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Sunday, November 4, 2012

communications specialist/ job advice/ matchmaker

Oct. 17: I get these newsletters from CPRS Edmonton about these jobs.  I decided to research them.

Communications specialist:
I researched it, and it sounds like a communications strategist.  The duties are practically the same:

"They provide advice on the communication strategies and policies of the organization and help implement new techniques."

Ehow says you can work in event planning, media relations, and online presence.

Communications consultant:
Wisegeek says:

"...provides internal or external support for a company's communications department. In some instances, a company hires such a consultant to handle its everyday communications needs in lieu of maintaining permanent staff."

They write the company's dialogue to the public, employees, and board members.

Doug Dolan: Here is a good website of a communications consultant.  He writes in a personable voice and you feel like you know him.  He writes for brand development, CEO speeches, annual reports, corporate, internal communications.

Media coach: I Google how to be a media coach.

I found the company called Pro Media Coach and they're journalists who help their clients get comfortable in front of the camera.  They even do video production.

I found a lot of sites that says media coaches are training people to talk with the media.

Here's a blog on how to be a social media coach:

Public information officer: The City of Edmonton has some openings for this.

Ehow says that they write speeches, press releases, letters, event planning and provide info about police reports or community events.  The education is political science or literature.  I think an eduction in communications is useful here.  This is different from PR because public information isn't selling anything.

I feel like I'm a public information officer with writing info on my blog.  lol.

Wikipedia says that they're spokes persons for govt. organizations like the city, or school district.

Communications officer:
I researched this and it is so similar to a public information officer, except this sounds like selling something.

'...coordinates the promotion of products, services and public image of an organization which may include the publication of news and press releases, brochures and/or related materials.

Communications director: This is like PR and like a communications officer.

"Plan, direct, or coordinate activities designed to create or maintain a favorable public image or raise issue awareness for their organization or client; or if engaged in fundraising, plan, direct, or coordinate activities to solicit and maintain funds for special projects or nonprofit organizations."

Internal communications director: It's similar to the above.  Ehow says you need a Bachelor's degree in communications or management area.

Communications assistant: I found this good interview with Sien- Estelle Petty who is a communications assistant at a theatre.  She talks about being creative in her job when she's on Facebook and Twitter pages.

Job advice: She gives job advice at the end that could apply to any career:

"That you cannot start at the top and you should forget any idea of what you think you 'should' have achieved by a certain age. It is important to recognise that all your previous career experiences will help to strengthen and diversify your skills, and you will eventually end up where you will be your best."

This other site says you need a degree in communications or journalism.

Oct. 20 Feng shui consultant: I read this in the Globe and Mail about Nadene Joy Hagen who was scientist and then had a kid. He wasn't sleeping well and she researched feng shui, and rearranged the room.  Her baby slept well.  She got certified in 2009.

She feng shuid this guy's office when his business wasn't doing well, and then he got people from as far as China calling for his services.  Feng Shui is the study of energy.  I read the article because I was interested in it and thought it would inspire me to clean my room.  lol.

I Google "Feng Shui schools in Canada."  I found a website for Canadian Schools of Feng Shui in Toronto, Ottawa, and Vancouver.

There's one in Calgary called Sacred Lotus of Feng Shui Inc.  I think I read that you can take a class at the U of A Extension class about Feng Shui.

Matchmaker: I also read in the Edmonton Journal about being a matchmaker and starting a business.  I don't have any experience being one.  I used to watch Blind Date.  I had to watch several episodes before I can find a date that went well.  I was like 20 yrs old when I watched it.

Me: Do you want to know why all the dates go bad?  That's what happens when strangers set up strangers with other strangers.  You should have a friend or family member set you up because they know you and the other person.  That's not always the case.  I did go on a blind date when I was 20 and was set up a friend.  It was fun.  But no relationship came out of it.

However, the people who go on the show, do make a video and they describe themselves and what they're looking for.  There was one time, I thought the date might go well because the people seemed similar to one another.  They were both old like in their 50s and had white hair.  The show mostly has 20 and 30 yr olds.

The date went bad.  Mediocre at best.  I would think being in the same age range would be a good match.

Article: I did find a good match making article from Marie Claire.

Natural talent: You know you are naturally talented at something if you can teach yourself how to do it, and if it comes easily.  There are people who are so musically inclined and can teach themselves how to play the guitar.  Some can watch and learn.

I would say I'm naturally talented in dancing because I watch TV and music videos and learn it.  Unlike math, I really need someone to teach it to me.


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