Wednesday, June 1, 2011

friends/ The Mentalist/ job interview

May 28 Friends: I called my friend Jessica today.

Me: Maybe we could hang out since you don't have school anymore.
J: I already have a job.
Me: You mean like a career?
J: Yes.
Me: Congratulations.

That is so good that she had just graduated out of college and got a career in her field. I remember a year or so ago she said she may have to go to the US to get a career. Then I checked her Facebook page and she did mention about her new job.

I then called my friend Dan N. and he says he got his college diploma and now he's looking for a job. At Workopolis there are a lot of staffing agencies and he mentions how he has worked for some of them, and it didn't go well. More evidence that staffing agencies are bad by someone who has actually been through it.

May 29 Blockbuster: I read in the Edmonton Journal that the Blockbuster in Capilano and Bonnie Doon are closing down. Everything's on sale so go buy your dvds and games there now because they're closing by next month.

Pitch package: I have been reading about how to make a pitch package on the internet. It's for my goal on how to get The Fighter script produced. I found a lot of blogs with film students putting up their pitch package on their site. It's good to look at real examples.

Law of attraction: It's weird. I was thinking about my pitch package, but I've also been thinking about the TV show Rookie Blue. It's shot in Toronto and it's about cops who recently graduated out of the academy and are working as cops for the first time. Then I found the Rookie Blue pitch package. Check it out. There are quirky photographs and it was a fun read.

The show is coming back for a 2nd season on Global on June 23.

The Mentalist: I'm thinking about my Rain script which is about revenge. On The Mentalist, I missed the pilot, but I know how Patrick Jane joined the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). PJ had unintentionally offended the serial killer Red John. Red John then murder's Jane's wife and daughter. Jane then joins the CBI as a consultant to help solve homicide cases and find RJ. This show is really good because it's unpredictable.

In the 2hr season 3 finale called "Strawberries and Cream", J finally catches RJ. They've been looking for RJ for 3 yrs, with some close calls like finding RJ's accomplices. The episode starts off with a man blowing himself up. It turns out someone blew him up and he's not a suicide bomber.

Mekia Cox (from 90210) made an appearance in this Money Mart business, because that's where the bomber worked at. I also notice an East Indian guy as the supermarket security guard, so that's some good ethnic diversity.

As the CBI team investigates, Agent Lisbon is knocked unconscious. She wakes up with a bomb strapped to her. It's revealed to the audience that supermarket security guard is the bomber. He's sitting in his dark office and hears J and L talk. J and L then kick the office door open. I didn't expect that one. The guard took the bomb off L, and he was arrested.

The boss La Roche puts the bomber into the police car. La Roche then shoots the suspect who managed to get out of handcuffs and go for the gun. That's what La Roche said, but it wasn't shown so the audience doesn't know if we should believe him because he shot their only lead to RJ. Didn't predict it.

RJ is behind the bombs and is hunting a rogue CBI Agent Hightower. J goes to a motel room and H points a gun at him. H wants to turn herself in and convince everybody she's innocent because she is. J says: "Give me 48 hrs and I will find Red John."

J then blackmails La Roche to get list of 4 suspects who work at CBI. One of RJ's accomplice works in the CBI, but we don't know who. J says he knows what's in La Roche's safe, when it was attempted to be opened earlier. One of the suspects is Bertman and the other is Agent Van Pelt's fiance Craig, so there's a conflict of interest.

J (voice over): We tell 4 suspects about 4 different rooms where Hightower is. Whoever tells Red John which room to go to will reveal who did it.

That's a simple and good plan. There are complications as the team sets up in a hotel room watching all 4 rooms and waiting for the killer. Bertman is the inside man. An Assassin goes into the room that Bertram knows about. However, Assassin jumps off the balcony so she won't get arrested. There goes another lead to RJ.

It turns out it's Van Pelt's fiance Craig. The rope that the Assassin brought was to get to the room below. Hightower and her 2 kids are staying in a cabin that's gated and protected by 2 police officers. A CBI agent is with her. Agent Lisbon is with Hightower.

VP brings Craig with her to the cabin. C shoots L and I jumped. I didn't predict that. C points gun at VP and H, but they shoot C. C is lying there dying. VP goes to C, and C pulls the necklace that he gave her off VP's neck. It was C's mother's necklace. There was no dialogue, but it was a powerful action.

J was with Bertman in the mall's food court as J figured out C was the accomplice. J then sees a man take a phone call and J learns that man is Red John. They meet each other for the first time. RJ hides a gun with a newspaper and threatens that if J attacks him, he will shoot. I was thinking J could hide a gun in his jacket pocket, but he never carries a gun.

J cries when it's confirmed that the man is RJ as RJ describes killing J's family. 3 gun shots ring out. You think RJ shot J, but J shot RJ. RJ falls down. J had a gun in his jacket pocket. J calmly sits down at a table asks the waitress for the check. The Waitress runs away like all the shoppers. Security guards points gun at J.

Me: I didn't expect that J would shoot RJ. Where do we go from here next season?

May 30 Unpaid work: My job search has really had an effect on me. I was watching The Dark Knight again last night. I rented it and saw it back in 2009. As I was watching this movie on TV, I realized that vigilante work is unpaid work. lol. However, Bruce Wayne is rich so he can work for free by protecting Gotham City and fighting bad guys.

In Spiderman 2, Peter Parker really couldn't afford to do this unpaid work. He wasn't doing well in school, and falling behind on rent. So the thing is you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of others. That's the thing with me, all my unpaid work like my job search is for myself. Doing chores around the house is for family.

May 31 3.5 floppy disk: This is a mild rant. I was working on my pitch package and I put in 5 pictures onto my Microsoft Word document. I tried to save it, and it said my disk can't hold it due to lack of space. I then deleted, removed, and saved all the other documents onto other disks and then managed to save my one document onto the disk.

I'm sure all of you guys are like: "Buy a USB key already." The important thing is, I did manage to save it and then emailed it to myself and to a producer. It was interesting when I put the pictures of the actors I want onto my pitch package. It's like the script is more real when there are real people I can visualize being in it.

Job interview: I went to a job interview today. There are 100 resumes, and I am one of 10 people being interviewed. I think the interview went well, but I don't know if I will get hired. I got to look at the bright side. I did get interviewed out of all those resumes.

June 1: Today I got an email, and I got rejected from that office job interview. That's fine.

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