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Friday, November 20, 2015

Help save this young man's life.

Dear Tracy

Saudi Arabia is among the top three executioners in the world.

The number of lives lost to this cruel and inhumane practice will continue to rise unless we stand united against the death penalty. 

We now have an opportunity to save a young life before it's too late...

Ali al-Nimr is facing execution for offences he allegedly committed when he was just 17 years old.

Police arrested Ali and then tortured him into a "confession". His alleged offences were demonstrating against the government, attacking security forces and possessing a weapon.

Ali’s trial was grossly unfair. He wasn’t even allowed to see his lawyer. With all appeals exhausted in his case, he could face death at any time. His life is literally in the hands of the King, who will decide whether or not to ratify the sentence.

Demand that the King of Saudi Arabia stop Ali's execution NOW. 

Thank you for joining our efforts to save this young man and put an end to the death penalty worldwide.


Hilary Homes
Campaigner, Middle East & North Africa
Amnesty International Canada 

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