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Monday, November 30, 2015

"One Week Job"- Sean Aiken

Sept. 7 "One Week Job": I cut out this article in the Edmonton Job Classifieds way back in Apr. 22, 2007.   

I thought it was so cool to work at a new job every week, have new experiences and meet new people.  Interestingly enough, summer 2007 was the "Summer of the Job Hopper."  It depends on how you look at it. 

It was because I got a job at Call Centre #3 for the first time.  They trained me for 1 day, and then dismissed me and decided to hire someone else who doesn't need as much training as I did.  At least I got paid.  Then in 2009, I applied there again and got hired and the job lasted for 6 months.  They laid me off due to shortage of work in the 2009 case.  

Con: I didn't make a lot of money that summer of 2007.

Pro: I did try some jobs out like restaurants for the first time and that was a good fit for me.

Odd Job Jack: This article reminds me of this 2003 TV show.  I saw the first season:

Odd Job Jack is an animated comedy about one guy's misadventures in temporary employment and his quest to get a full-time life. In the year 2003, in an unnamed Canadian megacity, JACK RYDER (voiced by Don McKellar) searches for a way out of limbo. Twenty-five years old and fresh out of university - sporting a degree in sociology and shouldering a hefty student debt - Jack is decidedly unsure what he wants to do with the rest of his life. In fiscal desperation, Jack signs on at a temp agency - Odd Jobs Unlimited - where he finds himself placed in a variety of usual and unusual postion by Betty Styles, his ever-optimistic (and in Jack's opinion, totally attractive) career counsellor. In every episode, Jack tries out a new job, introducing him to an array of interesting characters, unique experiences, and different perspectives on the working world. - Written by Smiley Guy Studios


Here's the whole article:

One Week Job.
Business grad on nationwide job week at a time.
By Robert Manolson
Certified Career Development Professional

In an attempt to find his passion, Sean Aiken, 25, has created a website that allows any
individual or company from across Canada to make him a job offer for one week. He is
continuing to fulfill jobs one week at a time throughout the country while recording his
experiences with blog entries and short video clips posted to his One Week Job website:


Sean’s nationwide job search to find the work he loves and build the life he wants
brought him to Edmonton working as a Florist with Best Buds Flower Company, and as a
Yoga Instructor with Lotus Soul Gym Yoga. Up to this point, Sean has worked with a
bungee jumping company, as a columnist, a snowshoe guide, volleyball coach, an intern
for a daily television talk show, a dairy farmer, events team member, and marketer.

“After graduating from College with a Business Administration Degree, I made a
commitment to myself to not settle for a career that I was not passionate about.”

Not realizing where these passions lie, Sean came up with the idea for One Week Job. “I
am hoping to try out a diverse range of jobs in hopes of learning something new from
each experience and gain a better understanding of what I need in a work place situation
to be happy.”

Robert Manolson, Certified Career Development Professional, and facilitator of
Workplace Fun & Wellness Workshops has been in contact with Sean for several months
now. “Sean has been so receptive and open to letting me to do whatever I can to kickstart
his journey here in Edmonton by connecting him to the "right" people. His creative,
"throw away the box" approach to finding the work he loves and building the life he
wants captured my attention. As a Career Counsellor who has worked extensively with
youth, I can confidently say that Sean is inspiring his generation to follow their heart and
do everything in their power to make their dreams come true.” You can contact Robert at

All proceeds that a company or individual is willing to pay Sean for his week of work
will be donated to the Make Poverty History campaign, dedicated to tackling the issue of
child poverty in Canada.

In order to help fund Sean’s travels he is accepting personal donations from individuals
and in return is posting their name along with a link to their website or blog.

© 2007 Robert Manolson

Sean’s journey brings into light a new trend we are seeing with his generation entering
the workforce. “I think that many young people in my generation have seen our parents
stuck in the same job they were not necessarily happy with for far too long,” says Sean.
“My generation is realizing the value of making a career choice that not only suits our
skill set, but at the same time matches our personality, values, our passions and provides
for work/life balance.”

Robert adds that “Believe it or not, there's a wonderful world of life experiences that
today's youth want to engage in whether it's in the world of work or outside work.

Employers in Edmonton and in Alberta need to recognize that the Millennials or Gen Y
who are presently entering the workforce bring a much different perspective to work that
is not like our own. Youth are one of the largest pool of workers to draw from. Those
employers who make the necessary adjustments to understand and accommodate
Edmonton's youth will be successfully positioning their business in today's tight labour

Visit to find out where Sean is working this week, what he is
learning on his journey, or to offer Sean a ‘One Week Job’ yourself!




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