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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Karla Homolka/ prositution/ American Greed

Jun. 21 Karla Homolka: I found this article on Yahoo called "Canadian Journalist tracks down Notorious Killer Karla Homolka."  I remember in 2005 when I read articles about her in the newspaper that she was being released from prison after serving her full 12 yrs there.

She was the former wife and accomplice to serial killer Paul Bernardo for killing 2 girls, and drugging and raping her own sister.  Now Homolka is married with 3 kids, and lives in the Caribbean island Guadeloupe.

I even remember that time I was working at the clothing store in 2005.  My friend/ co-worker Meghan said: "I wonder how Karla Homolka will get a job."  I never thought of that.  I thought of: "She should stay in jail.  When she's released, she's going to be harassed and people will spit on her when she walks on the street."

Now it reminds me of that MADtv sketch where a reporter interviews OJ Simpson as they walk on the street discussing his new book If I Did It.  A man walks by with his dog and points and yells at OJ: "Murderer!  Murderer!"

In the article, it says she has changed her name.

Rape: Jasmine Hall sent me the article "10 Worst Bits of Advice that Boomers gave us."  It lead me to this article about "Rape Myths 2007."

I read the article more in depth this time.  There were statistics, and how to prevent.  Rape is very high on college campuses.  One part was called "Investigation of Attitude Change in Rape- Prevention Program."  The experimental group of males were given a pamphlet and video discussing rape myths and the effects of it on a victim.  The control group got a pamphlet and video about safe sex.

The experimental group had a "significantly greater effect on reducing previously held rape myths."  So the prevention program was an effective strategy.

Jun. 24 Saying: I was thinking about that saying: "Like finding a needle in a hay stack."  It fits in about W5 reporter Paula Todd looking for Karla Homolka.  Homolka was out of headlines since 2005.  It's pretty hard to find one person in this world.  I don't know how much time, money, or effort it took to find her.

Unlike Osama bin Laden, that took like 10 yrs to find him.  To find Luka Magnotta was like 6 days.  Homolka wasn't like public enemy #1 where you have to find this person for your own safety.  She already served her time.  It was kind of like finding Ashley Dupree.  You know she was the prostitute who slept with the politician Eliot Spitzer.  If I remember correctly, there was a little info that the prostitute had like brown hair, and some other vague stats.  Reporters were able to find her pretty fast.

Jun. 26 Prostitution: I found some good news on Yahoo.  79 US teenagers who were forced into prostitution have now been rescued.  It was a 3 day sting operation with hotel rooms, truck stops, and store fronts.  This 1min and 13 sec video is here.  77 girls and 2 boys as young as 13 were rescued.  They are now being put to child welfare services.

The pimps were being arrested because they were the ones organizing the prostitution.

Jun. 27 Flashback: I was reading the Globe and Mail and it talked about how there were a lot of other journalists looking for Karla Homolka too.  It made me think about that gr.9 health class again where Miss. Johnston said there was a girl in gr. 7 or 8 and she's in a religion that doesn't allow her to talk to boys.  It's like finding a needle in a hay stack, but not much of a result.

If you find Homolka and write an e-book about her, then you make money off it.  If you find this girl in a religion, then what's the point?  You don't get money, you satisfy your curiosity.  Unlike a job search, it leads to a job where you get paid.

It's like me seeing an actor on the TV show Alias, and wanting to know his name.  I didn't know the character's name so it was hard to find him.  I had to put some time and effort and go on on the internet for to find the information, but it's not of leg work.  It's me sitting in front of the computer.  Then I found out his name is David Anders and I was so happy.

If you're trying to find one girl out of 200 girls that's a lot of leg work.  You have to go up to every girl and ask: "Are you in a religion that doesn't allow you to talk to boys?"  If you're a girl asking that, then of course she's going to say no.  If you're a guy going up to these girls asking that question, she might break her rule and actually say no to you to protect herself.

American Greed: This was a long time ago, back in 2009 when I saw the TV show American Greed.  It's a documentary show where each episode is mainly about Ponzi schemes.  I watched this with my brother because it was about boy bands.

The episode was called "Boy Band Bandit."  Remember Lou Pearlman?  He created Backstreet Boys, Nsync, and O-town.  He also created less popular boy bands like Natural, LFO, and Take 5.  It was in 2008 when I read in the business section of the newspaper that he was arrested and sent to jail for creating this $500 million scam.  It's good to actually see it unfold on TV.

He got about 3000 investors to invest money in this scam called Trans Continental Airlines.  Lou took the money so he could live a lavish lifestyle.  Lou gets loans from 50 banks to pay back the investors.

The show interviewed the Backstreet Boys attorney Clay Townsend.  They also interviewed a couple of members from the boy band Take 5 like Clay and Ryan.  Probably because they were easier to get to do the interview because they're not as big as Backstreet Boys and Nsync members.

Clay: We did confront him about our money.  He (Pearlman) kept saying "Yeah, well I can easily replace you guys.  I can get another group of 5 guys to sing and dance and get rid of you."  We couldn't really sue him because he was so powerful.

I don't know if you remember Nsync didn't want to be with Pearlman anymore and that's why they released the album "No Strings Attached."  It was to mean they don't want to be controlled by him anymore.

Later the FBI raid Lou's place and Lou was now on the run.  lol.  He was then discovered in Indonesia and a German tourist saw him at the hotel.  He then took a picture and emailed it to the FBI.  There was a picture where the FBI was sitting by LP in the hotel restaurant.  lol.

LP was arrested and to spend 25 yrs in jail, pay $1 million back to the investors.

Now LP is trying to get a reality show called Jailhouse Rock and the money made from it will go to pay back the investors.  I haven't seen or heard of the show anywhere.

Jun. 29 Jewelry as gifts: Mary Edwards sent me this article "10 Reasons Women aren't always Impressed by Jewelry."  I thought this was a good article because the overall theme was that if you're a guy who's always working, and then use jewelry as a go-to-gift as an apology; you should be spending time with her and giving her attention, and not give her jewelry.

Deadbeat dads: Corrine Smith sent me this article called "8 Deadbeat TV Dads We Love to Hate."  Most of them are fictional dads like Family Guy's Peter Griffin and Arrested Development's George Bluth Sr. 

The first one is "Anyone from 16 and Pregnant."  Well most of them are deadbeat, but there have been quite a lot where the guys did step up and take care of their kids.  Some got jobs, joined the military and then married their girlfriends so that they could all get benefits. ).


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