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Thursday, November 29, 2012

career specialist/ debt infographic/ online job search

Nov. 12 Career specialist: I worked yesterday on Sun.  It wasn't really busy because there were cancelled reservations.  Today was so busy.  I read the business newspaper to relax.  There's a job advice column, and the people who give advice are career specialists.  I looked at my blog to see if I researched this already.

I wrote about a career development specialist here:

Ehow: A career specialist helps job seekers find jobs.

The education is training in human resources, training and development, and organizational development.  They can work in education, govt. agencies, staffing agencies, and non-profits.

Furniture merger: Today I read that the Brick and Leon's furniture stores are merging together so they could stay in business when Target comes to Canada.

Nov. 13 Henry's Finer Things: I want to add about Henry's Finer Things on 124 street in Edmonton.  They sell furniture, but mainly decorative items.  They also have a Feng shui consultant for $75/hr.  This is quite a unique furniture store.

Sales specialist:
I was looking for a job on Kijiji and this one popped up.  My Majors says it's like retail with stocking items, prepare sales contracts, etc.

The education was: Selling skills and Sales operations, and Vehicle and Vehicle parts and accessories marketing operations.

Sears: I was looking for a holiday job, and the Sears at Bonnie Doon is hiring.  They say you need to work on weekends.  The restaurant needs me to work on weekends.  Sears pays $10/hr on the clothing sections, and the makeup counter gets like at least $13/hr on one ad.  I can probably make more money at the restaurant on the weekends because of the tips.

Nov. 14: I was reading more about the Brick/ Leon's merger.  They were also competing against Sears because they do sell appliances and furniture too.

Holiday job search: I got a callback from Call Centre #6 to come into work.  It's been really busy at the restaurant.  I haven't looked for a holiday job as much I have last year because I was working at the restaurant so much.

Last year was different.  I worked at the restaurant until noon.  I then go and work at my holiday job at the Fruit Place for two weeks.  The restaurant wasn't as busy last year.

Nov. 16 Debt infographic: Colin White sent me this infographic called "American Debt Collection: Spiraling out of Control."  I learned that debt collectors work for min. wage and they get commission for the debt they collect.  They can be aggressive and harass the people who don't pay their credit card bills on time.

If they harass you, there are tips at the end: If they say they will sue you for delinquency, "go to court and ask for a documentation, it's usually not provided, or not worth it for debt collectors to find it."

Nov. 17 Hudson's Bay Company: I've been reading in the business section of the newspaper how HBC has a discount retail department store named Fields and how they're shutting it down.  I have never seen a Fields store in Edmonton.  I had to go to the official website to see the locations are in Athabasca and Barrhead.

Nov. 19 Saying: I was watching one of the Criminal Minds new eps called "The Apprenticeship."  A manager fires someone by saying: "I can't do my job if you can't do yours."  She's got a point.

I was thinking about the Soup place and how that one co-worker kept missing Mon. and Tues.  She can't do her job on those days when she's gone, but we can manage without her.

For example, an office job: You have to send something out, but the editor hasn't proofread what the writer wrote.  You can't do your job of sending it out until the editor has read it.  It's really about prioritizing and the editor may not know that this is high priority.

Nov. 20 Online job search: I went and looked at Claire's website to apply.  I'm at the North America one, and the only jobs there are in Illinois.  I called the Coles at City Centre to ask if they're hiring for the holiday season.  They said go on the internet.  I did and they're hiring at West Ed mall and South Edmonton Commons.

I take a 1hr bus ride to work.  I want to work in downtown like at the Fruit Place last year.  It's easier to get from the restaurant to the Fruit Place that way.  I can then go home easier if I worked in downtown.

Today it's also cold outside (-11 degrees.)  If I'm not going to wait for the bus and go to downtown to pass out my resumes, then I'm staying at home and applying for jobs on the internet.

Nov. 21: Last year, I was working like part-time hours at the restaurant (less than 30 hrs a week.)  Now I'm working more than 30hrs a week.  I'll give the stores my availability, but I may not get hired. 

Job list: I'm looking at this list that Call Centre #1 gave me back in 2006 when it closed down.  It has call centres that closed down like Convergys and Leger.  It also has Call Centre #5, and #6.   Throw in some restaurants, stores, and hotels.  I'm going through it because there are some things and places I haven't thought of in my job search.

Liquor delivery call centre: I then Google it with Edmonton, and I got this.  They're really far away.

RTO Rent-to-own: I Google it with Edmonton careers, and I only got websites to rent- to-own homes.

Ikon Solutions: I Google it and there are 3 locations, and it's now called Ikon Office Solutions.  It sells office supplies.

Quality Care Solutions Call Centre: I Google it with Edmonton at the end, and I get "Quality Call Care Solutions" and it's in Westmount.

I Google it, and it shows RONA, and Revy Home and Garden.

Waste management: I Google it with Edmonton.  There are 3 locations and they're far away.

Ecco Heating: I don't think I've heard of them before.  They're really far away.

Office job: I did apply to one office job on the list.  It's a good company.  It's big and I can grow and learn it.  I can use my call centre skills there.
This was on the list.  It turns out, it merged with  If you look for a job in a city, and press "search" on   It will go to


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