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Friday, September 25, 2009

crazy news/ Flash Forward/ Down with Webster

Sept. 23 Crazy news: I was watching this on Yahoo. There are these parents walking out of a store, and there 6 yr old daughter is walking behind them by a few steps. Then a car backs out and goes over the girl. You would think she got hit, and hurt.

There was not a scratch on here because there was a pole that put the car up, so it won't fall on her. When I saw it, I was like: "Whoa!" It was kind of funny because no one got hurt. Anyway, the woman was driving had a suspended license for reckless driving.

News: They're closing York Hotel in Edmonton on Oct. 6. It's inner- city and the police are called over there 2-3 times more often than any other businesses around there. It's a good thing to shut this place down altogether.

King Kong: I saw the first hour of this movie like a year ago. Then I turned it off because Patrick needed to focus on studying. Then it was on Sunday, so I watched the remaining 3 hours of the movie. It was good with the action, cinematography, acting, and story. It had big names like Adrien Brody, Naomi Watts, and Jack Black.

My nitpick was that it was too long. Also lack of dialogue, but you can't really talk to a gorilla, and a gorilla can't really talk.

Job: Today 2 people didn't show up for work, so I ended up doing the brunt of the work. Or one person is here, and then they have to leave early so I have to remain there to do the closing.

Bank: I picked up the catering trays from TD Bank. I used to work there, and then they moved to City Centre. If I was good at my job, I would have stayed there. I was finally able to check out the office. It looks good. I am reminded of the song "Come around again" by the indie band Sunrise Sundown.

It had the same lead singer from Nickel. Nickel was on the Buffy episode called "School Hard" way back in season 2. The lyric was: "I like to be reminded of things I can't have." Don't be sad. One bank job didn't work out. Maybe another one will come along.

Rant: I was reading 24, and I see that Christian Slater is on a new TV show called The Forgotten. His character name is Alex Donovan. I was like: "That's the same first and last name of one of my characters in the script that I'm selling!" Well I can always change the last name. It's a mild rant.

Here's another: My rant is that TV is too predictable. I remember a long time ago I was writing on about Secret Life of the American Teenager: "Of course Amy is going to keep the baby and raise it as her own. How else do you expect the show to keep going on for 12 years?"

Someone comes and says: "They could keep having secret weddings and making fake IDs of course." He was making fun of the most recent ep. I told this to my friend Angela when she dropped by my work and she said: "Yeah, like The Gilmore Girls and that show has been on for quite awhile."

I'll throw in the new sitcom Accidentally on Purpose. I was reading newspaper reviews and it's about a 40 yr old woman who gets pregnant by a one- night stand who is in his 20s. The reviewer said: "Of course she keeps the kid because it's network TV." Also how is abortion supposed to be funny? I'll throw in reading another review that said that in real life, women use birth control or abortion. So this show is unrealistic.

Sept. 24 Giles Panton: It's been neary 2 months, but Giles Panton finally emailed me back on Facebook. I pitched for him to be in my movie, and he said: "i'm still interested....have been very busy. think that it could be workshoped a bit more, but i like the idea. keep it up. :)."

Flash Forward: I was watching this new show about this global event. At 11am, everybody all over the world passed out for 2 min, 17 seconds. They all saw a glimpse of the future 6 months from now. What's cool is that John Cho, Harold from Harold and Kumar go to White Castle is in it as a FBI agent. I missed the first 12 min, but I stayed and watched the rest.

JC plays Demitri Noh and when he blacked out, he didn't see anything. By all means he could be dead. I see promos that he is dating a African- American woman. Good for interracial dating. Also I remember way back in 2003 I was reading on Fametracker Forums about Asians in films. The Asian men are all celebite on film, but not in this promo. So that's good too.

It's really good. I saw the promos for the next eps. It looks like the lead character Mark (Joseph Fiennes) is working on a case. His daughter may end up missing, and his wife will cheat on him with another guy. It seems kind of like Lost with a lot of characters all there with this epic journey.

What was unintentionally funny was that the Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane appeared as a FBI agent. I also saw Lee Thompson Young. He was on the old kids show called The Famous Jett Jackson. I thought the show was eh. Anyway, I was reminded he was on the short- lived show South Beach way back in 2006. It was produced by Jennifer Lopez. It only had 8 eps.

Quit: Look, I'm cutting down on TV. I haven't really been watching The Jay Leno show because it's prime time. I have to watch all the other shows like Criminal Minds and The Mentalist during that time slot.

The Vampire Diaries: I find that this show really inspires me. I don't necessarily want to write about vampires. I do really like the character Damon, the bad boy vampire played by Ian Somerhalder. He has some pretty good snarky lines. I should write a strong antagonist like that.

It's good to see Paul Wesley as the good vampire. I first saw him on the other short- lived supernatural show called Wolf Lake. He played a bad boy, and was a werewolf. Then he played Lex Luther's little brother on Smallville. Then I saw him on one ep of CSI: NY.

Down with Webster: I heard this band's song "Rich Girl" on the radio. I was kind of eh with it. Then during the commercial breaks of my show, I saw this video of the band Down with Webster and I thought the name was kind of interesting. Then I went on Youtube to look for the song called "Time to Win." It's a hard rock song with rap. Kind of reminded me of the band Limp Bizkit though I was never really a fan of them. I like the song title. It's a good song to dance to. It revs me up. I also thought the guy who sang the chorus was kind of cute. His name is Pat Gillet and he also plays guitar.

I found this video where they covered "Are you that Somebody?" by Aaliyah. I love that song. The original is a R&B track. DWW made it into more of a rock song. It's great. Check it out:

Funny news:
I found this on Yahoo. This 34- yr- old guy is drunk and he's on the football goal post and he is hanging on the pole. The police and security catch him when he slowly drops off. The audience cheers afterwards.

The police are on top of him and arrest him. lol.,191555

Sept. 25 Crazy day: I went to the doctor for a second opinion about this wart on my finger. He told me that I needed to freeze it once a week until it's gone. I have been freezing it, and then 3 weeks later I go back to get it done again. I need to do it more often to get rid of it.

I went to the T&T at Northgate with my grandma and bought groceries and ate lunch there. Then we went home and I had to do Maintenance Wizard on the computer, wash my apron, and get money for my buspass. I called the other dr. to set another appointment. Then I read in 24 and my horoscope was true: "Just a spoonful of action helps the medical issues feel less demanding."

I went to Chinatown and paid $6 to get a new battery for my watch. It's worked for the past 2 years since the last time I was there. It's a kid's watch I got from Sears in 1997. I only had to change the battery 3 times in a period of 12 years.


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