rich makes a joke by rambling and repeating stuff like how "Let's Dance" is the first single and will be released this day and the album will be released on this day.

I thought it was funny. However, Abs and J didn't join in on the joke or laugh. They're faces were straight and they were serious. In fact, Abs says to Rich, "Why did you say that? You know they're just going to edit it out." lol. That was unintentionally funny for what Abs said. Well because he was wrong, it wasn't edited out because I, the viewer got to see it. lol.