Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tosh.O/ Mayerthorpe/ fun

June 20 Tosh.O: I haven't seen this show in months because I'm too busy watching 16&P. I remember Daniel Tosh interviewing a white guy.

WG: You can do a movie called White Man Can't Jump, but you can't do a movie called Black Man Can't Swim.
The audience says: Ohhhhhh.
Me: But it's true, you can't do a movie called Black Man Can't Swim.

The white guy wasn't saying it as a joke, he was pointing it out. If a black guy stand up comedian said it, the audience would be laughing.

Writing: The writer in me has the imagination. I thought about it some more, like a comedy full of African- Americans in the cast. However, you really need to change the title of the movie. It is a racially offensive stereotype.

Jokes: I got this from Jay Leno.

JL: One of Osama Bin Laden's wife said about him: "He was the only one who can find my Jihad spot."
I laughed out loud at that one.

This is from The Office. There was a scene where the characters are saying that Rocky Mountain Oysters is what you call bull testicles. I was watching it with my sister.

Me: Who calls it that?
S: Everybody.
Me: Foodie.
S laughs.

It's on Wikipedia:

Job interview: Today I went to a group interview with 8 other women. The interviewer said there are a few more candidates they had to interview. I can pick who will get hired for 2 positions. It will be the woman who spoke the most. I answered a few questions.

June 21 Job search: Today is my day off and I went to my usual 4 sources to look for a job. I also went to all the bank websites I bookmarked, and applied to 22 positions in total.

Spa Sation: I was at Kijiji looking for a job, and I found this: "Don't work for Spa Sation" as this person rants about it:

"First, they take an hour off your pay cheque for lunch.. even though receptionists aren't allowed to leave the front desk. But then they dont allow us to eat at the front either..
As well as dont work for more than 8 hours because even if you stay late for the clients they count your clock back to 8 hours like you weren't even working extra"

I did do an interview for them last yr and didn't get hired. Looks like I may have dodged a bullet.

Actors: I was watching the TV movie Degrassi takes Manhattan. MTV Canada VJ Jessi Cruikshank plays a VJ in it. Not too much of a stretch for her. The other MTV Canada VJ Dan Levy played a producer in Degrassi goes to Hollywood. I was watching Manhattan, and I see this guy in Jane's rock band. I've seen him before, but where?

Then I realized it's Forbes March from the old crappy show Mutant X, which is like X-Men, but not as good. I haven't seen this guy in 7 yrs, and I remember his face.

I was channel surfing last summer and I saw some General Hospital. I was like: "Mark from Edgemont." It was a Canadian teen show, and I thought it was pretty good. A little like Degrassi with the after- school special lesson to the episodes, but I thought it was well- written. The actor's name is Dominic Zamprogna and he's been on an ep of Flash Gordon and Tru Calling.

Mayerthorpe: In 2009, I was reading the Edmonton Journal's daily series about the undercover operation to get at Dennis Cheeseman who helped James Rozko get the guns to kill 4 RCMP officers. It was used as my research for The Vertex Fighter about crime.

On May 1, in the Edmonton Journal, there was a big article about Shawn Hennessy, the other person charged for it. It's interesting how SH was able to figure out that "Wally" is an undercover cop within 1 or 2 meetings. Wally introduces his girlfriend, and SH knew she was a cop too because she walked like a cop. Her hands were swinging around her body and it missed where her holstered gun would be. Oh, good catch.

Then he figures out another undercover cop "Sue" who was romancing Dennis Cheeseman. She had been stranded in front of Sepallo Foods in Barrhead where DC worked. If her car really did break down right there, she would have driven past a car garage to get to Sepallo. If her car was broken, how did she back it up into the parking lot?

In the Cheeseman series, it had Sue drive to Sepallo, and then she turned this ignition and the car really did break down there. The above paragraph, S could explain away: "The car was working fine the entire time and it broke down suddenly." The undercover operation is to recruit DC into this fake criminal gang (who are cops) where they basically do non- violent things like unload boxes from a truck.

DC really did believe they were a gang when they went to beat up Sue's ex- boyfriend (cop). DC didn't punch him, but a cop hit the other cop and took him to the washroom and you can hearing beating up noises. DC told SH, and SH said they were cops since DC didn't hit the ex-boyfriend.

The "gang" asks DC to recruit SH into the gang. DC was in the gang for a yr and he was inexperienced. SH couldn't believe DC would be a recruiter or be recruited at all in this gang: "Dennis isn't the guy, but suddenly he's their major player? Come on!"

SH thought DC really liked the feeling of being accepted by this gang. By reading the 2009 series, DC was complimented, got lots of money, got out a lot more, had friends since he joined the gang.

News: I read in the Edmonton Journal about these 2 girls who put rat poison in these cookies. They were supposed to be given to their enemies who are 2 girls. The Rat Poison girls gave a boy the cookies, so he will deliver them to the 2 Rivals so the Rivals will eat it. The boy ate the cookies for himself instead, and he died due to the rat poison. It's under investigation.

I was thinking: "This is like CSI: NY. There are a lot of cases where one person is the target, but someone else gets hurt instead. An episode of this guy who drank this poisoned lemonade, but he also shared it with this woman, so they both died.

June 23: Today I went to a job interview. There were a lot of applicants. I didn't get hired at the place I did an interview for last week.

Fun: After the interview I went to the festival there was in Churchill Square in downtown. I looked at the food, jewelery, art, clothes. There were photos, paintings, and sketches. I started rifling through this bin.

This young woman who's the artist comes up to me.
Artist: Are you looking for something in particular?
Me: Yeah, do you have James Dean?
Artist: No, but it's on my list of things that I will draw.

She has Marilyn Monroe and the Beatles. I am a big fan of James Dean and bought all 3 of his movies on dvd, a poster, and 3 calenders in 2004, and 2 calenders in 2005, and a mounted photo. I also have a book of photos with him, and a book called The James Dean Affair which is a fictional book. This was from 2004-2005 and I didn't buy any more James Dean stuff after that.

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