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Oct. 23 Job articles:

Career mistakes: Hazel Taylor sent me this article "8 Career Mistakes New Grads Make and how to Avoid Them."  There are helpful tips like #1 "Holding out for the perfect job."  If you can get a career in your field with some transferable skills, it will get you close to the job you really want.

#2 "Choosing a job based on salary" like the best thing about is the money.  Can you imagine working at a job you really hate just for the money?

Also, don't blog or tweet about work, and acting entitled.  Do take some time to get to know your older employees.

The last few are about quitting.  #6 "Quitting after a few months."  If you can tolerate it, stick with it for a yr.  If you hate it, get a new job and stick with it for more than a yr.  #7 "Moving on before landing a new job."  Start looking for a job before you quit, and keep it private so your boss won't find out and treat you differently.  They might fire you because they know you're looking for another job.

It really depends.  I got a 2nd job at the Fruit Place and it was at night, so it didn't really have an effect on my restaurant job. 

#8 "Burning bridges" like quitting in a huff.  Give your two weeks notice or at least some notice.  Be polite.  One time I took a retail job in summer 2007.  I had to wake up at 6am and work from 7am-3pm.  I didn't like it at all.  After a lot of thinking, on the 3rd day I told the boss: "I made a mistake by taking this job.  I want to quit after today."

How about that time in 2010 when I worked at Call Centre #4 for a day and they dismissed me after I only got 9 completes?  I thought of throwing an egg at their window, but what if I got caught?  Then I would have really have burned my bridges.  I didn't throw eggs, and I never have.  In 2012, I did another interview there with the same boss, but I didn't get hired.  

#1 "Holding out for the perfect job."
#2 "Choosing a job based on salary"
#3 "Blogging or tweeting about work"
#4 "Acting entitled"
#5 "Not getting to know older colleagues"
#6 "Quitting after a few months"
#7 "Moving on before landing a new job"
#8 "Burning bridges" 

Inspiring Executives: Jay Smith sent this "7 Inspiring Corporate Executives." They have some good quotes that I will collect.  I know Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos because he was on 20/20.

Hsieh: “If someone is self-aware, then they can always continue to grow. If they’re not self-aware, I think it’s harder for them to evolve or adapt beyond who they already are."

Bram Cohen (found of BitTorrent) has Asperger's syndrome.

Industries: Shanna Houston sent me this article "10 Industries Attracting our Top Young Talent."  Entertainment and social media interest me.

The picture at the top is quirky with a business man standing in front of a stand: finance, accounting, tech, entertainment, social media, engineering, pharmaceuticals, intelligence and law enforcement, healthcare, and social work.

The article is a little funny like the pharmaceuticals part: "No, not the more popular brand of pharmaceuticals one finds on campus!"

Intelligence and law enforcement: "Oh, and the whole wanting to be a super cool agent or spy, which really isn’t nearly as fun as TV and movies make it seem, by the way."

Oct. 24 Office job: I was talking to a server at work today, and she plans on getting an office job because it pays more.  Is it the law of attraction working, but when I got on the bus to go home, I overhead a woman talking on her cell phone about looking for an office job.

Oct. 25 School: I was reading in the Edmonton Journal about bible schools and how the Concordia high school closed down.  It turns out the high school is not associated with the Concordia University College.  I'm sure the teachers and staff could still get jobs at other schools.

Intelligence analyst: I found this job.  It's about analyzing and researching.  I Google it and it lead me to Wikipedia.  It's about working for the CIA and MI6.

" the process of taking known information about situations and entities of strategic, operational, or tactical importance, characterizing the known, and, with appropriate statements of probability, the future actions in those situations and by those entities."

It lead me to the FBI job posting:

Wise Geek says you need at least a Bachelor's degree.  There's no specific training in intelligence, but have degrees in history, geography, and world politics.  Looks like this job isn't for me.

Non-profits: Florine Church sent me this article "The 10 Best Non-profits to work for."  There are these really good charities to help kids like Make- a- Wish Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club of America.  I like the sound of Year Up where it helps people in urban neighborhoods by teaching them job skills and entry level jobs.

As I was reading it, I was like: "These are all American.  I guess I can Google non-profits in Edmonton."  These are good charities to donate to.

Florine Church also sent me this "25 Best Resources for Finding Non-profit Jobs."  They listed all these websites I've never heard of, except Craigslist was on it.

Boyle Street:
A lot of people think non-profit jobs don't pay well, but I think this does.  Here's one to be a winter drop-in worker and it pays $16-$18/hr.

Social entrepreneurs: Carol Brown sent me this article "10 Greatest Social Entrepreneurs All Time."  This means entrepreneurs that start a charity to help others.  It mentions Scott Harrison who was on 20/20.  I wrote about him before.  He helps get clean water to 3rd world countries.

Oct. 29 Rent or buy: Sarah Shirley sent me this infographic and it asks really good questions:

Have you saved enough money for a down payment?
Can you qualify for a mortgage?
Do you plan to stay in your home for the next 5 yrs?

If yes to any of these questions, then buy.  If no, then rent.

It then shows the US and how it can be cheaper to rent than buy.  The factors are "mortgage rates, taxes, insurance, maintenance and other costs."  I know you can't predict the future, but do think carefully if you can really see yourself living in this city for the next 5 yrs.

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