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Friday, July 30, 2010

news/ future self/ job interviews

Jul. 27 News: I read that Kim Jong Il saved 68 people from a flood. However, after watching that MadTV music video where they make fun of him, I can't get it out of my head. You know that song by B2K called "Bump, Bump, Bump"? Well they made fun it calling it "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb." lol.

Here's the video.

KJI (sings): In my Stalinist regime, I got a bomb, bomb, bomb!

Song: I was watching Jay Leno and they had that actor who plays George Bush on. He posted a video on Facebook. GB throws on a Justin Beiber wig and starts singing: "Baby, baby, baby." It was cheesy, but it was funny.

Rookie Blue: I find this show unintentionally funny because it's so Canadian. I see Canadian actress Shay Mitchell (Pretty Little Liars) makes an appearance. They show Canadian currency. When they order coffee they say "double double" which is a shout out to Tim Horton's.

Names: I read that there is an Australian Indy car race driver named Will Power. The jokes write themselves. I used to work at a call centre and someone called this guy Warren Peace. I read in the movie Sky High, there's a character named that.

Job search: I spent 2 hrs this morning looking for a job. I read the Edmonton Journal Classifieds and there weren't any positions. I had to email this restaurant through Kijiji instead of gmail because it didn't work. Then I emailed my resume to a restaurant at West Ed. I faxed an admin assistant resume.

I emailed my friend Chamnouer a few positions. I also went to a job interview this afternoon. There are 4 applicants (including me) for 2 positions. I did get an interview for this store I applied to.

I then hit the job sites: Kijiji, Job Boom, Edmonton Job Shop.

Jul. 28: I called this store back for an interview. They said they're busy with interviews for the next 2 weeks so I should call after that.

As usual I went to the Edmonton Journal's Classifieds and there is this blurb that says: "It's considered CLASSIFIED, yet everyone reads it. Weird huh?"

I went to and there weren't any positions. I went to and they're hiring a design consultant. It's a good website. They sell furniture. I then emailed my friend Chamnouer about some positions she would be interested in.

Teen Mom: I was watching it last night. I mentioned this a long time ago about how Catelynn's mom April redeems herself in the first season. A didn't support her daughter for giving the baby Carly up for adoption.

Now A and Catelynn are talking because Tyler may be dumping Catelynn.

Catelynn: I wish I had Carly with me.
April: Doesn't mean you have a baby means that you can keep your man.
C: No, I want the baby so she could love me.
A hugs C. Aww...

Future self: My imagination went from a SWAT team from Service Canada coming and asking: "Why aren't you looking for a job?" to my Future Self asking that. I was watching South Park and Stan's Future Self comes to present time.

I imagine my Future Self confronting me.
Future Self: How come you're not looking for a job?
Me: I did. I passed out 160 resumes this month and I had a lot of job interviews.

Jul. 29 Job interviews: I had a crazy day today. I took the bus this morning and did an interview at a grocery store. I did the interview and was told to come back in an hr to do the tour and meet the manager. So I stayed at the mall, had lunch, read the newspaper.

They said they're willing to hire all 3 of us. One woman definitely took the job. The other had to see how it works with her schedule. As for me, I still had another interview to go to. I went to the luggage store.

Manager: There are 50 people who applied and there I whittled it down to 15 applicants.
Me: 15 people for 1 position?
Manager: Yes.

I also got a call from Rogers, but she said she will call me on Thurs. to set up an interview. I might as well call back the grocery store. I just had a talk with my dad, and he told me to go to the grocery store. I went and called them, and they said they'll call me next week to see if I will get hired.

Editing: My Professional Writing friend Cherie emailed some of her classmates to read her piece before she sends it out. I read it and made some comments. It's good to read other people's work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

fame/ Brain boosters/ Wes Brown

Jul. 25 Fame: I was thinking about how Britney Spears chooses to be famous. I remember on The Simpsons where Homer becomes friends with Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger and he later harasses them.

Homer: If you guys never wanted to be famous, then you should have never expressed yourselves creatively.

As for Prince William and Prince Harry they don't get to choose to be famous. They are born into it and have to deal with people and the paparazzi harassing them.

Infamous: I was thinking about this MADTv sketch about OJ Simpson's book If I Did It. A news reporter interviewed him as they were walking the street. It was a special on him. As they're walking this man stops them.

Man: Murderer! Murderer!

For argument's sake, let's assume that OJ Simpson isn't a murderer. He doesn't get to live a normal life and get's harassed for walking down the street. He doesn't get to choose on how people treat him.

That brings me to Karla Homolka. When she was released from jail, my friend Meghan at Roots said: "How will she get a job?" I was thinking that KM should stay in jail. If she goes out, she will always be harassed, and spit on. You know for sure, she is a murderer because there's evidence and she did commit the crime.

People may throw eggs at her home and damage it. They will be charged for vandalism, but some may say: "It was totally worth it."

The past: That brings me to that girl who's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys. If people find out who she is, the most they will do is harass her for being different. At the least, people will just look at her differently.

She could choose to not to do the religion, and she will be kicked out of her house. She will live in foster care which isn't a really stable environment. She might as well stay with her family and deal with being in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys.

I Write Like: I found this through the Edmonton Journal. You go to the website I Write Like and put up some of your writing. They will tell you which author you write like. I put up my latest blog post and got David Foster Wallace.

News: I read in The Globe and Mail that the teen clothing store Forever 21 has a maternity line. I hope that doesn't encourage teens to get pregnant. I hope it's moms wanting to buy cool and affordable clothes.

I was reading the new Seventeen magazine. There was a letter from this girl who read the article "Are you being tricked into getting pregnant?" She says: "My friends and I joke around about how it's 'in' to be pregnant, but reading your article was real eye opener."

Jul. 26 Brain Boosters: I read this on Yahoo. This how to improve your brain:

1. Exercise
2. Attend to your relationships
3. Work on your wiring. Every brain is different, so "pay attention to the differences if you want to connect with the people."
4. Focus on one thing at a time. Don't multi-task. You're not as productive.

5. Repeat to remember. Repeating information imprints it in your mind.
6. Remember to repeat. It's like rereading something an hr later to remember it.
7. Get a good night's sleep.
8. Reduce stress.

9. Stimulate your senses. We learn better in multi-sensory environments.
10. Use visuals more effectively. If we see a picture while listening to information, we will remember it more.
11. Team up the gender differences. In stressful situations, men look at the gist of things, and women look at the details.
12. Take time to explore. Try new things to expand your mind.

Job search: I picked up the Job Classifieds and there wasn't anything. I picked up the Edmonton Examiner, and I researched the positions, but there wasn't anything I qualified for. I checked the Edmonton Journal classifieds yesterday and today.

I got a call back from this company and I got rejected. That's fine. I wasn't a good fit for it because I didn't have any telecommunications experience or worked in commissions based environment. I'll delete their number off my phone.

Wes Brown: I finally found a site where I can watch full- length True Blood episodes. I was watching season 2 for this actor Wes Brown. He was on an ep of Criminal Minds. He's got range playing a romantic guy who can turn scary and violent in that episode. I've seen him on CSI: Miami on Youtube and his character dies at the beginning.

Jul. 27 Job rant: Here's a moderate rant. I got a job at this place and worked for 2 weeks last month and was dismissed. Then I went and applied at another location and did an interview. There were 3 other applicants. I got a call this morning and the manager said that he hired someone else who has experience and worked there before.

Damn it, I should have mentioned that I had experience. Well I talked it out with my dad. If I mentioned that I worked there before and was dismissed, then I wouldn't have gotten the job. In the interview I mentioned how I did work at a restaurant for 2 yrs until I was laid off.

All I can hope for is that my interview today at another restaurant goes well. I did get a call from another store and I will call them back tomorrow. The manager is in tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2010

comparisons/ questionnaire/ Taste of Edmonton

Jul. 22 Comparisons: I was looking at my vampire script and see that this has been done.

The police attempt to catch a bad guy, and they can't catch him. Or if they do catch him, the police can't hold them for long.
In The Matrix, it begins with the police trying to catch Trinity, but she gets away.
In Dracula 2000, the cops catch a vampire and she breaks out.
In Salt, Salt gets captured, and escapes.

They escape in different ways, but they do.

A cop goes undercover a high school to bust drugs: I kind of had a throw away line in my script about that. Then there was a storyline on 90210 about that. The Secret World of Alex Mack kind of had that too. Except, it was like an FBI agent? She was working for the bad guy Vince and she had to find the GC161 kid (Alex). That storyline is over 10 years ago and I still remember it. lol.

Names: I read the vampire script and had problems with the names like Michael. It's not a bad name, but it's too common. Another thing was there was the other name Julie. I like that name. However, the names Michael and Julie are the same names used in the movie Tootsie. I have never seen it, but read about it in screenwriting books.

Jul. 23 Job interview: This is kind of ambiguous. Yesterday I got a call from this restaurant at West Ed to come in for an interview. Today I went there and I met the manager. He then said his old employee called in late last night and said she was going to stay after all. He didn't call my references yet, but said he will keep my resume on file unless there's an opening in the fall.

It's kind of weird, I was going to go there wearing a t-shirt instead of a dress shirt. If I did, that would mean I'm slipping. You still need to dress up even though it turned out to not really be much of an interview at all. I hope though that I still made a good impression and he does remember me.

I then browsed for half an hour at the mall. I had read the The Globe and Mail business section and then I read my book when I was riding the bus home.

Sleep: I woke up at 6:30am and couldn't get back to sleep so I listened to some music. Then at 7:30am I read the paper. Then I went to bed at 7:50am. I woke up at 8:30am so I could get to that interview. At 1:30pm I had to catch up on my sleep.

Jul. 24 Forensic Factor: I was watching this TV show with my dad this morning. It's about real crimes and it's reenacted. It's research for my script. I usually watch crime dramas that are fictional, so watching this show shakes it up.

It's about a woman who murders old women to steal their cash, check books, and credit cards to get her lifestyle back. What's creepy is that she takes her boyfriend's son with her on these trips. He waits in the car while she murders.

Questionnaire: I applied to a McDonald's in Kingsway in 2008 and I got a call back, but then I already got a job so I didn't do an interview. This year I did apply to 2 locations and did an interview. I did fill out this questionnaire.

"If you don't get this job, how easy will it be to get another job?

1. Very easy
2. Easy
3. Difficult
4. Very difficult
5. Don't know"

I picked "Easy" because I can get a job, but it's hard for me to keep it. I get hired, and people tell me I'm not good enough and I get dismissed.

At Payless Shoe Store, there was this questionnaire too.

"What did your parents teach you as an important lesson?

1. Stay out of trouble.
2. Do well in school.
3. Choose friends carefully.
4. Have as much fun as possible."

I would say "Do well in school."

Warehouse 13: I mentioned that this show is co-created by Buffy writer Jane Espenson. It's about a warehouse that holds all these supernatural artifacts and agents who must collect them. I thought this show was pretty average, but last night's ep did improve.

It looked like this one character died, then he didn't. Then it looked like someone else did, but he didn't. Then it looked like this character betrayed the good guys, but didn't. The main bad guy dies, to introduce another bad guy. There were so many plot twists and surprises in this episode.

Taste of Edmonton: I went there today. I put my ballot to win a draw to get a $50 gift certificate for the restaurants there. I also put my ballot in to win a iPad. I listened to music, looked at art, and jewelery.

Dialogue: I was on reading the thread "Tired TV dialogue." It then made me look at my Fighter script to see if I did use it. I checked 2 lines. They were similar, but different.

A cliche line was: "When were you going to tell me this?"

My line was: "How come you didn't tell me?"

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tyra Banks/ CSI:NY/ writing

Jul. 20 Tyra Banks: I saw the series finale of her talk show that ended a couple of months ago. They showed a clip where she thanked her mom and cried. I got a little teary-eyed watching that. They showed clips of Larry King, Alicia Keys, Fergie and Oprah congratulating her on her show and 2 Emmys.

TB has Bankable Books which is publishing company. Tyra actually starts crying when she talked about no one believing in her show and that it would get canceled in 2 weeks. Even though her talk show's over, she still has America's Next Top Model, her publishing company, her TV production company, and some acting credits. She can go anywhere.

Analogy: That leads me to a weird analogy. My sister is like Tyra where she can go anywhere and do anything. I feel like I'm Maury Povich. MP is really old, and if his show is over, he most likely retired. He doesn't really do anything other than this talk show.

It's been hours since I wrote the above. I'm still young and there are still career possibilities so I'm different from MP.

Runaway: I saw a min. of this show to see the description. It's a reality show on TVtropolois about this crew of people who are looking for runaways. It's a little like Cops. They help people, but since it's kind of like the TV show I quit Cops, I can't watch it.

I'll give both these people with commendable jobs who help people.

Job search: I have interviews this week for regular jobs. That pushes me to go and look for office jobs. I did find something for my friends Jessica and Angela, and sent it to them.

CSI: NY: I saw this episode a month ago. It's not a big mystery, it's just a really fun episode because they made a homage to James Bond. First it starts off with this red head girl, I think she's from Twilight. I haven't seen the movie, but the trailer. She's in the opening scene and she's making out with this guy.

The guy turns around and it's Det. Flack (Eddie Cahill) and he's wearing a muscle shirt. He looks so good in it. There is a robbery in progress in the apartment. Flack chases down the robber and takes a taxi cab. The taxi driver puts on the till as Flack goes to drive it. I laughed at that. That would happen in real life. If someone was taking my cab, I would make sure he pays for gas.

Then it reminded of the 2003 show called Taxi. It was about an ex- cop who turns into a taxi driver. He then goes and solves crime. It only lasted one season. It was good.

Then in the episode, the credit said Adam Kaufman. That name sounded familiar, and it turns out it's Parker from Buffy. AK played a car salesman when Flack and Stella investigated him.

The show talked about the Bond tech guy Q, the villain Dr. No. It's one thing to see Cahill in a muscle shirt. Then we see him in a tux at a party.

Flack: Flack. Don Flack.
Just like "Bond. James Bond."

There was a car chase scene in the beginning and one towards the end. 2 car chases in one ep has a lot of action and money. The second chase had the woman crash into something.

Stella: You'll never make it as a Bond girl driving like that.

Jul. 21 Job interviews: I went to one interview at a hotel today. I asked the usual question of many applicants for these 2 positions, and they said they couldn't share that with me. That's fine. Even if they do give me a number of applicants, it could change. They first asked a series of yes or no questions about "Can you carry 50 pounds?"

There was a lot of physical work. By all means some applicants answer the questions, and then realize this position is not for them at all.

I did another interview today at a store. There are 15 applicants for 1 position. Don't hold your breath.

Flashback: I was reading some and they talked about Hilary getting engaged on Fresh Prince of Bel- air. I don't really watch that show, but I totally remembered watching this bit. HB goes to a funeral in her wedding dress that is dyed black.

Teen Mom: There was a new season that premiered last night so I had to watch it. I remember months ago that one of the girls Farrah had to call the cops on her mom, because her mom assaulted her.

The episode discussed that. It did happen, Farrah was talking about it with her lawyer, 911 call, and there were pictures of her bleeding lip. There was footage of her mom talking to her lawyer on the phone and she admitted that it happened.

Jul. 22 Coincidence: Last week I had this dream and the song "Don't Speak" by No Doubt was playing. 2 days later, the song came on the radio.

Research: I was watching CSI: NY, and they talked about how a restaurant robbery doesn't have a lot of money. I was writing my script and it did mention that. However, it was to set up the antagonist who knows where the protagonist works.

Writing: I haven't been writing scripts much, so I went and read some old notes I jotted down. I haven't looked at my vampire script in months and as I read the old notes, I really don't like it. Vampires are unoriginal. Take away the vampires and what do you get?

A mystery about a death. That's kind of unoriginal too. That's how Desperate Housewives started with Mary Alice's suicide, and Veronica investigating her friend Lily's murder on Veronica Mars.

Now the show Pretty Little Liars is doing the same thing about their friend Allison going missing and found dead. However, someone posing as her is sending text messages to them from beyond the grave.

Come to think of it, Housewives and Veronica has a big mystery every season. Liars premiered this yr, we'll see if there's a mystery every season too.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

music video/ Rhythm Speaks/ Jet Set Zero

Jul. 18 Music video: I haven't gushed about a music video since watching Nickelback's "I come for you." I heard of Alicia Key's song "Unthinkable (I'm Ready)" and I really like this ballad. I saw the video, and it's not until the second shot that I recognized the actor. It's Chad Michael Murray from One Tree Hill!

I'm not really a fan of his. This is a good video because it mixes 1950s black and white film with the present. I feel the tension in the video. There is a little Romeo and Juliet with the families of AK and CMM not getting along. Race is kind of a factor.

Street Works Festival: I went there a couple of times to check out what's happening. Today was actually the last day. I learned that a Kubbi burger is like a sausage.

I went and saw the tail end of this performer saying he's from New Zealand.

Performer: I have a wife, 2 kids and a girlfriend to support.
The audience laughs.

Rhythm Speaks: I did tune in to watch the full show called Rhythm Speaks. They were wearing "Love your Movement" t-shirts. They were a dance crew and you know I love hip hop dancing.

The host Creeasian said: "It took us many moons to get here. We're from Clairview."
The audience cheers and laughs.
Fresh was this guy who had some weight on him. He managed to do a dance move that the singer Ciara does. He did this kind of limbo. Watch Ciara's music video "Like a Boy" where she demonstrates it.

Creeasian: We don't get paid to do this. If you stay, you pay. This show is worth $5. If you divide it between the 5 of us, we each get a dollar. It will get us away from two places. The poor house and your house. Put both your hands up.
The audience puts both their hands up.
Creeasian: Now we'll pickpocket you.
The audience laughs.
I paid them $5.

Me: Have you auditioned for So You Think You can Dance Canada?
Fresh (paraphrase): A few of us did audition. That show is biased. If you don't have professional training like tap, you have to audition 4-6 times. If you do have training, you audition twice. We prefer to dance with underground dancers who are b-boys and b- girls.

I asked for their site and here it is

Well Anonymous told me to go out and meet some new people, and I did. This show kind of inspired me. They're doing what they love, dancing, and making money off it and having fun.

Job search: Yesterday I didn't look for a job at all because I was busy working for one day. I looked up the Edmonton Journal's classifieds yesterday's and today's paper. I emailed a few resumes. I also applied to a restaurant at City Centre.

Jul. 19: I applied to a store at West Ed through Job Serve. I got an email from the City of Edmonton rejecting me. That's fine. I did get a call back from a place I did work at, but this is from another location. I have an interview tomorrow. Maybe this one will work out.

I was going through the Edmonton Journal's classifieds again, and I see a lot of things I don't qualify for, but a lot of things my friends would be interested in so I'm going to inform them.

I emailed my friend Leslie with 1 position. My friend Angela with 2 positions. My friend Michelle with 1 position. My friend Chamnouer with multiple positions. She has some school friends who studied those positions so I added that too. That's my good deed for the day.

I wrote that this morning. This afternoon, I got another City of Edmonton email rejecting me. I also got a hotel calling me to become a banquet server and a store to be a sales associate. I have 2 interviews in 2 days. Leslie emailed me back saying she's not interested in that position.

Tosh.O: I was thinking about that funny and weird video clip on Tosh.O. It aired months ago. It showed a news footage of cops busting this strip club that was selling drugs. It took place in Europe.

Camera pan to all these young women wearing tight and revealing clothes, and they're all hiding their faces.
Camera pan to a pretty young blond woman wearing a pink slip dress. She's smiling and waving at the camera.

That was so weird. Why isn't she hiding her face like the others? I don't know. Unless all her friends, family, class mates, workers from her other job, neighbors, family friends all know that she's a stripper.

I'm sure some of the girls who were hiding their faces, all the people she knows, know that she's a stripper. But that doesn't mean she wants to go walking down the street or waiting in line to buy coffee so that strangers will come up to her.

Stranger: Hey were you on the 6 o'clock news when the cops busted that strip club?
Girl: Yeah.

South Park: That brings me to another topic. There was an episode where the boys go to the Peppermint Hippo. I thought that was a weird name for a strip club. Patrick was watching it with me.

P: They're making fun of the strip club called the Spearmint Rhino. It's in Las Vegas.
Me: How do you know that?
P: I read it in FHM or something.

P looks it up and it turns out that the Spearmint Rhino is a chain of strip clubs. I thought that was weird. I know there are chain restaurants and stores, but not strip clubs. There's actually a SR at a London airport. The things you learn.

Giles Panton: I IM him on Facebook. He said he read some of the changes of my script. Then he said he has to go and work on a cartoon.

Sleeper: I was thinking about that psychic book again and about how she has sleeper clients. That means boring clients where nothing is happening in their lives. My life is kind of like that because I don't have a job. I did work at a call centre one time and this young woman who I was talking on the phone told me: "I would be so bored if I had your job." Even if I do have a job, it can get boring.

Last week was interesting. I had 6 job interviews, that lead me to work at a place for a day, and I had a date.

Fun: Today was interesting. I went to City Centre mall and I bought myself a A&W teen burger and a float because I had this coupon. I never buy drinks because I don't like to spend $3 on something to drink. But it was a coupon, so that's why I bought it.

I then saw Bradley who I worked at Call centre #3 at. The most interesting part was that I bumped into my friend Jessica who got back from her trip in Hong Kong. She was with her little sister, and I assume her uncle and her cousin. We went to Dollarama and they're setting up the Halloween stuff.

Then I noticed that 360 degree clothing store closed down. I think it just opened last month. Well I know it was there last month. We walked past Common Scents and her uncle thought they were selling alcohol due to the bottles. lol.

J: There is alcohol in perfumes, but you just can't drink it.
I never noticed this, but some perfume bottles kind of look like alcohol bottles.

Jet Set Zero: I got this Facebook update from the reality show that my cousin Jen is on, it's called Jet Set Zero. For the first time I saw her audition tape. I saw her tattoos that I have never seen them before until now. The video is very fun and entertaining to watch. Damn, now my life seems like a sleeper.

Jul. 20 Job interview: I went to a job interview today and it lasted only a few min. There are 3 people up for this position. I forgot to ask if that included me. I went through this week's Job Classifieds and there weren't any positions for me.

EI: I got my EI today and I seem to consistently get the same amount of money.

Writing: I don't know if any of you guys noticed this, but I've been sending 3 emails a week instead of the usual 2. That's because I have a lot of time on my hands.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

blog comment/ Unthinkable/ CSI: NY

Jul. 16 Blog Comment: Some English teacher commented on my Mar. 22, 2010 post. On Apr. 12, 2010, I got this:

Anonymous said: "I've recently found your blog, and have read through all of it. I just have a couple of honest opinions to share with you, and hopefully my bluntness will not offend you.

First of all, I had a really hard time following what you are trying to say. Your grammar is horrible, and I think you should really work on that if you really truly want to be a writer.

Secondly, you sound like you are in middle school. Sorry, but some of my students can write a lot better than that.

Sorry, but I think your writing really needs some work; structurally and logically.

Sincerely,The English Major"

Now that nearly a week has passed since I read that comment, I'm not really angry at this person. This is constructive criticism and it will push me to write better.

Call back: Today I got a call back from this restaurant- again.

Me: I don't know if you remember this, but you did call me and I worked there for a day back in April.
Guy: Oh yeah, I was just going through some resumes.
He says maybe he'll call me back later.
That was kind of weird, but if he calls again, I will take the job again. I'm still unemployed.

Jugo Juice: This place opened yesterday. I passed my resume to them today and I did an interview on the spot. The manager asked me if I tried their drinks before and I admitted I didn't. He then gave me a coupon so I can get a free one. I tried the Wacky Watermelon. It tastes good.

I passed 10 resumes at the mall. A few were hiring.

EI: I filed for EI today.

Jul. 17 Job: I've been unemployed for 6 weeks now. I then got hired yesterday and I worked for 4 hours today. I was dismissed. That's okay. I didn't really like it. I really wanted to say to Anonymous who told me to get and keep a job that I got one, but I didn't. Better luck next time.

I bought a donair and chatted a bit with Delmon. He used to work at the Soup place. Then from a distance, Jenna who I went to jr. high and high school with came and sat with me and we ate lunch together. We talked a bit about work.

J told me that she's looking for a place to move out with her boyfriend. They are living with her sister, and her boyfriend in a small apartment.

Feelings: I'm still kind of upset about that job loss. I'll deal with it by writing about other things.

Unthinkable: I saw this TV movie a couple of weeks ago. I like watching TV movies because I see a lot of strong women as the lead characters. However, this was mediocre. It was based on true events.

There was a good start with a robbery in day light with customers in the restaurant. It sets up the protagonist Jamie with being a cop.

She and her partner chase the bad guy down.
J: You're in big trouble for making me run in heels.

It sets up J has a 19 yr old son Pete and he has a 21 yr old girlfriend. J knows the gf's mom and they're friends too. The girlfriend is a drama starter. They want to get married, though the moms disagree with them.

There is a fire at the daughter's house. She dies in the fire. Daughter's ex-fiance is the suspect. The description of the movie was kind of spoiled for me. The mid-point is that there is evidence of Pete's shirt found at the crime scene.

Pete admits that he did murder her. It was an accident. He was mad and he strangled her. He freaks out and sets the house on fire to cover evidence. It's a little interesting with the lawyer who tells P that he should act like he was unsure of what happened and kind of lie in court that way.

P goes to jail for life without parole. Jamie's friend/ daughter's mom moves away. They kind of make up at the end. It was a downer of a movie.

CSI: NY: Let's talk about something that was well- written. I can't believe I didn't see this one coming. I saw Joey Lawrence on this show as the big guest-star in one ep, and knew he was the killer. One time Scott Wolf guest- starred for one ep and I didn't know that he was the killer.

This series of episodes, I didn't guess that Kerr Smith was the 333 killer that was stalking Mac Taylor. A little recycled story line. MT was stalked before, because this guy was trying to track down the correct MT because he hit and ran over his wife. Scott Wolf played a MT and he did it.

Back to the 333 killer. KS holds Mac Taylor responsible for his brother's death that occurred years ago when they MT was a teen. MT, Brother 1, and Brother 2 Jimmy was delivering something. A Man was beating up Brother 1. MT pointed the gun at Man, but didn't shoot. Brother 2 Jimmy shot and killed the Man. Brother 1 goes to hospital and dies.

Cut to present time. Jimmy calls KS to stop him from killing MT. KS set up a booby trap so that anyone who comes in to save MT, will get shot. MT is in a chair with these laser beams, and if he touches anything, a gun will fire.

Cops are tracking down KS and MT.
Jimmy opens the door and gets shot.
MT moves his hand and a gun fires at KS as he runs to Jimmy.
KS points gun at MT.
MT shoots KS in the forearm.

Flack tells MT to shoot to kill.
MT: They lost enough too much.
Jimmy was wearing a bullet proof vest, so he's okay.

CSI: NY game: I haven't played this game in awhile. I have collected enough repeated story lines on this show to make a list.

Someone tries to murder someone, and gets an innocent victim killed instead: A man tried to kill Laughing Larry this guy who owns a joke store. He gives Larry a cigar to kill him, but the L passes the cigar to another guy and that guy gets killed instead.

There was an ep where a guy poisons a pitcher of lemonade to kill a guy. The intended victim was murdered, but he shared the drink with this woman and she was killed too.

Now I remember this guy gives alcohol to one guy, and this woman took the drink and she drank it and it killed her.

Charice: Onto some light stuff. I read an Edmonton Journal article about this 16 yr Filipino girl who can sing really well. I saw her on Oprah. She is good. Music producer David Foster says so and so does Celine Dion.

The episode showed Andrew Johnston who is a 13 yr old boy and he can sing really well too. He was on Britain's got Talent.

Expired: I was eating tomato sauce that expired a few months ago. I opened it and ate it. It was fine. I then put it in the fridge and kept eating it for a month or so. It was still fine. Then I realized someone threw it out.

My brother had this XS energy drink that expired a month ago. It was Black Cherry Cola Blast. It tasted fine.

Lucid dream: This was a couple of months ago. Lucid dreaming means that you are conscious and aware that you are dreaming. I woke up and then went back to sleep. In my head I knew I was dreaming. I was on a swing in a room. My grandma walks in and tries to talk to me.

Me: You're not my real grandma!
I kept thinking: "Wake up, wake up, wake up!"
I needed to wake up and get to work on time. I did wake up and wasn't late for work.

Coincidence: One time Rogers called my cell. At the same time, they called my phone line asking for my dad. I doubt they really schedule phone calls to simultaneously call us like that. lol.

The Hangover: I saw this movie because my sister has the dvd and loves it. I didn't really find it funny. She and I are opposites. I like the TV show The Sausage Factory which is pretty similar in the crude humor about four guy friends. S doesn't find that show funny at all.

Baby- sitter's Club: I was shopping a month back and I saw that my favorite childhood book series have new covers on them. There aren't pictures of the characters on them at all. My sister says it's to update the books and sells better. There is actually a new book called The Summer Before which is the prequel. I'm actually not really interested in reading it.

I still have some books left. I bought a lot of them at book stores, and book orders which give discounts. I bought some on the internet, and from friends. I donated most of them to the Wee Book Inn and kept a few like the last book that was ever printed of them.

Friday, July 16, 2010

crazy comment/ Lie to Me/ date

Jul 13 Crazy comment: Oh my god, someone read my blog and posted this crazy comment. It's even more interesting than that English teacher dissing my writing. Here it is. I was laughing at what this person was saying. He or she wrote it yesterday:

Anonymous said...
I mean this in the most polite way possible:

You need to start living your life.

Move out. Get, and keep, a job (even if you don't like it, that's how it works). Pay rent and bills. Buy a car. Cook for yourself. Meet new people and make new friends. Try new things without prematurely judging them; travel, go to a bar, and for Pete's sake, get laid (it's really not that big of a deal).

Life experience is probably the single most important factor in good writing. Without it, the lingering scent of naivety overpowers any attempt at realism.

I would think that the blog of a young lady who consistently writes about her new-found experiences as she struggles through the challenges of independent adulthood would attract a great number of readers.

Just a thought.

He or she's got a point. However, I don't have a lot of money to live on my own. I don't know how to drive.

I am certainly trying to get and keep a job. I got a job at the $1 store years ago and I hated it, but I worked there all summer because I needed to put something on my resume. The thing is I can tough it out and am used to doing things that I don't like to do. Especially learning math in high school. It's very difficult, but I did pass it.

I definitely agree with that "Life experience is probably the single most factor in good writing." This author Anthony Horowitz who wrote the young adult novels about a 14 yr old boy spy Alex Rider gave this tip (paraphrasing): "Go out and live your life and do things, then go and write about it. If you sit in the dark, then you're only going to write about sitting in the dark."

Comparisons: It's been hours since I wrote the above. Come to think of it, I think a guy wrote it. I think the line that gave his gender away was: "get laid (it's really not that big of a deal." lol. I'm sure girls say that, but it does sound like a guy.

This guy kind of reminds me of my sister giving me a talk. The producer John Kerr giving me tips on how to write. Even a little like my friend Leslie. I've known her for years and she's living independently.

Job interviews: I went and did an interview at the jewelery store at West Ed. It was 5 min. long and there are 100 applicants. The interviewer said that they're always hiring and there's going to be another location at another mall. I don't think I got the job, but then again I don't really think it was a right fit for me.

I got to West Ed and was 30min early so I went and looked around. It took me an hr to get there so I'll make the most of it. I checked out Off the Wall, Lucky Brand, Below the Belt, Dynamite, and Bootlegger. I then took the bus from there straight to the fast food place. They said they're always hiring. The guy who interviewed me was between the ages of 18-24. I think I may have a higher chance of getting hired there. He does the first interviews, and give them to the manager. Then she looks at the applicants and does the hiring.

Research: Besides doing 2 interviews, I did call this company looking for a part-time receptionist. It was really far away, and there are 5 applicants they're choosing from already.

Jul. 14 Teen Mom: I saw a promo for this TV show yesterday, and I was so excited that there's going to be a second season. It will air on MTV on Tues. nights.

Rookie Blue: I read an article about it today that they're getting picked up for a second season when they only aired 3 episodes. Good for them.

Writing: I sent that Rain rewrite to the Writer in Residence Chris Craddock again. This script is one of the fishes I have to fry. That phrase is getting old now isn't it?

Lie to Me: It was on the other day, but the rain cut out my satellite TV. I then saw the rest of the ep on It's a really good episode. Let's start off with there was one Asian man who played apartment manager and had a substantial role in it. Then there was another Asian man who played a cop, but didn't say a line. That's some good ethnic diversity.

The episode was about a cop who got shot and there maybe dirty cops who killed him. It turns out it was dirty cops who did it because they were getting money/ rent off the tenants. Melissa George (Lauren from Alias) guest- starred again.

The best part about the ep was that I actually got a little teary- eyed. The cop who got shot is in the hospital and he's quadriplegic and Lightman can read his face. L translates what he says to his wife and his daughter. The couple were having a rough patch in their lives because he's always at work.

Cut to the cop's face. A tear rolls down his eye.
Wife: What's he saying now?
L: Nothing. He's gone.
Then the beeping starts and the wife and daughter hug their dad.
Just writing about it, got me teary- eyed again. The ep is called "Teachers and Pupils."

Analyze: I wrote the above hours ago. I noticed that Chris Craddock emailed me back and asked what's the point of the opening scene in Rain? That reminds me of something John Kerr asked about a scene in The Fighter. I know that every scene in a movie is supposed to bring the story forward.

Those scenes they pointed out does move the story forward. However, I guess the main point is that it's funny. I guess I should rewrite it so there is more of a point to it.

Job search: Today I went to an interview for a cell phone company. I never did an interview for one before. There are 2 positions at 2 different malls. I saw that there are 3 applicants who he already interviewed. I don't know if I'll get the job.

I was just talking to my friend Angela today and she said that it doesn't really matter how many applicants are applying. You could be the only one applying, and if they don't like you, they don't hire you. True. I like to know my chances.

Rant: Here's a mild rant. I tried to watch The Good Guys on, but it's not there. Instead I went and read the 16 and Pregnant thread on That's because I saw that Teen Mom promo.

Jul. 15 Bank: I did an interview at a bank today. He did ask me about why I should get hired and I told him that all the interviews I've done were for restaurants and retail. This is the best job interview from out of all of them.

The position is for facilities. I mainly set up meeting rooms and do a lot of cleaning. There are 7 people applying for 1 position. It's temporary like a yr.

Script: I finished making the changes to The Fighter. I was going through John's notes that were page by page of the script. Today it took about 3hrs to do that. I'm going to take a break for another couple of days and read his general notes on the script as a whole.

Work: I got a call from this company that pays $12/hr and has medical benefits. However, it's really far away, so I turned it down. There were a few companies that are hiring when I looked in the Edmonton Journal classifieds. They were also really far away.

Date: I went on a date today. Anonymous told me to go out and meet some new people on my blog and I did. This guy contacted me through the internet so we met for coffee. I don't think we really connected though.

We talked about TV and movies. Now that a couple of hours has passed since I met him, I think I had more fun watching Rookie Blue and Tosh.O today than with him.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

job search/ celebrity advice/ romantic

Jul. 9 Job search:

1. Wal-mart I applied there again. I did back in Mar.
2. $1 store again, I did back in Apr. There was a Help Wanted sign.
3. Sobey's in Capilano. I never applied to that location before.
4. Aeropostale (Kingsway). Hiring.
5. Bentley (Kingsway). Hiring.
6. Bath and Body Works (Kingsway). I went to the site and it said they're hiring. I went to the location and the worker said they aren't hiring, but took my resume.
7. Baskin Robbins (Kingsway).
8. McDonald's (Kingsway).

I then faxed 5 resumes to be a receptionist.

News: I read in The Globe and Mail that high school kids aren't getting hired this summer. Employers take in the college students because they're more mature and/ or they worked there the summer before, they'll rehire them and don't have to train them.

Deflation: I learned about deflation. That means it's a decrease in prices. I thought that was a good thing, but then it increases unemployment. There is a lower level of demand for making these products and that leads to economic depression.

Jul. 10 Cake: So the other day I baked a chocolate cake. I remember the last time I did that back in 2001 when I was in Foods 10 class. I think my partner's name was Raj. I baked it because I had time. My mom bought this no-name cake mix months ago and earlier this week she said she was going to throw it out if someone didn't make it.

I had the few ingredients like eggs, and olive oil to mix it. Did you know that you can use olive oil instead of vegetable oil? I asked my parents to make sure. Though I will admit my grandma was there to help a little bit when I was making it. lol. It does taste good.

Trip: Today I missed the bus, and had to wait 15min for the next one. It was only drizzling a little rain and I was listening to the Lady Antebellum cd I got from the library. I went to downtown and asked to add more min. to my cell phone. I pay for the min. there, but I was told I could do that online.I felt like I wasted a trip. Not totally. I went to the GAP and Urban. I then went to the Cole's book store to look at the New Age section. I checked out the library.

Rogers: The last time I put min. on my phone was Patrick put it in for me when he was at work. I paid with my own money. I realized that I was using my dad's credit card when I was filling up my min. today. I then put it on my credit card.

I feel very confident about myself. I have achieved something by myself without anyone's help. I put my min. on my cell phone with my own money. I didn't even ask anyone. Though you guys are probably like: "I do that all the time."

This will be like on The Simpsons where Mr. Burns takes the bus for the first time.

Mr. Burns: I'm riding on a bus.
Barney: Aren't you that guy that everybody hates? I'm also more careful of when I use this cell phone so I don't use up all my min. and have to pay more. I'll use my home phone more often. I made a quick phone call on my cell to make sure it works, and it does.

The Bridge: I saw the pilot today because CBS starts airing it. I started watching this Canadian cop drama 5th episode in. The pilot is good. There is a lot of good set up, because they end up using all these minor characters in later episodes.

I noticed this black guy cop, he was the paramedic's boss on The Listener shot in Toronto. I saw this white guy cop and he played the basketball coach on Degrassi also shot in Toronto.

Jul. 11 Celebrity advice: I read this years ago, probably from 2001. It was from my favorite Edmonton actor Eric Johnson. After he goes to an audition, he always says:"Don't hold your breath." That means don't expect to get a call. That advice goes for my job interviews and job search. After you go to an interview, don't hold your breath that you'll get a call.

Michael Phelps have said that if he misses one day of training, he has to do 2 days of training to get back to the same level.

I also recently wrote about that Globe and Mail article about the job search. So an interview went well and you think you got a high chance of getting the job. However, don't stop looking for a job until it is in your hands.

Anger: The list of stuff that gets me angry.

1. My family.
2. My job search.
3. I have a lot of work to do on my script Fighter.
4. I found some English teacher has made a comment on my blog and he or she was very blunt about it. There's more about that later.

Job classified: It turns out the Castledowns Bingo Concession is hiring. It's too far away. There was a fundraiser job where you would get $2500 a month.

There is this ad for about personal career coaching. It's for professionals. I'll keep that ad when I have a career.

I looked up the Edmonton Journal's classifieds and there aren't any jobs there that I qualify for.

Jul. 12 Taxi: I had an interview at this hair salon today. I took a taxi ride to get there. I did the interview, and I think it went well. I don't know if I got the job though. If they don't call me by Thurs. it means I didn't get the job. I then took a taxi home. This whole process took less than an hr. In total I paid $28 for 2 cab rides, and $4 tip. It's $32 altogether. My mom was telling me to take the bus. I looked it up on Google Maps and it takes 3 buses to get there and I don't want to risk being late. I looked it up again just now and it takes 1hr to get there. By taking a taxi, it cuts time down significantly.

Like the saying: "Time is money." I either spend money on a taxi or spend time taking the bus.

Feelings: I feel anxious and overwhelmed. I have to get a job, and applied to 102 places this month.

Rant: I was mainly angry this weekend because my sister told me that I had to delete her name off my blog. I'm going through it, but it does take time. Press Control, and F and search for her name and then I change it to my sister.

The only good thing about it is that I'm reading old entries. Like the time I was going to staffing agencies until my family told me that they were bad. Then after that, 2 of my friends told me that staffing agencies are bad too. Reading entries of when I was working at a bank and how that ended badly.

Romantic: I saw this 30 second video clip of the Spain's soccer captain/ goal keeper Iker Casillas being interviewed by his TV reporter girlfriend on Yahoo. The article says he thanks his parents, brother, friends, and finally his gf Sarah Carbonero.

There was a moment where he seems to need to stop himself from crying, and then he kisses her. Then he quickly walks away. You can hear people clapping. Aww...

Call back: Someone called me for an interview, but the place is opening in Mayfield and that's too far away.

Jul. 13 Calm: I finished getting rid of my sister's name off my blog. Onto bigger fish I have to fry which is getting a job. I have a couple of interviews today. One is at a jewelery store at West Ed which is really far away. Then there is a fast food place which is easier for me to get to and that sounds more appealing to me.

Globe Life: I read about PDA on The Globe and Mail life section. It was about that Spain soccer captain Iker Casillas and how he kissed his sportscaster girlfriend. The article said that there has been hundreds and thousands of views on Youtube with people saying: "Awww...." My reaction exactly.

Friday, July 9, 2010

funny/ dialogue/ rant

Jul.7 Funny: I was watching CSI: NY and the cops bust in this warehouse that sells Chinese firecrackers. That reminds me of The Simpsons where they go to NY. Bart is in Chinatown store that sells Chinese firecrackers. Bart being the troublemaker that he is, sets one on fire.

Owner: Chinese fire drill! For real this time!

I was watching Rookie Blue and there was a line: "Success is 90% luck and 10% timing." My sister was listening in and says: "What kind of lesson is that?" I have to agree with her on that. This might as well be like The Simpsons where Bill Clinton talks to Lisa.

Clinton: The lesson is to keep complaining until your dreams come true.
Marge: Yeah, well that's a pretty lousy lesson.
Clinton: Yeah, well I'm a pretty lousy president.

Joke: You know how President Obama fired General McCrystal for his bad comments in Rolling Stone? Jay Leno made a joke.

Leno: Obama was mad at Justin Beiber for dissing him in Tiger Beat.

SNL: Earlier this week, my sister was ranting at me because I didn't offer to pay for pizza that we ordered.

Me: "I'll pay for it, I'll pay for it!" Get it?
S: Yes.

It was from Saturday Night Live when Ryan Phillipe guest-starred. The sketch was a game show where people fight to pay for the bill. Ryan, Guy 1, and Guy 2 are a family and they are arguing who has to pay for the bill.

Ryan: I'll pay for it!
Guy: No, I'll pay for it!
Guy: I'll pay for it!
Ryan: Let's split it.
Host: That's it, you're disqualified.

I did tell her that I was "strapped for cash." That's kind of like The Simpsons episode where Mr. Burns wants to buy Bo Bo the Bear from Homer.

Mr. Burns: I'm sorry, but I'm strapped for cash.
Then the ceiling collapses and all these jewels and coins fall on Mr. Burns. A crown falls on top of his head.

Friends: When I went to West Ed to do a job interview, I bumped into Ashley from college. She now works at Wind Mobile. She used to work at Urban Trade in the mall. After the interview, I was going to go home, but then I bumped into Dan and his friend Grace. That's a weird coincidence.

Job search: Today I picked up the Edmonton Examiner. I found a place and emailed my resume to them. I went through the Edmonton Journal and applied to 2 places. I did go out for a bit, and recycled batteries at Staples. I used a coupon to get a free coffee at A&W as I always do. Marcello's used to put a coupon for a free coffee on Metro's Monday issues, but they stopped.

Writing: Writing is hard. John Kerr emailed his 5 pages of notes on The Fighter yesterday. Today I emailed him back that explains the choices of why I wrote this and answered his questions. I'm going to have to roll up my sleeves and do some rewrites.

Dialogue: I always get criticized that my dialogue isn't that good. I remember this TV show Hidden Palms about rich teenagers doing fun and sexy things. It was in 2007. This guy and girl meet one night. The next night they're asking questions like: "Are you a virgin?"

I thought that was poor dialogue because they don't know each other well and they're asking personal questions like that. They get a pass because they want the show to go faster and make it sexier. Then a couple years later, a guy IMed me that kind of question. Earlier this week, I was talking to my friend Sonia. She was in the nursing program and there are guys there who ask her those questions. She did explain it's the nursing program so you do see bodies. It's natural.

Jul. 8 Rant: I'm still kind of angry about John Kerr's comments. I should have gotten used to it by now. I had half a dozen readers, producers, and writers read the script and they said harsh comments about it. Use your anger and write something good. This is constructive criticism.

I did email John back. The main thing that bothered me is that he dissed some things in my script that are based from my life. I guess it's kind of weird that I feel like he's dissing my life. lol.

John: The part where Shawn gets laid off from his call centre job is the worst excuse ever.
Me: That was based on my call centre job experience back in 2006. I did get laid off when the company closed down because their lease went up, and they couldn't find another place to hold the business at.

I'll throw in another mild rant. I am so sick of shopping. I don't buy anything, I just go to the mall. It's the summer time, so I also go to garage sales. I don't really like going on walks in the neighborhood because it's boring. I see that my old elementary school has a ramp built in. A neighbor built a new fence. I saw a flier for tutoring children. I picked up a Job Classified. Malls are more interesting because there is more to see and more to write. I've been going to a lot of malls since I was unemployed. This should be another push to get a job.

Job info: At the job fair when I was talking to the assistant manager, she said that I needed a Bachelor's degree if I wanted her position at Abercrombie.

I talked to the manager at another clothing store and she was getting paid $9/hr. She and the 3 others work there part-time. There aren't a lot of shifts to go around.

Good: Let's lighten the mood. I take the bus all the time, and this bus driver retired last week. He was talking to some riders about it. Good for him.

Job interview: I went and did a job interview at a optometrist clinic. It's part-time, and the probation is 6 months and not 3 months like in a lot of other places. Mainly nights. The benefits are for the eyes like getting discount on glasses. Did you know that dentists and optometrists offices use the Genie computer program?

It pays $12/hr and there are 25 applicants for 2 positions. On Mon. they will call the 2 people. I don't think I'll get this job.

Charity: It's kind of funny. I was typing up this email and I got a call from this charity asking for money.

Me: What call centre are you calling from?
Girl: It's in Edmonton called Xental.
(That's the call centre where I worked 2 days at a few months ago.)
Me: Oh. I can't donate because I don't have a job right now.

Job: I saw psychic Char last week. I said I only see a psychic once every 6 months. She said I would get hired this week. I did get hired, but it's at the store that pays $8.80/hr and it's about 12 hrs a week. That's a little over $100 a week.

I have a bad feeling about the store. The manager was honest that it's little pay for a lot of work. I felt depressed during that interview. I feel like that store should close down if there's only 4 people working there, all part-time. Unless one of you says to me: "You should take it so you have something to put on your resume."

I'm not putting obstacles in front of myself. I feel like if I take the job, I will quit very soon because I won't like it. Though I will push myself to pass out more resumes.

Banks: I went to, and I already applied for those jobs. I went to CIBC, BMO, RBC, ATB, and Canadian Western Bank and applied to a few jobs.

Jul. 8: I got a call from a hair salon and set up an interview. The interview is kind of far away if I take the bus, so I'll call a taxi to make sure I won't be late. I would have to take 3 buses to get to the interview.

However, if I do get hired for this reception position, I would be working at a mall that's easy for me to get to.

Fun: I did bump into the janitor Chase at City Centre when I was going to catch a bus. I also bumped into my friend Maygen at the 2nd bus stop and we chatted a bit.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wide Awake/ job fair/ job interviews

Jul. 4 Wide Awake: I saw this TV movie a couple of weeks ago. It came out in 2007, and it stars Missy Peregrym. They're airing it now because her new show Rookie Blue is on. She plays Cassie, a narcoleptic who works at a science lab for the past 6 yrs where she studies the cure for her condition.

They injected it into 3 people, and they died instantly. C meets a reporter to discuss it. A lab guy Konzelman takes her to an underground parking lot to see FBI agent Park. He's Asian, so then he shoots Lab guy, about to shoot C, but her dog Molly stops him. C shoots agent in self defense.

C gets Konzelman's briefcase and goes to his home. Since C shot FBI agent, police are onto her. C is on the run to figure out who ruined the cure. C has 2 cops on her. C is in contact with reporter Rob. He's played by Anthony Lemke. I looked him up, and he was a cop on The Listener.

C has trouble staying awake and a few scenes show her dreaming, but the audience don't know until the character realizes it. C's scientist boss kills himself with pills and alcohol. 1 hr point is really good with the revelation when C goes to the newspaper office. Secretary says no reporter by the name of Rob Turner works there. I kind of suspected Rob did it, but I didn't expect that he wasn't a reporter at all.

C runs into a courthouse to run and hide. C throws the FBI agent's gun into mailbox. I knew C would pull fire alarm. Gun shots kill court house security guard and Rob's guy. C needs drugs to stay awake. She went to Konzelman's to get drugs. She goes to a pharmacy to buy drugs. She goes to the animal hospital to take care of Molly the dog and took adrenaline shots. I like the fact that her physical condition complicates her life and story.

2 cops see video camera shots of R pulling gun. C goes to the morgue to get evidence. There are a few flashbacks of how C is traumatized. She fell asleep at the wheel and killed her mom. It's raining. That's the common archetype to show chaos. There is rain again in the last act.

C was carrying the serum and it is destroyed by accident. Det. Logan says C is a bad guy. His partner Charlie kept saying C is a good guy. In the last quarter of the movie, L shoots Charlie. I didn't expect that.

It turns out Det. Logan is the bad guy who ruined her lab work. Det. L and Rob corner C. Det. L says: "Give me the serum gun." Rob says: "Don't." C injects herself with it. Then Det. L shoots R. Det. L takes the serum to see if anything's left, and there wasn't. C then injects Det. L with it. Det. L falls down. I didn't expect that.

The conclusion is that Rob is part of the good guys to stop bio warfare of creating people that won't sleep, with speed and strength. Kind of like the TV show Dark Angel where they make super soldiers.

Actors: To make a note I saw the actor Jim Codrington. I had to look it up. He was the African-Canadian doctor from Republic of Doyle. He plays Rob's side kick in this movie.
I then see the red head woman from those Tex Mex cheese commercials. I recognized her voice. Her name is actually Geri Hall.

Blog: There are 2 comments that are made on my Jul. 2 post.

ovelhadog said: Very nice... thanks for this post. If you wanna see creative wedding proposals, go to: "Will You Marry Me?" blog. July 2, 2010 1:27 PM

Job Description said: Today it is recognized that to be truly well educated one must not only learn to appreciate the arts, but must have rich opportunities to actively participate in creative work.

Jul. 5 Job fair: I went to a job fair at Canada Place this morning.

1. Ticket Master: They're in downtown, and shifts are 10am-6pm, so that's good. It's only $8.80/hr and it's for temporary like Capital Ex Jul.23-Aug.1 and Honda Indy Jul. 23-25. It's better than nothing. It may evolve into full-time. They're willing to hire 14 yr olds to do this job.

2. Fairmont hotel- again. I applied there quite a few times at their location. They're looking for banquet servers.

3. Abercrombie and Fitch: It's at West Ed. I have an interview tomorrow. I don't really want to go that far for a job, but it's the saying: "Beggars can not be choosers."

4. Safeway- again. I asked to work at Capilano mall location. Maybe I'll get hired there.

5. Smitty's- again. I applied there at Kingsway, and when I was talking to them, I asked to work at that location.

I then went and applied to these places on Jasper Ave: Mucho Burrito Fresh Mexican Grill, Booster Juice, Quizno's, Rogers, Second Cup, and Subway. I also applied to another Subway by the Standard Life Building.

I got a call from Hangers at Capilano mall to do an interview for tomorrow. I also got a call from this optometrist in Kingsway mall. I looked over my records and I applied to Hangers back in Apr.

Rant: This is a mild rant. I got a call from this dentist office at 11am on Jun.30 on my cell. I checked my cell the next day on Canada Day and it was closed. On Jul.2, I called and they said the office manager won't be here until Mon. I call them today and they said the receptionist position has already been filled. That was fast.

Good deed: Talk about deja vu. After I went to the job fair, I went to Bonnie Doon with my mom and brother. I then found this wallet on the counter of this food kiosk. I gave it to the server behind the counter. She said thanks and gave it to an old woman who it belonged to.

Last month the same thing already kind of occurred, but this woman left her bank card in the bank machine. My mom also bought me 2 pairs of black pants that fit on the waist, but she'll have to hem the length of it.

Jul. 6 Writing: I'm going throw in another rant. The producer John Kerr has finally emailed me back. A few weeks ago I sent him a new draft of The Fighter. He gave me 5 pages of notes on it and what I needed to work on. I emailed him back saying there are some things I defended and some things I will change in the script.

Bank: I've been very vigilant about my bank account since I got laid off. I noticed that $2.25 of my account was missing. It turns out it's for my passbook fee that I don't use. I then got that fee canceled out to save money. You should be aware of what your bank is charging you for stuff you don't even use. There are hidden fees.

It's like that Ally commercial where the little boy is running around and putting eggs in a basket. The Business man takes it.

Boy: You took my eggs.
Business man: Egg management fee.
Boy: What does that even mean?
Business man: Egg management fee.

I do like that commercial; it's funny.

Job interviews: That psychic book by Lisa Barretta has an effect on me. She says that as a psychic, she's a sounding board. I went to the interview at Hangers, and I felt that the manager was treating me like a sounding board. The pay is min. wage $8.80/hr. 2 evenings and 2 Sundays a month. Max 15hrs a week. I'll give the manager points for her being brutally honest. There is lots of work for min. wage. There's no price gun. The only good thing about it is that it's close by, and I can still collect EI.

I then went to the 2nd interview of the day, at Abercrombie and Fitch at West Ed. It was a group interview. I did go to one before in 2006. It was for American Eagle Outfitters. There was one other girl. It takes 2hrs to close. At Ambecrombie, it takes 3 hrs to close. The interview had 2 guys and 2 girls. I think they're all high school students, because they all wore jeans and t-shirts for the job interview. The interview took 30min because there were 5 of us.

They'll call if you're hired. I forgot to ask what the pay was. If I do get hired, then I'll tell them I don't want to work shifts where I have to close.

They probably won't hire me if I can't work anytime, but maybe they will. I'm kind of eh with working with them.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

job search tips/ set up & payoff/ job sites

Jul. 2 Job search tips: I was reading in the Globe and Mail that if you even take a few days off of your job search, it takes even longer and harder to get motivated. The tips:

1. Have a daily routine and stick to it.
2. Dress for success. Getting dressed for work will remind you that your goal is to get a new job.
3. Network daily. Getting advice and keeping up with what's in your business helps generate enthusiasm.
4. Have a daily goal. Being able to check off a daily achievement will boost you.
5. Do reg. reviews. Write down your achievements and where you're making progress and what you need to adjust to be more successful.
6. Don't coast. Avoid the temptation to relax because you think you got it in the bag. No search is finished until you have the job in hand.

Facebook: This guy I used to go to NAIT with has finally confirmed as his friend on Facebook. I then emailed him about my job search and ask if anyone's hiring. He's in Fort Saskatchewan, but he may know of something.

EI: I filed for EI today.

Karate Kid: I didn't see the movie remake, but I did read the review. It was: "Who wants to see kids get hurt?" In Never Back Down, it was teens fighting. In Fighting, it was adults fighting.

Set up & payoff: I need to focus on my writing. I was watching South Park and I learned of a really good set up and pay off. This episode reminded me of Criminal Minds and CSI. It's weird. How can a cartoon remind you of crime procedural shows? The episode was about Cartman wanting to get back at this teen Tom for scamming him out of $16.23.

The whole episode was mediocre until the surprise ending. It was at a chili bake off. C and T are eating chili.

Cartman: I knew my friends Kyle and Stan would tell you that I was setting up my revenge on you on that pony farm. I knew you would tell your parents to go there to take your place. I told Farmer to shoot anyone on sight because they would steal his ponies. He shot your parents.

Farmer: I had to. I thought they were stealing my ponies.

Cartman: Then when the police weren't looking, I stole the bodies and cut them up and put it in the chili. You're eating your parents right now.

T is stunned and in shock that his parents have been murdered and he's eating them.

That was the most craziest ending I have ever seen. At least for this show. I would get this kind of ending in a crime drama or a movie. It was like Criminal Minds because putting a dead body parts in the chili was done on that show. Cartman describing how he committed the crime sounded like what CSI would show. This episode aired before CM came out.

News: I read in the business section of the newspaper that people get scammed for buying useless software programs all the time. Or maybe you guys already knew that.

Well did you know that bank accounts help people with mental illness? The people often have all their cash at home so they could risk robbery or spending it all. The bank accounts may be a small step, but it's a big help.

Medical tip: I was watching an old Buffy rerun called "Earshot" where Jonathan was going to kill himself. Buffy faints and then she comes to.

Cordelia: I told them not to move you, because it could hurt your spinal cord.

Oh yeah, I remember that in Centre High English class. Someone said that. I also remembered the actor Keram Malicki- Sanchez on that show as the school newspaper editor.

Actors: Keram Malicki- Sanchez plays some good music. He was in the bad teen movie called Drive Me Crazy and an average movie called Happy Campers.

Look alike: I was watching Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) on Warehouse 13. I think she looks like Liz on My Life as Liz. They both have red hair, except Liz's hair is long. The face is similar.

The Good Guys: This is a new summer show. It stars Tom Hanks son Colin Hanks and Bradley Whitford. These two play cops solving crime together. There are explosions and lots of comedy and action. It's fun to watch. I recommend you check it out.

I saw a few episodes and the pilot had them go to a strip club. It's TV, sex sells. I remember Law and Order: SVU going to a strip club a couple of times to investigate a case. On the show Lie to Me, they did that too.

Psychic: I was reading my psychic book and Lisa Barretta talked about how she worked for a 1-900 psychic hot line. She got hired by doing a tarot reading over the phone. At first she didn't take the job, but the boss said they were so busy, she took it.

People prefer to do psychic phones because then they can call that line anytime. They also like the fact that they would never run into the psychic and that person knows all about their secrets and problems. I like to see one in person and to see the divination tools out in front of me like tarot cards and palms.

Jul. 3 Job sites: Here is proof that I'm looking for a job. I went through all these sites. That's for working for charities. It's an alright job site, but there is a lot of staffing agencies listings. I would say the same thing about this site like I applied to restaurant and retail jobs there. There's only 4 positions in AB and I applied to one. There are a lot of positions for people with degrees in business, and sciences. There are positions for selling chemicals and surgical products. This site's pretty good because there are a lot of positions. This is the govt. of AB site. I applied to a couple of positions. There are no jobs on that site right now. There are 7 positions in Edmonton. They're temporary and most of it is U of A hiring returning students to be U-pass distributors. I went to the Hot Jobs section and then I picked Restaurants/ food service in Edmonton. There are a lot of positions. I click on it, it leads me to There are a lot of "Pages not found."

Education: I learned that if you want to be a unit clerk for Covenant Health, you need a unit clerk diploma. You do learn stuff on your job search.

PTI Group: Have you ever heard of these people? I went to the site, and it's mainly kitchen staff that cook for people working the oil sands. I remember back in 2008, this Aboriginal woman Debbie worked at the Soup place. She said she worked at a place like that. There is TV and internet over there.

Jul. 4 Job search: Sunlife Financial called last night- again. They called me back in Apr. I checked my records. The woman was Chinese and she spoke a little of it to me over the phone. I'm going to stay away from them because it's not the type of job for me. It's selling stuff and you have to put money in from your own pocket. I did that test for them and it did ask questions about how much money you would put in. I found this site through Job Bank. This is only for British Columbia residents.

Kingsway: I went to Kingsway to pass a resume. I see there's a new kiosk Things Engraved. After it closed down in City Centre, this store also popped up in West Ed. This is a bad site. Most of the links I clicked are American though I am on Job Search Canada.

Restaurant news: I read in the Edmonton Journal business section that in the recession, Alberta restaurants are making 54 cents per every $1 spent on groceries. That's actually good compared to other provinces that are 44 cents.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Facebook job search/ crazy bus trip/ writing

June 29 Facebook job search: I emailed my friend Amy from NAIT. She says:

"Hi Tracy. I'm good thanks for asking. I hope you are well too.
Sorry but I don't know of any jobs at the moment. I am seeking a new job myself as I dislike the one I have.
Good luck with the job hunt. I know how difficult it is!"

Then I emailed her asking if her place is hiring.

Amy: "It's a graphic design job at a newspaper. I'm not sure if you would qualify for a position. Plus, I believe we are still under a hiring freeze. We haven't had any new hires since last summer.I did the call centre thing for 6 months when I first got out of high school. I really disliked it but then I also worked the graveyard shift.

There are lots of jobs out there, it's just finding good ones that is difficult."

That last line is good line to remember.

Crazy bus trip: I got a call from that Proeco Corporation and I called them back to set up an interview for tomorrow morning. I went through Google Maps. It takes 2 buses and 53 min to get there. There is a 9 min. walk. I did make the long trip to find the place today. I know it's in an industrial area.

I then went home and called back saying that I got hired somewhere else and won't be coming to the interview. She wished me luck. Yeah, that's a white lie, or do you want to hear the whole truth?

Me: It took me nearly an hr to get there. Then when I got there, there were no sidewalks. Do you know how dangerous that is if I were to walk on the outside of the road? It's scary, I could get hit by a car or by those huge 18 wheeler trucks. I had to walk in the grass, but then what if I get the job and then it snows?

I can't walk in the snow or the icy road. What if a car skids whether there is snow or not, and I get hit? I am concerned about my safety. It's not worth it. I used to walk to high school for 15 min in the snow, but they were on sidewalks. They may not always be shoveled, but there were sidewalks.

I'm not putting obstacles in front of myself. I actually did make the trip today. If I did put obstacles in front of myself, I wouldn't have gone at all. It was for a receptionist position.

Job interview: Yesterday I did a job interview at Toyota to be a receptionist. I got a call back from them today and I didn't get the job. They gave it to a woman who's worked with car dealerships for 3 yrs so that's cool. I didn't expect to get the job anyway.

I didn't put obstacles in front of myself either at that time. I still went to the interview and gave it my best. I think it's because I did that Rogers interview. That helped me build confidence because I took the bus by myself to a new place for an office job. I was self-reliant by using Google Maps and not calling a taxi.

Cliche: I was watching Pretty Little Liars with my sister, and one of the girls Spencer steals her older sister's old essay for a school assignment. Then Spencer's teacher tells her that it's so good, he entered it into a essay contest.

That reminds me of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Someone on noted: "I like the fact that Paige got an essay off the internet, and the professor started reading it. She knew right away that the essay was from the internet, because she got that essay before. She gave P a zero on the spot. In other TV shows, the teacher enters the essay into a contest."

June 30 EI: I checked my bank account and I got $344 EI. Alright. The only way to get EI is if you work like 400hrs (depends on the province) and only if you're laid off to qualify for it.

Email: So my MacEwan email account expired quite awhile ago. Then I got a MacEwan Alumni newsletter in the mail. There was this iPod giveaway that will have Martin Mayer's 3 albums in it.

I then went and called the school so I can access my account and enter into the contest. Of course I should have done that a long time ago so I can access job info. lol.

Job search: It's a good thing it looks like it's going to rain. It's 2pm. I can't get distracted by good weather. Today I passed out 2 resumes in Capilano. I need to buckle down and look for a job. I went to

Rock remix: I found this artist Daniel Wesley a long time ago. I was on Youtube and I found his remake of Ginuwine's "Pony." It's a good rock version of an R&B song. This is as good as Down with Webster covering Aaliyah's "Are you that somebody?"

Quirky: I saw June's bus pass is brown and July's bus pass is pink. It made me think of chocolate and strawberry ice cream. lol.

Jul. 1 Writing: That psychic book has had an effect on me. Well it made me think of my Daniel script where he goes to see a psychic. I had the writer Conni Massing ask: "Why does he go to a psychic?" I realized I started off with the inciting incident with him seeing the psychic, without pages of set up prior to it.

The psychic/ author Lisa Barretta said that people come to see one because they have problems with money and relationships, and they want to see the future. I had no set up of what the character Daniel was like.

Daniel Tosh: That brings me to my next topic. The character Daniel was based on Daniel Tosh because when his Tosh.O show debuted in summer 2009, I thought it was so funny. Now it's like Family Guy, where there are only a few jokes that stand out. I'm going to keep watching it, but don't expect much.

Friends: I talked to my friend also named Dan today. He said he should be getting EI, but there is a long delay because his company didn't put down how many hours he was working. He was working for FT for a year until the branch shut down. At least he's going to school.

Job rant: I just put in an hr looking for a job on the internet. I hate how there are a lot of staffing agencies. They make money off the people who go to them, when they place jobs for them. These staffing agencies will always be here and aren't going anywhere.

I might as well add this one time when I was working at Booster Juice. I was walking from the bus stop to my house, and this guy has his car parked on the sidewalk. He saw my shirt and asked when the store's open. I told him because I know the answer and like to help people. Now looking back, I have some mild animosity to Booster Juice. I was talking to my friend Chamouer about her job search as a receptionist. She's got some interviews. I then went back on my job search, and then I emailed her about this good job site called