Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Anthony Weiner/ flashback/ blog

June 6 Anthony Weiner: I read in the news about Congressman Anthony Weiner who said a hacker hacked onto his Twitter account and posted a photo of his genitals on the account. It was quickly taken down, and AW went on CNN to talk about how a hacker did it.

Now I was watching CNN with my brother, and AW admitted he sent the lewd photos to this college student. He had sent lewd photos and had inappropriate chats to 6 women on the internet in the past 3 years. He had gotten married this year.

I'm going to give him points for being honest... eventually after 5 days with the story about a hacker. Well it's not as bad as Arnold Schwarzenegger fathering a child with a housekeeping staff member. Or Eliot Spitzer cheating on his wife with a prostitute. Sending lewd photos is not as bad in comparison.

Job: My dad asked me if anybody had left my job. One person did to move to another city, a new employee did because she got full-time hours somewhere else. Another new employee may be leaving because she's not showing up for work. One old employee managed to get a second job. A lot of us have a second job.

Flashback: I got this flash back in gr. 11 Social class. This girl, I think her name is Sarah. I'm not sure. She and I are friendly acquaintances. She whispered to her friend Garret, and I overheard. I was sitting 2 desks behind her.

S: I may be pregnant.

I didn't really react to it. I don't really know her. I wasn't even thinking: "I have to tell my friend about this." I didn't tell anyone about it until now, 10 years later. See, I can keep a secret. I didn't tell because it's none of my business or anyone else's. Also she wasn't like popular, so maybe people won't be interested.

I think also the key words were "may be." She didn't say she was. By all means she may not be pregnant. Then later, it turns out she wasn't pregnant so everything's cool.

Feng Shui: I was cleaning my desk which has piles of papers and books. Do you believe in Feng Shui? It's an ancient Chinese practice of how you arrange things in your house affects your life.

Birdhouse: I threw out this painted birdhouse my ex- boyfriend gave to me 3 yrs ago. He had bought this expensive paint for school, but never used it. He then used it on the birdhouse. It's been on my desk for 3 yrs and now I'm throwing it out because there is no use for it.

Writing: I also threw out 24 pages of my Garret script that I printed out on scrap paper back in 2009. It was like The Fighter, but with different names. It did teach me to stop printing out scripts until it's completely done or I'll be wasting paper. (Even if it's scrap paper.) I could save all those drafts onto my email account by sending it to myself. In Legal Issues for Writers class, I was told to copyright my work by keeping drafts of it.

Job search: I also threw out 7 scrap pieces of paper that listed all the places I applied to in the past 2 yrs.

2009 office job search (Jan. 2009-Aug. 2009): I passed out 110 resumes in 8 months and got the Call Centre #3 job. I mainly passed to hair salons, banks, insurance companies in downtown, and in person. I applied to some places in my neighborhood. I only got 2 interviews. It was a little effective because I did get hired to one place.

2009 office job search (Nov. 2009- Dec. 2009): I did the same as above. Pass out resumes to mainly banks in downtown and in person. It was not very effective.

2010 regular job search (Jan. 2010-Mar. 2010): I passed resumes to downtown restaurants and stores. I set up some online job profiles. A little effective because I got some interviews.

2010 regular and office job search (Apr.2010- present): I did most of my job search online. I send out 100 resumes a month. I started using a notepad to write down all the places I applied to instead of some old agenda paper because I applied to so many places.

June 7 Job interview: Today was crazy. I had a job interview at 11am. I left at 10am and I was supposed to take the #8 bus, but I took the #2 bus because I still got to the area anyway. I then asked a young guy in a business on how to get to the office and he gave me the right direction. But then I asked the #8 bus driver and he pointed in another direction.

I then calmed down and regrouped by using the washroom, and asking another man and he said what the young guy said. I then found the place. I was 15 min. late for the interview, but I was still interviewed. There are 12 applicants for 1 position. I think the interview went okay, but I don't know if I will get hired. I did call the business on my cell phone to say I was lost, but when I called it said the number wasn't assigned.

I told the boss, and he thought it was weird that it wasn't listed. It was the right number when I asked him at the interview. It worked when I called him earlier on my home number.

I spent 2hrs of my morning on this interview and that includes riding to and from there on the bus and the actual interview.

I was somewhat familiar with the area. The lesson is that either I should have gone the day before, and/or actually studied the Google Map on the day I was supposed to leave and printed it out so I could show it to the bus driver. I did study it the day before. Lesson learned.

Blog: I created a new blog called "The Vertex Fighter." It's to promote my TV movie of the same title. A producer told me any exposure is good. I have been brainstorming titles months ago, but when I was trying to get this website up, it helped narrow down what title has been taken. Check it out:

Prior to my, I used to have a blog where I wrote one post on Mar. 4, 2006. The old blog's template looked exactly like this one, all green and blue. Today I have now deleted

My one and only post said this:

"Wow, my first blog. I decided to use the font Courier because that is what's needed to type movie scripts. I intend to be a writer. If you know me personally, you would know that I'm going to spend a lot of time writing about news, movies, tv shows and many more things.

Here's something I was thinking about when eating lunch: How guys marry their girlfriends after she gets pregnant because it's the "right thing to do". Doing the right thing is more like admitting to a crime you committed and turning yourself in or getting your priorities straight and instead of going to a party, you stay home and you study. But to all the guys who marry their girlfriends after she gets pregnant, ask yourself 'Would you marry her even if she didn't get pregnant'?"

Rape: So I'm sure all of you heard of the politician Dominique Strauss- Kahn who is accused of attempting to rape a hotel maid. Prior to it he has been accused of sexually harassing other women. I would say he is the worst politician. Infidelity has been committed by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eliot Spitzer, but what they did wasn't a crime. It was immoral. Looks like Anthony Weiner sending lewd photos of himself seem so minor.

It doesn't excuse AW for it, but in general nobody really likes politicians.

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