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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Edmonton Publishing/ entrepreneur quiz/ I got published

Nov. 14 Edmonton publishing: I Google "Edmonton trade publications."  It lead me to this site:

Edmonton Journal: The first one on that list is this.  I did send my resume to them before.

Edmonton Sun: I think I did apply there.  I read in the Edmonton Journal business section that the Sun Media Corp is laying off 500 employees.

Edmonton Examiner: I applied there too, quite awhile back.  Maybe I should apply again.

Alberta Farmer: I clicked on it, and the website is a list of other Canadian newspapers and magazines.

I Google "Alberta" and it leads to these agriculture websites:

Alberta Views: This looks like a good website.  It's from Calgary.  In the About section, it writes about: "politics, education, industry, public service and the arts."

Edmonton's Child Magazine: I don't believe I've heard of this magazine before.  Maybe saw it in a waiting room.  It could be another parenting magazine in the waiting room.

Here's a good article about homelessness in Edmonton and the charities like: Boyle Street, Hope Mission, the Mustard Seed.

Greenwoods Bookshoppe: This was also on the list.  Here's an article that the bookstore closed down.

Edmonton Bookstore:
This independent book store is still open though.

Alberta Venture: This is Alberta's business magazine.  The website is very organized.

Entrepreneur quiz: Alberta Venture has this really good quiz: "What kind of entrepreneur are you?"  Here are a couple questions:

6. If given the choice, you’d rather:
A. Come up with something new
B. Try to do something that people say you can’t
C. Deal with real-life, concrete situations

Me: I would pick C. 

 8. Your legacy will be defined by:
A. What you made
B. Why you made it
C. How much you made in making it

Me: I would pick A.  I was thinking about my blog.  You can look at the blog I made. 

It turns out I picked 4 As and 4 Cs so I am "the visionary" and "the professional."  The B is
"the hero." 

Canada Wide Magazines and Communications Ltd: This is a really big company.  They have 11 self-owned magazines, 30 custom publications for clients, 10 e-newsletters, and 8 websites.

AGWA: It stands for Alberta Game Warden Association.  It's a non-profit by the Alberta Fish and Wildlife Officers Association.

Faze magazine: This is a Canadian magazine for teens.  I remember reading this and getting it for free at my school libraries.  I just checked out their website.  I was reading a Ed the Sock (from MuchMusic) and this woman Red who give advice to teens.  I thought the advice was good.

I read a few questions and it's like teens not getting along with their siblings, parents, people, etc.

Publishing consultant: I had written this down, but didn't research it until now.  Here's how it's defined:

"Ideally, a publishing consultancy should cover all services to authors from writing classes and assessments through to editing and marketing your work to publishers. We take authors at all stages of their development allowing writers to choose which service they require at a particular time.

For example, a writer may want an assessment from the publishing consultancy but prefers to market their own work to publishers. Another writer may want their work edited but not assessed. Another may request marketing only.

While it is preferable that an author go through all the stages of development on their script for the best results, publishing consultancies should work with authors according to their needs. So find out what the publishing consultancy offers and ask the same kinds of questions as indicated earlier in this text."

Mackwood Publishing: I did find this good publishing consultant family.  They say they help and guide writers with their projects.

Nov. 16 Resume: Today I found this writer's ad I cut out a long time ago.  I think I applied for it, but I will again.  I emailed my resume, cover letter, and the two movie reviews of The Fourth Kind and Daybreakers as my writing samples.

Nov. 20 Script flashback: I'm clearing out clutter in my room, and there are drafts of my script The Vertex Fighter.  I have drafts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 8 printed out.  Draft 5 is really the first completed 90 pages script.  Drafts 1, 2, 3, 4 weren't 90 pages.  I remember that night in March 2009, I pushed myself and completed it.  I felt so happy.

I printed it out on scrap paper.  I see that it was on my old Professional Writing college registration handbook papers.  I then sent Draft 5 to a production company that rejected it, and it was sent back to me.  I have two Draft 5s.  Now I'm going to throw out one of them because it's redundant to have two.

I guess I kept that Draft 5 as a memory and token of that night where I finally completed a full- length screenplay.  Yeah, well I still have that other copy.  I guess I'm writing about it, so I can get over it and move on.

Old me: As a kid and teenager, I was fun, funny, imaginative, and right-brain.  I liked to watch TV instead of do stuff.  I liked to read fiction so I can be transported to a different world.

Now I'm an adult, I'm serious, practical, businesslike, and left-brain.  I do like to watch TV, but I'm more inclined to do stuff.

Nov. 21 Script pitch: Here's something I haven't done in awhile: pitch my script.  I had written down a TV production company on a piece of paper.  I researched it, and it created the TV show Less than Kind.  I think I may have pitched to them before.  I checked my email account to see if I got an email from them.  None.

I checked my blog to see if I had pitched to them.  I didn't find anything.  So I decided to pitch to them.  If I did pitch to them before, it wasn't this year.  It was probably from the past 3 years.

Nov. 24 I got published: I got 2 movie reviews published at The Golden Vanguard.  This time when I wrote the reviews, I found it easier to write.

Here's the review for Cabin Fever:



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