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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Invitation: Join Amnesty's first global human rights course

Join Amnesty International's first global human rights course 

You are invited to join Amnesty International's first massive open online course (MOOC) on freedom of expression. Gain the knowledge to protect your rights, defend others’ and transform yourself into an agent of change.

Places are unlimited on our free course Human Rights: The Right to Freedom of Expression which will run for three weeks from 17 November to 8 December 2015.


Freedom of expression is a human right. Learn from the experts at Amnesty International how to claim and defend your rights in this human rights course.
This three-week course will equip you with the knowledge to understand and claim your right to freedom of expression, and the skills and confidence to take action to defend it.
You will be challenged to think critically and devise effective actions to defend the human rights of others. You will be able to adapt the human rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly to real life situations and come face-to-face with human rights activists on the front line of human rights defense.
You will explore human rights through case studies, including real cases of individuals at risk. You will discover how actions are developed to defend people against human rights violations.
This is Amnesty International’s first human rights MOOC (i.e. Massive Open Online Course). Be prepared for active, fast-paced learning, connecting with course participants across the world to bridge the gap between theory and practice and turn yourself into an agent of change.
Course facilitators and moderators from across the human rights movement will listen, guide and interact with participants.
Consider signing up with a friend or group to take part in optional group activities together. Join the conversation on the Amnesty International Human Rights Education Facebook page.
No previous knowledge is needed. Register today to take part in a global human rights experience.


Who can take the course:
Everyone with online access can take this course, whether you are in school, college, at university, taking the course as a group, or following it on your own in your free time.
The course is free with all participants able to choose between receiving no certificate, a free Honour Certificate, or a paid ($49 US) Verified Certificate.


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