Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rookie Blue/ crazy crime/ plagiarism

June 18 Rookie Blue: This show is coming back again this summer. Last season it's about a group of new cops in their first year on the job. The show isn't like a procedural where they have to solve the crime like Law and Order: SVU. It's more about relationships and how the cases affect the characters.

I was reading an article in the National Post about it. Flashpoint and Rookie Blue are shows shot in Toronto, and don't mention Canada to not alienate American viewers. This show is average to me. I don't really like that it's about the characters and not the case. I do watch it for my favorite Edmonton actor Eric Johnson, and I do like the characters and stories as a whole.

In the season 1 finale, the first hour was that they become cops at the end of the episode. The 2nd hour was their first day as real cops. The 2nd season is airing on Thursday June 23 on Global.

Actors: On the season finale, I immediately recognized bad boy producer Tommy from the Toronto shot show Instant Star. The actor's name is Tim Rozon. He was playing a bad guy again. Also in the episode, I saw this young red- haired woman. She looked so familiar, and then I remembered I saw her on a Flashpoint ep where she was kidnapped by a guy who thought she was his daughter.

I was watching Warehouse 13 (created by Buffy writer Jane Espenson). It's an American show shot in Toronto. I see that Asian woman who heals Lena in the episode. I have seen her on Toronto show shows The Best Years and Instant Star.

The lesson is, if someone looks familiar on a Canadian show, think of all the other Canadian shows and American shows shot in Canada, and you will most likely figure out where that person looks familiar and where you've seen them from. lol.

Writing: I have hit writer's block. Let's look at some well- written material. I was re-watching this Buffy ep for the 2nd time. It's where Buffy has to kill Anya because she killed 20 college kids by granting someone's wish.

The demon Halfrek says: "Never go for the kill, when you can go for the pain."

That reminds me of a movie with Chow Yun Fat in it. I had to look it up, but it's called The Replacement Killers (1998.) I remember seeing the trailer about a hired hitman who couldn't go through with killing a cop's son. Then the mob boss tries to kill the hitman.

The thing is, don't kill the cop, kill his son so he can suffer the pain. I think it's also used for other movies like The Princess Bride. The good guy killed the bad guy who killed his father. You kill the parent, so the child could avenge their death.

June 19: There are lots of revenge movies like Kill Bill.

Crazy crime: I was riding on the bus this morning and it stopped in downtown. There's this loud smash of glasses and the bus driver and the riders all look. We were in front of Henry Singer and a guy on a bike was smashing the window and he stole a mannequin wearing the Henry Singer clothes.

He took the mannequin and rode away on his bike. My bus driver calls it in. As she calls it in, the riders look on. A pedestrian who is a woman in a purple coat calls it in. A security guard comes and 3 other witnesses tell the guard what they saw. The guy was wearing a hoodie up to hide his face, and I didn't see his face. He was also wearing a black jacket and jeans.

This smash and grab reminds me of Degrassi where Jay smashed and grabbed his ring back from the pawn shop. It also reminds me of The Simpsons where they're at the Itchy and Scratchy Land. Bart smashes windows to get the cameras because the robotic mascots were attacking them.

Plagiarism: This made it on the National Post. The University of Alberta medical dean is accused of plagiarism for his grad speech. My dad and sister were discussing it, and the dean may have gotten a speech writer to write it for him. Or his secretary/ assistant. So the speech writer and/ or assistant plagiarized it. Even if his assistant did it, he's still responsible for reading it and passing it as his own.

It also reminded me of The Simpsons where Homer makes a prank phone call to the dean: "Hello dean, you're a big stupid head." Well it's stupid of the dean to commit plagiarism when there are these big consequences if a student does it.

Blog article: I got this through my blog awhile ago. I read the article and thought it was informative. I learned something useful from it.

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Strike: I was reading the "Venting" section in the Edmonton Journal. Someone said: "Have you noticed people go on strike during the summer?" Well back in 2002, the Edmonton Public School teachers strike in Feb.

June 20 Friends: I put up that "crazy crime" on my Facebook status and one of my old co-workers Judith wrote: "Was he one of the 'rioter's' from Vancouver that escaped out here to freeze in the rain?"

I think she was joking. She also commented on the link of "crazy news" where a woman beheads her attacker who attempted to rape her.

Judith wrote: "Hmm. He wouldn't have gotten that kind of comeuppance in jail. (If any of the prisoners in jail would have known of his crime it would not have been his 'head' that was severed off of his shoulders). Something would have been severed though......."

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