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June 9 Headlines: Here's my batch of headlines. I got this from the Edmonton Journal Sunday Reader back when they had little pieces of news.

Transportation: "Cops: Man Tries to Run Down Woman after Wedding Proposal" -USA Today headline

According to Chicago Sun- Times, a man really wants to be a bus driver that he went as far as stealing a uniform and got a bus. He drove around the city for several hours while picking up riders. Chicago Transit Authority found out when the mystery driver returned to the bus to the CTA garage, and hit another bus as he was parking it. The suspect is known to a bus driver whose uniform was stolen the month before.

In the New Orleans Times- Picayune, a 29 yr old woman Jennifer Gille got into a cab in Louisiana. She took off her clothes and told the driver to driver her home to Michigan. He refused and drove to a police station. She stole his cab. Then a few blocks later they found the her and the cab and arrested her.

Arrests: The Edmonton Journal said: "Fired and fired." According to the Salem Statesman Journal, in Silverton, Oregon, a man learned he was about to be fired. He then torched his boss's car. He was arrested.

In the Edmonton Journal, a headline said: "Star witness admits he is a thief, a liar, unreliable." Anthony Bennett said he is an unreliable witness. He's a drug dealer and an addict. Basically the article said the prosecutor asked: "Are you a thief?" "Would you agree with me that you are still an unreliable witness now?"

AB said: "Yes, I am." Kind of reminds me of the girl on Jenny Jones when JJ asked her: "So you got pregnant when you were 13?"

Also in the Edmonton Journal: "Beastly sounds land man in jail." A 49 yr old man was doing animal impressions like a sheep in the middle of the night. Neighbors complained and the German police arrested him.

Bike: I found this in the National Post: "Biker caught with pants down, charged for not having a helmet. The 40 yr old man was wearing a shirt and riding his bike in Hamilton. The man fled police when they tried to stop him. They caught him later and arrested for dangerous driving, flight from the police and 2 counts of breach of probation, and not wearing a helmet. Hamilton Police sergeant Barry Mungar said it was a "strange occurrence."

According to the New York Post, a 68 yr old Florida man Richard Bialon was swearing at his bike in a Palm Beach gas station. Onlookers called the cops and they arrested him.

In the National Post, there is a blog called the Great Typo Hunt blog. Jeff Deck and Benjamin D. Herson went to the Grand Canyon. There was a sign with typos. It turns out the sign was created 70 yrs ago. The Park Service went to federal court and the Typo blog people had to pay $3,035 for wrecking the sign. They were banned from all National Parks for a yr.

June 10 Saturday Night Live: A few weeks ago there was a sketch about how Dominque Strauss- Kahn is in jail with two black guys.

Keenan Thompson: It was really nice talking to you. Now we're going to rape you.
KT, Jay Pharoah, and Domique Straus- Kahn (I forgot who played him) said in unison: Live from New York it's Saturday Night Live!

This is from a few months ago, but Miley Cyrus was on SNL and did a really good sketch making fun of Disney acting, by giving an acting class. The lesson to be a kid on a Disney show is being the loudest person in the room, disrespecting authority, and wear really bright clothes.

That is so true. I was reading about "TV moments that angry up the blood" and how people hate how kids disrespect authority.

Modern Family: There was an episode called "Mother's Day." A ball was tossed to a the gay couple Cameron and Mitchell are at the park, and a kid asks for them to throw it back.

Cameron: Oh what? You don't think I can throw a ball?
Me and my sister (unison): He can't throw it.
He throws it well and it hits a rider off the bike.

I didn't expect that one. lol.

The Listener: This show wasn't on at all last week. So I'll write about the episode called "Vanished." A baby gets kidnapped and an Amber Alert is issued. They also mention Ontario. It was really good because it was original and unpredictable. There is this woman who draws pictures of things that happen. Then it turns out, the woman hears dead people. Dead people tell her what to draw.

The baby is this big business man's daughter. The business man was played by Yannick Bisson. You may have seen him as the lead on Murdoch Mysteries and the CIBC commercials. His wife died, and the dead wife was talking to the psychic artist woman. The baby is being held for ransom.

The business man has fathered a daughter named Regan 20 yrs ago. He didn't raise her and R's single mom did. Later the mom killed herself. Regan kidnaps the baby (her half- sister) and holds it for ransom. Toby, the IIB were able to track her down due to the pictures and T seeing the images.

Businessman apologizes to Regan, and Toby was there. R then gives the baby back, and she is arrested.

Actors: I can't believe it. I was watching Degrassi for some months, and there's this Asian guy who is the manager at Holly J's restaurant job. Then I thought: "Isn't he the same guy on the low- budget show called Train 48 that was on in 2003?" I then looked it up and it turns out it is Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, and it is the same guy. I haven't seen this guy in 8 yrs, and I remember him from a random TV show.

The thing is, if you're a good- looking actor, I would remember you easier. I was watching a Castle ep called "Law and Murder." There is this black woman Miss Jenkins. I do remember her because she had a scene on The Mentalist. It was a memorable scene even though she was a minor character because she was panicking and the lead Jane helps calm her down with hypnotism.

I saw a Criminal Minds episode where this overweight woman was a serial killer. I was channel- surfing and saw her on The Mentalist repeat for one scene. I didn't remember her the first time I saw her on The Mentalist because it was a short scene, and not memorable. It's kind of a hit and miss with my memory. It's usually pretty good.

Coincidence: My sister and I were watching her Buffy dvds, the season 2 ep called "Ted." Buffy and her mom are going to watch Thelma and Louise at the end of the ep. My brother wants to go watch TV and then the movie Thelma and Louise is on.

Look alike: Doesn't Buffy's mom Joyce (Kristine Sutherland) kind of look like Susan Sarandon from Thelma and Louise? They look relatively alike, they could play sisters.

Here's Kristine Sutherland:

Here's Susan Sarandon:

Good deed: This was from a few months ago. My grandma told me that when she was waiting for the bus, this 30 yr old guy came up to her and offered her his bus transfer. She showed him her bus pass so it wasn't necessary. It's the thought that counts.

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