Thursday, November 15, 2012

Zellers/ missing girl/ homeless man saves baby

Oct. 2 Zellers: I guess I'm interested in this because this store is going to be gone forever.  I also really like those Zeddy commercials on Youtube.  It's also because I'm really into business.  I like reading the comments on Youtube about how Zellers didn't change or improve themselves to do well in the economy.   

Here's some Youtube comments on the Zeddy commercial where the manager abandons him in the woods:

"Because North America likes to buy cheap crap from China sold in American stores."

Me: That's a good way to put it.  lol.

"This is a horrible commercial. It actually promotes abandoning animals when times get tough."

"What, this messed-up for all the zellers employees who are going to lose their job... what a lack of tact and respect. This add makes me sick."

"I feel bad for the employees. In my town Walmart bought our Zellers. All employees lost their jobs and had to apply to Walmart at reduced wages. I actually don't see any Zeller's employees here anymore - all new people willing to put up with Walmart's poor employee treatment. Zellers had crap products for years so I won't miss them but I feel cheated out of a Target store. Our town does not need two Walmarts - it's under 100,000 people. Stupid."

Me: If your town is less than 100,000 people, then it's not big enough for a Target.

"How the f--- is this funny? This is what the company is doing to all its employees. The suits leave with golden parachutes and take vacations. All the poor vest wearing "associates" are left out in the woods with nothing."

"Zeddy lives in Sarnia!?"

"Every Zellers I have been to (in Ontario) in the last 12 years has had 10-year-old merchandise for exorbitant prices - it threw in the towel when Woolco turned into Wal-Mart, and has been dying by inches since.
Perhaps now we will have some pricing that better reflects our dollar value - these stores are coming in droves to Canada now because there's no more money left to be made in the States.
Personally, I can't wait."

"Next on the chopping block: The Hudson Bay Company..."

Rick Mercer: Here's his parody of a commercial as Zellers is closing down.

Oct. 3 Shopping: I did a little shopping after work by going to Chapters.  They had these set of 5 pencils for 2 dollars.  It has these fun sayings like "It's not you, it's me."  Before it was on sale, it was $10 which is way too expensive for pencils.  There were also these magnets that look like chewed up gum.

Oct. 8 Once Upon a Time: I was watching these season 1 bloopers of this show.  One of my favorite actors David Anders is a reoccurring character and he has a few shots in there.  50 secs into it, DA is having a drink with Ginnifer Goodwin and they're laughing.

Oct. 10 Job jokes: I got this from Daily Silly:

Several weeks after a young man had been hired, he was called into the personnel manager's office.

"What is the meaning of this?" the manager asked. "When you applied for the job, you told us you had 5 years' experience. Now we discover this is the first job you've ever had."

"Well," the young man said, "in your ad you said you wanted somebody with imagination."

Oct. 13: Here's another one from Daily Silly:

Employer to applicant: "In this job we need someone who is responsible."

Applicant: "I'm the one you want. On my last job, every time anything went wrong, they said I was responsible."

Saying: I was going through my Freelance emails and found this blog called "Life According to Me.  Eileen Gonzalez writes it and says:' "Lying means you are not happy with yourself, means you are ashamed of something or living in regret."

I agree with that statement.

Oct. 14 Post Secret:

A sexy picture: "I fear becoming successful because I know those pictures I took in high school are out there."

Me: That's like an unintended consequence of taking sexual pictures of yourself.  Let that be a lesson, don't take sexual pictures of yourself.

"If you are male, born July 9, 1958 in Albany, NY and adopted- we might be your FULL siblings!!!"

Oct. 15 Answering machine: I work at a call centre and I got this answering machine message:

"Here are the options.  Leave a message and get a call back.  Don't leave a message, and try again.  Or leave a message and don't get a call back.  Life is exciting."

Oct. 17 Wot Went Wrong: I was reading the Edmonton Journal, and there was an article about this dating website.  It's where people want dating advice and give dating advice anonymously. 

Here's a good 1:37 video about it.  It's the story about how a guy writes what happens in his relationship anonymously.  Like what he likes about her, what he doesn't like about her, and what he should do "Text or not text?"

Debt: I found this in the Globe and Mail.  Ohio State University said that the more educated you are, the more likely you are to take on irresponsible levels of debt.  It's not student loans.  It's "buying a TV with your 9th credit card."

People with lots of education believe that they can pay down debt so they spend more.  People with college degrees were "more likely than the people with only high school education to pay more than 40% of their monthly income to debt."

Missing girl: I was going through my old emails and found one from 2007.  My friend Dan L. sent this to me.  Reanne Kathleen Vuki is a 12 yr old girl and she's missing from Airdrie.  Her dad Michael Kuvic sent this letter and put it on the internet.  I had forwarded it to my friends back then.

I researched it and found the letter on this site:

Here are some pics of her, they were the same ones attached in the email I got.

Oct. 18 Homeless man saves baby: I found this on Yahoo news.  It talks to this young couple and they gave birth to their baby daughter in the car at a truck stop.  The baby wasn't breathing, and had the umbilical cord around her neck.  A homeless man named Gary Wilson was hitchhiking and helps resuscitate the baby.

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