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help/ Being Human/ Willa Ford

June 3 Help: I was thinking about how I want to be self- reliant and be successful on my own, but I really need a lot of help. I have people help me, but they can only help me so much before I have to go on my own.

My sister helped me with my math homework everyday so I could pass high school math. That takes hours of her tutoring me. However, I am the one who is taking the test by myself.

My friend Angela helped me with my resume in 2008. I emailed it to her, and she revised it and it looks great. I'm the one who's emailing my resumes to companies and going to job interviews by myself.

My friends Kristy (an English major) and Nialle (who is in Professional Writing) read and edited my portfolio so I could get into college. However, I was the one who wrote the three pieces. When I got a passing mark on the portfolio, I had to go and take the test by myself.

My parents pay for my college tuition, but I'm the one who is going to class everyday and doing the homework.

I go to Writing Help at the library for maybe an hour or so a week at the college when I was in Professional Writing. I usually get an assignment, I write the whole essay, and then the Writing Help person reads it and edits it. But I'm the one who did all the work.

Helping others: When I got that job at the bank, my friend Michelle asked me how I got it. I said I applied to every bank by passing my resume to all the locations. Then she got a job at a bank. I told her how to get the job, but she's the one who has to write a resume and pass it out. Then she has to go to work, learn how to do the job, and work.

So with the writer and published author Trevor Popik Hafso. We have emailed each other. He asked: "How did you discover who to pitch it (your script) to?" I told him to Google "production companies" and email them by introducing yourself and telling them about the script.

I told him the tip on who to pitch it to. However, he's the one who has to think up a story idea, write the script, write the script pitch, research which production companies produce his genre, email to all the production companies and face the rejection. I can give you the tip on how to start, but you're on your own afterwards.

June 5 Being Human: I haven't been watching much TV lately because there isn't any new episodes. I went onto Youtube to watch episodes of the sci- fi show Being Human. I wrote about it before. It's about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost all living together. It's very well- written.

I saw the 2nd part of the pilot, and I learned how they all became what they are. They didn't tell the audience how they became monsters, it was shown. TV is a visual medium, show don't tell.

Cut to the 18th century war and Aiden is fighting in the colonial times. He dies in the war, and wakes up a vampire.
Cut to the forest with a tent. There are dead people killed by a wild animal. Josh wakes up and he's been turned into a werewolf.
Cut to Sally lying dead on the floor of the stairs because she fell down them. She turns into a ghost.

Willa Ford: Does anyone remember Willa Ford? She's a singer/ actress. She came out in 2001 with her song "I Wanna Be Bad." She dated Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys. She has been compared to Britney Spears because WF is a blonde solo pop star.

Anyway, WS is hot. Her singing career didn't go that far, but she did go on Dancing with the Stars and became a TV host and an actress. Here's her singing in a 2009 performance of her song "Sexy Sex Obsessive." If you go 3 min. in there's a great dance break where all her dancers do these hip hop moves. I loved the dancing. It was fun to watch.

I also found her song "Nastified." I heard it way back in 2001. I even remember where I found it. It was through Jenny Hyun's blog. JH is this aspiring singer/ songwriter and I've been reading her blog on and off since.

Here's "Nastified." This song has got attitude and you can dance to it.

911 Call: I was watching Yahoo News and there is this woman who's house was being broken into. She was on her cell phone calling 911 with her teenage son. They were hiding in her closet. She is talking to the burglar through the closet door asking: "Do you want jewelery? Do you want TVs?"

The mom Teresa was basically stalling the burglar as the police came a few min. later. It was a 23 yr old white guy who broke in.

20/20: There were a lot of news on last night's episode of 20/20.

Bath salts: Did you know that teens use bath salts to get high? 20/20 showed Youtube videos and interviewed parents of teens who died from getting high on bath salts. The symptoms are chest pains like a heart attack and hallucinations.

Andrew Young: He wrote a book called The Politician about John Edwards. It detailed about how as AY was working for JE as a campaign aide, and AY then had to pretend to be the father to JE's mistress Rielle Hunter's baby. JE spent nearly a million dollars hiding AY and his family, and RH from the media.

Amanda Knox: You may have heard of this story of a young American woman who went to Europe to study and is accused of murder. She may not be guilty due to lack of her DNA evidence in the crime scene. There will more of a trial this fall.

W5: The Canadian news magazine show W5 had confronted a fraudster in an earlier episode that aired months ago. They did an update and the police has since frozen his accounts. That's good news.

A story they covered was a developmentally delayed man was shot 5 times by the Ontario Provincial Police. OPP says he held out a pen knife at them, but the knife was found closed. No police officer has been charged shooting in the past 10 yrs. The Special Investigations Unit investigates.

An Irish woman was with gay friends. The police officer harassed them for being gay. He pushed her and she fell. There was video footage and the officer was suspended.

Actors: A few months ago I was channel surfing and I saw a bit of the movie White Chicks. It's where 2 black guy FBI agents dress up like white girls to protect hotel heiresses from being kidnapped.

Busy Phillips was in it. I saw her in that sitcom Love Inc. where the characters work at a dating agency. Now she's on Cougar Town. Not a total surprise she was in this movie because she does comedy.

I was surprised when I saw Jennifer Carpenter in it. She plays Deborah on the show Dexter. It's good that she went from doing a mediocre movie to a great well- written drama like Dexter. However, I will have to watch the whole movie before I can judge it.

Movies: I saw a couple movies about guys dressing up as women. Sorority Boys was awful about 3 white guys who got kicked out of a fraternity and has to dress up like women to join a sorority. They then have a place to live and food to eat there. I saw it when it came on TV. 3 guys dress up like women who look like guys. I only laughed out loud once.

Juwanna Mann was average due to a black guy who dresses like a woman, looks like a woman. Maybe because he was black. There was actually a good story of a guy who got kicked off the NBA team and dresses up like a woman to join the WNBA.

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