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June 14 Fun: Yesterday I did the usual of going to work, and looking for a office job. I was working on my pitch package and then I took a break. The phone rang and my grandma picked it up. It was for me. I immediately thought: "It must be a job interview because none of my friends ever call me." lol. On rare occasions they do.

My friend Leslie called me and invited me to West Ed mall. I said yes, and then we went shopping there. We had a lot of fun. I only bought a $8.95 donair because I haven't had one in a yr, and I haven't eat out since last month. I only went out to dinner with my family last month. I never really go out, especially at night.

We went to Starbucks, the Apple store, Coach, B Sweet, the British Import store, Costa Blanca, and Hallmark.

I haven't seen Leslie in a yr, and I caught up on all her major life events in the past months. My weekly email/ blog posts were a good starting point to chat with.

Blog articles: I got this through my blog. Someone emailed this article. I thought it may relate to me about home offices, but it doesn't. It may for other people. On the right side are more Top Ten articles.

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Here's another one. The article is about phone services I have never heard of before. It would be useful for a small business if you have one.

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The Suspect: I saw this 2005 TV movie last yr. Now I'm writing about it. This was shot in Vancouver. It said it was inspired by a true story. Edmonton actor Belinda Metz plays the detective. I have seen her on kid shows like So Weird and Mentors back when I was 14. I give this an average TV movie rating.

It starts off a little boring with an auction scene. There is the father Paul, mother Beth, and and B's tween step daughter Robyn. After the auction, R goes to a sleepover. Cut to home and P goes to work to pick up some files. B stays at home.

Cut to a Gunman in a cowboy hat and black jacket who shoots P in the car and sets it on fire. It blows up. Now the story gets exciting. There is a life insurance on Paul that's $750,000. B can't get into money because there's a fraud investigation, it's standard procedure. I thought P may have faked his own death. The theory was proven wrong because there was a bullet found in P's head and can identify that bullet.

I took notes during this TV movie, however my memory is a little fuzzy. Maybe his body was so burned up, they can't identify his DNA so they go with the bullet. They found gun in the sewer. There's a note that B found called Doug Zwick with his phone number. She investigates. 30 min into the film, B gets arrested because she must have killed her husband to get the money.

Like many TV movies and action movies, the lead is suspected of a crime they didn't commit. It's done in TV movies like Obituary starring Josie Bissette (Secret Life of the American Teenager) and Craig Olejnik (The Listener) where the lead is suspected towards the end of the TV movie. A part of it In Her Mother's Footsteps. Or the lead is a suspect of a crime they committed in self defense like Wide Awake and A Woman Hunted.

15 min after B gets arrested, a stroke of luck occurs. They were transporting inmates, and the light fixture breaks down. It was believable and not very contrived. B takes the opportunity to run and takes a shirt, cap, and runs out the window. 45 min into the film, the bail Bondsman helps B. Bondsman was investigating the whole time before the arrest.

Bondsman knows B is innocent. There are some flashbacks of P and his financial trouble. 1 hr in, car salesman is Doug. He's wearing a cowboy hat and same jacket like Gunman. P asks him for $50,000. The last half of the film, the audience and characters know that Doug did it. It's a matter of finding him to get evidence.

B dyes her blonde to red to disguise herself. P borrowed money from bad people, and B knew it. B and Bondsman investigate. An unpredictable part was it looks like B is going to get arrested when cops are in the home. Then it's another red haired woman who lives in the house.

B watches from a distance. She abandons the car and cell phone. B continues to contact daughter Robyn by going to her school and cell phone. R doesn't believe she's innocent. B is living in a trailer.

My theory came true: when B confronts Doug, it turns out P is alive and he faked his own death. P killed Doug. B feels betrayed. P strangles B and B runs. P and B fight in the lake and P tries to drown B. B is wearing a wire and Bondsman was listening in. He comes to the rescue and shoots P. P survives.

Detective apologizes to B. P killed D because D was going to kill him. Understandable. But P stole money from his wife B and used her signature to forge checks. B was going to go to jail for a crime she didn't commit, but P ran off. It was a fun and smart TV movie. Good mystery.

Rape: I found this on Yahoo news about a Texas man was raping a 77 yr old woman, and then he died during it. He complained of chest pains and then stopped. Then he rolled over and died. At first the woman thought he was drunk because she smelled alcohol, but then she fled her home and called her daughter. Well it looks like that rapist got his comeuppance. He was also a registered sex offender.

I was reading the Edmonton Journal about the Slut Walk and how society needs to stop blaming the victims on how they're dressed, and stop the rapists.

There was this letter that said 90% of convicted rapists don't choose their victims because of what they were wearing. 95% don't even remember what they were wearing. I'm going to theorize that the rapists choose their targets when they're vulnerable like they're drunk.

June 15 Rude: I was on the bus reading the newspaper. This white, overweight woman with her girl friend and guy friend, and a 4yr old boy sat by me. The overweight woman makes a rude comment to me to be funny. I said: "I'm cool." I didn't cry because it wasn't that mean. It was rude. I didn't feel like crying and I didn't really get mad. A little offended. She didn't say anything to me after that.

For the twenty min. ride she was talking to her friends. I'm not going to diss her to her face, because if I did, I would be on her level. I wank things in my mind. She's overweight, she was drinking alcohol at 12pm because she poured a can of beer into a paper cup. She's in her twenties and seems stupid and immature for her age. She acted like she was in high school or younger. She talked about how she got kicked out of a night club.

She mentioned she will go to McDonald's and buy 5 cheeseburgers. So she's fat as a cow. I'm not exaggerating, this is the truth. She had a large waist. She will most likely get diabetes, get into an alcohol related accident, or get alcohol poisoning. You may say I'm mean, but from what I have seen from her, I have really low expectations of her.

It's what I do, when someone is rude and mean to me, or a bad person in general; I lower my expectations of them and think bad things about them. Kind of like that woman Shannon who used to work at the Soup place. She was rude to everybody. I had low expectations since I first met her. She was 35 and her kid is 17, she got pregnant as a teenager and that's not a very smart or good thing to do.

I knew she was going to quit because she seemed like a depressed person. She was often angry and anger is a form of depression.

Michael Phelps: I'm going to think of him on Jay Leno.

MP: I used to get picked on a lot when I was in school. Actually it's kind of funny. When I go out to dinner with my mom, the people I used to go to school with are now servers there.
The entire audience laughs.
MP: No, that's not the funny part. The funny part is that they say to me: "Oh hey, we used to go to school together." And I'm like: "Yeah, and you used to pick on me. Now we're like friends? That's weird."

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