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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Anti-bullying video/ Helping Veterans video

Oct. 26 Anti-bullying video: This is a social experiment.  There are 2 13 yr old girls making fun of a like a 11 yr old girl at the bus stop.  An adult is by them and tells them to stop.  Other adults ask the young girl to sit with them.

It was a heart-warming video.

Oct. 29 Air Canada challenged by cancer patient for ticket refund: A New Brunswick man being treated for cancer is calling on Air Canada to show more compassion when it comes to refunding airfare.

John Paciga said it was an ordeal to persuade the airline to agree to return the $1,700 that he and his wife paid for a summer trip to California before Paciga got sick and the couple had to cancel.

While dealing with his new diagnosis and undergoing chemotherapy, Paciga tried to negotiate with customer relations through email.

He said it was going nowhere until he posted a plea on YouTube, describing the airline's behaviour as "unconscionable."

"When it got to about 25,000 hits I suddenly got an email from the director level and the tone completely shifted."

Lukacs says it's question of risk management and who should bear the risk of a passenger not being able to travel due to his or her own medical condition.

"Given that there are insurances being offered for that purpose, the airline can legitimately say, 'Sorry this is not the kind of risk we are willing or want to take, or should be taking, because it's something we have no control over."

Paciga did not purchase travel insurance and as part of his YouTube video, he advises other passengers to do so, if they can afford it.

Nov. 6 Canada Revenue Agency scam: I got this email to two of my email accounts this month.  It says about how I have a refund.

I was skeptical when I saw it.  I printed the email and went to Canada Place in downtown.

I wanted to speak to someone from there.  The security guard who was there saw it and said it was a scam and told me to call this number to report it and I did:

Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre:

Man Tells Crash Victim He`s There to Help, Then Does the Unthinkable:

by Tribune 1:05 mins
"A woman was reportedly scared and dazed, trapped upside down after her car rolled three times during an accident in Texas. But it`s what happened after the crash that is even more unsettling to her and her family."

He goes and steals her purse and drives off.

My opinion: Yeah, well at least he didn't hurt her physically.

Bully knocks out blind kid, and bully gets knocked out too: I saw this and was like "Whoa."

Helping Veterans video: I saw this What would you do?  This is a Prime Time newsmagazine show.  I found this when I was clicking to donate to feed veterans:

 A veteran is struggling to pay groceries like baby food and groceries, so the people behind him pay for it.

- a white woman in her 60s pays for it.  She has a son retired from military, grandson joined it.  She tells him she runs a food pantry and veterans go there

- an old black woman gives 3 dollars for it.  She said she's scraping by

-1 Latino guy with 8 yr old boy pays for it.  He says he's been there.

- 1 Latino guy who had coupons and got scrap metal to pay for groceries, spared 2 dollars

- 1 Latino woman who says she's from line of veterans paid for his whole $40 groceries and told him to keep the beer.  She says: "That's what I came here for anyway."  They laugh. 

Universities donate excess food: I found this through

Young girl plays the piano while sleepwalking in NZ:
by Newsflare 1:02 mins
An unusual video has emerged showing a 12-year-old girl 'playing the piano' while sleepwalking. The footage, captured at a home in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand on Monday, shows the girl hovering over the instrument in her apparent deep sleep and playing a few notes of a scale. Writing online about the display, the filmer said: "This is my cousin's daughter, she sleepwalks every now and then. "This time she started playing the piano, then went back to bed ... She really is fast asleep. "She could not remember doing this in the morning when she woke up."

My opinion: It was kind of funny.

Nov. 7 Dad saves daughter:

People have donated thousands of dollars to help an Australian Olympics hopeful recover after he was crushed while saving his daughter from a car accident.

Chris Dodd, 25, ranks as the fourth-best male high jumper in the country and was training for Rio when he was pinned under his own car last month.

He and his wife, Kellie, were taking their daughters out of the family car when it started to roll backwards at their home near Sydney.
Chris Dodd is ranked as the fourth-best male high jumper in Australia and was training for the Olympics.

Nov. 10 Diabetes test: I saw this ad to take 2 min. to do this quiz to see your risk of getting diabetes.  I got a low rating.  You guys should take it too:


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