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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don’t let them get away with torture

Gul Rahman
Literally Froze
to Death in
CIA Custody. Don’t Let
Them Bury the Truth.

Dear Tracy,

One day, Gul Rahman left home to visit the doctor.

His family never saw him again.

He was disappeared by the CIA, and he literally froze to death in its custody. That was 13 years ago. His family is seeking answers. And they want to bring his body home, for a proper burial at last.

You took action against CIA torture in Gul Rahman's memory a few months ago - and now we have a new chance at some measure of accountability. But we need your help again.

Tell the White House: not in my name. Don't stand in the way of accountability for Gul Rahman's death.

Do you remember Gul Rahman's American torture story? He was tortured: beaten and dragged, doused with cold water, and then left in chains, half-naked and shivering in the pitch black. That was when he froze to death. The anniversary of his death passed a few days ago.

We learned more about his death and and other shocking details of the American torture story in a landmark Senate report last December. Now, ACLU lawyers have brought a private lawsuit on behalf of Gul Rahman's family against the psychologists who were paid millions of dollars to devise the torture program that killed him.

But instead of supporting accountability, the U.S. government may block this lawsuit from going forward by invoking state secrecy.

Tell the U.S. Government: torture is a crime. It's time to hold those responsible for Gul Rahman's death accountable.

The Obama administration can't bury the truth. Crimes should have a consequence. Evidence of torture in the Senate report must be reviewed - and there should be prosecutions where the evidence warrants it. No one should get away with torture.

The door to future torture is still open. What happened to Gul Rahman could happen again.

We can't let this American torture story be repeated. Join me in taking action against torture today.

In solidarity,

Naureen Shah
Director, Security with Human Rights
Amnesty International USA


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