Friday, June 17, 2011

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June 15 Cool: I'm going to add to that earlier email with "Rude" as the subject matter. After a few more hours where I can cool off, I am from medium anger to mild anger. That woman who made that rude comment at me was drunk. I know she was drinking when she was on the bus. I don't know if that was even her first drink of the day.

Also her two friends didn't even laugh. Even if my friend made that joke to someone else, I wouldn't really find that funny. You may say that's bias because the joke was at me. I am proud of myself that I kept my cool. I say: "I'm cool" and I leave it at that. What am I supposed to do? Yell and swear at her, and start a big fight on the bus where we would both be kicked off? I would end up raising my blood pressure.

I'm going to give her a pass because she's drunk. That brings a flashback of 2005. I went to NAIT and at the year end party, this girl Alicia was drunk. I would say she's an acquaintance and asked me: "Are you a virgin?" I wasn't offended and I gave her a pass because she was not herself. She was okay for the whole year. I don't really have anything bad to say about Alicia.

Job: It's a different case at the Soup place with that woman Shannon. She yelled and swore at me, and then I told the manager the next day. I didn't yell and swear back. The manager gave her a warning, and I got sympathy from the manager. I'm not going to give her a pass because she wasn't drunk.

Being drunk doesn't excuse you for bad behavior, but it's about picking and choosing your battles. I didn't want to have a big fight with my co-worker. I told the manager, but basically the problem took care of itself because she disrespected all the other workers.

Jokes: This is the 3rd email this week, so I have to write my jokes. There is this TV show Audrina, which is about Audrina Partridge after she left the reality show The Hills. This centres around her and her family. A and her friend/ stylist Joey go out with friends.

Cut to the next day. A's brother Marky enters.

A: Where were you last night?
M: I was at a strip club.
My little brother was watching it, and laughed out loud at it.
A and J didn't really react to it.

Well they're brother and sister. If it was boyfriend and girlfriend, it may be different. It kind of reminds me of The Simpsons ep called "Lisa's Wedding." In the yr 2010, Lisa is going to get married to Hugh.

Bart: I met this exotic dancer last night at Hugh's bachelor party.
Lisa: Hugh didn't have a bachelor's party.
B: We threw one in his honor.
L looks at B.
B: I threw one in his honor.
L looks at B.
B: I went to a strip club.

Laughing about death: Here's some more death jokes. I was watching That 70s Show and Eric was driving his grandma. In the middle of his sentence, his grandma falls over and her head hits his shoulder signaling that she's dead. The audience would laugh and say: "Oh my god."

On The Simpsons, Homer was taking a high school science class and his old principal was teaching it.

Principal: I got back into teaching to get my mind off my wife's passing away.
Homer: Will this be on test?
P: No.
H had written "dead wife" down on paper and erases it.

This is more of a joke at H's stupidity than death.

Annoying phrase: My friend Leslie said she got this from the internet:

Leslie: Every time you say "just saying," you should really be saying I'm sorry."

I never say "Just saying." It's like it excuses the mean thing you just said. I also don't like the right before you say something mean: "No offense, but." What you should say is: "I'm going to be brutally honest to you" or "Do you want my opinion?" Say something to mentally prepare the other person to brace themselves.

Job search tips: I was reading in the Globe and Mail and there was an article about college students looking for a job. One tip was: "Clean your Facebook page or make it unsearchable on the internet." It talked about how there was this one girl who was looking for a job and after 2 days working at an office, she found out she was going to have 5 days of unpaid training.

You have to get paid when you're being trained. That's the law. Also that office was a scam, because after 5 days, they'll fire you and they would have gotten free labor out of you. Then they'll go and get someone else.

It talked about how it's not always effective to look for a job on the internet because everybody else is doing that. You can start doing the old school way of passing out resumes in person. I do that with jobs at the mall. But when I go to pass out resumes at banks, they always tell me to go to their website.

Luck and talent: I was thinking about this, and then I read about it in the Globe and Mail. It's about success at a young age like the movie Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. What if you hit success when you're in your 20s? What do you have to work for or look forward to in your middle ages? Like you're already manager.

It discusses it's about both luck and talent. It's talent that you got this job because you have to be smart and hardworking to get the job and keep it. It's also a bit of luck because someone told you about it, and it wasn't on the internet. No one else knows about it, but since you know this person, they told you.

Friends: I was thinking about my friend Jessica and how I'm not jealous of her that she got a career in her field pretty soon after she graduated. She worked hard in the past 4 yrs to get her degree. Even if a family member gave her that job, she's the one who has to work at it to keep it.

Ivanka Trump: I even thought about that 20/20 piece about Ivanka Trump. After she graduated out of business school, she became the VP of the Trump business. It talked about how the job was handed to her, and would she have made it to VP if her dad didn't give her the job? IT said she doesn't know.

She did say she did go to business school, and work way more than 8hr work days.

Shopping: I went to City Centre this week to deposit money. I noticed that Timothy's World Coffee closed down. I applied there last yr when I got laid off from the Soup place. That store on the 3rd floor that sold formal wear closed down too.

EI: I asked my dad if I got a second job, and then got laid off from that job, would I still get EI? He said I may not get EI because I still have one other job to lean on. I was thinking of applying again at Call Centre #4. I worked there last year for one day and they dismissed because I only got 9 completed surveys, and I had skipped saying a paragraph because the person I was talking to was rushing me.

This time I will give it another good shot, and I will get way more than 9 completes and will read everything. I had gotten dismissed from Call Centre #3 before because they decided to hire someone who doesn't need as much training as I did back in 2007. But I managed to get my job back there in 2009 and got laid off 6 months later due to shortage of work.

June 17 Job interview: Today I went to a job interview. I got there 30min early because if I took the later bus, I may not be able to make it on time. I waited for 5min in the waiting room, and did the 20 min interview. I think it went well because afterward she seemed impressed about my writing diploma.

She says I could write ads and stuff. It sounds like a challenging position.

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