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chimpanzee attack/ fake blog/ crazy news

June 17 Chimpanzee attack: This was a long time ago, but I wrote an email about Charla Nash who had her face ripped off by a 200 pound chimpanzee in Feb. 2009. She will have a documentary made about her and will be aired on NBC later this fall. She had a face transplant and wears a veil. She was on Oprah last yr and showed her face there.

She's blind, and doesn't have eyes, nose, lips or hands. Doctors had a double hand transplant that wasn't successful and the hands were removed. Nash's friend Sandra Herold who owned the chimpanzee has died.

Fake blog: I read this in the National Post about a middle- aged guy named Tom MacMaster who's 42, and pretends to be a Syrian lesbian on this blog. He pretends to be Amina Arraf and called the blog "A Gay Girl in Damascus." On BBC radio Good Morning Scotland, MacMaster says he wants the information about what was happening in Syria.

He had regular contact with friends in Syria. The article says people are afraid that he endangered many people in Syria, and people had joined a Facebook group about her being "arrested" though she doesn't exist.

My take on it: At first I was like: "Damn, this guy's famous because of his blog. Or more like infamous now that it's fake." I want to be recognized for my writing. Well that's a pretty interesting character of a lesbian living in a oppressive country like Syria. Nobody likes to get played. This isn't as bad as the writer Stephen Glass who wrote all these fictional stories for the New Republic and made a lot of money off it and furthered his career.

The Gangster Next Door: This was a documentary I saw on CBC last night. It was about gangs in Vancouver. There are no laws against shipping drugs in bulk in Canada. The drug production isn't taxable. There is a big production of pot in Vancouver, and they showed shots of that.

It talked about the three Bacon Brothers who are gang leaders. One of the brothers was shot 11 times. The cop Lyle Simpson told the Bacon's father about it, and he laughed and said: "That's better than (rapper) 50 Cent who got shot 9 times." Simpson thought that was very weird that the dad would be laughing and somewhat proud that his son was shot more than a famous rapper was. When Simpson told him, it wasn't really sure if the son was going to make it or not. He did survive the shooting.

It discussed about the "Suri Six" about 6 people killed in an apartment building. 2 people who didn't have anything to do with drugs saw the murder occur, and got killed to insure their silence. There was a gang war between the Bacon gang vs. the UN gang. Eileen Mahon who is an East Indian woman had lived in that apartment for one month with her husband and 3 kids, and her teen son was one of the innocent people who got killed.

There was the topic of gangster's girlfriend. It talked to a mother who had a daughter who was going out with a gangster, and then moved out of the home. She then went on the internet and found this other gangster's girlfriend named "Wise Gal" and her face was in the dark. Wise Gal talked about the money, power, and love of the gang life.

WG gave advice to the mom, about not pushing her daughter to get out of the gang life, but to tell her to be careful. If you push her, she will rebel. The daughter came back to her mom, and WG also got out of the gang life too. WG had this mother- daughter relationship with that woman who wanted her own daughter out of the gang.

It talked about the Red Scorpian gang. It interviewed former UN gang member James Coulter.

JC: I had a $50,000 car, nice clothes, home, and eating out at the Keg all the time. I didn't see that I was hurting people.

JC now talks to drug addicts and at- risk youth about what he's been through. The doc was kind of like Cops where they showed a arrest, and talked to police officers. This kind of reminded me of the 2006 mini- series Dragon Boys about Asian gangs in Vancouver. That was a good mini- series.

The Devil You Know: I was channel surfing and it turns out I have OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). I didn't know that until the other day. It was about a woman named Barbra Reifel and how she found out her oral surgeon husband was cutting organs out of dead bodies in funeral homes and selling it.

His name is Michael Mastero Marino. He made a lot of money selling skin, tissues, and bones without the dead person or their family's permission. He put pipes back into the dead bodies. There was x- ray footage of pipes where the leg bones are supposed to be. He was illegally selling body parts. The thing is, it's legal to get skin and tissues if you have a license.

He was a successful oral surgeon, but then he started taking drugs for his back. He always had a back ache from a sports injury in college. Then he started taking more and more. He got addicted and then went to rehab. He got out of rehab, but his medical license was suspended for 2 yrs. Then he got into taking organs out of dead bodies.

It didn't matter if the body parts had diseases, he harvested it anyway. I've seen this on Oprah's talk show. I don't know if it's the same woman, but I remember a woman talking about her husband taking organs out of dead bodies without permission.

Michael had cheated on Barbra before once with a woman earlier in their marriage. She then gave him a second chance. After he was arrested for harvesting organs, he was sent to Riker's prison and B needed to get $1.5 million bail. She went into his office and found these emails and it turns out he had affairs with 4 women.

Crazy news: I found this through a friend on Facebook. This woman was about to be attacked by a rapist in the Indian City of Lucknow. She was getting grass for her cattle and she was attacked from behind. She sliced the man's head with her sickle that she used to cut grass.

I thought that's crazy. It was good that she wasn't raped, and disturbing to cut his head off. I read the comments on the site and they're saying she's a bad ass.

June 18 Job: Yesterday a woman from another department left. The new woman who didn't show up for the past two weeks isn't on the schedule anymore.

Teen pregnancy: I'm going to say it. I think I am sick of 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom. I was waiting for 16&P to be over. Then it will be next week. But, instead of airing a 2nd season of Teen Mom 2, there's going to be a 3rd season of Teen Mom where they go back to the original 4 girls Maci, Farrah, Catelynn, and Amber.

I'm getting that feeling of really liking a TV show, and now disliking it, but I can't stop watching it like when I was trying to quit Dr. Phil. The 1st 2 seasons of his show were good, but then went bad in season 3.

16&P is getting repetitive with stupid people. This season there was the girl Jennifer who had twins. She was talking to her boyfriend Josh.

Josh: It's awkward to buy condoms.
Jennifer: Not as awkward as me being pregnant.

Me: Or having an STD and buying a pregnancy test. If you don't feel comfortable buying condoms, than that means you're not mature or ready enough to have sex. Or if you are going to have sex, go to the store, buy a whole bunch of stuff and this one thing will just be another item. I got that from the TV show Clueless.

Jennifer's 9 months pregnant, and has a 1 yr anniversary with Josh. So do the math, they had sex after 3 months of being together which some people would say is a short time. Unless they knew each other for way longer than 3 months, but were dating for 3 months. It gets worse in the episode where they were hitting each other and arguing on the side of the road, that the police came and arrested Josh.

Another dating violence PSA showed at the end of the episode. It's been showed on Teen Mom when Amber hits her boyfriend Gary and 16&P with Markai's episode.

They switch it up a bit with Kayla. She had an eating disorder when she was 13 and got help for it. Now she's pregnant and doesn't like gaining weight, but she's dealing with it well because she's eating. There was a eating disorder PSA.

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