Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Oct. 29 Skip college: Alissa Alvarez sent me this article "10 Famous CEOS who Think You Should Skip College."

#3 is Warren Buffet and it says: "the best education is investing in yourself. Whether this means college or something else, the important thing is to always be improving your abilities."

#7 is Sean Parker who was the first president of Facebook.  The article says: "Skip college and Google your education." “When these incredible tools of knowledge and learning are available to the whole world, formal education becomes less and less important,” he said. “We should expect to see the emergence of a new kind of entrepreneur who has acquired most of their knowledge through self- exploration.”

Caterina Fake helped create the photo sharing site Flickr.   The article says: "To learn how to be an entrepreneur means immersing yourself in an industry, watching other entrepreneurs, building things yourself, and gaining real-world experience. Take a few years off to go to college and you may find yourself hopelessly behind."

Tuition costs: Sylvia Simon sent me this article "6 Ways Students can Deal with Rising Tuition costs."  It's from the website Hat Toss and it has tossing a graduation cap as a logo.  lol. 

I did learn some things like The New York Times said that 94% of students who earn a bachelor's degree, took out a student loan.  I am the minority since my parents paid for it.  I got a 2 yr college diploma and I went to cheaper colleges. 

There's the obvious one like apply for aid every year.  I didn't know there was a Federal loan forgiveness program.  To qualify for it, you have to volunteer, be in the military, teach or practice medicine in certain communities.

Oct. 30 Break: I had taken a break from my office job search.  The last week of Sept. I spent the entire time looking at agents and getting published.

In Oct. I had gotten Call Centre #6 job.  I work there 2 nights a week.  They're really nice when I asked if I can have a shift that ends at 9pm instead of 9:30pm so I could get home sooner because I have to wake up early.  I do have start early at the call centre at 4pm instead 4:30pm.

It's mainly working full-time at the restaurant and pursuing other interests other than looking for an office job.  I was researching careers and industries, as you can see from my emails.

Call Centre #6: However, after 2 weeks, they cancelled one of my shifts.  I called to get my schedule and I have to wait to see if there's any work coming.  I'm kind of worried it will be like Call Centre #3 again.  At first there's work, then cancelled shifts, then the lay off.

Now that I wrote about it, I can get over it.  Be optimistic.  It's the wait and see time. 

College businesses:
Jay Smith sent me this article "9 Big Businesses that Began in College."  You got Facebook, Google, Dell, and Napster.  Not all of it is computers, there is Time magazine.  I didn't know that Michael Dell (who created the Dell computers) used $300,000 by his parent's money.  He was making computers with stock parts.

I learned about Insomnia Cookies where Seth Berkowitz makes cookies in his dorm and sells and delivers them.  It's now a big corporation.

Career coach: I was reading an old blog post about being a career coach.  I researched on it.

Ehow says:

1. Get an education in recruiting, human resources, or organizational development.
2. Research career coaches and attend a seminar.  Talk to them to see how coaching works.
3. Attend a career coaching course at a college.
4. "Train and develop the 11 core competencies that all certified coaches possess. Ethical standards, professional practices, communications skills, active listening, powerful questioning, facilitating learning and helping the client achieve results..."
5. Get the credentials to prove you are a career coach.
I did fine Robbins Madabes Training.  They do Strategic Intervention Coaching which is life coaching.  The video of Tony Robbins introducing the company was inspiring.

Oct. 31 Burnout: You are burned out if you hate your job, or don't really care about it.  Here are the tips from this article:

1. Don't ignore the problem.
2. Think back of a time when you were really happy at a job and why you liked it.
3. Take a break.  By all means you need a week off to relax and it's not because of the job itself.
4. Counseling.  If the break didn't help, you should go to counseling. 
5. Move on.  Either make small changes like new responsibilities, or change your job entirely.

Nov. 3 Feelings: After taking a 5 week break from my office job search, I started it up again.  I felt kind of nervous and stressed.

Holiday job: I'm looking for a holiday job today.  A couple of weeks ago I was at West Ed mall, and there were all these stores with their tables out looking for new applicants.  I applied to one today.  Last year I worked at the Fruit Place for two weeks during the holidays.

I was on the internet looking for one, and now I see that I could have applied to work at a Halloween store.

Nov. 5: I just remember why I didn't apply to work at a Halloween store: It's because I got a second job at Call Centre #6.

Job search: It's kind of interesting because my sister is always looking at job postings even when she isn't looking for a job.  It's out of habit.  Well it's good to know about what jobs are out there, and you can forward it to your friends.

Nov. 7 Customer service: Hannah Howard sent me this article "5 Ways for a Website to Provide Customer service."  Have production info, access to account info, and FAQs on your website.  If you have this info and can easily buy the product online, your website and company could make money easier.

Web Designer: Hannah Howard also sent me this article "5 Tips for Hiring a Website Designer that Rocks."  Get references, look at the websites the designer created.  The article says the website is "virtual storefront."


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