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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

He texted 'Police have come.' And then he disappeared

He texted
'Police have come.'
 And then
he disappeared.

Dear Tracy,

'Police have come.'

It was early one Saturday morning when Zhang Kai, a human rights lawyer, sent that text message to his friends.

And then he went quiet.

He's just one of hundreds of activists and lawyers who have been targeted in an unprecedented nationwide crackdown by Chinese authorities.

Will you speak out on their behalf?

Another lawyer, Wang Yu disappeared in the early hours one morning.

She sent her friends messages saying that her internet and power had been cut. Then, she said that people were trying to break into her home. She's now in police custody.

So far, more than 225 people have been targeted. At least 22 are still missing or detained. Join our call: Chinese authorities must disclose the whereabouts of the missing now.

Like you, these brave activists and lawyers care deeply about human rights. By helping other people, they put themselves at risk. Now it's our turn to help them.

We haven't seen this level of oppression in years. But if enough people take action, we have a chance to shame the Chinese government into stopping the crackdown.

Write to the Chinese authorities, calling on them to immediately disclose the whereabouts of those missing.

In hope,

Jasmine Heiss
Senior Campaigner
Amnesty International USA


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